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November 30, 2020 10:03 pm

Matt Slick Live

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November 30, 2020 10:03 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- When will Christians drop their denominational divisions and become one thing---2- Does Colossians 2-14 relate to limited atonement- If so, in what way---3- A caller shares a personal -near-death experience- and asks Matt's view.--4- What does the Greek word for -virtue- mean in 2 Peter 1-5---5- Why do the countries of the world hate Israel---6- How should we take 2 Corinthians 2-17---7- Is the ammillenial position definitional to reformed theology-

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A previously recorded Netflix show why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why resting, watch the show can go to Skype Skype with Facebook or YouTube type in CAR watch the show but a big deal which was or in the chat room. There usually gets up to 70 people in their joint and you can do that karma that works for you in your right hand side of the page will teach you the links and all that for getting to the radio watch with you once you're having a good time listening and being challenged as well. Know what to say thanks to the people out there who are supporting this ministry. There is so just found out that there's a lot of people from Carolinas who were supporting and say thank you. Generally, the person takes care of all that stuff doesn't communicate to me because I want to know who gives what, because I just don't that's between them in the Lord and I don't keep my nose out of it to. She did tell me that there's a lot of Carolinas were supporting and want to say thank we just appreciate you out there listening supporting and just like hopefully you'll sleep prayerfully supporting us because we certainly do need that as well.

Alright folks, we have five open lines. If you want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 so let's see what we talk about. Lexi went to a discord last night and was talking a little bit this one room they've never heard it before and they were shocked at my voice of all things that was interesting that some people thought that people tell me I'm using a voice synthesizer.

No one, not just my real voice and then I asked him about why the customer much the conversation didn't really go that will at that point didn't care and let's see what else we have for us to better schools. If you're interested in learning your theology I really want to recommend that you do. People just don't know what they don't know and I have a warning for you though. If you start stating your theology.

Then well sometime discernment solicitude is enjoyable and it's unfortunate that the case wasn't a friend of mine for 70 years here in Idaho area and though he was going to support my Bible studies. Last week we were talking about and he said it was just just reset.

He said that he go to my Bible study teacher locally did for a while and listen to the radio show going to karma things like that and he went for about two or three years of the study is teaching on a weekly basis. We learned a great deal and he said that at the church that he's attending.

They have a basic doctrine class and he's sitting there knows all the answers, and he started to deliver teaching in their entering will there's this there's that and it was really good sign. I like to hear that he was listening to see that he works but if he was listening, I'd say that's a good thing because he's not that bright and consult about diamond and the suck he disses it back at me too, but you know it's one of the benefits of setting your theology really start understanding more than what you think.

It's like this is like you know if you have 10 seeds you plant them in the garden. These little seeds. There's not very much to water it and all the sudden he got all these fruit all this fine edge from those little seeds as they grow into a lot more than what you thought with theology if you're studying the doctrines of God's great great grace for this character's nature and so if you are interested in checking out some of the schools that we have on Carmel. If the dues go to karma door and on the right-hand side current federal CAR room.O RG right-hand side of the page you will find their computer online schools and click on that laptop picture it'll take you to ordinance check it out okay so there you go right when risking a line. She was good to Ryan from Iowa Ryan you are on the air. I will drop their joint church that always multiple denominations and nondenominational churches Bible doesn't tell us to accept the things that relate to one world government. All the nations right talks about together against Israel.

That is all me every single nation or to generically all don't know but we do know at a second Thessalonians.

Check to be an apostasy and the apostasy discussed by Paul there brings in the issue. He talked about the issue the policy and the arrival of the antichrist. Alright, so the antichrist is to be in power and he's can be empowered by the evil one so might we might omit the case that a lot of the churches on distance, giving a bad Catholic's already bad and Eastern Orthodox already bad. So with within Protestantism. A lot of it's gonna happen to be a lot of apostasy so would make sense to say that they might join into a unified kind of conglomerate theological heresy in order to serve the antichrist so it might happen can prove don't know for sure but my feet are either okay and that there were questions that answer okay thanks a lot. All rights derive my will this get the guy from Texas, a guy welcome you on the day. How are you how are you all little sluggish today but okay when government I have a question about lot 14 and ethically relate to limited atonement. Anyway, like for example confirming it though maybe educate yes I hold that it does. At that point, because verse 13 the last few words as having forgiven us all our transgressions. Verse 14 says have encountered a certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, which was hostile towards you taken it out of the way, have nailed to the cross Jesus acquitted sin with dents and our father who art in heaven how with a name in 612. He said forgive us our debts and forcing forgive us our sins so he equates it with debt and as it says in Colossians 213, 14, having forgiven us all our transgressions have a cancer that it makes us a sense to say that the sin that is was canceled.

While here's a question that then follows up to questions. While several when is the sin that canceled it.

Obviously, of the Texas capital of the cross is not Catholic belief is not canceled the church when you get baptized is not canceled when you take supplements is canceled, cross that the text says a lot of people that will be very surprising to see will lately meet you send is not canceled when you believe it's not your justified when you believe the sin that is canceled across the process.

It's was canceled for those who obviously are the elect.

Here's a question can you go to hell if you're sin that is canceled. People hitting send to your account at all can go to hell and intercourse.

There is no sin to be held against you. No judgment to be made. If your SanDisk is canceled. So since you do go to hell did he cancel cancel of the cross and it removed all of our transgressions, but you go to hell. Can it be then that he canceled logic would say no get canceled for the elect.

Okay okay I see now okay okay cool. I was a little confused on that. I knew that you would a classic section of Scripture that was you who now confirm I get one or one of Scripture and I did know how I do find it well that's what powerful verses for that in the entire Bible. Knowing what I gather that way.

It's acrylic powerful ice. I read it years ago I was pondering it really started looking Greek. I was on the way. But what it actually says, and the questions that we ask afterwards at stumps people all the time. Can you go to hell for send it to this account is not there. I also often have an analogy that I bring to the table with this is called, man Amana, and he is on his so every month the first of the month. He goes to the bank andhis mortgage and he likes the little journey is made friends with the bank people $20 doing it for years and one day on the way to the bank gets in a very bad car accident antithetic, for a month. The hospital, a philanthropist hears about this man's dilemma and medical sleep, medical bills, and the philanthropist is go to the bank and pays off his entire mortgage is canceled. At that point the man's a coma is he aware that his death and canceled no not at all this his awareness of it. Make it valid. No, the legal canceling of the debt is what has occurred, and it actually is canceled so miraculously, he wakes often miraculous recovery, and he heads out of the bank to go pay his mortgage goodies lately.

Answer teller check, and sorry to hear you're okay with his account and his accounts paid in full to tell us time, which is is finished, which is off all 03 also means is paid in full and so the man, minutes is not a lie because I pay my own that goes sorry it canceled as well.

Here's my checking on I can't can't take it because it that doesn't exist anymore.

If the bank were to take a payment for debt that's canceled. That's illegal socially more so if God were to send people to hell when there sin that's been canceled at the cross, that would be accusing God of immorality.

So God doesn't waste his blood. It redeems a propitiation those for whom Christ atonement was given to this. This elevates the majesty of God, a great deal and it puts us in our proper place as humble recipients of the grace of God, not as people who in the wisdom of their own sinfulness were able to decide that they are the ones God, even the Bible says that such are slaves of sin, haters of God, don't see forgot conjugal good sense. So what this does is it brings greater glory to God. That's what is be done next biblical theology. So having a madman centeredness creep into the church and say it's up to you as God is dressed in a with God's a blonde hair, black location server do dress in a woman's nightgown asking permission for you to come into your heart say you end up like this stupidest praise song I've heard this is going to give you permission and it's a heresy song is heretical. God give you from coming to my life and what arrogant foolishness to say such a thing. I give you permission.

The arrogance of they don't know biblical theology. I don't know why were here were created for and who is the sovereign King. I so I agree I agree that it is.

Thank you dear I forget if Coppola will to apply to the call 707276 man's leg. Why call 770727. Here's Matt's leg so it was really from Texas and we just lost 20 McCall Winthrop in line 877072276 rental from West Virginia Randall welcome your on-air your dog all right, all right part of the year last week before I lost my Internet were talking about their graphic I have a question that I had a near-death. Years ago, and within the tunnel and I was actually thinking. I know the God of our study will of the Lord and it was like I want thinking that you know not what the mail all the more you give me a choice to come back valid and real real bad.

Afterwards I groveled like I have been afraid of this all my life and with all of the old and it was real bad in comparison.

When I come out of the course. I was in the hospital.

I thought I was going back for sure comparison life. Things like a dream to me and I have never wall that perspective.

I have always thought how everything more arguments and everything just are so insignificant called when it comes down to dying in Iraq veteran and basically God you have no you're all right you can go by.

I was worried about the one that was laden, but I did think the final and now after the questioning, the real I know what really was not going there was a pastor month on month to his church and mommy told him the experience that I had asked or told him that your dad is lying if they had had better drink he would be dead. I want to know what you think a lot of people have especially managed certain things have such an overt near-death experiences led by definition, I should well not sure there's a lot of people in the Christian community to deny all NDE's and I've done research on them and on course with the Bible. The Bible says segment is 12 verse two I know a man in Christ who 14 years ago, whether in the body I do not know or out of the body I do not know God knows such a man was caught up to the third heaven and I know how such a man, whether the body parts of the body do not know God knows was caught up into paradise and heard inexpressible words which a man is not permitted to speak so that looks like an NDE near-death experiences we would call it where people seem to leave their bodies and their aware after the bodies are dogging severely traumatized or something and they go in any of her different stories.

One of the reasons that a lot of Christian pastors, ministers, apologists even will automatically negate them is because you verify them. It seems to mystical and cultic.

There are plenty of stories of people who have had these, so to speak, NDE's, there's a great bright lights of care and love and that doesn't matter what you believe as long as your nice message of only hollyhocks and free and so that contradicts Scripture. There are documented accounts of people born blind born blind never have seen and been in the hospital operation whenever yes and had an NDE and they were able to recognize people by voices but and they were able to describe what they saw in her NDE after they recovered and there's no other explanation other than that this had to happen. That's what convinces me evidentially that's it's possible and sacred is 12 to 224 certainly dilutes the idea that is possible as well. That seems to be right there so you know I think people are reticent to accept it because it's is potentially problematic. How to handle it. I have studied in these over the years there were no minutes or reading a book or two and some of the stories are absolutely horrifying, horrifying, and the. The evil that they are subject to, and a lot of become Christians afterwards. So that is quite a gambit of discussion. Now that I did not did not fight God did not fight the occult in Lord, the Lord, but now I looked down I don't want to go back to beat all know you don't have time for that. When I looked down when I was given the choice, I looked down and out saying my body lying on the ground with understanding the thought of and knew everybody would crying out for me. I did not want.

I didn't really want to live.

I want to get warmed up.

I felt sorry for the people of the crime never made a made much of what an met stranger to you other than I walked year's but if you knew me and I can tell you is real. It was a real let anything more real in life but all I probably because of second Corinthians 12 two through four work. It seems to happen there countless stories of people work happened. I don't see it as a convict to Scripture and needs to be subjected to Scripture everything so okay that means you're looking forward to going to be the Lord and befriended nine. I can't think that you're away. It really did think that fairway good for you. Thank you and I'll get all your show like my call will God bless letter with this is Randall we have one open line 20. McCall, 877-207-2276 Buddy Wisconsin Buddy welcome your on-air mad. I question it a little bit that they can but I my study that if you call the guy had yet thought about the great night and I thought I would ask about that in my studies I was reading, computer 15 and fear arrived that not a virtue. In the original Greek word is arche with you on that face.

I'm looking at now for this very reason. On the trip with you here 15. If there is very reason. Also playing all diligence in your faith supply more elections that one yesterday.

I thought okay okay okay reside in menorrhagia.

So the question though I was I was trying understand.

I read see if the gift is that it is virtue that compare that something will break break mostly state mats like why call 770776.

Here is Matt's leg. Okay so I look at the word on day and so which question my question whether the word looked like it. It's rarely used in the New Testament Greek and I and I thought it be in Galatians 522 the word. I think it, I left today. It goodness and that I want to talk with one product.

Wondering what what would be the difference between your name and audit and tactical sauce is the Greek word for good and so out of the snake is just goodness, but the words on attaining occurs four times in the New Testament, Philippians 48 first Peter 29 second Peter 13 and second Peter 152 Peter uses it three or four times.

Paul uses so it just means is looked on to tell you is what's the Ricoh the lexicons, superior superiority or being pleasing to God. The superiority of God revealed in the work of salvation.

It also is the virtues as a force or energy of the Holy Spirit accompanying the preaching of the gospel that one lexicon another one. Let's see Lou a little Anita about these, the quality of moral silence. If there's any moral excellence, etc. imitate B6 one was called us to his own glory, moral excellence Peter three is possible, however, that I would take the notes the manifestation of divine power seems to kinda have the idea that there's a different movement of God in that excellence that we manifest seems to be there. That made our practical level that we would buy a virtue that arche is the divine admit of every good every good gift from God.

Okay, every one of them. In fact, our salvation covers Martha sitting in the room. 623 two charismatic gift and every good thing that we have comes from God, but yet there's this interaction rest of us that we can manifest moral excellence, not because we have the capability just because a look of that I am no, but because of the work for the spirit in us.

In fact, just to let you know if you're aware of this would Galatians 522 the for the spirit of joy, peace, patient kindness, goodness, faithfulness, general self-control people say were nine fruits there no is not in the Greek. Incidentally, the work for fruit his car.

Plus it's a singular. The single one for the spirit is Lovejoy patients coming out his car plus not carpooling Us as masculine singular nominative, which means just it's just what one that plural singular number so anyway this might relate to it because the for the spirit is the work of the spirit in us. Just as salvation is the charismatic work of God is the charisma. Romans 623 so that you bring this up in one of looking at it is interesting. There seems to be partially for the lexicons partially enhance that what it talks about. There is, to some degree a movement of God's work in us flipping for eight no brother whatever is true, honorable, right, pure, whatever is lovely, good repute there's any excellence, that's the word take for excellence like your mind on these things.

First Peter 29 so that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who has called you out of darkness meet the virtue. The moral excellence of God himself, and then not singular 13 godliness, through the knowledge of him who is called us by his own glory and excellence. There I can see what the commentator said it seems to be associate with the power of God is called us by his own glory and excellence in this virtue is something so there's I would say that from the present interaction between God's presence in us and our doing what is right and that's good Bible theology of product lately.

We build driving toward them, but also dependent on him like on the same absolutely correct. We have striving towards him as well as dependence on. I have never spoken it that way but I love that phrase a dependence on him as a striping. It's like I like this is really helpful. Okay, okay. I'm glad you actually coming cause me not to learn something there. So praise God how to have a guy study, but I cannot appreciate God bless. Okay that was good. I enjoyed all right, let's get to like him again. Whoever whatever let's see, let's get this waiting is Kelly from Los Angeles Kelly welcome. What's there you go now. Now you're on the learn where Larry identical vocabulary and there were probably no. I find myself looking for God. Everything that everything I don't like interview somewhere. I you and I don't get a particular job nor low income door open right my neighbors make me out of the ordinary probably figure out that I know that everything what it means is you chewing your face means all things, we have to understand God works all things after the counsel of his will.

All things and so the death of my son, my wife's Luis Dietz, the note, the coffee that were low on the covered the tea that we got in the mail the envelopes that we got in the mail to all of these, without exception, are they occur by the sovereign will and or permission of God. That means we broke our arms get a car accident were lazing around and eating donuts while watching a good science fiction will because of what you should do is donuts science fiction. These are all under these roles of the sovereignty of God. And so what you're doing is you're realizing he's the king he's the sovereign, and that when things happen despite his permission, and then the critical issue then becomes what we do. My wife is an example how my wife has a lot of problems beside stupidest husband does. She also has its jagged list. I do trust me, I could list a whole bunch of stuff to take a full minute to list the medical problems. She has, and as she gets older.

They're getting worse.

This is what it is.

So we pray each night before go to bed and I pray for her healing for her sleep. Pray for her pain level to go. I also prayed last night that she would praise God in the midst of because she understands the sovereignty of God. She knows a guy was allow this to happen to her for a reason. Though she doesn't understand she's never complained to God never. Why are you letting this happen to me. She's never done. She praises his name through and this assignment great maturity and one of the benefits of it is that in heaven. Her reward in heaven will be greater because she praises God when things are so difficult, it's easy to praise God when things are going well, but when things get difficult. Then we complain and whine God where you not realizing that the sovereignty of God is at work even to those difficulties and then the issue becomes how do we handle this is one of the reason he lets difficulties come to us to develop us to perfect us. Is it 16 cents. God is faithful, who were called but that's a printed one night a God I'm copies of this very thing that that God will perfect in you what he's begun it's 16 excellence what he's doing in us trials and tribulations. So what you're doing when you recognize the sovereignty of God you recognizing a very simple statement and this is what I tell you what it is but in seminary professor with the board and he said gentlemen teach you the most important figure 70. This is one great board 2 sentences. There is a God, you are not him put the market talked and what you're learning is there is a God and he sovereign you're not.

He is so what you do with his sovereignty that works in your life that appears to be both good and bad becomes an issue with you and you maturing in your faith oneness that you are definitely. God bless Kelly I like the blind 877 60 right back Matt slick. Why call 770-7276 charismatic slave. You are so paint apartment turning you upgrade your security, if the listers had hurriedly dressed in white. Of the countries of the world basically hate Israel well I saw the question before the break, and so during a break as it will look a little bit. One of the reasons I believe is because of of when the Jews crucified Christ and Pilate was wanted to release Jesus anything which we do a Jesus who is called Christ to crucify him and said why would you will is he done with the Shouting all the more sick, crucify him. When Pilate saw how he was doing. This is so innocent blood in the pupils of his blood shall be on us and our children, and so some people think that this is one of the reasons that Israel has had such a hard time is because of that, that God is it okay this is the covenant people of Israel but yet there's a they brought a curse upon themselves so to speak.

The judgment upon themselves. They represented their descendents which is stuck in federal headship. That's one of the theories is the spiritual side and because they represent the people of God and the great miraculous work of God as a nation in history and are visibly here. It's a threat to people's atheism and agnosticism and self-righteousness as well. Hope right tech Israel and Israel's going when something for the most part yes that's a lot of colors waiting for me. 312 like golden Gilbert cost will be shown for what I think will just those works are done for the glory of God according to his word as a standard of the Bible being the standard of righteousness and those things will last for work so would you firm selfishness reasons that things like that are going to burn up. It will be of no value.

Okay foundation and so I okay okay action is not exactly accurate is getting ahead of myself know if you and build the foundation gold, silver and persistence so that is what it says, okay, alright, let's get to see Nelson from Bakersfield Nelson welcoming on the air, brother, plus real quick to let up her quick sure is 217 for we are not like many peddling the word of God. But as from a sincerity, but is from God, we speak in Christ inside of you never know how how can we ever try the word of God, making profit or also make people felling you the future, and I did make a little profit for most of the profitable minute.

You see, there's the issues of the heart, so if someone is trying to make millions of dollars by selling crucifixes and sacred cloths dipped in water and whatever that is sinful. But what if you want to make money in order to keep the ministry running to feed the poor: that's fine. So it's not the money that's the issue. It's the motivation that are driving you. So that's it, and some are peddling the word of God. I believe that's a lot of positive confession us do that. A lot of these teachers on TV title the word of God, send your money in your faith seed money you know if thousand dollars, and God will bless you that these peddling the word of God will send it to the associate that's right. It will give you this book. If you know it's okay as it will give you something for a donation when it's in the context of his try to get money at the problem. I member a preacher on TV Jean Scott and Devon were watching him one day very very very knowledgeable is in LA in which he they needed money for some project effort was the matter and he said okay folks, what he did was literally he said we need this a $5000. The $5000 in order to move forward with the whatever I'm knocking to teach until we get the money to sit there and smoke a cigar and read his Bible and tenant 10 minutes to get the money was good were done.

That's all we need those anymore for that. We got our needs met and that's what struck me as I don't send any more. We have the needs met and we can go on and I remember that while this different okay so when he talked so you know it's it's a motive it's a motive, but something I've had to deal with this ministries well, what's the motive there's always a mixture of modern never say there's ever a pure motive. We always do is lay before God always have him to work okay thank very much rather you praying for you and your wife Douglas.

Thank you.

All right, let's get Angela Canada and you welcome Betty Rania Andrew, are you there Andrew from Canada you're on their I III was asking. I'm kinda confused and talked about salvation is a gift. Know that you did a gift or across the gum description okay to the justification for the gift. In general the general like get the free gift of God, eternal life, and the word gift there in Greek is currently small, can we get charismatic. It's a gift that comes from God is eternal life and/or this eternal life, and we will never lose it so it cannot be lost from God. So his salvation process depends what is meant. It's a process, in the sense that a person could be convicted of the Holy Spirit by the Holy Spirit gradually wooed and then they finally believe that could take. Let's say a year that can be a process there will be talk about justification. Justification is a legal declaration of righteousness. This happens instantaneously upon belief. Romans 5145. So that's what that is. So salvation becoming saved is not a process as Catholicism would would falsely teach that you go through the process of getting catechized and baptized.

And you gotta go to sacraments and he got to go to the mass and it's a process that you go through in order to maintain your salvation with God. That's damnable heresy right but thank you very much welcome. All right God bless. Let's go to guy from Texas guy welcoming on your aim at Triton one show I got my callback. I am blessed when you get a quick question on reformed theology and I your reformed confessional covenantal now.

Typically, again, by definition, are most guide your reformed war or girl are the millennial know I don't know.

Most are not. Most reformed people I know lean towards a millennialism but a lot of and some are postcolonial okay okay I didn't know if that would just listening to some other solid reformed after their giving you by definition what reforms actually is. There can be no I'm sorry as a reform deals with the issue. The five points and you see well IP but within reformed theology can have those who believe in the charismatic gifts like I do and you can have those who do not believe in charismatic gifts. I have friends who performed were like that. I am covenantal.

I've performed friend whose dispensational so I guess preacher Bratcher no pre-pre-millennial and I normally so there's a mixture okay okay I was getting your your your perspective on II. From what I understood your different. They figured it yet. Your Calvin, it would barely be called read on the beach at Calvinistic general what I thought. Yet that's that's kind of what I've heard too reformed generally holds to covenantal dismissal covenantal list and on the littlest, and usually say just and usually cessation. Backspace, but I I'm in the reformed camp, but in the continuation list so yet you know now gone or getting in a little bit of ecology with that part millennial though if you're all millennial the word of the rapture. Following the fall and all millennial with the left towards the end of the millennium board and okay someone who is all millennial with what they okay yeah the rapture probably through you know I believe is going to be at the end of the millennium. I believe it and I believe the first, let's take a look at because of what you yeah literally I've looked and they are all argument on that man at the end of that. I was like me to.

Yeah, it's what is.

That's right, I need to get that and have them put that on my computer because that was the yeah I love the way you like a great job exploring reformed theology, you know, many people are like on reformed but they're just really Calvin got one call awakens one minute. Let's look at the caller to call back all right and I think I glares okay right let's get to Cynthia from New Jersey about a minute left the show we got you doing out in The man in the home then not mean that we hate anyone like that. They know it or not pay for the debts paid for it cannot be against them right before so he if Jesus paid the sin debt for everybody relived then that means a sin that's gone from excellent means of well defined. He was paid 2000 years ago. So we were even alive and was paid so not all writing.

I don't get Calvin thinking about that only right that's with all were out of time you call back tomorrow. We have more time to talk about okay folks challenge the Lord bless you and I hope that if you disagree over the word is Lord bless you by his grace tomorrow

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