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January 14, 2021 3:00 am

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January 14, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is the right day for Christians to worship- Does it really matter if it's Sunday or Saturday- When did the early Christians keep the Lord's day---2- What language did Adam and Eve speak in the garden of Eden---3- Who was the earliest church father to quote 1 John 5-7- What's the earliest manuscript that contains that verse and how many contain that---4- In John 1-18, what was the earliest manuscript readings, -God- or -son----5- Did Joseph have children prior to Mary---6- Who is Hebrews 6-4-6 talking about---7- Matt discusses the -awoman- prayer in the opening session of Congress.

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded mats like show mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found you have questions about Bible doctrine is a max likewise glances called to respond to your questions Matt slick welcome to look like a golden have a good day. Listening to Susie the first official year 2021 the Lord bless you and hope that that's good to great time and we have a five open line. Call 877-207-2276 just like before, so I hope you had a great holidays opera.

Christmas was doing.

I hope your New Year's was good that mine was interesting just doing a lot of debating what teaching sixth is going on. Nevertheless, if you are a new breed of nonscriptural show was on will work on the Christian apologist, which means I defend the Christian faith and to be doing that for you to say it now 41 years, generally first when I can I switch… Not sure if I started in 79 or 1980, but nevertheless we do this for 41 years now and on January 2, January 2. It was the anniversary of me doing writing for 16 years, five days week. I love radial lot of fun and really enjoy it. Now you want to watch the show.

All you have to do is go to the website and for those of you who may have already found out we released a new version of the site. Yes it is slow. Yes, there still some bugs but what we have is a pop-up that comes up and says hey it's a beta form and if you got a problem, just go down there and when you go to the site circle, and the link you can submit hey this this link doesn't work, or you can submit the words misspelled or whatever might be so took a lot of work next six months to get the site ready and so we hope by the end of this week will have most of the bugs fixed next week.

Basically all of it done. What happens when we release a new site for Vermont want to give me a call 877-207-2276 and the when I think all of you for supporting us in the end of the year matching funds drive that was very helpful. We were able to raise a good amount of money to match funds, drive someone, someone would donate $10 you know someone else would match it with another 10 and on helpless thank you very much for all of you who did that we really appreciated it was a success. All right, now other things interesting. That is happened is on no on any basically in a given day of the week, with all due struggles with chatter recalled discord and what discord is, is a communication system chatting system and there's a lot of unbelievers there lives well long story short, they asked me to go in various rooms and just sit there and answer questions and so the unbelievers will come in on some people are very very philosophically astute and they will ask philosophically based questions like what if I'm sick was that phrase mean in the future. Your research on okay I understand it is will this is why we see a problem with etc. and some doing this a lot been given the gospel out 5060 people will be in a room at a time just asking questions and in one place. We have a guy who actually moderates and he requires them to ask him the question and he asks me the question one at a time. Is that awesome. Some doing that and also will be debating issue. Romans nine tomorrow nights that will be 5 January and so I'll be defending the position that God is sovereign, so it's not a speaking of individuals on groups of people and stuff like that. If you want to watch the show, you can join about 40 or so more other people who were doing on Facebook and or YouTube. You can type in your comments and I get to see them here and not ours dream yard feed.

And so we can in a row and an interest that is so high everyone. I'm guessing hundred one Rector there you go. All rights for the Lodge was given a call 877-207-2276 is good to talk Raleigh, North Carolina Tom welcome you were the first caller of the year welcome you here I met in honor all of your first I'll bet I know what I was watching a sermon by Bennett and he Get hotter and hotter and more fanatical about that name Babbitt and to the point of believing the antichrist was them to worship on Sunday and I get it… So you didn't fanatical about the way he was preaching made me thankful.

What is the right day for worship got it doesn't matter if it's Saturday marathon day for Christian if we do it a good day and work the cigarette say that you and I are on a plane and the heading to someplace across the ocean and we have coming down and you and I are the only one surviving in a rafting route. Therefore, couple three weeks and we wash up on a deserted island what they is well. I don't know that's right you don't know if I estimate to become up with different ideas and okay noted worship on Saturday. Oops we have one in seven chance of getting it right so if we just try.

I will okay if we disable today is Friday and it was really a Tuesday and we worship honest the next day Saturday literally Wednesday are we in sin.

People who hold to the idea of legalistic requirements for worshiping on Saturday do so at their own demise and the reason is because anyone who requires for salvation or righteousness before God. Keeping of any part of the law is then guilty of record be required to keep all of it. Galatians 310 says for as many as of the works of the law are under a curse, for it is written curse is everyone who does not abide by all things written in the book of the law to perform them. So for the sake you gotta keep the Saturday Sabbath that's out of Exodus 20 Nexus 20 says room remember the little the Sabbath holy right so that means that this person now is requiring keeping at least some part of the law in order to be right that would reason or curse. Furthermore, in James 210 for whoever keeps the whole law yet stumbles in one point has become guilty of all. So if he stumbles in one area of the law that he's guilty of all of it.

So he says you gotta keep Sabbath in order to be a true Christian and yet he lust after woman what he's he's failed and he's not obligated keep the whole law, and he can't and so therefore is guilty of all because he seeking to be justified by the law. Furthermore, it says this in Romans 14, all except the ones we can faith but not for the purpose of passing judgment on his opinions. One person has faith that he may feel things. What you is weak eats vegetables only one who eats is not to regard with contempt when it is not even one who does not he does not judge the one who eats, for God has accepted him.

Who are you to judge the servant of another to his own master he stands or falls.

And he will stand for the Lord is able to make him stand first 514, one person regards one day above another, another regards, every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind. He who observes that they observed the Lord and he will discuss with the Lord now therefore required to keep the Sabbath on Saturday. Why would Paul the apostle say in Romans 14 51 person regards one they love another, another regards everything a lot each person must be fully convinced in his own mind.

This refutes this idea of the Sabbath by being a requirement for the proper they worship. If we were to be on that island and we could decide what day you and I could have a little disagreement about two days ago. Okay, let's do it. Start today will just call that the Sabbath and we do for fun and what if you don't work we get rescued we find that we were three days off and one worship on the continue on that day say was a Wednesday that we thought we were doing it right on, but it turned out to be wrong it so just as a ceremony. You and I keep it on Wednesday for a while to remember what we've been through we are the center of course not, because the Bible says let each man be fully convinced in his own mind. This is one man regards one Dave over the regards every day alike. Logically the Sabbath as part of everyday so therefore were free to worship on in the day required worship on a Saturday okay and one more thing, only nine and 10 Commandments are reiterated in the New Testament nine are restated as being the case still being valid in all of them except the Sabbath are reiterated okay so I don't mention the Lord's day and were early Christian keeping the Lord's day on the first day in a way, yes, the Lord's day was Sunday because Jesus was raised on the Lord's day with the costly colic that in Revelation and in other places in the New Testament talks about things happening on the Lord's day, so we are free to worship on any day you got it right right whatever the great girl I get on I get for a final statement got a dangerous one organization are leaning on extra biblical prophecies. He got this pastor in the SBA 77 did that continued to go back to the I believe is a lady would make them pop the elegy.

What about and it came to be an expert biblical court that they were deriving some of the guys were paranoia cannot be a little dangerous. I personally think we should just pick the Bible for our determination and you are correct. This is what we should be doing and in her name was Ellen G.

White yet and I was yes. She's the one who was considered the prophetess for the Seventh-day Adventist group and let's just say she did teach some pretty bad stuff and the one of the feelings that she taught as an investigative judgment issue and is been hard to nail down exactly what the issue is there, but in the seat of judgment is that they judgment when you will be examined based on your works of belief for salvation and can reward this course.

Very bad. So is that in the other issue is that Satan will be the one who will bear our sins so he will be the sin bearer at the end and the sins of the bad of the put on signal because out of that of judgment.

They do affirm the doctrine of Trinity and Jesus is God/etc. for the Jesus sacrifice was precarious in salvation by grace alone through faith alone, but when they were or if any particular subdivision within Seventh-day Adventist all week also includes the idea of the necessity of worship on Saturday then it's occult because you can have Internet works okay would also deny predestination, which is foolish because the Bible teaches it, they deny the infant baptism but that's not a big deal. Baptism by sprinkling, not a big deal. They deny the immortality of the soul that when a person dies leaders going to soul sleep or stop existing and stuff like that. So what to say Jesus is Michael the Archangel, but they don't say that he was an angel in the sense of the credit saying what they say that Michael the Archangel was the pre-incarnate Christ and he also said on the 24th Jesus second and last.

Okay what Mike Martin you are not arriving Friday folks, we have realized what you may call 877207 after the mass Y call 77207276. Here is Matt's leg back to the show when you may call all you 72072276 podcast so generally, fourth, 20, 21 arrived with gramophone with Sheila's or Sheila for North Carolina. Welcome Raul arriving I want that they know but a lot of the Jews ancient Jews thought that they would just Hebrew. So I might've been don't know for sure.

I'm not aware of any proof from the Scriptures about that but recently came up and there's something to do with how it is spoken in the Hebrew God speaking.

It seems to imply the original language was Hebrew, but I'm utterly convinced by that because the writer Moses would write in Hebrew and put it the way he understood and so I don't see it as a necessity but no, we don't know for sure okay I welcome God bless. Goodbye all right you fertilize folks if you want to give me a call 87720722764 guidelines you may call DJ for Massachusetts Street DJ welcome on the air ever promoted so I'm going to go like rep authorities know that you know the answers. I'm pretty sure you know the answers and I know that there can be very simple so I have a couple and I'm just a rapidfire them just answer them as quickly as you can so I can know the answer started. So my first visit with the earliest her father to call first on 57 see that what I think Cipriani don't orient alone, but the greatest supreme that I believe 200 BC think like that. We need the so radio right okay and what manuscript the earliest contained what met with the earliest contained how it how many contained them or how many ministers contain that either. I inserted the skull*is a topic you're talking a bit.

The biblical structures of the trees. I hardly know okay now concerning John 118 when the early church fathers quoted John 118.

What reading that they read read son or God. That's a good question's.

It seems that the earlier manuscripts talk about the only begotten God. But that's what I understand and know it isn't the case. The flows you don't know talking about us has no one seen God at any time will begotten God the father. He is explained in some manuscripts a begotten son and the general principle is that the more difficult reading is the better ring and more difficult reading would be the only begotten God and then son but is necessitated.

That's the correct answer NASB will use that verse and say God in the NASB, and if I look at other versions.

John 118 here. It's also in the ESV and the KJV says the son so the King James was used was translated originally with 56 etc. documents. We got documents instant that are much earlier and this is why the newer translations go with the word God seems to be from the earlier manuscript Kentucky which which family or which particular scripts on how many manuscripts use so predominate that I don't know either.

That's a topic you'd have two find somebody who studies this others of historicity because how many manuscript difficult question because receipt you could have two manuscripts trees a and B of the gospel of John 18 one 1990 could have one. This is godliness is son well that would be one of manuscript tree when ministry manifestation for each one, but if if each one is taken and copied 10 times then in different directions one to the east of the West, then that would be 11. The original plus of other tenants. I would manuscript that be 11 but for the cover just one. So you see it's it's a difficult question to answer because the sake is a single original one. What's the oldest manuscript that does that and does it lead to another tree of the sentence.

It copies it cannot affect in this issue of why would it be God, which is the word that awesome versus who Yost switches the word son and so that's quite a difference. So generally what happens.

We have a discrepancy like this is that there's a marginal reading so someone might have when you're making a copy might have left that was on rough breathing mark, which is the H sound might've left a word which might be the word thought. Ha single 0O with, over it directly to Mark half and so it's it's a single letter, we could be could do the got tired sometimes, they would just skip it. Or sometimes it would literally flake off because the manuscript got old. So then what you do use this as an example were a single letter gets flaked off because minister to 300 400 years old and yet another manuscript. It didn't flake off within seven my copy the one that had the flake removed in the copy with that that so to speak. Missing definite article the word the end of copy that way is it inherently. It's not an error to copied accurately, but it flaked off so that is doing what they saw. This is complicated then to go to manage the trees and this is why you need to talk to an expert on this because her life. I was about to vote on it to James word on this theory does a guarantor that he might build answer because he's done a lot more study on that particular on historicity issues. Manuscript trees are not done that.

So I said he thinks more than he does.

These anything more than I do so that's okay. No one apologist has all the answers, that's for sure. But there you go. Okay, you asked. It's a good start and I'm sure as I noted go to remember what was the reason threatened it's economists are question mysterious set of questions directly. I don't know that I mean I think a lot of us and all we gonna want to know what what it says in a video you will note in thirds, but it originally served yeah and in some areas, a single word can make a difference like John 118 will begotten God will begotten son. The cults are often or always going to go with the main Scripture. You only begotten son to change things and that they will do that the Jehovah's Witnesses will do it.

For example, and there's other things. For example, Jay Dubbs will do that.

They were the purposely alter the text like generally older is more important and significant in the earlier and what you can't type up for some 57 the, Jay Hannigan, that at first I said no it's not original, but the other sees becoming of some older men stripped evidence suggesting it was original solicitor is that you things is what history is 9.8% text like a regular ivory tower that they focus for the lines 877072276 max Y call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg back show. Probably our 77 Tori from New York territory welcome here. 125 are at any rate, children are young Pradaxa that he had children play either one of the reasons inside the Scriptures that they hold of that is that Joseph doesn't seem it isn't mentioned later on.

So when Jesus was 12 he was around.

But after that there's no mention of some think as was often the custom out there that an older man would marry a younger woman and then he would die often and remarry or be taken care of by the family things like that so that's just cultural supportive evidence for that will be don't know if that wasn't the case.

The Roman Catholic Church of course will teach that Mary remained a virgin.

I deny that I believe she had other children with Joseph that she obeyed the command of Scripture to multiply and fill the earth.

There's nothing sinful about saw a man, a woman, a husband and wife having relations in in marriage to produce children, so got a hold of their position to article 2 suspect she had children, but some say that it was stepchildren that was to just adopt Catholic Church website and I find out how composed I can I not affect their part that now generally do better at the station's multiple but if you find a single attestation of something.

It adds credibility to that. So the question then is if we find a document that was very old. 125 and he said that Joseph had other children.

It does not mean that they did not have children, it just means that he had other children and became part of the family.

No big deal, but it has no bearing on whether or not he and her and Mary had relations because it says in Matthew 125 that Joseph kept her a virgin until Jesus was born. That's what it says and what he think that means it means exactly what it implies. So that's it right you too. God bless right okay alright so let's see you going to be called closely for open lines of and 72072276. Let's get on the phone with David from North Carolina, David, welcome on the day Matt thank you for taking my call sir. Been doing were doing about 30 own Hebrew well on the word hope a bird that came in first or first thing without reading the context of the chapter brought five new questions that I had in raising a Maxi way is years ago back in for vindictive acting by. I walked Lord for about seven years and different reasons made up my mind that I've missed out something in life and not that they (got involved with biker lifestyle drugs, alcohol and women and I did this for every decade. Well the the diversity had memorized in my earlier years never left me no matter what my mind was God. It didn't made all and as I read this I think a lot of that have fallen.

I don't know. We've fallen away, but those of us that all and read that the longer it we come back right and we renew our rekindle our relationship with them and is that talk about them either that this fallen backslidden or this talking about somebody that completely turned their back on Christ and cannot see list type cannot stuck with this because I can relate to what you're saying. I was saved very, very, very dramatically in this letter to your stretch. After about three or four years into your stretch where I was walking to say is I should have when you said that conviction and the Scriptures work work there.

I remember that I also never talking to a guy who knew me during that period of time and and I told was in seminary to point at the time. You just make sense to me and he said because I could see it, you could see that and you still leave and then and there were certain things so I'd love saved. I also believe that God allowed me I can talk about you in this situation was with you but I believe you allowed me to to stray a little bit before you be back and sexy now have some regrets and I'm grateful for his grace so I can relate to that. I know I know Jim saying here.

But for decades. That's a long time.

Well, what's the right amount of time two years, 20 years can say is it possible that God could let people stray and there still be saved.

Yes to what degree that's another issue.

This becomes very very difficult to these possibilities here in one was one is a good university to begin with. Another one was that God is eternally merciful to you, allowed you to go through stuff and now here you are and you have nothing with the grace of God. To think and forever you will be praising his name though. Those were listen to me say what matter you saying that it's okay to to backslide for 20 years and and I do all concepts of the Christian knows K get into particulars about that God has a way of allowing us to slide every day because of what it does to how far he will let us before he kills us or take us home convicts us to the point of repentance. Interest is too complicated to really go into as far as he was 646 goes, I don't believe is talking to the Christian believer speaking to the Hebrews. The Hebrews evidently were the ones who the Messiah was sent to. Jesus said he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Matthew 1524, he wasn't sent to the whole world was sent only to the nation of Israel. Now the nation of Israel as a whole rejected the Messiah. And so when they did they broke the covenant and we Gentiles are grafted in to the book of Hebrews. If you go through it, you just scan through as fast as you could and you read about temples and blood sacrifices in animals and goats and keeping the law and various things about Keswick priesthood. All of this is very heavily Old Testament so obviously the writer of Hebrews's fault was writing to the Hebrew people about this matter were some Hebrews who would become Christians for real. There were some Hebrews who were flirting with Christianity attending maybe Christian meetings so had 1 foot in the Old Testament economy they're trying to do those things which would please both and there were some who I'm sure weren't sure what was going on and were going back into the duty is to principles what, in light of that latter statement for in the case of those who've once been enlightened and have tasted the heavenly gift, and have made participant made partakers of the Holy Spirit.

This would apply to those Jews who saw what Jesus did, who understood that the miracles work through Paul the apostle, and Peter who were Jews. They protect of these things seem these things have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come, and then have fallen away to possible to live a good repentance as they begin crucify themselves a son of God and put them to open shame.

It seems to me that was going on here is that the writer is saying that those Jews who had come into that knowledge of who Christ was and rejected that they tasted so many good things and seen so much and they went back in the law.

These are the one to Be renewed to repentance because they are leaving the only sacrifice is there. This is reflected in the idea of Hebrews 1026 if we go on sinning willfully after receiving knowledge of the truth, there no longer make a sacrifice for sins. It's the same thing that he's talking about there so the verse is not talking about in the Hebrew 6426 about those who are Christians and were truly born again another loss of salvation.

For one thing that contradicts what Jesus said in John 637 through 40 where he says that all of the father gives him will come to him and all the contaminants are not cast out for this little my father who sent me, that of everyone is given me that I lose none so he saying he can't lose anything you can't lose your salvation and get into that expound on but also inside of Hebrews 6 it says if they fall away.

It's impossible to renew them again. Repentance will if it's really Christian and they fell away they could never become right saying not saying that you break hold on a photograph for open line 7 after his message is mats like why call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg arrive at show what would remind you that the real prayer ministry going on. If you have needs prayer. You want us to pray for all you do is email us prayer prayer, the Lord, we have people who volunteered to designated themselves to be prayer warriors and they go through that and they practice with this email us with the Lord bless you get back on the phone with David from North Carolina, Dave is still there.

Yet here alright so give a lot of and thought I would like that.

What you map over the years, I will Shane of mine action and quit going to church because I knew that I was disobeying God and for some reason I knew that he was going get me back into his bowl and I was afflicted with verbal, physical problem you shoulder issues knee issues until finally I felt like God don't make the point that I had to wake up and come back thinking of it is a shame that it had to be that way it doesn't have to be that what I have been a Shane, action is role in the best money that I used to have and I do not condone that behavior whatsoever because it causes beer problems with testimony and spending.

People who hail the live in that way, but the few had mercy on me, didn't feel she had every right that he afflicted me on that. I back with you, and I'm hungry for word again and that I think what you are talking about the people live Hebrews 6 or verse six is talking about were not truly say that the not actually believe it or not you are is your is forever and I do appreciate you expounding on that about that now. On my smart like like golf that we need to hear that we need to understand you guys. I guess you will die off all your well I'm glad to hear that you're ashamed of those years, called reverse it's one of my favorite verses in the Bible. I haven't for this in a long time but is one of my favorites and love it. You'll see why.

Therefore, what benefit you, then deriving from the things of which you are now a Shane for the outcome of those things is death. Romans 621. What benefit then deriving from the things of which are now ashamed for the outcome of those things is death because of what I do for living and sometimes I reflect back on years of foolishness so much to be ashamed of my Christian walk and I was deriving the benefit and yet God was merciful deriving foolishness. God was merciful and so now the result sure is with you as well. The result is that he deserves all the glory. Why did you take you out don't know, except that he was merciful and now what you require. Now what he requires of you is to speak the truth that you were lost and found. He left prodigal son went into darkness and then came back and the fatted calf was killed. The fatted calf and the signet ring was was given and the rope was put upon him. In celebration of his repentance and the father said you've always been nice and so we need to rest in the incredible grace of God.

Why would he be so merciful to you. Particular all that sin and rebellion. I have no idea except to say is because of his grace.

Not because of anything in you and you are obligated to shout, so to speak from the rooftops the glory of the Lord speak to others about his great mercy that they too can come to a saving relationship with Jesus.

That's what has to happen. You gotta live for him (right you're right, I am obligated I am obligated to him all is great.

That's right.

We love because he first loves. Thank you perfect and I just had this feeling so when you slowly laid all of this at the cross which you have or haven't because you're remorseful which is good, but you gotta realize how valuable and infinitely powerful blood of Christ is to remove all of your sin and the love of God is so incredible that he loves you anyway and he's loved you from eternity past and his thoughts for you have the infinite number and now that you are free now just raise your hands to him while you're on your knees, saying it with me as you desire Stanley where you want to go put words in my mouth to bring glory to your name here with Kostas for Jesus right Margaret and I mumble I will give them everything.

I got all in, and it'll give a little bit rough because that's what it means to be like that because God will use you, but you can shape you in the process and you'll be humble before him forever because you realize how great his grace was to you and keep you humble. For the things that he's been want you to do. Yeah, I do understand that if we are have everything smooth and are they they live in Emmaus we got the Fox and Rose growth. That's right, there's like it's writing everything is perfectly smooth and the devil happy with you so you that's right thank you Matt alright brother God bless glory to mark our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for screamers absolutely right Hank absolutely praises always arrived God blessed.

Keep up the good work map by you okay with God's grace that verse Romans 621 okay I got it sold up right now.

All right, sounds good, but all right. God bless thank can I bless you to come lives all right. We have five lines going to be calling 772072276 people in the chat room wanted to talk about something, some going to Republican Cleaver ends opening prayer for the new Congress by saying amen and a woman. So when I read that I thought what a piece of crud come to look for pejorative term, if you get my drift and this just shows you the liberal wacko leftist idiocy that goes on as our country continues to slide downhill into Gahanna. The fiery pit outside the city of Jerusalem that was the place of burning refuse all kinds of refuse we saw fall into that pit.

This was happening in country but are those of us who do not bend the knee to secularism to paganism into the cancel culture of the average social justice movements in the leftist aristocracy and oligarchies are trying to control us so the thickness of the kite. Cleaver is an ordained United Methodist pastor that explains a lot because United Methodist the United Methodist Church is bad is so bad that it's not a Christian church, it is in bed fornicating with secular morality.

It is so action committing adultery in the spiritual sense going up false gods going false idols going after false teachings ordains women, which is bad. It supports homosexuality, which is is bad. The United Methodist Church as a personal example here in the Boise Idaho area a few years ago when I found out about it. The woman pastor who I have to be in a radio show here at the time she refused. Pastor had a Muslim Imam come in and get the message from the pulpit on Sunday, which is blasphemy because Islam denies the Trinity denies a beach of Christ denies the crucifixion denies the resurrection denies salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ. It's an antichrist false religion Imam is a false prophet in this so-called United Methodist pastor woman allowed a pagan unbeliever was in league with the enemy. The gospel to come in and get a message to the to the congregation. This is the leftist wacko ideology of the United Methodist Church being exemplified so would Newt Gingrich say about this is has perfect house, correct prayer, ending as house Dems focus on gender security by abolishing virtually every normal generator. My father and mother, the radical Baptist has begun and so yeah, I agree.

So, guess what's the term. Amen. Literally in the Greek is on Main, maintenance is pronounced in Greek, not a big deal and the word occurs hundred and 29 times in the New Testament and it is translated. Generally, into the English as a truly, truly, truly, so for example, Jesus is truly saving you which is a main they go then which is truly I say to you, and so the word came on Main and that's having access pronounced main in the Greek word on that is fine in English.

This occurs, and it is what's called an in the claimable word, the foreign word used in the Hebrew that was transliterated and brought into the Greek and so there it is right there okay and its use so we can say amen it does not have any gender to the form of the word is neither male nor female. It's neuter. I do get tired of these leftist wackos who don't really have much frontal lobe activity going on, but I discovered recently that zombies and for leftists are very similar because neither one have frontal lobe functioning going on and if you type. I believe that if you watch a far leftist to Cavite was a far leftist just watch our lives or half-mast in their eyes, and then he walked one prayer like that because didn't frontal lobes of solicitous but II states and the thing is they collected elected to two to office so basically were getting what we deserve in this country.

The morons the wackos the leftist radicals who promote socialism and communism are alive and well in our country. We do Christians pray for hesitance of our country Holy Spirit across our nation. Christians start praying.

Just vote all petition of right, Lord bless you by his grace back on there tomorrow

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