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October 12, 2020 7:06 pm

Matt Slick Live

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October 12, 2020 7:06 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How and when does God prepare hearts and when do we---2- Matt experiences technical difficulties.--3- Who created God---4- Was it really the little boy's lunch that was used to feed the 5000---5- What is the conflict of being a pastor while supporting BLM---6- Can you be a democrat and also a true Christian---7- Does God have favorites- Isn't that what is happening with the elect---8- Is repentance necessary for salvation- Is it a work- Why is repentance not mentioned in John---9- Does receiving forgiveness of sins different from receiving eternal life---10- Where was the jailer in Acts baptized, since it was in the middle of the night-


A previously recorded Netflix shell mats like why is it apologetic to find out why you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why raspy because I had a suggestion and head cold and all that kind of stuff they could hardly talk for couple of days. I'm managing today on the go.

So thanks for your personal people praying about that. I do appreciate that if you want to give me a call. As usual, all you gotta do is dial 87720722760. Excuse me for soaking overhead culture like no it's not coded in all of that out so check so well there you I was still fine. I just had trouble talking and I was even in a couple of chat rooms and I'll tell you it's pretty difficult gently when heresy is going and I can't say anything now but so that's how it was okay. We are five wide-open lines of the one give me call folks easy 877-207-2276 and the president let you guys know because a lot of people might not know that I'm back online because so sick for a few days and all you do is dial 877-207-2276. It is October 7 and I hope you call, please do and we can laugh about and let's get on the phones will just jump right in. Okay will to survive in first one I know your name was is good on what is your name and what your question are you hello hello you're on the air, so we got your you're on here. Are you there yes yes sir. My Mac looking at all and gain okay and Kate gave me the you will bear. There are many things the Bible prior art that you will prepare their heart and you will call your ear here you really have taken a back you know was consistent with the rest of Scripture. For example next 1614, Matt yes can you hear me okay hello can you hear me I can't hear him or I don't and you can hear me. I could hear him so I know all the stuff Glidden responded that and I hope your break. You hear me hope is not a technical problem. But if there is will to tackle it yeah it's consistent with the Scripture were God opens the heart to understand the Scriptures need 2445. He opens the heart of the mind to believe the things that Paul was saying X 1614 and Proverbs 21, one God moves the heart of the king where he wishes it to go to grants that we believe is 129 so you these things are pretty consistent. You strengthen your heart you will incline her figure towards and the problem is probably consist Scripture and praise God for his great sovereignty and work in us. Let's get to Kyle from Richmond, Virginia. Kyle, are you on the air there can Henry hello I hope you have a problem here. Okay, let's check we could have a nice little problem. I'm clicking I'm listening.

I don't hear anything hello hello I don't hear the caller so let's see first day back after the encyclical tech problem already, so it might be that I have to reboot the calm wrecks on the Whitley producer tells you what to do and maybe he's working on something so mascara because they hear me out there.

I sound good. Okay, let's goodbyes were having a problem with the connection so you hear them okay. I don't hear them. So let's see okay.

Do you want me to reboot the calm wrecks okay on the reboot. The calm wrecks only back folks at about one minutes okay will give our guys you're trying to put something get something ready going to happen direct and, apparently, in large part because it's so cleaning it anyway. It's going to be called to do was dial 877-207-2276 the last four digits spell see ARM on your phone Carmen. That's short for carbon toward Christian apologetics research industry and hopefully hopefully will enjoy stuff and someone asked me likely the piano he got the green screen behind me know. I don't play the piano and the home. I have no musical ability whatsoever. My children when my daughters was very talented musically can sing very well had me sing once and then she basically said that I cannot sing and should mean I wasn't capable. She meant it in the sense of we don't want you to. You cannot and that that give you an idea of how bad I am. So what there you go. You may call 877-207-2276. Let's get one from Texas one welcome.

Thank our thoughtless it, give it a try. Now back on it read with the calm wrecks something that takes care of it. Let's see if we can get to Kyle from Richmond, Virginia Kyle, can you hear me problem why are we having a problem they Kyle I don't hear anybody you're having a great day sweetheart. The first color and I don't hear him so not sure what to do here, you try access line 1 about that fractious one is you return his aunt, so we'll probably just got a little bit sorry focus what happened okay so we'll see. Keep talking.

We hear you, but no callers yet he's been reboot sold install and this is what we haven't on live stuff. Sometimes problems which you pray I could pray with them, with Charlie Charlie's in the chat room and each day we get on the year before we get on the air before you actually took Charlie's in the chat room and he is not a stock chart have known him for like 40 years and that we always pray for the show was pray for wisdom.

Pray for wisdom for me to get answers apprehended for the right links and things like that. We also pray for the issue of technical problems and hopefully everything we were doing technically fine.

We pray that and we do that once technical problems that we distrust God laugh and move forward. So for those of you who might become a little bit late.

I'm still getting over very, very strong head cold where I could hardly talk for about three days and so my voice a little bit deeper than normal and get back in. So I'm on the air. I may or may not be on there tomorrow. Got an appointment depends what can happen so just want to schedule conflict.

Things but that's life. So waiting for our producer to get back on the air and hopefully comics with Charlie. Okay backend was given a shot. Okay so hey you, Kyle looks home. I think this quit. Okay.

All right. Let's try this was just trying on the air with whoever this is what wing it is ago, can you hear me yeah okay I hear you all around their little Tech from there, what your name and what your question, my name is Carol from North Carolina. I shall grant them in your file that caught me off. Okay grandma created God and how California Karen Pollock and I said what God God created Adam and E, but God who created him now.

I'm glad you thought that when you exercise you how sure it's an easy answer, and he says, and that is located answers, but he would get so just say this that you go to Psalm 91st two and says Frank everlasting to everlasting you are God, so God just always was was never a time when he did not exist and he always has existed, and that's all we can say about it. That's we don't understand how that's possible.

That's what the Bible says God says about himself. So that's the answer. Psalm 91st two tell him that nobody got a letter now actively get to heaven, he may let us know right along, but center just how I don't. I'm not sure ready and not just say the truth, no one made him he didn't make himself either always exempt okay that's a good answer as the proper answer now. Yeah, I do not have Internet at a get out. It's right that he everlasting to everlasting God, that's the Bible says we cannot comprehend it and we now know, yeah, when I called in got a letter no more think made on Ellie it out that this girl sure that when the 5000, the little boy that actually lunch with the 5000.

Not if I really actually read that much time with the little boy lies in the Bible.

It's something to lose and do a search little boy don't they just ring any bells okay so in my food. You said like to fly blows into fish so because he used to fish in the bread and the that's in Matthew 14 of doing to answer your question while I'm talking is searching just to make sure that that doesn't look doesn't appear like that place and I don't. I wonder whether my memo that David Jeremiah along ready okay not a minister say that it was a cloud like a little boy and I have never see.

Let's okay little boys lunch little bit of trying to figure out Mark 630. Let's try that because this is life research.

Yeah. Good tools quickly and now I know about that. It might be.

I just haven't. This is ring a bell to me this means not there at me that many eight hours so maybe some of the chat room of the snow. The first God bless you right back after these messages I call 77077 all right when LaHaye got John six verse nine in Joshua sportsmanship found it and thanks Josh awesome. It says the context of her feet all the people and where the disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter butter said there is a glad to hear who is five barley loaves and two fish.

But were these for so many people sit down and he divided everything up now. People say let's his launch of five barley loaves and two fish for lab known as too much for him to eat so I would sit with his lunch and my sister is good enough. So there you go, and very good.

All right, for those you might become a back I was sick for two days and back on there today, so today is Wednesday, 7 October. You can know Jesus. Call and aliskiren lines now to Kyle from Richmond, Virginia, welcome your on here that that quick question for you yet got about eight hear a preacher making it out openly against proppant the core of that liberal idea than PLM and I don't want to have a calling out on it.

But I was wondering if I can get your opinion on the conflict between being a preacher and like the pecan and then snow boarding the idea of the left in our rights say something in this mix of people mad and BLM in an article titled, that I think might be worse.

You recommended to him, but as far as Joe Biden goes, I don't understand how anybody believes God could look for someone who would be pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality. I do not agree with that. The Bible says to not support evil these things are evil in the sight of God and judgment came upon the world because it sends varying forms tomorrow as well, and we cannot vote for in good conscience support anyone who would be in direct opposition to the things of the word of God and so if your friend is supporting any candidate not just Biden but any cannot give her strength and who is supporting any candidate that is pro-homosexual pro-abortion, then I could not I could never vote for anybody like that and I would seriously have problems with any Christian who claims to follow Christ, who would then cast their vote in support of someone who would promote such things against the word of God and in humanity and the very nature of God himself. That's one thing are wholeheartedly great about think it and if you say you're a Democrat you claim to be at my well I personally but well on the odometer. That is a gray area. There are various various and if you could have people of different levels of understanding about what a Democrat is what Republican is not not a Republican either Democrat and Republican on the constitutionalist and I believe the Constitution I I want to go constitutionally and so I'm against the socialistic movement and I want to say something about socialism that people understand this is why socialism is so bad it help Trent put it in simpler forms the more socialism you have, the less freedom you have. It comes down to that in order for people to have an equal distribution of things you have to confiscate people's money and property, and you have to then put more rules in place to govern what people can and can't do and how they can't have certain properties and certain rights to their own work in their own hands. And so, in so doing you put more restrictions on people. The increase of socialism is a decrease in freedom. This is how it works.

This is a fact and what they need to talk about on the TV and the media.

Is this relationship with the increase of socialism.

You have a reduction of freedom. The more socialism, the less freedom that's what happens now as far as BLM goes, we all agree with the phrase black lives matter. I agree with the phrase black lives matter white lives matter. Brown lives matter. I agree with the phrase, and I also agree that there have been a lot of false persecutions against the black community.

A lot of atrocities have been committed by white people, and I stand against but a lot of people don't realize that the Democratic Party was the party of the KKK, the Democratic Party's which supported segregation. All you gotta do is go look up the movie Hillary's America and you can go check it out like documentation people in there even have a black woman expert. Talking about this. She's a professor and she talks about about the KKK and the history the Democratic Party's soulful testing.

Do your homework now is good on the out the phrases good. What's associated with what's attached to this phrase was attached to it is Marxism the founders at least one of the founders, I think, to the founders of the three in meal and a black lives matter BLM avowed Marxists.

Marxism is another word for communism in communism.

You have no freedom. You have no property rights. They take it away, and also they do not want the nuclear family to be in a strong stead because it means the state can't control what the children are taught so is one of the reasons BLM is against the nuclear family so we cannot as Christians in good conscience support ride recommended as people go to American American and look up the article later comes this is what their article says it's got documentation in it on some interesting stuff a right BLM a righteous cause or communism in blackface. That's the name of the article and I read that yesterday and I was just blown away by some of the information in one of the things that that's interesting is that the BLM people. Some of the founders are involved in witchcraft in the sense of trying to contact departed spirits to get the power and direction from them. This is a dangerous thing and they have the documentation and there. I watch the videos and they were talking about it in the video to be on so I can verify everything but it's in this article, American look up BLM, a righteous cause or record communism in blackface go check it out quite a title so again I am for equality of all the people want to believe in different races. I believe in one race.

I believe I also very strongly believe that the blocks were abused and mistreated for decades and decades and it needs to stop the course. All lives matter and all life should be treated equally. Problem except when it comes to the babies in the womb, then story then hypocrisy comes forth where the writers for the lives of the unborn, where the people who want to shake their fist up in the air in unity and march lockstep for the defense of the helpless and mistreated who are in the wounds of the moms who don't care about the life going in and then they say my body I do with my body not selfish right back got those messages please hold the six evoked fear of mass Y. Call 77077 charismatic slave back on the line with Kyle from Richmond, Virginia. Carl still there.

Yes sir. Alright so when off a little bit of a rant there so hopefully it will help you. But the question that America American American actor.

It's a it's a very good article. Okay, a righteous cop BLM, a righteous cause or communism in blackface notes provocative title what's the quote. The Gallup center on black voices, 81% of black Americans either want to retain police presence or want more. And then it talks about how when when the police were defined in some areas. The crime skyrocketed.

This is what happens.

This is this is the left after that's what it is will have to act out of ammunition. Now that exactly and I was good to see exactly that's why people are arming themselves because the police are there, it's good to get bad in this.

What I asked I asked people who do you want to police your neighborhood bubble next door with an AK or the cops were well-trained what you want because you know so I'm saying the cops above the next door. What a probably good, although it will tell you love those little boys.

They know let's just say the challenge in some areas in the that's true you not want sensibility and I want all the facts before decisions are made.

That's what I'm I think the police to great job right there. Alright God bless what alright was on the phones with this waiting is Philip from Orlando I Philip welcome. You're on your right by God's grace, but we got a question God know and that's Romans 211 and also James 22343 no partiality with God and the partiality that he talks about that is revealed in Scripture is in fact outliving us to do this over to James to Andrea for reading. This is what he condemns. If a man comes in your assembly with a gold ring dressed in fine clothes, and there's also a poor man in dirty clothes and you pay special attention of the one who is wearing the fine clothes, and sake. You said here's a good place to save the poor man you stand over there to demo my footstool have you not made distinctions among yourselves and become judges with evil motives. That's what God is condemning that you judge a person's worth or lack of work because of something about them like their color, their gender there their clothing. What kind of jewelry they have my feet. There looks no that's got to do that okay yeah like what good it felt like more like the Bible that God your prayer right and right with what so what we have here is God chooses are the kind intention of his will, he chooses people to save and he shows more love and grace to them than others, but it's because of the work that he has chosen that he does Romans 992 23 talks about this kind of a thing to the favoritism that God does denies is is is the same favoritism that is actually taught by a lot of churches in that will God and those in the future that you get to be a good person and that he could use you, and that in your wisdom you choose him. So this is why he's working with you here that's a heresy that's favoritism is denied in Scripture. But what he will say that the theology of the Bible, but a preacher to stop.

So favoritism is looking at somebody some quality in the with with them that they don't have her do have in judging them based on that the guy doesn't do that okay. But once were in him which were saved, that he treats us differently because of his decision to do so.

Okay. All right.

I met God bless. Alright, let's get to Mitchell from Canada.

Mitchell welcome.

You're on here I yeah thank you for having me.

I had a question about repentance is that if necessary or salvation for eternal life is a yes and no because it can be understood in different senses explained okay.

Repentance is turning from what is wrong to to doing what is right. We have to ask a question. Since the Bible says were not saved by works. Is it a good work to stop lying and stop stealing is in conformity with the law answers yes are we saved by our stopping of thieving and lying and believing in Christ is that a combination is necessary to repent of your sins and you have to believe that when you go to keep the law and believe in order to be saved that a course of your heresy, but on the other hand, we can just go around as Christians and say hey a medical send them do this and do that soon. And just go ahead could have saved that denies regenerative regeneration. So, in the sense of is it necessary to become a Christian not in the sense when it's meant that by compliance with the law. Repentance and faith's save you. That's not true, but it is necessary in the sense that it's a concomitant necessity with regeneration something is concomitant means it's simultaneously connected to something so we repent because God grants us repentance second Timothy 225 and so it's necessary that we repent of our sins and salvation, but is not the repentance that saves us. It's faith that saves us in repent again is associated with that repentance, so that when I got saved. I then repented, but I didn't rebrand in order to become save that make sense yeah but I will not sure where you stand with the Creek race teaching, so to reality. But the way Zane Hodges explained it is repentance, the forgiveness of sin is a personal matter and justification in Pauline thought is a judicial issue is judicial, absolute yes we made the distinction between believing to receive eternal life because he argues that well in John's Gospel which is the last one written how many times is that repentance that I mentioned zero and if it's an evangelistic look like it says in John chapter 20 verse 31 the Maple even thought so for this.

Paraphrasing what it says but it's an evangelistic look at and the last gospel written lies and repentance that necessary right I haven't mentioned if it was necessary and so he says that only believing and but also try to me to go to ahead of myself in the book of acts.

You take the other verses that works. As you know, repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost on how I heard it explained by brother Hodges is that that verse means exactly what it means, you know, the Jews at that time had to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus to receive the forgiveness of sins, but to receive the forgiveness of sins does not necessarily mean mean the same thing as receiving everlasting life with you every know first of all, the first of all, he says it means what it says what it says problems.

There faith is not even mentioned in acts 238 which you quoted so it is a formula for salvation lies faith not mention those, it will provide well that's implied so you know what is this not a formula because faith is not mentioned particularly when we know that faith is necessary for salvation were just were justified by faith. 516 sources baptized in the name of Jesus Christ is humane in the Trinitarian formula course. Well, I think how how a Hodges explained that they were actually had to go back to square one. Because those were the Jews that were alive during the earth, and he that's right.

I got it. I think it's easy to say it means exactly what it says that this problem because it says in the name of Jesus Christ, but is not in the name of Jesus Christ. It's in the name of the father-son Holy Spirit the phrase in the Jesus Christ means in the authority of, and is your idea.

You receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. What's the gift of the Holy Spirit. Well, when you go to acts 1044 to 48 you find out with the gift of the Holy Spirit. So Steve receive the Holy Spirit to give the Holy Spirit because they were seeing them speaking in tongues, glorifying God. It apparently is the charismatic movement because in next to your speaking in tongues, the Holy Spirit came upon them is as if you do this you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Now what is baptism.

Baptism is really interesting, showing something here a lot people do not know this stuff they don't study very much alright so you little bit. They said you got it. I watch this there's a break because after the break choice of an act 238 great verse dried as they want to make it seem like the right that those after mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave Mitchell are still there all right will do is read something to you and about. This will baptism and so to do is read Romans four, nine, 10 and 11.

Colossians 2 and this is Romans four, nine, 10, 11, is this blessing than on the circumcised for the uncircumcised also for the sake faith was credited to Abraham's righteousness return.

How then was it credited while he was circumcised or uncircumcised. Not well circumcised. But while uncircumcised.

Verse 11 for he received the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness of faith which he had while uncircumcised, so circumcision was a seal, a sign and a seal of the fifth. So think of the seal in the Greek is strongest, and it occurs in Revelation 6.

The seven seals, and it's also the kind of thing you have an impression with a wax impression put a ring signet ring on it and Cecile is an impression. And this is what the word means.

So it relates circumcision as a sign and a seal of justification and what's interesting is circumcision was a covenant sign in which entire households, including infants and all males were to participate in just that's just how it was let's go to Colossians 211 and 12 and in him you were circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, and the removal of a body of flesh by the circumcision of Christ, have been buried with him in baptism, in which you were also raised with up of stupid cool breeze up with him through faith in the working of God, who raised from the dead, so what's interesting is that Paul doesn't equate circumcision of Baptist, but he certainly relates them together and if circumcision is a seal of the righteousness baptism. It would make sense to say is also a seal of the righteousness which is already there is a covenant sign that correlate circumcision. So when we go to acts 238 people say what repent, be baptized as formula for salvation there saying yes to be immersed in water, which doesn't say at first because I can show you how baptism can being baptized in the spirit becoming sprinkled because that's what Jesus was sprinkled. It was quickly accordance baptism according to law that's out what and I can show you various things like this are out of the Bible.

So when people go to acts 238 with her often doing is just not doing your full homework they don't understand what is going on so repent each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. What he saying is the baptism here is what I think it means is a seal I signed the seal of the very forgiveness that you have and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, what is that gift of the Holy Spirit. Well, people say let me just say if that's the case that it means are saved, then look at this. This is acts 1044 or Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those were listening to this message and all the circumcised believers who came with Peter were amazed because the gift of the Holy Spirit is the same phrase used in act 238 the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out of the Gentiles also for they were hearing them speaking with tongues and exalting God.

It's the charismatic gifts act like a black 238 want to say and these are saved.

That's when you get the Holy Spirit to get saved doesn't say that the gifting is there's money for you. Hodges was stressing in all things in there between the Jews and the Gentiles. And because Cornelius wasn't a Gentile. It wasn't required of him to be baptized in order to receive the ball to have fellowship with God because he wasn't part of the crowd that you wanted Christ to be 558. I guess what he saying is that they have to go all the way back to square one.

So I heard your interpretation. It does sound consistent so I thank you for sharing that with me if this is all right exactly okay thank you brother and I really appreciate it. Right goblet. Okay, let's get to see you on this one is Jim from Durham, North Carolina. Tim welcoming on the year that I got buddy. My question is an act Cane and first 32 and 33 where they had that pollen pilot were imprisoned in they back.

They were let loose bow that the angel and the jailer that they thank the jailer from killing at that. But my question is talking about anything in verse 31 that that they told him that if he believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, and out of the big day, but also in 33 where it that they watch their stripe and then they were baptized.

So it was in the middle of the night when all that happened. But where was he baptized and how did life that's is very good question. I think about this water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon how many gallons it took to baptize someone by immersion. Well, right, and I am an emergent believer. Okay list this work with us a little bit nice to have a biscuit 30 gallon tank. According to fish and the 90 more so when the fish had exhumed theory once, but that's another think of the goodness of the ballast area. Buddy Rachel is a think is that my 30 gallon tank which would avoid 240 pounds was no right way.

Was it big enough to do a baptize by immersion and adult not impossible right just way too small. Maybe a small child could weasel in their and if you baptize a full grown adults think the bathtub okay and out lets us knock right height down the fort before the half and at that time. Back then, so maybe you know three quarters, a sizable bathtub which holds what hundred gallons, 80 gallon so were talking hundreds about 500 pounds of weight you know how they get a move that kind of water. If this would be somebody's home. They can't. You can't do that so they can have you to go outside to a river or go outside to some body of water and dip themselves in it. Now think about that you be watching their bodies in a common body of water. If it's a river that's okay because you will bathe in the river and their slime gets carried off by the river. What if it's a fountain for people going dip their their work water buckets and to drink and even have people getting baptized in it which means or filth getting pushed out in the water. There's problems. Okay, it doesn't make sense to say that they got all this water brought it upstairs or in the house hundreds of gallons. What's the state say. I know guys at a 90 gallon tank and you could just get a person in their could just beat up, squeeze a myth.

All right, so corporate to do it comfortably. 200 gallons and that's well over thousand pounds where you get all this water over the faucet doesn't work. They can have a Yale you have something that big in a house doesn't it just doesn't make sense.

So, believe it or not. When the Holy Spirit will show you something. The Holy Spirit is poured out on people and asked in Joel Joel to ask the coastal in the book of acts it stop. It states that what was happening. There was a fulfillment next to I will pour forth my spirit on all mankind. Okay process and acts 217 and then writing. I will pull on those it will pour forth my spirit right they call that the baptize of the spirit as they call it the baptism of the Spirit is equated with pouring the spirit force.

That's what it says so Jesus had to have been sprinkled according to the medical law.

In Matthew 315 he said to get baptized by John the Baptist because he had to fulfill all righteousness fulfillment Old Testament, the only place I've ever found in the Bible in the Old Testament that describes even in part what Jesus went through is in Leviticus chapter 8 Numbers chapter 4 annexes 29 and actually numbers eight and it talks about what a man needed to do in order to become a high priest you to be anointed with oil that's Holy Spirit Holy Spirit came upon Jesus, a verbal blessing given Ross my brother sentimental. Please 30 years of age with Jesus was 30 and he had to be sprinkled with water that was the Levitical coming right so if Jesus was baptized.

They say he went out into the water well and the Holy Spirit was poured know it makes sense to say that they just took water pouring over sad or sprinkled it okay and they would've done it this way, they would've done with the hyssop branch HYSSOP which is what they did not estimate when they would sprinkle people. They take the hyssop branch, which often grew near the edge of the water there break everything off, dip it in the water and sprinkle people and that was considered the baptism, so if you go to Hebrews 910 it says there's various washings, the word watching is in Greek is T's mass Baptiste must baptism but peace must and it's in the context talk about Old Testament sprinklings. So if you look at this would accept her 16. Does it make more sense if they were had water poured on them or that they had to go out simply and find a big body of water which is not Cindy couldn't do. Maybe there was something there, just not mentioned in that meeting to be noted for another side here.

I don't know but he says he and his whole household were baptized. That's interesting because it says right wash their wounds and immediately he was baptized.

He and his whole household. He brought them into his house and set food upon the does that means outside the house was a near water running, body water or the fountain fountain you get you get trouble from watching fountain people drink. I called in verse 30 that they were and how it's right but it did, but this is where they were in his house to took about an hour to an wash to be baptized, so it could mean that they left the house to go out. So if there's any way of immersing them in the body water outside that that's fine but I'm just showing you write will there's some issues get a look at here.

That's all I'm saying right talking to Joel about the impact With the holy though is that maybe walk Peter in acts 238, was referring to it I think so.

That's my opinion and also save my opinion because he says you will see the gift of the Holy Spirit. Many good acts 1044 to 48 the gift of the Holy Spirit is equated with speaking in tongues. Yeah, I think you would be baptized in Jesus name means in acts four, seven, and what name are you doing this to me by the authority of riding with Jesus.

As you know, stop by the law. Okay, by the authority of Jesus that they would not die so I meant to be that yeah they could be referring to, although another like a person of the Trinity and that you not like the proper meant mode of baptism is in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit, that the proper modes absolutely have a link that subject her to go. That's what it is and I did a lot of the IPO.

There think about what I do. People say they don't like that I teach them what they like to think Molly still anomalies in go okay. John from Texas. Sorry about that, and Chris from Raleigh along the Lord bless you and by his grace.

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