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October 26, 2020 11:51 pm

Matt Slick Live

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October 26, 2020 11:51 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses his upcoming debate with Sam Shamoun on 10-24.--2- Does Isaiah 9-6 prove the beliefs of Oneness theology- What is the best way to refute their use of that verse---3- How does John 14-23 and 17-9 reconcile with God's unconditional love---4- What does Matthew 5-48 mean, regarding being perfect---5- Why do so many people speak in tongues in Oneness groups- Isn't that a gift of the Holy Spirit, so doesn't that prove they are correct---6- What's the deal with Beth Moore-

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The previously recorded net selection of mats like why is the president of apologetics.

We search what is written about all I got board you have questions about Bible doctrine. As a matter what. Why is called responding to your questions and seven Matt slick. What would welcome ground Arnold Metzler to determine if you want you can give me a call. We have five large open lines 772072276 is Friday and to enjoy the show now will see tomorrow would be to debate on the nature and extent of the atonement and I don't have information on all the details you had some arrangement so I will put on Facebook account and Facebook account tomorrow, probably along with Twitter to happen tomorrow at 9 PM Eastern time. So that sounds interesting. Great debating Sam Shimon Santos Sam for a few years and he is just a tremendous resource when it comes to Islam. The guy is just phenomenal and the robots. P doesn't firm certain things in WB debating so well that sounds interesting.

Tension of that. If not, no big deal for tomorrow or something else going on think my calendar this letter so for this be speaking out. Let's see you doing something let's see Monday night on the order will salute us the order of salvation and the picture and video coming up the old and not once interviewed a local shindig don't do Q&A to have people there and saw the Nampa, Idaho. I think that's a little my calendar. That's it. Hope you all will be talk about how we got to see you okay once you would call me if you open lines 677-207-2276 make that to open like the Nelson from the Bakersfield, California welcome ground near that goblet. God bless all regarding the Scripture. There 996 Bologna yeah well I have a good friend of mine is one of the clinical where and he I'm trying to explain it to him so I would like you cannot explain it over the air directory track record to him they can understand what this verse mean if you think good eternal father exactly that you is the father is saying is the file name and welcome as his name will be called what he's doing. All he's doing is just looking for any excuse to believe his theology he's reading into the text. What is not theirs called ISA Jesus reading into the text words that say Jesus is the father. It doesn't say that a lot of the building was also words the Bible say that there's a Trinity like the show to the systematically arrived which letter issue that you need to deal with because they can't deal with it very well but nevertheless it is his name will be called wonderful Counselor, so I ask because they look. Counselor because name, mighty God call his name eternal father did call his name, Prince of peace as his name.

He says his name will be called wonderful Counselor Michael Nike God, eternal father, Prince of peace is it to be taken literally and figuratively is to be taken a little bit of both. What's going on if you could take it literally that it means he's the father that he needs to call his name is eternal father that will be his name, is that the name of God, eternal father or the name of God, Yahweh seat. He's what they do with a lot of cults. It is occult.

I'm sorry to say that the Pentecostals occult reasons occultist non-Christian is a false convert and I don't mean to be mean but just telling it like it is. The reason is because they don't consider the whole of Scripture there on a an agenda to deny the Trinity and add works to salvation is not a Trinity because a misunderstand the nature of God. The misunderstand the Old Testament and New Testament with everything a lot of things and this idea of oneness is been refuted throughout history. It's the belly that was one of the forms of where disability this is just looking at is informed that throughout history been refuted and so by church councils by Christian theologians for centuries. This is no different. So if you can say that Isaiah 96 means that Jesus is the father then why does this not say that.

Why does it say his name will be called his name. That's the issue does he call Jesus wonderful Counselor, as he call God.

Wonderful Counselor, mighty God, eternal father, Prince of peace, because all four of these things are said to be the one name that is in the singular is like saying is one name will be wonderful Counselor, mighty, mighty God, eternal father, Prince Principe sets his name wise extract eternal father out of it and then just go without. When it's not in sync names is his name is good problem here he reading in the text that which is not exist.

Furthermore, if you can listen to this, go to a musical here? Do the fundamental one. One question with no comfort well and want to question that he had mastered it, but maybe elaborate on the clues for fear that the common who has worked with the father and because of that he think that you are the father that he would just talk about their Hebrews talks about what is happening in the nature of Christ. It says he is the radiance of his glory, the exact representation of his nature feet. She was 13 when Jesus says have been not so long when he was seen me has seen the father because Jesus is the exact visitation of the nature of the father. That's why the prophecy about Jesus being called among the four appellations. The four things is one name is eternal father if he wants to say that Jesus is eternal father, then he has to do some homework. He's gotta go. For example, you go to Isaiah. John 638 were Jesus was for I have come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will from heaven who sent me endlessly says I can do from heaven not to do my own will but the will of mine who sent me, that means he was sent in heaven. This is not the flesh because with a lot of saying is that Jesus is are two parts. He's got a man and when you look 2242 were Jesus was praying to the father said that was of the flesh bring the spirit is what I've heard most mostly from the other one is because of the depressive on this letter to a denial of the true incarnation. And that's another topic close okay look John 638 for I have come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will, who sent me. So who sent him who sent him from heaven.

Does it say he sent himself can't be the flesh and the spirit because the flesh didn't exist until his his incarnation, I could know from heaven saying he's in heaven to do the will of the one who sent him in heaven.

So who sent Jesus, the pre-incarnate Christ to become a man in heaven who sent them. John 638 is a tough verse I need to deal with.

You also need to go to Luke 2230 to 42 and in their Jesus is praying father. If you're willing, remove this cup from me.

Get not my will but your will be done what he saying there is Jesus has a will and the father has a will. So if he's praying to the father is he praying to himself for the sake of print himself to you pretty yourself were sent in Scripture it's not there.

But he says our father who art in heaven, so we sing the fathers in heaven, and John six and Luke 11 611 to our father who art in heaven would be thy name.

So he's praying to the father in heaven.

If you're willing, remove this cup from me, but not my will but your will be done so with when asking the questions that Hutu praying to it has to be the father if he the father sprang to himself with the thought of but he's right there. It makes no sense. But sometimes it will do when pressed to say that the flesh was praying to the spirit in heaven. If that's the case then he's not incarnate Izzy that denies its efficiency. The atoning work. So why does a press of my press him on this and they would did this implode because they don't have good answers to the difficult questions.

Furthermore, ask of this group go to a Romans 328 and he can look it up if you listen to this later.

You can look it up for. We maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from works of the law. Romans 45 says, but to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness. What's credit as righteousness is as faith is.

Faith is not set what he does not work but believes his believing is what is credited as righteousness or asking this question in light of of Romans 328 Romans 45 when it's clearly says that were justified by faith, and that he who believes believes his faith is credited as righteousness and asked the question, are we justified by faith. When we have faith were faith and belief in the Greek are the same word justice is to suggest we just use a different form belief and faith. At the same work, but he who justice those who had he who believes a business of the great.

The cognitive in him who justifies ungodly, his business is credit is what is a credit as righteousness. So the question is are you justified by faith. When you have faith, if he says no. He denies Romans 328 Romans 51 Romans 45.

If he says yes, then he's going to have a problem with the idea that according to them and their heretical false teaching they teach that you have to be baptized to be saved in the name of Jesus is baptized with that's where you're regenerated the correct 230 8X 2216 first Peter 321 Galatians 327 the goalies varies versus what I can deal with. But the thing is, if we justified when we have faith and not justified when we get baptized because by faith Sophie denies Romans 45 then he's adding a work of salvation. He's denying what it says.

Romans 45 which is a further example of thing.

Okay have called them out one thing regarding the question on the thing. Category one Paul for I believe you.

You would be by living the good computer damsel is her spirit. He's believing a different gospel is gospel is a gospel of of faith and works. See work is anything you do, show you something here. Galatians 5. This is really important. Galatians 52 behold, I pulsate to you that if you receive circumcision.

Christ will be of no benefit to you and I testify against every man receive circumcision that is under obligation to keep the whole law you've been severed from Christ, you are seeking be justified by the law, but he saying there is you do one thing circumcision. That means you're being justified by the law. Circumcision was a representation of the law.

They might say will that's not what baptism is really must go to Colossians 211, 12, and in him you were circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, and the removal of the body of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ, having been buried with him in baptism, in which you also raised up with Paul relates circumcision baptism together.

He relates them together now. Initially something else. There's a logical go to the thing after the break to love Romans 411 then I go okay will love what they voted right back after these messages we have blinded 770776 Matt Flynn why call 770727.

Here is Matt's leg and back. Everybody else and are you still there all right is beautiful. Romans 411 before the break, which says this and talk about Abraham. He received the sign of circumcision, sinus recognition. I remember what Paul has done in Colossians 2 is relates circumcision with baptism. Baptism is the circumcision of the flesh. Baptism is the spiritual circumcision of the heart should set your and anyways talked with circumcision.

He says and Abraham received the signed circumcision, a seal of the righteousness of the faith which he had while uncircumcised. So what circumcision is, as a seal of the righteousness of the faith of Edward. It was a seal of that which already was there the righteousness of faith.

Circumcision was a seal of the righteousness of faith which he had while not circumcised, we go to Colossians 211 in him you were circumcised with the circumcision made without hands of the removal of the body, the flesh by the circumcision of Christ, having been buried with him in baptism, which are also raised is a seal of the faith you already have that would circumcision the baptism is a sign and seal what is already there, get baptized, after we believe normally speak English or governmental okay with includes infants in a holder topic but this is what we talking about here. Now when we go back to Galatians 5 what you saying there if you research receive circumcision under obligation to keep a whole lot if you received the sign in the seal of your faith, why do they want to do that circumcision they want to do that as an act of obtaining righteousness by keeping a ceremony just circumcision.

Baptism is a ceremony. So what they're risking by saying we have to be back baptized." In Jesus name it were to be saved. They are risking the very thing that Paul is talking about here in Galatians 5. See what you justified by faith we have faith or not justified by faith we have faith, they would deny justification for its non-Christian cult stucco and one thing with this because I might not of riddles that you have people waiting you referring to Isaiah 9 pick this although I don't know says it was a say it says they will. They those are his one name. His name was not all that wonderful Counselor, mighty God, eternal father, Prince of peace is his name in the singular, not names, why would it say his name and in Hebrew, the names mean something like Methuselah when he dies it will come okay so no one bespeaks our rest, so his name is so it's it's like your Indian name swears running bear while he's out there with prancing dear okay whatever.

All right, so it's ideal for some people, so I that's what's going on. His name will be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God, eternal father, Prince of peace. It's a way of describing them in their characteristics or their behavior with their about like that that was going on so you Isaiah's do it the search you will see okay okay love you very much okay got a bloodless all right, let's get to Kim from roll hard all set up rural Hall North Carolina ever got it, thinking that come from John 1423 and John 79 when you get the free unconditional love that God isn't true because you indicate that in 1423 Jesus and if you the p.m. they got will give me thing like if you don't think goblin, that's not saying well there's a sense in which God is. Everyone is a sense which is not good. In Matthew 543 to 48 it says there that God while in school to read it.

Matthew 543 read this and understand you've heard it said, you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I said you love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have do not have the tax gatherer to the same if you greet you, only your brothers, what more are you doing figure other than that, and others do not even the Gentiles are the same. Therefore, you're the perfect, as your heavenly father's perfect so Mormons uses force allotment 540 to becoming gods, but it's not about that is about loving everybody equally is God loves everybody equally in the sense he gives them the provisions sunrise rain, etc. it provides for them. That sense God loves everyone.

However, if you go to Psalm 55.

The boastful shall not stand before your eyes. You hate all who do iniquity, says Psalm 11.

Five the Lord tests the righteous and the wicked and the one who loves violence his soul hates you so, so does God let everyone well the people sobered by John 316 gods of the world whose word world Ming does mean every individual who ever lived. If so, then why does God say that he hates those who love violence word world. John 316 means all the nation groups because Jesus said he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Matthew 1524 and reset the disciples of John and I met 1069 he said about you, so don't go by the with a Gentile state with the with the sheep of Israel because he was governmentally obligated to go to Israel.

Israel rejected the Messiah with the Gentiles are grafted in, so therefore he loves the whole world, so it's not just the Jewish people, but all the nations. That's what's going on there and slowly we go back to John 1423, which I loved at first because it's where the father in the summer, make their abode in you I love, I jumped 1423. Anyway I can get you to get good length of patient so if it would loves me.

You'll keep my word to father. I will love him, so the love of God for the for the saved is conditioned in the saving love upon their faith and trust in Christ.

Let's say.expand on that is not exactly entirely accurate for some nuances there, but for now it'll do so. You loves the ones that are believers, but is he loving the ones who were not there we go to John screen Romans nine which is Jacob. I love any so I hated it was not because of anything he saw that they would do. That's what the text says that he says I have mercy on whom I have mercy of compassion on whom you may have compassion is what people will do will say this about nation that is not is not refute that very easily. So this is this is not an easy topic to your questions very good question to generically God loves everyone he provides for them. Specifically their people. He actually hates us on 55 Psalm 11 five Romans 913 six estate so okay so when you see everything now would you rate the one that was given to you not bring up the memorial that they call the right rear brake up Netflix found a little bit better first well they both be right back after these messages, please. Matt's Y call 770727 charismatic slave show you around as I was sent there to break John, 79, I asked on their behalf. I do not ask on behalf of the world of those whom you have given they are yours so this is interesting because what is doing is contrasting the world with those were given to him but wish to go to John 637 Jesus is all that the father gives me come to me and he who comes to mastering will not cast out this little family sent me that all that he's given me. I lose nothing to talk about the redeemed there given by the father to the song.

This is what it says. So Jesus as he continues on the same think that was John 637 through 40 or is referring to in our John 17: high priestly prayer Jesus as I asked on their behalf. Do not ask on behalf of the world, but of those whom you have given me. That's was asking for. We could make the case is not praying for the non-Christians not what you think you well in this verse I would say the implication is that if he is not the says I do not ask on behalf of the world, but of those pieces I ask on their behalf, so he's praying to the father to analyze this more on the behalf of the believers was given to him by the father that he's asking for and about.

That's what were dealing with John 17 really an interesting chapter. People often can glance over Italy going to to deeply. But it's it's really important chapter right alright sounds good but okay. God bless. Alright, let's get to with longtime Stephen from Texas.

Stephen welcome you on here. There I did hit the button hello give okay.

Is. I don't definitely had my mute button on was waiting on. I have a question for you about John Matthew. Rather, chapter 5, verse 48. I know that you read it at the beginning of the class called but on the person you therefore must be perfect and your heavenly Father is perfect and I'm just wondering if you could speak to the idea that I was taught that were not going to be perfect on this side of eternity, but it does kinda like black and white, at least in isolation that we are still like how do you reconcile that what is that actually God is a standard of righteousness, not us. Look to God. That's the standard God says in first Peter 116 be holy, for I am holy. I can't be holy, you can't be holy place is really because I'm holding you saying the reason your to be holy, because I nearly perfect, as your heavenly father's perfect. There's another usually perfect because God perfect doesn't mean you can if that's what you're obligated to do. Just like X 1730 God commands everyone everywhere to repent. But it went everywhere can repent doesn't happen particularly know that God grants repentance to continue to 25 so that the answer lies the simple fact that God is a standard of righteousness. When we abandon that we adopt humanism and secular thought and say man is a stable man can't do this, so therefore can't mean such less humanistic thought to say what I can't be perfect right can't be holy, so therefore can't mean that God required me to do what I can do the words God must bow to my ability or inability, and that's the standard now is my ability on the standard and that's where heresy comes to what he saying here in Matthew 548 yearly perfect is your heavenly father's perfect and the context is loving everybody love your enemies, let your friends love them all. Love them equally in the sense this was talk about her is what God is doing. So you do the same thing. I'll tell you it's not easy to some. There's one particular person I'm having to deal with periodically.

Now some chat contacts and I just I disdain the guy I do, but I have to pray for him and try love a pole full with 12 but this is what we call do make sense. Your mom and I know I'm not okay because they left I saw I was on and on and on Facebook and I saw this bird and then coupled with another verse Genesis 17, one minute he read it in the KGB at that that Abraham is about to be perfect to. I do not like I personally thought like this is the context that clears it up. It is possible that was an entirely sure how to go about like explaining that someone else version.

Genesis 71 is to be blameless and spread word can mean perfect having integrity complete things like that. Get the notes from the Bible program.

So that's going on there and the King James great is that is causing some problems of endowment because of these kinds of fun statements and things but usually fixable.

And that's all this go around remnant will God bless you Deborah.

I learned a lot from future. Good luck. Keep this as I'm learning to teach a regular gobbler at Connecticut write a full 50 open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Kelly from Los Angeles welcome here earlier and you had a question about I it made me think that my friend wanted and that they believe that you have to make it count.

Caring for the holidays so that they thank me. I get the ready-made congregation at that number 15 people in there every body that aren't healthy Great why guy given the gift of time till I get them current and new when new members that come under fire got given up yet who says God given gifts well day speaking and affirmed my friend the pastor and everything the air though the oneness Pentecostals a non-Christian call is not Christian. No, it's a cult. They deny the Trinity they deny justification by faith alone in Christ alone. They say that you have to be baptized in order to be saved and that you can lose your salvation if you don't maintain your holiness before God. They require speaking in tongues is a manifestation of salvation we read you Scripture. This is first Corinthians 1228 and God has appointed in the church, first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, and gifts of healings, helps, administrations, various kinds of tongues all are not apostles are they all are not prophets. Are they all are not teachers, are they all are not workers of miracles are they all did not have gifts of healing do they all do not speak with tongues, do they all do not interpret do they just think the gifting is different for people with speaks in tongues, but with Bill Saiz know you have to speak in tongues and with the silliest unite and even saved and baptized with the Holy Ghost speaking to the Holy Ghost as a Holy Ghost as of Holy Ghost to see the Holy Ghost just cultural something to spread around the barracks, there corners because the legal list of the same stuff lately drinks and Kool-Aid.

And if this is cult non-Christian call your friend is a false comfort of my OP to just in vain. That's one of your friend is a fully cannot a cult about when it Looked for and may vary in that nomination may very well be draw them out, they could be Christians and Mormonism could be Christians in Catholicism.

We Christians in oneness Pentecostal Chris because of church groups, in spite of it eventually will come out because the spirit of God bears witness of truth. So, your friend, I'm not a cult is a false convert we can do is go to Romans someplace and if you heard earlier.

Did you hear the show earlier when I talk about this. It's okay right so this things is you guy would ask you to memorize Romans 45. The address just memorize the address. Romans 45 pulled up her hand, Romans, and you have before you open your thumb.

That's five Romans people for five that's a virtual look at we get back from the break Wayne how to use that and try talk okay folks right back after these messages, please stick to call 877207226 max Y call 770727 charismatic all right still there. Are you still there Kelly.

Okay alright so there's a lot of things I can teach you on how to witness to have a whole section on Carmel on oneness Pentecostal but here's something that's easy.

So Romans member pulled her forefingers, then one more finger five so 45 Romans 45 what are the one that does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness. Ask your friends question.

Are we justified by faith.

That's the question she might get a whole bunch of answers. I don't know but go to Romans 45 it says his faith is credited as righteousness. You show that to her. You believe that you believe your faith is quite as righteousness, and she has to say yes to the process as a are you justifiably have faith yes are justified by faith. When you have faith. Are you justified by faith. When you have faith because it says to the one who does not work but believes in him justifies a godly his belief, his faith is credited as righteousness. The one who believes what he believes his faith is credited as righteousness. Okay reason I'm asking this is because she's going to have to teach that the teach that oneness Pentecostal teaches, your sins are forgiven when you get baptized and has to be in Jesus name, not the father in the father-son Holy Spirit but in Jesus name. This occurred to me to in Isaiah 96 oneness Pentecostals have no problem taking one part of it literally when this is the name will be my God prints a priest with the counselor and yet this is baptized in the name of the father-son Holy Spirit. Just think about this more indirect so up they feel safe to get the baptized to be saved nothing or justified to the why does Romans 45 so you justified when you have faith, ask and is a are you believing in the truth. If you put your singers truth.

She might go to some baptism versus then just go to Reno my sites, and political versus weekly put them in context to show you those people teach that baptism is required in order to have your sins forgiven or actually false teachers teach them some false okay okay hello my mind on what you know, here's the thing. When you have truth you know what is error. The more truth you have, the easier it is to recognize air and so this is why I owe on the radio. But why do I go with the Bible site.

Here's the verses look at the Scriptures. It's verse versus versus as much as possible.

I go to the word of God, and teach are the word of God is like trying memorize the addresses. Why continue to work to memorize Scripture because I want people to trust the word of God and not some guy name slick on the radio I that's real my welcome so much God bless. Q: I am okay okay are I a fovea for open lines of 20 McCall and Bob Timmons left the show 877-207-2276 Jackie from Colorado. Welcome here. I would name telling you I love Eddie with their chariots that are on. I think that Eddie got but you know anything. Yes, if I were a pastor of a church. I would never let her material be used to to be taught from never the she repents of some of the false thing she's teaching now she has trouble exegete in Scripture properly we should go to the word. She doesn't understand proper biblical principles of understanding Scripture as she does in a lot of errors she does well and a lot of her.

She does very badly go to my website, and look up Beth Moore which is what I got my article. Right now I'm looking at it and so she will take verses out of context and just do damage to, but also there, something she teaches. She says this. For example, I'm ready for the websites documented okay this is for example praying God's word breaking free from spiritual strongholds by Beth Moore page 37 okay so she says, God wields incomparably great power for those who choose to believe read it again incomparably incomparably great power more than enough to break the yoke of bondage.

Our belief unclog the pipe and invites the power to flow what so our unbelief on or actually our belief unclog the pipe of God's great power and allows it to flow or invite to flow sheet. This is a humanistic thought. It is New Age.I could take this sentence and put it into a New Age conference and just read through New Age material put this in nobody would be able to tell the difference at all. Sheet promote was called contemplative prayer and she does this. This is on one of her videos have a document to she's is a true lover of God once spoke about practicing God's presence to me that such a part of contemplative prayer.

What is contemplative prayer is a form of Eastern mysticism that the creeping into Christian churches coming into Roman Catholicism and it's a way of trying to communicate with God, like emptying one's mind focusing on a word or phrase and practicing the presence of the divine through inner silent contemplation so that would you sit empty your mind focus on one little thing.

This is exactly what I used to do when the cult when I was trying to summon spirits while this I mean exactly what I would do.

I would empty my mind focus on one thing and let it be the focal point will I waited this was this is our cultic exactly what I would do with the cult of her became a Christian. By God's great grace. Here's a huge mistake. She makes in this video on God's vision for the church. She's teaching on stage so that you on describing with videos that she has women sitting in small groups on stage represent different religious groups within the church. They are United Methodist Church, which is dad United Methodist Church. If there are people who are Christian and there it's because of of something with wrong Methodist Church that they are a missionary Baptist Church, which I don't know anything about a Catholic Church and the abundant life Church, which is charismatic and it's not stated if she includes a Catholic Church as being in the denomination but that's the concern she has him listed as Christian denominations. The were she doesn't realize Catholicism is not true Christianity, Catholicism violate Scripture teaches idolatry the form of worshiping an adoring married praying to her and it adds work to salvation. Paragraph 2060 of the Catechism says you obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments it instances heresy she Beth Moore to be God shows Beth Moore vision of the church which assess your quote I see God doing something huge in the body of Christ do not know why I had the privilege to get to travel around and see one church after another, one group of believers after another interdenominational he over this country, but I've got to see something that I think is huge hello also suggested you. I'm not the only one in tonight I'm going to do my absolute best to illustrate to you something that God showed me sitting on the back porch. He put a picture.

I've explained to you before, I'm a very visual person, so he speaks to me very often inputting a picture in my head and and it was as if I was raised up, looking down on the community.

As I saw the church in a particular dimension. Certainly not all dimensions, not even many but in what we will discuss tonight the church as Jesus sees it in a particular dimension so I be like my eyebrows, be quick, let what you said what you doubt was rising up above having a vision is the way Jesus sees things in particular dimension of all dimension what is equating the picture in your mind with the revelation of God and she says this as we study, we may see we may see several examples of him.

Christ posing a question that only he could answer Christ certainly uses that teaching method with me sometimes will cause me to dig through Scripture for a question. He seems to initiate other times. The question may come as a personalized whisper in my heart quote Beth why are you acting that way often. My answer is I don't know Lord could tell me why if I really search his heart. Sooner or later you'll give me the right insight to the act might give me insight into my reactions.

I go on let me tell you something that a big doctrine of experience I had. I believe I had to instances where I believe that God spoke into my heart and I can talk about in detail, both of them just to in 40 years. I remember them very clearly our River where I was. I remember what I was doing. I remember that I was taken aback. This is a serious thing and I don't talk about it very often because this is isn't really of God. I believe these things were willing to have him cross-examined, but I don't go around saying hey you know God told you to tell me like this vision in my heart and it was at the air looking down the church.

It was Jesus told me because I just ask us questions and he says what all that conversation with Jesus when they tell you when you have the very presence of God giving you a word or something in your mind, your heart, you remember it and it's not casual as it is with her peers. One more thing. She says what God began to say to me about five years ago, and I'm telling you it is in me on such a track with him that my head is still whirling over it. He began to say to me quote was a godsend or I'm going to say something right now. Beth and boy you write this one down and you say this office I give you utterance to say it, my bride is paralyzed by unbelief.

My bride is prayer likely unbelief." And he said quote again starting with you." A man that she continues because we can do a lot of finger-pointing around here about why we revived why revival is not happening here and there. Let me tell you something. Revival will always happen with faith. She can't say that but now she says God is personally speaking to her and giving her words. He sees writing them down. These are the very words of God to her very very careful on that same God can speak to us. I'm not saying that God can speak to our hearts and and make us aware of things to tell you if I was up at a conference speaking and I had to speak about the two instances where God spoke to me when believe he did. I do, I believe I would be saying it with caution, with reverence and I would be couching it in.

I not I do not make documented experienced don't look to me as someone who gets a word from God. I'm not that these things shaped my life. They had profound effect upon me. This is how it supposed to be the presence of the real God not casual stuff today with their lives already. 40. Hope you have a great weekend. The Lord bless you and by his grace back on there tomorrow. Monday. Have a great weekend everyone

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