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October 19, 2020 6:54 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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October 19, 2020 6:54 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why are churches and theologians keeping silent about where our country is headed---2- Matt discusses the similarities between the Communist Manifesto and policies being proposed for our country.--3- How can I deal with sinful thoughts---4- Why do you have a problem with wearing masks---5- How would you speak with a JW regarding the deity of Christ---6- I'm an elder at my church. The constitution prohibits women from being pastors, but the other elders are ok with it. What should I do-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research ministry found online car you have questions about Bible doctrine is a map why branches are called to respond to your questions at 87707276 pairs. Matt slick Elm go 200 Nicole built five wide-open lines will dilute 772072276 and if you want you can watch the show. The big deal, but people do like to watch. We have people coming is 14. Right now it's about 60 7080 usually chat room and people and make comments likely would look to each other and we see the comments here and go from the respondent not a big deal. That's is what happens if you want to watch all you do is go to, an unreconciled vigil to see the links of tics like 10 seconds to figure out which one is which and that's it. I think that's it for the arts for open lines now or call 877-207-2276 we got almost 30 people watching. Now don't do well watch parties doing Facebook visit Facebook doesn't cancel the surprise and cancel your twitter or Facebook.

Got lots of followers, but in both of them.

You know I say things political endorse any candidate, but whatever I say things about some say social justice and gender identity issues and just quote Scripture penalized me yet why my bring this up because the way our media is that if you're conservative you're bad you're conservative you're going to be penalized and I finished reading last night I finished reading the Communist manifesto by Karl Marx for review wanted.

The reason I wanted to read it but not much to see what was going on and it took me about four nights riddled before go to sleep and am boy, boy oh boy, some of the stuff he was saying.

That's what I see the left, saying that I'm not joking on the quote and will do an article article really sits on karma but I just was surprised that some of the issues of the things that were never said that I'm hearing parroted by leftists. It's really amazing and frightening Marxism communism and even Marx calls his calm is because of socialism.

So the things that he talks about equal distribution of of wealth and government controlled means of production. This is what he talks about a lot and the forfeiture and or reduction of private property problem is all man.

It's just amazing. So anyway, just more stuff on.

That's if you want to give me call you for open lines 877-207-2276. Listen to Ben from Charlotte, North Carolina been Laura hanging in there that way on more talk about our today talk about being silent about so you coupled with environment with a high like how they're going to come out the other side of it. I have nothing 4800.dry. My personal opinion bail family name being politically correct got your take on that while you've heard me say things like this. Not all of them do that course. But there are four to any who are Mandy Pam be theologians type Iranians and they don't want to speak to please God want to speak to please Mansell to get people in the church. I'm reminded whenever I say that the local church here in Meridian, near Meridian in Idaho and I was told that the opening day of the church that a giveaway of the TV. If you plan and is of the preaching of the word of God and the power of the word of God being the motive to commit and it was let's get something TV and I never forgot that because I just considered to be abominable and it's this kind of tactics salesman's tactics of manipulative tactics that are used to many times in the church I believe is because I don't believe the power of the word of God. Part of the afternoon I do.

I just don't have the ability because I knew I would need people bring this up, I would need people who got behind me and did all the busywork of finding places, arranging audio arranging video while I worked on Carn prep sermon something like that preached will could you imagine if I start a church like every time the radial I said you won't be getting a TV getaway giveaway. You won't be getting tickets for this or that what you be getting is the word of God preached and if you like the word of God preached to please God and not people then come here.

Check it out. But if you want to be said milquetoast theology, namby-pamby theology, and you want to have noticed you have your cake needed to go somewhere else now that's that's how I would add a separate advertisement of how many people did they would come. I do not, but I believe that that's what's today. They want to be comforted, comforted this discomfort feel good and what the cross because it's got letters it will make little vague as opening your going to wipe the white really a motivational speech to Scripture to back it up and you feel good, clean Christian no conviction.

There is no talking about and there's no talking about the power to forgot about you every day and cotton candy so bad and the only thing the blessing of God because churches are basically figure out what to do depend dropping, and I'm curious what .21. The look like or church message I answer you need to move to Idaho next door. Just walking back well back here in the Boise area. So what was the church was redoing the church is supposed to submit to the authorities that are there and so far they don't contradict Scripture and to have a pandemic necessity of shutting things down in order to prevent disease spread this type of fine however the government should not support their efforts to meet if they give a standard of 6 feet. Let's say hypothetically 6 foot distance in the churches do that then get penalized doing exactly what work they were told will then we have problem and we need to resist.

At that point and so now you know okay pendant now were finding out and I was reading some stats and I started another book last night's after I finished the Communist manifesto was reading a book. 05 putting all figured out on on the statistics and information on COBIT and on the economy from being shut down like 50 pages each of booklets and so I'm going through those and you don't check out some of the information what turns out that the viruses get this exact numbers but at 60 to 70,000 people die from the flu every year just normal.

And the people of God. COBIT is far less than that.

And yet they shut the entire economy down for COBIT. Now that they have this information, you'd think that the lawmakers you think because they're smart and homeowners are people and they were dirt into facts, not political agenda. I think you think is what a lesson of the Connie backup just you know where the mask even though the masks are finding out some really help that much.

So the CDC is it helps not eventually thought it that you are about to go on and on the Lord. I don't think it did a bit radical call on China. Don't act like I let it out that other countries are wide open.

We are not a lot of data being manipulated. I think at the shut down like weekly body to unite the economy intubated that I will you react out a couple that's interesting interesting theorizing because a lot of thinking the same thing. Why is it people like sheep are just buying into wearing masks a worm in their own cars. It's time you it in their own homes and we have a new some the nuisance governor in California with Conan Lauzon driving businesses away and right on Fox Apple thought multinational company. There mom about being driven out of the restroom to deal with. Have you figured out anyway. RMF glad the club alright so folks as addressing conversation. By the way, the little book some reading on this documentation unreported truths about COBIT 19 and lockdowns get them on Amazon for expensive and unreported truths about COBIT 19 and lockdowns.

I'm checking on what's going on for being you know manipulated and I want to know.

Maybe we are living or not. I don't know. Is it true that I don't trust the media trust. Most politicians, so what's going on you know the Bible does talk about apostasy in the Bible to talk with reveille antichrist. What has to be in place for those things to occur. Well, you know you talk about the kind of stuff you wake up your you may call three open lines 877-207-2276 Carlton, Florida.

Welcome from your fellow hello dear name, I thought.

I am doing okay just doing radio sodium so my front and thought that I would bring our ramp up in the movie the only one like the bar and the mow the lawn and then I've been battling in my mind with our opinion on the temple. No, not allow me back like I know.

But because it had been battling.

You know, and I'm on my merry, no church so since your you get battles send. I have battles and battles for Christians will to do is train our minds and there's a couple ways to do this one is to memorize Scripture literally memorize Scripture and Colossians 3 is a place in the Bible that is worth studying, and studying and reading and reading like every night read the first 17 versus business 18 and not talk about marriage, but read the first 17 versus you'll find stuff in there and what happens is that when you start having thoughts.

Yes, I think of these things instead of one thing, we will break okay, hold on a folks if you want to hold on to write that covers messages, lines 87777 mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's way overboard, ripped through online or call 877207276 Carl you still there you go to church during the yeah so you believe the Bible is true. So what I want you to do is read Colossians 312-1617 and Colossians 31 through 67 Colossians 3 and up to about you and verse 18 starts talking about wives and husbands. So once Colossians 312 17. I like to refer to the section of Scripture as my least favorite place of in the Bible and the reason I type. I say that I say it jokingly is because it exposes my own sin to me. It really speaks to my heart.

It reaches him.

And these words that are here in these this prick a bit of Scripture often reflect in my mind and heart during different times want to do not living according to them is not always easy to what we do is we have a goal that we set and we aim towards that goal. So if you were in the you know about out on the ocean and miles ahead is a little place of land you want to get to your heading towards you constantly have to make corrections on your direction because there are always things that are working to blow you off course you always have to be aware you got to move forward and keep correcting the same kind of a thing here. We want to head towards the person of Jesus and so many things you can work against us with the consummate correction with do that to be in order. Got you can also do something in your mind to train your mind literally when something happens, or you think something you shouldn't think you have a sentence you say or something that's appropriate or a Scripture that you quote and you do this literally think of something bad and you quote the Scripture you go through when you practice you think this that you deeply and think bad, but you know, you think something should be doing what you will write to Scripture, and you focus on that word. What happens is that you train your mind literally to react by referring to God's word and this is the kind of thing that that we want to do. You know, I will entertain evil in your mind, but you can approach it. The topic in your mind and say Scripture instead.

This instead and then you associate that and it works okay and you pray you find people you can talk to about it least to continue the struggle to stay on course and you constantly make corrections as you approach your goal to do, that's just what you do all right right okay good enough you alright so what are you in a study then a lot that we want. Very good. That's right okay okay bless okay, folks. Therefore the lines if you want to give me a call like you to call you blab a question about theology Bible question about personal issues got a question about stuff. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 Kevin from Washington DC Kevin Rainier are either oaks maybe forget about it always helps. Apart from the board right hello hello hello Charlotte that is my fault. Hey, are you listening to the radio out there, or just online. I okay all right please see my problem so you question two earlier that and wondering if you know anybody I had that direct no for a while like me.

About it and thinking are trying to control me into go found out my friend who is 30 years old and healthy. He died from it. No crazy and I work for the EOD, the Department of Defense and my wife works for the federal government and they are being really really care about it because they want people and I genuinely think but not of the people. I think that thing run by their generally. But I like not one people to die and I'm wondering how you see the government interacting with learning math problems wearing facemasks do, that's fine. The problem I have is when they start saying churches can't meet and then they May allow writers to write and and politicians to go to hair salons and all the hypocrisy and they penalize Christians. That's a concern. Another concern I have is is it a test to see how many people could be controlled. That's us and I'm curious about because I'm very biblically minded and I do know the antichrist of the spirit of antichrist kind of thing will control people so I'm always wary about that, particularly since I've done so many decades of work doing with people and cults to see how mind control works in some always a little bit going on here is this is this manipulations is not okay.

So do masks work. They reduce infection rates, but I've discovered that the basically the masks that were wearing is really not helping very much at all and that 6 feet distance things really isn't helping that much at all. It doesn't help some. Yes, if you are in. For example, a military institution where it's critical in the infrastructure that it be there. Heck, we're really good masking.

You don't want that stuff to spread around because you Heck you should even where you have colds, they should just die the whole time. You know have specially designed facemasks for each person in the go around now and wash her hands always talked. I don't see a problem with that either because it's accents in the context of this make sense of the church recite have chairs 8 feet apart and you can have more than 10 people in a humongous building. Otherwise your violet.

That's ridiculous.

These are the things that you went out wondering trying to control people being thing that the control people and back pain. You don't know my A like are they using this as a means to figure out how people can be controlled like a little manipulation like that in I think it is generally on and then politicians you that in a certain way and then the double standard when they do the riot in the legal system inconsistency balance.

There is reason for voting for lines 77207 mass Y call 770776 charismatic slave with the real yes I was reading through written information on scope and stuff and I believe in the dissemination of information I write and communicate and if you guys are interested out there and some of the books that I'm looking at unreported truths about covert, 19, and lockdown to really small little documentation and the first part one part two not more than I think 100 pages like that and see this system of 21 pages so is not right that each one is like that big so well, you know, I'm just checking things out and we always have to be wary at this point. What I would say read the preamble to in the vectors of independence like hey you folks want to give a call 877-207-2276. Let's maybe talk about some theology and stuff. Let's get to Germany from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Welcome here. They met Ali. I want to thank you all that you put on corn. utilized how would you all where a guy with about the deity of Christ, I read your really enjoyed a great that you had only gone one morning and late when you see my stuff on Christoph needs the Old Testament churches of Christ.

I did that on the problem that I have, even if are you the Christoph and the angel of the Lord and united to claim to let Yahweh. Yahweh is doing the thing that if an angel and not Yahweh can or if they love the company that are utilizing old, never actually got it on top of my well what I'll do know that's the answer not to tell you you phone you talk to them. Exodus 6 verses two and three and the next verse one and is happy to read to the Bible it says this, verse one then the Lord said to Moses, this is Yahweh. Yahweh in their version. Jehovah said to Moses, now you shall see what I will do to Pharaoh for under compulsion. He will let them go under compulsion, you will drive them out of this land, God spoke further to Moses and said to him, I am Jehovah, and ask passenger to who's talking. If they say something to the Lord a reticent let's go over again because this is Jehovah said is a Jehovah in the oatmeal he might come back in the mind we are going much listening to the Lord. It speaks of his name. So, an angel of the Lord will say I am Jehovah nebulae wouldn't cc got there I saw you said it's so it has God spoke, so the text says God spoke to Moses.

So who's speaking to Moses that he may never get past this.

This is the thing.

This is what I'll do with them else it will. Exodus 62 and three says God spoke for Moses who was speaking about about Elsik Exodus 6213 says I will say that reference so many times to them. They walk away having it memorized. They can look a look at have to God spoke for the Moses, who slew speaking God great God was speaking you and God said, I am Jehovah can Angel do that Granados is a Texan Angel spoke. What is the God spoke to angels that I am Jehovah Christmas as I am Jehovah that is lying is okay to write. This is, then I am here to Abram, Isaac and Jacob, as God Almighty, but my name Yahweh, Jehovah noted up with. That means is that you did make himself known by the his name until the time of Moses as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Moses, so I ask who appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as God Almighty, who appeared in it, and if they don't admit that the text… I go back over again over again over to get else it will. Exodus 623 says that even if the conversation falls apart.

I just leave.

They've heard what it says it doesn't fit in her theology, but I've said so many times it's in their heads and so then we all do the same. Okay, so was God Almighty was being seen. Write good that we go to if they wanted. John 118. No missing God. Anytime the only begotten son was of the father. He's explained signature will and how to explain sake. I have annexed an answer. Do you just so you know, I've been to study the word God after verse 14 of the gospel of John. It's always a reference to the father. That's how it works in an article on somewhere in Carmona. So noticing God any time to speak about God Almighty right, but the Bible says they saw God Almighty, so the savings goal abiding, but also for clarification.

Jesus says in John 646 not anyone to see the father in Alaska. The Jacob you agree that no one is seen the father.

Yes, I agree with you. No one seen the father. They were seeing God Almighty in the Old Testament it wasn't God the father, who is God Almighty was not God the father will all at about it works okay and so that's all do and do the same kind of thing right now is thank you hear something else or something else is all kind little things you can say Revelation 1728 that's really useful. Colossians 115 through 17 and combine it with Isaiah 4424 but can also do this because the media talk about Almighty God with you want to do was say Jesus is the mighty God, and God the father is the Almighty God is one of the J dump things that they say I would check latency they changed the date they change or doctrines periodically so here's a verse it's important to know Isaiah 1021 Isaiah 1021 remember the J Dobbs will say that God Almighty is the father and the mighty God, the mighty God is Jesus say you know that that that's it.

Here's Isaiah 10 2021 in that day, the remnant of Israel and those of the house of Jacob who escaped will never again will I am the one who struck them hopeful they will truly rely on Jehovah, the holy one of Israel.

A remnant will return the remnant of Jacob to the mighty God Jehovah is called the mighty God. You call Jesus the mighty God, recalling Jesus Jehovah is all kind of problems that outline the content. When our men want. They cannot, you're absolutely right. Context is always something you need to examine but I will do is I'll bring up a verse, and the context or if they don't want to the context that's fine.

I go on to be my point from the context, but you find out that that then you should go to a Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall and if you hook somebody that's witnessing to you. You should go see Haley to get church not to go there and argue like a butte make a scene that could do anything I just want to go and see you with so you heard a weird noise my head so the know know it was electronics whatever so just go and I've done this many times I was go and not on document casino luck and ask any questions and get as much literature as you can reasonably get from them. The reason I I recommend you go is to hear how their brainwashed to see how the brain and I've been for 20 years, but I should go to silver and they would have somebody get up and open the watchtower or the week magazine take a Bible and read to the watchtower and they'll say things like the of local detection of God. John 1428. Jesus is the father is greater than I. Will brethren, let's turn to John 1428. The father is greater than I. And see if what he says okay. Therefore, we know that if he's if he is God is the heretical Trinitarian's say that why would the father be greater than the if there's a Trinity and are all equal, so we can see that Jesus is not God. They go the next thing this is the kind of thing that you do, you'll allow me questions for people like me say will wait a minute you know when you're married, your greater man's greater than authority that his wife is meaner different. Jesus made for little while, Lord angels, he was tonight made under the law. Galatians 44 so he's in a lesser position under the law is a man. He had to obey the law and so he would save the file is greater than him. It doesn't mean that's that's doesn't mean that he's not God see Vista let out about every goal and all that outbreak and Keith can you put them on hold because my okay mostly right back after these messages. Mats like why call 770-7276 charismatic leg German, you still there.

So you're saying something and then it removed my window. 10 seconds break so where we would leave off all they communicate, they communicate that they believe working but I don't really how they translate and meaning Michael Michael Michael, or therefore I go to dangle on a man is clearly not an angel of God, a man with a lot God but I get that for my problem and then on talking later the family members that I get telephone quite often understand her perspective on but I'm not on the fan and how they can have such a transition how you when I think you got out on the planet and the old walled point out here consistency and continuity here come their brainwashed us when you gotta go to the Kingdom Hall to see what you're up against their brainwashed brainwashed their brainwashed literacy even if it was for one week you said I want to go to all the meetings you go to the same look of the say anything because the prophets want to see what you're doing.

If they say yes go to all the meetings for one week. You will then understand whether and how to get brainwashed you to do with the brainwashed. This is why earlier when I said X is 6213X to 62 and three, Exodus 623 because you fight against brainwashing literally takes off as far as these these these Scriptures they have their reasons are convoluted, false logical reasons and you have to break through that you sit down with them and go through in the Scriptures to do is to say no would say this. They have all these verses that have been trained in little booklets. These booklets will tell them go to this page and read this verse. The book was do the thinking for them to switch irrevocable even if there are about New World translation in Hebrew .3 the reflection of God's glory. That rep of the very thing in the dock.

While the essay he represents is noticing the safety review represents God, he isn't God still say in the article met that by thing and I comment that I think Gary that not a representative well see this is why it takes with Jehovah's Witnesses. Sorry it takes more training and memorization of Scriptures and arguments in order to answer them. It used to be when I first moved here to Idaho Jehovah's Witnesses because my door regularly.

They haven't been here for years because they have been marked off because I know I can answer questions and or ask questions.

Answer their object or their questions like so this just to do you learn the stuff is what I wrote these articles on car they go through. Now you one more thing to go with here that you really need to study and it has to do with the phrase call upon the name of the Lord.

Have you studied this read that article on car, while those who don't know what it is the repeated. It's extremely powerful. It is really messed up a lot of Jehovah's Witnesses, the phrase to call upon the name of Jehovah in the Old Testament, means prayer adoration, worship to Jehovah alone. That's what it means to get them to admit that Zechariah 39 Psalm 116 for talks about these these phrases and I'll tell him it's always and only Jehovah right now. So yes, then we talk to the Septuagint the translation by the Jews that by 200 BC where they translated the Old Testament into Greek took that phrase call upon the name of Jehovah in the Greek call upon the name of the Lord and reconquering us the Lord. Ha the glorious Lord they call upon the name of the Lord as they translated it as they go to first contains 12, where it says to the church of God which is at Corinth, to those who been sanctified in Christ Jesus, saints by calling with all replace call the name of the Lord Jesus Belasco, Ms. why would Paul the apostle use a phrase applied only to Jehovah and adoration, worship and reply.

The phrase to Jesus. They can answer.

So that's a very powerful thing to go with little do they disable the call calling is the issue or the name is it know it's the phrase you read that article denotes a lengthy article. I really go went quite adept on it and do a lot of analysis but it's really a problem for them so that something I would focus on yeah yeah I appreciate everything that you know when I put the date they thing to be really hung up on the Trinity, but whenever I drive in the beauty of the accommodation automatically goes back to the Trinity and the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit like you got a name John a little on the Holy Spirit's job is to witness of Jesus in John 1426 John 1526 ubiquitous of truth is suppressed, that's it. And in John 13 for we were 13 fours and 32 he speaks Holy Spirit speaks and has a will go in and you can see the references for that would all do is also you understand how the trinities arrived at because of these false.

The Trinity is not arrived. Looking at any one Scripture it's arrived at by looking at the whole Bible systematically arrived at tell it's arrived at by a system of thought system of logic, of looking at various things so what is that system that the Trinitarian's used to arrive at the Trinity, they won't know what to say about that good enough and asked a question and I'll tell them you don't know the system again. It's not by looking at a verse like 20 to 18 baptizing the father-son Holy Spirit that doesn't prove the Trinity. It supports it dyslexic with you, 13, 14 does a safe house.

The doctor truly arrived at. What's a system to keep hammering this because all say if you don't know that approach that system you can't tell us if the system is right or wrong, by which the trinities arrived at. Therefore, you don't know if it's true or false. I got so everything is manners of different ways you know. I got on their rabbit bio.your Britannica and want to hear that I get wrong thing absolutely Wrong Actually Wrong to Say We Don't Go to the Botanical Go to the Scriptures and Write Back to the Work You Tell Me How It's Arrived in Scripture You Don't I Can Show You in It for Practice on It.

Just Go to the Farm Site Look up the Trinity Chart. Okay, That Will Help You Read Buddy Thank You I Love You Welcome and Gobble.

Let's Get to Alonso Finkelstein Vehicle Settlement Southeast.

How Are You I'm Doing Fine Now. We Got Buddy Yeah so I'm Not Context to Give You and Then the Question so I P&L during My Local Church for Six Years Now and Am Convinced by Scripture That We Mark We Are Not to Be Appointed As Pastors and Also That Anything Appropriate That They Teach on Sunday Morning. Good Night.

Charting Condition Forgot the Public but Glad Yes Exactly Exactly out from the Pulpit. If You Can Prohibit the People Cast or Ship, but My Fellow Elders Are Okay with Living Teaching from the Pulpit so I'm Not Ready to Go Position since I'm Quite Alone in My Conviction That I Believe Is a Proper One from Scripture from Scripture and Also the Senior Pastor Had Read Some Theologians That Support People Teaching and Although He Is Not Convinced That They Should Be Pastors yet.

I Think It's a Matter of Time. If He Remains so the Rest of the Elders I Okay with Women Teaching and I Believe It Is up to Them.

It Would Allow People.

Elders Also Filling in My Position but Would You What Would You Guys for Me to Do Such a Fight Today Aside on Alarm, Cannot You You Feel about the Soup with the Muscles and You Do That I like to Talk to Them on Online on Facebook or Whatever It Is, If They Be Willing to Have a Discussion with Me. I Can Answer All Their Objections in One Scripture Very Lightly and They Speak English and on My Spanish Is Still It's It's It's a Sissy but Is No Specific Government and You and Not Lamenting so Big We Could Drink You Could Be There. We Can Do This Whole Thing and I'd Love to Do That Now Would Even Do Was between You and God. Me, I'm Going to My Situation Assist Me a Little Hardheaded on the Say Well This with the Bible Says. It Says That the Elder Must Be on Their Musical Neck Us a Man of One Woman. Please Tell Me How Woman Can Feel That I Want to Do That Job and Well You See Bob Loblaw If the Phrase It Means No Sicknesses.

They Must Be a Man and One Woman Called Allow Them to Teach Have Authority over Men, the Church That Was First Created. How to Explain These Things If They Witness It Was Go to These Visa Egalitarians As Was Called Egalitarianism.

They Believe That the Wheat Women and Men Are Equal in That Calling in the Church Disable the Bible Say and You Need to Do Cause Legal Back to the Word of God.

Memorize A Few Scriptures in First Timothy to Start Third at 1213. First Timothy 315, Paul Says He's Giving Instruction on How to Behave in the Household of God. We Talked about Is What He Says I Do Not Allow a Woman to Teach or Exercise Authority over Men but Remain Silent for Adam Was First Created, and I Know Their Objections. It's a Particular Woman or It's a Woman over This and I Got All This Was Responded to on the Website but Also That of Titus 1527 First Timothy 32 through Roughly 6 Talks and Thereby the Qualifications of the Elder and He Must Be on Their Musical Neck Us a Man of One Woman and This Is What It Says They Might Not Have These Sub Objection Little Objections I Can Answer Those. This Is What You Do. What Is What God Say Just Ask Him What Is the Word of God Say What Is More, Got Sick and Then If They Refuse Me on the Cutting Guide Say the Judgment of God's Coming upon You. You Refuse the Word of God.

I Can No Longer Serve Here with You and I Must Go to the Congregation Now and Let Them Know of Your False Teaching.

Okay, so Following That Failed to That Particular Position That They Made Have Which Is Okay, I Might Agree with You with It with the Fact That They Cannot Hold the Office of an Elder, but a What about Teaching They Can Teach so We Will out Each Month from the Pulpit. So What Would You Say about This Particular Position That I Believe You Think of but What Would You Settle First Timothy 212 13. I Do Not Allow a Woman to Teach or Is Authority over Men Would Remain Silent with Silent Greek Is Huskier Doesn't Mean Complete Silence Likes the Gospel Does in the Greek. Paul Says No to That You Get a Woman in the Pulpit, Preaching the Word of God with Authority. She Is Now Taking the Position That Does Not Belong to Her. Yeah I Am My Mind. I Have a Situation Went Where I.E. about the Eat Every Single One of Them Separately and I Would Ask Him What Would You Say What Would You Do What You Would You Allow a Teacher.

I without a Woman to Teach and Exercise Authority over Men and I Believe They're Going to Say Yes They Get the Yes I Can Use Yeah I Can Say That Both Your Alcoholic… The Iraq Contradiction to the Text Just to See How They React. The Gap Well I Say What's I Want to Talk to Them.

See Carotid Time. You Can Email Me Vince Would Work.

Let's See If You Get an Online Meeting Going. Love, I Would Love to Listen to. Okay, We Hear the Lord Bless You All.

By His Grace Back on There Tomorrow

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