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December 17, 2020 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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December 17, 2020 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Shouldn't we follow the government's mandates about the virus- Isn't that being disobedient---2- Matt discusses the need to preach and not shy away from dealing with topcis such as politics, abortion, or homosexuality when it's appropriate and the text deals with it.--3- Can you give me some good resources to help me understand Calvinism---4- I feel like I'm not going anywhere with my faith, what can I do---5- Is it ok to pass out tracts---6- Is it ok to give gifts at Christmas---7- Is enduring to the end have to do with losing your salvation---8- A caller wanted to continue the conversation regarding celebrating Christmas.--9- Why does the church of Christ believe that baptism is necessary for salvation---10- Can you explain the differences between the positions on the tribulation-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of apologetics and research Ministry found alive at the time the more you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why and if his garlic 772072276.

Same as always we held for five open lines. Nobody would be the first one to get in line now is your opportunity to Exhibit 72072276 and you want to watch the show. You can do that by going to con the torque CAR M.O RG right hand side of the page, you'll see the link, therefore the video wouldn't want something to watch sometimes we have a little of the community that stop growing up in at 5060 70 people will come in Jackson and distinguish them and sometimes wrong numbers welcome unless you're an obstreperous twit which does happen you get somebody up there.

They're just all for the most part it's really great and a lot of the people there all right five open lines give a call 877-207-2276 and I will remind a few things so you will be off Friday appointments all go Friday but that's okay.

Friday will be the start of our matching funds drive. So anybody who on that day Friday through the end of the month just donate anything it will be so if you don't donate tended to become 20 easily match your temperament attempt, but it does not exist for things that are already in place of you will be donating for example 5 dollars a month stays as it is, but if you added six a at five dollars a month to that, then it becomes a five dollars will be for the entire year will be calculated and then match to give a one-time donation Friday on it will also be maps of this giving you a heads up on everyone to do that so we have a young for those who are interested, we have a wish list on Carmen also reconciles any page and people are now the law office supplies and are couple of true wish list items and let's see let's see, let's see.

Also, if you are no shopping online and go to Amazon you can go to smile on and was on little forward you to smile and and when you set up to a charity of your your choice and 501(c)(3) organization. Whatever you want cannot receive little bit of a percentage of what it is that you do want to get Alexis to do everything works out just give you heads up on that and what stuff you also have a new prayer ministry. So if you are interested in joining us for prayer ministry. If you have prayer requests, you can just email and you can list or pray for you all right for the lines. If you want to give me a call 87720722764 per month to be called let's go to Janetta from Raleigh, Janetta hello thought you genetics you on the error, so we got there I thought a little dark Raleigh so got it ready you another check now.

Starting ID you can be out at night you happen about five in the morning still not planning on it and being third disobedient. They don't want wetland I was in a convenient ball out of the snow and finally with no math on Brady might laugh out and you know I just wanted to thank God you know this, but I would want to do want to treat people into Galloway and think that nothing is not happen by hand. You know question I want to get Joe comment on – you know, and so disobedient does not want to follow on a mask so if I go to the store I will research encoded. I'm not convinced it's it's as dangerous as is you want to use to justify shutting down entire economies shutting down churches but leaving casinos open an abortion clinics open something else is going on now.

I really hurt me right so went to the bank today and I were maps okay because that's the policy number can be recalcitrant to get off during the day because it's just hard to read it. Plus you breathing my glasses fogged the glasses up this let you know and irritating constantly. So I just generate and that no big deal. My wife just where one she has health issues and it's okay not to wear when if you have certain breathing problems and issues she has asthma so she doesn't need that and so no problem, but I think you know my opinion is that this is way overblown, and that it is so overblown in the hypocrisy that's going on, acted where the people in charge exempt themselves from the things they require the populace and so they should wear a mask and they don't know close to getting her hair done. The governor Newsom in California doing stuff the hypocrisy when you have this kind of a thing. It's a formula for oppression and are they to see how to get away with.

Now I've read recommend that people go online if you want to go to Amazon or some books you can get on the coded stuff and there can be read in like one hour each unreported truth about covert, 19, and lockdowns unreported truth about covert 19 lockdowns wish to books and I read them both and does it affect people.

Yes, the people die from it. Yes, people get affected and I for the common cold. Yes they do. The statistic that the statistics don't justify his complete lockdown situation were economy is destroyed.

People are destroyed livelihoods or destroyed churches can't open and yet the leftists have abortion clinics open in casinos and liquor stores and houses of worship just rich ridiculous. Okay, so I want to talk thought they keep them open right and I have actually saw a video.

It was just insanely stupid guys out paddle boarding in the ocean a couple hundred feet off shore and they sent people have to get arrested because he never mask on its because this is like the people need to read the book 1984 by George Orwell. I'm telling you everybody should read that book everybody should read George Orwell's book 1984 he wrote in 1948, which is what you switch, the numbers are 84 been made in the movies and what it is is about the state taking control and reeducating people and the main character's job was to rewrite history and to do things to make things appear like they really want and people with. They did was in the book. People gradually believed whatever was told to them so they could be controlled and manipulated. A lot of people talk about the book 1984 and very predicable time to go through it again but it's in.

There's a statement paraphrasing a little bit what it says he who controls the present controls the past and who controls the past controls the future the words they can make you believe what they want to believe it through control of the media and the means of communication. And so we know for example that there's a lot of fraud that's going on in the building. Things there's a lot of fraud and yet the media doesn't say anything about it. This is bad because when you can't trust elections I Republic can't stand.

And when the people in control act in a manner contrary. Contrary to what they tell others to do this is very bad. This is what happened in just before the fall of Rome when the Senators were passing laws that they themselves were exempt from anywhere taxing the people while they were the ones who were enjoying the benefits of the rule and the people under them and society were suffering. This is one of the think it happened in France and in France, is a phrase let them eat cake because the people were so hungry they couldn't have bread and Queen Internet Internet I forgot was nothing. Note also about that, but as have Lenny take over.

They have been to have cake and they did understand she is so out of touch with the average everyday person that didn't realize are starving, and it was a revolution that occurred. So I items because it would have been doing for a living for so long about information and about manipulation of people and cults. I see the same kind of stuff happening here in a culture and I purposely now I've been watching documentaries whatever confined in Nazi Germany so that I can see what tactics are being used today that are the same as Nazi Germany control the population. This outlook is for a tort of this what I'm doing as a researcher to see the parallels of watching something a couple months ago and what you meant, the Gestapo did it's happening today and I'm not the only one who sees the parallels so you cannot win over Detroit and so I'm really are not tackled once you get the right Bibles of the wrestle not against flesh and blood.

Because housing principality darkness of maybe the job is not because their wimps you know what happening I would Now and Found Them about.

You Know That You Know You Starting to Bring Back Dominated in the Chart Right and What's Happening Is Becoming More Afraid of the Government and Because of That the Government Becomes More Powerful One. The Principal One the Pixels I've Learned about Oppression Is That If You Don't Fight Back against the Oppressors. They Become Emboldened and the More That They Become Emboldened. The More People I Don't Do Anything and They Become More Pressed for the Christian Community Has Been Taught Largely to Do Nothing but Sit around, Turn the Other Cheek Sit down Because They Serve the Blogger Blood Caucasian Server Jesus Dressed in a Woman's Nightgown Asking Permission for You to Let Him into Your Heart Is Not That That the Image of Christ Presented in the Scriptures and We Need to out into the World. Even Jesus Says in Luke 2236.

When You Go out into the World, Carried a Sword As He Knows about Which to Be out There in the World Would He Preach the Gospel Because the Christians Are Sitting on Their Hands inside of Their Homes Are Not Going to Churches and Letting the Government to Limit the Can and Can't Do. The Depression Will Continue after so God Called Me We Need to Be Marked by All Bible Talk about If the Telegram Are No Other People Got a Call Area You Know All Went to Clinic in Man or No One You Are the Only Thing about It.

If an Abomination and Become like You Know You Don't Know What You Looking at Now Is There Is Every Little Bit after Minds You Call the Man's Y Call 770727 Charismatic Slave Not Real Popular but I Need to Say It. This Issue of Separation of Church and State Understand the Sentiment That Franklin Wrote about It.

Want the State to Tell Us That Context Was the State Church Separation Was Unfortunately Become an Issue Where If You Are a Church under the 501(c)(3) Control of the State, You're Not Allowed to Address Issue Politics Really Talk about a Supporting Body. Things like That but I Was a Distinct Guts and Just Put a Trashcan Where It Belongs.

Understand Something. God Is Sovereign over All Areas of Our Lives. Jesus Christ Is the Lord, He Is Not the Lord over Every Part of Her Life except the Political One. He Is the Lord over All Things. Pastors Should Be Preaching on Politics When It's Necessary When the Scriptures Arise and That Topic Is Not the Political Thing Every Day, but When It Comes up. And What Is Necessary or Nothing Wrong with Doing Now.

If You Asked 25 You'll See That That's Paul the Apostle Himself Was about Preaching and Teaching and There Was a Crowd There Was Problems That Arose Because of the Preaching the Gospel and so Then It Says That He Was Arrested in This Notice Is Next 2510, 11, 12. But Paul Said I'm Standing before Caesar's Tribunal Where I Got to Be Tried. I Have Done No Wrong to the Jews As You Also Very Well Know If Then I'm a Wrongdoer Have Committed Anything Worthy of Death, Do Not Refuse to Die, but If None of Those Things Is True of Which These Men Accuse Me, No One Can Hear Me over to Them. I Appeal to Caesar and Festus Had Conferred. Then, When Festus Had Conferred with His Counsel, He Answered You've Appeal to Caesar to Caesar You Will Go with That Means Is He Was a Roman Citizen and If There Was a Serious Crime That Was Levied against Him.

He Could Appeal to Caesar Was Meant to Be Taken to Rome and He Was Taken to Rome He Was Imprisoned in Rome. Philippians in Jail. The Book of Philippians. He Wrote Logical Don't Notice in Philippians Talks about the Praetorian Guard Where He Was under Arrest and He Preach the Gospel Nurse.

Interesting Stuff about That. My Point Is This That That Part of the Preaching, the Teaching of the Gospel Message Means That We Have To Address the Issue Politics Homosexuality, Abortion, Honesty, Integrity, Home Life, Sexuality, Everything Sometime during the Preaching That Every Sermon Sometimes Are the Preaching Ministry Because That Is What's Necessary Because the Bible Talks about and We Need to Not Shy Away from Responsibilities We Have before God in These Areas of Politics, so If If Pastors Are Avoiding Speaking of Politics Because It One Loser 501(c)(3) Status That Are Enslaved to the State and That's Wrong but the Same Again.

I'm Not Similar Preach at Every Single Time Is Not What I'm Saying. But the Thing Is, When It's Necessary What Is Appropriate, It Should Not Be Shunned from the Pulpit. Remember Jesus Christ Is Lord of All, Not Just Most, but All Means Every Area Society, and so the Pulpit Should Reflect That Lordship of Christ. If It Doesn't, the Preachers Not Reflecting Christ Properly. We Have Three Open Lines. If You Want to Give Me a Call 877-207-2276 DJ for Massachusetts on Here Will I Wanted to Argue about Calvinism Know I'm New to It and Wound Healing, and I Didn't Want to Know You Were Will Start Running in No Other Any Books of Any Videos on the War That Might Help Me out with. Sure, Lots of Books on Reformed Theology Books by RC School SPR OU LRCS RC School. He Writes on It. James White Writes on It As Well.

Kind and I Write on It As Well.

You Go to Amazon and Get My My Book Outlines of Calvinism.

Okay, It's One Thing and I've Also Done Five Videos an Hour Long Each Dealing with the Issue of the Foreign Theology Is Also Called Go to YouTube Just Look up Cardboard Matt Slick Calvinism on YouTube. You Should Build a Five Fine Five Videos That I Go through and Explain Biblically Everything about It so Their Lotteries Were so Okay I Have One More Question for You Lecture Will I Advise on the What Do You like I'm Not Really Going Anywhere with Mike and I Just Stood Six Days and You Just If You Want to Go Somewhere in Your Faith Because You're Stuck Where You Elicited Two Possibilities Here Are Two Issues One Is. It Could Be That God Is Purposely Letting You Be Stuck Because You Want to Teach You Something, and Purify Your Faith Sometimes What We Do Is We Don't Feel the Presence of God for A While but Don't Seem to Be Growing, but We Actually Are.

We Just Don't Realize It. That's Always a Possibility. Sometimes the Will of God Is Not Knowing the Will of God Sometimes Will of God Is for You to Go through the Desert Does Not Feel His Presence but Feel Whining and Complaining about Things and I Where Are You, God, Etc. and A Lot Of Times It's Actually the Work of God to His Face Ourselves Are in These Things, so It Is a Work of God.

A Lot Of Times Now, That's One Possibility If You Want to Stretch Your Faith Will Test Your Faith in What You Do to Get on Your Knees and Say Lord, Send Me Lord, Make Me Lord, Change Me Send Me Use Me Because Those People Who Do That. Those People Who Want to Be Used of God.

Those Who Are Willing to Risk. For God Will Hear the Be Heard by God Because God Exactly Wants Us to Appeal to Him to Be Sent to Be Used in Different People Will Be Sent in Different Ways. They Don't Look Left and Right to See What Bob or Frank Is Doing. You Only Look up to See What Christ Is Going to Do in Your Heart and Your Life.

The Person Next to Maybe Leaving Blankets for the Sick Person the Right.

They Just Finished His 50th Book Is a Variety of Things That God Can Use in People with Different Gifting's As He Puts People in the Body of Christ. Don't Worry about What You Do. The Issue Is Unique to Ask God More Than Once. Send Me Use Me. Why Do I Say That Because Jesus Says Make Disciples of All Nations. This Is What Jesus Said to Do. He Said to Do This the Great Commission at the End of Matthew. So the Disciples out Glatt Make Disciples of All Nations.

In Luke 22 3627 Disciples out inside of Israel Is a Bias toward Said Don't Descend Take a Longer Provisions, and by His Word.

If You Need What He Knows That This Could Be Stress and Strain in the Preaching the Gospel and the Stress and Strain. This Bible Talks about upon Us Perfects Our Faith. If You Are Stagnant. That Has To Be Used, and What Often Happens with God Is, He Will Train You and He Will Put You in Circumstances Where All the Sudden You're Quite Uncomfortable. Maybe You Know You Will Be Used of God and the Next Thing You Know You Find Yourself in a Situation Where Your Not Doing Well Because You Can Answer Questions or Because Someone Said to You What Really Upset You Didn't Have a Come Back and Feel Even Worse Anymore Than the Day before. That Might Be Exactly What God Wants of You in Order for You to Be Stretched Internally to Face Your Own Issues to Learn What It Is You Are to Be Able to Be Shaped Remain around Matt Slick. Why Call 770727 Charismatic Slave There Right Man?? No.

Will God Bless Man Okay Alright Let's Get the Next Caller Mark to Louisiana. Question Presupposition. I Would Love to Build Love That Stuff Call Back If You Want Anthropological Unit Called Folks 877-207-2276.

We like Darren Maynard Dropping like Flies and Must Therefore the Lines Now 877-207-2276 Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck Welcome Your near Thanks Matt Matt What You Think It's Okay… [Born the Covert Virus. Yes, Absolutely. Back That I'm Going to Check with Mike and Erin That No without Ample Gabapentin. But Why Not yet. I Why Would a Pastor Ever Say No Don't Pass out Tracks and in This Context of Covert You Know I Don't Understand It Will Be Interesting Right Yeah I Built It Because That's Where I Do and I Get Philip Burton for an Old One Pregnant God Picked Thing Right First of July 16, 2016 – All Split Nothing to Boast of Frame under Compulsion, for What Was Me through the Gospel.

You Know, I'm Glad You Said That Verse Because of Talking in the Text and in the Chat Room and You Know I Was Talk This Verse I Memorize This Verse Because I Just Am Compelled to Speak the Issues of Truth, Compelled a Man. The Lord Praised the Lord Not Now. That's What You Want Is 916 Great Verse I Should've Had Them Memorized by Preach the Gospel and Nothing to Boast of Compulsion That the so I Feel Right Always to Me. If I Do Not Preach the Gospel and Demanded a Mad Thank Vacuum out Work… I'm out at Night for Men Brother Amen Brother Matt, Your Your Good Man.

Paragraph I Learned about That, but the Real Dodgers Meeting Went by God's Grace so Brisk a Math Okay and That by Okay Alright Wherefore the Lines If You Want to Give Me a Call 877-207-2276. Let's Get to Antoinette from Charlotte North Carolina and Would Not Welcome You on Here.

I Care and in Plain Think about Ninth and I Know How to Word It. A Light Thereon Pretty Any Laugh like You That Think like I Don't like That.

Everything I Carol and Try Not to Be Any Downturn That I Want to Hear Your Take in the Christmas Lights on in Particular or What. Well, like All I Know Now That They Care That All Mean Pregnant Thinking Direct out and Are Relative. Thank You.

I Know I Don't I Don't Want to Be Kept Critical and I like about That Here Actually like I Get You Know under Servicing No.

We Have a Habits.

This Is People to Kind of Forget What the Reason for the Season's Condo Next It's Something We Need to. As Christians, to Be Wary of. So, My Wife, She's Far More into This Than I Am.

She Loves the Christmas Music, the Lights, the Decorations She Loves All That Stuff Me I Don't Care. I'm Just a Dumb Guy and That I Do like to See What She Does Plan That You like to Do That and She's Very Godly Woman and Stuff and She Has No Problem with That.

She Knows the Real Reason for the Season Is Jesus. And She Mentions That She Was up about Jesus and Things in This Fine and Her Kids over and Friends Come over Bottom Are Not Christians.

So At Least I Have an Idea Is Jesus and Stuff like That so I Want Show I Watch TV I Watched Research like a Watch of the Good New Cosmos Thing in Researching These Commercials That I Watch and and Its Secularization of Christmas and the Vacuous Appeal to Emotion and Generic Goodness Is of Christ. That's What It so What We Do.

If You Want Put up Lights Can Apply to Be Don't Want to.

You Don't Have To Look at the Reason Is Because of Jesus That You Speak the Focus Ultimately Nothing Will Give Something like a Okay Thank You Well. God Bless, I Take Away from That That I Gladly Edible and That by the Opportunity and A Lot and I Think If I Said Angrily, You Welcome Some Thinking Well We Have for the Lines Folks If You Want to Give Me a Call 877-207-2276. Let's Get on the Phone with Gary from Utah Gary Welcome Your near Okay.

Hang in There When You Yeah I Know All That You Get Your Input on That You Have Completed Knowledge A Lot but Thing Think I Long for Sure That My Brother's Wife Quite like That Happened to Live 3083 below. I Got Left by All of Her Family What Their Immediate Family Born-Again Believer Ongoing Family Were to Me and My Dad but Anyway I Know That Let Her Do A Lot like the Bible That You Patient Security Tunneling through Crime Height of the Crop and My Dad.

He Left like Many Going in the Scripture That You Know the One That the Company about When You Endure to the End and I Told Him That's Not What Talk about Salvation on the Work We Have a Little Different There. I Do Believe They Eat a Little on the Long View. There No Help about the Little Stubborn Well What I Would Do Is Go to Pennsylvania This Is the Go to Plummet a Because Verse 33 That You Go to Three Sets and Should Give the Okay Okay so John 1028 and Jesus As I Give Eternal Life to Them and They Shall Never Perish Jesus in John 316.

The Ring Is What John 316 of the World, yet Only Begotten Son Believe in Him Would Not Perish but Have Eternal Life of Jesus Equates Not Perishing, and Eternal Life Is Not Fair to Jack Right Then You Can Go to John 637 to 40 All the Father Gives Me Will Come to Me When It Comes to Me.

I Certainly Will Not Cast out. Freshened up Heaven Not to Do My Own Will, but Will Family Sent Me This Is the Will of Him Who Sent Me That All These Given Me. I Lose Nothing but Raisin a Great Last Day of the Will of the Father Is a Jesus Lose None. You Can Ask Your Dad Hey Jesus, Losing Jesus Failed to Do Local Father Enters No and Then Jesus Goes on Letters for This Aglow, My Father, That Everyone Who Beholds the Son and Believes in Him Will Have Eternal Life, and I Myself Will Raise Him up on Wednesday so and We Know from Places of Jesus Is Eternal Life in the Parish and He Says in John Three John 69 to Lose None That's Never Perishing. So the Same Content Is the Same Idea You Spoke about by Jesus in Three Different Ways through the Place and so Were Secured a Reason Were Secure in Christ Is Not Because of Our Ability, Not Because of Our Sincerity Because of Our Baptism Now Because of Our Goodness, but Because of Chrysler's Goodness Is Sacrificed so the Idea I Try and Get People Who Believe You Lose Your Salvation. I Try to Get Their Eyes off of Themselves, Their Faithfulness and Their Ability to Stay Good and Put on Christ All the Way. It's on Him All the Way He Does Everything Then Were Secure in What He Did, Not What We Do.

We Then Earn a Little Get the Other Side. The Best Logic, but the Sentiment Is There Some Gives Me a Gift That Is the Gift but You Know That Analogy, so I Would Just Stick with Scriptures It Is What It Says and Now Says This, He Equates Eternal Life with Never Perishing. And Then You Know That When You Go to John 637 through 40.

He Says the Will the Father That He Lives in Non-Can GIs Fail to Do the Will of the Father Know We Cannot Lose Any.

It's Just Wonderful. It's Wonderful to Know This and Believe This Is the Rest of My Salvation Is Not Okay Photos of Her Right Back after Mass Y Call 77077 Charismatic Slave Arrival Back to Kathy for My Will. Kathy Welcome Here at Combat Call around Okay I You and You Know Five or 10 Years. Her Timeframe Thinking about All the Attribute B Everywhere), Knowing Everything Apart and Letting but It Is Not Your Night and the More I Thought about That. What I Thought It like Currently under Her Dilemma. Thank You for My but I Do like That Happening, and in the Weight That I Can When I Talked about That. I Remind People That We Are Scaring in a Birthday We Are Scaring You Birthday and Everything Might Be Pregnant With Agreed Should Not Be Lightly Particular. July and Whaley on the Topic Might Remind Our Children and Our Grandchildren That the Reason Why We Can't Get It, in Remembrance of What the Why Not Get the Key and If We Could Mind I'll Outline Those That Would Work with in a Way That We Can Get That Conversation about and Why We Celebrate.

I Think That Dr. I like Them That We Could Have You Know That What He Got outside the Grand or My Pain or Whatever the Cartoon Character. I Don't Think That I Truly Doubt. I Think That I Am Not What Christmas Is about. We Can't Do Everything about Everybody out Side without Somebody Probably Can't Do It Put in Danger. Talk about Being Polite, Be Awake and You We Have a Major to My Wife Sets up Each Year.

This Writer Is a Great Thing to Thank You for Allowing Will Thank You, Thank You for Allowing One Point like out at Some Point I Would Love and I Can Leave My Phone Number Get into a Dialogue with You. I Would Love Because I Am a Defendant.

I Am a New One and I Would Love about That. Love You Guys. Young Very Well Verse and Use of the Sabbath Was STA.

Also Look up LNG Whites Doctrine of the Scapegoats and Satan Bearing Our Sins and Look at First Peter 224 Because What She Was Teaching Was False and That This Look up the Sin Bearer in Seventh-Day Adventist Them at the End Satan Will Bearer Sales and Be Cast out.

That's False.

Okay I Will. The Sensory Stuff You I Would Die Would Arrive Will Not Eliminate Okay Right This Get to Taylor Taylor Daylily. Let's Get to a Family from Virginia Look among Your Turn Your Really A Lot Of Background to Are You There Fleming Family Featured a Ratio to the Background. Okay. All Right. Okay You on Your Buddy What's on the Way. All I You Will Appreciate You Holiday Margaret Everybody but out Body Law, Church Of Christ Believed It Was a Thought about Leaving Look like the Four Yep Yep at Baptism.

Why They Do That Because of False Teachers.

I Don't Believe the Scriptures Intrusively Added a Requirement Salvation.

It Does Not Belong There and That's Why This Apostate False Church the Church Of Christ Requirement for Salvation, Water Baptism by Immersion Is Not True, Not Necessary to False Church. I Probably Would You Glom Part of a Family Member You Want Everybody to Anyplace Ago but This Asking This Date. Are We Justified by Faith I Just Asked the Question Because Romans Four, You Want to Read Romans 445 Okay Just for Five Fingers Four Fingers and Then Pick Them up for Five in the Book of Romans Right Was for Five Which Says This Will to the One Who Does Not Work but Believes in Him Who Justifies a Godly, His Faith Is Credited As Righteousness. Just Ask His Faith Credit As Righteousness Is You Have To Say Yes Class Would Assess If He Says in Baptism by Bob Loblaw. Just Let Them Talk to Disciple Another Question If Widgets Were Justified by Faith Right Will Save Yes When We Look so the Question Is Are We Justified by Faith We Have Faith Because If Were Not Justified by Faith We Have Faith That Were Not Justified by Faith.

Okay, All Five Rooms for Five Okay, I Get All the Verses but It I Got Okay Okay Okay You like My Granddaughter Ready What You Granted My Name What I Call What's Her Name Will Soon Dr., Zion I like to be. Why I see why I desire. I am waving at you as I arrived I heard Douglas all right saw you. I like that name is nice okay so the host site is still smiling in the car. Let's get to Julie from Raleigh, North Carolina. Julie welcome here. My call and I will really enjoy your show. Thank you. Like I learned quite a question for you and you briefly plain to me. If Frank and I have a lot of friends and people that different position on the tribulation with Samantha near the ramp and the free trade and you know I hate to admit it but I'm not 100 per year on what the different car and all he needed financing and birthday that I can study gently break it down for you.

So the view is that the rapture which is the time when Christ comes back for his church and the people who are alive and remain will be caught up together to meet the Lord in the air that is spoken of in first Thessalonians chapter 4 starting in verse 16 through chapter 5, verse two okay thank that's found within the first 2015 with his little harder to find it there but but that's right, told his words that correct what people gonna do is alter also to go to Matthew 2417, two men in the field one is taken, one is left.

They could see that the rapture go to look 25 emetic 24 Luke 17 you find the verses about verse 37 and read and then you find out the context that the ones were taken of the wicked not the good that's what that's the context sprinkler. Okay that's good to show them so the tribulation.

The seven year period where supposedly what happens and I lean towards us to is that there's W time of peace for 3 1/2 years.

The antichrist will come on the scene with no is antichrist to bring peace in the world. The Temple of Jerusalem will be rebuilt and the sacrifices will occur in the temple. Then at the midpoint of that the antichrist will enter into the temple in Jerusalem claiming to be God that will usher in the last half of the tribulation the last three to half years and it's gonna be hell with persecution and famine wars and things like that and then the end of the tribulation and the seven years things happen. Now there's variations in and stuff but what happens but nevertheless the rapture view, one rapture is that before the tribulation period starts. The seven or tribulation. Taken out of the way pre-tribulation rapture. The mid-tribulation rapture says at the when the antichrist does is bad stuff when he starts it. That's what will be rafted out in the other view is that the end the tribulation will be rapture doubt the crystal go through stuff okay and in another verse to throw in the mix here is Matthew 1330 and Jesus says to talk the parable of the week on the terrors and asking friends with the tears right that's and when in the end of the age.

Matthew 13, just read the whole chapter, but Matthew 13 3240. The main range of affordable, after Matthew 1330 Jesus says to the people in the parable, he tells him they want to tear up the week that the tears in the field.

The kingdom of God like a field in the of the enemy. So stairs and the weeds or the other believers with the tears of the unbelievers will surely tear up the terrors. He says no less longer-term than the filter of the wheat also allow both to go to the together till the end of the age. I will say the reapers first gather the terrors. So what's interesting is that Jesus is the first was gathered on the wicked assess and he interprets the terrible later on in verse 40 and so this took me a while to really come to admit that this is what I hold to pick lots would assess but whenever I hear people talk with the rapture. I never hear him ever talk about this with Jesus else ever, and it bothers me now you don't really get in the right you don't have an article about right. You don't hear about two men in the field and was taken was left being this is a rapture when it's not. It's not because Matthew 24 starting verse 37 and you can also go to Luke 1616. But Luke 17 starting verse 26 and it says the same thing but the ones were taken once were destroyed and they ask Jesus where the taken and he actually answer the questions with the bodies vultures gather, which makes sense in Matthew 1331 he says allow both go together to the reverse of first gather the tears and bind them to be burned. So when I teach the stuff I throw these verses out of people and I'll tell you eyebrows race like I've never heard this I said I know but there are the verses there is the context of the question.

I then ask his wise people are people not saying this will he preach and teach this because they largely hold to an agenda and the denominational groups have things you have to believe to be the denomination incentive to buy. Just letting you speak and people rolled arising, correct, we can talk but nebulous those of the three main views of pretrip mid-trip post trip rapture when it occurs and I grew up in an applet dear Ali how the charts will be rapture before the figure I can see that I already was Julia and Chuck tomorrow

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