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December 1, 2020 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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December 1, 2020 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How can you know that God exists---2- Where do people get the argument for female deacons---3- How do we view the law while under the new covenant---4- How does the rebuilding of the temple mentioned in Ezekiel fit in with the end times---5- The lion and the lamb lying down together, is that literal or does it have a spiritual meaning---6- Could a single man fill the position of elder- What about divorce---7- What's a good church to go to in Salt Lake City---8- What do you know about Olive Tree Ministries---9- If someone is a homosexual but struggling with it and fighting against it, are they still a Christian---10- My relative -a man- married a man but says he repented. He says he doesn't have money to get a divorce, so is he in sin still-

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A previously recorded Nats like show mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves immensely why renters theology, the Bible will talk about aliens with what your colt Mormonism deals with us was criticized Islam goes with which I will kind of stuff. I will questions you ask questions like that related stuff like a typical five open lines 877-207-2276 last four digits spell C ARM on your phone, toward Christian apologetics research ministry. All right, let's see little bit of the oak from giving her so tomorrow would have on the year. McQuade is on staff at Carmen and he's written a lot of information on the King James only issue and so will have him on the question of the King James joint talk about that notice about you will be on the year, we have the plan for the first half-hour of the show and if it watercolors coming of the topic will continue able to see how it goes.

Because Canada narrow topics.

We don't know. Nevertheless, he'll be on is a good guy working with us for several years now full-time with carvings is great.

I'm in a monarch good respectful man and that he insulted me. Finally after all these years he took a shot at me.

It was really good and I laughed and it was a good ANSI said because your church is growing in and stuff like that sometime you can talk and he was saying how all of the church is growing and not try to deal with the issue of the growth is probably better building are different different schedules. The hold that he said or we just have you down here speak met that way to stop the growth totally got so was I was loving that when I left that was good. How you take a look. We have some schools if you're interested in checking them out. All you have to do work/schools or to but anyway on the right-hand side of any page you will see the issue for the schools. You can check them out. We charge for them. But if you want them you can afford this email us as a pinafore but you want to prefer we do use them to help pay the bills sent to missionaries and things like that so skinny that a bit of information for the lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Also, would you be doing a matching funds drive in the year. We don't have exact dates working out yet. I just talked to the guy who helps us out. With that, once a year plus year but in matching funds drive is definitely interested in helping us will happen. I will give the dates once can occur that will happen is if you donate five dollars becomes 1000 to become hundred will be matched and it really does help us a lot.

So getting more later.

There is one more thing I can with what it is but that's just how it is, consider yourself in a room and you stand or walk quietly and here you it does have 1/4 lines give a call 877-207-2276 to go to John from Canada.

John welcome you are on the year are you going to write you and we got out but about the mall okay so on. Really hear you and your epistemology is the study of knowing the knowledge so surely my question how can you help and you know… Audit you know God exists by looking at three things.

One is creation. Creation speaks of his greatness is a fact of life information in life matched to the universe, etc. also, in the special revelation of the Bible and it is his self revelation to us and then also in the person of Jesus Christ to fill. Prophecy died the crossroads in the three days later and so just by looking at these, then we know that God exists either hello. I will inform Eric yes barely thought about why about lack K can hear you but you speak up if you're walking around of your driving whatever the connection is not very good so when it's you asked a question again wonder after blocking the road will if my glasses are what will will okay so you an atheist, unique person.

I'm American, but you're asking about my reading glasses, yeah and okay so once you have a serious question okay you're not making sense. A lot of times trolls and referrers come on and they pretend to be Christians and are not, and that the trend is a hard time so what your situation is well wondering about Nate nature of what of your glass will tell you what will is the long and you know he's not making sense so that he's doing something, but who knows it may five open lines going to McCall folks 87720722765 open lines you talk about epistemology, which is the issue of knowledge and the study of knowing how you know something I do a lot of discussions with a lot of atheists and over the years.

They want to know what a glitch I do is actually is a try and figure out a way to confuse someone so that you can't know anything for sure and therefore Christianity can't be known to be true and why you believe that you have any evidence you have.

They work very hard to get stop.

Let me just tell you something unless you presuppose and worldview. It lets you presuppose a Christian God. Nothing makes sense if you don't have the Christian God as the precondition for eligibility or existence of morality. Nothing makes sense and I to challenge. I offered a few people to come and talk about this one. If an atheist really doesn't make any sense of your Deist or theist that doesn't make any sense of fury Muslim it what you know it to be self refuting.

Ultimately, the New Age movement all the stuff polytheist Mormonism. All these philosophies of man are self refuting.

Ultimately, it doesn't take much to be able to discern that but distinctly bit of practice of time stability trip so you know the only way to know anything for sure is if the infinitely knowledgeable God reveals it. That's the Bible says if God, who knows all things tells you something, then you can know it's for sure.

For example, Jesus in John 16 for Hertford executives make on the way to truth the life nobody come to the father but by me. That's an absolute true statement.

We know it's an absolute true statement because Jesus got in flesh and knows all things said so therefore we can have absolute knowledge only to justify absolute knowledge is the presuppose of Christian Trinitarian God who then reveals it to us and we can find that in the revealed word of God in the Scriptures and things like that. So this Alyssa Filardi about the particulars with a lot of atheists and philosophers who like to argue that technology must get to Nick from Utah Nick welcome you on the air. Now the going school is going to get a my question with Jeff. They're not kind of a follow-up yet a caller from the West Jordan area called in last week about lifeline enough begin budget. Glad looking through Earth them again all that looking at the Greek word by what you are saying but I think it then. Then 11 or 1230. The youth that you where it could be used like the way that it using the plural, but the Greek forget what it is but it said that like women or the wife of beacon.

I'm just wondering if people like that pastor try to use that syntax to maybe just that by their position on that. I mean if you look at the whole thing in context. Obviously, the conclusion at the top of the mail not not print out the I just wondering if you ever had a follow-up with them and no if that is okay, and about possibility of me today get hung up on the other usage. What I have found over the years is that when someone has your mind made up about something and I show them what the Bible actually says they don't recant. They don't recant without because they have my opinion on nothing but the sky but Anderson generically across the board, and I know the kind of pastor. We went to Israel together is America. I've seen a lot of cases over the years that I hate this would suffer here and they go well… Your opinion nonce I miss reading it to you and only for Jeff. Deacons must be husbands of only one wife has a woman built in a first of the 312 no one in the Greek it says so deacons which is the economic which is the masculine plural form must be husbands of one wife, and so it is he saying there is that the… Because Debbie has was one like that. That's at so right actual people things like this. I've been met with Dick with aquatics of elders is one wife manager household wealth. I've met so the net with all kinds resistance now assess your opinion not reading it to and they'll say well we just evidence of Isaac look this is what it says you're going against the word of God as it is, you qualify to be up after you qualify to be an elder tolerate and they get offended if it offended. It's it it says what it says they don't go with what it says. Then there's a qualified interpreter. The word of God. So you know I would tell him I would tell anybody who holds the idea that women could be deacons to go to the word of God within must likewise be dignified nonmalicious cops gossips but tempered, faithful in all things deacons must be husbands of only one wife. Good management of children served to assess so that was what yeah I'm like that it even further and look at the Greek pretty out of it all again at the now you and yeah right yes we do have more but were missing three verses later in verse 15, Paul says a case on the laid I write so that you will know how one ought to conduct himself in the household of God, he is giving specific instruction on how the household churches will to work that that right, son, and I like the federal headship right so I would say that if anybody is listening. You have a female deacon in your female elders you need to repent.

They need to be removed from those positions need to get biblical and those positions and if people don't like it just save a well supported. God says if people leave the church because of plaintiff leave your job is to preach and teach the truth of God's word and if you want to debate me wanted to have a discussion on a please call me up good at the office we don't do on here we go through things and we can discuss the Greek and discuss what it says and will try get you on the right page with arrogant is people, arrogant to guess true American with the text say so great: but after the mass, like why call 77077 charismatic sling going about my other question had to deal with the law. I know that the moral law is like a universal thing in network in the new covenant were not under law but under great and I know that you said that to love God and to love our neighbor sums up the lawn, the prophet, but I'm just wondering how shoot, trying to fit how how best they get to go about being obedient right like out the want to be obedient to the Lord, but not under the then that one got to do this and I'm doing it in the block that you and him to fall into the trap of like legalism or even self justification and that out out that it that would explain very well try one more time with the question that Messiah okay yet like the my question was how do we view the law under the new covenant is a guide under obligation to keep the law for justification. Salvation will be. We see the guy see it as a guide when we look at the Old Testament, for example, in the sacrificial procedures will receive as a guide to points to Christ, who fulfilled that aspect of the law. Look at the judicial aspect where people be executed for crimes. I would look at it as a guide how we addicted to implement that in the New Testament, in the present times are questions to ask the moral aspect of the law of course is based the character of God is God is not change. Malachi 360 was 922 then the moral law doesn't change and were obligated to keep it.

We don't keep the law in order to be saved because Paul says in Romans 323 328.

We maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from works of the law.

Well Paul, this call Jesus summed up the law in 237 through 41. He said that the lawlessness summarized in love God and love your neighbor and so if the law is summarize love God and love your neighbor and were just fine without keeping the law of God and love your neighbor and really justified because justification by faith. So what comes from the stent for us when we know that justification is not anything we do, whether it be loving God and loving our neighbor is worth nothing works. But what we do is because were genera. We love God would love a neighbor because were saved and so the law becomes a guide to us is offense that keeps us on the right track to keep it.

I like to say accidentally when you love God and love your neighbor, you accidentally keep you do the sacrificial stuff 103 critics of the judicial is in place so fun-loving you I'm not gonna lie to you, dishonest with you anyway and so it's not what the Bible says don't lie if you love you not gonna lie, I'm not not lying. I'm just loving and so if it fulfills law accidentally when you love God, limiting right yeah note that the helpful good thing, like a tent patient meet sometime probably get spiritual warfare when they start doing a thing like like Alana obey the Lord can I love them so I don't want to do that and then it's just like this nagging like war between my flesh and spirit, BMI Collier did begin to be justified knowledge.

The I get the youth that is pretty much what I was thinking already.

So is it good to hear clarity and patient. I get the knowing I'm thinking the right thing. So will you know that anyway you remind me of the struggle and we all have.

You want to serve God and the truth is where your heart is still down by a lot of sin and are things we struggle with just passes life so right. It is our good talking to Matt Reinhart and Eaton Luke down here at the Planned Parenthood and West Valley working on them. Outreach is the Lord would move.

Now I get down there sometime and spend a few days down there camera and got there with you guys do that kind of stuff we look I'm talking about some income down to Elko again in a month or two or three for whatever and I just do some filler and go to temple squares being cordoned off. We can go to Provo that we go to the one you there's so and we were talking about getting down there.

Maybe you and he and I and whoever can go do some evangelism and some documenting of this topic.

Another man ties going to give an Internet site. I didn't and I actually was planning on going that last year and me and my wife just had something come up that I wasn't able to go and I would like to know just the Lord just didn't have me go out there though but I've been doing that like Temple Square and then the Provo guy square shut down and that's been really good though. Yeah, this is you guys are great because Luke told them not to do for you guys are doing things in a circle in the group and the witness and share the faith it needs to be documented. Cordoned the whole bit. So, in that he come down to be good to me and maybe you can have a meal but not in it. I don't know. I don't know if you can pay for and relaunch them. I'm not entirely up. Yeah, I love you with an apologetic live a lot and calling a lot.

There have been really helpful to me your ministry and there, though I joke always comes up as it started with Bill McKeever, the new buildings yet years ago you know it's been a running joke at my expense and that it's just how it's been going so that's what this tool.

I negligently owe help because you and your family dear I know you guys were going. Some thickness going around the I've been praying for you guys. Just wanted to be a guide you're doing well. This is likely to look for and the country has with arrears connective tissue disorders in the world and the side effects are multitudinous and the solicitors a lot of pain sometimes and etc. etc. and he married me doesn't help so this sister, his husband, the stent comes up a lot, so I write Matt well. God bless you. You take care greatly get alrighty folks going to call three lines 877-207-2276 Levi rolling.

We didn't do it again. Levi called back but got hung up on you. I forgot to hang up on the first guy then went to the buzz went.

I hung up on Levi so my dad Levi got a call back gets back in line serve that function for open lines 87720776 hi Mark from North Carolina on the air. Mark again about talk to your call screener. My question was going to be all the will of the Lamb shall complete the line actually called while I was on hold.

I thought of something even more important to me that the humans careful okay I love you both be right back after mass, like why call 770776 pairs Matt Slayton. All right, back on. So is it just temple your question about where you do will return to a literal thousand year acute temple one you want one view is that we rebuilt something during the literal thousand year reign.

If that view is correct but it's it's huge.

It's 500 cubits on each side, which is roughly 1500 ft.² and it's like 18 foot tall walls around it under 18 feet thick roughly the Cuban exit 6 and so we really don't know. But at the very least, it is symbolic of the presence of God and represents God among his people, and so you know I don't know I said I is in Isaiah 48 believe it is that range you want to talk to you. I don't see how it can be mineral in every thing that is because Christ was sacrificed once and for all. But there's going to eat animal sacrifice.

Let's look to the premillennial view holds that during them the tribulation. The Temple will be rebuilt Temple Mount, which can be done to discovered something someone archaeological evidence to show that the dome of the rock is in the court of the Gentiles of the temple could be rebuilt without violation of the Muslim sensibilities. Let's say and so the sacrifice can proceed. They've got the ashes of the red heifer they are training priests right now so the only thing is not there is a temple. So some people think that there's a true relation.

The temple will be rebuilt still be three and half years of peace and Antichrist will make itself known. During that to the midpoint and viscosity sacrifice to Cecil going to the temple himself to listen the deck and working on millennialism as well. If you hold to seven your jubilation.

Preceding the return of Christ, so if it is a tough one is a tough one, when the landline began spiritual. Well I would say look little boy in the new heavens and new earth. I would think that we would see complete harmony everything everything the line in the. The Lampkin's line will fit his lien can lay down together and I am. I read an article there's actually a line that's been carrying and up in my throat there and it's been documented a complete vegetarian how it works but go. So who knows. So so this eschatology stuff you know there's like 45 and then you add the four filings of the other thing you don't get 16 possibilities of the eye to stick with the simple stuff. I'm on mill.

Christ is gonna come back and the wicked are taken first deal that road with us and I will be great for you. Why is she hello. Sorry about that but I just talked to her today about coming on the air. She does not want to come on the radio but I do want her to come on here because I want her to talk about the difficulty she's facing in life and how her face has remained strong during all of she's she's a good woman, except for tasting men.

She's a great woman and Griffey for the Lord is is is just as unwavering and I think that she needs to come on here.

She's a great radio voice to and she come here and talk about it.

I think you administered a lot of people. I really love you pick a product. A lot of people that's why am assayed again if you want my wife to come on the air and go to calm him down to work the bottom of the website to see the email address and just email Mrs. slick. You need to come on the air. Talk about your relationship with God. In light of your difficulties and I need to have regular welcome God bless. All right, folks want to be called we have for open lines only produce dilate 772072276 Dave from High Point, North Carolina you're here. Are you I'm fine by God's grace we got good and I want to expand a little bit ago you were talking about deacon and elder as one of the requirement one light, and light on the conversation so I had to do with a woman in world that there's a couple questions that have come up part over time, the husband of one. Why is that he has to be married. Currently that's that's a good question. Also, the question would be raised. What if he is a widower deacon and his wife dies so we can get a deacon so what will what we conclude is that what Paul is doing is giving the normative requirements for the office to be held in the church and their to be male in the root is a reason for theologically in federal headship and authority.

There's a specific reason for what he will miss the reason, but nevertheless, so the general idea is that both the elders and deacons and the bishops are to be men of one woman.

And because it you can say husband of one wife, but also it kinda leaned toward you do the mail of one woman of one wife, so they have to hold to the idea and the concept of the belief of monogamy and so normatively speaking, if a man is married and his wife dies as he then disqualified know we would say that because the admonition is for the mail to hold the office and there's nothing in there but his wife dies and he can't hold his say that he speaking normally about what's to happen. The church and that's it and also set it as well and also think about this because a good manager of their children and so the elders will speak you have children who believe children is plural. What if you only have one child can be no older than I could unite children so we want to be too literal looking for my civil manager I literal and why you think that to be male because the word deacons is in the Greek docket no way which is omicron Yoda's ending, which is by definition masculine plural. Just as principal to Roy and Episcopal way.

These are all mail endings is a great you have female, male, and neuter endings to nouns and it is mail and insist they must be husbands of one wife, that someone were to say what the deacons if it's already male course it had to be husbands of one wife. Because talk about males, but it is talk about males. I would say had be husbands of one wife course talk about males because the males of the want to hold the office, not the females and males who hold have to hold this position of having one wife and and then there's a question of is it serial monogamy with your first wife dies, you may do second wife. The legit will know your husband of two wives technically right know if that was going on with your presently married to two women, you can't be an elder or deacon. This is if you have got all the iterations about this, but you sure you mention widowed with the same class as someone who would let you get into an issue of a divorce, remarriage because I will break coming up. Children have to curriculum little bit. We can talk about this because this is interesting so we do, but a divorced person could divorce person be an elder pastor, I would say yes, under the right circumstances. So what you do if a man was diversity to 25 but he's an atheist until he was 30, and then became very bored and can and became a pastor 40 years old will. He's drawn first, but then we would say, but it was when he was even a Christian and all things are new in Christ, so that's an issue worth discussing what he's a Christian… Say his wife abandoned the faith, committed adultery was unrepentant and she divorced him.

He's innocent so should he be disqualified. I don't see that as being a legitimate qualification disqualification.

What if he is the one in his Christian faith who went out on his wife and then later repented what I would say he's disqualified from being a pastor because in his faith. He did that which was ungodly and is not a buffer future anymore. The Bible says good of you but repute so this is tough. We remember discussing this inspiring these variations of issues, and during the whole next one be gracious as well.

Grace hold on vote for for the lines of your giving call 877 Van Slyke why call 770776 charismatic sling so there's a question or doubt as Gary question you actually covered it well. Thank you so much that was right when I hear quite what was good for one more question, can a single man value, an elder or deacon don't now I get into something more interesting because it says the deacon must be in the elder must be husbands of one wife in that culture. People were married very early in arranged marriages is just how it was was present on that they would naturally be married is this is how was it your miracle is wrong with you that unity is that it is married by the 19 or 18 or 70 or 60 is married to. This is why it's spoken of like that is assumed solicit sailors and elder and his wife dies. 25 when he become single will, then, is he disqualified would say no.

So then being single doesn't automatically disqualify you from being in the office we would say then that to hold that office you have to at the very least be male.

That's a given and at least hold to the position of monogamy. One wife and that's it can be married more than one time and not be the general consensus of it is similar.

We discussed this at length and this is what we conclude is that I concluded as well. It makes perfect sense. Okay well thank you so much you welcome so much God bless, I got my start you to write to Roberta from Utah heard of welcome Iranian or their Roberta hello say so you're on the air question hi, I feel why not only probably required. Why are okay well first of all church membership is not in the Bible is not found in the Bible. There's nothing in the Scriptures says that an individual has to sign the dotted line, go to classes and become an official member of a local body just doesn't exist. So the requiring of you is optional and Earl so that it is a safe biblical nose not but is not anti-biblical either. So the thing I why would he want to do this well, there's good reason all you know I hurt you are not trifold are they saying you had to be that tight.

You baptized the date they recognize the baptism in another church right behind is not not Mormon or Joe's witness or whatever. Okay no chart chart yet would Baptist churches or something yourself now going so some of them have much singing this one has been right. If they require membership. That's something that you just have to decide if you submit to its there's advantages to it. One is you'll sign the document basically is legal things to it saying that if they offer discipline. Churches continue because that's a really bad this ticket to communion and then you get mad at him he can't sue because you've agreed to disciplinary action is as a possibility. Should you stray.

That's our that's a good thing. But you are now.

I Cared you I you I I've never been my offer correction I was a member of the Presbyterian Church in Escondido California because of the requirements in order to into the the ministry in the PCA had to be a standing member of the church. So I went through the that's all him.

I overdid it and I did not like doing it then. I still like the right lane.

Descartes everything going on now and are right. I find that I even work only what you doing what you do is you, you look up the article what to look for the church you go to the Yellow Pages. We look online, whatever.

And you call up churches and you interview over the phone do for living pastors women deacons you firm homosexuality you know this ain't of course in a from the stage great.

We think of Kenneth Copeland Joyce Meyer older I click on the air now that Greg and I know that I am thinking that the rapture and also I agree and find like you read.

I don't believe I know we will fat when I read out there. I get 5008 I can't destroy many in her lap because don't know what to teach and seven heard enough about them to build a say, but I fracture nothing. I believe in preaching rapture and stuff that's fine and license for their… Not get Scripture anything and stuff. We believe that the Lord Jesus old Jesus of the sentence in this perfect life good was bodily. That's good faith alone to no merit of our own good, divine nature particular divine nature, and eternal life. Good. True believers promises believe, can you look for the good of scanning it but they're saving faith know that premillennialism is fine for that within orthodoxy and pretrip rapture. So that's fine you know okay so far. So what one rapture life and pretrip hell not because people have different opinions. That's all on the current statement of faith. For example, we say that if you're on middle pre-mill or post mill is within orthodoxy. If you will to pretrip rapture mid or poster rapture is within orthodoxy recognize all of the brothers and sisters and we don't hold position officially in Corinth, you know I'm on mill but I got people I don't know if it works with me is on mill care because it's not the dividing issue and so he will do statement saves a faith there saying their statement of faith.

I think they should do was a plate with a right.

Still, we believe the pretrip list rapture takes yet we also recognize that brothers and sisters hold to post trip rapture and we we fellowship with him. That's a good thing to do and I think a cartel dotted great like I get I would like chart will help greatly.

Tell you what's Lou going to be on here tomorrow and he's lived out in the area, and ask him a Church of Christ concern Luke Wayne.

He will be all you'll be on the air. He's on the current staff will be discussing King James only stuffed tomorrow as he called and said that you church which usually go you I think it's in the northern car lots are of the 15 freeway author you know not to for like 5 miles north of IKEA I think is for the church is never range of an area's are now down there heart rate bear River area. I checked out not really sure Wainwright Luke Wayne will be on there tomorrow, I cannot.

My day you to all right, this get to you from Charlotte North Carolina. Dave welcome mat equipment.

Okay, I'm not gonna beat you mom much and that despite anyone really but I am applet on the Internet.

Recently my platform if they night. A Christian cannot be homosexual, which I know is correct well and that's not true is not true okay because it's like saying for the Christian can't be lustful, sorry. Christians are lustful it is and do lust doesn't mean you're a Christian or not, and you can have fungi work, homosexual, and there attracted the same sex people, but know that it's wrong and are rebelling against it. And so in that sense, the other can be Christian after struggling lately judge the sender having troubles so Internet is not happy that I said that I did, I could be that I could see where gay individually.

It ate yogurt repenting, but it can be that there saying that for being gay is okay in the body of Christ.

Practicing homosexuality know the no not that that's not acceptable.if that's okay. Okay. I appreciate that that okay sounds good but okay all right and look with the next colors talk about John's New Jersey welcoming on the air aim at that question about long drawn out. My cousin married I man. He did repent he did you know he told me. Repent. So my question is what of marrying a man okay no so he doesn't have the money. He told me to get a divorce so is he in fingering her, he has committed a great sin, and if he's in repentance than the effect of the sin is continuing, and he needs to rectify that.

And just to get a divorce is in the sense of legitimizing the marriage the first place. So that's a really tough one hand I haven't thought about that. I would say he has to go to the elders of his church and talk about it and either declare that the marriage was never godly to begin with. Not valid, but since the state might've recognized it might be a legal thing to get to go through in order to have it absolved for legal reasons so he's, you know, this is the nature of sin creeps into different areas of our lives makes things in terms of what mess so he needs to get involved, the owners of his church talk about this. I might have to go through a legal divorce for legal reasons but and confess before God that such a secularized union was never godly to begin with was sinful rebellion against God. Right. He did tell me you did repent and corporate in good buddy that I like, well, listen, I mean okay Lisa did that but he doesn't like that he don't have the money for a lawyer to get the board so well then you will call back if I do talk more about the right buddy.

However, that hey folks, well, you know what the Lord bless you is great there tomorrow never going

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