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December 16, 2020 6:09 am

Matt Slick Live

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December 16, 2020 6:09 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How old do you believe the earth is---2- If someone believes that baptism takes away sin, can they be a true Christian---3- If most of the early church fathers hold a particular view, shouldn't we believe it---4- Where do you stand on eschatology---5- Caller from Sri Lanka shares his testimony of growing up Roman Catholic before coming to true faith in Christ through reading CARM articles

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a matter what why Grimes is called responding to your questions and enjoy the show where the Lord has forced the callers soul just let you know if I will belong to give me a call 772072276 and if your new be one of the shows about Christian jokes a little bit different in that we could callers and we deal with some very sophisticated topics as well as devotional material and enter Bible questions and I Unbelieving belief systems unbelieving faith systems like evolution and atheism, and like his mentor faculty in a debate with an atheist who wants tonight exceeding two hours from now and so up the link on Facebook, Facebook and he go at it.

So I'm going to dismantle atheism and demonstrate why it is so into coherence and everybody should abandon atheism and especially come to the faith of our Savior Jesus Christ God in flesh second person of the Trinity. Speaking of which, if you do not know Jesus as your Savior, not the Jesus of Mormonism, not the false gospel of Catholicism, not the vacuous teachings of Islam. Not Jehovah's Witness theology. But Jesus Scripture second verse of the Trinity, God influx regarding the crossroads of the dead.

If you don't trust in him.

If you believe in what he did to be lost in the day of judgment. Face an eternal consequence is eternal consequence because Jesus being God is eternal in value and to reject his sacrifice and to reject eternal truth of the eternal value of God for the redemption of those people with faith and trust in Jesus Christ. You must have him. You must trust in Jesus, if you don't be lost want that you trust in him all right. We are five open lines, you will give me a call 877-207-2276 and ovaries waiting right now we have for only 32 people in the watching online different venues using 60 7080 show you can watch on Facebook and watch on YouTube. If you're interested in finding out he discovered condor in CRM.O RG and the right hand side you will see the links for the watch that's a big deal of the center headsets on and discuss call about getting you on waiting to claw its way out and express itself. So that's what important for the all right so just to let you know the holiday coming up, and a lot of people use Amazon and if you don't know this already, go to it's a subdomain of Amazon Anderson. It's a thing that means it's a website Amazon produces and so if you go to smile that you can sign up for your Evian nonprofit organization, whatever it is a charity that he displayed information out and when you purchase something normally. If you get spell that duties time.

If you go to and buy something just as it is due to

It's the same thing. What is good. Amazon do all the work you do and write you to check out this but smile in the front of the smile.Amazon and you can kick in the journey think accent for whoever the group that you would choose to do. Also on the 11th which is a week from tomorrow going to start our end of year matching funds drive that a donor who does each year. Praise God really helps a great deal of boy and so whatever you donate to car will be counted as double now. If you're already donating.

That's just already donating it doesn't count if you had anything new, like if you're up at $5.10 dollars off it for 5 to 10 than that five dollar difference is counted for the entire year coming up and it's matched. If you don't need an extra $100, then it's matched another hundred dollars that's out works from the 11th through the and the okay there that you on how to do it. Black took a while to go out to manifest before yawning because I talked about it and then yawned correctly open lines of 20 McCall 877-207-2276. Let's get to her from North Carolina Herb showing running her blood. But what you think what you think the Bible said about the age of their there is not millions of years old does not allow that's great in six days, six seconds, 60 years in different the Bible clearly teaches that God is greater power did this well I'm not sure why but let me just speak up a little further that'll help right there turning the volume up more okay so the Bible doesn't tell us how old the earth is but is not millions of years old. Now I know that science supposedly sent us millions of years old but not of counter evidence so that the problem is that the scientists don't allow counter evidence to be presented because it would not then support the idea of evolution, and if evolution is true then they have an intellectual justification really don't. But I think they do intellectual justification to abandon the necessity of God in their submission to him so everything had wanted all about God. We have no are you all right to all go 24 days on God's day the word in Hebrew for God, for God, for Dave is home and it occurs in different contexts in different ways. It seems to be the pattern first. The first chapter of Genesis that is 24.

That seems to be the illusion of going on okay there will regarding Job 38. God says to Job where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth. I physically took more time now to says that Job wasn't there to see how much time it took so what apparently are done believing that science is superior to the word of God. That's not the case. The problem with science and its propositional with that means is a proposal is something that hold on the big science proposes solutions and answers to things, but is not absolute. There can be evidence that contradicts certain theories through the hypotheses and what science does the scientific method supposedly supposed to produce better and better answers as new information comes up to science cannot be used to falsify Christianity or God's existence. Science is a propositional practice that seeks to learn more and more. Plus, people don't really know this, but there are trees that are fossilized vertically through hundreds of millions of years of rock strata. These exist in different places in the world they falsify the idea of the strata being all these hundreds of millions of years old just falsifies, but the information is suppressed well.

Creating their yes, but why would Jesus tell it to build a house. Whatever Little Rock Luke chapter 7 it. He didn't take time to make a solid foundation for the earth when you made your year mixing categories and so you and all security equivocating so the rocket is being spoken of is Jesus himself as a metaphor for who he is. The truth is Bible to the earth. Years old. I didn't say how old I think that the Bible says I'm just saying that the Bible does not allow millions of years and I don't believe it, and the science I believe allows it either. There's there too many issues, there is the plea cloak halos. There's the salinity issue in the ocean.

There's the rate of decrease of spin of the earth to go backwards in increases to such a speed that nothing can stay on the surface of the planning to go back as a few hundred thousand years less than nine years like that. There are trees that are fossilized through hundreds of millions of years of rock strata was as I've already said there are places on the earth where the oldest rock is on the top lever layer thought bottom has the.

The older incident delay remnants of it. Supposedly supposed to be and it happens not because of righteousness during a got an earthquake rocked the slides up to 60 feet of it turns over. Now it's for hundreds of miles.

Locations there are too many problems to say that evolution is just true that the earth is just this old beginner distally issued will find them to be spoken of in science books and the reason I believe it is because they suppress the truth in their unrighteousness, as he was 118 says they suppressed the truth of God in their unrighteousness they wanted their own sovereignty will be autonomous from God and I knew him to be their own God. The Bible did not say there are days and says it's great in six days what you would do is then go to the Bible and look up the word day creation and see what it implies in Scripture) with a long and let's get to the next caller let's get to Ryan from Texas, a right welcome. You're on here at yes I can get there but I hear your help. I'm I'm kind of searching here and died. I did it in reformed theology and I got I would. It's if someone believe that baptism forget.

Then that person did they there's yes and no.

They could be saved if they are actually saved and then some us are telling them that many believe it for a while because it is believing an error in ignorance. But they will eventually come to know that baptism is not necessary for salvation and baptism is nothing the whites where sounds and that were saved by faith, not by faith, in a ceremony. However if so, the weirdest to actually believe that you must be baptized in water by whatever means saving American and if you don't get submerged in water, you cannot be a true Christian, then they believing a false gospel and I would not say that they were true Christians will regenerate at Cedar Falls converts okay how I got out on written a lot of the early church leader in anything that I'll be Falling on the side of the other thing required all right slowly asking the so if you notice it uses lots to get this long attempt to teach us something.

Second Thessalonians 2 is where Paul the apostle had been teaching and he says the night. I do not remember I was still with you is telling you these things so he was telling that oral use telling them about the return of Christ as the context right and I'm getting things wrong, everything we are to return the church was getting it wrong, and these are the people who heard it directly from Paul with their own ears know if they were getting very wrong here. You think the church father should be getting all the right to vote more on this man's leg. Why call 770727 charismatic slave yet.

Yes. All right, so save for the breakers that error restricting the church, even while the apostles were alive and their direct teaching people still got it wrong so it had to be written down so now I got a question for you.

How many ultimate authorities. Can you have 1234 humbly ultimate authorities can audit one just one. So what is the ultimate authority is at church tradition, church fathers or the Scriptures for what will God not ultimately yes, ultimately, is God. But he's revealing himself to us in the work was what we have had a phone call and call God and ask the question we have his word revealed so that word is the right authority, right there okay so the Bible says that were justified without any works. Romans 45 that would justify that without any works is baptism work. Yeah dissidents so any church father would teach that baptism is necessary for salvation like irony is dead or Genter Tooley and Ambrose did they be heretics with rye and you're out run a thing.

It where I was going with the when you have many more. On the other hand, Clement of Rome denied baptism was necessary for salvation as did Polycarp and Maria's Victoire -5 saying my church father can beat up your church father the church fathers contradict each other every detail but a lot of it is a good check this out Chrysostom. If you know who Chrysostom was.

He died around for 70 A.D. he said that you hear the faith alone was cursed, but he also shows that that he would adhere to faith alone is blessed. He also said that those who were enemies and sinners neither justified by the law, nor by work should immediately through faith alone, the advance of the highest favor CRX said through faith alone.

I look for finding the mercy in the day of the Lord's appearing and get this.

This is really interesting Vincent Lorenz. He died for 45 A.D. he said that profane novelties must be rejected and that faith alone adhered to which the universal church has held consent simply from the earliest times consensually means and consistent agreement, the profane novelties must be rejected and that faith alone adhered to which the universal church has held consent simply from the earliest times so the church fathers don't always teach same thing. You can't use them as a basis for truth about well right but interesting thing is you look at the liturgies of what they were doing and worship it been picked out a workday mentality.

If you look at. I'll let you read that liturgy of the game where you are in Alexandria is just so much how I think it would you be united that there heretics are teaching work in concert with the say that there heretics. While it was All-Star but all I the entire church or a reticle I my entire church is heretical. If the entire church teaches that you have to have work for salvation. When you trust the word of God. The answers are easy.

The Bible says we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart the works of the law. Romans 328 the one who does not work but believes his faith is just as a is righteousness that is for five so we know that people are in acts 238. Those who repent and the baptized will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, we find the next 1044 to 48 that they are baptized is speak in tongues and never see the Holy Spirit before they get baptized this right in Scripture anybody who takes rise off of Scripture and considers the truth that we might have to believe, is found in the early church fathers and use them on an equal level or close to equal level to the word of God is committing a heresy.

It always must be good at runner-up got out if they cannot ignore anything benefit, and buried the what the right reading would be how do you know the right wing as they think and get something to write I anything else right. How do you know if the church fathers got anything right with how you how to do what would you do to find out if they taught something that's correct to do something that interests them or we believe that return no no no late right, no, no, no, no, you don't see that universally believed is called arguments met popular is true because majority urban believes it is false.

What do you do when you want to find out the church father is teaching something right or wrong what you do what you do well while I wouldn't want to.

I went wanted to try a man interpretation of the Bible holistic right. First of all, the thing you do is you go to the Bible, you should not be hesitating, you should say you go to the word of God. But then if you do this if I can reply to my interpretation will guess what you just told me by saying that I'm 7 feet tall. I think you like that big okay I understand that that impede brown know my wife at the wind by just my point is this if you just want to say, trust, interpretation, and that means interpretations up for grabs.

If you interpretations of the graph that I can get used to your statements anything I want you have to be consistent. If you can argue with logic and if he can be logical and consistent as you read something like I am looking at.

No statement here. Do some of the early church fathers teach the doctrine of faith alone. Yes, summed it and when you say what I can understand that statement. I can't trust my understanding when you can trust anything when you call to a stop sign word stop does it mean stop listening kind of stop only on Tuesday. You can't do this, you can't say I understand how language works, except when it comes to God's word. Then I need church fathers or somebody else to tell me you might as well join that I demonstrated that people and I cannot Scripture look a very different view. I would, I would put weight on what their view was right okay you put weight on you is the ticket scale picnic all the way the church fathers putting one side of the scale and drop down. Take the Bible the other side of skill. What happens thank you thank who cares with their view of Arizona light. What you care why value their I do. I would value their view ever my book, local pastor, right. Why, how do you know their correct because there over your hole in the man's how do you know their correct only your local pastor standard you have and what you judge it on the Scripture. They form the Scriptures, wouldn't you get that examine they formed the can and did they form. For example, the Old Testament, they recognize that that in as the guys I asked what you said that I have is old on the choice of this is important like back in the man's leg. Why call 770-7276, cares Matt Slade. There you monopolize your time here. I know the stability conversation. This is important because there are a lot of people have the same state plainly faulty view that you ask a question what standard do you have, by which you judge whether your pastor is correct or the church fathers are correct about a particular interpretation of Scripture. What standard do you have what you depend on. I would say after that I got it depends on Scripture weather is anteriorly yet by the what material they can prevent that. Whatever the true meaning of that area arguably Roman Catholic.

What were looking into it were not that bad and going that the church yet yet okay so you're on your way to eternal damnation joining the deal. Liberal Catholicism. This would what you're doing only tell you bonds I want to marry their real using terms on the know that in the issues of the of inspiration and stuff.

What you gonna have to do is realize something Jesus says my sheep here my voice. I know them, they follow me.

That's what Jesus says, his voice is the Scriptures with the Roman Catholic Church does is it seeks to put its own authority above the word of God. It says that it has the authority from Christ and it gave us the Bible, but you did not show you the site. It has the authority to decide with the Canon is therefore its authority is what you have to bow to the Roman Catholic Church is a false church. It puts its authority above the word of God, that you may say what maybe they don't all you know they do because they say they are the ones who gave us the Bible and you were just parroting with sign.

The Bible says in Romans 32 that God entrusted the oracles of God to the Jews. Did the Roman Catholic Church give us the Old Testament and answer courses know they did not.

The Roman Catholic Church gives the New Testament the answer is no. Not God is the one who gave us the Old Testament and he gave us the New Testament in the early church was in disarray because of persecution of the 1st to 300 years. It wasn't until that it became legal that councils could then be held the Roman Catholic Church. What it does. It claims the authority and say we're the ones whose councils it was and we gave you the Bible why the loader cried. They didn't give us the Bible to try to take credit for God's work is Christian to recognize the word of God with the Roman Catholic Church will do is try and get you to take Verizon what went with Winnipeg Christians recognize the word of God. How did that work because they're indwelt by God John 1423 the Holy Spirit so the truth John 1426 John 1526.

The Scriptures bear witness of Jesus time that that they were laid out. You asked me. I'm giving you Scripture and you interrupt giving you an answer based on God where my no no no you verify by interrupting you weight that he finished with the Scripture says because my authority is the word out when you want to join the Roman Catholic Church. I want to join what you want to join the Roman Catholic Church. I want something a hierarchical structure over you something to believe in control.

You know I want to hear their full argument or make it the therefore argument okay great let me tell you which there's the method of salvation is you need to know this before I do, you acknowledge that the Bible teaches that we are justified by faith, without any works. Do acknowledge that you acknowledge that Brian argue that faith without works rescue faith without works.

I ask a specific question.

Do you acknowledge that the Bible says that we are justified by faith without works justified by works and not you need to go to my website or in are we justified by faith or by works and read the article go to James chapter 2 starting verse 14 suit and the ghost of 226 and you could leave the context of James is the Roman Catholic Church. Cannot argue that we have elective or heresy.

They add things in the Scriptures are not there. They want to say that you do good works, or be saved. I'll tell you why they do before I do them and every Jew with the word of God says the word of God says says this, but to the one who does not work but believes in him will justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness.

Romans 45 say it again because of one who does not work but believes in him justifies and garlic. His faith is credited as righteousness that you accept that first why I didn't buy off Eric that came or that the way to reconcile them right. It is what you need to go to car and you need to look at the article justification with James. James is not talking about justification before God. You talk about justification for people.

Verse 18 says you show me your faith by your work shall show you my faith by my works. That's the justification that faith must be with works for people in order for them recognize it. The fact that you haven't even learned. This means United reading the Scriptures unit looking at the work you just bleed with the Roman Catholic Church and I am behind know you're not bad of you as well. You're not no urinary because you misapplied that verse because you're not looking at the context you don't even read the context.

The Catholic Church says in paragraph 2068 of Catholic Church of the Catholic catechism says that we obtain for salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments and the observance of the commandments get salvation. Paul says the one who does not work but believes in him justifies ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness. You cannot believe both but because you're not listening to the voice of your master. The master Jesus Christ, you can go after fall Shepherd. Now, tell you how so I'm trying out as is. I'm going to tell you how it works. You need to know what her getting into. In Roman Catholicism graces like a substance that infused into the soul. It's infused something that exists can be infused a physical form. Whatever it is is infused paragraph 1999 says so it's infused into the soul. Where's the grace come from the works of Christ, the works of Mary in the work of the saints in heaven as a treasury when you get baptized in Roman Catholic Church all your sin is removed instantly if you die right then you go to heaven because you are full right you're full of grace.

Your full of the substance called grace. If you lust after a girl within one minute you lost a little bit of grace would not go to get that grace back how to get the grace back into your soul. We gotta go to the priest and the priest will give you things to do and then by doing those things.

Sacramento's and by doing them get that grace really infused into you that the more grace you have, the more righteous you are before God, but if you were to commit a mortal sin to murder somebody then all that grace is lost if you die right then and you go to hell, but not what you have to do you commit a mortal sin, which is a mortal sin is not going to mass every single week.

So if you commit a mortal sin to grace back. I got a priest to confess the sin he gives you bunch of stuff to do works to do to get God's grace infused back in your soul so they only like that about John 20 I got was not gone out of my head or anything that you are being so brainwashed by them.

If you forgive the sins on understanding you have argument, you have the right note you that you wreak no John 2023 if you forgive the sins of any other sins have been forgiven if they forgive the apostles forgive sins that is God obligated to forgive with the apostles, are forgiven.

They were then in the authority over God is with Catholic Church says, but what it actually says in the Greek is their sins have been forgiven, which is the perfect passive which meat is already occurred in the past there only pronounce it was already done in the past there not the ones pronouncing the forgiveness as it's going to occur with her pronouncing it because it's already done. You are listening to a false gospel, you are not listening to Christ, so you probably not even saved. You're not hearing the truth of the gospel of Christ, salvation, allowing my original question is about elevation is original, but in Jesus alone and faith alone in Christ alone, not in baptism and not in the sacramental's of the Roman Catholic Church will my original question. Why did I many people in part three. Take a different a different view it like balloting indicators. Another way that another hermeneutic hermeneutic you all I can tell you exactly why you because they're not of God or the devil is simple about that. Like I was reading the Roman Catholic Church is not a good yeah it is a den of iniquity teaching false gospel teaching idolatry regarding Mary Bice teaches a false ID to the people that gave a they did not like that know I did it at all that people that were involved in that not you are not call back tomorrow and I will gladly the man's leg. Why call 77077 charismatic slave. I got I have a question nearby Christian church going to a church like that really but they're really not that we need to correct that there regarding thank Eric and I did not follow up with the people in the late anyhow I'm pitching to a different in our church on I think that a lot of confusion with a lot of people now and I think for that care and LIA compliance fact-finding area. You know people. I think well no I don't mind regarding her charge because it know the gospel is got it today and I'm not sure I'm kind gift guide and now I people by lifting Eric searching by church now talking account when it got.

I will take I have one confirm an article would look for the church and if someone wants to trust a going originates slick and read that you know that your risk and go that, but the issue is we always have to trust the word of God and what happens is that when people say will I trust my interpretation or your interpretation is, why do this earlier callers at all them 7 feet tall, because I could, if it can entrust a basic interpretation of things than anything where you want, but they don't argue that way, with the only apply it when it comes to Scripture and apply to their marriage vows it apply to contracts they apply to Scripture very inconsistent and the reason they do that in my opinion, is because they're looking for a reason to deny God's truth. This is what's interesting is that Satan this is Genesis 3. One of the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made anything to the woman, indeed, has God said the waiver of sin that is will let's reinterpret with that statement means I would know what we really mean to leave and he said that it's the same kind of a think what they're saying is you can't just understand God's word. They're looking for excuses to deny God, and the truth of God's word so people don't want to be deceived. You have to read the word of God. You have to seek your time with the Lord Jesus Christ and you have to study the word. But Christians don't want to study the work you want to read it for two minutes a week and they think that's gonna be enough little what we believe believe anything you want because you don't study more got enough to know the truth is to recognize his voice. If you spend time with the guy two minutes a week. Hypothetically and then he comes a week later and he says something you recognize and voice are not to be heard and if you don't you don't know it takes time to become familiar but Christians are taught in this convenient world of instant this and and quick that if you don't get an answer very quickly, then don't dig don't look be lazy and I spent my life searching the Scriptures. I spent my life digging working hard to understand the word of God is me. I got everything right but I'll tell you this, the more you study God's word, the more sure you become of the truth. Now Roman Catholics, for example, didn't study God's word to study the church fathers and with the church says about God. That's with Christianity I know absolutely that Catholic priests go to seminary. They are required to study philosophy for two years before they get Scriptures so that the brains have been thoroughly brainwashed and then deliver catheter tells this previous caller. The issue is who you listen to Jesus. Go reach Jesus. I that's in the issue of from 1123 is an issue of salvation and he says the previous verse that he reveals the father. The look of the father but through him to have her.

He will to reveal him come to me all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. But take my yoke upon work for it is easy to talk about the issue of of knowing God and knowing what truth is, you come to Christ.

Jesus is the way the truth and life will become of the father but by me.

John 14 six have to go to the one who is the author of truth. There are all these different voices in the world. Things like no don't do that. Listen to our church Council. Our church father our tradition and what they're doing is actually blaspheming the truth of God's word in the process now unfortunately I'm to say this, it makes people mad. There are not enough men and women in the world today who have the confidence to stand on God's word and say this is what it says if you don't like it. You're the one in trouble understanding God's word and the pulpits need to delete the hit that pulpit with the festive site only work open it up read not just come here on Sunday for 20 minutes and I will suffice. It won't. This is the word of the infinitely holy God and Christianity should be the number one priority in your entire life, following Jesus Christ, who live in religion and ask him asking us what is that mean they don't even list was that mean believe Outlook is okay, what is that mean what is it mean to ask, but we think they could taste me Now lived till define religion that you don't believe in religion is what it's what you believe and so what is wrong Catholic Church living thing. I don't drive a car, all kinds of rules and drive cars do that. The reason is that they give are never right you to study Romans chapter 1 verse 18 and following. They suppress the truth of God in their unrighteousness they are denying God and it's an ethical thing in there on righteousness before the law of God, which is the revelation of God's character therefore does morality and ethics there. Denying the truth of God's word when they say they believe in religion are looking for an excuse. God, I just ask him what his main and you know who Jesus is right to Christ Jesus I pray I know I'm not perfect by an archive I young people acting. Thank you.

Now and that I would think the guy to get my kind to reach out to young people like a lot of that had time when we were yanked that we might bear and I'm the kind of guy I that I young people became flat and Derek did not think they can be on fire for the Lord and and we just need more time. I know the times near.

I can feel it and it's coming with the pastor. The pastors need to start teaching with authority and power. The truth of God's word and not be worried about babysitting. I recommend that they go out into a forest or an open field where no one's around and preach their sermon on Saturday before they preach it on Sunday because then their preaching to God and see if your sermon changes the next day for the preaching to matching the word of God to the believer is with her supposed to do for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry.

That's Ephesians 410, 11, 12 catheter supposed to do, but if they alter the word after preaching the quickest God is a primary audience who they have to appeal they can certainly speak to the people but it's God who is the judge they have to be careful that are not catering to the needs of people to the expanse of the truth of God's word. Nothing don't speak to their needs, but you can't put a priority has been the truth of God's word and when people don't put the truth of God's word is a priority.

Their listing to another voice their teaching falsely and are leading the congregation's stray, my family, I want to get panic Paint paint and that got kicked out and I church as a family. God or an see at what I keep hearing rumors about you know any fact is that when you make that and I think I make and a day of worship to be a legal legal thing and don't you STA inside legal paperwork ethical court on Sunday and Babel have been marketed based on their part. She's listening to us. Jesus the lawn. The list of the shepherds Chapel the listener as the Seventh-day Adventist churches just have her read the Bible that you not reading it like it and call it off on my Café and sharing my parents okay and you make out again okay thanks Matt, you may not be what you ministry leader okay goblins are as good and is in Illinois and you're welcome on the air hi Matt, God's blessing.

I know you only have a couple minutes.

Love you here, but I've been watching your broadcast.

For the last couple days, only a sister in Christ but me you hook me up with But I really I really agree with you on these.

But things seem to be to be gospel centered right about the document you're speaking on defending Learning things like that were appropriately 1/2 right now just curious to see where you stand on eschatology. I believe in a postelection rapture to go to the jubilation. The Christians are to be sorely persecuted and that there will not be a literal 1000 year reign, but that'll be the culmination of the millennial reign of Christ, which is figurative and seasonings in this context that a Revelation 20 and that at the return of Christ to new heavens and new earth will be made in the judgment of the wicked will occur, and I also affirm that those who are wicked will be taken for Christ. Because Jesus says so. 1330 and verse 40 think that's a quick version of writing that perfect. I really appreciate it and thank you for all your could you deliver the kingdom. Okay I blessed by the illustrated to this Javon was noodling from Sri Lanka. I know fear. They really got so bad that the most you don't I I I and yes you say by written articles on carbon good yeah I and and and and I and I and Ray and I and you and you and you got back tomorrow and allow bless you all my is great

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