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October 15, 2020 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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October 15, 2020 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why are the tribes of Dan and Ephriam not listed in Revelation 7---2- What does it take to expose-remove the -wolves in sheep's clothing-- Why do they seem to keep succeeding---3- I'm hosting a discussion event with Christians on both political sides. What are some questions you would suggest asking---4- If you share the gospel and the person responds, can they have assurance that they are saved---5- What's your opinion on the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary's new scholarship for African Americans as reparations---6- Where do you draw the line in submission to the government---7- A caller expressed her appreciation for Matt and the constant stand he takes for the truth of all of Scripture.


A previously recorded Netflix show why is the founder and president of apologetics is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why not hold that slick use looks through 13 October 2020 going to be called forecastle and delete 772072276 Westward spell see your your room on your phone to Christian apologetics research ministries.

Let me know all will let you know that so we steal your donations to know that you're begging just let you know if you will support us, please consider doing that all you annual Sylvia Commissioner. We like to just ask five or $10 a month because if you do that we could help.

The budget will later support missionaries in the world were transmitting the information into the respective languages doing studies and equipping pastors to see what's happening is that the karma is reaching out to etc. check on that would be support for that kind of thing as well as the continuation of the radial carbonate or to help us out and like the radio show. I just thought of this. You don't like her initial contact Truth Network and say they love the radio show or if you don't recall if it's that's little do that to get feedback and the so you think that be fun and fine and let's see if you do any shopping on Amazon a little while to remember this but if you you can put it, despite everything normal but you can set up a charity and by doing that so little % of his purchase goes towards the charities so that sounds like something you want to support all you do is go to smile

A model escape, of saying things I do some work on patriot on if you're interested in checking it out patriot that slick patriots and also get books on the homepage or any paycheck to the right-hand side books of the decision that I've written and the judge everything on karma and not divorce. It was not hard to get through stuff. All right, let's get to carry from voice carry welcome dear question about Revelation.

Revelation 7 now is repeating in Galatians 7 why Dan and Ephraim not let that Dan I believe it was introduced some idolatry.

One point I'd much of anything.

It was the thing that did that so lifetime is what happens when they will record legal Greek restates the tribes a little bit different order. Sometimes this would convey a message and you have to go through and look at what that order is but some one of the tribes did introduce idolatrous stuff I forgot which one was and it looks like that's why they are omitted from their consider Dan and Ephraim pulled out of the back of my skull, but that okay okay where you're from voice so which are to go to same. Single Christian church okay yeah I thought you had lunch and talk all right. Take care. There are both in shape clothing and those in church and pastor are like that and get what does it take to get them exposed and why do they think they succeed because the body Christ is not doing her job, men in particular are the ones were supposed to stand up and resist error when Adam and Eve in the garden she send first and she gave the fruit to Adam and then he syndromes 512 says that sent into the world through one man, Adam, so the federal head is the male males are by default are a little bit more – responsible – in the church.

They have the call and the duty of standing truth of the word of God. So the reason that pastors are allowed to be in the pulpit that are bad is because the mentor for the job the church. That's it. They're not taking responsibility to not look at the word of God are not standing up to be should be and say no we don't approve of homosexual pastors will approve women pastors and elders. We don't approve of of the support of Kenneth Copeland and the heretics and things like that so they should be doing that because are not checking out the word of God stand on it for not being real men church that the plan and shouldn't be getting beer because the manner fitting by silently letting it happen, doing nothing with it may not be aware of the church discipline because church discipline occurs, it is usually done in private and then if it's escalated. It goes to the level of being communicated to others, so could be that the people in the congregation just don't know what's going on, plus some men just don't know biblical theology new converts to have time to deal with the issues that need to be dealt with.

However, as a body of Christ as a whole. Normally speaking, the men in the church is supposed to be students of the word of God, tell them this makes him squirm in their seats, but I don't believe any circumstances are already the servant says that you're referring to. I don't know consider abuse with big abuse and that we might be the case might not be the case but so I don't know the situation is a real kick, grant that work in the area. Church law who show that they then found their corrupt and correct judge of how you remove correct attorneys and judges that Brian operate that way you pray, you can playing the Tory prayer and imprecation is a a prayer over comments for the destruction and harm of somebody, and there are imprecatory Psalms where God says in the Psalms or the psalmist is God.

Get up to dry up their vineyards to make the basic things like that. And these are actually worship songs to God, so can the Christian do this, I believe so. I think a Christian can pray and say Lord we prefer that this person be saved. Please save this person. However, Lord if it's not the case with her to be saved and they continue in their evil judge them now and deal with them according to their sin so that your kingdom of truth might be enlarged.

That's not a bad prayer at all. So that's one of the things there are corrupt judges there are corrupt pastors. If you just turn on TV. You see, mostly corrupt politicians. Not all Mark that's what we need to do as Christians is to pray and ask God to deal with them. We want their salvation first. But if you're going to continue to do the things that are ungodly against the Constitution and move us towards the socialistic entry door to communism, then we need to stand up and fight against and that can take different forms and formats will stick initially is on her knees praying and work with the folks that we need to to petition. We need to get out there and assemble that need to happen and if, as I've said before, if we get somebody in Christian circles was well-known, not like myself.

I'm not but with someone who knows stuff and we have a national arrangement. This is an idea I've had a good idea and that Anna whatever day of the twice a year, say September 1 that everybody with the last name starts with a goes to the capital of the state or too far away the go to some other representative area and they hold up signs of petition 71 a country back or whatever it would be appropriate. No please stop doing this to do that, you know site's look you have some of with lawyer risk knowledge about what issues there are and have the signs up and if you know of 10 15,000 people showed up on that day that's connected news in the next day, people whose letters lasting from the, they shall do the same thing I do this through middle class is a six days a week for three weeks in all 26 letters roughly do ABC OCD. Whatever combine some letters was XYZ. This kind of a thing, and where people would pay say five dollars a month for support to build a do this so that people get arrested and hire lawyers to defend. I think we need to be organized until you stop in World War II, people escaped from prison camps in World War I. People escape prison camps in Vietnam. People escape from prison But not in Korea.

And the reason no one escape prison camp. Because the Koreans did something smart. All they did was watch the depopulation of prisoners and whoever became a leader. They just removed took a moment from someplace else to know leaders with the leadership the sheep just scatter so if were not organized and have leadership and the Christians are to be united and are too busy figuring about things like a carpet color or hymns are not hymns or whatever it is, need to be focusing on the work of Christ.

We need to be not writing but we need to be petitioning.

We need to be protesting and as far as I'm concerned. Unlike the leftist wacko morons when they protest the cities left in shambles. If we protest the play should be clean or when we leave the room within a socially and I say do this kind of stuff. If you can report this pick up trash in your pocket. Q: you don't dispose of it later in this electrician should be doing that what we doing no I'm not going to risk anything with somebody else do it. And because they want somebody else to do it.

Nobody doesn't elicit a few wackos like myself who stand up and speak but so what you love what actually I do about prior Liberia airshow and I stumbled on we only get to give kudos words do because of my wife is involved in this as well and what I do affects her think about that. My wife has serious medical issues she had open heart surgery numerous surgeries osteoporosis. I do want just like saying this but she has some serious issues and 20 to get a car that will fit her needs no, and she has a husband who's the peppers moron sometimes who does this get what kind of a woman if she to in the midst of her pain and suffering. She is so forthright in supporting this as well.

That's quite a land that the word of God. I don't so I have been incredibly good woman and she's not perfect, but she's a good woman so she deserves saliva kudos to. She helps enable me to believe in the radial and do what I do and she does things I hate doing like like answering all those emails about entrance into the schools as the stomach thing you know she does a stuffy and spreadsheets and does the that the deposits and got good you do that like to argue with people: and the perfect methodologies I can speak on just like I can picture the dates because I've been reading the Communist manifesto. I've been commenting about another learning document and so she set me free to do that job is try to give still spread the kudos around external is good woman, except for her taste in men. I think him okay all right there's a break both of you call lines the man's Y call 770727 charismatic slave all right by God's grace I have an event coming up in November where it going to be Christian on both political and are corrupt in no Democrat and have a whole I would wonder what Bible question if you situate what questions would you add the group pertaining to Christianity politic. I hear a lot of Republican conservative Christian faith out of the eye anybody you know that I will yeah invite at the Christian felt by Democrat and by part though it like no like the Christian body of the bike and how it they thought to you brain is barred. You read the whole by what type of questions which at engaged. Thanks. Will you know there's lots of questions I can ask in Odessa.

Both sides do you claim to follow Christ because Christians are.

You claim to follow Christ you know yes yes yes yes yes. Do you believe that the word of God is true. If they say no with that discussion, the said yes. Then can you vote for someone who's pro-homosexual and pro-abortion when he wanted to kill the unborn. Can you do that in all good conscience before God and this is what your answer to me.

I need to be either a coach for the debaters all right need to build with 1 inch asking questions. I'd love to be a therapy but I'm far more pointed and far more direct to both eye gets questions that were for both people that are very direct and they don't answer was that you did not answer the question stop dodging answer the question I would call them to the task that needs to happen. So they need to answer these questions if you call yourself a Christian, do you support abortion. The killing of the innocent do you. That's exactly what it is is a him and Hollis Eggert is him and Onyx let your yes be yes. Your no be no.

Why would you not answer what he got answer for the word of God and ask him how would your vote your faith in Christ affect your decisions politically because that's an important question. Just as we could ask how did atheism put atheist affect your decisions politically to people assumed atheist.

It will be the one subjective and neutral and that if you're Christian you somehow won't you be imposing your views on others with humanism, which is a physically-based is considered a religion and it is been taught as a religion, and the Supreme Court recognizes that a religion and it's what's taught in schools and for the political pulpits. Nobody complains about that hypocrisy is there with you to a whole area of hypocrisy, the use ask do you speak truth. Is it okay to say a little like Nora to get votes because if if I were running for office and someone said Matt utilize usually from such what is a simple yes I do a web cycle looked visibly with the sin that doesn't mean I don't, it doesn't mean I would treat her badly. Yes, if the sentence is adultery, so stealing socialite their sins and people need to stop sending but can't force everybody to what happens in this political climate is because God is not in their hearts we need more laws upon the hand and the more laws you have, the less freedom you have. And this is concomitant with the issue of the rise of socialism because the people who want socialism. They are the ones who don't mind losing the freedom of the cooking with the redistribution of property wealth at all the stuff.

It has be forced away from some people to get the others of these laws have to be in place to forfeit the right to the privileges of some people for the expense of the greater one's will that mean that the laws are in place and so the overall harmony of society is lessened and the rights of the overall harmony rights of the society are also blessed and then as people complain and more injustices are proclaimed as being real, more laws have to be passed and the more laws that are past the less freedom to have and this is what's happening in the socialist agenda. So I would ask him I'd say are you fit in favor of of the radical increase of laws in order to ensure fairness of treating people with a trick question because it that you said yes the signal with judges.

What's fair. What standard of morality.

Do you have that which you can say something is right or wrong is watching a show and the and and I was appalled by the statement the it so show that I watch living on and a woman. I said to the man who represents the Catholic Church like applicant offices apostate. But here's the point.

Anyway, you agree with how the your church treat homosexuals. He said no and the assumption was homosexuals have to be treated a certain way.

You have to prove it. That's the right like I'd been saying excuse me, how off the putrid, treated, and please establish the means by which you can judge what is right and wrong see the unbelievers don't have anything they have nothing to offer us as far as righteousness goes, and we need to press them on things. We also depress the claim the name of Christ and press them as well and find out where their loyalties really right. Like go without saying. I think.

Me personally I think that Christian don't bow biblically because there just like how Christians may not read a word, they may not be politically new as far as routing lie.

They may not know certain that it flat like it like people vote based off what a politician fails them just like how you nod whatever my past eligible arena were wrong or looking in the pilot will mark the dominate like Democrat Dom Bell and when I started looking at the pilot. The darn thing that I can agree with the people might say I don't how the microcosm of Christian Democrat, but I still not have. You know, respect or my brother may not know who the dark run that right. Careful how we address that and stuff but also I think you can polarize this country and the very fact that the left is in control of media and the left is in control of her schools. It means that the propaganda machine is alive and well when the propaganda machine is in control than the statement from rearming from the novel 1984 is true and becomes very powerful and the statement is she who controls the present controls the past due controls the past controls the future that mean or control the present do control what history is taught, and how to interpret what is said about history so that you get people to think what you want about the future. This is what's happening in the school's history being rewritten and is being shaded so that the future is shaped by their agenda. So even if Trump wins in this election coming up, which I hope he does get asserted one fighting the good and get another.

The 20th amendment on him and Camilla Harris will be in and she's dangerous.

She is diverse the pack the court and they will probably probably pack the court Supreme Court and then the make it so that nobody else can get in the past laws given the filibuster of Al Qaeda stuff no more representation more the confiscation ulcer is correct, that was okay.

They both slid right back out as much visit with Matt slick live Matt slick live call 770727 charismatic sling back Maryland on the air.

Are you today all right. We got okay, a quick question for you, and not laid out in an area you are to get them on the gospel and a response.

But when you then get that person.

Sharon you today that day a year stay well but I would say yes if you truly trusted in Christ you put your faith and trust in him. Then you have eternal life is we can't know someone's heart and I was just a list correct the truth and that's what it is okay that I come across the couple that you had some fate yet they know our example. Note I forget the lead that with that income brought up by Roman chapter 8 verse six, where it said that the Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God like no you that they that that you know we should let the Holy Spirit give that person a chance. Rather than have the problem right will come. There are people who will focus on different aspects of this is a you can see they have insurance you can do that since I guess you cannot guess it still see the formula.

The problem is that a lot of times the definitions are not really examined, so that's why say look, if you trusted in Christ truly you're saved and I can say everything and the reason you trusted because I think is been granted to you by God is 129 and repented to the gravity by God because he reported a point of eternal life exiting 48 so it's a really believing is because God work and so they'll be saved right.

That's it. Know the heart can say that all that is true. I just think if you truly trusted.

If you really have your say in Christ is what is done and you have eternal life cigarettes.

He may know you have eternal life for John 513.

That's about as far as we can go grab press okay I wanted your take on now sure Karen I will thank you very much Matt. I love them very much.

God bless. I put sorry but I got a cough and cut them off.

Actually there before 20 McCall. We have two open lines 877-207-2276 Scott from Greensboro, North Carolina. You are on the air. Are you doing it's thing and Matt, I'm doing all right.

By God's grace I was wondering if you had sustained a news from Southern Baptist theological seminary. I came out yesterday afternoon where they are now establishing a $5 million scholarship applicant and American student alimony and and I wanted your thoughts on that and also about supporting the southern Baptist church is a good today cooperative program which contributes to the seminary.

Well I haven't done the research yet but so things have been hearing and reading articles from other sources. The SBC is going south is following the ways of Assemblies of God in the Nazarene denomination and adopting social justice errors. So can I have a $5 million set aside for minority scholarships first latency problem with is it racist or maybe this but maybe it's not racism is an intent to the heart and it's with her trying to do was reach out and have more people in the in minority communities go to seminary to be ministers will that's good longer doing a good job educating them at another problem that I would still like I was I was saying like what started this wise they wanted that they had names of the buildings changed because they represented a belated lie so they can to keep the names of the building and instead given this $5 million scholarship for adoration rations that you forget reparations.

That's ridiculous and represent citizens for the slaves in the 1800s, know that is not that I can help anybody reparations should not be given any more than I should receive reparations for the abuses to my ancestors in Germany and in America when they first come over here is my last name slick come from a German Schlichting and so there were some injustices done and when the Chinese, who were mistreated by a lot of people, but the. The Indians mistreated by a lot of people. Did you also know that this letter hundred 80, 200,000 white slaves in and out of something the 1800s in America from Europe for the kind of slavery to some chattel. They were as well. I guess we needed rations to see is just political thing that is being given over to the black community and if it would need to happen is not reparations that given the money would be to happiness. They need to police their own people dislike anybody needs the police their own people, all cultures, all nations all need to police their own. As a matter what color you are. If you have a problem. Get your own group of people and people can be by color by geographical location, or by language whatever it is, and police your own and raise yourself up. That's what needs to happen is it a sign give me money for something that happened. My ancestors stuck to help. It is a form of forced socialization and redistribution of wealth in order to satisfy people's desires for money. I agree with all of that.

What what what what we did with where members of the cell of a Southern Baptist Church that contribute to this cooperative program which then in turn gives mind you all there seminary you know I'm having I'm having a hard time with it, then Southern Baptist, but I don't do like I can support.

If your conscience says don't support them, then don't do it because you be going get your conscience and let them know why you don't want to support. Because of these issues. If this is what you feel. This is what is between you and God.

Each person should be convincing. Mind. Romans 414, five says so personally I don't have a problem with money being set aside for minority groups for scholarships to help amount AppleCare. That's fine, but with to be careful that it doesn't isn't something that's reactionary because of of the political and social pressure because then with their doing is not doing which right before God with doing what is right for people and that's emotive issue. If this idea of of of minority scholarships is that they want to do. They should have been wanting to do it for decades. But all of a sudden it's hey were being pressured were looking bad. Let's now take care of this and what's the reason is because of being people of integrity before God. Were they kowtowing and bowing to the social political pressure. I would have a problem with. If they come forth, and said we should have been doing this before and this is brought to our attention and we recognize our failure in this area we repent of it, then I don't have a problem because we all have our areas of sin better repent from and sometimes it takes some hard things to bring it to our attention. I don't have any problem with that is just a bit of the motor if it's just to make people happy. They don't do it, but it is doing it because it's right before God, and they are repenting of prejudices and problems that they had before God and or enter fine money aside to help people out and we need better pastors in the black community who will be preaching that the sum of the credits being preached. We need some better preachers in the white community who hearken to be teaching somebody did you see this being taught by people like Joel O'Steen and Kenneth Cope so you know it's all across the board. I wish that I could find a seminary of someplace that would grant me scholarship stuff. I do my doctorate and a scholarship for German-American descendents that the great why not. I alright well I think a man I appreciate it goblet goblins. Okay, let's get on the phones with lips. Carl might know Carl welcoming on the air and I do not write having dinner with somebody you know I think you should start off on me to get a scholarship for your doctorate because I don't get a gap your master you and your great deal about. I love you hear my number one arcade about my never to my dad is heresy medical bill did not get a doctorate because you have to have a break I write back.

After these matters. Like why call 770727.

Here is Matt's leg: let's get will tell you what we have for what traffic a quick exit. Carl was waiting hey if you want to give a call if open lines 877-207-2276 forget to say something about friend my wife met a friend named Marianne and that she is looser in Idaho.

She's down in Texas and she's driving a truck for two or three weeks for antiabortion work and give you an address web address that you can go to and that I could warn you discuss graphic photos on and what they do. They drive these trucks in during rush hour.

Different areas and show what abortion is. In these these these photos are not pleasant to look at and so whether you agree or don't agree. That's it is up to you. The website is abortion. and I believe that we Christians need to support the cessation of abortion in America, the killing of the unborn, and I would be willing to have a public debate with anybody about this issue on the morality of abortion because morality is what governs our decisions and our decisions govern our politics.

I'd love to have a debate with anybody on this, but I for debate survey know that the liberals in doing so at any rate, that's that abortion warning universal graphic pictures on their and if you think that that is something worth supporting.

There's information for it just sucked up my head they're doing that.

Let's get back to Carl. I called her about that. What RMM we got what Matt AIA early antiabortion Yankee man alive comment you're working on our I didn't want to let you know I have free time on weekend and I'm pretty good at writing, typing regularly in any help. I know what I cannot hear my lawn could be moved. That's one thing, and stuff like that Box is strange how you as far as the other stuff goes to answer emails they have to go through a process we now have someone in charge of that and it takes all three weeks just to be able to answer emails to get to the place in their supervisor and then to write you want to relegate. I agree with a lot of your theology out that the event be in a spec that I could definitely get well. One of the things will be doing. Once this new site released hopefully in about 4 to 6 weeks. Hopefully then we do not to be needing some people to help research items. What they have to do is find books, and preferably on Kindle and work with you know the phrase that I can go verify context lectures in context verify everything and I can use it in" in research.

So for example on grant of the Communist manifesto by Karl Marx.

It's a little crud when I got a lot of gas or I can quote the people is a will.

He said this, I would still have to get the book and go through to make sure that what context with the settings correct such as evidenced by people that have to know what to look for and how to find a document. This is not an easy ministry to do it.

We have a high standard.

Here is a high standard of acquiring out so I'm surprised I even make all the way it I'll email and that if I can offer my services at no charge to help out some of the auto again but anyway what city you live in Coeur d'Alene okay beautiful up there right appreciate your but the question I had. I hear a lot of a lot of people talk about government the way you know a lot of a lot of politicians are going to go show it all that I was listening to my very favorite after JD Greer right after great deal of the treatment on Romans 13 talking about the relationship The government and I am I mean my my basic question is where you draw the line. Easy letting you submit the government to be hand asks you to do that which is contrary to Scripture. Self-government says you need to support homosexuality signal.

It states that you need to support signal middle to contradict freedom.

Freedom on what the country and you can't will set them aside as a way rejoicing out the wearing Matt freedom is something is biblical and it has to be way. Of course we don't have the freedom to go in with a your theater's annual fire, but the issue of the masks would need to happen is the true information about the viability of the virus and things like that has to be promoted has to be. I don't trust the media and the CDC is cutting. Our nation so I don't know you not know that with the fact his nexus and am not qualified. It really come in right now. Okay okay right will all right get right with God bless you Matt I love you I ain't got anything you too. Thanks a lot Bridget writes a phobia for open lines of what you may call for the love that about eight minutes 877-207-2276 Kathy from Iowa. Kathy welcome and thank you thank you sir. I'm I wanted. I've been online for an III and not how grateful I am that you are on. I really think that there are day where my my pay came my my my my grant my enacting you a all of the negative things that we are going to entry is really on a red and I limped into you and you never eat two by by God to grade. I believe by the Holy Spirit. You impart people.

What the Holy Spirit would have a understanding culture with the acute Birthday doll. I just wanted to say thank you because I know I am not the only one that feel that way. I do appreciate that my desire will just tell you my desire is to to bring glory to God and to equip the body of Christ and the way to do both is the same way is to speak the truth of God's word and I stand in the truth of God's word and in all tell people if you like this between you and God is what God's word says and so I tell Christians with your fellow believers. That's only because it's only because God took a filthy vile sinner who was into porn and the cult and foul mouth and saved by his grace the sky same guy has autism and Asperger's so the glory has to go to God. He's the one who put this on my heart to do it.

Certainly not me.

Are you that you have bought yes I that's best for officially diagnosed as I do.

I went back, not five years old.and nine at any with my hearing my hearing to Harrington I think you got what I want you know that I lick you and from individual another you can understand struggle and time that I have and I want to thank you my because you do not wake an animated admitting in every that you get and I get I want to thank you from from the bottom of my soul for being obedient to God's leading will thank you thank you and praise you to buy thank you very much all right it will will just say my autism. My site is affected lights behind things crinkling in sounds and other sounds distracting. I should you have all this and my friends all know about it and they're very accommodating society and the you know we fallen their strengths as well as your weaknesses.

But sometimes even weaknesses can be used to strengthen God's great grace is give him the glory Jenetta from Raleigh, North Carolina.

You are on the year that I just want to say anything to you. I really enjoyed your so I just thought it listening to actually I could not hear my car flag when you cannot just wanted to make a comment on something that you stated. I totally agree with and I want to say. Also, thank God for you as well and for your show. But what I wanted to make a comment on if it's permissible you were talking about, you know how to talk about given black people come to write preparations for saving and you know that I totally agree. That's not me.

If you want preparation you need to have revelations but you have nothing to be, you know, I'm proud of her looking animal black person, black female, but I'm kind of looking for people to give us something you know I moved to Raleigh. I did have a Dan you know I got and actually feel and in advance to 50 and you know it, we live, we and I know maybe maybe may have Dr. Danica from about the thing that had made it have made it would a lot of us hot, but you know how know nothing about baby Michael Mike my model and I'm not writing my grandma, not like about not born in Spain, we need to quit. You know, looking for somebody to give us something because like you say you know money and he wants to get the money.

What were going to do with what you gonna do when the money runs out you know you know me that that would just be like another form of laughing so agree with you. I just wanted to say that not… And you know what. Since you said what happens. Would you call it when someone is dependent upon the state or someone over you in power that provides your needs and you depend on them for that back later. Dad called farming and department would enter Palmyra have a pomegranate may become I will be May, but you know what I think people come over here can't speak English gonna get ahead, but because you know that like the time with.

We only want to read anymore because what we have what we do is easy. Call back tomorrow I'll go back to my way of which have a love that call. They focus on the Lord bless you by his grace

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