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November 18, 2020 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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November 18, 2020 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt talks about Sodom and Gomorrah in regards to our country and where it's headed.--2- Is there any connection between John 14-18 and John 14-3, regarding Jesus coming---3- Does God call some Christians to pray for specific things and not others---4- Doesn't Luke 19-27 contradict Jesus' teaching to love and forgive our enemies---5- If you're not a Christian, is there still a way to go to heaven- -This caller was asking as a Jew-

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A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research ministry found online at time that morning you have questions about Bible doctrine is a max like why so if I would like to call your newbie loosely cures will show you a quick Bible Mormonism drilled his witnesses Christian science unity behind Islam. Transcendental universals logic which will come to stuff to the truth of God's word you don't have Jesus Christ flush as your Savior to be lost in the good judgment and I want you to find Christ Jesus crucified his withdrew like nobody, nobody, that doesn't mean if you sincerely could make it concerted is not to get you have to have the true God, your faith is only as good as you put it in Jesus Christ got flushed by the cross roasted dead three days later proving what he said about himself.

Do withdrew you is the way the truth and the life.

Nobody comes that's what you set all right. Having said that, difficult folks, five lines 877-207-2276 and I just let you know that we have schools, online schools, as we know that if you're interested in checking them out if you want to go to and lurching theology. I do recommend you learn some theology is not for big big bottom bottom class guys in a little speech to ease more decreases her mother. Now it's for you.

I have the ability apparently people told to take off. Things accents bring it down to the average person like you and me.

So if you want lurching theology go to carpet or to the right hand side of any page you will find a link for the schools and check it out.

We charge $33 a school disc three schools each and if you kill three good discount but as I like to say that if you don't have the money and you want to study these things to do is email us save the money and you want I will ask questions was here to edify the body Christ cash if we don't get it. Well that he doesn't then we quit. That's how works though my problem. You know, I trust my Lord said his rights and also we have a wish list on Carmen if anybody's interested. Every now and then people will contact me and they will wish list of record as of June Amazon if you type in you can go and whatever you do smile that review by sign up for whatever will go to a charity little percentage of switch or something and it does help us to be no so that's something there and also hey if if you want support us what we ask is five dollars a month is not very much this is a great deal five or $10 a month. Great if you be so kind as to consider that corn CAR the right hand side of the page you will find donate stuff/donate the old information you need will be right there so you become the question for some of you out there about this.

You know, as some of you know, no millennialist and I'm I'm what's called a pessimistic millennialist. I believe this is just my view. I believe that when Jesus what God said to Adam 217. He says a day that you eat of the fruit you will die.

He was speaking to Adam in the day that he did time spiritually separated from God and I believe he is also talking all mankind because it says a prescriptive 1522 that in Adam all die, so in Christ all shall remain alive. All right now what I believe this is my depressing view of eschatology is the study of end times and the eschatology of the Greek eschaton's so and logoff study so study the end times eschatology I have something I teach cold depressed pathology. I believe that things are going to get back. I'm leaving something that's is my view on the popular view of Jesus is… In Matthew 24, 22, unless those days be cut short life would've been, save for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.

Matthew 24, 22, think and see if a member Luke 18 88 Pacific numbers Alexi find things to find a verse because Jesus said.

He said when he comes back, will he find faith now know that's really interesting statement on his part, when he returns, will he find faith while the patient is that no he's not going to find faith on the earth. Now he doesn't say yes to say no, but when I bring this up because I am a conservative and politically, and I do believe that pastors should be teaching politics. I do believe should be preaching politics in the pulpit because of the politics involved people.

People are supposed to submit themselves to the will of God and Christians should be involved in politics I have, that you always have that view. It's the biblical view.

If you agree with me will then you're just flat out. We are supposed to be involved in all areas make disciples of all nations in all areas of life.

So with his last election, Joe Biden, President-elect, so to speak. I reviewed his statement on LGBT Q and we just say that it really was disturbing. He's an ungodly man and he's an antichrist. He said his Catholic. He's not Catholic true since ease is not the Catholic Church is denouncing him libraries but his his stance on homosexuality pro-abortion things like this season. Ungodly men okay well you know Obama was ungodly, his try was Trump well trumps better perfect. So here's the thing in a will was an election we had, or a selection for you to think about. But here's the thing that's what he wants to do is promote rules and laws guaranteeing the safety and equality of those transgendered homosexuals gay, lesbian, all that kind of stuff and you want to ensure that their rights are not violated and that there is no discrimination okay. Having said all of this that scares and achievers and the reason it doesn't because Christians clearly stand against LGBT Q true Christians to true Christian.

If you're up to your Christian and you agree that homosexuals are okay as is an alternate life myself and stuff that simple things like that.

Any lunch or Christian. But you don't understand the truth about work is not to say we hate homosexuals are all the know it's so don't hate him. But here's the thing that inside of the morally good understand something is recorded in the Bible when the Angels came to lots house and its they were pursued by the community at large became hostile and violent and they pursued their own selfish sensual needs you to understand something or read something to you out of Romans I'm laying a case for something I want people to be aware of this is going to affect Christians. This would assess Romans 126 for this reason God gave them over to degrading passions.

For their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural and in the same way. Also, men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with committing indecent acts receiving their own persons the due penalty of their error list dealing with sexuality, lesbianism, things like that that is unnatural and simple verse 28 says something about me to this case for some supper and just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer. The true living God. They don't acknowledge God.

They have a God made in their own image or the surf creation that whatever cardiologist God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper being filled with all unrighteousness. Wickedness agreed to evil, full of envy, murder, strife to seat Alister gossips, slanderers, haters of God, and slip arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, without understanding the trustworthy, unloving, unmerciful, and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same but they also give hearty approval to those who practice them. Romans 118 through 32 talks of the judgment upon the unbelievers when they commit sexual sins like this and not homosexuality limit is there's a judgment. The component God gives them over to the depravity of partner mines and then they approve of their own actions and the actions of those who dissipated what happens what happens with people like that can control do you think that they are going to be nice.

Do you think that the homosexual community that the LGBT Q community. Do you think that there get to say well that's okay churches have the right to believe what they want Christians to believe it is okay for no bake cakes of supporting our view.

It's okay if on Facebook.

They say that they believe homosexual is a sense okay we want to fire them. If we do have to fire them this, we do have to sue them if we do have to destroy their livelihoods because of their opinion is American really don't like because they don't believe in LGBT Q because they don't affirm those things are: extend what is the left do the far left radical left with a do they seek to destroy and punish those who don't agree with the know. I just saw little clip hosting and enters a list of people who did not support have not supported Biden as President-elect in the Republican Party become a list now what this list remind me of the stuff in the Gestapo of Nazi Germany. Having lists of people in the political party who did not support Hitler. They went after they went after having to go after them there to come after us and Jesus says it those days we not cut short. No flesh should be left what dates the things when things get bad when people seek their own desires rebel against God, I'm truly scared for our country actually I'm not saying Trump is a great president of China. Biden is been proven to be involved in corruption in the media said nothing and would do anything with it. The truth their corrupt with false corruption is always oppression those who stand for righteousness will suffer at the hands of corrupt severe Christians try to tell you better start praying for your country.

A lot. If you're pastoring an elder needy preaching this kind of stuff and hope don't believe in this idiocy of separation of church and state where you mean by that is that we don't want to theocracy within what that phrase meant is that the state cannot establish a church or national church. That's what was meant we have the right to speak truth.

One prepare them tell you right back Matt Flynn why call 770727. Here's Matt's leg back. The shorter one. 72072276 James from Canada. Welcome here by God's grace so he is before the tall pandemic.

I was actually sharing and South America pandemic, hampered my ability to return primarily dealt with oneness Pentecostals down there and so I was going through with one of them again.

John 1418 with their interpretation of that as being the thing that he will be the other comforter. Typically when I go to this with them. I gotta show them how that interpretation of absolute violence to the entire context of the text that you Make heads or tails out of what Jesus is saying there but I started thinking about the Bible, you phrase I was wondering if there was a connection between that and 14 three when he talks about what you talk about preparing a placement company back in the good thing that is people there could be because we says not leave you as orphans. It's a legal issue. Romans 815. I believe it is we are adopted and so there's a legality there so is a good repair place for you. Come again receded myself when you also and he says I believe is often often succumb to. So what is it mean, of course, the oneness of the safety was returns as the Holy Spirit, which is a way to refute it but say you don't and that it was the first pick.

John 1426 is little bit further down the help of the Holy Spirit whom the father will send my name, he will teach you that here's a question at the oneness.

How could it be that the father will send the spirit, if the mode or the manifestation of the sun's is then present because writer on is supposed to be the mode or the the office of the Holy Spirit, but will be sent by the father later on which hats remotely speaking the spirit so it did you know contextually just doesn't add up for them.

This doesn't work, wondering what I was looking out for contacts that I saw the Compu in the first first three and then later on there.he also said I will I will come to you again later on in the text that could also see a case for making an argument about that, referring to his resurrection could be all the I will not do. It could be.

And there's some other possible theological senses, and that after the incarnation, he settled with you always, even to the end of the earth in the late 18 to 20. So after the resurrection. There is an aspect of his ubiquity in the divine aspect of my nature so it could be that that is the case as the second verse of the Trinity, but it also could be in the Trinitarian communion because it was cold. Teresa's in the Trinity. Croesus means a father-son Holy Spirit each indwell each other because they're not three gods but one being, and they might actually dwell each other.

Teresa's and so it could be that that has something to do with what he saying as well but contextually think a cysto was going on is either eschatological or its assets after the resurrection is ubiquity and it could be the per Croesus issue with the Holy Spirit as well so it could be offering you a could be in verse 44 oneness people right. John 638 is really important verse. For I have come down from heaven.

I have come down from heaven right and it's the perfect its active perfect voice you notice you speak Spanish okay so you knew about linguistics and the perfect voice of perfect tense and up in the pluperfect right so well perfect tense its past action continuing in the present truth is I have conducted heaven as we originate from looking down not do my own will but the will of him recently so it was in heaven that he wasn't doing his own will but the will of someone in heaven sent him the issue here is I didn't oneness Pentecostalism say that Jesus has two distinct natures which is fine to him or withhold the story and are a family with Nestorianism yeah so sorry natures whether the mark to persons in the one body. The story and so what they hold to is in the story and view not to you to Qian skipping hypostatic union view where there's one person with two natures, they basically say to persons in one body, so either way fresh come down from heaven. That's the way Jesus is saying this that he was in heaven but not do his own will hear about the will of him who sent me something from heaven, which means that he was doing the will of the one who sent him who was in heaven.

It could not be within the story and aspect in the incarnation can only be two wills or 1/3 heaven will the father the son except by buying 39 typically stumps up to six where will it still keeping that distinction that I cannot dilute nothing of all the rate up on the last day so that I would always just asked them who's the one raising up on the last day because there's still this distinction between who sent me and to me that they're going to make the case that the human nature. They have to see consistently that the human nature, it's going to raise them up in the last day I create big problems.

You know more than I thought. That's good so there's other things to talk about second week exchange some ideas in the circle each other that you went there and chose to limit that you studied this.

That's good for Her height five. I appreciate your your viewpoint. Your advice will praise God that people up okay I did unless all rights with your flight if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 chemical through the lunch Kelly from Los Angeles Kelly welcome around here and we now know it still going through litigation traffic any voter fraud nature and no impact and online been praying and praying at the diaphragm.

I can't get the turnout that ultimately will be given over to my name, however, on how Chris can simply don't care back think they just don't care. My questionnaire sent guy, Christian Frank for particular particular thing happening. I made a special project because, well, God has special people. He wants respect for reasons that I look at the Scripture on that and I couldn't tell you. I things without possibility is in actuality what I don't know what some people should care. We should absolutely care about politics. One of the things I think is a real veil church is the lack of old on the phone to write back.

After these messages please that you feel the mind maps like why call 77077 charismatic slave just saying that Christians are to be very involved in politics and, when necessary, politics need to be preached. I think one of the biggest tragedies as happened in the Christian church is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, where you can't speak politics in the pulpit that is essentially the state governing what could be spoken in the pulpit and shouldn't ever happen for this the same speak the truth of God's work is minute preach and teach and all politics all the time.

No consistent bill when things like the selection are there no need to address some of the issues with the godly candidate supposed to be the purpose of government was supposed to be biblically distinct and to be taught from the pulpit and in you be said folks you can't get good conscience and the persimmon program for LGBT Q in Provo worship decant. It's against God's word. You can't vote in support of someone who's against God's work and things like getting recent time like it raining there, not maybe got a couple of the owner going online and maybe directing yeah you could be and people don't listen to the word of God, and they should go with just feelings as you go with with regard says what I'm concerned about is the simple truth that the church is supposed to be a light on the hill, not a stink in the sewer which unfortunately is become the case because of so much fraud so much bad teaching that there puts we are article to be doing that and we need to purify ourselves. The church was sitting on discipline correction begins in the household of God will in effect to women pastors and elders out there is is wrong. The fact that some people teaching false doctrines for the pulpits all over America in a lot of areas. What a particularly good stuff to put it is growing that line the best of his is coming on board and and so if you don't purify yourselves. Don't discipline ourselves.

God will do it in the way he normally does and strengthens and purifies the church through persecution in the Christian church in America needs to be strengthened and it needs to be purified. It's been think of the concept.

There's was called the transcendental of the material Trenton material world is the physical world in the rocks and trees, cars, TVs, couches, and the transcendental world deals with truth and mercy and grace in kindness when we become more suited for the material we become less suited for the transcendental.

The transcendental is where God gives the transcendental are those truths that transcend the material world belongs to the domain of God and so truths like it's wrong to lie.

Strong to murder. These are transcendental truths and find them in the rocks in the material world as we increase in the America in materialism, then the more that that increases the less we lean upon those universals transcendental snows as universal truths that are concept at rest in the mind and because of this, the church becomes weakened because of because it becomes materialistic and then what happens is it gathers to itself. Teachers who will continue to preach and teach materialism.

The words God wants you healthy and wealthy and a big bank account. This is materialism that carried us right it's against God.

And so when the church and the preachers are preaching against materialism and preaching for the truth and for the truth of Christians moving in the world and converting the world. When the preachers are doing that.

That's a form of apostasy is a form that's what needs to happen. God will often send people to warn the Christians and this is done the past and that if they don't McCants repents. Persecution comes to the church that came to Israel when they turned their back on God. And whenever materialistic things and turned her back on God and the judgment came when he uses pagans to discipline because the pagans will do bad things and then the Christian term. There parts in their minds to God and to become purified.

Back then God said to deliver that's usually how it goes sooner materialistic world. I believe were getting what we deserve is a nation we have these wacko moron leftist communist Marxists in the news media, the socialists and Biden whose corrupt and now he's the President-elect.

This is a sign of judgment upon this country and if the Christians think we get rapture out of it. Your mistaken it's not happen like that and if you want to argue with me about it.

Please call if we go through all the preacher versus Richard rapture versus our story how they don't support pretrip rapture show you how Christians go through the persecution. Jesus even said when you see these things happen, flee to the hills. When you see this persecution coming run because you can be there in this mentality. This escape is idea that God loves us so much materialism rears its ugly head. God wants you to be healthy and wealthy also want to be free from persecution. The spiritual discipline of persecution that transcendental that that that universal truth of purification we got is what you have to well he does. If the Christian church take the size of God materialist things becomes a torturous persecution is that is coming to the Christian church.

It's already here is going to increase. We Christians did repent housecleaner on house start with the pulpit and to get what will pastors and elders and deacons and also need to start preaching the truth of God's word and don't worry about offending someone or not offending someone preach the word of God preached within the church so that the people of God to be purified and strengthened with the word of God preached the power of that word, the pastor should be eager to get into the pulpit every Sunday to preach the power of the word of God, and he should rejoice. If you believe because they don't want to hear it because he's preaching to please God and not man.

That's what should be happening in the Christian church so that the true followers will be raised up and working for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ for me to have an okay when you had Israel come in handy when leveling. He had never forget many lover to outpatient and average jacket correct the judges is a statement and would do was write in your own eyes and picture I got in and persecution comes in the way it was with Israel as the pagan nations came in and pressed the put in the bond out and the people cried out to Dr. Halverson and just what happens. And so you know I got to see the writing on the wall because I know the setting Colts false doctrines and sing with been happening and I just for me. It's as clear as day.

This was good be happening some repent of prophesying this. I think this is not hard. Just a guts to discipline the Christian church because of its weakness and its idolatry in its spiritual fornication for the varying areas.

Not all people are doing us a quick little preacher don't dressing down preachers out there but unfortunately a lot of this idiocy on TV and radio and stuff like that and got to deal with this and we need to be rising around rising up the strength of the colonies before the throne. Firstly, rise up before standing right. All right, all right application will praise God's grace God all right God bless your fellowship for open lines of call 772072276 cubicle for open lines. Charlene from Utah look here hello hi I parking more moment after I asked the health care I'm not hearing you very well today if that's okay. That's fine from little sure can.

I know yes that's fine.

Sure nothing goes, so go ahead okay and that I have their contact if I left them at night.

Thank you for whatever you hold on break. All right a break right back okay all right they fall to write back. After these messages you lines 87720777 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave 72276 Charlene welcome back on the air.

I know about all that I am alone going home from a formal writing you like going there and can I ovulate on the radio. You sure can write sure all right that's Charlene from Utah to testing about Luke 1927 in the context it's a parable that Jesus is getting the parable of the usage of money or the talents that are given what he's ultimately doing is condemning the. The self-righteous Jews of the Pharisees there because what he's doing.

Jesus as nobleman went to a distant country and to receive the kingdom for himself and he called his slaves and said here's some money do well with it and this definition super short version of this and so we came back and he held them to account for what they they would do and one of them didn't do anything. He just had the money away that even make any interested nothing with the talents with the ability with the gifting's it was given to him and so because of that he was to be judged in the parable Jesus concludes by saying bring these enemies of mine who did not want me to reign over them here and slay the presence talking with the Pharisees and the Jews in the context because what they were doing is representing God and the nation of Israel. They had give been given gifts and they were not using them for the glory of God and for the proper handling of the kingdom of God and therefore they were the enemies of God and are to be slain, slain, to be destroyed. This is what will happen on the day of judgment solicit what is ultimately talking about is that those unrighteous Jews ready to face the judgment because they were given much confidently speaking they refused to do what was right before God and are to be held responsible. The question then becomes, for the rest of us what is he require of us as Christians to make you a little wary if he's given you talents and you refuse to use them for him. Then what will he do with you this question. If you know your gift from God and he's calling you to do something in ministry and work in mission is not to be like what I do or pastor does. It could be all kinds of things is doing right work in your job as a mechanic or a doctor janitor doesn't matter, student. But if you have a profession or something: the gods are has upon you, and you know it is different and not knowing you been giving these things, you refuse to use them for God's glory, what will he do with you if you refuse to bring glory to God with what is given you for his glory to think about all right, let's get to Mark Richmond, Virginia, Mark welcome around here without any of my name is Mark hundred nine a question question was if if you're not Christian. Do you think is the go to heaven like in other words, like to know live with me. I'm actually Jewish so I was wondering like so if you're not Christian like you know, do you think like okay you're going to burn in hell.

No matter what letter you think like God to judge all mankind to lick my rabbi said like got it and judge every single person you know your entire life story know the value and only I could judge so that the God who goes to have anything to judge everyone, no matter the Jewish are not those wondering like in Christianity is like if I don't convert the Christian then belay automatically go to hell yes you will lend with end-user Jewish Jesus was Jewish, he was circumcised on the eighth day Law perfectly. First Peter 222 laws about him as you think about in Zechariah 12 tenant says God will guts is a look upon me, pierced and mourn for him as one more thing, only son in Genesis 1924 it says Yahweh rained fire and brimstone from Yahweh on Simon tomorrow says that in Isaiah 50 3436 is not just nation of Israel.

It's about the suffering servant, and he should read that should also go to Daniel, 27, or 927 read the context there for the issue of the decree of Nebuchadnezzar to rebuild Jerusalem, which have been more believe it's March 14 445 BC.

From there the seven weeks in six weeks and the Messiah will be cut off and you go through. I got on the website you go through the date of the hundred and 73,880 days from the decree of Nebuchadnezzar that the Messiah will come in the prophesied in Daniel that's the exact day that Jesus came in on a donkey in the Jerusalem. So what what you're doing, getting on and not mad at you when you are doing is a is a Jewish person is, you're missing the Messiah missing God for provision they should read the book of Hebrews in the New Testament book of Hebrews is incredibly Jewish incredibly Jewish book talks about catalytic document covenant priesthood talks about the temple sacrifices talk about blood with animals. Initiation should read because it says in their that those who have once been enlightened in paper 6426 and they may been made aware of who Christ is and he rejected is no sacrifice for their lost sheep in November, 27, 26, it says you're obligated to keep the law keep it perfectly equal to love God with all your heart will soul mind and strength. During the six 511 neighbors yourself. Leviticus 1918, so your obligations keep the law, we can keep the law you can't come online so I do everything right like an hour, but nobody could be perfect for me other than the right and Bud Light and I do like to know if I tried to be like extremely righteous and I liked all the commandment. I do good being you know I do. You know like will be for a myth like you know I do good deeds throughout my life I help people I help the homeless to help people that are in need and not being in them and I'm a good person and then if I don't convert to Christianity than I am and down in Christianity.

It works mean nothing. There is none righteous, no not one that is Psalm 14 K is none to understand is none who seeks for God. All of her decide together they become useless or is not.

It does good is not even one song 59.

The throat is an open grave with her tongue to keep deceiving.

This is this is you and me is point fingers at you.

Only you and I are sinners in her heart, and the standard of the law is God himself and mean you know in the New Testament it says in first Peter 116 be holy, for I am holy and is a quote from Leviticus 1144 God is saying the holy by the Lord your God.

Consecrate yourselves therefore be holy, for I am holy. So the standard of of righteousness is not you, it's God you an appointment need to know enough as a sinners of failure in this were not perfect the standard is God, not ourselves, that our sincerity not our hearts. If our hearts were good enough. Why is Leviticus 1711 and 14 talk about the necessity of the shedding of blood without the shedding of blood is no forgiveness of sins was a Louisville, Yom Kippur, the day of involvement. There was also a bad thing you know is a way just praying to God for forgiveness like you know writing to Ron like know that there is still something like a poor night, Bill is earning advice to look anymore I go back to the door and I say something three times the amount of the candy bar every day at three times the amount I do I get to give than but I don't know you would be forgiven, necessarily, but you made up body. Now it's like I God how you forgiven by God will be forgiven by God for the destruction of the second Temple of Jerusalem and we are no longer able to build the other temple when I'm able to do static places anywhere you know it has to see the places that are damned by God so the temple is one of the only known places are the only known place that is left to the knowledge of the public and we know that because you're going long traveling at a time. You have no place of sacrifice for provisions were sacrifice the high priest so how are your sins forgiven you even have an offering anymore.

You and David Hallman of the height. The high holy days, the David Hallman Yom Kippur from Rosh Hashanah in the Jewish new year Yom Kippur Rosh Hashanah God opens the book alive in between Jan Russia, and Yom Kippur. The high holy day guy closes the book of life and he will live and who will die the next year and on those in MN. Everything neatly quickly. How are your sins forgiven right now what you due to your sins forgiven the Jewish man on Yom Kippur IFAD on the Sabbath.

I do not work on that than the first day of Passover and work on the last day of okay burning so you get your sins forgiven by not working on the Sabbath will will you know you never know if you can't question God will you know speak naturally like all of Dr. Dabney. I mean like at one point I was old enough, you give me as long answers and their Jewish answers with these long explanations. The Bible simply says for the life of the flesh is in the blood and have given it to you on the altar to make atonement for your souls.

For it is the blood by reason of the life that make atonement. That's where the atonement occurs is my blood. You even have a temple with the blood offering is given.

And even if you did the blood of goats doesn't cleanse because you have to have done nearly you can't keep your salvation or you can earn your forgiveness. I would you to that's prostate is prideful. You can't please the infinitely holy God who requires holiness and perfection by your efforts. This is why you need the Messiah.

This is why God says look upon me whom they have pierced and mourn for him as one mourns for an only son. Second, so your sins are forgiven and you need Jesus. He's the Messiah he's God in flesh, and he died for our sins.

You put your faith and trust in him because I don't have a minute left the show tonight.

If this topic if you don't trust in him, the Messiah, you have no atoning sacrifice. You have not, and you will die without Christ without the atoning sacrifice, you will be charged good health and just so you know what you're teaching is the same thing as Islamic theology.

If God wills think… God created you to do it all the profit it was given Mark, Matthew, John, yes, they know they stop being a (time, go back tomorrow Folks read time the Lord bless you bless you all. By his grace

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