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October 28, 2020 7:08 am

Matt Slick Live

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October 28, 2020 7:08 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Did Jesus or the disciples feed the 5000 since the disciples distributed the food---2- Is it wrong for Bibles to have headings- Is that adding to the word of God---3- What are your thoughts on John Piper's thoughts regarding not voting in this election---4- How can I best refute universalism---5- A caller commented on Matt's recent debate with Sam Shamoun.--6- If the government comes after our guns, what should we do as Christians- Should we hide them---7- Should I align with people who are of my religion or of my political leanings- How much should we work together---8- If Planned Parenthood's founder was racist, doesn't that make the democratic party guilty of systematic racism---9- Can you explain 2 Corinthians 4-6- Is that regarding salvation---10- How can Christians actually make it in politics today-

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A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found online at the time you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why time was slick. I guess what. So guess what yesterday was the 25 year anniversary of Carl so I started 25 years ago.

Praise God. A lot of people have enjoyed a lot of people have benefited from it so want to do tonight is going to have a shindig virtual send and in about three hours put up a link on the current Facebook page. The company does well and that anybody who wants to get in and participate talk about what comes done for you suck like that, you know, maybe we'll have peace, the producer director shall come in and hopefully will be able to fund and I was insulting him for the show so so I'll be doing that later tonight.

Hopefully, if you want participate and join up right now. Take us what we have five lines we want to give me a call 877-207-2276. All you have to do is give me a call. Just dial 87720722276 nuclear code for somebody because I gotta get in here to do in this life stuff we had little issue. I think my Internet is give me a control try to reboot some of the stuff growing here in Boise so much that I think that that there are some problems with Internet deal with that. So anyway, there's, that's, and let's see what you may call 87720722765 lines now on Saturday was in a debate on the nature and extent of the atonement with Sam Shimon Sims, a well-known Christian apologist against Islam is phenomenal is great and he regulated and if you saw that you're interested in calling out going to talk about me but please feel free to do that I thought was interesting was good and I thought I did well and he'll say he did well and you were to decide who one, so to speak. The argument, I do believe that there was something she could not answer did not very well, but to go is my perspective. So if one talk about that. Please give me call 877-207-2276 and let's see if you get a corrected good links and stuff done and okay, so give me call to call because if you don't, we can blend about various things. Want to hear from you.

208-377-3790 Internet ticking sound piece, the producer said he could hear it. I do not know what's going on there something in my system and it's happened before few months ago and would go away after a day. I do not know what's what's going on. So if you hear that it's on my end and not his and Tech and is on my end somehow found it shows up every now and then thinking maybe something the neighborhood was doing something signaled because a Pentagon's and goes and I do tech stuff to fix it and has no effect on anything nicely tech guy for a while and so the company goes on its own.

That's what it does. Sounds like you guys know about that. All right, all right. So let's get on the phones.

This is jump on with Dave from Des Moines Iowa to day. Welcome you are on the year hello mad and allowed five called and it's good to hear your voice and I wanted to run by you and Dave I heard a misconfigured weekend speak about where in Matthew 14 Jesus beat the 5000 nationally, like a header like maybe in the NIV and E 55,000 take on it was that even for the miracle in the Bible that the 5000 with a look it up to check out, but that what kind of a neat way to empathize that that the syntax was really wrong but Chris got empowers that, but she made a Bible that that the vetting should be the Bible that I've got what's what is your thought that the exact verse to see that you have here is Jesus performing old and in the disciples distributing it out so you could say Jesus fed them. You could say the disciples that just a matter of perspective and focus know something architect builds a building designs it because I got a on the arm of the architect and builder is not exactly the best illustration with the same concept resents sound against tunnels going on. I think some of the neighborhoods that some look like any rate, I would say… You would think that a big debater. An interesting point because we feel it heading though. I got my second question would be what you think about when a version of the Bible does kind of fiction chapter and give a heading that something that should be left out or Bible like the Bible than devotional Bible to have extra you know, devotion, then there is that that's not like the Bible don't add a word, do it. People know the difference right you got an ice theologically is that God's initials of modifying God and altering this know you had you doing out like the numbers know John 316.

Was thinking of the center is just a tool used for to help the you should not enter God's word specifically refers to the book of Revelation and somebody will think you can add to anything in the Bible. What that verse is talking about his talk about Revelation, however, of course, when I can add a word about what I can modify it that are not modifying to give a heading to the 5000 fed is just breaking things in rhino.

I would hope so. I would hope so I would. I would translating a Bible mat.

I would be fearful that if I had a wrong word that that would be adding something you know that's difficult here are concerned example something there so that we know the Bible says do not build your house on sand building in the rock right okay there's a culture with seminary missionary spoke.

There's a culture someplace tribes people out there someplace in the world where in order to build a house.

You have to build on the sand. You can't build on the rock building on the ride actually swept away. But in the Santa take his bamboo poles and dig it down to get out of a hammer down in like 10 feet and it's solid so were the translators do when they come to that.

Well, a literal translation would be misleading to them. A dynamic equivalency kind of a thing, the intention will would be. Then you build it on the sand not the rock.

So which is the correct one. What would Jesus have said in that culture. Probably something up. Don't dig it down in the sand. You know, and he'd awarded slightly differently and so interviewing yet so translating something. It is tough because there is like Romans 518 there's no verb in the verse through one transgression condemnation of all men will would you do you see the result condemnation woman is correct verb in their is altering no it's not. It's clarifying and also you'll see sometimes to be italics in oh verse because or that amplified in brackets. I appreciate that. I know that it's not got work that there sizing a meaning I like that what it what you got them after five well and it's pretty good as long as you understand that that's what it's doing it just is doing the right thing in Greek.

For example, the words of a hot August off her boss is the good man. Ha. The thoughts good man on her boss both. All three of those words.

It was called the non-masculine singular means that like we have after actress wealth onto the actress you know is talking feminine and in the context of her talking with actor versus the actual they are knackered over here you know that the Atwood actors refer to the males nectars of the female will that's what's happening in the Greek so you could say Hogg thoughts unsurpassed which is the masculine singular auger thoughts masculine singular author plus masculine singular.

What if you took the word man out is to say Hogg thoughts the good but is in the masculine will and you could in the English you put the good Lord man in italics, because that's exactly what's going on. The Greek it's the masculine singular is spoken of, not man enough women sleep with man in italics is inaccurate. It's not an accurate receipt, just the nature, translation, and in the Spanish you thing laundry. I have hunger signal. I'm hungry and English translations arts are interesting that the needle and thread. Yes, thank you so long as intention is to accurately represent the meaning of stuff like that without taking liberties and doing a good job and uncertain nursing notes and say originally. It's not the little house on the sandstone on the rock and this is why you have a commentary explain it and I'll get it now and is not deceptive. Okay okay that help. Okay good yeah I like to look at the different translations and from time you're one translation. You know I feel sleep big and mean more accurate arc of my heart I and I hope it accurate and I bounced around and I like to compare them a lot so good.

I would recommend that you get three Bibles. The NASB, ESV, and the new King James in between those three you'll get the variety of nuances and if you have a concern about something a confusion, then go look up interlinear's do the research on a particular verse and it's always the case, you'll learn yeah and I liked. I know it's not as accurate but I like to read. Once I've done that like to read them at the message type translations like I love you in the passion that men are the voice and maybe you have strong will against that but I'd like to know what's going on. I like to read it all from all angles that would suggest that I would suggest is go with with as much as possible the original languages and you want to translations as literal as possible, because God is one who yelling thing. Those will mount like to read it little mountain on Bible Gateway okay and do the interlinear nap and then stuff like that and the salad okay the interlinear. They have a cute tiny mat. My budget I try to figure out there online. Yeah right. But thank you, Matt I David Kaplan's all right, let's get to see Britney from Louisiana Britney welcome your on the air wondering your perspective on John Piper. And on the upcoming election might let you know how he mentioned that a Christian I'm betting right now. Ideal candidate. I'm not think your your… Sure, I don't know that. He said that he did. He did, I would say that's people need to vote based on what they see in Scripture and prayer and then vote their conscience before God that I would say there is no clear winner, clear candidate to not vote hey folks, one of the line 87707277 mass Y call 77077 charismatic sling early you your on your part of the name right.

My call.

I have Mike I have a sister fallen in with everyone going to have any universal salvation. And we keep coming down to an argument about God's logic versus man's logic and it becoming confrontational and hard to speak with her right biblical stamp. I'm kind let's open up for me a blessing and that I'm back in the word again.

Better not been for a while. So again I'm just getting started in the whole cell research could have never really done that before. I would like to find a way to be to avoid the argument immediately. Almost just to speak with her on that I believe is totally wrong that section 1: soliciting me just tell you that Universalists are weird lunch. They profess that God is infinitely loving and will save everybody. If you don't agree with them to get hostile you profess love and they don't show it so the group that is treated be the worst of anybody or the Satanists for the kill my family and me. We had the FBI involved the worst group that ever had encounter is a Universalists without I found them to be accusatory file full of hatred and I believe is because they believe in the superiority of their position that they have got figured out. And if you don't agree with how they haven't figured out that you're somehow wrong and you need to be correct because you were just flat-out wrong in your evil saving is the hypocrisy that is prevalent inside the occult or unique Universalists. You need it's horrible so you could go into different website where the Universalists and look for my name you'll find vitriolic condemnations misrepresentations. It's really interesting phenomena. So this is what you're up against with your your sister so an order.dialogue with her. You have to ask questions if she brings it up say please tell me a verse where it says everyone is going to go to heaven and then will do is go to verses like Revelation 1411 the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever.

They have no rest day and night, those who worship the base of the image of one who receives the mark of his name. What they'll do is I'll take the words in Greek forever ever forever and ever on Ionian andthe ages of the ages will then do is say the word ages means it's a limited time. The smoke of their torment goes up for limited time respect that a lot of them will do the play games and realize how bad you're doing this but they play gave the Greek and I have articles BECAUSE this is God's glory forever and ever. Was it only for nature also only for limited time. Also I start showing in the inconsistency of the phraseology or for you both argue with her. Well read those articles and fortunately that's just what's necessary and goodhearted. Org/universalism like I'm doing right now is having trouble with the website. I am but I think our Internet on my end here this past couple of days is his little buggy, so contact our life and see let me know. But if you don't have the car you will see articles are going to research a great downloaded your is Kelly Col. message started work into that.

So thank you for your help. Thanks be John wanted me up. There were I wanted to be in heaven with me if you believe in universalism. It doesn't mean that she's lost her salvation, or this is not a criminal. I understand that I did that I didn't believe that would be okay okay will thank you again and you have a great day, goblins and you're welcome.

All right, let's go to Vicki from Raleigh was merely the laws and something of predestination.

Talk about that. Please call back if you want let's get to Nick from Charlotte was merely the loss. We have three open lines of you want to give me a call 772072276 Mike from Pennsylvania. My younger that's gonna go, but we got okay now that I do it. I did clean it recently went down and he actually needed you like that I thought no law if they really did understand the point you bring up here and when I when I bring up little gray text like that and Mayawati said because we can't. Paradoxes like that. Get rid of text that points to God really wanting to save everyone wanting to die for everyone… Would I not that interesting, but he did bring up bring up John. John one.

I believe John 1/20 of the like that clock you brought this on my hands. I answered him about this, God can desire one thing arrange another and I said harmonized incident. 391 will be safe with what Jesus says in Mark four 2012 Lisa speaks in parables not going on to analyze the whole thing. Theology will encompass both I think you failed to do that but to so John 120 is that Colossians 120 talks about reconciling all things that you talk about it. I asked him there. I said I said that he made peace with Satan because he says all things mean Satan is included. He said and I asked the rep to define, reconcile, wouldn't define, reconcile, and I asked him repeatedly have made peace of the blood of his cross of the did Jesus make peace with Satan in the areas I think you know he didn't answer that was at John 110 world and make my world knew him not. Not but many received them he gave the power to become God that that believe on his name though you say cool eat eat only cool would the world's the stuff to because I told him from first semester is 1524 and Jesus as he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. He was not sent in the world and all the nations because of the covenant of playing the gentleman, the Jews rejected the Messiah so with a Gentile, so he said in John 316 that the world means every individual who ever lived well as a percent of the 14 computer that so you know you want to hold on about those right back after these messages to say mass Y call 77077 charismatic/backless reporting that Mike still there.

Where were you I would really they didn't understand the covenant that debit and welfare. Thank you all the area, but I think it is very well and my climbed my next question what I had sent you an email.

I don't know if you repeat the someone that I follow and he he on a tirade with the old crater is something and if you interested in debating that topic more than available to do it with you, but I'll I think the link in their latest debate yet pretty compelling on argument with contemporary contemporaries that you bring up from that time. Speaking about their views on resurrection and and how they doubt they understood it up… There were different I haven't heard before, but if you have time to be to check that out. You let me insist on schedule 11 pretty X192 11 stay there and will make you mad because you know what Jesus came in on global return the same. When he went up into the clouds in the sky return is what it says set so all his machinations about everything it does mean is misconceived but it is what it says right here on schedule. Over and over to get upset because it refutes full clearance refutes it.

I'm just blown away that people just beautiful full crater is for the sake well, you're in the cloud to cloud of witnesses, as it says they just do this weird stuff. So if you want to debate me on this before 20th over X192 11. I have debated some of these guys before on it and what to do with the actual 9 to 11 is atrocious is so you have them online. No, not annoyed so much over the years. I don't know what I've got. Don't have time. I maybe get it last one on the resurrection, and I don't know if you know Mike Holloway is. But they they had a debate it was pretty good pretty good debate of the untimely check it out in it. It me back an email journey.

Take care yourself that I appreciate you what you do, goblins, and it was my Pennsylvania associate through the lines of you want to give me a call 877207 are dropping like flies to set the number again 87720722764 Polonsky McCall folks. Let's talk all right. Dave from south of North Carolina. Welcome on the year Matt, I highlight that you not quite likely many more.

What I bananas Diane, and the current political playing the hiked over and teleport. We need to and can't do and there they unveiled in HR 77 thing that currently so on all as a follower brought Romans 13, 1000 be subject to the government and what they tell of the day as long as it doesn't go against God as a Christian it will all stay and they come after our weapon. What should we do, we drive to them. We give and do exactly like I am little glad I've gotten into being that that's my recreation now is an old well water CD and I think, they more rock let's say that you moved to France something happened and you France for two years. Would you obey the laws there. So you keep a private citizen can't only win the South can carry things like that you would with the laws of the land near if they pass laws they repeal. Repeal the Second Amendment and we have to give up her weapons then biblically weapons my view right let's get to that in Luke 2236 Jesus said, whoever has a money belt is taken along, likewise also bag it never has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one. This is Luke 2236 so we could say that the right of self-defense. Most commentators agree that that's talking about is something that is commanded by Scripture. So then reply that we have right of self-defense will yeah we have the right of self-defense. Some come to my home. I have the right to defend my wife, property, etc. in my home and I will well okay so does mean I have to necessarily enters variations of things we do. The government says you can't have guns for them. When asked how we protect ourselves. Will they protect himself and other countries without guns how they do that baseball bat Mace you know slingshot in I don't know, and so it becomes a token of them a bit of a difficult time and difficult topic to get through much of what I say to people is this historically speaking, when the take away your guns and take away your rights because if you had your guns are able to protect your rights. The preamble and the read the print preamble and read the Constitution states but talks in there about our rights come from God, not from man to come from God we have a right to defend ourselves with the confirming on.

We have the right to defend ourselves unless I say we don't have direct that's the soprano and for the listeners dermatology also shot him a little bit about some photos up on the breakdown socialism very very cleanly, very succinctly, the more socialism you have the less rights you have. Socialism is the increase of governmental power and redistribution of property and or wealth in order to do that it passes laws to confiscate things from others which each with each law that's past you have less power, less authority give less freedom, socialism is an is an increase of state power.

With the reduction of our individual rights and this leads to communism was complete state power with very minimal human rights. So just think of socialism and that those terms. The more socialism, the less freedom you have, the less freedom you have, the more you wrestling the state. That's how it works. That's what it is I was studying it and that's a summation with socialism is suited defend our rights to Christian to be active duty to be protesting. As I've said before what I believe should have it. There's these big national organization where we Christians, on September 1 what they want to call it because first, all the people the last name a A they go out to the state capital for the pending winner on the states to town halls and start petitioning signs and in the next day people's last names to be author do that every states every capital all over the United States and in different cities like it here in LA go to the.

The mayor's office to do the same thing peacefully and when you leave the place to be cleaner than what it was when you entered and it needs to happen all of the United States is one of the ways that we could unite and start protesting against the encroachment of liberalism and anti-Christian movements of the our country back and we need lawyers involved in some like this a good and safe fiercely the things you can do and you can't do every pay 5 to 5 dollars a month to participate so that I go to the fund for lawyer costs and lawsuits can be a negative out of jail because you left can apply to the rest.

It is just what happens when you protest this would need to have status when things we can do as Christians. And I believe that you, if I was a national figure and a high level.

I would be pushing for this living, but I'm not mad I want to challenge your listeners to Google HR 5717, 250 page gun violence will that will take away a lot of our rocks. If it goes through some of the language you thank you all and there there there going to come and get them if they are, why you but I don't. Thank you for your time and the next, call.

I hope to have a deeper theological question about Dr. Greenberg something really really good. This is important what you raised is very important if United States falls countries all over the world are going to fall in the encroachment of socialism and communism will take over and make preaching the gospel that much more difficult. It's important your very life. My folks arrived at Kevin's message is for open lines. Call 87727 mass Y call 77077 pairs nicely yesterday was the 25th anniversary of corn that was some 25th of October so carnal I started it 25 years ago tonight 9 PM Eastern time is so good having Carmen 25th anniversary for a virtual celebration which means this could open up a room for chat, video, and people can be on YouTube and Facebook chatting and simply think about karma congratulations think like animals you provide a link for people to build to come in live and get on the air and beyond on the stream downturn, the net and you get on camera and I don't have you come if you want to put you in the discussion. We could do that would put the information up tonight about half hour before. Maybe an hour before the events and then at 9 PM altered everything on it was good to talk for an hour or two and have people come in.

So it's the 25th anniversary celebration of the ministry.

See ARM O RG and hopefully you will shallots member check out Facebook for the main bits of info. All right, let's get to ride from Utah Ryan welcome you on the air with that slick aim at the graduate you got your 25th anniversary tonight. My hat is off to congratulate you for your pursuit of three and I think that that might my question is this budget if I were that we get ready to vote or have already voted what you're feeling under your personal persuasion percolating arm in arm with people who are probably like-minded politically but might differ religiously out of the I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and perspective if I would like a lot of people I talked to a more liberal and that doubt that our religious freedoms are being challenged, but I personally think that it extremely important what you thought we see question and home like your Mormon leader Christian I'm not insulting you just leave you are.

I could not support you and your actions promote Mormonism but if I saw you think we knew each other and I saw you out there at a protest against abortion. For example, directing you whatever you know I could not be a friend and if they need water need this and I would appreciate a liner you know things like that so I could not be civil and don't select that.

I think that's to the realm that so that we can agree if I could support someone, a Roman Catholic, or even if you're atheist in that it owns okay we can work together with be careful how much that work together. This, but you know it's a 20 situations very issue price of breaking up breaking up right again going. Are you there hello all, I was given a few seconds. Maybe call back with a full house or little rhyme get area I just lost him or exclude long list get to start whatever length let's get to Mike from Utah. They might welcome running.

Thank you Matt and congratulations on your ministry anniversary. My question at it with the comment I make a lot of emigration that Mid-America wondered what you consider the fact that in parenthood, founder, thing, or what pleasing eugenics. You know I am going to turn it on for the Democratic Party. When that make them chemically racist. She was in the evil woman. Part of what you want to do is have the black community portions of the girls much. This is known and that so that's it's very evil thing. And the Democratic Party is known to be racist are the ones that were behind the KKK and segregationist 50s and 60s so all they do is homework and the leftist media doesn't bring the stuff out.

They did make the sin of answering an issue. They turned around and try to attack you with and it's it's a bad technique this with her doing so, and I agree with Trump that the left media leftist is an enemy of the people. I believe I really do enemy of the people states so you with the Margaret Sanger think you're right is a racist to begin with and abortion. Besides being horrendous act is made as a result.

Also okay and the irony of thought to buying claiming Like putting abortion for on-demand, have you ever heard of the situation were Mother Teresa confronted the stage after receiving the witches told him about killing baby is again writing faith that faith you yeah why is God has not taken out. Why is he not destroying us in promoting homosexual and killing the unborn know if you kill it's the exact you get the point.

If you kill a baby daughter you get five years in jail. Nothing is exactly right. But Lonnie's lawsuit: not a baby Eagle you can get 10 years in jail.

You kill a human. It celebrated its hypocrisy is its incredible discipline and similarity with God and turned on our way deficient. I'm asserted that in the comments field like I am concerned a great deal about the issue. Abortion we need to protect the gun not kill the protect the innocent writings need to not make a life in the womb pay the price because of the sins of the parents and why I think is a point is not a woman says that the life growing in her has value if she deems it has value that slavery, slavery.

So as I would do and oppress, and and that benefit document RN plus right let's get to know me. Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck welcome you on the air. Thank you Matt that I'd like your date of birth in or where it says nuking thing I have. I don't know maybe all of something outside thought that's what like shown in light you for yeah is that like when God bring Valley will probably reference to Genesis 1 light shine out of darkness, lipgloss, but to be like Verizon I like was going to suffer the like. The darkness is probably not an allusion that I LL been a hell else alluding to them as is the one who is shown in our hearts to give like crisis is as God gave lights in the real world get to light in the spiritual world as well. Lightest world yeah I get that far out. Wondered why the work that are amazing. You know, and that make you think and praise the Lord for your mentor bring that God let wonderful praise the Lord.

They break that trade-off for the ecumenical maniac for one of the answer to God answer to God not just my wife yeah you get out there. I found what they with the that Bella about the dog and began our site is about the blessing her okay thank you alright, alright, let's get to just a wretch from these go statement are you doing I Matt are all happy birthday Carmen that's right front of the 25 years old yesterday. Praise God act like it got Batman a plant where you were talking earlier about that than politics and I've only got a couple minutes here and I why I agree with you and with everything that that Britain should be doing that. I did. I really think it only worked at. Buechner had to get the wall in that way you know the creek and can't really make it in politics anymore that they did that one quite and you and the truthfully and immediately half of the people are going to deny your acrylate or whatever and they still got and faithfully still need to leave me truthful. We still need to get politics.

We still need to trust God through what if we were to say well is not getting shot because it with interest. Truthfully won't work. No.while not saying that we should, I don't think there might double that they were real.

It can, and I didn't think that going into it. We we really happen.

I will work they think and work. They thing very work typing a Goliath we we really are and need to understand that going and correcting. The only thing that Bob from really and then fly Mark so be ready for you to do is be as forthright pushing forward the truth of God's word and standing on it and let me tell you I've been places in my life where speaking the truth is cost me a great deal and it did cost me and it was very difficult.

Slide out it was but it worked out. Even through the hurricane forward. Okay, a man I know that at a time. The really quick follow-up on that same kind of topic in the I hear a lot from Christian people that I know about that before about you know they did, they they don't want to vote, but from where they don't want to vote and while I understand what they're paying now. I don't think it perfect by any means. Now he had all that I feel like our duty. Do you know do what we can write me at this light gets in the next one in power is, parents who say things in Marxist and if she gets in. Who's going to become the vice president. What if she were to say how close he was to be the vice president. Imagine how with the terror would be the night of the living dead to be horrible to get Marxist absolutely so this is why we have to think ahead. I don't want them all in there. I don't want Biden and there are not saying that Trump is the great guy.

I just think I want those other people their socialistic strip are constitutionally better time MWS okay folks by his grace will be back on the air tomorrow night virtual shindig Facebook

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