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October 16, 2020 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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October 16, 2020 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Are prompting from the Holy Spirit, outside of the direct words of the Bible, biblical- Is that a way that God can communicate with us---2- What's the difference between Romans 5-18 in the KJV and the NASB---3- Is there a possibility that the two witnesses in Revelation are not merely two individual men- Could it be two groups, such as Jews and Gentiles---4- What is the best way to study the Bible---5- Would you be willing to debate on abortion-

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A previously recorded Netflix show why is it apologetic to research what is Autoblog on the more you have questions about Bible doctrine to questions on theology. Talk about last night's impromptu strength that I do on varying chat rooms and things like reputations will talk to people and to minister to them and so will you call five open lines all you do is dialing 772072276 and am alright so you know that we stay on the air by your support if you will help us out. Only do is dial is all you do is go to the car website. See WSs five maybe $10 a month on very much and it does help us create budgets and things like that missionaries and others because this is an outreach that is designed to minister to his many people as possible.

Things interesting story when I was younger I felt as though at one particular point to get the background for them, but that the Lord was speaking my heart and want to serve him and let's just say that I really felt that need. That's obligation to serve him and to bring as many people into the kingdom as possible. That's what I want to do. That's what I'm hoping that will happen by the grace of God that bring as many people as possible so there you go and going to call Marcus at 877-207-2276 and we talk about stuff here on the radio show so well last night I was in a discussion with a guy, not discord.

It's going to ever known. A lot of taken out rooms pagan environments and home is so because of our imitation going to places and they will create rooms for me just to be there to have discussions within their let's assume within their atheistic places, and things like that and so last night I was in and having a discussion with the guy something interesting happened this guy. I could tell that he was being trained by somebody else. I know this, somebody else is a real piece so you know what will work and what he does is an antichrist, and what this guy does is he asks questions about everything.

So if you say will. The Bible says part of the Bible's true because you that would happen. You know that what we believe belief is justified well by justification.

He does that. It doesn't matter what you say you just ask more questions is his goal is to get someone to the point really can't answer or defend anything and that he claims victory. So I had encountered with this guy and want to say that he's doesn't answer any questions.

It doesn't know how to request and so I recognize this and this new guy was dialoguing with and so they wait a minute. After about a half-hour to wait a minute you know so-and-so says yeah you talk to them said yeah we talk on the phone, tell I said you understand something here.

I said that I can ask you questions and I do ask questions of fact, I had asked him? Here's a point worth discussing and worth looking at the bottom of this guy and I bring up the other to see you use logic. I say can you justify your use of logic. This is a question that's fair for me to ask them if there can ask me to justify that God exists for my polite belief is valid.

Whatever it is I can also ask them questions like will justify your questions validity.

Show me why the question that you're asking is a valid question and I need to answer it. I can play the same game we seek. Ultimately what happens is they don't want to answer those kind of question is a question too difficult for them. They only want to ask questions that are antichrist and the motives that are against the Scriptures and for those people who aren't intellectually so a philosophically trained, they will fall prey to. I didn't, so this guy this newbie is learning from this other guy and I said look you presuppose the validity of logic and you you are asking to use logic to demonstrate why you can use logic and he says I'm staying on that levy on purpose because he's kissable that's that's circular support circular any presupposition of logic presupposes logic. You can't use logic to prove logic because if you do that you're begging the question. But everybody has to start someplace. Justify your starting point justifying your worldview. What that starting point is the right one can't answer the question, and none of them can answer that question we can try but can't. But what happened is a Skype and shutting down and and found out that he is then talking this other guy. This is the kind of thing to deal with sometimes on the web.

I enjoy it doesn't bother me music.

Some of the things that we have to deal with and and I bring this up for reason one little bit of entertainment, but the other thing is this, there are an increasing number of people who are hostile to the truth of Christianity, who seek to destroy and to use any means is possible in order to bring as much people out of the faith to destroy their faith or whatever it is that I'm counting them on a regular basis, but when you ask the same things of them that they asked Christian the same principles they don't want to answer.

And in that they show the hypocrisy. So what were dealing with in the world whistle is a lot of hypocrisy out there. There's a great deal of and it's just one thing to deal with but nevertheless this is looking for an opening whatever and calling are coming in now. So if you'd like to give me a call. On the other. Do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get to Kevin from Tennessee And welcome your on-air on his goal now is goal you want to add because I read a book about whether the matter was about but it said that they don't believe that we can hear from God. Like I know like we can be having conversations with God but God giveth like a prompting of the Holy Spirit.

God did out through our thoughts are constant thoughts are guided and in a certain way other than just correctly word for word from the Bible say yes and form brothers and sisters in the hospital coffee in the air. There's a doctrine that states, and rightfully so, that the Bible is the final authority everything and I have no problem with that method by defendant believe, but I see nothing in Scripture that says that God can't communicate to us and I say that I don't mean that he necessarily would would tell us a voice maybe could you could, but does eat what I don't know. I don't see thing in Scripture that negates it and go to prescriptive 13 8 to 12 and we can talk about that if you want. I'm glad to so I know that people are hearing having visions and dreams of Jesus coming to faith. It's happening the beliefs and thousands and thousands of people we could so not to limit document experience like alluded to something just a few minutes ago because you asked, going to be filled with soup years and years ago years ago when I didn't have any calling from God, a direction to go. That was okay as a new believer read the Bible for hours a day six hours a day and I was praying constantly hours a day walking, talking, driving at work.

It was just incredible. I like to my mind was on the things of the Lord all the time and I was begging him over and over and over again to use me. I don't care where in care how I don't care what just use me don't care what it is. I just want to be use and I would pray it over and over with intensity.

Day after day week after week.

I did this for a long time. This intensity just didn't go away and I kept praying I had to be used of God needed to be used this run for weeks and weeks and mean and freight once or twice a day. I mean on my mind always. I could take you to the place where I was standing when I swear I heard the voice of God in my heart I can take you to where I was standing because I remember where it was.

Remember what I was looking remember this voice was audible, but it was just there. What do you want, and I said to help as many people the faith as is possible trust in you. I heard the second voice impression kind of a voice.

It was when early in life are late in life. I said late in life, and after that urge to pray for that went away. It was answered.

Now you can tell my radio that a website with 100 million visitors a written book. Second, debates among bragging to sing, it works. From what the answer was it's consistent is that doctrinally sound. I see nothing in Scripture to prevent that from being true. Can God communicate to us shortly. Can he communicates to the pastor and the pulpit who will be reading to Scripture and all of a sudden his mind will be filled with knowledge about something an unction desire to speak about something in such a way that has to be said it happens, we know that we get impressions from God. We just know it happens in that very often.

No, God speaks to us and into our hearts that they were hearing voices asked never heard the voice of God like never sure he can communicate to us and he does all of it must be judged by the word of God the Word of God is the final authority in everything and that belief and I really appreciate it will help help my guys, I really said it will goblet all right and just so you know folks it happened again a few years later, someone asked about that actually happened twice and go going to make all three open lines to do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get the truck in Burlington, North Carolina. Welcome your on-air like you yet. I would. About Roman 58 is okay and that I was typing so I would write that all right it out through the logical you may call 87772276 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave sexless Québec truck welcome your matter.

I work here. Roman 58 and I think your market and there's a big difference between a fingering numeric banter you go over that real hospital due to a mishap to go to the Greek first rights of the commission with regard to release says because of very interesting verse very important for analyzing don't get it, but it says some literally looking at the great okay so it says so then, as through one transgression into condemnation to all men, so also through one act of righteousness when registering into justification of life to all men. That's the literal Greek okay so we have is through one transgression into all condemnation to all men, so also through one act of righteousness, justification of life to all men. There's no verb in the Greek this is interesting because it's a single verse, but has two sentences joined by competent so so then or so, as is where the conjunction is it a try make this make sense here. Think of it, is to versus both are saying very similar things through one event, there was a direct result through one transgression at 77 condemnation to all men, so also through one act of righteousness, justification of life to all men that are the literal Greek says that is a problem because justification means you declared righteous, but it says justification of life to all men, but is no verb here. So what we do well the thing is that, go to sentence a government sentence to be a member. It's really one long sentence or two sentences joined by conjunction since ancient space and say says through one transgression condemnation woman, so also in like manner when active righteousness, justification of life to all men, so a governs me because B says in like a think and even some or in like manner to what was referring to Kaiser. This means that when we look at the second part of the verse that we have to interpreted in light of the first that's what's going on/through one transgression condemnation of all men verb in there because we do in English what verb the NASB says that resulted in the theologically correct because the resulting automation everybody when Adam sinned federal headship original sin. Sin entered the world. Romans 512 present the result of cognition. 323, Ephesians 21 Ephesians 23.

These verses talk about this, everybody said afterwards. Following is because of Adam's sin. So the right verb is to put their result. The problem is you take it down to put it into the second verse, which would mean this slope so through one act of righteousness there resulted justification of life to all men.

Wait a minute, all men means that everyone will be saved but we know from Mark 25, 46, Revelation 411 2024 2010 we know the people go to hell. So what people have monitor translations as they taken section B and the governed section a, they made they alter section a or the first verse for today because of what they see. Insensibly they recognize a theological problem.

There isn't one not explain why.

So what they do is a reverse houseful to be the King James doesn't the new King James doesn't the RSV does it the NIV does the NASB doesn't a friend of mine actually talk to. I think the sun or one people was on the translating of committee for this and they actually work on this verse and I told him I my understanding of it. He gave it to the sky and the guy goes Ashley recently see it makes perfect sense to normal exclamation so not my opinion. And besides what the Bible says is within his basis believe that. So when I was reading this verse about 30 years ago. I was puzzled by those at a restaurant read my Bible and went to this. It didn't make any sense. There resulted justification of life to all men, that means everybody saved but that can be the case.

That is what it says you know I was fresh out of seminary and I I went look at the Greek class what it says. So it forced me to do some studying and I'll just cut Chase's face what I discovered was that whenever God refers to the all in relation to Christ is not everybody you may think like ridiculous notes, not ridiculous. It says this first 2015 22 in Adam all die in Christ all shall remain alive in Christ means that there are believers in Christ are in Christ and his representation right died with Christ. Romans six victory we were crucified with Christ from 60 so we died with the excellences in Adam all die in Christ all submit alive that Paul could only be the Christians with the Christian. I also did that whenever it says in the Bible that God knows somebody it only means that you saved okay and we also know the Scriptures that we never find any place which has unbelievers died with Christ and died to sin died in the world is always in reference to the believers. This is the pattern right after you check out yourself is when you would a segment is 514 it says with the love of God controls us have concluded this. That one died for all, therefore all died. All died can only be the Christians. The unbelievers haven't died is not a physical death of your time is not died with Christ is looking through this one to see what God's pattern is dealing with the all in relationship to salvation. Furthermore, you can go to John 637 and this is what Jesus says in John 637. He says all the father gives me will come to me and when it comes to base it will not cast out these has always given me. I lose nothing, but raise them up there. The ones were believers and it is also my giving will come to me there's an all group given by the father to the son, and they will come to him so he looked at this and realize what the NASB was doing was simply being faithful to the Greek.

The other versions were not so, the names says therefore as by the offense of one judgment came upon all the condemnation, even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all will and went unto justification of life. Will the free gift is not fairly Greek and what they can obviously did was let sentence be covered. Sensei because of this is and so the RNR says said leads because they're doing it can't be the resulted length was still a possibility so they down for good right back after these messages the man's leg. Why call 77077 charismatic/11 commissioners more but helped you that were that were one thing, and I did not have on my mind what I called Rob Revelation 2011 being it. They that the unbeliever will break the art by their work. That would seem like it a universal traumatic, but I am not universally at all and no way I know I got you nice out universal tomes refuted by first Samuel 314 and is read that because you know the theories as you Jesus for what he says will. This is what God says God speaking. Therefore, it's one of the house of Eli that the iniquity of Eli's house shall not be atoned for by sacrifice ruffling forever that there can't be a universal tone of this from that verse alone. Okay yeah yeah yeah yeah your permanent principal like Reading the Bible I get that but find the good. I just to study and that's why I believe people's commentary will I go to them and I look is midsentence and help, but I don't need church tradition and then some authority of some denomination tongue would have to mean is not that hard to start, read, study, yeah, yeah my desired breakthrough of the Bible a lot, you know the lifelong study yeah yeah my eyes are where do it anymore. 58 and I my I my brain know every audiobook but you can write many letters he knew to do with yeah I might take some form III think that is for my eyes in a daily basis. I can keep my self in as good shape as possible to serve my Lord as long as possible. So I think blocking what you think Lou Taine LUT EIN team One-A-Day told about his research on really good for the eyes and it just helps. It is become better just helps them stop getting worse thing. I am very vision even on my subjective 2010 vision is a 2012 I spent way. So okay and I did a lot of your dog right now right the Lord.

Praise God. All right. Okay close to call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 with through the lines give a call Mike from Durham, North Carolina welcoming a mess of life. Think about general quantified note or greater judge by our works of the work on the cross so praise the Lord that you build on what you are saying about certain tradition not doing out and bring ourselves. I want to go out to about the other three witnesses like that with tradition, be with you that there there two men, and when I read the olive trees and the lampstand and do a little research into that thing though the olive trees and the lamp and kind of generally speak to the Jewish and Gentile believers that is that the offender in my off on that same yell to okay my question and then I'm not trying to know. Pick one theory on the other are just looking for discernment. It is a possibility that it may not be just to men, as it is a possibility that it may be to group the maybe Jewish mechanic Jews and Gentile Christians door or something like that or if it is not Gentile as well.

If it is two gentlemen wouldn't be a Jew and Gentile. Or maybe I don't know I get that a lot out there a lot to talk about his list. 11 and midsentence is I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1260 days close in sackcloth.

These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands that stand before the Lord of the earth. Now, what exactly are the two witnesses. The manifestation of the all the trees in the lampstands and where they stand for.

Know all of oil, anointing lampstands lights there could be still are some one theory is that this is along with the lines what it is you're saying that they are groups of people.

Then there's the theory that he might be Moses and Elijah. In some states, Moses and Enoch. So who is it I'm not exactly sure what it says fire flows out of their mouth and devours their enemies so we take that literally. We take it literally for safe there with her mouth and fire vendor mouth or is it that are speaking and their fire tribal problem. What comes down out of heaven and devours them. But then we know that they get killed and the world rejoices because every I can see them all the people everywhere. It says it will not permit their dead bodies to be laid in the tomb, and those who do on the earth will rejoice over them, and over their deaths after 3 1/2 days the breath of life came God into them. They stood on their feet, and great fear fell upon those were watching them and then loud voice and have a Sigma pier and he went into the heaven clout and I would be surprised people sit with the rapture and maybe you know it's so symbolic, but it seems to me is more in line with just two individuals that represent the law and the prophets, and they go forth they speak, but I don't know for sure right one of those issues where I know I will.

We all gonna go will around Christian and look forward to it real close were not. That's right see how close were nuts or something will be spot on and stuff like this you know there's the series offered and I will send wait-and-see. Finally, and so I don't know but it says these two pelvis so it looks like there individuals towards matter to prophets. I think is probably Moses. If you do Moses and Elijah and Moses and Enoch might be Moses and Elijah. One quick question about Elijah in verdict. And Malachi correct or that the Lord sent him back Malachi or I believe the Lord will send them back to turn either the father back to the pond in back of the father that I correct in a long time since my head sorry okay okay I want to make sure they did so much for your time everything you got okay. God bless. Okay okay folks are going to be call.

We have four open lines 87720722762.from Salt Lake City and it was how to study the Bible that nobody waiting sometimes will talk about that. So if you want to call me with five lines 877-207-2276 and Deputy McCauley five lines now all I can do is tell you how I study the Bible and the what what I do know what I've always done is keep notes so when I study the Bible I underlined my study the Bible I I consider something in Scripture that might bring me to some something else so will do is it I'm reading something like, for example, which is happened to John 316 God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son.

Look at the word only begotten. Why might you look at that work to see what it is I don't know this. In the Greek know Monday's from Vermont to get out did not one minus it's it's a compound form and select only begotten son. The dualism to see how does that word appear in any other places. What is God saying with it. How is it used with context is that this is what I do when I study to stuff like that. It doesn't take brilliance. It doesn't take all this education. It just takes time.

I used to have literally on my desk 45678 books open to different pages and my wife would come in and she would see all these books open. I bent over these books looking reading. She would even bother to talk to because I do come out of the deal, the study and she called talk you later okay good and I'll be on the minute I just call it juggling gelato stuff right in my head I'm learning this morning that Ludovic and how it study one thing would usually lead to another and I would discover thing, it became intriguing. Sometimes I would study so much that I wouldn't learn really much of anything and something to study and learn a whole bunch of great things that you see the thing is is to study the Lord to lead you where he wants you to go. All you have to do is open the Bible and read start reading and see with words make a good book of Ephesians. Go to Ephesians to start reading the book of Ephesians at short. There's a lot of good stuff in there and you can look up phrases, no shows predestined Jesus all things. They live five of the line does give me a call so 7707 Matt Flynn why call 770727 charismatic slave I met about being willing to debate on abortion comment on. I'd be willing to debate on abortion, I would be willing to debate yeah right at the correct got like four days and how they reversed it after the Civil War and about Roe V Wade or taco joint question questions. So the question would be like the person ahead of the child like Dred Scott basically said by Dred Scott didn't have any legal rights could like not it is not considered or edited and the baby seems to be not considered a citizen like the child it will use in the Bible there is so use dealing with the issue of home of abortion and things like that and when talking about this with people and you know I find out where they are. But there are logical problems with this an ethical problem with the idea of killing the life in the womb is one of things on the last visit is a live human not human assisted six months in the womb. Is it human or not human. These are test questions and you know I debate okay and asked these questions if they don't have an answer than they should not be risking killing and if they don't, because it might be human if they say it's not human and him and ask other questions related to that how you notes document and what happens in Windows. It happened that changes the nature from nonhuman to human and if it's not human and what isn't in it*is questions of people they can't answer that had people say to me both.

This is not human will and what is it I don't know is not human, so it has eyes humanized human feet human hands. Human backbone human brain puts that this is not human because it was not viable. Survivability makes it human so wouldn't is become viable was born and I do this again.

Also, before birth one minute before birth is not human and a woman [human discipline because of location that is location determine humanity there just they just don't have any good answers.

There aren't any good answers for them because if they can enter into a debate with some seriously going to consider this issue, they're going to lose because they can't answer the difficult questions and they go back and civil manner. You tell me to human being one as soon as the egg is fertilized and also everything necessary for humanity is there and we don't know the essence of humanity. As you can put it in a jar and since life does not begin at conception will make a mistake, though, say life begins at conception, though it is not life does not come from nonlife life comes from life and the sperm and the egg are both alive in the join in life continues. So when we say you know they mistakingly say life together conception a single document continues to conception is the correct view and will if it's there and has all the DNA in the essence of the human is will then are you just went away because it's inconvenient does it lose value because is not desired so that its ontological worth. In essence, is based on work when what you want or don't want lesson impossibility and this kind of a thing goes back to the days of chattel slavery, the owner would say about that life. He owned this matter may be human. This is what happens in the mentality of those who are not clear thinkers think this whole section on karma about abortion and I've asked questions.

One of the things I've asked them, and also will you know that you're pregnant until about three weeks or four weeks whatever it is right.

So by that time we have this formation and it's it's super complex already, and it's not simply a skin cell because it contains skin cells so when asking a mistake is not human notice is not human, it's okay will. It is located take it out of a woman's womb and place it into the womb? And some people said yes answer okay so then will it with a life is compatible with life there within their different.

In essence, I think and see the unwanted answering further is a different F essence that how is it that this it makes it okay to do this now you're playing with human life. It's not hard to defeat abortion and essay as well as a woman's right to choose what is happening to the state use this broad expression.

She could choose or you can's choice. It is not the issue. You can choose which shirt you want to wear no problem where shirt were lectured when those bands for shoes you want to you can just choose to go out to suit somebody can because you are you against my ability of free choice shoot somebody because lability to choose my contacts absolutely. This of the ambiguity that they use when use this vague phrase to choose some mistakes. So this life in insider body, is it your life do you own this life. When you say this, I guess.

Also, you believe in slavery went down that road and it was my body I do and I want my body well if you got a degree but you don't have right to do anything somebody else's body do you want answer the question because ignoring going if it's your body. Do you have four arms and four legs and two heads your body then does that mean that it is your body but if you say it is your body then you have two heads for hours for legs but don't have two heads forearms and foreleg so therefore it is not your body is it someone else's body just happened inside of you today want to kill it. And what's the reason you want to kill it because it's inconvenient comes down to is inconvenient to the skillet as the hardness of heart, you'll nothing. This makes it okay but I I've heard over the years and somewhat am not surprised by the fact that men kill their families is not until it's like that men are little more barbaric than women never decades ago, I forgot her name with his mother drove her children into a lake and ground because she didn't want some some recent member hearing about this and remembering us is by this that a month or could do this, someone who'd given birth out of her own body to these children could do something like this is shocking to me know if a father had done it still shocking but not as much as when a mom and you know right from then on, I started noticing more and more moms behaving like more like men. In this respect, selfish, self-seeking, not holding up their end of the responsibility of the people say lament I can see your point about submission. What about someone who's forced you and want your RAP either by the children listening, what about that well, you know, my wife and I discussed this very issue. If that ever happened to her and she she became pregnant, I would insist that that a person perpetrated it. If pot was punished to the maximum ability that law and then I would make sure it wouldn't make any difference to me what race as we use in colloquial terminology father was, but I would make sure that that child was my child raise that child is my own and that's how that would be. It is not child's so when we look at the end of the woman suffers that great atrocity people civil we have to defend ourselves and defend yourself, but is defend yourself against someone else. Yes, but as a child attacking you in your body. No is harming you know that's another issue. What happens if the child to develop the trouble kill will believe and not fix this one to is my wife has had some medical issues and I had to go to a vasectomy noticing this, the anesthesia only partially worked and I went through anyway with the say was memorable and originally I had to do this is because the next pregnancy, the doctor said might've killed her and we talked about what would happen if she got pregnant. It might kill her.

She says that you trust God my life. You may want to cyclical etc. taste in men. She's awesome. But when something bad happens like this we punish the product we punish the child for the crimes of someone else. I was at testify and is it an atrocity.

Yes it is. Is it shameful because it is the summer because of the sin of somebody else, yes this is the reality of our world, but we don't make one mistake to cover another don't do one bad thing to correct that thing we just don't do that.

Some of Rex my car drives the red light Rex my car right or causes me… To fear off the side of the road in their cars not injured your office. I drove my car is totaled.

Do I then justified by going over destroying their car. Look what happened.

You made me suffer. Your failure you're wrong. Your sin in your whatever and either pay the consequences that will do is destroy your car. Two wrongs don't make a right so you know all the big people on the abortion issue a whole Ashley's difficult questions and are more difficult questions I could ask get into the on toss essence change categories talk about morality, righteousness, obligation humanity to talk about kindest. They don't want to have public debates. You'll never see a pro-abortionist. I got a bad word to say about really is on the C of real live competent debate between two people on the opposite side of the issue and the reason you only because the leftist wacko majority agenda holders don't want truth. They want hypocrisy and they want their own sin and then they hide it all under in this case under a woman's right to choose, and in so doing they kill someone a mom kills the life growing within her own body.

That is great atrocity great pain.

Great difficulty in your other issues, we can talk about ego think that I wish I could debates about the basically publicly on this, but no one can only offer challenges our iPhoto at a time in the Lord bless you and Braden provide all they got was a boy will see you. My God's grace back on there tomorrow

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