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November 13, 2020 6:44 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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November 13, 2020 6:44 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- If God gives good gifts to His children, how can bad things happen to Christians---2- Are the 10 commandments separate from the Mosiac law---3- Why does the moral law continue for Christians but not the ceremonial or civil---4- What do I say to someone who doesn't believe the Bible or that there is even a God---5- Matt discusses how Jeremiah 29-11 is taken so often out of context.--6- Is it wrong to not vote- Do we have an obligation to vote---7- Matt discusses the errors of the prosperity gospel.--8- Is it wrong to pray over people's injuries or illnesses---9- My friend says he has had encounters with Jesus. Is that possible---10- I'm a student at Southeastern Baptist Seminary, the critical race theory is creeping in. What can I do-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded net selection of mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research ministry found you have questions about Bible doctrine is a max likewise glances goals in responding to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick slick slick log page 100 McCall five open lines of Exhibit 720722762276 stands for raw CRM which is the Christian apologetics research ministry, which just turned 25 years old on this past Sunday so if you're new to the show.

What we do here is so you question people call up all kinds of questions we would talk politics with men's Bible stuff found on the Christian apologist for the Christian faith and talk about all things so I thought about Mormonism.

Job's witnesses Christian science unity behind Islam. Let's see what else you oppose the Colts evidence for God information theory logically all kind of stuff we use it for the glory of God, to try and bring people into a relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Because the truth is, if you don't have Jesus as your Savior. People trust in Jesus, you're lost. Jesus was God in flesh.

Jesus, who died in the cross-motion of the detail you withdrew this is a lot of different theologies out there a lot of different things that are false. So for example one group teaches that God you see a man on the planet is exalted and he brought one of his wives with this world have relations in heaven's physical relations produce offspring and and stuff like that and have a human body such Mormonism and that is not true, the God of Mormonism is not real.

The God of Mormonism is not the same God is Scripture the God of the Scriptures is always been God and Mormonism.

Their God became God, the God of Christianity is a Trinity, and in Mormonism is a triad they think Trinity means three God's now that's a triad of the Trinity, which is one God in three distinct simultaneous persons.

He also signals an apostasy in Joseph Smith revealed the truth restored the true gospel never happened. That's another story drove as witnesses teach that Jesus is a brother to me is Michael the Archangel is Michael the Archangel became a man and died in a torture state Trinity and like Mormonism.

They deny that the forgiveness of sins by faith alone in Christ alone. So both of those are non-Christian religions. This law when it teaches is that Mohammed was a true prophet Mohammed was not a true prophet of God. Mohammed was a false prophet, he taught false things you deny the doctrine of the Trinity denied who Jesus Christ really was, and the like teaches works for salvation and a lot if Allah wills. Perhaps you might get saved. He taught that man's seed forms in his chest and that the sun sets and sets in murky water and Anson Burton talking things like that and up is a false prophet we needed all kind of thing Roman Catholicism teaches the true God teaches that you Christ Batista false gospel.

It teaches that Jesus came across this is fine worse in the body of the cross which is fine but it teaches that you gotta be good and participate in sacraments in order to be saved you be baptized in order to be saved and people teach that people teach that you have to be dumped in water or have baptismal water applied to you in order to have your sins forgiven and if you don't do that you can't be forgiven that damnable heresy because it denies the sufficiency of the cross of Christ and denies justified by faith in Christ is all kind of thing to talk about and a little bit unusual in that I go after the false teachers of aggressive patients and kind in the process talk to people and say I'm sorry I don't know if it's meant that we believe is false. Mormonism is simply not true. The God of Job's witnesses is not true, the God of Islam is not true. The gospel of Roman Catholicism is a false gospel all say these things and I defend them and write about them on the Christian apologetics research ministry website, which is had over 100 million visitors to the site in its 25 years of existence.

So hey look, if you want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877207227 cities with more open like to give me call you Melissa radio down there background or something you can hear me there you go Melissa Lindholm okay Melissa you can hear me Internet radio down will get back to you and hopefully were not probable to stack again but I will see what's happening to try her one more time. Melissa and I hope you have you got your high Melissa hello okay read a problem Keith that you know what's going on Keith as a producer. So Melissa, you need to turn the radio down the background trying one more time, hopefully with control but will find a Melissa. Let's try one more time. Melissa, are you site your eye. You hear me all right just mix the radios down in the background. Okay alright so I got okay yes to the question, I'm not Bible the Bible that God might God never let no, I'm not a couple people that are great.

One of the first first of all, the Bible says in Matthew 772 12 talks about God giving good things to people. He does do that. Nothing the Bible says he only gives good gifts. Sometimes what he does is let people go through bad times.

The second part of what you said is not in the Bible does make it up make up a lot of stuff to think is what God says and they teach false doctrine.

The truth is truth is that sometimes it is that stuff for example, my wife and I love the Lord of always been dedicated to the Lord and we had a son who died from birth defect. We've had things that have happened in our lives have been very very difficult and God has taught us that those things doesn't mean that God only gives things to us that we would perceive as good sometimes gives us those things which are necessary something was necessary is the fruition of the consequence of what we've done. Sometimes, however, is the consequence of somebody else's actions. We going to suffer and so we do so if you're driving down the road is something crashes in your car because they were drinking peppers was drinking it wasn't your fault but you gotta be affected now. I would somebody else do. That's how life is God's not there to protect us from every bad thing that things happen to us how we react to those things will be due in those things.

That's the issue.

Furthermore, a lot of people think like you don't realize you should say the praise God when things are good. They think God praise God that they worship God.

Things go bad, they lose their home in a homeless shelter, then the complaint against God little words. Their dedication to God is based on the circumstances not in the work of Christ. But in the circumstances and even misled because many false teachers out there teach God wants you healthy and wealthy false teaching that is false god may want you healthy. He may want me well he may want you for any may want you sick and I give descriptions for those so what do is submit yourself to the word of God, and in any circumstance separated just like Jesus, just like Peter. Just like Paul South will move along commercials going on there right there you go folks are going to be called here for open lines. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 right here and appear welcome to run the show.

Hey Matt, appreciate your work and I urge everybody five dollars a month is really the car for long times. Got a question on the Mosaic law, the ending of the law and think the statement and that's correct okay matter calm court that the fight death, burial and resurrection. We have the ending ceremonial law, the ritual and Donna all filled civil law, but the moral law continues. My understanding is my big question is, and that would be the 10 Commandments will continue through all eternity the courts. As Christians we want to keep those out of our love for Christ walking no starvation but because without that.

My question is commandment from the finger of God, would you consider the separate from the Mosaic law. The law yet okay the Mosaic law is all the law. It's the 613 Commandments in the exit of old bike week inside the Mosaic law. There's the judicial law and civil law. You could say there's the priestly enters the mental so the judicial has to do with the governmental behavior things. Things like that.

How to divide Landon and judicial cases under theocratic system and got us on existence anymore because or not is Israel. For example, not a theocracy.

The right priestly law deals with those aspects of the priesthood which were fulfilled in Christ is no longer necessary, and other moral laws based on the character of God and so therefore the moral law continues annual don't lie. Don't steal cheap talk and adultery. Things like that. The only law more around the 10 Commandments is not reiterated in the New Testament is the Sabbath because Jesus is our Sabbath.

The Sabbath points of the six hidden with Christ.

So nine of the 10 Commandments are actually reconstituted as being valid in the New Testament Sabbath is not so. Differences between the three hospital okay but you see that all or part on the Mosaic even Randall grammatical because was good to Moses and so where I get confused.

8 o'clock.

Please see that he you know he invented that the handwritten lot right. Christ is the end of that and then yet tomorrow Jesus was clear that it would never pass away. One where I held her son John worse diverse in conversant because I think it in chapter 1, I was calm where it says that that I mean new King James, I think. I don't think anyone Handwritten lot apparently nailed to 14 yes cluster 214. He killed his debts or the handwriting of lasses, having nailed to the crossers to pronto has a built hose with no go yeah and so I know most wrote on all the log work from the finger of God had come to the 10 Commandments on the tablet in her even then in the Arctic-four question. The question all you are so brave, so you so that The brace holdup folks be right back after these messages we have one call 7722 Van Slyke why call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg back to Matt slick live for week four okay still there yeah is what we request you the moral law. While it continues through all eternity. Yes, that's true.

That's right okay and and so I'm just trying to. I noted I believe to the Israelite all along. He didn't think about it in a park like we do because the ending of the other lot ceremonial picture that crisis counseling so without question. If that's the yes so best to keep their thinking it's all eternity. How are they separated out and Mike thought it made me quickly because I really think we say divorce separated at work. What's the thing up tomorrow commandment moral coming when you're separated out tomorrow 12 number ceremonial from the baked icing of another one lent by icing the moral law you're already separating them today when you say say this moral law is how they separated out and understand your question on how our day separated out the debris. What how the moral law. How I got determined versus the other one. Hello how do we know which is the ceremonial line, you know, Mike, yes my thought is where they come from the original so you want to know. The question is how do you determine which is moral, civil and judicial and moral civil and priestly in the law right well I know that I understand that that the team would like Peter Peter Weiser. And the rest don't get it. I just want you to ask a question you you confusingly several times here a question okay okay liquid moral thinking. How is that determined that the other that they you need the moral law is based on God's character God doesn't change so therefore it will always be the ceremonial and judicial laws were the priest priestly judicial laws were for the time of Israel.

Okay out there. They're not based on God's character yes and no.

Yes and no. There codified in a way of practical theology. Theology for sac sacrifice, which is ultimately on the character of God, for God's love for John, four, eight, and the greatest act of love is a layer left off her friend John 515 13 so the character God's sacrificial sacrificial aspect of the law is reflection of the character of God, but it's coded in a ceremonial form with the priesthood and animal sacrifices as a type representation of the true sacrifice of himself. Later on, so once a true sacrifice came into being that the Old Testament requirements of that law are no longer necessary group. Hebrews 813 Hebrews 915 to 16 talks about the fact okay and then wrap it without the fourth commandment you think that continues to learn that we have a one day of wrath. As you know, God, God created in six days and he rested on the seventh day Jesus is called our rest. He's our Sabbath so because we have the rest from the requirement of work. It was fulfilled in Christ to completed the law perfectly. First Peter 222 and then we are in him and those who have died free from the law. Romans seven for we were in him and died with him crucified with him. Romans 66 Roman 68 so therefore were not obligated to keep that law. The Sabbath is not an obligatory thing for us because it's an aspect of that ultimate loss.

Furthermore, the Sabbath is not reiterated in the New Testament as being necessary but it is of the other nine are adultery, lying, things like that these things are related reiterated as being true in the New Testament.

I have an article on this website Sabbath and some of appreciate that limited. I do like my one day of wrath is good stuff you are trying rest on Sunday. You drive you to do and I try to reflect on the Lord, Mark. I bless you, thank you so much for your time, plus Peter, all right, let's get to John from North Carolina, John, welcome you here.

I would talk to someone about the Lord and we go to the Bible for what we believe man, and say they don't. Okay, I'm thinking of the atheistic or agnostic. They don't consider the Bible the word of God or anything. What do we say then because the word of God because the word of God. Anyway, whether they believe it or not true believe mathematics works is still true. So God does not defend his own existence. The Bible doesn't defend its own truth, it just is. Yeah that's how it is Isaiah 5511 says the word of God will not come back empty, without accomplishing what God desires.

So our job is to preach that work so I can be in a room full of devout atheists. If I have the opportunity preach the gospel. I'm preaching it and they could save. We don't believe in and all that hunger I miss preach and but that's a the power of his learning does not have anything that okay sorry I think I will YouTube right let's get to the swing person is Melissa living room. We lost in which the verse that person was bringing up was so Jeremiah 2911, which is misused by a lot of people need to stress really quickly. She was waiting for long time in Las Vegas for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for the calamity to give you a future and a hope. And a lot of times is positive confession is false teachers on to you on TV and radio still use that first off you listen closely when their talk about this verse listen for the ripping sound of the verse ripped out of its context and misapplied in the field. Verse one of the chapter of these are the words of the letter from Jeremiah the prophet sent from Jerusalem to the rest of the elders of the exile, the priests, the prophets all the people from whom Nebuchadnezzar had taken into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon. It's in that context, God's as I know the plans I have for you okay is talking to the people in exile, not talking to Christians today. These false teachers on TV. So many of them could not exegete their way to the wet paper bag. If it was directions of the neon sign inside the paper bag think this way with a bright light on the open and they still couldn't find a way out with her procedures okay for you Nicole. We have three open lines 877207227 is dropping like flies. It was Carl on healing therefore open lines 877-207-2276 John from Idaho welcome you on here I met. Thank you for your time and a lot of times to talk to my friends in different people give them information from the Bible using the website, you passage where Jesus said render things that are Caesar's like coming election relevant minute break on their lines 87707 mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic back to the show.

Let's get back on the year there with joy from Idaho. John are you there for around 100,000 so we got okay how would you advise a respected pastor to vote would be to vote for the lesser of two evils.

So he's not gonna vote for evil to vote at all. In light of the verse where Jesus is render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, I think we have an obligation to vote. Don't you love the pastor has the right to to not vote is about, that's between him and God. Personally, I believe that's each person must hold their privilege and right that we have, to vote before the Lord and see what to do. The issue becomes the lesser of two evils. It's always going to be the lesser of two evils.

It's always good to be this matter who it is. In so holding about four if he wants to not vote for the lesser of two evils that he deeply devoted anything because the principal means you can never vote so when we draw the line and I believe that Christians should vote. I believe Christians should be protesting. I believe the spinning phone calls they should be mailing letters, they should be doing emails, they should be meeting at the capital once every now and then, with signs protesting they should be upfront of the leftist organizations called CNN and MSNBC, etc. saying be objective. I think the Christian should be doing instead of sitting there and looking forward to the rapture for the blocker blood location server Jesus dressing like that's rivaled it. I think I should be out there and the aggressive Christian and not just a Jesus was. He went town to town, just like Paul was. They went out of town and they preach. They talk that's what they called us to do as were to do that is amenable to so everything like that but were called to be out there, not wimpy. Passive diaper Indians who are afraid to do anything like her singles might have not voting is that a crime because not voting, not will not not voting would be a sin, because that would be effectively evoked or the greater evil.

If you just don't. I wouldn't say that's a sin because nothing the Scripture says thou shalt evoked with the judge everything with Scripture, not just a render to Caesar the things are Caesar's and to God the things of God's loving remarkable 17 and it does also say to submit to the government. In Romans 13 we need to do that, but it is it Jesus said in Mark 1217 he said that what we do is render to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar the state to the state to what belongs to God the things of God. What are the things of God. This is the question that asked the things of God are the promotion of righteousness, the resistance are your fault. This is what we owe God in our society are the Christians who don't want to vote for Trump or don't want to vote for Biden or don't want to vote for whoever is a matter who didn't want to vote because you don't like the leak that that's okay. Are they also standing up against the unrighteousness of homosexuality of the leftist leanings and ungodly and un-biblical teaching of socialism and Marxism of the standing up of the been consistent in giving to God things that belong to God, which is the governmental system of private enterprise of self protection of these ankle descriptors.

I find it I got the Bible talks about the state representation all the stuff is in the Scriptures we are to be engaged in the culture and we are to be seeking political office seeking actors being to become actors and actresses and directors and writers at newspapers.

Chris is supposed to be doing this. That's what belongs to God because everything looks to God. He is the he's a king over all areas of our life. Yes sir exactly right.

Thank you for your work.

Thank you for carman. Keep up the good work. Please write John Douglas John all right before the next call of the just reiterate folks the Lordship of Christ is not just in church on Sunday and just when you're on your knees in front of the Lord. Praying, it's not just the Lordship of Christ. It's for the father and the family. The mother in the family for the worker at the job for the doctor over the patient's for the politician over the populace for the author who writes the actor who acts the Lordship of Christ is in every area and we as Christians have been given the command by God to make disciples of every nation. This means to get out there and to go and second Corinthians 10 five talks about holding every thought captive to the bigots of Jesus Christ. The command that we have of Scripture, the admonition we have of Scripture is to be fourth going not retreating, but to be moving forward in the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It doesn't mean we yell and scream. It means that we have to trust God as we go forward. I have this saying trust and go simple as that. Trust God and go. Let me tell you a story of the callers. My old roommate Dave and I weep this just what is how it was one of many examples to trust God and go see what happens. You trust them see what happens. We are supposed to go to a lecture from the Christian science non-Christian cult and pass out literature as people got out of the lecture hall and it was 830 at night lecture got out at 9 o'clock with Southern California, I blew it. I forgot to get the address and the information work was back in the 80s, no Internet, no GPS, no cell phones, and so at 830 I said my roommate Dave is to drive 15 to 20 miles away, get off, and a city called Tustin it's in California, which is got umpteen tens of thousands of people in it and see if you can find this place will be in the drive to tie the short story we got to that place early. We got that place early in the middle of all this humongous city we trusted God and he directed her path. I got stories of how it happened. It was interesting director Pat when you trust God things happen you don't trust him. Things don't happen.

And if what you're trying to do in the safety of your own life as a Christian is make sure everything is in place before you go forward because you think it will got a get committee going to make sure that everything's all the peas and cues in place first then we can cautiously move forward cautiously, that trusting God and going the same belief and in darkness, a blind leap stuff like that, no, no, no, you pray and God says go make disciples with your seeking to make disciples you already little God so go if God says that he's a Lord over all creation which is that he's the Lord of politics over the media over entertainment over education and means it is difficult as it might be was we push up the hill against the downward onslaught of liberal idiocy still means God is behind us. He's with us, though it may be difficult will make progress fight against the enemy. We need to move forward. That's what you do as Christians. I've done it my whole life as a Christian and some miraculous things have happened.

But you will experience that if you sit on your hands and you wait for the blonde hair blue white Caucasian surfer Jesus present woman's nightgown to help you out next sure everything's comfortable while you listen to some stupid moron on TV saying God wants you healthy and wealthy.

You want your bank account to be big wonder people. Christianity don't know how to move forward in faith and trust God in plenty and want because are so glad to know Christ by greed that they don't how to move trust. This is a shameful thing is happening in America Christian church. We can change this country very quickly if we get on her knees. Humble ourselves.

Look up to God and see send me use me, even if the means having children who in 30 years enter into the job God called Patsy for discipling. We can do it.

Don't listen to the media don't listen to the weak kneed preachers who teach God wants you healthy and wealthy.

Maybe he doesn't. Jesus has picked up his cross daily and follow after me and not pick up his cross is not worthy of me. Those preachers don't teach pickup cross say pick up a money belt make khakis really nice car. God wants you healthy, wealthy, okay I think I'm finished, let's get to Carlton Florida. Carl welcoming on the Miramar right now I'm doing all right. And then there was nobody our mother felt bumper? I'm a growth whenever you go about like the make a bid and found you run into people and yet it of any injury or anything it could be a leg injury. If so, then there anything and break so you will not like that these messages folks give me call the 19677777 mass Y call 770-7276 pairs. Matt slick life. Carl still there right we go, but there is random people act and are in good thing. So the government by the end the mayor over them and afterword. The people all I'm a prayer you know anything can happen or whatever but I like every individual switch, like, but think about the amount that you feel about the list. The Reformation to teach people to go up just pray for people's feelings and gospel disguise given the gospel in the process but God does. He talked about the gospel with them in the midst of a good argument that many injuries okay. Anything going on over them and let you know the Holy Spirit you meet the amount of sugar about. I pray for your mom beckoned. Ask people for healing the problem. There Mark Peckinpah was the same individual, not that it had encounters with the NR wherever I can leave to prayer right I get the being the thought that well on this and that can't happen over well I believe is possible, but when I hear like this and some is talk to him and this is a casual about the conversation I buy any encounter with Judy God has a profound effect on and when I got it for okay Dr. all right thanks a lot Carl okay `God bless this can align with Rick. We lost he's an atheist, apparently, and I had questions on faith healing that we talk about that because once we have the final lines which you may call 877-207-2276, the media use of my life for my sake, for money, but if my wife or my. If you go to Amazon you want to get something you can go to you can put in a charity and your purchases can reflect on and we can get a check of an elementary little bit helps. Let you know about that.

Speaking of which, we do need your support and thought you were so kind as to do that. All you have to do is click on the CRM.RG/donate and only for me.

She leaves right there. I asked five dollars a month for do more than scrape five dollars a month is a great deal. All right, so faith healing faith healing is a good is it true what well generally understand faith healing to be is people who know have a meeting and then they call you forward.

They do this faith healing thing where people get healed most of it in my pin is just the charlatans just conning people is been documented that many of the so-called faith healers have had radios in her ears and will be very selective about who they so speak. He'll submit a wheelchair, for example, they don't heal them is obviously gets real serious problem to do that. So there's a lot of it is as fake canned God. However, heal people, of course, you can and he does heal people. Well you do, but actually just just remember there's a book medical medical miracles, medical miracles, I think, is what is called or something like that any documents healings with x-rays with diagnoses, doctors name dates patients all the stuff where some miraculous healings occurred as Christians reprint so you can do what you want with that. See the book so well in Rick's it got too silky, okay you still still can't we just have to compare everything with Scripture. As we got to do. Let's get you drew from the room. North Carolina drew welcoming on here a Matt think like my shirt with seminary currently which land southeastern okay bad and I like that critical race theory at the on it leaking in and I think a lot of people are blind to it. I don't know what to do about it.

I grant that we had a a I bent the college outer last week and the guy was that there there talking about the elect and I and Dan if you don't want, or spin the boat, but going unity in our country. The boat provided an immediate that I crazy.

That's crazy and if I find ended it in the fact that about 90 in the fight very solid. Maddox throw out there so what deeds of God and know just because. Okay there is a verse, there must be factions among you to the truth can be made known factions slowly find that verse. It is for breakfast with his living 19 there must be factions deliver the great word is heresies. Gracie's heresy must be divisions or factions among those were proved to become evident among look, don't worry about being a problem. Don't worry about that. Don't let their majority of liberal, whatever sway you into keeping silent about truth.

What you need to do is document your stuff, prepare your information ahead of time have it there with you and do your research of wanting and have been wanting personally to do a lot of research on social justice issues so busy involved. The website converted the month months long project I so that I work on bad timing. This was necessary, but nevertheless you work on the stuff. Raise your hand. Say wait a minute, and here's a here's a critical thing ask you show me this in Scripture, it should be so frequent that you raise your hand or to go to shows in the Bible right, almost in a mocking sense of it and I get like that but you can see now what were to say that God's word. What is justice according to God's word.

Look up the word justice and see how God uses the word justice because we know that God has his way of teaching and and think about this. If social justice intersection malady. Critical race theory all the stuff is there for us Christians to take and work with, which is form of socialist manipulation if that's what were supposed to be doing, look at Jesus did Jesus do anything like that.

Did Paul the apostle Peter do anything like that. I'd ask them. Can you show me these things these ideas in Scripture what it Jesus to Jesus came to die for our sins, and he did not say that he did not say let's get rid of Rome.

He didn't say what their slavery and justice. He didn't say just like Patty Brian Mandel not. And he cried that your coming at it it it how to opt that everybody thought he was going to lead a revolution to movement of Rome, and he didn't do that and things like that what they want, and that by now you did.

All I did the exact opposite right so what they're doing is creating this issue of race law and things like that. Social power and whatever it is and saying that these are the things with a just society by Isaac my hand goes up, shall be in Scripture. I would do this so much that they will not want me to class is not to be annoying but shall be Scripture you know I was in a philosophy class and not call the secular philosophy class. I raise my hand so many times that the professor stopped calling on me when I raise my hand.

Instead you just look at me and say what you gotta say, I wouldn't do it anymore because I type. I had information and I was ready.

You can do the same thing. This social justice getting you see this creeping into the church is ridiculous Jesus. Neither Jesus nor Peter nor Paul in the Scriptures.

What they did not acknowledge racial discrimination and insight social justice based upon the inequities of racial this and that they didn't do that. They said you need to come to Christ, you need to believe in Jesus because this idea I think about this. This idea of working forward to get categorizations of race mongoloid caucus avoid Negroid and there's been the white supremacy been the oppressors and all the stuff all that does is fall into the hands of Marxist theology.

I just finished reading Mark's car, Mark's outcome is manifesto and a lot of what the left things right on that manifesto and they want they want about race relations problems they want. Class struggle problems so that disinformation can be allowed to go forth that causes problems and causes disharmony and revolution. This is what's going on this with their other idea is in Marxism and then the oligarchy takes control. We lose our rights etc. etc. so what they're doing in this just social justice stuff is not appealing to Scripture with her doing is appealing to the secular world and make the Scripture for the secular world is people are listed with the fingers wedding at putting up in the air and say which way is the secular wind blowing and you have the opportunity seminary sake show me that in Scripture justified in Scripture and all the other leading the charge shall mean Scripture show me Scripture, Scripture thinking that I agree with you that it, like the heart warming to the world absolutely thing in the world right now. Hey, we don't we don't offend anybody. We don't bite telling them like the chart name ideology when you know we should the gospel that offend him.

Nobody the gospel that offends nobody is not the gospel.

The Bible not to be offensive, but it is offensive by the nature of its truth. See the social justice wars want to do is change people on the outside past the laws say the name okay. Also, the name father son and Holy Spirit is what they want what Christ wants is a change of heart and everything else will be taken care of. These people are shortsighted in their social justice things shortsighted. We Christians can't adopt the stupidity of the world. Ask your dictator what harm look up black lives matter article go check it out and printed up.

Take it into the class documentation there and ask him what you guys think BLM suit. They say and I read some stuff that they teach that to teach this or against the family problem sexual is okay with you guys got that, would they agree with all thy love Drew I want you to call me back tomorrow okay, here I think that time the Lord bless you all.

By his grace back on there tomorrow. Never people. Everybody Christians

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