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October 29, 2020 6:55 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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October 29, 2020 6:55 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How can I best witness to my deistic nephew---2- Matt discusses the international aspect of CARM and the need for support.--3- If we all sinned through Adam, why doesn't Christ's atoning work apply to all- What about those who die in ignorance without knowing of Christ---4- Where did Jesus go after His death before ascending into heaven---5- Matt discusses issues and problems with the theory of soul sleep.--6- If it was God's will for Judas to betray Jesus, then isn't salvation founded on betrayal-

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Matt Slick
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A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found online on the morning you have questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 77072. Bless you for listening and wanting to call folks, we are for online 77202276 we have nobody waiting right now what you recall, last night we had a 25 you anniversary shindig, so to speak. Virtual standard for couple of hours because harm the frequent Christian apologetics restrict ministry turned 45 on Sunday the 25th and so Sunday night last night. Monday we had people coming on the insured loss of harm with missionaries in the world.

It was a great evening and I really enjoyed it if you saw or participated. If you do it or didn't, whatever say thanks for all of your support and prayers for the ministry. Also, if you are so inclined. Please pray for us.

This is a diverse difficult ministry to be.

We just thought it could be tough to do here is ministered as many people as possible with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And now we have all kinds of issues and problems in this one day and talk about is not a big deal is just how things are and in ministry finances technical stuff threats and attacks on the servers. There is a stock that happens when you're in ministry expose error and it happens a lot in the middle so please pray for us and also if you're so inclined to support us financially. All we ask is five maybe $10 a month and helps us to set up donation thing that's giving budgets for the coming year. We know we can hire anybody for example to be doing is getting the money together for a version of harm to be done in Swahili and there's like 30 million people. That speaks with something like that African translator who has other translators gritting weightings with the domain name get the. The site built moved over and things like that. It sticks money and tell you the current website.

For example, is had 100 million visitors. It really is incredible thing.

You can reach so many people from major nations to little bitty island chains in the middle of nowhere out there in the ocean.

We've got emails from everywhere.

Thank you.

People use information so praise God.

Be a participant in that by supporting us prayerfully and/or financially either one five dollars a month will ask the Lord bless you and if you don't okay just pray we certainly need the prayer spiritual battle that we are all right to call you for open lines. I want to become okay 877-207-2276 look at the chart from North Carolina jock welcome life goal. I got a question about my Roman Catholic and Canales egg not take agnostic. I don't know but start to try to share my faith in college is one real quick. Well agnostic right yeah yeah believe that there is a higher power but he doesn't believe that he interact are elements of the doubt say that I doubt the right deism pleasing God that exists but is not those of the world right and Gnosticism says it is not for is or is God wanted things I recommend is I have a book of written called apologetics is and you can go to car go to Amazon about their and what I did there was was right.

It is a very easy way very conversational style people read it safe.

Very easy to follow and will give you a lot of pointers and things like that witnessing and worldview problems with atheism is a Deist but in a sense, deism and atheism have a lot of fun commonalities in that deism, because God is not involved in the world. Well the atheist say solar similarities and differences to this one thing to do. All right, so with deists when I talk to them. One of things I'll do is also how do you know God created everything when you find out what they teach and luck. They don't know where controverted on educated and insultingly is is they don't know what they don't know, and help them out well is talk about that trying to do is ground them in the necessity of understanding that there must be a God who is the three preconditions for everything is a statement without God.

You can't explain anything was a real broad stroke, broad brush, constructing their it's true without God. The Christian God. You can explain morality or our existence rationality you can explain these things.

You can't justify their existence really mean and so you always have explore Sweeney to do is pray for him.

Of course, ask him questions. Why does he believe what he believes. Now, the way he does. Don't attack, don't try give too many answers to quickly ask questions to find out where he is open to dialogue with them today and opening about talking about it so I thought that was good and I was asking questions and I flew and know some document.

I believe Dan but not everything about the resurrection. I thought about the doctor. The bed Jesus was fully man and fully God and you feel awake and peacefully at Catholic you know that I can see them why that would turn anybody off. It's very frequent.

People who were Catholics to become atheists or agnostics or members of cults or listen arrived to Protestantism, which is good with Catholicism is so this only weighs systems and you want to know when I get this straight, agnostic agnosticism says that they don't know if God is or is not atheism. Okay, atheism, and one human per day. I think it's so atheism is no God. Deism is God, but God is not involved in the world. Theism is God exists and he is involved in the world. The three major branches of thought. And there's very you could go that atheism, deism theism, but then sometimes there is Nicole pantheism were God and the universe are one of the same thing that would be deism and then click then is involved in the world.

Depending on what kind of pantheism you hold to you so yes or no. With the three majors I categorize are atheism know God deism God but not involved theism God who is involved in the work okay okay are you there we lost okay hey folks are going to call you for open lines.

All you have to do is wait 772072276 John from Florida. Welcome here. John Henry problem can hear me see sometimes is having but once every two months will have a an issue and either I have to reboot or our, next I have to reboot so he's going to check Helena try this John are you there no not yet. Okay, so what was due a stall for the okay he's gonna reboot okay so that I can really affect you don't know this was called convex feed I've machined my left and on the computer on the screen.

I have the ability to see when people call him and the producer what he does is he answers the call of the types of limited information I can see ahead of time was going on, and so he says can reboot the that's okay so connect on going on so the meantime startled hold on the, throat. There we go Mike down that all right, folks, looks just let you know I've written several books. If you're interested in checking amounts you go to Amazon's good place to go to Amazon and I look up Matt slick and flexible experiments look at me teaching SOI cicadas nested books like nine actually a lot more but not released all of them working on a couple books got to get out since the minute going to hopefully get more out next year will find out but I got something something right now getting the website converted from one style to stop and if you are so interested, you will support us all here to do was go to Petri on and to check out Matt slick there to support standards to patron video today and we always ask if you're so inclined support is financially five dollars a month. You know would be very much, and if people are willing to do that go in and set it up. Dr.'s good karma. See the right hand side you see all information eat or just go to convert/donate Anderson a way to set them so they have a recurring donation five dollars monthly good of a couple thousand people to do that we can pay all our bills all the time without having to stress cut corners and do all the stuff that's not very much but so we do, we do have missionaries in Africa listen may be coming second missionaries are supporting for years. One guy named Josh her awesome guy that guy full-time guy for 13 years in the Columbia guy for seven years in Brazil that guy for about seven years in Turkey so we are supporting them. We also have a guy in Salt Lake City Glucophage listening and ice Greg I and so while we support to love people and writing producing for the current website already received. Try this is working yet it is not working a three I get back in the galaxy.

I think I'm back in the stack, and always callings was going to try right now, folks. Give me a call I think is working now let's see, are you back in.

This is live tech stuff no see a piece of his beckons. We have thought five of the lines folks want to give me a call 877-207-2276 give a call and I should really good and right now we have some tech problems that does happen.

Not a big deal. And so I was in a debate on Saturday and are debating the nature and extent of the atoning work of Christ was Sam Shimon well known Muslim apologist, in that he was against Islam is very, very, very good, exceedingly good, and he never debating opposite ends of the nature and extent of the atonement and video on how to patron today talked about up and over some of the stuff reviewed it slightly and check it out as well. Again, what you recall, folks, you have five open lines waiting 877-207-2276 to break up a little bit what I may do if your phone call if you still is on the exegete versus used by Sam and they folks is what is you call 77207 Matt slick. Why call 77077 we have two open lines of 200 and call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Salem from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Sam welcoming on their thank you sir.

I thank God, forgive my ignorance question about universalism that I don't understand about barn. There is something about universalism that I don't understand. I accept God's word as his word that they just my ignorance item to item all of us spend the why is Christ work is merit in all his daunting work not apply to all, why should we remember charge of the first, why should we have a choice thumbs up asking like many people out of ignorance about going to hell. I just don't understand why it cannot be applied to all because tended to be applied to in first Timothy 14 for example, God speaks and he says that he swore that the iniquities of Eli's house would not be atone for by sacrifice or offering forever is what God God said this and so the six sins of the of the lighthouse will not be atone for that right they refute universalism that he bore the sin of everybody who ever lived, and they will therefore go to heaven.

Universalism says they misunderstand various texts like Romans 518 first 2015 22, they failed to understand that there are people going to go to hell in Mark 329 2546/1411 2010 lotto versus a type of people going to hell being judged the universalist arguments is similar to the reformed argument on the nature of the atonement with all say is that Christ's sacrifice actually did remove sin actually did do it at the cross, which I agree with it did +214 says that Jesus canceled certificate of debt at the cross, he did the cross were canceled.

The question becomes who do cancel for because of logical question if you canceled your Cinda can you go to hell is now because there's no sin to be held.

Your account with you believe or don't believe the issue is irrelevant because God can't send you to hell for it when you're sinless that effectively. This will because it says is a die for the sins of the whole world. In John 316. Think like that that so the universalist will see the whole world was every individual who ever lived, was not the case.

Word world and in John 316 refers all the nations because Jesus was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel is not sent not sent, and he bore the sins of his people and so the logical explanation for all this is a sin that Jesus only bore the sins of the elect was chosen by God for salvation that would refute universalism and it would also maintain the efficacy and power of the blood of Christ on the cross is to think about this did the sacrifice of Christ accomplish anything like interest will yes what would accomplish these accomplish mix of the potential accomplish making it actual so anyway that is is a sacrifice of Christ that occur 2000 years ago did actually accomplish what God wanted to accomplish.

Nature has to be what yes is that sacrifice and actualized when we believe it is not because our belief does not make the sacrifice real or not real, it occurred back then it was finished it was finished in real time. So our belief is not what makes the atonement real to us. Our belief is where we are justified the righteousness of God is imputed to us by faith. Romans 325 one glacier 216 Soviet understand is that Universalists what they do is fail to understand the issue of the nature of the power and extent of the atonement combined they misunderstand versus that of the word all in it.

I know this because I've had hundreds of hours of discussions with hundreds hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of the topic well and they misapply things and some universalist leaving say that Satan is can be redeemed and his fallen angels, which is heresy universalist, some universities and other universalist will teach that what happens is if you reject Christ in this world and you go to the next world, you can receive Christ in the afterlife was going to nothing the Bible says that the country was 927 is appointed in the morning and to die once and after this comes judgment. Universalism is a feel-good theology that is based upon straw and misinformation and false information and lack of ability to properly understand the word got that whole section on universalism on the website and on to say this to that, the only group that's treated me worse than Universalists.

The only prospective group of people who treated me worse than them have been Satanists who threaten to kill my family.

The Universalists are not as bad as that. But they were horrible. The hypocrisy that is present in so many Universalists is just pathetic. They professed a great love of God. But if you will agree with their perspective. They turn on you like dogs turning so not all Universalists are like that. Some are quite nice for the most part I found it to be very judgmental, shortsighted, and can't exegete their way back. So if you're interested check stuff out of the celebration of monarchy or not that book absolutely monitors, and says that God is the one who is the author and perfecter of our faith even grants to be believe it's 129 to grants repentance second Timothy 225 to cause us to be born again.

First Peter 13 are born again that Iran will John 113 were chosen for salvation. Second Thessalonians 213. We are chosen before the foundation of the world in Christ.

Ephesians 15114.

This is the work of God. We cannot come to God to Christ unless you been drawn by God the father is John 644. We cannot come to Christ unless God grants to become to him.

John 665 so that's that's monitors. Synergism is what the Colts teach Roman Catholicism teaches Eastern Orthodox teachers that we have to in the wisdom of our own sinfulness to cooperate with the grace of God in our will and our wisdom.

We do is, and trust in what God is done it denies the teaching that the unbeliever is a slave of sin. Romans 642 20.

It denies or haters of God, did not seek for God.

Do not any good.

Romans 310, 11, 12, it denies of heart is full of evil. Jeremiah 17 nine denies these things says that men still able to find this Universalists available very okay folks right back half is not one of them line 877 mass Y call 770-7776 line here with Kevin from Tennessee hey how you doing that. All right we got what brought you that day after the resurrection of Mary, not yet. On that we were to go between his resurrection or his death and resurrection question hello Lucia, we did lose him again tech problem here.

So Kevin if you hear me say something. Not only do the entryway. We don't know exactly where Jesus went as far as location goes are some theories what it appears to be is that all he was out of his resurrected body went to the spirits in prison make proclamation and that's in first Peter three to a roughly 18 says for Christ. I'd also once role adjustment unjust so that he might bring us to God, having been put to the death.

The flesh made alive in the spirit in which also he went make proclamation spirits now in prison and so one theory is that that's what he did.

Now it looks like that is the case. Christmas is right there, but here's something else is okay, good. And another thing is evidenced in Ephesians 4 Internet Ephesians 4 it talks about Rico. I talked to check on that.

The text appear it says this facts in verse seven, but to each one of us grace was given according to the measure of God of Christ's gift. Therefore, it says when he ascended on high, he led captive a host of captives, and he gave gifts to men. Now one of the series is that out of Luke 1619 to 3231 when Jesus when the Jews give the story of Lazarus and the rich man both died in with his conversation with Abraham called a rental. Some think that the saints who died in faith before the sacrifice of Christ went to that holding place paradise.

Abrams was and then what happened is that Jesus went there proclaimed the gospel because he was informing them of what happened on the cross since it only died in faith, and then he led them up into heaven in the presence of God because that was only possible after the shed blood of Christ occurred. So it looks like that that's what happened in that context. Okay, so we are having another tech problem. I don't know if you guys can hear me in the in the chat room and can or Charlie can hear me in the chaplaincy can hear me let me know, so the contracts are having to reboot it again as we had five college four colors weightings we lost all that.

So if you want to give McCall my wonderful minutes before that is taken care of.

So that's the second time with you guys can hear me that's good right good is so out. This is what the theory is the main theory I can a link to the records the idea that what happened is that when Christ did complete the atoning sacrifice. He did make proclamation of the spirits and that wasn't a gospel offering, but just take hey, this is why you're here.

This is who I am. This is what happened.

You guys are out of luck and that he went to the order was 20 at first, but went to the saints who died in faith and hope and can become the Messiah proclaimed to them or announced to them, informed them who he was and what he had done and then took them and went to heaven with them and so that seems to be be with cases called interim or the intermediate state and what Christ did during that time to raise an issue here. Always call to come back in which I may have to reload my browser here in a little bit and just what happened. Think about this, as far as the two natures of Christ goes here from if Jesus died on the cross, which he did and he died physically on the cross, which he did. What happened to the hypostatic union. What happened to the two natures of Christ. This is a serious issue talk about this. So if you would give McCall he rebooted the contracts he's back McCall Fox 87720722765 open line; will get back in lab all right now think about this. If Jesus is is one person with two distinct natures which is the correct conference call the hypostatic union stated that some heretical teachings go that is called soul sleep that the human nature of a person either ceases to exist upon death in his resurrected life to be judged or goes into a state of unconsciousness and nonfunctioning.

No function at all. This is one of the interviews and withhold annihilation is conditional is how would that affect the nature of Christ's atonement because the atonement exist because Jesus Christ is God in flesh, to nature's God and he's God in order to offer sacrifice sufficient for God's man in order to offer sacrifice on behalf of people in the hypostatic union of the two natures of Christ. One person cannot be violated if it's violated. We have a denial of the true incarnation and then the sacrifice itself is because of valid. So at his death. Christ was to natures in one person, but what would've happened if after his death.

Human nature ceased to exist as some universe is to be some annihilation stage that would deny the continuation of the person of Christ is who he was and then there will be no true resurrection of Jesus, which would mean that Christianity is falsified the life they will know he was resurrected was reunited in his body, but this is a problem called continuity. Because if you ceases to exist. There is no continuity between actuality between the person between the state one state to a good logical that if the however they say soul sleep that Christ's soul was unconscious and an active one of the things I passed and I've not received any entry because they don't know is when the soul is asleep. Is there any energy that the current necessary question because if I think that energy like dream energy. If there is no energy, there is no life so I was asking to talk to some annihilation lists about this condition so they can't get an answer. They don't know and it's problematic in itself. If the human souls is is asleep and there's no energy going on, then there's no existence and that's flaming heresy with the risen energy is expended by the soul will if that's the case, how they know and what is occurring in the soul. Is it asleep in conscious dreaming. These are questions I asked and they don't have answers to the little do is I'll say well soul sleep is real. What is so sleep Mrs. unconscious state was her energy been going good so can explain what it is we don't know they don't have any actually don't think very far along these things, and if there is no activity in the human nature but tickly when Christ is work. Then when he was in the intermediate state preaching and teaching the gospel to the people. Proclaiming what why the judgment is what it is that their status and stuff like that.

Then the human nature was not involved with that would be a denial of the sufficiency of the personhood.

Please see these issues are interrelated and is a real problem and from that view. All right, now only say that the the comic stack says the guy teeth says he still cannot hear the callers so I assume that he's gonna reboot. We got a break coming up and down the technically going to reboot?

And what he might go do is break time is take more time out to redo things so he says three times the charm so we get back up to do folks for those of you who are in the chat room want to do this once you type in some questions and if for some reason, the contract does not come back on right.

I'll just answer your questions and so you can just tighten them and maybe Charlie, what you can do is write a few down in Andover about done backend whatever I don't see them or they scroll up so well this was going on raises a big deal on the menu for almost 16 years now and we've had some glitches here and there for me to just roll the punches and keep going forward. Avoid estimated talk about Suffolk that were about the brakes.

I don't know what's can have.

Maybe Charlie or something telling when break that I don't know the statuses of the conference because I think the music will run a break like total doodle keep talking so those of you who are in the chat room please. Some still I believe you can please just tighten some questions and the last segment of the break will do is I will answer.

There's a music so hopefully we'll get things going after this break right that folks after his great messages. Matt Flynn why call 770727 charismatic sling best for your tech probably find out right now with the caller we have for open line and want to give me a call 877-207-2276 let's check out Jeff from Dallas, Texas. Jeff you're on the year hi Matt, I just wanted tell you one thing that with all believe that you died on the cross. It in John 1321 I could find. I tell you the truth, one of you betray me and then Hebrews 1010 anything here I am, I have come to do your God will and by that will we have been made only for the body and sacrifice of Christ on all of God wanted somebody to be treating it with how you get people though salvation founded on betrayal question as to what okay so what's with your complaint.

Then mine and that people are going to be gone and haven't died on the cross know that salvation was founded on betrayal before will know salvation is not founded on betrayal found is founded on the blood of Christ which cleanses us of our sins and the betrayal was necessary. Unfortunately think that I desire mercy and not sacrifice the 90 repeated yeah is a different context to you a few stew northward context means right.

I think I think the time when it is context in the context of Hosea is not talking with the coming atoning work of God in flesh is talking about their obedience and their fall sacrifice that they were giving their hypocrisy.

That's different than Jesus Christ bearing our sins body.

The cross it so even the whole idea. I would like it if a person die for your it doesn't matter if you believe in it or don't believe in it it it paid the price so I'm curious why did only matter if you believe in it like Buddhist courts are going to believe in it, and do not believe in it looking normal, like God created the cultural isolation of the Hindu engineered the circumstance of their debt ignorant of Revelation and then completed the penalty for that ignorant and at a conscious torment, eternity of fire your reading okay here's the thing is, a lot of times in unanswered slope and let you know that a lot of times when I debate atheist. Teach them answer their objections were not doing their own thinking. They just parrot what they've heard with the lead and they think that that's that's got you, and it's not actually introducing concepts to Adam and Eve in the garden, God created them and everything was good and what atheism teaches is no God and what it does is it denies God as part of the explanatory ability of the universe right and wrong that all of that kind of stuff when Adam and Eve started taking things into their own hands. They were acting like atheists when they started saying or not you believe God at his word.

I'm not going to consider.

I'm going to do it when I want to functionally they were behaving like atheists. And that's when things went bad. Adam and Eve were Adam, I should say as a Christian doctrine and this is what the atheist sites rarely ever ever do rare is ever actually study the issues atheist will come to me and they want me to know their atheism and agnosticism strong atheism weak atheism epistemological issues deontological issues that will be to understand Platonic norms justified belief systems can't want me to know about Hume to answer all kind of stuff build REIT solipsism and do everything they do not do their homework and study with the criticize when it comes to Christianity I have to know multiple topics they don't have to know anything because it is read off of website and site this window in this explanation only give you one of the Christian doctrines is called federal headship that the male represents of the sentence. Adam resented us when he fell.

We fell in him. Sin entered into the world, and the consequence of that sin is such things like Hinduism, Mormonism, atheism, it's the ferrites as soon as you can choose everyone to choose no stopping you from choosing your choosing to rebel against the true living God, and you pay the price for eternal damnation. If this can happen to know was forcing you God is force to transmit good thing is that like God created the need actually put them in a garden excusing excuse like excuse me I want you to sleep last night. Excuse me, I'm nothing like God and giggled on stop for second. I'm not can let you blaspheme God and say that he did. I'm glad things are okay let me speak.

This is wrong for you to do that but I can turn the tables on you. You can say that something is bad or wrong.

Who are you, as an atheist to say what's right and wrong is good and bad, evil or good. What standard do you have tile standard of what it like that and that the result of my action have an effect on those around me and have an effect on the olive cooperatively. We have to recognize the result of the I get them from an understanding of preop reality, not an assertion of authority is it wrong for me to come to your house love you yet and what is wrong.

Why is it wrong what is it morally wrong that along to me and it doesn't bother you.

I did nothing. So this link is right and wrong. Select select was a my long as you like. Why is why is me taking a Brazil morally wrong because you say so because the law so as a result of the vacuoles of the law says kill all atheists is okay to do this because the law says so losses of enslaved black people was that okay just with also so well but got a Bible inflating the pretty good talk with the law and you know what slavery is in the Bible is a mistake you made you and study go to car metal/slavery and you can read with the biblical thing of what not what you think it was like 1800s America just just don't know if I go hey hey hey you should do your homework. Hey buddy buddy Jeff. Jeff I done the research. I do the homework for you guys.

I know what that website you quoted. I've gone there.

They take things out of context.

They said things against each other that don't belong, even in the same grouping. They are the ones who were doing evil they think about the evil Bible what they had to first give me a standard justify what evil is this because a bunch of atheists eight today with evil. What were together standard they have to be able to say what is right and wrong in a universal standard so we can get that from your observation. If I called your house and and Rob you you can say it wrong you don't like that a lot. I would live my life according to the Bible. A lot of people put to death. According to law. Where are we in the Old Testament law going and yet think about that.

I'll come to think a lot about what Phil is very good and what is me to fulfill the law needing to keep it alive like increase. You know, it does not know if this not know is I would not let me help you. Look, I'm a trained theologian, you're not. That's not what it means to fulfill the law in Matthew 315 talks about requirements that he had to undergo to be a priest, and to offer for the sacrifice. The Old Testament law.

If you studied covenantal theology, you'd know that there were certain things and only for Israel and other things aimed for everybody. And if you were to study for theology, biblical theology, I recommend you go to the book of Hebrews chapter 8 and nine and read upward, says the Old Testament covenant is abrogated by the New Testament.

If any idea what that means that all about sacrifice, but nothing without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness Hebrews to look, there's nothing you don't understand you criticizing a ministerial in and in a loving way you like. So many atheists have no clue what you're talking about. You go to some stupid website you read something you think all that would improve it. First of all, if you want to say something's evil give me a standard that universal and applicable to everybody. Then you can talk about what's right and wrong. Second, if you want talk when Old Testament written. If your topical test requirements to better understand the New Testament covenant abrogation and what that means you don't even understand you have no clue.

You shame yourself in your ignorance publicly. I would think that I would be believing if you are ignorance really. If you are going to be believing in the stuff really telling what what a covenant is understanding only thinking about the fact that nobody read the Bible and walked away not working what's a covenant so your educated study. You know these things right.

What is accompanied a book called what is a covenant you don't know you don't know a reeking of understanding does not did Jesus rise the dead according the Bible the same body died in her different body or spirit body. I don't know if you don't know so you have no idea what you just hereby Jeff, are you Mark 920 never at 2819 never happened. Hey guess what it is like to do to stop. Stop. First of all, I can answer those things you don't take time to study all you're doing is regurgitating crud from the stupid atheist based website with the guys who wrote it couldn't argue their way out of a wet paper bag. I challenge atheists all the time to study the thing there criticizing because they don't know what they're talking about and I asked you basic questions about the Christianity that you you attack and you don't even understand the basics of the Christian faith, and your attacking it.

Would you would you like it if I said what atheism means that you believe in God just don't like him musical does not as of yet that's what it you think you are talking about. You want me to study your stuff understand humanism you witness an epistemological and ontological issues you may understand all these things you don't understand her point. Think portrait person forever and give them a finite life know you personally don't worry about the Bible I think it no portrait person forever and get a finite life think so because over the Bible says and not be thought I said, you just said what I don't example of hey Jeff, you understand I just said legitimate friend Jeff. Jeff I said I don't think it wrong.

I said I don't think it's wrong. Okay so you are more about what standard you got my friend, but which you can judge my morality.

Who are you to say what's right and wrong to be representing Julio rubbing that you claim is loving and explained by his love. Excuse me you hypocrite and false teacher. Who are you to say what is right and wrong. Who are you to judge God himself in your ignorance and your use and your lack of study in your inability to think critically and logically, if you want to say something is right or wrong, give me a standard by which you can judge at first. If you can't do that, you shut up and sit down to if you want, you get your butt to get your body together and you contact me at info@condo broken.

I'll get into a chat room with them and I'll tackle them all the time the column on the carpet. Let's talk about morality, very proud of you assume is universally true which you cannot establish is the true you have a leg to stand on credible Christianity ragtime. Pray for his soul lives for the Lord bless you by his grace tomorrow

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