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January 13, 2021 3:00 pm

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January 13, 2021 3:00 pm

1- Matt mentions the matching grant, encouraging people to donate. It will last through the end of the year.--2- Matt discusses the issue of sexual orientation and gender identity being in the list of things that cannot be discriminated in employment and how this is problematic for churches.--3- What is the best thing that helps a Christian defeat temptation---4- A caller was wrestling through how to explain John 17 and how it relates to limited atonement to a friend who vehemently disagrees with that position.--5- Could you explain more about the fruit of the Spirit, what that looks like for a Christian---6- How do you respond to the catholic argument that Mary is the ark of the covenant---7- At one point did the Catholic church become heretical---8- Who was Molech---9- Was the flood a local or worldwide event-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Wrestling why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a matter why times in all coastal droids that we were rewarded oldest known East Coast.

We had a little smattering here in Idaho are just a smattering hesitant. Additional flick under it was going so well you little bit of snow from last week on the floor or the ground should say hey you guess what, we have a matching donor fund going. We had a guy who does this sound once a year, and I praise God. And so what were doing is where you donate from here to the end of the year will be double so if you donate $50, it'll be matched another $50 and we just hope that you don't will check it out with useful donations and support us all you gotta do all you do is go to CAR M.O are you on the right-hand side you will see the word donate edits in red and Jos matching funds drive donation counts double through the end of the year. Donate. So that's something I do. Please check it out.

It will be very, I guess you say hopeful because it was like to have people you don't own it. Could we do need that Lotta ministries do and that information all right, so I've been involved more and more on the karmic forums I usually stay with most things, because what will cameo turn that down and we have a lot of fun a lot of feedback on on this form to have over hundred thousand people registered and are quite busy so I could do a bit of a theological discussion and things like that on the boards there. Go check those out Also we have some student. We have three online schools. If you're interested in checking out the schools.

All you do is go to the right-hand side you will find the right-hand side middle August homepage woman there with a laptop and all you gotta do is sound is click on that information, and filter the work in the demos how we got a problem with the demos I going to the FTP access and check something that is written in a weird and political working out so that the subject of the demos and stuff but the last for you to be able to learn theology to learn Christian theology apologetics and stuff like that because we want people to learn. All right, now you know callers waiting if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 and there is little bit of something worth discussing the spigot of the headline here at sea burial.

This is the dual talk on Anna social justice it's it's a problem.

But Eric, this is the Austin Texas government website I'm reading from and I saw a news article with this issue. This is what it says this is a declaration of policy chapter 5-3 discrimination in employment generally declaration policy be the policies established by the recognition of the inalienable rights of each individual to work to earn wages and obtain a share of wealth of the city through gainful employment and further that the denial of such rights through considerations based upon race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, national origin, age, or disability is detrimental to the health, safety and well for welfare duty of the inhabitants of the city and constitute an unjust denial of deprivation of such a inalienable rights, which is within the power the proper responsibility the government to prevent some Edwards you cannot discriminate someone on the hiring of based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity.

What you do if your pastor and you need a youth pastor and you know LGBT Q whatever comes in and says that look I I know I sound like a guy look like a guy there really a girl and when these girls bathroom and I'm applying for employment here as a youth pastor and you can't discriminate based on religion, my religion is atheist or secular humanism in a secular humanism is been recognized as a religion so that would this is trumping our constitutional rights to protection of religion in the free exercise thereof so this is one of the problems that we have here in our country.

This kind of things happening in Austin Texas on telling you folks, we Christians are to stand up and and just just push back because what you do you use a sexuality thing in order to undermine and on to persecute Christians. I mean, of all things this thing by which God ordained the expansion of the kingdom of of God. The proclamation of the truth. The arrival of the Messiah is now being used by the enemy as a means of suppressing and pressing the Christian faith and with good habit of Christiansen radical who I'm looking worried but it could read it rapture data here forget stuff, then what happens is the wicked prosper and we gotta stop that that it will let the Christians know and I can switch as a pastor again. You know I did a pack of your pastor, a mega church and so we get a big TV thing going and so I can say things that people might listen to systemic who would listen. The rummy reference slick on the radio.

Gimme a break was a little some of that but I'm telling you we Christians need to stand together and fight against this kind of stuff. It is bad news. Now I happen also know that there's actually a movement to have liberals move into Texas into certain areas to get the estate converted into a leftist estate to his house conspiratorial to happening here in Idaho a lot of Californians are moving. I think California is for the most part are mentally infected and I think there's something in the water in California where it atrophy is the frontal lopes because of the lease happens on campus may because you know there's a lot of the students you know and they couldn't argue their way out of a wet paper bag. There even know what's going on there just as Stalin said useful idiots are being harsh. I know because there leftist socialists who are against out white privilege white male privilege and things like this just hot. You know propaganda in schools lack of thinking about doing is going to some of the campuses getting getting a booth or a booth by the table, a sign that says something like. Is Christianity true commencement of true or false, just to something like that and just filament and produce a in our film adjusting and that do that on the Christian campus to Christian campuses here that are so stinking liberal think meal even had the author of the shack at NNU Northwest Nazarene University and the author the shack is a wonderful booth. She made me feel so good that is the love that felt good. In the kind of stuff. So do girls voices and high voices and whiny voices very well. Sorry about that, but not a distant stuff is is is rampant all over America. Why do Christians stand up so much heresy, so little time.

Hey, let's get to the phones Russ from Asheboro, North Carolina hey Russ, welcome to show us. Are you there. I guess in USA. I could hear him and what's a I.

I'm trying to stay warm. Is it cold in the snow is it sleep down here North Carolina is where big socks in the you know, put the jacket on and the bottom I got some popcorn phase will when patient is in you know in your mind are likely should I do it should not doubt whatever is the best buying you. I ain't that helpless Christian person to that downside know a lot about and do it and not all manly uniform same yell. One of mystica Hammer hears of the kneecap that generally takes your mind off of the temptation for quite a while you do if you bulking it really works. But that aside, something that what you do is you quote Scripture you just quote Scripture and you think about, I, I, I think visualizations are good when loans are biblical and that is to visualize the bottom foot or so of the cross with dirt around it and blood trailing down the cross and on.

This is what he did for you, so they could turn from sign and things like that are strong visuals that have a tendency to take our our hearts off of our lusts and failures recurring temptations and I know that we often fail, but at least it's to the cross we can go over time and receive for the cleansing because his love for us is so infinite is so wonderful is conditional. People don't know that the saving love of God is conditional. People say it's not conditional like utter tension right now. What I mean by that. The saving notice of saving love of God's condition on the blood of Christ, the sufficiency of Christ's work on the cross and that saving love can be administered to us because of what Christ has done and there and that plus is lots of prayer is where you'll find the strength to resist and yeah let's really been thinking about what else made it has some health and are fair-minded and its light in students IN United. I think of something else made alive and something else. We visualize something that United Senegal escalate right we should be doing it again at a meditating on the truth of God's word and not brought home. Anything else and you know it is tough, but that is what we call to do that we need to live best of our abilities. We need to keep her eyes on him for his glory and the traumatic conditional love of God. Now that this additional saving love the where I was cited always will you see you know this in your topic, but people don't realize biblical theology. For example unless people who are we saved from a legal kind of answers but didn't people realize were saved from God and I say, what are we saved from God's wrath know is true are also safe and the deception of the devil and from the consequences of various actions and things like that and that's true but I want people to think of of God is the righteous and holy judge we need to be mindful of of his condition and his work with the truth is that his love for us in the saving kind of love.

There's a judge generic love, where he loves everybody equally. That kind of generic thing is that enrollment is coming in Matthew 543 through 48. Let's the sun and the rain fall upon the good and the bad. Equally and that's called a type of love but there's a love also that he has a particular love for his sheep. Not for the goats brought the sheep annuity. John 10 and he saves his people once given to him, given of the son by the father John 635 to 40 talks about that and that saving kind of love that is there where it's the actual manifestation of the grace of God upon a person unto salvation that is conditioned and only made possible only possible by the work of Christ on the cross right but there's a music they average a navigator leaves. They warm days have I write memo. God bless the all right folk that was Russ from North Carolina we're right back after these messages stay tuned. The mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave children in the collect of 72276. By the way, we have a matching donor funded thing going on to the to support us this ministry all you do is go to cargo toward the right hand side you see the word donate and anything is donated to the end of the year will be doubled. So this debtor you if they go to support us very dollars opportunity to make account twice let's go to Matt from a willingness to go the mega church. That's what you want to talk about which I thought was might be an interesting topic and will she call back. We could do what he wanted metaphorical lines 877-207-2276 disc at the JC or JC whatever from Utah show where the creek here. All are well when you get right in and out for everybody looking like or how every night. I called and who are we saved from God's wrath is when I went to John 17 anything background Hank I type it out me, but I don't know when except that we can delete the conversation kind drop there wondering how do you bat out that died for all, not anyway.

You know the first thing you do is always defined in terms so what I would do is I would ask this from the perform perspective.

Of course I'd ask.

What is it mean to say Jesus died for all, what is it actually specifically mean because people can use the phrase, but they don't know what it means so as to get Randall because he may be saying something that is similar different than what you say so. Generally when I asked that question to die for all people say well he bore our sins are okay so did he have bear every sin we committed in asking questions, else it will yeah right. And so what is it mean to die for our sins that they can mean slow to pay for them. Okay, so is asking questions and and most people can again when they work it out so to pay for them so that that means that that since paid for right so it's paid for in the sin is no longer valid because been paid for out of this hardware subdue a user's attitude and Isaiah 53 four through six, but he bore our sins in his body and the cross. First Peter 224 so does that mean, and as people examine our management.

Our believer right our sons. The first thing and then is the who, because you have to know what it is that he bore because what he bore will effectively bore it for because if they say that it will you know sin is just every sin with committed DEGREE so than are you saying then he he wiped those out. He got rid of them.

At the cross. He bore them. He canceled them. He what died for them. What was it mean you find a variety of answers, but biblically speaking, he bore our sins and he died with them. The wages of sin is death. He died so does not mean the sin that is been taken care of in an orange closet 214 says it's been canceled and the goat yachtsman canceled great so the canceled everybody and this is where the stock was canceled for everybody and nobody can go to hell and then no sake not enough. You have to believe is a know you don't believe because, according your theology, I'd say your position is there that they don't have the believer not believe it doesn't matter because there's no sin against them because been paid for and no sin. God can judge them for damnation. If there's no sin other cat with a believer not is irrelevant. Now there isn't any said no. You gotta believe the Bible says you gonna believe will yeah so you gotta believe, but you're the one talking about the nature and extent of the atonement we said were justified by believe here's an illogical don't get our sins are not forgiven but is what our sin.

That is not forgiven when we believe law people don't know that you won't find any verses that says our sin debt is canceled or paid for when we believe we are justified when we believe, but were not our sin does not cancel you will find that what you do find is the sin that is canceled on the cross.

That's what it says in Colossians 214 cancel descendent having Miller to the cross.

When I show this to people that really confused because they think that the Bible teaches the sin that is canceled when you believe but that doesn't make any sense was canceled on the cross like you're gonna cry exactly like right right right right or when the outlet I would write okay and so the legal right in this way you worded you were even alive when Jesus bore your sins right now.

You have either all of them. Yeah, and that's what he did it right, legal, I guess you're right good. So justification is something different than the atonement.

Justification is a legal standing of righteousness, a court of law for the rope. The Bible says, Romans 51. Having therefore been justified by faith.

Romans 328. We maintain and manage justified by faith apart from the works of the law when a minute so justification is the impartation or the imputation of the righteousness of God to you by faith. Romans is to be flipping 39 says that we have a righteousness that is not our own.

So the sin that it was in Atlanta guys got around type XIV. But our but were justified. The righteousness of Christ is given to us accounted to us when we believe this is that is available to every believer. It can't be for every believer. Obviously, because if every believer sin that is canceled and nobody could go to hell because it doesn't exist people to really good except it know you don't show the were said you have to accept the sacrifice of Christ in order to have the sin that canceled it doesn't say that anywhere in Scripture. I show this to people and they really are thrown for a loop. And I think I'm not try to be difficult. Just show me what you believe in Scripture. I'll show you what I believe in Scripture and occult versus essays exactly what I'm saying and so this is a serious issue because if Jesus paid for all of our sins in that he canceled the sin that forever. But whoever believes what I mean everywhere lives, and if people go to hell for the same sin debt that's double judgment and God would have have made Christ pay for the sins and canceled them. That's not good enough. Because now you also have to go to hell if the unbeliever has to go to hell for the same sin debt that's been canceled. That's not right.

God knows what he's doing. He knows exactly what is going is my cousin John 10 where he speaks about. He says that that the other sheep I have is gonna bring them in and out.

He says he lays his life down for the sheep at Lisa is not popular theology, knowing believer people of mankind and get freaking out a little bit hadn't been yet that make perfect. So the sin that was canceled at the train because he bore our sin at the on the cross for 3 to 24 canceled across classes 214.

If you righteousness. We believe is 51 okay to goblet are it was a C from Utah for Valencia McAuliffe, okay 772-0776, right after mass Y77077 is Matt's way back to show bottom of the hour line 72072276 originated heavy breathing through the thing is, because we had to turn them in my car. Have a great Mike with attorney up way loud in order for my sound board to pick up through us what so close that that that's why you hear that as well.

Alright. And it makes me self-conscious to so that's what goes a O'Brien from Denver Hydro Brian look Michelle, it's no one but we got good luck all a question for you is there expand a little bit on the fruit of the Spirit regards to the like.

The supernatural love. This supernatural supernatural peace that is offered through the Holy Spirit that yet.

I have been on my heart for God jointer God might you not jot Jesus talks about John chapter 16, your joy, therefore right now I have sorrow, but I will you again your heart with joy. Your Josh question, you can just speak not boyhood joy to be great. Well, are you familiar with how many fruit there are listed there. Galatians 5 2223. It'll look like as not, is kind that's a multiple say but didn't realize that the Greek word is Karpov's and it's was called normative masculine singular words. It's like saying the single fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patient kindness, goodness, faithless Genesis of control is not the fruits which would be car pointing in the Greek there, but it's not. It's definitely the singular, and it's really interesting because it's that we don't. Unfortunately, in English the word fruit, singular and plural is the same spelling the same everything.

So this is why we don't see it but it's like saying the singular singer should be more of the word.

One should be in italics to to clarify the meaning to what is going on is is not nine things. It's one.

Some people think that maybe love is the primary which that flows joy, peace, patience, kinds, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control that may be the case but I believe that all of these are the natural result of fellowship with the Lord God, through the work of the Spirit of God that when you're in his presence there all their love and joy and peace and patience and kindness, goodness and faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. How could I have love without patients or how can I have joy without gentleness or kindness without peace.

All these things are interconnected and so Paul the apostle writes out of the abundance of the work, the Holy Spirit, the single thing that God's Spirit does in us. And of course we could've listed more things he did. He could have, but he didn't. I find it interesting. It's nine which is 33 freeze at the number, the Trinity, and I just think that there's a numeric perfection there. I like the kind of stuff is my autism but not too much out of it, but these things are just wonderful and we are to have love and joy and peace. They all go together because when your heart is full of love. Full of this love come from the heart of God in the way we connect with this heart of God is by faith that you'll notice that in here the word faith is even mentioned.

But, of course, is talking about those who are already justified by faith and we are trusting in God and when we have faith in him.

Then we have peace with the more faith we have in him, the more peace the more faith we have, the more patients and for those who don't have much peace and patience is because their faith is little connect with God through the faith that he gives to us a faith that is in Jesus Christ. And when we know what he did on the cross we see the love of God manifested in real time, not just in words. Hey, peace be filled going your way but let me be crucified for you that real love when we can put our hearts and our minds and our souls on that true love of God manifested, we can see and experience.

Even then, again, by faith, that love and commitment that God has to us which should obviously result in joy in him and peace as we trust in him and patience with others because he's been patient with us and kindness to others because we realize with blood has bought us in goodness and faithfulness and gentleness and self-control. All of these come by the power of the Holy Spirit in us. These belong to him but yet there also be one thing is not one is more than the other but they're all package and so would have all of them I wouldn't say equally because some people are better loving and patience than fullness or faithfulness and gentleness. But you see the thing is that we appropriate and and I can be careful. Here's a lesson we appropriate because I don't want the heresy that is spoken of in the Word of Faith movement to be bolstered anyway when we appropriate things like this by faith is not to be understood that we reach up to heaven by her faith and pull down these things are belong to us know faith is the humble submission of trust in the Lord God, and in that faithfulness to him. Then God in his mercy gives us these things through the spirit. The former is a heresy, and the latter is biblical and so what we do to so to speak at the for the spirit is just get say this means we already have them in the us really have the Lloyd, the love, joy, peace, patient kindness and goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. In this because the spirit of God is in us. We need to get out of the way and calm our hearts and be people of faith in what Christ is done and who he is and to rest in him and in so doing peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard our hearts and our souls in Christ Jesus. Philippians 46280. This is the work of God, and it's something we connect with. By faith, not because faith is a thing that makes it work because faith is only as good as you put a dent in faith requires humility and rest and trust in God and that can only be obtained by keeping her eyes on the cross, the person of Christ, and so therefore these things can come to us because of God's mercy. Okay, okay, you got beautiful words you praise God I gave you two. God bless all right is Brian from Denver hey folks of one unit calling 772072276 and Jason Manning in there. You are right. Faith is the work of God to go to John 620 29. What must we do the work the works of God and Jesus says this is the work of God, that you believe this everything is of the glory of God.

Bill for Modesto, California how are you muddy dear.

All right we got a topic they married the ark of the eye would you respond to that know she's not how would you respond to innovative C will is what they'll say is, she's the ark of the covenant because in her was the word and in the covenant. The ark of the covenant was the 10 Commandments as a okay and in the ark of the covenant with test, which had the mercy seat upon it which the blood was put upon by the high priest once a year that have a numeric note in the ark of the covenant had the jar of manna as it was at his had a very know it had errands but run abroad that but it did. They have a numeric know it did not, how should the ark of the covenant again through the merit absolutely correct. You absolutely nail in it. The manifesto is related like that with her. You widen if they have a personal related link right all false religions, one way or another. Put something in the place of Christ and then say either their absolutely pointing to Christ. But in function they are not.

So there.

In a sense their functioning idolaters, and this is what Roman Catholicism.

Does Mary's equivalent to a goddess, and they say she's not a goddess but you can't get to Jesus. Let's go to Mary it's insane. The poor people are so humongous sleep apostate others. All music but he will hold on, hold another recovery done, hold on. Okay, sounds good. Bill will hold only five vacuum after these messages folks take to the max Y77077 charismatic slave show Bill what is still there. What you see is kind of an odd question. It's a good question, but you see the Roman Catholic Church.

They claim to have apostolic authority succession from Peter. I don't buy that for second but this with a claim will early on the Christian church was pretty good, and the apostasy that the Roman Catholic Church underwent which is step-by-step is not that it all of a sudden they just unilaterally adopt all these heresies know one thing led to another and so when they become apostate. I got could imitate which century, but it would have to do with the issue of I would say whenever they added works to salvation and beneficial context and all and or whenever they put Mary as the mediator between God and man in between Jesus and man either one of these in my opinion, would constitute a full apostasy because they are in the first case, denying the sufficiency of the cross in the second case, deny the sufficiency of Christ.

And so is one of those my opinion would qualify them as for being apostate ministers building error upon error which Roman Catholic Church is done for centuries.

The remnant God bless, Mike. All right, that was built for Modesto, California and O'Hare for the Lodge. Give me call 877-207-2276. Let me remind you that we have a matching funds drive for the other year you want to support harm. Whatever you donate will be matched. If you are so kind as to check that out on the comp home page or any page on karma right hand side. It'll say that were donated some red letters and words talk about matching fund drive and donate 10 elite 20 donate 5300 about that pretty cool audit before Valencia, call folks look at the John from Sherman, Texas, a John with Michelle hey Matt how are you doing right hand in which all men had a question about a hard look at Scripture being quoted from a preacher out on the word radio and as the bulk of something UBL above and Marlatt Malik and Malik.

I was not familiar with who that was what will be the Malik was a false deity, a false god of the Canaanites were involved with that and it's so several places in the in the Old Testament and swim to do folks is describe something you got children in the car you're gonna want to turn it down for a couple of minutes okay just let you know because I describe what Malik was and what happened in this is not appropriate for young ones as letting guys know so Malik was a kind of picture drawn out of the book I got literally printed 1722 night.

I scanned it and have a picture on karma of what Malik was such a torso of a human being with the head of the ball with horns and the whole bit. What they would do is they make these the statues. These idols out of bronze and the belly would just be like the doctor the waste it on the legs wouldn't be part of the statute to speak the waist up and have a door on the belly, and outputs a wind wooden marinade and heat this thing up that it was glowing and the arms of Moloch were held at 90 angle so that you could place newborns on the arms while the state was heated and this is how they would sacrifice children to the God of Moloch, and so a lot of people don't know this is important because God had warned Canaanites stop and go for centuries and he didn't so he sent the Jews and wipe them out and then cleanable unbelievers will say that's mean God so mean killing everybody there and we can talk about that, but there's no evil they were, and this is the same kind of the thing that's occurring today in a different context lot more sanitized a lot more cerebral lot more acceptable and you kind that's what Malik will thank you that great answer.

One other thing out let you know I live you through.

I Called to duty and radio okay and it allowed me to pick up animals that are far away from me and I listened to you on the Truth Network and for the last four days you have had no spaniel are they have had no style annually though. The only time I got to hear your voice is right now.

When I was on hold and obviously they get to let you know that if there is anything you can do to utilize and a lot of the people from around here. I would imagine so no sound and tune in radio and network yet Typing it into her garter tech guy right now. Okay thanks. Let me know. I had no idea so okay you know the other day. I think there were some people talking may have been another show what you were talking about the.

The public school system and how the media lot about all the crazy stuff going on, there will harder to Jay Sekulow: law judge's day talking about the hundred thousand state on 49th state are adapting into this 15 minutes a day reading around the day Eastern meditation beta stop insane and lose control over us and let us this idiocy is occurring.

Why is it that we have unbelievers in these these overpowering control places. What is going on doing this on purpose.

There's a reason no. I think Mike on the water young you get one is what Hitler did.

He said give me the youth and hitting control of the future, and so the indoctrination of the youth and we Christians have got to step now. I got a plan, but doesn't have the and have the clout to build a pull it off but I know we can do we need a national organization of Christians who support with five say five or $10 a month in organization and money goes in for lawsuits for defense and for the starting lawsuit and we hire lawyers to go in and fight this with Jay Sekulow already does that.

We can also die what I want to do is have this whole thing set up so that on this particular day once a year we start like whenever September 1 and everybody with the last name a ghost to their capital, and all day the Senate was sides and in the next HB next date. See you know for three weeks to get combined some letters XYZ and you do this and you have handouts you have that whatever it is, and the money goes in is to support the organ that designs organizers and paid for bail and stuff like that if things happen you know we got guys are getting organized.

This will be added to and starts.

I know we had enough of this and every people who cannot heal the leftists leftists are out of control with a want of the few on the right is you guys be patient. You guys be kind. You guys be nice but were not going to be and that's what they ask how they work.

They want tolerance for everybody unless it's you want tolerance for themselves. They want that hypocrisy the left is incredible.

This is serious. They were up against. And the reason it's so serious is because the drain has not been on stop. That's why we have the backup of sewage in our culture the Christians gotta unstop the drains they gonna force the things open to do it.

I want to know what so that I shudder onto it and we listening to which Truth Network, which one nation do not. It was, but there might be more than one Outlook and they okay hope you are that okay you know what you do and learning the truth in 30 which station 10:30 AM.

No yes or no little Shiite Dartmouth as I okay a list of those notes in their okay big guy old man I love you and I up the good work brother by God's grace God's grace that was John from Sherman Texas and let's get to Oliver for making that younger look of the show. How are you I'm okay man hanging in there with you all. My question for you.

What I briefly talked to a guy about it meeting with her mom what it local or global event is highly debated global minutes.

Also, local, but to use global because it certainly looks like that because her sedimentary rocks are lay down hi hi mountain ranges all over the world and it contained fossils of ocean ocean organist around the world guy getting mirrors no evidence of it being all risk global okay Andras if you go to go to Netflix and look up is Genesis history you can see some more evidence that that spoken like this. There's the issue of Noah's flood and will. How can all the animals will really quickly. There's a theory called Pangea and that's where the continents together like a puzzle and if Adam and Eve.

If no one the family propagated before the continents broke up the animals because it was two by twos+ were seven and seven selectable don't know that an analyst could very easily dissipate. So all you need for all kinds of of Wolf kind of variations is noticed a couple sets of canine and Atticus BCF as they go out in different areas.

For this is not a genetic problem. Atticus PC eight and then cling to put it quickly, and especially coming up for a year on an arc you don't have a lot of speciation going on afterwards and so they would disseminate geographically in various areas and in the continents would split a partner you go.

This is supershort but in plus I did my own mathematics, average size of the an animal in the world is the size of the Lamb. Well, yeah video on Mike on the art form and how it is your Journal of mathematical directed Kurt. It all absolutely okay. I doubt myself and I converted to boxcars and other boxcars in the tree must be left over. Just empty space and it was like 40%. It was just for his plenty of space plus the arc 6 x 1. I think it is is extremely stable and rough seas and you know it. It makes it, and every single culture has a flood story and it a single fledge Arriaga boats and animals and China. The oldest culture in the world. The ancient symbol for a boat is a boat with the number eight and a mouth. Eight people just like Noah's Ark, her yeah yeah there is evidence in care. Thank you all right event.

What I think is called is Genesis. History is worth.

Okay, let's move worth reading. Okay yeah list items are okay with us. Later Andrew and Oliver try to read the text look up from our tech guy found the promise of the station in Raleigh, Raleigh, North Carolina, apparently. So whether you go play photos at a time.

Hey look, I'm just gonna remind you one more time that were having a matching funds drive the end of the year and if you want to have your donation to this ministry doubled. Whatever you give will be doubled. All you gotta do is go to karma the right hand side of any page you will see were donated and the matching funds. Click on that, you will automatically match to survey all right haters music that even the Lord bless you grace back on there tomorrow

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