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October 13, 2020 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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October 13, 2020 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How much of the paranormal is actually real---2- Does Luke 11-35-36 have to do with doctrine---3- Is Trump the antichrist---4- If I pray for healing and am not healed, what does that mean---5- Is an altar call wrong-sinful---6- When the Greeks are mentioned in the New Testament -like Galatians or Colossians- who is that referring to- Only Gentiles- Greek-speaking Jews---7- Does Matthew 18-6 have to do with those who molest children---8- Is 2 Timothy 3 specific to America now-

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A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics research ministry found online at the time you have questions about Bible doctrine maps. What why you called in responding to your questions.

Seven. Matt slick welcome to show mats look really good day today in church when we recall same as always. All you do is dialing 772072276 and we can talk if I will so were were wide open right now and hope you guys watch the vice presidential debate last night. I did most of it anyway. It was enjoyable. It was interesting and I let's see what else so theology can talk about your questions of Mormonism, jewels, witnesses, Christian science unity behind Islam. Atheism UFOs.

The Colts call and we can talk questions with what happens usually is all just fill in the time a little bit is that to people: towards the end of the show and ran out of time and three golf so we actually came in just left. Let's see we have three open on three schools. If you guys are interested in checking theology and apologetics defending the faith you want to know the Christian faith is when the what's right and what's wrong you scorecard that works see ARM.RG right hand side of any page you will find the school links you can check them out recently you charge for them, but we can also do more for free to do what you say can afford. Email us again for getting for free here to make money. We are to the body Christ but we do need to pay the bills so just let me know and school of theology. You can learn a lot of theology. I've been doing this for long time. Decades and so I know what the essentials are. I know how to break things down and make us make sense to be easy for you to understand so that sounds like something you want to do. You can check out its self-paced also and also live on apologetics how to answer Colts answer. The ologies and things like that. And of course little bit on thinking. Check it out and also for much of this head cold so little of that going on still, if you want to know some about my books. All you do is go to Facebook my Facebook on Amazon know that we have a lot of listed there on Amazon. Just type in Matt slick looks and you find stuff you find. I think I have a list of some books on crime to fight doing. Let's see, what is it right now. It's looks recommendations so I don't think some of the two lists I can just tell you where to go unharmed. It is alright alright alright we do stay on nearby your donations so if you're so inclined and you want to support us. We ask five $10 a month recurring, as was really helpful because we can help set up budgets that way.

No it's not very much, and all you do is good karma to the right hand side of the page you will see the information there.

Check it out this for donate one do it great if you don't that's okay right through the lines 877-207-2276 let's go to Elizabeth near hello friends that are very paranormal about their homeland. They have spiritual. How much you mean he really believe is going on and just maybe a little bit had entered a little bit too much was hard to tell you because there are demonic manifestations are real things occur in people's homes and my daughter. When my daughters said she saw some figure in the hallway upstairs.

She looked and those figure moved and she wasn't on anything was a sleep deprived. So was it was a legit model. No my mom and dad said he saw things, no, we have a bit of history and her family of spiritual events and one particular deals with something my mom said that she would see and I think actually details about it least over the radio, but she saw figure in her dreams approaching and she'd wake up and he would manifest Anderson more stories and after I was born he was looking at me in a crib disappeared no longer shut up and yet he manifested again when I was involved Colts at a friend of mine was doing some weird stuff and describe the same creek. I figured I'd never told. So is it legit well don't know argue things like that that can happen. Sure, you know people who say that the material world is all around us. They don't know that they can believe it, but there's no way to verify and we know that the Bible teaches us that there are demonic forces so can demonic forces manifest. Absolutely they feel they can do.

It was called poltergeists and you can mischievous little spirits.

Sometimes poltergeist happened and I manifestations have been around children for some reason. Why then they can happen with people who doing drug injectable drugs to be a lot of things about dealing with possession because the Greek word for sorcery is pharmacopeia so there's a lot of things like doors.

I can get open up the that opening to the occult knuckle to the real thing so Ouija boards séances can be adored getting crystal snow. Not that you get any crystal breathing in the founder and crystals that are used for the purpose of coming to tune into the divine consciousness of the universe or whatever is in the can malarkey then those things can be because her intended to be something like that.

Maybe they can become doors that open up the occult soldier friends into if I was out at dinner and or your house and they were all there. We all got talking.

I would ask questions. I wouldn't judge way questions you did drugs your past involved the occult in the past. Friends were involved list of what you seeing what you look like, and I have with the witness seen a manifestation with the witness not just me.

We saw the same thing stuff it happens to be a little more open-minded will act like okay well maybe you could think but you know if someone tells me you know I thought I saw something living in my house that wasn't you know I was looking in the hallway saw this figure wearing glasses is a smudge of glasses is a movement of the shadow look like for things like that. That's what I do and all asking questions that they say well I don't know what was then three weeks later I saw it again will you have your glasses on.

No, I didn't know how good your vision, and is, in effect, I thought. Again, something's happening, then I'm talking I'm interested okay so you know I talk to women who've had this is politely because I know there's a lot of women who can be out there who can say anything because it's happened, but there are times when women are going to sleep and work that my time in bed where certain of forms of paralysis and other things occur and so these kinds of things are there so I don't talk too much about this kind of stuff over the radio, but I'm familiar with a lot of it because I could good be careful scared but jeepers people and give the wrong idea about stuff, but it's out here one more thing before you go about this church assignment done it for a few years. I love talking to the youth groups of stuff because it has permission to do that because I can stuff I've done with my exists and the girls and the guys all mixed up. You Nelson most this time. One time most of the girls were in front and I was telling the story and I was getting slow my voice and intense voice describing what I was seeing. I could see their faces utilize blog wide open mouths agape just entranced in the story.

August pointed all in one movement what's that behind him and they scream what lay they laughed to the Bethlehem had my grandmother's love, so okay.

Elizabeth hope that kinda helps a particular disease in Utah you're in Utah, Mormonism, heavy air that's a automatic occult door getting the demonic okay so you never know. I write all right okay got less you plenty to have fun. Believe it or not you want to give a call through open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Scott from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Scott Malcolm, I think I could about it, it would be better and name it. 1135 and 38 okay what the light in you is not darkness and therefore your whole body is full of light with no dark part and it will be wholly illumined as when the lamp illumines you with this raised. If, therefore, your whole body is full of light with no dark and will be holding you okay and maybe that you have the doctrine on different subjects as that kind of pain that you have a great doctrine is not this silly doctrine, it can be what you watch what you see what you're filling your life with. Because the light comes from God ultimately be like and it says there watch out the light in you is is not darkness. So what's he saying the previous verse. The eye is the lamp of your body when your eyes clear your whole body is also full of light and when his dad your body is also full of this and watch out that the lighting was not dark says things like this, like what is going on and it's tough sometimes to to figure all this cut things out as we have an Internet connection, Himalayan or something of note, but so just to make sure okay yeah this is what bad wrong guy. They will yet and I was sent out right now and and the idea the lightness like is this with truth and purity and holiness and so what you want to do is have your mind be full of good things and you know the best way to do that is a course read the word of God to pray in fellowship with Christ. This is really the whole idea of what I will okay but all right he voted right back after these messages we have three open line right back that's like why call 77077 as they look better but give me a call. We have to open line 772072276 with Daniel from four N. Texas Daniel claimed that some Baptist preachers about making on tick-tock of all places.

A lot of monitor and that because of the recent Israeli deal that trumped Stein out there saying that some rabbi was recorded. They may possibly be there, but I been waiting for any connect that to Trump being the antichrist revelation there is any validity to that argument.

No know the Messiah was missed by the Jews, and he prophetically have to fulfill certain things which only Jesus could fulfill. So the Jews when they realize that later affirmed. So to say the Trump is in any way the Messiah is ridiculous and sees the antichrist is ridiculous. Antichrist will most probably be a homosexual. For one thing, and he's can come out of Europe and one new theory is that Muslim so no and the antichrist will have a wound to the right.

I write head the rights of the head or the left side is right is blind and the right arm is withered and that's with the bistro, the Christ is to have some symptomatic issues as related to sex. Suddenly we get people who just use the word they don't what the Bible really says to make things up and it just has no merit thank you so much so that a clearance I continue reading Revelation. I actually jumped on the guys dream and I was trying to tell.

And like I don't think there's enough evidence to Compton emptying the light like flat out detective figuring with me and cannot grow in person that so I don't I don't really on, you do is you say shall be diverse again and you just look at what they say. Here's a basic technique of apologetics. Let him talk to somebody with clumps of Christ. Okay, show me that Scripture they could give you verse and they ignore what the context is going to something else other verse is a winner that you give me one versus could look at in context. Now we don't look at and got it just is what it means that you know that it's just plumbing. The boys don't and so if you look at the context usually cycle. How does that fit, fit, and doesn't fit you look at things in context qualities I just thought it would take much right so much God bless.

Okay. All right. Forgive me call. We have three open lines 877-207-2276 Tom from North Carolina, Tom here I met Frank Burke, all sugar about healing and I'm sure you have a lot of about it if like if I Europe at and I came up you after church and ask you to pray for me. It will healing for something that was going on and then you did and then a week later I came back that you know of what you'll what was you help I say okay what Hill Kragen and Nancy are writing any factors. Senior doctors you know you because God uses doctors to heal sometime soon get a bad back to form fourth lumbar vertebra, which I have tinnitus at 80 dB. I pray for healing. No human waste got; Luis Dietz pray for healing for all healing doesn't mean God's not there, though I agree with that and not have a problem guarantee that workbook to be healed and you that it after I do understand the contact but it fit into your thick come inside of the church yet with the prayer of faith will be healed. What if the context of that is the elders of the church and in the morning of oil, which is above medicine.

Back then as well and you'd ask the for the elders to heal and deliver the context of James 516 C something else wanting relations. Nope.

Come on in wait-and-see at the old the elders right and he will anoint find exec versus what's important, you have virtually memorized but I don't so sure about that. Print words that first man when we diverse the context because if the cottage is really important.

So maybe somebody the chat room is beat me to put in the verse contact the verse reference check out Nancy oh empathetic on this one.

It's like you to reboot my computer to break so sorry about that. And anyway, so the whole thing.

When the questions about that text, though, when you really context to show you that one of the questions this week and healings are talking about spiritual healing or is it necessarily physical healing this debate because of the context was going on so I don't tell you other than what we do is we pray for healing.

We pray we trust the Lord and a lot of times the human just doesn't come and we can ask God why is it that the healing this wiring I healing as well you know I thought about this over the years, and one of the things I think might be an issue is that if God heals us when we receive greater reward in heaven. If you feel this now or would we receive greater reward in heaven for eternal reward. If we were to not be healed now in our trust was in him. In spite of her circumstances and that I'm thinking about from his perspective says I want the best for you.

The best is what the reward in heaven if I heal you now then where is your faith to believe course and will it be something that you have in heaven.

The whole time.

If you get might be something so yeah that's what I'm looking and considering and stuff and I don't know but God does do healings.

He does he write okay yeah I agree. Let the light you would say about that applicator appreciated okay will just 514 that's right. Thank you for the virtually fast. Okay I knew was right about their knowing of James 514 Ricoh yeah so backup above all, my brother and do not swear either by heaven or earth oath. You, but your yes be yes like this missed your no be no may or may not fall under judgment is anyone among use of suffering that he was pray. Is anyone cheerful is to sing praises. Is anyone among you sick was call the elders of the church and there to pray over him, anointing with oil faith restore the one who said that they think that sickness is sin.

Restoration okay okay God bless mostly of lines 877207 why call 77077 back to the show. We have three open line recall 772072276 Joanne and turn it on and around yes I Had Joanne you're on the air going eyes were born. I will copy the more private morality in your things in your thing gotten Bob Hallowell. We have an altar call every day and night, and on got in your heart and follow one, I want to do that, but not that I know are lobe only, and that the preacher course was talking to euro children on Andre would want you to accept Christ, and all you have to do it in your heart you know you because that the phrase ask you but your heart is not positional cannot come to well it that the Bible says in John 644. You cannot come to be this father draws you in John 665 you come to me. Let's been granted to you.

Father, we receive Christ. John 112 and enact 1348 the Bible says as many as have as many as have been appointed is that you and your enjoying something around here okay can you hear that Charlie, you have feedback you can okay so that was going on. Tech is looking so sweetly you know when this phrase is not a good phrase just asked Jesus into your hold on to what you went, I've got you on hold. We have a weird connection so you went right back okay, right back and will redo the connection will get you on the air.

Okay so I know that she can hear me because she's in the room and she's one of the persons who helps edit the articles on carbs removing the from one version of harm to another. Ready for the new release of the site and about six weeks. Behold, right.

So help so calmly back. Okay, let's get to John from Texas, a John, welcome doing all right yeah I got hurt the question about the great work Helen, who included it directly and it verses like Galatians 328, Colossians 311. Well what work because you to be likely the work for great, great work. Hello oh the word Greek yeah it's a healing. Yes and now that I would enter directly got an answer by the fence of the famous Gentile others with that actually can include Greek speaking Jews with two little peculiar because there's no other word relative Galatians now that you well okay and let's check it out here because the Greek word occurs 25 times in the Bible and the New Testament just just 20 5M with minimal and he's not intending to go to the dispersion among the Greeks teach the Greeks okay I will redo references because my time now. There were some Greeks among those were going to worship the feast and the people believed both Jews and of Greeks father was a Greek thought it was a great God-fearing Greeks, Jews and Greeks, Jews and Greeks, Jews and Greeks, the average criminal lot and a publishable Greeks and to barbarians. Interesting.

So it looks like you can be use as classification to Jews and non-Jews. They understand the Greek means because Greek was the language that was brought into the Mediterranean area by Alexander the great, about 330 years before that. So he came in and dominated the entire Mediterranean area and instantly Greek and so great became the lingua franca, which means the language that was used as a universal language and so we Jews translate the Old Testament Hebrew Bible into the Greek called the Septuagint about 250 BC protect. So that's what I talk about her with the Greeks. It's those people speak Greek so that culture because it understands him into was one Empire under Alexander the great broke up in the floor but they all had the same Greek language same basic Greek culture.

Rome came in and dominated through and they also had Greek and they also spoke Latin, Greek, is one of the languages that was there was a lingua franca so Greek probably could mean all kinds of people, as well as a narrow group of people defending the context with regard like by the American labor and capital water down the Jews and felt they were like User work, but they let you category the Greek category. Neither because the Samaritans so believed in the Torah the same as the Jews did and were under obligation to keep the same laws as the work the Jews.

The Greeks were not circumcised. They were not worshipers of the true living God has Jews and the Samaritans were so in the context you like.

Galatians 023 but not even Titus was with me, though he was a Greek, was compelled to be circumcised, Greek exactly restaurants. I don't thought my head or first 2012 13 for by one Spirit we were all baptized one body, whether Jews or Greeks or slaves or free, so there Jews and Greeks dismissed two classifications of people, the Jews Samaritans, but somehow I think this meant as might've been called generically. The Jews also because they held the same law but never less. The two major divisions were Jews and Greeks are Jews and not Jews.

Basically and Greeks was just a word used culturally and colloquially describe those people who spoke the Greek language degree culture and things like that could been all over the place. What you think that I like by five blood, but it abandoned.

I maybe can extend you are getting very nice.

Okay there were Jewish. They denounced the Jewish faith are still Jewish because due to my circumcision by culture by speech by accents and what is classified as Jews still you have been good Jews and their liquid. Not practicing all the laws look for the wouldn't be considered good Jews. But the question then becomes know if if let's say the one guy left Judaism no longer practiced and is walking among the Greeks and the centurion says you Jew. How would he know he's a Jew because a Jew was raised in Israel and he would speak Hebrew and Hebrew, was the dominant language there so it was for Greek could have an accident just like today I was at a place and I heard a guy speak English and II knew he was Spanish and some that talk to Spanish so I knew that and in the same thing with the people have the Hebrew accent inside of a Greek unless some people it is people's language is perfectly accent took that kind of thing you know it's called a Jew, but was a practicing Jew know a Jew by heritage Jew by culture. How would you classify somebody as a Jew declassified by culture, by dress, by language, by accident or by intention and who's in the classification if he self identifies as a Greek, but he's not in oh is the root is based on a Jew.

He says no I given Duffy's no longer Jewish in his mind, but others would say no your Jewish ghost go line up over there so is not an easy answer division who's doing the classification with context.

There could God bless.

All right, lines with psych if it does it again will not affect our work and the alarm so where were we. What was a quality effort outer column in the Bible right the sinners prayer. Let's use the way it is, is not in the Bible.

But there is a sinner's prayer and Bible. And this is not clear where it is all right okay okay right back after these messages that I call 77077 with Joanne. Are you still there all right altar calls so the place in the Bible where a sinners prayer is stated is in Luke 18 1914 and is for the Pharisee gather go to the temple and this attached center just simply says God be merciful today put on hold put on hold not gone yet I come back to the second thing talk about is up with it. So that is the sinners prayer folks, nothing in here is ask Jesus into my heart go to a church and they say all you have to do to be Christian is asked Jesus in your heart. What is that mean ask him into your heart was something doesn't mean you're trusting in Jesus Christ is God in flesh would die. The cross rose from the dead in your receiving the sacrifice that he is offered receiving of my faith and trusting in him to forgive your sins because that's what it was we don't the knowledge of the preaching of the gospel is a death burial and resurrection of Christ your faith and trust in that you received Jesus as the Savior. There's nothing the Bible says, ask him into your heart. This is just another example, in my opinion the apostasy. This occurring in the Christian church with me to preach and teach the true gospel but they say something is milquetoast – as ask them in your heart and your Christian it's a false gospel by the gospel know if any of the context of it said okay but still, for Jesus it's just not there, folks. I wish people would actually check the word of God is for the big like Roman Catholics and go with her tradition and let the tradition govern with a saying, teach belief, innovation go with what the Scriptures teach. That's how you should do it because that's the anchor of truth. So can have an altar call every week.

Sure, I don't see why in any point to prevent that altar call that save anybody if I were a pastor was preaching the gospel and I said look, the gospel and I said look, wouldn't have a moment here of prayer when received Christ. You can do it sitting down, you could do parishioner hand you have to raise your hand on the offer an opportunity for people to look forward if they wanted. Look forward received Christ without people who come out of the congregation elders and others who will pray with you, and you can talk about these things with with the Lord. Or I can do this right now for the pulpits and and giving generic kind of prayer essay north of the prayer saves you with the prayers and appeal is the appeal to God this appeal of trusting in Christ and believing it what what Christ has done. Trusting in his sacrifice, nothing in yourself, not this hey folks, just asked Jesus into your heart and your Christian of the book of go direct to me is just not there right Joanne was quickly going overboard. You go overboard think it you all out, blah are you can think of anything right now to fight the last thing that popped out.

Now what might be imagined when I will not affect her Jell-O say that stuff yet.

I was there will sent out. If you can't use your heart you welcome to the family got that was a false gospel so on the dollar amount that aren't worried about me how to pray. You don't want to go to hell.

You cannot bear it out that that really?"

Eric, in your own life or some dollars will thing you do is you pray you just asked the Lord to strengthen your daughter have a real commitment to him.

A lot of times a seed of truth lays dormant in the Lord waters and it could put on hold again will do the move along. After this, but that's what you have to do is a trust the Lord in that situation. I know this so, but good call good questions and let's get on here to see that would be Arlene from Richmond, Virginia early welcome hello oh I get it right, but are you going yes I can map you okay how several people care and trauma (gone no claim that not to say that with the careful what it does things like in the context truly save you. And lest you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever then humbles himself as a child. He is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me. Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to stumble, it will be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck and be drowned in the depth of the sea, so this is not where you go for pedophilia go to other areas of Scripture verse 26. For example, and from chapter 1, but not here now it says to those who believe in me.

If you're teaching something or doing something to hinder the fellowship in the walk of people before Christ things better than you that's what's going on in a sexual thing okay whatever you do that because it whined anything not to stumble them and stumble them in what way, if you want to say to sexual stumble well and demonstrates the text in the context of that's what it is but it would seem to be. This is bit better issue of spiritual because it says because these little ones who believe in me. So Jesus is saying that these are the ones were believing in him with the spiritual issue here because in the stumble and doubt who he is better for you not to than born so a lot of people do that atheist. In particular, the work to stumble people's faith in Christ Jesus related to the children you got a come and trusted that we talk about children. Just trust and that's what you do is a trust in the Lord Jesus and those who would hinder that trust.

There's a want to trouble. So where would use that first met with team six. I guess pedophilia is just ripping it out of context and misapplying okay and you didn't want anyone caught teaching Mormonism teaching Roman Catholicism teaching that you have to be good and keep yourself right with God by doing good things were to keep yourself safe. You know, teaching that Jesus is not God in flesh teaching didn't rise from the dead exact right okay goodbye let's get on with Andrew from Ohio Andrew welcome your on here. Thanks Matt. Yeah, I wanted to go through to Timothy chapter 3 I just can't get out what what happened in 2020 and I watch the vice president Bay last night to Timothy chapter 3 Paul's path is just amazing, the cosmos is near difficult times. Yeah, men will become lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant filers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, and only you kind of stuff is listed for having an America turn their backs on God and so now we have liars who run for office nonveteran all writing this EAD have no idea that the Holy Spirit is so amazing that when you wrote this know what would happen if you I would share this verse with unbeliever. I was probably that I share this verse with unbeliever's avoidance really their EFC something or something grown there, but I know I'm a form but I will come through the lot are many. It's not. Here's the thing is that I was thinking about this actual trick appeal of Scripture last night in regards to political leaders with it was a requirement for political leaders, the husband of one wife template prudent, respectful hospital of hospital hospitable. You don't have hospitality able to teach, not addicted to wine you don't want to fight the gentle, peaceable free for the love of money he manages his own household well keeping his children under control with dignity would not be a great set of qualifications for public office, but we have a lot last night.

Like the Holy Spirit working through them and they come out and don't interrupt me don't arrogant of that woman I can believe. Well she dodged some submissions and I wish I was debating I could destroy her. Even I don't even know politics very well, but the kind of mistakes you made in the things that she was doing what cults do and I've debated so many people over the years, I can stick you did this. He said that you ignore that you do this because of that, it was obvious to me. I wish I could I could coach Penn Central attendance look at how to debate how to spot errors. I was thinking okay you discovered a fallacy called the thousand of the composition. What you did what you said one thing here which you're using to represent all people with fallacy of argumentation, you shouldn't be using it here in public view. Also, if you're using the kind of logic in your argumentation is fallacious. What kind of thinking that might also be fallacious.

Are you committing in other areas that were not concerned about. You can even get this right.

That's how I would argue with them. I pointed out what it is what it is what it is I say you know when the pack the court Supreme Court and she just wouldn't answer the question said you did not answer the question I'm asking you specifically commented give my time to you to ask answers specifically are you going to pack the court but I was debating those people I tell you I would've already done my homework and I to had notes on all kind of topics in a notebook quotes from what they said and when they said it and I to had arranged by tabs in the likeness it is what you said. I also have a laptop there like you typing my notes when their speaking respond to it on the type in my note I do during debates. I'll tell you it's extremely effective, extremely effective. You listen to what they're saying you write your notes as they made a mistake here me common out logical fallacy here. I blog about my debate this and you said this, but that's a problem here.

You said that I never said I wrote down what you said I type at 6080 words a minute and that's what you said. I love making things you can't bring that horrible care and affordable care act was American pays around $10,000 is very affordable to all you call it tomorrow socialism in the three areas of power in America and why the three right to the government. Are there why social and I don't okay read guy, but he got blessed hey folks, we hear other times I love that call back tomorrow Friday by his grace

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