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December 18, 2020 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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December 18, 2020 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- I was a member of the Episcopal church and my children were baptized in it. I regret and repent of this but can I be forgiven---2- I went to a church that says if I am not speaking in tongues then I am not a believer. It was a United Pentecostal Church. What do you know about that---3- Matt discusses Romans 1 and whether or not it can apply to believers who are ungodly.--4- When people are annoyed by Christians, going door to door for example, does that drive them further away from salvation---5- What does it mean that we will be held accountable for every word we speak---6- Why is Jeremiah 17-9 different in the KJV verses the NASB- --wicked- versus -desperately sick----7- What is the difference between spiritual oppression and possession- How can someone be delivered---8- Can someone be a member of the Church of Christ and be saved-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine. Why would 12 nine 2020 and if you will give me a call before blindly 772072276 this Friday coming up in a couple of days restarts a matching fund drives whatever you send in will be will be adopted into the matching fund drive charting product so will praise God for that. If you're interested in doing that so that's when you do it online electronically good upon the board/delete all the information you need will be right there and also to go to Amazon's go to and you can sign up for charity of your choice so that whenever you use smile.Amazon then Amazon will give a little bit of what you purchase a small bit there that can add up to a charity of your choice. So that's a good option right there and there's that whole. Also, the card website is down so no ticket in class you got notified they're working on it does happen that the site does the tactical server to be attacked because of what we do on the web stuff already for the lines 87720722762 Sarah from North Northeast are welcome you on here. I enter about my membership church good, but Mike and I have allowed my children to be baptized in our church and also particularly concerned that I was confirmed in that church and any part of that you make I get back to how the net you make about. I can't remember all that I had that I can't remember all that happened during the ceremony, but I'm deeply concerned, I was involved in that I think about my membership and realized that a lot of the things that were happening were not according to God's word. My question God forgive me for that. I'm just concerned about the thing that I added about the ceremony that I've allowed happened and looking back, I question whether I would like.

I should have known better, and I deeply concerned about, especially to allowing my children to be baptized there on concerned about being confirmed are becoming an official member.

I didn't just get an appeal and then walk away.

It was just me with about a year and 1/2 churches would be church that I would say yes if the Bible church and they do expository preaching and I'm not asking for an explanation as to know why will church maybe does certain things that I that are contrary to God's word or just my concern and that I left out but now I'm deeply concerned about what if I said this story during that money and it was against the gospel and just help you Episcopal Church is pretty liberal and you shouldn't be in any way. So pleasure out to go to church so good for you. All right if you make promises and that you don't remember God for members and if you go to God with and just laid out before him and say Lord what I've said what I promised, I just can't remember all, please forgive you for not carrying through on what I promise to carry through. I can only move forward from here, God will certainly be gracious. He always is gracious is not an issue but it just move on forward and takes forgiveness for… Arent's first baptism goes, though there are there are groups within and churches within Episcopal movement that are decent and most of them are not.

And so what if someone had hypothetically been baptized in Roman Catholic Church and then he realized it was. The Catholic church is false, which is is her baptism, valid, and the answer is yes. Baptism is valid because it's not done in the name of the father-son Holy Spirit even the church is not a true church. The issue is not the validity of the church of the authority the church with the authority of Christ and whose name the baptism in the Episcopal Church of the stuntman name the father-son Holy Spirit by Trinitarian believing group, etc. it's a valid baptism, even if their whack to a particular church. He went to was heavy. Women pastors and elders pro-homosexual. Whatever was the baptism will still be valid. It's not invalidated by the church person so if you had hypothetically an atheist who is pretending to be a believer as a pastor for 510 years and it is happening and that atheists were to baptize someone in the name of the father-son Holy Spirit. According to Scriptures, the baptism is performed valid is not invalidated by who doesn't make powerful intrinsic by God. Okay, right. I think you and fill it baptismal vows at debit something about it.

It doesn't say the gospel is laid out in first Corinthians 15 mantra for and I bet that God can forgive that to I don't know what it means gospel is laid out and that the context was. I can't say what's going on but let me give you a Scripture once more the word of God. I want you rest of you believe the Bible is true, correct, correct okay now I can't believe about him. Do you trust in the Lord Jesus Christ God and flushed on the cross rose from the dead you trust what he did in the cross for the forgiveness of your sins yet you do add anything baptism to it, or being faithful by not going to R-rated movies or not. Looking at that, whatever it is. Anything you do to keep yourself right with God. You deny that or affirm the good or do you just say no. So in faith alone in Christ alone, which is in Christ alone and I don't get paid by my work and I don't maintain salvation by landlord.

My concern was just how did I allow myself to be part of their money on people believing that like how I got hold. I hold go to step-by-step to something okay I know we read we show you something Scriptures because you word how could you is not to do that's different question. What kind of as before, but he would get to this because if you're believer in the Lord Jesus Christ understand clinic losses 214.

He canceled the certificate of debt the certificate that is assumed to Catholic the cross, not when you believe that you baptized the cross for the elect of the first people and you have to understand that this is where your forgiveness is just not depend upon your faithfulness is not upon if you confess it was supposed confess our sins, we are supposed to do that okay for John.

1789. But the thing is that is already taken care of at the cross for the elect. What we do is we we believe and we trust what Christ did, and his righteousness is imputed to us at faith that would be to be justified by faith, pointing to make us you already secure in Christ and what he's done just loved you from eternity and he bought and he cleansed you and he did all this necessary. You have to worry about what it is you did that with Episcopalian situation to worry about is taken care of already understand okay okay so if you make mistakes if you said some stuff not sure about it. Just go talk to the Lord about it and thinking for what he is already in John 2023.

This is an interesting verse.

If you forgive the sins of any, their sins have been forgiven with us talking about is that the disciples were told by Christ. Go out there with her doing is pronouncing forgiveness with this because your sins have already been forgiven.

This is what is interesting a place in Christ.

This is a field theological perspective not taught in too many churches, but it's very helpful to understand this your goodness your faithfulness, your mistakes, your successes don't affect your salvation even in concrete. Forget that all of our does not care that I would think that my secondary question I was just thinking I knew better.

I don't know what I was thinking that maybe it's a mistake, but I also convert because I yeah I got this thoughts. We look back to your earlier life.

You was I thinking do you wonder what true convert is the time well you know all I do is look back and said all I can do Lord is dependent your grace from vent that the health because there's so many inconsistencies that God is faithful and consistent through his trust and beyond my ability to understand the art thinking, your time.

Thank you so much for your doing the work that you do. We welcome very much. It's is by God's grace is able to do what I do only by his grace. Because I'm a broken vessel, but it helped me to preach the gospel to my own children could expand it. Multiplying praise God's grace is correct. Good good okay so goblins okay folks, we have for the Lodge at 20 McCall 87720722762 sought to next and fertilize. Okay, so what. Let's get to Tyson from Virginia Tyson welcome here. Hello hello hey hey Matt, I got to quit? I love you so went recently to our church in Richmond recently with my cousin and my daughter was a Pentecostal church and I was told I have two questions at first wanted. They told me according to acts 238 federal if I have not spoken in tongues, not a Christian and in Abu Ghraib and I read it I do not think it had to call the ships only thing that some of the UPC church and I was like blown away like okay it's not back to their they say that UPC is not the consul church. Don't talk about back to 30, but it denies the doctrine of the Trinity teaches that you can lose your salvation, and that you keep it like being good and certain rules and regulations and when they get baptized and get baptized in the father-son Holy Spirit for the get baptized quote Jesus as a baptism is necessary for salvation. With the speaking of tongs and the Holy Ghost. They say that like that.

This is the safe good have the blessing and that is the Holy Ghost not just Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost with the Holy Ghost of the talk like that you have a Thick and I watched people who want to be filled with the Holy Ghost and pretty much it would mimic what they're saying ready To Tell You Not Try to Say What Understand and I'm like You Can Copy That Right and It's with Me to Tell You Flat out the United Put a Cost That You Went to the UPC Is a Non-Christian Cult. Okay, It's a Colt It's Not Okay so You Are Deceived and Are Talking False Things Always Go to Acts 238 Peter Said to Them, Repents and Each of You Be Baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the Forgiveness of Your Sins and You Will Receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit with Her Saying Is, Acts 238 You Got Baptized in Jesus Name. The Name of the Father-Son Holy Spirit Unity Baptized in Jesus Name.

And If You Get That Jesus Name You'll Receive the Get the Holy Spirit to Be Speaking in Tongues and You Know Your Savior. That's Big and Thought You Got Saved Telling Okay, First of Our Courts, Are You Not Explain Okay Choice of… Work Was to Be Baptized in Jesus Name. Well, You Asked for Seven and Be Examined in This Verse Is in Annas the High Priest Was There and Cut Efficient John and Alexander and All the Sense What They Voted for the Montague McCauley 77 Matt Y. Call 770-7276 Charismatic Slave Lines on 772072276 Was Get Back to Tyson Tyson's Solar Failure. Now I Think Another Question Was Showing Something of Scripture to Show You the UPC Church. They Could Not Argue Their Way onto Whatever Back When It Comes Scripture While Peter Was Still Speaking These Words, the Holy Spirit Fell upon Those Who Were Listening to the Message All the Circumcised Believers Came with Peter, Remains Because the Gift of the Holy Spirit and Poured out the Gentiles Also, for They Were Hiring Them Speaking with Tongues, and Exalted God for the Gift of the Holy Spirit Is Speaking in Tongues and Exalted God, Then O'Connor Said, Surely No One Can Refuse Water Produced to Be Baptized Will Receive the Holy Spirit As He Greeted Kelly Sachs 1044 through 47. I Just Read the Point There, Speaking in Tongues before the Baptized Next to 38. The Get the Tongues after the Baptized. While You See It's Not That 238 There Was Go to Back to 38 First Peter 320 1X 2260 Place 327, Though, Do These These Various Versions of the Go to for Baptism. John 3325 and on the Book, They Don't Look at the Whole Picture to Colton, so the Order Receive the Tongues Is Reversed in the Next 10, and They Didn't Show That We Could Have an Agenda over Scripture.

So There's That Good at What He Got Was Her? We Got the Door with My Daughter with Me and She You Know a Woman Approached Me. She Was like All Why, Why Do You Thing Also Taught Me about Dawn and Insert Ellen's Order and She Says What You Need to Change Her Daughter's Hair and I Was like Why Not Shoot.

Though You Know My Daughter's Hair Was Braided Neatly with Beads and That She Would like While That's Not Christian and and You See What the Old Testament Where It Talks about Something Would Be the Heirs That Was against What God's Word and She Was like Flow You Need to Change Her Hair and Apostolic Woman Straight Here and I'm like Are You Serious, so I'm Just like How to Come up with Is Old Testament Scripture Lacking a Real Girl. This Is the Meet Me Talk This. It's More Cult Stuff with Cults Do Rules and Regulations on People like That You Know What Yesterday I Got Called up and Said That He Went to the Church Holding a Sugar Beard.

Another Tug Could Have Straight Hair, What Is It That's Good to Get That in the in the Book Called Second Marana Cults Okay Nevertheless Look like Lysis First Timothy 29. Likewise, I Want Women to Adorn Themselves with Proper Clothing Mop Modestly and Discreetly, Not with Braided Hair and Gold or Pearls or Costly Garments, but Rather by Means of Good Works, As Is Proper for Women Making the Claim to Godliness. Now, so What We Have Your Sister Now with Braided Hair Will What's the Context of What's Going on Because This Is Really Really Important Because Back Then Women Who Were Licentious Would Adorn the Elves Externally and Be Immodest As A Lot Of Women Do Today Showing Cleavage, Short Though Short That the Going to Church Is Not That They Shouldn't Do That Condition Is Not Proper Clothing.

The Tire Not Discrete to Status My Wife She's Good Looking Woman When We Go to Church and Some Not All the Time Fictional. Sometimes It Is You Think Is Appropriate Where She's Not Saying How Great She Is. She Just Don't You Think It's It's Appropriate Modestly Count. You Know She Has That Mindset Is Very Good As Is Not Braided Hair and Gold or Pearls or Costly Garments Will Ask Yes Was Not Braided Hair Sick. I See a Wedding Ring Yes Is a Gold Okay Well Sorry but You Can't Get to Christian Physical Pearls in Your Inner When Any Prosing Works to Help Publish Your Garment Cost to Which the Issue That Paul Is Talking about Here Is Talking about the Outward Appearance of Licentiousness and Worldliness. That's Not Appropriate Is Giving Examples of What Was at That Time, so Your Daughter Can Have Braided Hair and You Can Have a Cold Rainy There Too Young to Put a Relaxer and I Hear That a Broader Scale, yet We Don't Want That. It's Separate American Men Yeah Okay Will You Know. Why Would God Make Someone with with Curly Hair and Then Saved up Can Be Braided Straight Just Doesn't Make Any Sense.

So Yeah so I'm Not Going Back Shouldn't Go Back Its Occult Man's Occult. See We Are Free in Jesus You're Free Your Daughters Free and Wise Free Your Free. You Don't Have To Wear Poor Close or Rich Close. You Can Wear Either One.

You Can Wear Short Hair Long Hair Were Beard and Not a Beard You Can Have a Mustache Anonymously for Free in Christ. But the Issue Is Are We Gonna Stumble Anybody but What We Do so Once I Was Preaching the Church and There Was This Attractive Young Woman with a Short Skirt and a Low Cut Top and She Was in the Front Row and Know God Bless Her She's a Christian and It Was Difficult to Focus on the Sermon, Especially When She Would Lean Forward As She Was Listening And/or She Would Cross Her Legs in Her Short Skirt Would Come up so I Had to Literally Preach in a Different Direction and See Women Don't Realize That the That They Think Goes Is Your Fault Looking Know Know Is Not Just like the Modesty That We That Women Are Supposed to Have Is Because Men Are Different Than Women. We Visual Processing Areas Twice the Size of the Females Is How It Is. And so We See It Visually Think so Paul Is Women Looking Normal Modest You Have That Good Looking Women Look Good. You Know Women Look like Were Back the Logs Rolled down the Hill. Okay, so We Have To Just Be Careful and Try to Be Appropriate, but Women Needs to Maybe Two Will Not Use Their Femininity As a Power Manipulation or to Draw Attention to Themselves and Their Bodies, but to Use What They Have in the Context of Marriage and Godliness of Things like That in the Hall Talking and the Adornment Okay so This Woman in That Cult All Cults Preach Legalism You Know You Said Hey Once on a Good Movie All That an R-Rated Movie Yeah Okay to Be Christian.

What Is Something like That or You Don't Need You. Are You by the Five Times A Week or You Don't Obey Whatever the Pastor Sets.

These Are the Occult, like Things on My Website, Which Is down Right Now Because so There's a Server Problem with You Can Go There When Itself Just Look up What to Look for in a Church with No Work in the Church and Will Give You a List of Things Okay I Think You Meant. I Appreciate RMM God Bless and What Your Daughter's Name First If It's Okay for Me to Ask Just Curious. Arianna Arianna and She's Three.

I Am Sure She Is so Cute She's Not… And the Fear Okay. I Love This Look of My Daughter's Windows 8's Maximum Cuteness Was Hardly Parties Could Stand.

It Was so Cute.

It's Wonderful to Praise God Praise God for Curly Red Letter Godless Men. I Felt like a Very Beautiful One Man's Leg. Why Call 770-7276 Charismatic Slave Five Open Lines of Seven to Tell You That Starting on Friday the 11th That Actors Will Be Matching Funds Dry from There to the End of the Month.

If You Are Interested in Will Support the Ministry.

You Can't Right Now Because the Websites down, but All You Do Is Go to CRM RG, and on the Right Hand Side of Any Pages You Were Going Later Tonight When the Compartments Backed up for Tomorrow and Don't Then Whatever You Sign up for on Friday. If It's New or an Increase of Anything Will Be Matched and so Was Very Good and That's That Also Smiled on Amazon.Com Due To Smiled on Amazon.Com to Find That There Are Options to Be Able to Sign up for to Support Jerry for Whatever You Choose for Everyone, and by Doing That When You Check out If You Just Put Smiled on Amazon.Com for Your Purchase. Then It Goes to That Feature and It Counts Literal and the Check Sent to the Ministry of It Is That You Want to Listen to and Also to Let You Know I Have Books on Amazon. A Lot Of People Don't Know That I've Got Several Books. So If You're Interested in Checking about You Just Go to Amazon.Com-Monday Matt Slick. You'll See the Books Aggressive on Atheism Have a Novella Called Atheistic Novel, Short Novel: Novella about Atheists on Island Make Utopian Society and Things Just Don't Quite Go That Well and Then a Good Novel Called the Influence and That's My First Large Fiction Novel, Got Some Outlines on Various Theological Perspectives Aggressive Mormonism Someone Is Very Slick so If You're Interested, Check Things out like That Can All Also Wrote a Novel Called Time Trap to Science Fiction Novel and so Check It out Right.

No Love, No Callers Waiting Somebody Than the Run Again 877-207-2276. Now I Was Thinking to Break Sometime This Winter Could Slow It Happens Every Now and What to Speak on and on. I Want to Go to Romans 118 of the Thinking A Lot about Romans 118 through 23 and I Thought I Might Just Take Some Little Bits of the Code As Though My Heart I'm Going to Do Next with Exegesis of It in My Notes on Biblical Apologetics Is Not One Developing and Might Be Laying a Foundation for Another Book Out Of It from Learning but Never Lust for the Wrath of God Is Revealed against from Heaven against All Ungodliness and Unrighteousness of Men Who Suppress the Truth in Unrighteousness Uses for Slot 118, the Ungodly Suppress the Truth of What God Is Revealed in Their Unrighteousness, Which Means in Their Soon Ethical Suppression of Truth. My Question Is Wrath of God Is Revealed against All Ungodliness and Unrighteousness of Men That Include the Believer to Make the Case, It Does Business Is All Ungodliness. If We Are in Godly Is Rejected, Sooner Present Site Sets Are Present Time Because Maybe It Might Be Hard Heart of the Leaving of a Little More True. Even the Little Christians and Something to Think about. Check This out Because That Which Is Known about God Is Evident within the for God Made It Evident to Them. So If You're Talking to an Unbeliever, You Have To Understand That They Are Think They Are Suppressing the Truth of God in Their Unrighteousness. The Bible Says That Which Is Known about God Is Evident within Them. For God's Made Because It's Evident within Them That They Are Suppressing Your Obligation to Speak the Truth You Speak to Them As Though They Know the Truth Because What the Bible Says If They Say the Client Will Than They Are Denying It in Their Unrighteousness, but You're Still Obligated to Speak the Truth to That Which Is Known about God Is Evident within the Tell You Something.

A Few Nights Ago I Was on Discord Right I Go and Speak A Lot My Little Room. People Want You to Answer All Kind of Questions and Liver Hours. Sometimes Whenever There Is Question This One Guy Got up and Asked the Question, Is an Interesting Question Question of the Death before and He Pretty Stood by Saying That She Used To Be Christian, but He's Heard That He Was. Not Really a Christian Because He Lost His Faith.

He Wasn't Antagonistic. I Said so I Don't Know What to Believe. I Don't Know the Truth Is Right Now. I Don't Believe in God I Submit a Preferred, Some Things You Said. He Said, Who Suppress Evidence for God's Existence and I Said Something to Him.

I Never Said Effort before It Came to Me Right Then. When I Was Answer. I Said You Are Your Best Evidence to Explain What I Mean by That Said, the Bible Says That You Already Know That God Exists, Suppressing the Truth of God in Your Unrighteousness.

Still, Not Name-Calling, Getting Mad at You I Said Just Repeating This Process Is Is Okay. I Don't Think an Insult to Them It's Okay Good I Said, You Understand Some of Your Three Main Areas That We Deal with Our Life Morality Are Existence and Rationality the Think Well Rationality to Act Well I Morality. We Have To Exist Do That and I Said Yes to Question. Should You Believe That Stealing a Paperclip Is Worse or Not As Bad As Murder. He Said Will Murder Is Worse and I Said You Believe That in a Hierarchy of Moral Obligation. What Does That Come from, Why Is It That One Is Worse Than Another Exit the Best Answer Is Because You Know That God Exists. He's the One Who Has Said What Is Worse, and What Is Not Worse and You're in Tune with That but Your Suppressing the Truth of Who He Is but Internally You Already Know This, and We Talked like This for A While and with Various Things and I Used Him and Himself. As an Example of the Truth of What God Is. Why Because He Suppressing the Truth.

It Is Unrighteousness and That What Is Known about God Is Evident within for God Made All I Was Doing Is Pointing to What Is Already in Him Already Working Notes in Her Conversation Went on for about 15 Minutes and 15 Just Talk Gently, but Truck I Talked Truthfully and He Said He Never Thought of That before Never Heard That before like That and He Appreciated My Approach. It Was Accusatory Was Just Informative and I Laid Something That We Could Explore These Things Even Further by Playing out the Basics and He Appreciated Hopefully by God's Grace. If God so Desires so Granted to That Will Grant the Merciful Work of Salvation in This Man's Heart.

We Can Only Hope That It Is Happens, the People Might Ask at This Point, but If God Election Chooses the Opens Her Heart. Why Does He Do for Everyone That I Can't Answer Cognizant Tells I Suspect It Might Have Some to Do with What We Do and How We Are Now Mormonism Is a Topic That Some Might Say Broaching but I'm Lucky to Get into That I Deny Mullen This, but What I'm Saying Is That We Do Not Know What God's Criteria of Salvation Is Based on.

We Know It's Not Based on Based on Anything Good in Us Was Based on What's in Him We Don't Know How It Works in His Heart and His Mind from Eternity.

So When I'm Praying for the Salvation of Someone I Asked God to Open up Their Hearts and Their Minds. I Asked God to Be Merciful to Them. I Ask God to Show His Grace to Because He Is a Sovereign King. I Say That Some of the City. God, Lord, If You're Not Elect for the Foundation of the World. Can You Please Elect Him for the Foundation of the World What I'm Doing Is Admitting I Don't Know How It All Works. I'm Leaning on God beyond My Ability to Understand Trust and Pray for Others. Does That Make a Difference with God.

I Don't Know but If It Does Is from All Eternity That He Ordained It Would Which You Don't Get into Head Twisting Bit of Logic Here Going to Our Obligation Is to Present the Truth to Unbelievers with Coldness As Colossians 4 Verses Five and Six of Second Timothy Two 2425 for the Success with Gentleness, Patients Are Supposed to Do Not Always Do It Perfectly.

I Certainly Don't Either.

This Is Our Goal and We Assume the Truth of God's Word That They Already Know the Truth, so to Speak the Truth Effort, Even If It Will Accept Speak. Let's Get to Bill from Raleigh North Carolina Bill Welcome You like about the DJ Kennedy Right Now. I Read so I Darted Darted Great. I Read It in the Good Stuff You Know I've Started Going in. I Got about Five at the Time and You Know I Don't Might Be Turned down. But When I Wonder Did We Do As They Know A Lot Of People Are There and What Are They Here I See Mats like Why Call 770727 Charismatic Slave Bill Bill You Know Mike Put on Going Door-To-Door Cold Calling Apartment, Especially When the Weather Is Not Great. You Know, Gold Do People That Are You People That Seem Annoyed with about Maybe Half of Them Are They Driven Further from Salvation by Each Time This Happened Than They Get Annoyed by Kristin Amendment. She Noted That Drive Them Away from Salvation Somewhat Can't Answer Because We Don't Know the Hearts of the Individuals You Don't Know If Someone Gets Annoyed and Then They Are Driven Further Away Because You and after Dinner Football Game Are Quite a Bit. We Also Don't Know the Very Next Door. The Door to Go to the Persons Annoyed and He Goes Back to Doing and the Holy Spirit Convicts Him of His Rebellion against so We Don't Know Our Job Is to Present the Gospel We Do with Wisdom so You Know on It Is Not That a Good Idea to Go Door-To-Door at Midnight on January 1 New Year's Eve. Okay, but I've Done the Work and for the Most Part You Rejected. That's Just Statistics, but but Right at Times When Matters Lock It SO Good for You. Just Pray and Ask God to Use You and I Would Be a Very Weak Good.

I Would Recommend You Not Go Alone Also Recommend You Have a Video Recorder and or Audio Recorder. I Just Recommended. I've Been Doing This Often on over the Years and Now I Have a Police Record That I Actually You Recorder That I Have My Chest Get Tense and Less Conspicuous That You Can Have Video Recording Said If That I Felt This Knife. I Got Stories about Big Assaulted Standing in Front of Him from Jewel to Be No More Than Words Threatened with Arrest Headaches Thrown at Me up and Cussed out Getting My Face. I've Told Been Told about the Swing at Me Have Been Told Come over to Persons Car to Beat Me up and All Had Door Slammed My Face As I Used To Go to California down the Beach and Just Witness to the Punkers Some Time to Dress up like a Punker and I Met Appears There I Go down and and You Know You Just Don't Know What's Gonna Work Method Where There Was a Formula Going to Work Preach That Word and Got It Okay I Just Wanted to Make Sure There Wasn't Any Negative It to My Thank You Very Much Might Be, but We Don't Know. So Our Job Is to Be Faithful and Preach and Teach and Do and Because You're Doing This Dude I Just Took You Going Door-To-Door with the Biblesoft, I Thank You Very Much.

Good for You but Nonetheless I All Right Praise You for Bill All Right, Let's Get to Mike from Lake Forest, North Carolina Mike, Welcome Here at All Sure I All Talked about Getting It out Every Word Spoken, and What It Did Give Me Clarify That at That Literally Every Angle for Every Light Boycott Back Every Single Thing That We Do Every Single Thing We Say God Knows to Be Held Accountable for Everything You Just Accept Now That I Dealt It up and I of Your Ordering Food at a Restaurant I Beaten It into the Detail That Contact. Whatever You Do Do for the Glory of God. So You Know If Your Ordering Fast Food. Just Be Polite and That's It Correct Good Doctor.

Be Polite and Respectful.

They Know and Don't Use Lord's Name in Vain. If You Make a Promise Keep It Just Things like That Is God's Map Is God's. God Is a God of His Word and We Are Made in His Image.

We Should Also Be People of Our Word, so I Have Friends, for Example, Literally Friends That They Give Me There Were to Tell Little Do Something I Don't Need Anything Other Because They Are Christians and They Believe in the Power of the Word and the Obligation of the Work and So This Is What We Need to Be. As Christians We Be Known for.

This Is Because Christians so You Will Be Held Accountable for What We Say Every Word Spoken. Okay Okay I Figured out Getting Dottie Wipe out Okay Guys over and That Was Good.

I Was Saved by Grace of God by Its Else That We Did Some Trouble.

Her Know Okay Alright. I Thank You God Bless. All Right, It's Good to Talk to You. We Lost Tom, Let's Get over to Markham, South Carolina Mark Welcome. Turn the Radio down Background. I Will Likely Not Now Know What People Call with Trying to Listen to the Other Call It We Come Home and Try to Delay so We Got Right with You There. I Cannot Hear You Don't Know If You Ask the Mute Button and You're Talking No. So Are You Still There Mark Might Hold and One Hold. Let's Get to Chuck North Carolina Chuck Welcome You on the Air Are Met. Matt Wondering about the like Jeremiah Being I and a Think Game That the Heart of Everything out and Technically No Not like That and I Love the Other Birds. They the Heart of the People about Everything Else and Desperately Thick Enough. I Don't like That the Late Mike Belton. I like It Lurk Better Again.

No Case Is Wicked in the King James and Incapable of Being Cured Is What the Word Actually Means Incapable of Being, or Your Your I Wonder What That Me Well Sicknesses Are Things in the Church It's It's It's Incurable Bad College. Why Are You Comfortable That's Why You Are Though Saying Just Sick and SV. This Was Said in the ESV Also Says That in Wicked in the King's and Corrupt in the RSP Disastrous in the LEQ or the NIV. That's Why Does Everything in the Phone so Guess What Some It's Okay.

Alright Buddy, so That's What That's What It Is. This Was Good Yeah You Got a God Well Okay I Got It Matt It's the Hebrew Word on Not That Has a Meeting Okay Correctly.

Yeah Okay Okay out There. Matt Your Your Your Your at the Guy That Hampered My Dog.

I Called My Fight Night You Would like the Movie.

I Don't Know If You Thought Okay All the Final Day, Lori.

Like the Most Separate Mabon Offer Payment.

Resistant Movement. The White Wrote Very That Movie to Get There. Send Me the Link and Not Send Them the Title and I'll Check It out and Felt Okay on Your What What the in Info What Kind of Work All Right." Okay Okay Thank You by Gutless All Right Let's Get to Elizabeth from Winston-Salem Was with Welcome Here. Okay, so We Okay Now. I Went and Think between Japan and on My Same Thing to Say This Is from Spiritual Oppression.

Demonic Oppression Is a Spiritual Thing Where Demonic Forces Bad Forces Seek to Make You Feel Bad That Things Happen to You, Get You Depressed.

Not Exactly Sure How It Works but Does Talk about This Kind of Stuff in Scripture Docket Where People Can Be Possessed of Scripture and They Can Be Persecuted Even As Paul, a Messenger of Satan Sent to Buffett Help. That's the Kind of a Spiritual Oppression Almost Obsessed and Have Experienced It Many Many Times over the Years Many Times. Okay, I Felt Someone Beat Their Land Back. Grandma You Just Pray You Trust Christ You Ask for People to Pray with You.

You Read the Word and You Just Exist through It You Trust God through It Because He's the One Who Will Allow or Not Allow for Varying Reasons. And If You're into Sin or Something Sinful That Opens the Door for Oppression. It's a Sometimes I Let It Happen to Us to Bring Us to Repentance Somehow to Let It Happen to Us to Prepare Us for Something in the Future and I Can Tell It Will Tell You It It It It Happens like That Happens Right up to Okay Welcome so Much.

All Right Gutless All Right Let's Get to Markham This: Are You There, They Arrived Fido Met Doing All Right Yeah Okay Yeah List on the Okay out Trying to Get Your Take on. I Really Say like the Big with Her to. There Were No the Claimant. You Know Diane and I Heard like You Say I Earlier.

The Pentecost or Its Away from United Is in an United at Giants and I Both Wrecked the United Methodist State from Right You Could United Negative. Temperature Is a Way from Catholic Diminutive the Church of Christ. So Yesterday My and so I Would like Though What It Oh I Went to I Got a Manager to Quiet the Mind That Maybe Maybe Just Say the Church Of Christ Was in Spite of the Church Of Christ.

Salvation Is Not by Baptism You Work Taught That You Have To Be Water Baptized to Be Saved.

Nessie Think Baptism Is and You Were Not Given the Proper Gospel That Baptism Does Not Save Us Is Not the Means of Our Salvation Know the Verses That Transcript and Talk about Debated for Decades, but the Issue Is Ratified by Faith Alone to Christ?

Not by Faith in the Ceremony. Okay, so I'm Not the Me and I'll Be Good to Cry about.

I Don't Know If All the More Is Just That Official Church Of Christ Doctrine Is Antichrist a Family Comes a Salvation Because It Had a Work of Baptism to Earth and the Teacher You Must Maintain Your Salvation through Your Keeping of Varying Requirements. The Same Thing with Roman Catholicism and Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses United Pentecostal United Apostolic United Methodist United. Generally Speaking, a Denomination with Were United Is Bad except for an United Reform Is Love That You All Those People Though the Jazz Although That All Those That They Would Say There Are Not Call Back Tomorrow. We Have More Time Evokes Lord Bless You, My God's Grace Back on Here on

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