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October 14, 2020 4:00 pm

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October 14, 2020 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Does predestination mean that it is not someone's own fault if they go to hell---2- How can we justify execution by stoning in the Bible---3- How can we prove that the Bible is true while other books like the Quran are not.--4- In what sense is atonement accomplished on the cross if we still have to be reconciled to God now---5- What exactly does it mean when it says -seek ye first the kingdom of God.---6- How do we best make our case against transubstantiation-

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A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found online for you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why lines all you do. 77226/4 number spills to your your room on phone that's from The Christian apologetics and research Ministry doings in fact on the site will be 25 years old in about two weeks and the great thing about this with a second view of the week. This can be something I think my dues on Monday as having call him the psych stuff. You never know and Saturday I was in a debate with an atheist who is reverent strapless which means boisterously recalcitrant and that was interesting, but to half-hour debate and then I spent a half-hour nap to show talking about it when is our another discussion to talk just the reasons for believing the Bible and things like that. And so it Saturday was quite a packed day yesterday was to say this because I might as well yesterday my wife and I were driving around and boy see I don't know if you know where Idaho is good for you and .2 million people in the entire state and the expected state has the largest landmass surface area should say service or if any state in the country was told if you were to flatten it are so many mountains and boys and I don't but whatever distributes so well.

The ideas luckily people here and so yesterday driving with my wife.

I'm turning left into across the Boulevard into a driveway to the world of the cars and so I see movement down the road a little while. If that if you talk and I see it car landing upside down.

So I turn instantly gone and I'm in the guise of reaction.

I had toward and chase your so I end up helping the guy pull a woman out of the car. The cabin area was crushed. He was there before me and he's working on her right behind him. He pulls her out picture up I get inside. Down in the cab looking for somebody else. Make sure nobody's there and nobody was there. I made this to we don't because because someone else said the car smoking are small fires in place so you don't stick my head inside of their and through it okay okay don't panic just focus make sure you don't overlook somebody you never know there is crushed and all decide to breathe everything a good careful sweep okay there's nobody in the car got away from its and the paramedics came and became and this woman. She's unconscious and she finally comes to. She's pale and so we got and I asked her you speak English because she was dressed in thinking of the kind of garbage doesn't just around here and she said no she said Farsi speaks Farsi's like a ridiculous problem of language is way over there and I throw my goodness, I got the phone and I'm looking up buffer Farsi, English translations, we can talk to Sufis feels injured out you whatever it might be this guy walks up a good I speak Farsi's in Boise Idaho got a big kick out of that. The nurse showed up and in the paramedics. Nobody showed up after bit send out the got my phone with grandparents that took about an hour for the adrenaline to to go away. That's my my day yesterday was my day yesterday had a debating I'm teaching on the bidding and atheist in teaching the Bible. This later in the operations and I have a friend of a friend named Dave Dave Kimball is a great guy going for my 40 years of these aborted next petroleum. So I told the story today and I cut I said of course what I experience is nothing compared to some of the stories you've got chuckling and conceit toys and stories all man the kind of stories like big movies out of eval and us were laughing about that but hey, that was interesting.

We give you what you may call 877-207-2277 Julia from South Carolina Julie welcome your on the air with Metzler.

Good luck to you too pretty good), and they started talking about all that are not Christian and an my Nike family very well actually I got what you don't like to. That's a good questions, let me help you.

Election is the act of God choosing people for salvation before the foundation of the world as the Bible says in Ephesians 1 for me go this little bit with the foundation on fees when force is this just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world.

That's what election is to choose. There's a click of my elders different Greek words that we that's a great used in English English for choose chosen elect choice things like that and are ethically gay, which is this one click costs and act like a mine work for churches, necklace E, which is the called out ones.

The reason I called out is because all people are born into sin and are slaves of sin. Romans 614 through 20 and they can do no good from 3 to 12. By nature children of wrath.

Ephesians 23 so God is not choose to salvation. No one will be saved. I this is how it is because people cannot of their own free will and simply insulate free will simply understand blue things of God because the Bible says the camp for Scriptures 214 says so. And Jesus in John 665. He says you cannot come to me. I was been granted to you from the father. This is what Scripture teaches. Don't like this but not my problem with George, if you love the Bible says is what it says. John 665 so he chooses and that predestination is his working of the elect into the place of salvation and says he predestined us to adoption as sons. So he works this all right will and how is it that people responsible for their own choices will here begin to a little bit of thought of logic, people responsible whenever they act in a manner that's free if they do some this free that are not forced to do anything. Then there are responsible for their choices so if I were to hold a gun to someone's head and say push that button button hurts somebody else they're not culpable not responsible. Because under duress and are forced to do it. So the general idea of free will is that you have free will. When you have the ability to make an unforced choice is consistent with what you are what your nature is okay now the unbeliever unbeliever is a suspect legal references but also give it some numbers and a slave of sin hater of God can do no good is by nature a child of wrath is dead and his sentence does not seek for God does not receive the things of God cannot do it. As the Bible says I'm skipping the references as I quote the Scripture verses part of the first lesson it says that means that they have a nature that's fallen. They are still responsible for their choices and your choices are to act in simple manner, so therefore they are responsible for their sin and their responsible for the sinfulness of their choices and results of those choices notes, forcing them into do it so how then is predestination working election work well. It is this does this. If there's 100 men in prison and they all deserve without a doubt to be executed for their crimes and someone with super great powers and riches, and financial this illegal Latin. Whatever goes in and let's just say he saves 10 people he pays the bills.

He did without it works.

He chooses 10. That's what he has done his chosen some out of all who belong judged saves and the others are responsible for their actions. The fact that he chooses only tend to say let's say 10 to 20. But this is a 10 does not mean that the others are responsible for their actions.

So what God does is he chooses people for salvation. We don't know why, how many we double the percent Jesus is mortal people go to hell that haven't sold us on the sick 10% whatever a big 7% of the member who knows what is right. So the issue is that God chooses. Out of all of those who belong judged to predestined election predestines those to be saved, and he grants to them. The leaflet is 129 grants of repentance 2nd to 25 okay well I'm Charlie Israel choice.

They have people choose to sin and elegance.

God, it is her own choice, worry that their people died will be read something to you. Okay, that's what the Bible says all rights read Scripture and not only this, but there was Rebecca. Also when she had conceived twins by one man her father Isaac for the twins were not yet born and had not done anything good or bad, so that God's purpose according to his choice would stand, not because of works but because of him who calls. It was said to her, the older will serve the younger. Just as it is written, Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated. What then shall we say there is no injustice with God is there.

May it never be re-says to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on my have compassion so that it does not depend on the man who wills or the man who runs but upon God. It was mercy for the Scripture says to Pharaoh for this very purpose I raised you up to demonstrate my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed throughout the whole earth, so he has mercy on whom he desires and he hardens whom he desires. You will say to me then why does he still find fault for businesses will figure basically asking doesn't say them aligns with drawing up on the contrary, who are you will man who answers back to God. The thing molded will not save the molder.

Why did you make me like this will it or does not the potter have a right over the clay to make from the same lump one vessel for honorable use on another for common use. What if God, although willing to demonstrate his wrath and to make us patient is a power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction and he did so to make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy, which he prepared beforehand for glory. Romans 992 23 Romans 99 23 that's the answer.

People say we don't like that the napkin read the Scripture and see what he says about don't grow out and yelled out like right that we want to write. I worry that the young that I'm crazy to be a I'm not sure here's the thing, and I'm with you on that. Okay, that's what the Bible says. Now here's a funny thing about this the more we pray for people, the more we preach. Apparently, the more people predestined something about the preaching of the power of the word of God. Romans one $0.16 that the gospel to power got to salvation will be free to say how it all works out God's will for your prayers matter 57 okay they both be right back man's leg. Why call 77077 charismatic slave, welcome back to the show. Let's get on North Carolina tomorrow. Welcome draw near America Acapulco non-record or good old Oakley, one of them would think about going in the Bible and how we were at about how can we, you know what 20. The Bible is doing okay, starting the execution. People will often raise an objection like this and what I will do is all 60s. They do have a standard that we should take seriously send morality see people stone them in that culture. At that time that the reason for doing this and you're saying you disagree with it is your disagreement a personal opinion if it's a personal opinion, you're certainly entitled to it. But personal opinions don't make anything right or wrong. So what standard of morality. Do you have, by which you can then judge and say stoning some of the death is somehow immoral. You need to provide that in order for me to take your argument or your objection seriously. This is one of the things I will I will say just like this to atheists and others who complain about the morality in the Bible. Civil standard of you got extended you got by which we must listen, and it applies to God himself.

It applies to all people everywhere outside of the revelation of Scripture you show me a standard is a serious question is not a job because we not to play in their field data, playing our field are coming to the Christian area the Christian worldview nursing within the Christian worldview.

I would God do this.

Are you judging the Christian worldview from your own are you coming out, there's an atheist worldview.

For example, and say that you don't like what happened to the Bible or for the Bible is wrong. What justifies you in your world.

You will to say that you can't. So there you have no basis to complain nothing of the reason internally why this is done was to keep the messianic line pure and to keep the people of a visual pure so that they would not fall prey to false doctors, false theologies and and thus have the site messianic line destroyed the St. you are nothing like it. That's within the Christian and the biblical worldview and it makes perfect sense and is consistent with the call of God in the work of God, that you don't like it okay will tell me that it's it is wrong to ask you to provide a means by which you can bridge the is ought gap in the deontological study and you have to have a transcendental necessity, which is a moral abstract principles set that you can then apply it to defend the three preconditions that would bring that moral abstract set into an actuality in Alaska messed up with others big words they can't do so, those of the two was aggressive okay yeah good good good good good make as well get the word out. Margo preconditions the precondition like we talked about the laws of logic. For example, laws of logic lot identity something is what it is and is not what it is not the law of non-contradiction which is a statement cannot be both true and false at the same time in the same sense St. the law excluded middle statements either true or false the log proper inference, a equals B and B equals C than a C3 basic laws that we use to communicate what I'll do this on Saturday with his atheist debate is so she couldn't answer no atheist Counter that I've been the years, but I'll save these laws are abstractions for the mind, you'll find these laws under rocks. You'll find them behind trees can take pictures of them so they are not dependent upon the physical world because it would have the properties of the physical world there independent physical and they are transcendent in that they don't depend upon your monitor my mind. They're always true.

Go through here or there or yesterday or tomorrow and they undergird the principles of proper thoughts and discussion. So II acids are the properties of these things these logical absolutes. These laws of logic. The properties are that they are always true everywhere all the time with her.

Also of the mind, the conceptions, how then can you account for them in your worldview.

How do you account for the universal transcendent abstractions which are the laws of logic. The Christian worldview and do this because these laws reflect the transcendent mind the Christian God.

So this is short of her here so you can apply this principle to the issue of morality because morality is also an abstraction incident want to say so here is morally wrong, it just is morally wrong will then what standard are the using and just as you and myself might apprehend and use the law of non-contradiction and site that someone convicted themselves so your argument is invalid because you cut yourself we are both citing that same abstraction that same universal truth, but how we doing good because her main image of God. So these things are abstractions that you and I both would be able to utilize but not depend upon us the same thing with universal morals and so with universal morals. We have the same principle and because of that, if anybody want to say anything is right or is wrong.

Stoning whatever it is that they are appealing to a universal principle and we can do is say show me how from your worldview.

You can justify universal principle and I'll tell you, you can just hear their faces, smashing into walls as if trying to run away. Okay, this is hiring. This is more advanced stuff but do they now than then I'll just say select as the radio and I hope you'll feel the brains to her too much but silly little you okay well you know about, but people know that the foods is complex and that we cannot, talk all, look more complex withdrawal real quick what you want to complete her bikini Bible verse to look like carotid process for mathematics and logic requires an absolute conclusion that something is true. The problem humorous with proving the Bible is its history. How do you prove Alexander the great lived. Can't you prove Jesus lived. When you can't you can't prove it to the point where you can present the evidence we have film we have five 8000 witnesses. We have all the stuff rolling court and doesn't have these restorable events. But what we can do at the risk of getting overloaded. I have a Bible presentation in PowerPoint, and it covers some of the stuff that people wanted thing this email me at Carmen and what kind of right also sent you laws not in the hundreds do it but occurrence given so that the thing is that the evidence for the inspiration of Scripture is found in the prophecy and it was called good match for you in mathematical improbability of these prophecies happening by chance of patterns of the Bible is various things and evidences that are there that lend themselves to it in the Scripture slightly greater devotion right back after these messages the mass Y call 77077 pairs nicely.

Craig Atlanta, Georgia.

Welcome to alright man we got talking about the atonement here thought about it, really quick overview of that thing like that club last night and a individual at that and that the couple aspect of the fund and the Bob where the sun bears the punishment. Therefore, the wrath of the father and Dan for the individual component where they landed, called to be reconciled to the gospel and submit to Jesus Christ, so that when we get judged. The father will cry proposed to us in our sin. Would you disagree with. I would want it slightly differently, but this is pretty good.

Some issues are okay though out, but I would say that I've heard you hop on the bed had been paid as the cross closer to getting that that's correct something that will affect their note that reconciliation between the father of the current net all them between them. No aspect today, but man tell the apostles have been given the ministry of reconciliation and it were called to be reconciled and filled can get defendant paid cloth between the father and the son now as father is the issue between the father and the son. That's not clear phrase in the context this in this debate between the father and the son. The Trinity, the whole nature of God himself is involved in the atoning work so there's that issue that we make for some eye surgery when yeah okay bear the punishment you buried it becomes been for direct yes.

This occurred despite when he became sin I and we entered the house right worsened to the spot I first Peter 224 so that baptize legal debts, legal transgression, so was they were transferred to Christ right you know, so that the board by cry and he even say the management I would see you yet. He took the place of that's Isaiah 5053 5426.

He bore our straps was due to us came to him and so our sin was imputed to him. That means to transfer legally to the account I would but I will if it's transferred to Christ born out of you at about everything not dialing quite quite the compass work that we have seen lately might be saying this savings not done. You mean the work of Christ is finished but we are not justified, which must occur by faith correct.

Yes yes so God lied, you know about a man eating cat with a cloth and therefore would like everything done but that's just between the bobbin man's belly is responsible and fell claim is not just about finding some because our sins that were canceled across so where is the we were were involved in it but in a passive sense. Okay, so that we didn't do the action of the transference of God, we presume God the father, imputed our sin to the son on the cross and then that means that the descendents canceled the cross.

Colossians 214 and then we are justified when we believe 51 demand so you can is not is not spam globally.

Yes, the births were caused to be born again.

First Peter 13 were born again, not of our own will.

John 113 cannot come to Christ less God grants it to us. Second John 665 were granted belief. Philippians 129 were granted repentance 2nd to 25 were regenerated and in our regeneration allows us to freely belief that I just quoted you Scripture. How could he says now that when the Bible says that differently. But this will interpret the Bible says caused to be born again folding it because is to be born again. The first Peter 13 says John 112 I'll read over John 113 to the context of being born again as those respond to and it says were born, not of the blood nor the will of flesh nor of the will of man, but of God were one of God will put on quite quickly bought Jesus a lot put on the mask a question you just said something that caused a flag to go up how we put on Jesus with all the obedient lot about the sex so you require water baptism for salvation that correct okay you're a heretic falls teacher in a false gospel that looked me tell you something flat-out are we justified by faith. We just got week five by faith, but as I say, okay? I'm told ways and things that ask you that I said we justified by faith, because the Bible say having therefore been justified by faith. Romans 51 Romans 320 is that we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from works of the law now justified by faith along apart from the eighth to the wind down, dude. I'm asking specific questions don't do near cold stuff with me. I would justified by faith the walls of Jericho fall for guys who is hung up on because we can get into an argument.

That's all that's going to happen right so what he was trying to do is build a case for a false gospel and I would debate this guy in the context but you really ready he already demonstrated he doesn't understand the Scripture he's demonstrated he try to twist the Scripture, and he won't answer specific questions when people don't ask specifically answer specific questions effervescence several times. I know we just move along because that means they know they know the position is weak. If I ask somebody. Are we justified by faith, and I quote the Scriptures that say so and they won't answer the question their disagreement with this word of God says what he did with which to two Hebrews 11 saying that the faith that the good have had networks. Now I didn't say that and neither did the texts that I quoted say that and that's the thing. So what he's doing is refusing to hear the word of God because he has a ceremony to participate in order to be saved is a false gospel folks is a false convert. Anybody who would teach that in order to be saved. You have to get water baptized by immersion. Whatever it is, in order to be saved, then they have a false gospel they're not teaching justification by faith alone in Christ alone, but by faith in the ceremony. The ceremony of baptism. When I asked him justified by faith. The answer course is yeah and I'm when asked the question a reset justified by faith. When we have faith missing no more than if were not justified by faith we have faith that how we define by faith.

It doesn't make any sense when trying to do is expose his heresy folks Church of Christ is a heretical false teaching. The church do not get mixed up in any church that women pastors and elders teaches the Trinity is not true that requires baptism in their church or whatever church in order to be saved or says sacraments by which grace is infused into you to keep your salvation.

All of that is false gospel. All of that is a false theology, and all who adhere to it in spite of the Scripture study are to be judged to eternal damnation. Melissa from Asheboro, North Carolina. Welcome to 152 deal with silent text we got thinking how the kingdom of God. Matthew 633, which according kingdom of God deals with the reign of Christ and the truth, the teaching of Christ in this world. The kingdom of God is among you, I forget the exact versus what he says and later on the wicked will be taken out of his kingdom. And that's with the 13th 1340 talks about this God deals with his righteousness, his reign the sovereignty of Christ, the whole bit. See Christ in every respondent. If you would hold on a false right back after the man's leg.

Why call 77077 charismatic slave. All right, what about everybody for the chat room.

Melissa still there all right and eloquent, quickly cover up against a break there but don't do that helping our that's basically what it means in the kingdom of God.

Christ is the one who rules he's the sovereign over our lives, the lives of others. We are to act in a manner that is consistent with that belief.

Some people think the kingdom of God will come later on. That's not the case. Matthew 13 let's see I think it's so let's get him to go so when Jesus gives a parable of the wheat and the tares. He says allow them both to go together till the end of the age that will sale the reverse. First, gather the tears and got the week of the barn. The first ones gathered return of Christ are the wicked not to go to court. What Jesus says in Matthew 1330 they think they ask what a parable he interprets the parable he says in verse 39 the enemy who sowed them is the devil, the tears, the harvest is at the end of the age and the reapers are angels. So, just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, social be at the end of the age.

The Son of Man will send forth his angels, they will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness well what he's teaching on, you know, and logical don't agree with this because because they don't really study rooms. Matthew 13 the sewage is saying what is actually saying there is that the wicked would be taken out exactly what method 27 report look 17th two men in the field.

What is taking one is left the context of who's taken of the wicked, the good, the rapture does occur folks is just not there in those verses the wicked are the ones were taken. The context next in the ask where the taken Jesus answered with the body as a voltage gather so the implication is that the wicked was taken and he says they will gather out of his kingdom, which means Jesus kingdom is now if now we was. It was not running very nicely. How do you know because people assumed too many things and Satan is only bound in Matthew 12 2232 Jesus said so you know it's the kingdom of God is not just a future thing.

The kingdom of God is now the kingdom of God is here and we as Christians can lay hold of the feet of the King and serve him and follow him out into the world.

Or we can hide inside of his kingdom and we can put the light under the bushel and we can wait and hope that someone else might do the work of ministry, and so the world goes okay I I, I guarantee that's it. If you read talk about the Beatitudes is about all these blessings that you understand something, a lot of time with positive confession heretic wacko loser morons will say on TV. God wants you healthy. God wants you wealthy and don't do things like disable these of the entity will, yes, but there's also talking about persecutions and so with a realize it is Christians that were to be persecuted for righteousness sake. This is the way that it is is why Jesus says, pick up your cross and follow after me because truth and love and sacrifice their the things that are not manifested when unrighteousness and evil become strong because love and sacrifice don't really exist so much when everything's hunky-dory super sleuth. The truth of what real love and sacrifice is this is in the context of the rise of wickedness and Christians don't realize this not saying that we want wickedness to the realize that we are called as Christians to fight against unrighteousness and wickedness and every persecution in the process and we ought to be willing to undergo the persecution suffered loss and risk of loss of things seek the kingdom of God and always it will be added to the clothing of the lilies. The treasures in heaven. The various things that he speaks of, and the will of God as he prays so many things these speaking of truth in the-ite tooth for tooth, loving the evil people. This is what Christ wants of us seeking stinks. Got a beatitude to you welcome God bless Melissa carry some kind of okay let's get to Kelly from Los Angeles Kelly been a long time.

Still, there are you I'm here so we got okay and embarrassed that I don't really know the answer to this question right here and go whenever I'm praying for my brother in Christ and bear it and I know without a shadow of a doubt that never got that prayer.

However, land praying for unbeliever answered can I count answered prayer. I went back merely echoing for the family thought that would all because one thing the real incidences in the coincidences God ordained reversal capacities of the 11th thing is that if were praying, we don't know sometimes interpreters make a difference. They did or didn't.

That's not our job, our job is to promote trust God and so we get to heaven we might have some of those answers. And God might save your prayers were heard.

Larry had my plan so your prayers did not move the hand of God. Prayers were heard, and it's a blessing for you and God rewards you for this person because you're trusting in Christ.

And so if the prayers if he says what a person did make a difference in how he did things you can do some loose theology here, but that's okay then you receive glory as well or not he was is likely to receive little bit of honor there as well. So our job is to trust in his will and not ours.

I may never now while I'm here on earth. After particular prayer was answered like an add-on. Never. Now I have a contract might have. We never know all good and that prayer just going to say the Lord I pray for this is seen that happen answered prayer, praise God move forward okay okay I'll pray.

Absolutely we don't know Nick Lee in in the nuances of the internal machinations of the mind of God How it works but that's okay a you know I pray for my daughters. I pray for friends, healings, and if you don't so much he'll do a surgery praise God he was healed, give glory to God move forward. Title sort it all out right Tommy and Ali would get a reward for that. It got bad having weekly.

He fed her care prayer and helping me get like everyone will know versus as we get rewarded for pray but it's not you, is that we are being faithful to God and were bringing glory to God in our prayers because prayers are trusting God and that of course glorify him and he has these things he says about the rewards that we receive in heaven. I don't pray for some of healing to get a reward.

I pray for some of you because I trust God, I want to be healed. And besides, if I'm not if but when I get to heaven, and if by chance God would look towards me and say well done.

I'm turning my head and looking behind me because you talked about me. Are you kidding every prayer I've ever uttered that I can remember and even contemplate has somehow been touched by my sinfulness.

Nothing in me is good except Christ.

So what I do is I don't worry about it I just trust God and go pray and I don't do it for reward. I just do because I'm supposed to love my Lord and love others. And if all God gives me in heaven as a moppet of broom and say clean up the corner of heaven.

I'll be skipping and rejoicing forever. Will you and I could clean the area together. Then the singing praises to be a part of their you go on to say I'm glad that God predestined for the foundation of the world. If you look at me now.

I would pick you know I tried email. Thank you.

My question, I appreciate you and I Got bless you. Iraq looks there. All right, let's get to Derek in Tennessee. Derek welcomes links to the long waits you earlier a doormat merely going this again would you go call you now to mention that when I heard that Christ died them out of the woodwork. Again I say that last night I debated a record than I know you familiarity with okay anyway. My question for today is about creation.

On the one hand, the IAF, on the one hand, this is an aberrant and horrific live fraud of the Roman Catholic Church that it very easy to refute from Scripture.

The question is, though, on the other hand, we thought about it, how we when we start tackling when they go to extra biblical authority. I just got if you have to go outside of God's inspired word in order to make your case you don't have case some flatter as you wasting my time for you to quote church fathers a good economy can read about transubstantiation. Scripture taught about it. But the thing is, look over the word got there then to go negative since my body is my blood right to do what you do is you gotta remember this.

Leviticus 1711 and 14 to 1711. Leviticus 1714. So with me.

This is for okay-I will versus yeah Leviticus about blood thinning blood of animals and I think you write for is that this verse 14 life of all flesh is blood his fight with his life. Therefore said this individual.

You are not to eat the blood of any flesh for the life of all flesh is its blood. Whoever eats it shall be cut off. So I asked them was Jesus then telling the Jews to literally violate Leviticus 1714 than what they're gonna do is come back as it will. This is only for animals is also it's okay for for juice to drink human blood was addressing the cancer what verses you to go to for the Jews to say that the chemically blood its Leviticus 1714, so don't let them off the hook on to your saying then that Jesus said that X literally is blood. Now here's another question. You will quickly or was it his sacrifice blood that's intensive educational so yes woman.

He offered it. It was sacrificed to house.

It's a sacrificed. Furthermore, are you saying his body was blood sitting there or actually his body and blood. Yes, what is by definition a man can only be one place in the time. How, then, is he will be informal plus Jesus quickly. Jesus also said that I will not drink again of the wine he said after okay think that you folks would back on the air tomorrow by God's great grace are you from Michigan soda

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