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November 20, 2020 3:00 am

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November 20, 2020 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt mentions that the radio show on Friday, 11-20 will be dedicated to the KJVO movement, with Luke Wayne as a guest.--2- Why was there a war in heaven---3- Is the world, as it is today geographically, in any Bible prophecy---4- Why isn't the Book of Enoch in the canon---5- Does the Bible teach specifically on abortion- How can I best explain to someone who wants a direct quote about the word abortion---6- Did anything happen before Genesis 1-1---7- What did Jesus mean about the law in Matthew 5-17---8- How can I discern God's will for me---9- Where did the nephilim come from---10- Are there any books missing from the King James Bible-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max likewise glances responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick weekend. Lamont looks like Charlie were talking with the law a lot of stuff that we can spruce anyway.

Look at your dinner call you start leak 772072276 and if you are interested in participating in a chat room that's easy to do. All you have to do is good karma toward CARS who aren't you, you will get you on and right before before right before the show took a sip tea with some soaker my throat and coughing from that you have room for the show had to you Labor Day on sip and goats. But that's all right hey look we have nobody waiting right now. So what you give me a call 877-207-2276 this Friday to let you know when you have a guy on the employee works with a sitcom and will be discussing the King James only controversy the King James only stuff for Our answer to get comments questions so if you be the guy he wrote a little over hundred articles on the topic and so there you go here you can like me a little bit imbalanced with the topic and we just write about it, research it would hundred 80 articles on annihilation is good. Another 20 book covered it and he's got 100 hundred 40 or so on King James only so that topic correct five open lines you call 877-207-2276 about that crematory again. He went down the wrong pipe. All right if you want to learn your theology. I do recommend that you study theology when I talk about this kind of thing very seriously studying the word of God and studying the theological principles that God has laid down over the years talking to people for 40 years about theology, about the Trinity, the deity of Christ, hypostatic union justification invitation propitiation study Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses Islam by setting Christian science all kinds of stuff and comparing Scripture. I learned a great deal and my God's grace I understand the great went to college and seminary and learned even more in both places, and over the years been doing a lot of debating on teaching a lot of different ways runs know I'm just grateful for the opportunity to serve God. So having said that you cannot things from the coughing teeth and so what I did was I will some schools because it is on my heart to equip Christians. One of the things that the pastor is supposed to do is provide bequeathing for the Christian church in the Christian church. Obviously needs particularly in our time.

Now you know it says in Ephesians 411. He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, some as pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service to the building of the body of Christ. Verse 12. That's what I want to do was only equip you, help you to understand the faith, not notice a lot of people out there who don't agree with things I teach, that's okay. If my teaching and your disagreement causes you to go to the word and study it more and become better equipped than good. Unfortunately, some people become stronger Catholics stronger Mormons stronger atheists that will save because what I've talked about my sister to their detriment not been honest with the word of God, but I does happen. Nevertheless, if you are interested is good theology, learning some stuff going on the basis of the Christian faith and how to defend faith and even how to think more critically you can go to the corm school CRM.O RG on the right hand side you will see the link for the schools been something I don't what page you're on the homepage as well and check it out and I do recommend that you study the word of God. If you don't use the schools that I developed, you can just get up sick of commentary or systematic theology on what it is that the Christian faith really is about. We need you need it because he to be grounded in the truth is what the Christian pastors is mostly doing to equipping the saints for the work of service only ask your question is your pastor equipping you for the work of service to the building of the body of Christ, debilitating unity of the faith and the knowledge of the son of God. The mature man the measure of stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ.

Is this what you pastors doing do you feel as though you're being equipped for the work of service, or are you being babysat and coddled discipline ask you what church you go to and is your pastor equipping you.

That's one thing to give a sermon you don't.

Once a Sunday for half hour 45 minutes to give a sermon about some topic that good with the issue here is are you being equipped for the work of services that what equips you know unfortunately for a lot of people that you don't realize that this equipping means midweek Bible studies you having time with the pastor asking questions I have him teaching you and the elders teaching them as well. That's was supposed to happen for the work of ministry for that being equipped so ask yourself is it happening in your church.

If it's not, find a new church or as a pattern to start equipping you per Ephesians 412. The Bible says if he refuses to do it. Think of another church right because, babysitting you, that's a different all right tell us get on the phone here with the open lines of wanting a call 877-207-2276 Angie, North Carolina.

Welcome your yes I can coming in loud and clear. Now if you can't help me understand why will get universe for that now.

I just cared for, well, that incorrect well it depends what they mean by that you can understand that there's a lot of bad teachers out there a lot of ignorant pastors who just never went to school never really studied theology and know people like him they become pastors in the church teaching and the growing things like that make it ever trained the drawer who love who have been trained but nevertheless warrant having what is meant by war in heaven. Cedar three heavens to begin with. There's the heaven for seven. The lost heaven is where the clouds are not on call back. You can the other of the second heaven is when the moon is the stars and something clicked in the third heaven as a dwelling place of God.

What is meant by you know the idea of war in heaven. They mean that there's a celestial battle with in our realm that were talking about here in the earth realm work. Demonic forces are in our lowest heaven there with the clouds and the back-and-forth is that what is meant is it in the celestial realm, such as the stars and the moon is that were there at there's a war going on really mean it is actually a war. The presence of God and you see each one of them would have difficulties to explain but at the higher you go the more difficult it becomes seat. Some say that the great rebellion in heaven and on that 1/3 of the angels fell in and were cast down to earth.

So with ask questions.

Can anybody or anything actually war against God. We think about it all, God has to do is just waiting for celestial Hannity don't exist anymore. That's how powerful he is, so how can there be a war in heaven if it's the third heaven going place of God. How could that be possible it wouldn't seem as though so if there was a battle of some sort in that realm. It was the because God allowed to be under his control. So, will we see is a war in heaven is a question asking if it's in the celestial realm of the sun and the moon, stars of maybe, maybe there was an angelic battle going on there as well as here on earth. Now I'm a novel called influence and rebuffs of seven years ago, and in it I describe angelic warfare and what I do is I describe it here in this realm where between buildings and in rooms and things like that. There's that there's a war that is fighting between demonic forces and angelic forces good forces, and so that I things within reason to say that that is a reality what extent so when people say war in heaven. We have to understand I would contact talking about how they might go to Revelation.

It talks about varying battles varying things like that and we would have to look at the context to see what was going on and that's what I would ask that anybody would teach it on TV. Go to the Scriptures and exegete the Scriptures and don't read into the Scriptures. Isn't there now is talk about war. In Revelation 6 and it talks about the war on earth. So what more to talk about in heaven doesn't mention this in the list of seven and was a war in heaven, Michael and needles waiting for the Dragon. The Dragon angels waged war. They were not strong enough and it was no longer a place found for them in heaven. When we read stuff like this again. It's the question which heaven is being spoken of, because in Jewish cosmology for three heavens and the high summer God dwells the second-highest as the celestial realm, stars, moon, son, and lowest heaven is really where the clouds are in the wind is that so that's with ask and we get more than that. Good luck. Questions to ask the answers and effective go with understanding Scripture going to call you for the lines folks 877-207-2276 Liska Julius from Alabama Julius welcome your on-air where are you going now that all right have having a good time be able to answer questions okay what I desperately got like, what would you that we are Bible you mean America will meet their own world.

Will you give the world is in in prophecy Israel courses is spoken of in Alaska to happen in the future with Israel.

As far as United States gold usually nothing spoken about in the United States in the Bible of the United States, except to say generically it's included in God love the whole world, all the nation groups, but it does say one point in all the nations together against Israel, and so that would include United States if we are still viable as a nation. I say that because the way the leftists are the radical lists are and the way the moral relativism is the corruption in our government and in the media, schools and businesses and stuff like that. I don't see how we can last much longer you speak something different. We don't look like you like okay all right God bless what a lot Julius Miller family of four lines folks going to be called 877-072-2760 after mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's leg. Seven and Mario all right for you. Yeah I nearly yes account all right though I was refilling each unit. On why we believe what we believe our youth group and I was looking through part of it without lively the five looking for the biblical canon. I've been studying recently, I was wondering why I was looking at why the book of Enoch not include me and looking the story of the book of Enoch by the fall of the watcher that's included and they seem to be consistent with the book of Enoch on this. While that, I think that very few arguments that have anything solid so far it's not included because not Scripture's unexpired that's it – in church never recognize it as being Scripture.

Furthermore, there are at least 20 other books mentioned in the Bible. The wars book of Joshua Chronicles of David book of Kings of Israel. The book of Jack who angels book. There's a lot just because there mentioned in the Bible doesn't mean that the Scripture. Furthermore, called apostle quoted bigots doesn't mean that the pagans are our Scripture.

He could have amenities in the book of Titus and Menander and present that heard about about amenities but all that Paul said in the book of Titus. With that being there. I quoted one of their own profit that you will be ladylike and always lying. But that's it. Well, and he said, doubting it at said daughter" in Jude right when the backup backup backup quoted Creek context quoted that quote and he said was true, yet so the unbelievers can half-truth and the unbelievers can be quoted doesn't mean that the unbelievers are inspired of God is just that simple.

So the book of Enoch, is not intended to be Scripture, the Christian church did not consider it Scripture.

The apostles did not consider Scripture just because it's quoted in Jude 14 doesn't mean that it's inspired anymore. Then according other books in the Bible are inspired accessible do you think it should be in the canon.

I don't know I just I get when they made.

Now all I know that you think it should be.

Can you said it's either yes nor I don't know you said I don't know if you don't know that means that there some reason why you would suspect this should be in the can. There so I can ask a question you think that you sitting here today have a better understanding on what should be in the Bible, then the early church did when it knew about the book of Enoch rejected in the Scripture. I do not so than the master question again. Should the book of Enoch that considered Scripture no I I don't think it should be okay.

Good thing so I don't know which that will support right addressed. Now you know right it's not supposed to be Scripture yet. I part of my apartment follow back a follow-up sure question. There is enough time. Okay so I II will also and at you. Are you familiar with with Michael Heiser.

Yes, he died. I began reading the unseen realm and I got the reason I would ask that the book of Enoch is fresh in my mind I was reading at the biblical canon invited that you're able and he's been able to reference that bed and in the biblical authors you know I think that in the off-site order reversing Herman what the reference plot you referent of the book of Enoch Celexa in the book dancing around he thought a lot about the Jewish culture that he got back and date Scripture, but he does and felt the book of Enoch as an entire book I get rid not having read your docs out there and I spent a worse looking stars ancient culture goals right. This doesn't mean there inspired looking understand something God intended certain books to be in the canon and he intended that certain other books not to be in the can and he was certainly capable and certainly is capable of communicating what he wants in the canon to his people. The Christian church through the year and the Chris asked her neck has rejected the book of Enoch is being Scripture. So when you read other scholarly reference other books like the book of Enoch will that's fine. It's a select Scripture the Victorville death that I would agree with that. This wasn't a matter of I I would argue the book of Enoch should think that I just click. Your thoughts on the thought came to him concerned about is that you said you didn't know at one point if it should be in or not that really concern me a lot reason is because it means that your listening to some other teachers in the confusing and what happens is when people start becoming confused about the word of God and also the look of Enoch probably should be in.

For example, will then what other book should be in and what other book should be out because now they are sitting in judgment of the word of God, and it basically leads to heresy is understand God's sovereign King of the universe brought his word into place. It wasn't just a bunch of people. They're the ones with the authority and they're the ones who did it and maybe they made some mistakes in God's will wasn't done in certain books are removed and certain ones work and because God said that there utilities strumming his this fingers on his celestial desk and is going all we can do now because with that essentially is is when people say that the book musically and there is is to say that God's will is not accomplished when it comes to his inspired word and that's accusing God of failure. So this is a serious issue right.

I and I and I would never do that. And I fully affirm the book of the old and New Testament. I've simply been trying to wrap my I get I'm not debating whether or not the book of Enoch should be included and I wouldn't argue for it being I guess I was calling with the intention of trying to understand, try to wrap my head more around the product that I've been listening to Michael Kruger and in James White trying understand that the biblical canon know that that is the I would I would never question God's sovereignty is an the biblical canon be informed I know that I'm I'm looking at the can from a theological perspective not store.

And so I I don't question that the body 56 books of the old and New Testament are exactly what got them to be in it.

God's revealed will. Thought I yeah I bought… But that the book of Isaiah has 66 chapters 27 slightly different. You go okay. God bless. That was Isaac my locomotive three of the line calling 777-2276 mass Y call 770727 charismatic sling and 72072276 Teresa North Carolina welcome Teresa router. I Iran. Yes I can.

Yes, I can hear you. I felt my airline. I don't carry that. Okay now abort the run.I will Y wrong and they want direct Bible. They're asking the wrong question with the Savior. Jesus spoke against – is wrong to misplace question.

Does the Bible teach against killing the unborn this Bible teach about killing will says thou shall not murder right that sex is 2013 right not to murder now ask the question right or why it worked. I know that they are okay. This asking the question asked to say is okay to kill the life in the womb is what it is to life in the womb asking was okay to kill and if they say yes, for what reason is okay to kill it. Would you do this with a cat a kitten.

We do it to know of independent judgment kill it, would you go.

I was suing to a pregnant pendant and kill the baby and the end of the monarch. There was okay. Do comparison and see what they say if they said that they hesitate for second will know the hypocrites like the call amount but now I get are given yet there's more there is more okay so ask is it human is the life human and those they will know it's not because of its human can't kill it.

That's the essay so as not humanizing okay and you had to ask at what point does it become human. Kelly, when this life becomes human and if they don't know then that like writing a killer. They don't know because they could risk killing a human, so they shouldn't do it that way if they give you your say three months. Why three months in the give whatever reason why is that the right reason they won't be able to defend anything at this point and ask him one day one day before birth is okay to kill the baby in the womb with her say that I've had people say yes no say so one day before is okay to kill it right yet. I think it's I guess okay will that I let me just ask is that the day before that even that they need to necessarily deliver the baby so that its human right yes what happened.

What changed that its human versus not human. The womb, and it's a very difficult question for them. The answer because all the essay's location if it's in the womb. It doesn't deserve to live. It's outside the limit does all that is just beginning. It will be much longer before the nap, the Nazi principle of thought you not human could be extended to those outside the womb or killing which is Artie been proposed.

So I now I believe that I, the leftists is and you and I are educate people on your yes now here's a question is a question is, is, behold, that you will conceive in your will be there Sunday sling: Jesus and Mary was prophesied.

We can see Jesus in the womb. So Jesus right there at the conception of the movement of the Holy Spirit's upon Christ appointment right and she's pregnant. Ascom is okay to to abort at that time okay question getting a lot okay there's another so okay, listen, say, they say, three, four, five, six weeks is not human whatever they want to say this is for, which is not human. Okay. Is it okay to take that that that living thing. That's not human somehow transported in the womb of a dog is okay is not human, submit a big deal that often causes Pratt and try to answer that one as well.

Question is globally mother already confused and there Is what happens in the womb that causes the nature to change from nonhuman to human, particularly if the egg and the sperm come together are by nature human DNA.

Life doesn't begin at conception. It continues at conception, so that consigns it, is it not human. And if it's not human, then what is it not just what is it not, what is it they don't know what it is and what isn't known what is it something is not human and not because it would will I love to have debate on this in public with the outboards buried, yet I've never knows everything good now to I may and I know that not right there thing I think that it might set them when this light.

I think that continues at the lies from nonlife. It's human continues and rides not human, that is okay to transfer into a dog. This is not human, then what is it okay I got a section on the arm written on this okay very very very very sound against abortion. Okay, okay, I my website CRM.large. I will make you welcome. So okay by okay all right God bless this kid arrived in the morning I will ride welcome you on the air you what you do but quit. 11.

Is there anything that indicates a direct Bible that there was anything going on before didn't want yes. For example, Ephesians 14 just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world so the election of the people for salvation occurred before the foundation of the world around them and then when the foundation of the world does not mean universe LOL and it worked probably because he got created the universe in seven days or six days and so it probably is is a is a phrase or the kind of a phrase for when one thing represents another. I know it's it's it's representative of and also Genesis out to be John 17 five no father, glorify me together with yourself, with the glory I had with you before the world was available for all the time to visit Mr. versus Rector to talk about things and before the world was made and doesn't ever say you'll before the universe.

The stars were made since the world and the world is just representative of everything you the creature order.

Okay, okay, much hope you will get the opportunity to in public debate, but they won't ever do it.

The radical left will never do that because it would mean exposing their error and would mean that they could not defend their position and they never want that emphasized the laughter what lap love what you're going about that but they do not hide behind, and I guess a blowup is about. Have a good to go. Plus all right, let's get on the air here with its next lungs.

Layton is just lost and you will you be call with the open line spokes 877-207-2276 Scott from Winston-Salem Northglenn when he got what that out out out a bit, bantering back and forth over and we should keep hello are not allowed to law to their three divisions in the law more and having them know you know them were talking about it in the manner you plan 17 yes, and then delete 1517 and nine that I encountered graphic I have not come to destroy you wrote very rare. Then he you have a narrow path. 1012 no faster than you what's so great okay they both arrived back after these methods through the line going 07 mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic sling right through to reconcile some verses is that it integrated and keep the velvet blue painting.

We may hold. You try to get the greatest reward you can talk and reward from God in heaven, so I have okay we warning way for me and my life and that we can question Scripture from the fast okay if you want to have that reward from God.

The first thing you need to do is get on your knees and ask him to put you where he wants you to be to speak what he wants you to speak to do what he wanted you prayed all the time to pray daily because it doesn't matter if you have written 100 books and have spoken for a million people. If that's not what God wants you to do because the reward that he will have for you is what you do in accordance with his will is for you and to find his will. Sometimes the will of God might be that you sit and pray and intercede for others it might be radio it might be a pastor. It might be a doctor mechanical waitress the will of God for us.

Changes, of course, because at different times in different situations or different conditions.

So for example the will of God right now for myself is to help take care my wife and her health problems. That's the will of God, and so on. To do that now, 20 years ago it was to help raise the children okay continue.

Before that, was to finish seminary to different times have different wills that are manifested by God's we need to do praying constantly for the present time that you're in to be able to know the will of God doesn't mean that we have to have the celestial revelation in the clouds parted and being of light comes down. We hear this angelic music and then we know the will of God sometimes also the will of God is not knowing the will of God. An interesting statement sometimes will God is not because sometimes we want to do is to move forward by faith, we don't want to be so stricken by not doing God's will that we don't do anything sometime God wants us to do is to not have that clear understanding and definition of direction, but what we have at that time, we seek to honor him with. We do our best to honor him and that's good and that's okay as well.

So the idea is to be seeking the will of God constantly and when you don't know the will of God, which happens a lot just do you know is the will of God. Honest.

Be truthful, be faithful and that's always a little God and you do that in the situation you're in. To the best of your ability and then when you get to heaven there will be rewards, but I'll tell you all the good stuff that we do that can only be done by the grace of God and all those rewards that we have are nothing compared to the Trinity of the presence of God going to experience and will lay all those rewards before the throne because I belong to him. So any rate that help that Luke 1617. Hello, and the private God that, the kingdom of God is meant to equate man and to let and you will heaven and earth to pay for one to other hello allowed to fail, and that can't just got proclaimed I prophesy God teaches everything. It's always good to be true.

Jesus came to fulfill that law. Matthew 15 and to fulfill all righteousness. Matthew 517.

As mentioned earlier and snap me just as if I was about him. John 539 can fulfill the all that none of them will pass away. Tillery thinks this is pass away. It can't be that it passes away and ceases to be, will always be wrong. For example, to murder my was talking with fulfillment of what the Scriptures teach in relationship to Christ, who is running the new covenant is a new set of commands about defendant same commanded and that will Let David Miller that the elder said yes and no to it because with the new covenant don't have to keep the priestly sacrificial system that's been abrogated in the New Testament revelation. Okay really talking. I feared that brought about how to bed at the end of life ever. Not that you may, in general, not being in close about giving the calls and various minutia details.

Article 6. Good stuff. I will God bless Kate about all right, let's get on the phone with Dave from North Carolina day welcome running or thank you thank them up.

I have the right you're ready. I think it already made it but I would repeat it abroad, I get a Lakeman deal and that it?

Allow that. And now book.

I agree that I know that make mentioning then at the think you know ever that that call that guy Jim that around all the war the work you be John's you all think I got home, but the Lord that I love, see okay I heard about the instrument and abide the book up and both believed they found out that following that bill that you have been happening yet at that yeah radio they more than that I go with them myself. How cool, how they'll both sample goals on the way on of all. Maybe I'll sign off on the Baylor and follow the monument that there's no way there.Gumby and main well that's a we don't know that August was either on really well… Yeah this assess Ruth's globality know not what a Cool anything how they will feel all your help will keep you question my number 15 the Jubilee fell on those that go your below that Warden United they and make goal. I was picking everyplace in the manual ramp. They BW you know around the war question last and that I happen but I want to think that most of the things that are happening out of that war stimulus to Lycoming, where most of the time we have a person seeking is okay.

I want let you think you will be late for an open boat thing that both the goal that makes your fights sign off the dime. I will not pay their yes there nestling and clinical event that there were not a lot of blood on what exactly I'm glad from home, the fallen angels had relational swelling and Setauket go to my black wet on wet and I and I agree with you that they book of not been out a thick book no matter what I believe about the event today so I just it's not inspired but it's interesting information. Think of the.thank you my wedding that I love your help letting its assets on the last of this is not a smart guy that lives okay got us good night right, let's get on with the early from Richmond, Virginia.

Welcome. You're on here that my client I had any book the King gang Bible know how many and what the books missing on the King James Bible on that now.

However, when the first King James translators. They include a pocket of Scripture because it was worth translating consumer old historical documents, though they were not inspired and Friday. We can have fun look Wayne on the air here and he knows a lot about this kind of stuff you have called up then ask. He's the expert on on this kind of stuff, at the same time it was started an hour ago, an hour ago I write okay you welcome but here we have no call is waiting folks for about one minute or less in the show left over. I hope you're having a good time listening in the Lord bless you this evening if you're interested in checking out the site. Please and I will some Spanish version of the sites of media peak. Am I a media and click media peak MIA PIC. We also have one in Portuguese and didn't defend the au and then looking to get one in Swahili. Also working on one in Turkish and maybe something in Russian and standard Georgian also got some things working but to just let you not prevent all of that and also if you want to support us. We could certainly use that all you need to do is go to with five dollars a month. Not very much, and is helpful because some people do that we can make a budget we hire people we get more websites going different languages with boots on the ground. Bless you that as the music got a go and by his grace phone number

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