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December 4, 2020 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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December 4, 2020 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- If someone does not believe in eternal security, how is that not a works-based gospel---2- Does salvation occur until you are dead---3- What's your opinion on where the SBC is headed---4- What's the difference between justification and sanctification---5- Before God created the earth, what did he do- What was his purpose---6- What happens to those who have never heard the gospel---7- What does it mean in Revelation about losing the first love- Is that referring to believers---8- Was the Greek word for homosexual just have to do with child molestation---9- If it comes down to it and I am required to have the covid vaccine or I can't work, would it be wrong to refuse it-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive that morning you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why is seven good holiday. Now you want to call usual it was garlic. 772072276 less worthy to spell see ARM on your phone dial there is carved toward the Christian apologetics research ministry. The yeah pay him and ask that you consider praying for me particular stress lately might be demonic attack. You never know when we just ask that know people because could certainly use it. And hey, the holidays are coming up and I know that people on Amazon are buying stuff that's all good.

If it from you are interested in this over here if you're interested we can do is go to if you dismount on

Then you can set up a charity group know that whatever you normally would. Buying on Amazon little bitty bit good sense of stored up to give to a charity. It's called smile that and also slightly guys know that starting on the 11th. That's a week from this Friday coming up matching funds drive someone who's going to match whatever it is that you give. So if you were to give $20 he'll match it with another $20 figure 20 becomes 40 and that kind of thing and so if we think about donating to supporting us. You might want to hold off just a little bit not even hear that too often supporters will hold off you a good match up. And if you are doing or have matched.

If that sounds good and that will begin on the 11th of this month, December after I turned 64 home may 17 I is very clearly is going to high school and a shirt and California and out writing and I am 17 years old. I'm in great shape. Again my whole life 50s 16 years ahead of me. This is awesome. Now I look back and talk to you right now my older self by younger self would have a sit down, we are talking some things you know what to do, but any rate, praise God. This mark shall be 64 next week while okay all right as far so good. You recall, we have two open lines 877-207-2276 with Randy Kentucky Randy welcome you on the thank you for everything you do all the crew need to know your article and everything you do harm and your other web filing cabinet like that. But my question I've been in discussion with a friend at work and I totally believe in the part of the thing kind of scary. Went by Dolly and he leaned away from that and how is it that if they don't believe in the not believing in a workplace. Downright never did answer, months well it's a good question, and sometimes those who can't answer the question.

The gospel preached because it's possible to be false converts and I'm not saying this guy is certain rights thing that everybody believes you could lose your salvation is not about people's confident not saying but sometimes people can believe things that are not consistent in themselves because Evan thought things through, so perhaps you've asked him the question will, and if you can lose your salvation. What you do lose it, and you'll give you an answer. Hopefully he says I don't know that's problematic because he doesn't know that honey, just as you know, in his worldview.

How does he know there's a lot that already and that would be a serious concern and so if he doesn't know what he does not recite, and he says well you have to not do ABC well are you not doing ABC and see what he says you know if he says what we think about murdering okay are you murdering multiple now. Jesus said, you know, if you look at someone with anger in your heart. Unrighteously you committed murder so vivid on it. It just I just hold them to their own standard and if they give any list of anything you gotta do or not do, then, is a workspace system.

It is okay. You could in a tizzy can lose it by now it's Wilson because he just preambles for the little different cultural CMS Lutheran Church Missouri.

Whatever godly people they could teach you they talk to to lose it.

You have to really try hard at it. You purposely walk away from purposely leave purposely denounce go through all the stuff is lonely not doing that you not keeping your salvation by being good.

It is not losing it by doing the cognitive and deliberate rebellion, and denial of so some people good would hold that position. I would say I think that's an error, but I certainly wouldn't say this works righteousness system because are not syndicated by the by being good this thing they don't lose it by the open denial rebellion against and that so that's what you find out no think of John 637 through 40.

If you've heard me talk about the yeah and also like you can't then it never really heard this before I get claimant that salvation don't take part until he got then you have judgment, that's bad might be an occult okay so basically don't want to know that he does not eat, then they can develop occult right if he saying that salvation is the current failure.

Your dad that means the final conclusion of his status is based upon his life right so go to first John 513 familiar with peppers okay don't know about these things written to you who believe the name of the son of God so that you may know you have eternal life so we can know we have it now, and if he says we can't know it because were not you haven't done this to the end will then he space. His okay and I preach the gospel but here's the thing. I just want to say is that he was probably what he's doing is carrying around a bag of righteousness, self-righteousness, to imagine him walking around carrying a gun out a big gunnysack on his back and gunnysack full of fish heads and the toad got those were his artworks and his carrying around thinking that this might be really good to what your job is is not to get rid of that gunnysack of fish heads from goods of his good works, but to climb up on top of it and jump on that back, but the weight of the law crushed him to help them not help them with this you can't go to help them to be broken before the law. That's why the light Bible says in Galatians 324 says the laws are too little allegiance to Christ because the law demonstrates we can't keep it. So you need to know. Galatians 324.

Ask yourself, but also going to James 210 and Galatians 310. So if you can memorize those just Galatians, James 210 and go up to three tablets in Galatians 2 James 210. Galatians 310 okay because it says there in those verses. All Realty businesses need to work with James 210 keeps the whole law that stumbles in one point has become guilty of all. In Galatians 310 for as many as are the works of the alarming recurs as written curses. Everyone who does not abide by all things written so if he's trying to maintain the salvation by his goodness, or if anybody listening is trying to maintain your salvation by being good before God, then you're probably false converts and as the word of God says cursed is everyone who does not written by my everything written in the book of the law and in James 210. Whoever keeps the whole large stumbles in one point become guilty of all.

So if you're trying to keep the law to be saved in any way shape or form you got your obligated to keep all of the stumble one point guilty of all. It and it just means there's no hope this is what the law brings us to Christ because you can't bring anything to the cross. So this guy so to speak, to continue the analogy don't need to hear this would be to happen is we all have that gunnysack of fish heads and frog lots of good works and I were carrying it around until we become true Christians we drop the Magi crawling to the cross and that thing is way behind us and were at the cross and the blood of Christ is what cleanses us and keeps us not that's effort of our work, so that's the thing that he is understandably do this do this for her as well.

Okay thank you very much for all you do and I will print quicker thank you so much. Thanks a lot preaching all right okay hateful to go. I didn't call me up to open line speak 772072276 let's go to Nick from Salt Lake City Nick welcome you are on their day all hanging in there more hang than in there today past couple of days with tough disc. I'm worn out that's all his life, so what's up on how much you had a question I wanted your opinion. I get the SBC S meeting on Sunday quickly. By that I don't have to Baptist convention okay get going south, yet are basically getting worse and worse. Unfortunately, but it's the right right in and out. That's what I think a lot of that she really and yeah and it is like to read by the enemy might not talk about like elevation stuff like that and Mike regarding Matt and Ben family meeting.

Talking about 80 and a drink like that you like that about education.

But with what I'm learning about like how light like social gospel, they might get everything out but going along with it just like I get there you dad.

You possibly help, but that cannot talk about though. I did like weird bot word like you know, I know my catheter really solid.

It is no teaching on to play critical race theory like that how can wrong and how about church right like that, you know, I wouldn't think that they would fall into that third reading a bunch of garbage. So you need the SBC yeah yeah yeah yeah that's what I've been hearing getting a little bit into the social gospel aspect and they haven't heard yet. It's nice I've heard that they're moving towards with pastors and elders, but I don't. That's true. And so if it is, that are definitely moving towards apostasy in yeah and I think I wife brought out every hold on you for folks to write back, Matt slick, why call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg back in the shorts will offer quick correction for short, I did a little research on the SBC and it looks like they are, are not moving towards with pastors and elders would have made a resolution denying it.

That's good to go ahead Nick my wife a lot like art called allegory like that the end of it like a Bible at it and I think after Robert had been on their new hundred people that are from the workday movement and then mentioned that lady Jenny Wilkin, and though I 30 every third birthday simply connected the really reminds me a lot of like Beth Moore when he first started and I mentally get going. You a and no general thing a lot of women at the whole leadership roles in the church so that you like underlining feminine right and there, but she doesn't really have really the only thing wrong. All the other work of women serving though. Get it good to know that they financed it. Thank you, Beth Moore and other yeah will they shouldn't have Beth Moore because she clearly stated that Roman Catholics within Christianity, which is absolutely not true Southern Baptists were Protestants should stand in direct opposition. In my opinion, if any, Southern Baptist mentor listening to say this in my opinion, men in the Southern Baptist convention more responsible and women. Just as Adam and Eve in the garden she sent first, but pre-incarnate Christ came to the man is so where are you not both approached him first so the issue falls with the responsibility the males in the men inside the SBC in any good church should announce the support of any men or women who support the idea that Beth Moore does is force Catholicism goes on to Joyce Meyer is force her to receive the teach she teaches about a different gospel and other facts. Joel O'Steen and the namby-pamby milquetoast theology teaches the reason that a lot of men are not doing her job is because their whims. Spiritual wimps are not doing what needs to be done before the word of God and nothing being mean I'm not saying be difficult on the same with the Bible says here and give it over to QuickVerse scripting 1613 be on the alert stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Why would Paul the apostle site act like a man was at me will tell you what it means you will know what it means act man go to Jesus. Read through the Gospels see how Jesus acted as a man. He was tender and he was stern and he taught and he corrected and he risked his life and eventually lost his life for the truth of God the father's commission that he had and this is what were supposed to do as Christian were supposed to stand for truth inside the church and outside the truth in our lives need to support us in that if they don't then they're hindering with command responsibility is to do so I could teach on this for quite a bit. In fact, one of the things I teach on his women's lack of respect for what they fulfill her husband's and what that means. It's over say this. This is raise some eyebrows that both males and females men and women could easily list what it means for the husband to love his wife as Christ loved the church.

Both could give lists of ways to do that both cannot give lists of what it means respect the husband theological thing but nevertheless men are not in their positions of comfort in your positions in order to offer a vote in your positions to defend the truth of Christianity to presuppose the truth of God's word and the finality of the authority of that word stand by their 10 ability and when someone in any church or group moves against that they are obligated before God to stand up and denounce whatever would stand in opposition to the truth of the revelation of God's word to happen is not happening enough churches. I say the thing. But I can print them think that I know I'm now running men come lustfully. I write. Let's see, let's get the phones with Marcos Marcus from Poland hey Marcus, welcome public and Poland outgoing email today so Mike laid anyway, you have the quest between justification like that are not sure if I'm going to go by my life be lucky like like like that not only are like-minded… God waved straight like a theological question is, let me help you justification and sanctification are related.

Also quite separate. Justification is a legal declaration of righteousness upon the person that occurs at face. Romans 51. Having therefore been justified by faith, not by how good you are, not by your works, not by baptism not by sacraments, not by thinking fewer things and not thinking bad things are feeling good or not. Justification is something that God does to us because of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. That's it. Justification think it is a legal act legal act were God imputes to wreck into your account to impute the righteousness that comes from God himself to you, flipping 39.

We have a righteousness that comes that's not on the God. Romans 320 and said we maintain that man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law right sanctification occurs after justification, sanctification is a process that God brings the person through to make them more like Jesus. So justification is legal. One time permanent act of God upon the person where in faith God imputes righteousness of Christ to that person so that God sees that person righteous.

According the law. That's justification, sanctification is you struggling with your sin, struggling to be more like Jesus. Throughout the rest of your entire life. So if you're really sanctified you know more justified if you're not very thing. If I left the break hold on right back after mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic sling on the line again.

Yes, I hear you corrected that help okay throw out your always my why not only like cold and night go astray from time not really know. For the Lord sure went on the computing time so I might, you have to understand that you're still listener even if your site and disliked Paul in Romans chapter 7 verses 18 to 25 pieces of things I want to do.

I don't do the things I don't want to do. I do struggles with his sin, you recognize a sin because you regenerate. You struggle against your sin because you regenerate itself.

You need to rest on what Christ has done, not what you do is not to say it's okay to send because not when you do you go to the Prius under so your that I may need to make this very clear to everybody.

If you're really good and sanctification.

It does not increase your justification. It does not increase your standing with God does not make you more saved if you're not very good name sanctification so your stricter failing, you're struggling with feeling a lot of areas and incentive your struggling it's okay to send your struggling feeling that has no bearing on your justification has no bearing on your salvation okay yeah I was wondering about how that might relate where I never knew you that think that means that 722 and 23. Many will say to me on that day that day's day of judgment, the state Lord, Lord, do not prophesy in your name, your name cast out demons and perform many miracles is that I never knew get away from what they were doing was saying on the day of judgment for salvation.

Hey, we believe in you and look what we did get with me because they were mixing justification and signification, just like Catholicism does disliked Eastern orthodoxy does just like Mormonism does, disliked Christian science does witnesses yeah okay for all your help.

Yeah, I mean I fell a lot, but I like to feel a lot to I'm constantly before God. Lord forgive me for this. It's a good thing that my salvation depends on him and on my goodness because I lost it within .28 seconds after it was you know you yeah okay well met by your grade: modern-day God bless limbs Marcus from Poland let's get to Jen Janelle from North Carolina. Welcome you are on here tonight. We got not only for the Bible parent technical report having our flat purpose as though something outside of himself would give that what he did was he was communing in the intra-Trinitarian relationship. The Trinity's father-son Holy Spirit. So God was in perfect communion with himself and the members of the Godhead for eternity, thinking can bring a picnic this I do happen, or how terrible people have held how dumb all within that would presuppose that hell is a limited size so is he doesn't believe in heaven and hell. I would do if I were you is just assume the truth of God's word and speak the truth of God's word. God is the one who opens the heart and mind.

The Bible says that God's word is powerful and will not come back empty without a goat without a compass, what God desires. Isaiah 5511.

Jesus said if he's lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to himself.

John 1232.

So your job, so to speak is to preach to him, Jesus, to do that first preach the law and the gospel so the law is not just asking. Have you heard anything bad ever do anything that that's really bad that your life that is to say yes. Well, should you get punished for that. Is it right for someone to be punishment do something that yes will then you say you deserve to be punished and when you meet God you the thing wrong by your own words, he's gonna punish you if this will simply get him to admit the standard because people know that the laundry on their hearts.

Bible says the laundry in the hearts.

Romans one talks about this because it's written on their hearts they know what is good and bad down deep, so give anything back then you deserve to be punished right yes well okay you can be punished except if you don't want to be, then the only one who can take that away is God himself. That's who Jesus is. So Jesus came and he arranged it on the cross. If you trust in him and Alderson to be wiped away and you will face that judgment because it fell on him on the cross and then you can have that hope that's the idea. Okay, I never hear about the Bible doesn't tell us specifically about those who have not heard the gospel with the issue is, but generally speaking, people go to Romans to roughly 12 to 16 for all that sin without the law will also perish without the law and all of send under the law be judged by the law so no go.

The whole thing correctly. Some used to say that that since the law of God is written on the hearts of everybody forever lived if they are doing those things that are right before God. Some have said that this means this is a way of being saved well and can't be because you can't be say without the blood of Christ upon you, but God does have his way of communicating his gospel truth to varying people in varying cultures of various times, just as the people. The Old Testament did not have a complete knowledge of who Christ was, yet they could be saved. So to those now we don't have a complete knowledge of who Christ is, can also be saved but both need to be through the atoning work of Christ, so basically that's the short answer is more details, but that's the short answer. He talking welcome God bless. Okay. All right.

Let's get through the lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 is good to Mark from North Carolina, Mark welcome on here that they could not take a look at all sure I want to touch base though… Willow but it was talking about the earlier call about losing your salvation and dictate quite did you go to the church of the book of Revelation are really real quick and half born and escalation for my namesake has labored and has not. Nevertheless I have somewhat against the first of their full belt: repent and do the first works, or else I will come to the quickly.candlestick like light except that work trying to kill there you talking to believers already talking to unbelievers that had a lot interpret that the lampstand there's a debate on what it represents.

That's in the temple was representing the like that came forth the light of God so I've been to Ephesus. It's a it's a fantastic city ruins takes hours to go through. So this cannot be teaching the people lose their salvation. Individuals don't lose your salvation because Jesus says they don't because in John 637 through 40 says the will of the fathers of Jesus lose none so we can't lose any if you did, you still do little fathers not possible. So what's going on here.

Ephesus was a I location was a city and so so within the city of Ephesus were pagans as well.

As the slave the same. Please hold on my 07 mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's leg. All right, so what it says there is that what was happening. The Ephesus church itself. The church at Ephesus.

The people who the Christians were doing their jobs. They were sliding a little bit here and there. So God is saying, look, if you don't repent. Take the lampstand away doesn't mean that they lose your salvation, but their place as the church there is that white will be removed and he's not popular to somebody else and called others to move that's generally what they understand that the use of the lamp because you cannot lose your salvation out.

I stand on that very clearly. Obviously Jesus said so it's a generic warning to people in Ephesus and a mixture of those who were saved and not saved in the duty of the Christian church there is to be liked and to stand but it was a very pagan area that will talk about Ephesus. I can still see people walking down the main road and looking left and right seeing the home say in the stuff. See the amphitheater were Jack Murray Paul was. It was just anyway, it's can't remember. I smiled when I do, but there was it was a large city with a huge library. The library is is just amazing.

You see this library and has all the Greek and the statutes and stuff like that and it was full of books and philosophy pagan of this and that so it was in the if the person the Ephesian church was in the midst of paganism and it's difficult to maintain integrity in that situation pretty Christian. And so they were slipping and sliding God's giving a warning ticket explained it will not agree with you about what people don't know if they lose their salvation. It will probably never say it if they lose their salvation. They want say to begin with, that he could lose if he didn't have it, I would say well to me it's more logical than little irritated my wife.

So sometimes, but if they say they can lose your salvation and lost it. Then them with her saying is that the believing the gospel of works that means they didn't have to begin with little to that's his name Phillips Roper sometimes okay thank you so much again welcome so much again. Okay God bless. Okay, alright, let's get to Chris from Dallas Texas. If you still are there. Chris a Diane, thank you that my thought redid it probably got what though you are you familiar with the app with the what new social media app called tick-tock they call me. I got a bunch of people who yet felt so on thick doctors. What kind of beaver I would call them tick-tock theologian in air quote a lot great but pretty entertaining to watch, but recently there's been a lot going around. And I've been doing a little bit it dating I maybe not enough lights. Eventually there all around saying that that the word homosexual didn't appear in the Bible translated wrong in the late-night entry, whatever that word is learning homosexual would actually meant to be on with him. He originally went like white boy molester elbow like pedophilia and actually did like about pedophile knowledge about sexual I know that a new thing or so when you so word in Greek for homosexuals and specifically tests are cynically alright so R's are sent us because of the mail click toss is pretty delusional look and learn English. They know that means, as do with the sexual activity.

So it's men betters is what it is meant to bed with other men and this is what what it means and if we have a concept that is taught in the Bible and a word comes along that solidifies a concept and because all this is what that means they would use that word. It does not mean that the concept was not taught just means that the word was there just like the word Trinity wasn't used for 300 years or so to describe the daughter of the Godhead, but doesn't mean the teaching wasn't there in Scripture.

So these tick-tock theologians couldn't think of him doing talking about. I have an article not it is on Cartman actually believe it or not okay on the issue of the check I sent a quick toss and were homosexual, so maybe Chuck can find it and put in the room.

There research that plus you can make you want to get on tick-tock to start teaching so I wish those people out there who would say Matt will we just want you to teach and fulfill new and will do everything else will get here that they will edit.

This will that I need I need to get what I absolutely started that got it do it or you will quickly video Rabobank, the Carnegie unit below up on their shirt will you know even though in my 60s.

I love technology in these new things have no probably didn't tick-tock.

I want to get into carrying her into me. We need more Twitter anymore Facebook and other things Instagram again to get into and all kind of stuff is just that, not at my two hands. I can only juggle up to eight things at once. It's not. I just need people who'd come on board. I am accessing this I need people who basically say Matt we love you. You can do this but you suck at that event that will help you with that and will get that that's what I need and so I need to go first so that's not good for a lookup data that are going aren't found in this one more little thing like I get out on everything that you in either the 1980 version of the German Bible that would like really seeing a lot of word you know anything about that that you don't know even though my ancestors are from Germany. I don't speak German laws funneled local but not not German so I okay thank God Ellicott data data that article on card and I agreed that all you meant office. Praise God no he's using broken vessels and I'm just one of the mines, not just broken is cracked and missing some parts God's good alright got blessed. Alright, let's get to Thomas from Florida a Thomas welcome you on here. I am mad.

I don't alright, alright. Hang in there. I am currently on break from my back. A big, job of grommet company America as my manager is all about the coronavirus and the facemask of a social good thing really heavy on I have to remind it remind us about all the time and are like most observers out there really being questionable about it, the vaccine that coming out and the way things are heading.

I think some airlines already filling up where unless you present evidence of vaccine monarchal at why and speculation.

We don't know hope and pray that they decline on passports foursquare country is going down the road. Walk right around the Constitution and to the point where I don't. I can really see one day for their denying act work unless I show coronavirus vaccine. I've been thinking about it a lot because this job pays very well like the one factor in the county that is well I could get out garbage but basically have to pay them a working man have an education.

If it comes down to it would be wrong for me out of a principal and constitutional are going to say I can work Erica require me to get back to me now that your conviction against your conviction in your and soon now is a vaccine on biblical, not at all had various vaccines for various diseases. For years, and there's nothing wrong with that what's happening now, however, is not a simple vaccine. I've I've studied and researched cold and not super death that I've read materials on it it slightly more dangerous than the common flu. That's what the statistics seem to show they did not shutdown everything for the common cold or when during this was a swine flu is going through whatever was there something a few years ago and it was pretty bad. Shutdown everything they didn't good in trying controls of manipulatives to understand that this is the issue with the control issue and they are violating the Constitution. They are doing so.

This is now become an issue of conscience would I take the coated ivory had called.

My wife had it just confirmed my daughter had it. I was with them and them you know I was sick and I'm good. I don't need but you know what they say don't need it. Sorry to say your faithless must have your papers to travel in all kinds Of papers. This is what's happening in America and you don't when good men do nothing.

The wicked prosper. So this is what we have to understand this is an issue of control and once all thesis antithesis to see people realizes what happens thesis antithesis is that we have it all year ago. No problems now people are accepting the idea get to wear a mask everywhere to keep certain distances from people. If you want to travel yet in your papers. Within a year was because of manipulation.

The leftist media. I keep saying this, the leftist wacko media. It's a part of the propaganda stuff and the like. As I've been saying to people here and there. I'm actually searching for stuff on Nazism on TV, Netflix, Hulu, where I watch these things so I can see the methodology that that that the Nazis used to gain control he had at papers in order to work papers or to travel the same kind of thing in the propaganda machine controlled the V what people believed I have. I just discovered my goodness I have a family member who has drunk not only the covert, 19 leftist propaganda Kool-Aid but has an IV in my just second in an is over.

The board overboard back on this now was me Chris Christiansen means if we don't fight back that we can lose our freedoms, and it won't stop with just a vaccine it's going to continue because this is an issue of control, not freedom don't have control yet have more governmental regulation unless our freedom which means the first and second amendments are going to be gutted. That's what's going to happen and because the government knows social people know they can control by saying hey it's a it's a virus, so no result lose most your rights in order to make sure every safe that your and that bringing the brownshirts are Nazi Germany brownshirts were those who were employed by the Nazis in order to to expose others in Germany. Getting the same thing now realizes have call back tomorrow and bless you all. By his grace

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