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September 30, 2020 11:54 pm

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September 30, 2020 11:54 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses various dialogues he has had with Catholics regarding Mary.--2- A caller asked about the status of the podcast.--3- Will you ever do an online preaching series---4- What do I do if my spouse no longer believes in Christianity---5- The elders at my church are moving toward supporting social justice. Is it biblical---6- A caller had some thoughts on Matt's debate in February of 2020.--7- If God changes our will, how are we free-

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A previously recorded maps like show why is it apologetic to research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why and hope you have a good day. Interesting to do little to shop a little bit of that (doubt himself on the outcome of this stuff to do some time to be tackling the website tonight so much always, if you are interested in learning theology.

If you want to study. I really recommend that people study the word of God know you don't want talk about this. Sometimes I just feel like sleeping with people because you know we need to know that Bible we know the Bible says we need to understand the doctrine of the Trinity.

We need to understand how predictors Jesus says we have to understand what salvation is we have to understand that sincerity doesn't bridge the gap between God and man understand that her work still contribute to salvation normally contribute to us continuing to be saved.

Our goodness has no bearing on our salvation. What we need is the blood of Jesus Christ shed. And if you don't trust in Jesus you are lost and you will face the day of judgment alone and naked before God without offense and you become downtown. What I preaches Jesus Christ crucified and risen from the dead through faith and trust in what he has done, you can have your sins forgiven. This will promote teach now that's what I want people to understand that they have to understand the word of God.

They have to stand with the truth of God's word is they shouldst be starting the Bible and so I'm here to do was help you understand it better. Theology apologetics the defense of the Christian faith and a lot more folk you want to call me all you have to do is dial 87720722765 lines right now so nobody's waiting and waiting for you and we can have our calls if you're new to the show.

What we do here is answer questions on almost any topic. The Bible Christianity, Roman Catholicism. We discussed all kinds of issues, Mormonism, atheism, evolution, logic, philosophy, information, and everything so anyway I don't even call 877-207-2276 into what it is I was just speaking there. It occurred to me to delete talking about the Catholic view of Mary. It's an important issue. So what I thought would do is tell you what the Catholic Church says about Mary and why it's a promotion of idolatry and wanted to say, this was it just jumped right in. Because our thing to talk about, always, never work and on and Mary is one of the topics in the Roman Catholic Church that needs to be discussed now. The names of Catholics after listening to me and what I talk about this with Catholics. I found that a lot of them get very very defensive because it's like attacking their own mother and the it's a problem because Mary is not there mother but it's the Roman Catholic Church has stated so many different things about Mary. One of the things I'll say is that she is full of grace. You probably heard in movies and things like that.

Hail Mary, full of grace and he never seen Bill being Crosby in small black and white movies with Catholics were on was to go to full of wisdom and and now that I know what I know about Catholicism.

Man, I look at that. I think what a shame. And what a sham Catholicism. This is.

But it teaches in Luke 128 that Mary is full of grace, which is not the Greek says the tests are angry because of full of grace is the Greek plot us, which is full and cutting test which is Greg's plot. I skyped us to work full address and is not there, but it did. Words do appear in John 114, where Jesus is so full of grace and also in acts six, eight, when Stephen was full of grace and facet as is right there. The word, it does appear reference to Mary's cutter I could carry Tolman, which means highly favored one, highly favored and she is highly favored. She was most blessed one because she got there the Messiah himself. What they'll do.

The Roman Catholics will say that some Luke 120 was properly translated as full of grace which just doesn't work with the topic related to some more depth, but nevertheless I don't know drive all these these truckloads of heresy through this is if she's full of grace, well then if she's full of gray. She could never have sent will that would apply to Stephen who was full of grace and next 68. It was full of grace with me. He said it just didn't they don't bring a consistent but they will say that she is the one who it was full of grace and end 722 and they say that she was not subject to correction and she's the all holy one now you know Mary is not the all holy one.

She's not the one who's holy God is the one is holding and they say that she's they don't. Second, the second Eve what Eve messed up. Eve fixed this kind of thing and one of the things that I find really abominable is Vatican II, paragraph 420, page 420 and I have the actual book actually says worship when she is the subject of preaching and worship should prompt the faithful to come to her son. That's what it sounds United States of the worshiper, and in paragraph 972 says after speaking of the church her origin mission and destiny. We can find no better way to conclude that my looking to marry the folks I can talk a lot about the stuff that I could teach a course on Catholicism and it's it's aberrant theology that's so many topics to cover when they get into the issue of Mary. They don't have status of Mary and the church as they brought about a Mary they do so many things and pray to her but when it says in relationship to the church her origin mission ingesting the can find no better way to conclude that my looking to marry that to me is such clear idolatry and I mean idolatry. Pagan idolatry, unchristian idolatry to say that the best way to look is to marry when considering the church her origin, mission and destiny.

The words Jesus is not the best.

Jesus is not the best, Mary's this is idolatry.

I want to be clear idolatry.

It's not Christian it's paganism.

And this is what the Roman Catholic Church teaches phonetically part of what it teaches. It's pretty bad custom callers coming in so that's good through the logic you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 look at the John from Raleigh John welcome your on here you have everything changed with the download the podcast the last one on my heart radio and on the other one that I use the player FM only goes back to August 31 of wondering. I don't know. I was the one who is doing those look into it and sending any and all all the same thing okay okay good typically only outlet about what everything back now so I'm really well. We do have a link on YouTube and also on Facebook, but rather everything on the podcast and get an updated page 31.

Okay, I did know that I will talk to my guy on that and see the statuses that used to be there right logs, 31st, and this is on which views would switch which you know I heart radio and F more than in clear and all that I want a 31 okay color color says last one is 831 okay there you go see if he knows about it all right something to put in a bank. Talk about how you want to serve again. I like Mark could you give us a service so that we could what else, our pastors should be faith… I will be preaching online this Sunday and next Sunday and on a friend of mine who's going to Africa has been filling for two weeks so I think it'll be 3 o'clock Eastern time is will be on line and what I can do is put the URL up on the current Facebook or methyl Facebook people want that they can watch it's just me sitting here behind this chair in the room with this.

I prefer church with people have to compete for people, but like a good online if you want it or if that's something you're interested in once a month in some of the recent asking because I have honestly to think about starting a preaching series online and reteaching search online because I need to teach us just in me to do it and I love the preacher missed the pulpit and I presented pulpit in a year or so. I just miss it.

I left it was funny is I don't be sitting there in the congregation waiting to get up there and I'm so anxious to be up there just to get up and preacher madness love it. So I'll look into it.

Okay I'll will check things out right what a good all drive and God bless buddy thanks and luckily podcast I think all right about something later.

All right, will you be called folks at number 877-207-2276. Let's get to somebody from Godfrey in Texas or Godfrey is from Texas and leisure. Luckily on the right which name okay with somebody. I have a quick question know if you have all someone in the household was Christian and right now befalling the grapes going to let go. You University. Like all astrology chart growth with good you like that I don't think which way to approach Tom how to approach this. You know you know okay and everything so let me ask you some questions is you have to answer keys are too personally is not to say anything that no problem is trying to get a lay of the land is one of your children or sit in the house, not your wife. Okay okay your life that you break coming up. So what do hold on and advice. I folks, please call 877-207-2277 mass Y call 77077 back to the show Godfrey government all right so your wife is getting into the occult spiritism and things like that. Right now there's a lot of questions I can ask you when the appropriate over the year but Lenny just ask a few things though are you are you personally attending a church good Christian man, everything perfect, but you know you have children just asked holding her 97 96 1111 six okay okay and how long she been getting involved in this bout you okay all right okay so what you what you need to do is first thing is for sound just like I don't of course you to pray and when we talk. I say that I mean prayer needs to be considered a weapon at this point, a weapon that needs to be offered up to the Lord Jesus Christ and you have to be ready for spiritual battle because it was you. You're stirring the pot spiritually and think it can potentially get rough in your marriage, your household, your children, your job, your finances, it's missing is going to sing the same hate. This is the kind of thing that can happen as one people that this is the case sometimes because their neck of the demonic forces are not gonna appreciate you praying specifically for the situation know what you pray for you. Pray for the binding of the evil one and all demonic forces from your wife in every way shape and form.

You pray this every single day. If you skip a day okay but you need to be praying about this and you also need to get friends to pray about this and you have friends that you commit with who will pray about this and pray over your wife and keep them informed about things and you think this very seriously. Now, as a Christian husband.

Your job is to guard your children from the occult as well and this what she's getting into spiritism and this stuff is occultism and demonic forces in attachments to connect occur and read. I asked about how old your children is are is because the younger they are.

Sometimes the more they can be influenced and with her very young, there's often they can see things here, things, etc. that's not uncommon and so ready to talk to your children if they say yeah mommy I saw this thing in the will in the hallway canal.

This pay attention and is what you see in a wiki Alton and start screaming down the hallway in the darkness. You know, just to be nice and and that's beware of things I would also suggest that you send your wife away for a couple hours shopping trip. You know movie whatever this and pray through the house and anoint every single wall in the house.

Bathroom closets doors, door jams walls just don't anoint and pray out loud in the process is get some oil.

This American oil cooking oils fine just dip the tip your finger into a brother on your you think finger and thumb kind of thing does that to be a whole bunch and just its ceremonies what it is and this is what was done in the Old Testament.

The oil was a symbol of the presence of God and an anointing and go through and spread out loud you know that you bind the spirits of demonic spirits and that you come against this of Jesus Christ that you asked him to be the Lord in this house and it's verbally just talk like this is do it for as long as it takes you go through the entire house to do everything that needs to be done.

She undoubtedly has brought things into the house that are demonically connected and so these can be called. These are called doors and want to make sure that the doors are closed. If you know of the things that she had.

Let's say I don't know what she has or doesn't have a say she's got crystal balls. He now has whatever Jesus assembly could be a book. Books you know a pendant or two Buddhist statues. I noticed that the good for shotgun practice, that immediately ended with Hindustan Grant accurately guessed that stuff.

So what I would do Lenox Seco on so what I would do is also specifically seek all those objects out and pray over them and with oil they belong to her and depending on how the things are in your relationship. You don't me.

I would not let it knock at the house but you don't it, but on the other hand, you thought I was going that route and where I was certain now that like like me right I want to get to Connecticut I wanted to go to cool back should I record well not to say that you have to be wise about everything, because if the Buddhist of the Hindu statue stuff out will cause her to get infuriated. Well, that's not our goal and solicit Ozzie to say is yet use wisdom in this whole thing, but what you can do is anoint of the jeepers out of everything he takes off and goes someplace I deplane over the things again for the loyal. My fingertips made in the name of Jesus of buying this what this is nothing attached to etc. and there thing and be doing is this the sound a little odd. Not witnessing to her what I mean by that is not overtly being so harshly Christian that it pushes her own okay so what it means is you to be a servant and call and prayerful and and pointing towards the things are good and questioning.

Now if you were to start teaching us to the children at that point that's not personally I would say I dickered private. That's a I will not allow that.

You teach the children that were to have serious problems right away as flax sailor yelling. I can happen and she says I believe you said that you need to go we need to be prepared for that because you serve Christ over your life. Nothing you want that to happen but you she may try and bluff you out in it and you need to be ready to be able to back it up, because if she's at the start say that his dissertation because the stuff that is not going to happen okays put your foot down and you'd be involve the elders of the church. They know about this right you know about this and this is the plan to go through you serve her and be as loving as you can to her and she's a see Jesus in you and one is all. Another thing, pray his was called an implication to implicate means to wish a curse or something harmful to happen to somebody that people so that's that method is can say that that's that's not true. Yes, it is because implications are the Psalms God, you can pray something that he's doing would would upset her so badly she went okay, but you got less than what happens right closer to breaking to call 877207 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show. Please 772072276 Sarah from Missouri.

Sarah welcome you on here: call welcome. I'm calling about your hearing about an uptick in the past, evangelical church community. You weren't. Our church has experienced a lot of art your pastor in the yet to be in charge of thing and supporting the national coalition, maybe not black male. The black liberation theology that definitely social justice and political version of it that is different from Christ, and I felt quite a few of us concern, usually quite a bit of you be on board okay and elder, which is a problem to me, and we have a missionary with campus outreach is an elder which can be inappropriate to me so okay, so some elements of social justice or biblical summer not. It depends on if you guys realize that so what they often do is does not understand the consequences of what you're teaching and preaching soul giving example you just summarize with what's this guy saying about how garbled we've been in the proper path to my going through the hell last Sunday we were at chapter 8 and began the thermal and red part of that didn't even read the hall chapter and then he launched into how we need to submit to authority, regardless of what they're telling, including inside of our terms need to be when Charlene like he intimates that he needs to give me a call to talk to him and and politely lovingly correct, because he's wrong, we submit valid governments unless it violates Scripture not just everything it says that kind of teaching will open the path of the presence of the antichrist and submit like no emasculation in his sermon, did he mention the crucifixion of Christ at all in the person with the price we did on the cross servant to do that now preaching and preaching moralism. See him explain what's going on here if I would work to if I were to my wife is Tex-Mex on top of the screen start to give a sermon where I said don't lie because lying is bad. God says don't live long hurts people don't lie and amen and embrace that happens a great sermon on the great illustrations and it actually makes him feel sad because of a lie that happened I give an illustration you known the flawed great sermon notes not if I were to say don't lie because Jesus Christ purchased you with the blood that he shed on the cross. This is why we are not our own, we belong to him.

We should not live because it dishonors God to sin against him and we do not do that because we are no longer our own even purchased with the price facts that A good sermon and the reason is because Crystal centric is cross centered.

The reason anything goes, that we teach believe learn correct repent of is because of what Christ and the cross of these nothing to the cross of Jesus Christ was a fight, then he's a bad preacher he's preaching moralism and here's one of the questions all ask people a lot about your listing right now than what you think about this. Can the sermon that he preached, transported, transported Word for Word over to a Mormon church and he preached there. That may change if it can, then how was a good Christian sermon because a good Christian sermon should not be able to be preached word from Woody word equally in a cold church so there you mentioned the beginning of this list of phone call. You must be processing the Christian church.

I am so aware of the processing the Christian church. I have said so many times in the Christian churches is moving toward apostasy. Men are doing their job the church. The elders large numbers of elders don't know what theology is and couldn't exegete their weight and what paperback they don't know how to preach and teach anything know what half of that the Christian faith are a lot of elders who don't know anything yet because they're older really been around or nice to have money or whatever this winter qualify to be an elder in our older Elder Quentin except for one and the others are all fairly young. I would love to have phone conference with them.

You know if they could just tell safe haters a guy the radio name slick would like to talk to you guys about stuff about getting a good pastor good preaching.

I'm sure that would go around right about that. Yeah, I think I'll plan on that.

It really hard. Just look at you that look at the exits. I need to leave well here are some you know very learned very well respected people in our congregation that are also concerned like I am lie on down my bounce everything up down to make sure I'm not an error.

I took a whack at the when we invited someone to do a conference at our church that log the Gospel coalition and ice I said wait a minute he's not supporting everything that the Gospel coalition kneeling out right now, then why would he name associated with them supporting it and why are we inviting to our church to do a conference call I got a big long letter back from that guy explain about all the wonderful things that the Gospel coalition that you now and that logic is sometimes very content thing but to me it's like they want, how 99. The flip in one lie or if your hands are still laying you're still getting eggs.

Why worry about the fate rights just love to talk about their but this is to focus on this guy is he to be the new pastor that that will happen.

As well, were lacking but were cranky and quiet. What were doing to well we just decided to go ahead and promote. That's what I expect to happen, but I don't know, and I have no special knowledge. Now that Mike got really shady, totally wrong. Don't know I had an article on Carmel on social justice and I read it today and yes very good. Okay I I made it with nothing new and startling in their world is passed on to another people Like he did to to do a whole section on social justice and some the topics of uncovering and regarding the multitudinous 20 1015 topics I file I can read them to be like the woke being woke cancel culture. Black yes matter units are written on the African race theory. I found that what needs to dock soon. You know a gender equality and identity for troops and single signaling intersection.

Ellie negated all of the stuff is reference for year that might be helpful for you sure I can remember the website address that the YouTube channel and call conversations that matter. Okay yeah not as loud as was name is John Teo and can't remember.

Lacking the main thing stuff on there might be very helpful to their video and I kinda talk to me you are you I am so glad I certainly needed my wife deftly confirm that lots of help. You probably don't recognize my voice and I want to get my last day one year but I in Wyoming and then moved to the Caribbean and almost went for harm. Hey you really like this is your now I know you a couple of email again is your voice. Remember you glad you're there, try to get okay and will not contact okay sounds out all that got you all right well nice okay to get back on track.

Here we have three open lines of what you need.

Call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Bruce from New Jersey. Bruce welcome you here a thank you.

My question a minute but I'm not observation that the lady before she bought in the more that stuff that your sheet gave an old wives tale that they tell 99 I think.

All told, four, seven not have anything to do with those right foot out of every five is out photo. It is to get it handled everything.

You write back please state to mass Y. Call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show and you have three open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get back to Bruce from New Jersey. Bruce okay yeah become a religion to close a minute me. I know what plans I have for you and it's just you are so right that most pastors they need to be fired.

They need to get out the people doing that. The man teaching the word of God over 2000 and getting people in the church. I say priestess of the knots get more people in it preach the gospel at the house ago the gospel to the word do the work that apostate.

The preaching of the gospel name into conversion.

Just try to get people in indistinct extent give some program sees alter ego and am thing is Mme. seen a revival of the because people getting afraid of the end times is then going back to date in the print is relatively pretrip.

But what is your opinion on date Bible.

I know he was a dense Bible stay away from the death title.

Stating he was an adoptionist pride is that his geology both the Assembly of God and the character God the need for sucking up time it's all over. Okay so that's why I teach and preach on the stuff on the website okay you have a question I wanted the date Bible, and even though she pretrip people glean to it that they're not even aware of all its false teachings that that is because people will know the Dick's Bible to say on what the Bible did on the Dick's Bible is bad just like the New World translation there know it's bad to stay away from the game and NASB with no study notes just that with wide margins and stab yourself folks.

That's what I tell people to do differently but LSI did know everything. I was born I started studying to start studying and you learn you anyway I can't disagree with that, then you then you'll have the right and and you know if the Holy Spirit growth that he wants us to understand and he is alive and he will teach us but you know I also believe in going elder brothers and sisters that would read the Bible once by myself and then when I have a point of contention or misunderstanding, then go seek it out. There is so much happening today. Matt is very quite aware of the thank you so much for taking my call.

Will God bless. Okay oaks are going we have for the life you want to give me a call thanks 877-207-2276 Tom from Florida.

Welcome a man hiding to earth and all rights are you doing well. I wash your debate with Sonny Hernandez that Took Pl. in February 2020 and the bow compatible of the and determinism and the debate was branching out a couple of observations one Sonny refused to find his definition of free will and even the world. You pretty much always came back to God is a free will. We don't think given that one of the ethic of the will that you could back that back and forth with them and the debate got hung up on that you have remember what happened.

I finally had to define authority from what he had said. I collected notes finally figured it out and told him I should have had to do this for you.

You should've done this, that it Got hung up working at beta Mature robot that point but could take on what you did, whatever came to your side of the debate when it came to compatible is on you point to Christology that Christ that ultimately will and because price of the free will therefore compatible it is true, but the name of the debate. What does the Bible pick compatible and buy a more of a more beneficial name for the debatable event of the page compatible them with the human with the human well but we can got the back and I think that eating you would never argue the point fast but that had the title, which is fine. It still applied to Christ because he has two natures divine and human. So therefore, work in the gun in the hypostatic union. The communicative edge a lot and they were going to the incarnation and the other issue so Christ, of course, has one will in future filling with what's called dice relativism, which is that his two natures each maker has a will diamines to the lotto Greek will to wills so each nature is a will, so the proper doctrine is dice relativism is manifested as a single will in a single person. This is because of the keenly cottage a lot of union got into that little stilted didn't matter if he could not handle the argument anyway with the issue price and free will and yet he could only do the father to do.

John 519 John 530. Fortunately also ended up talking past each other in a different topic from the debate and engage in what you were doing in the US unless something really different thought of elevation part of the reason. What happens before it's because the opponent can't define the terms and that they don't know their theological or philosophical perspectives well enough to be able to carry them through the various topics and so what I'll try and do is go sideways with them a little bit and try and bring them to the place of being able to understand something that you really think on their feet to answer your question. You might want beta go their way and when it didn't just get frustrated. You got that right. It is so true, so looking at the topic itself to cover what the debate did not want to talk about the human will think you're compatible with and trying to really understand what it means. How would you define the human will, and if it's free or not and how would that differ when an Arminian with a if there is any difference at all to see. When you say I as you're talking to me asking one person with one opinion is a Arminian you're asking for thousands of people can speak for millions basic coming in theology does teach total depravity and the restriction of their will affected by the document that the fact and truth of the property. Their solution is to engage with sensitive Pelagianism and grace which grace is worth a call to theology, but try to find free will is the ability to act according to your own nature without being forced to do so. The reason I do that is because I won't just use a humanistic position. I will say let's exclude God from the definition. Let's start with man that humanism know God's ascent of all things, and righteousness and truth, so we have definition that includes God because he made his image. Genesis 126 of God cannot lie and he can only do that which is consistent with his nature and he is certainly free. There is no external force, making him do anything so free will, according to what God would say Oakwood is appeals to God or applies to God and man is the ability to act freely according your nature without being forced real simple.

Okay. How would that differ from like Thomas Aquinas and if we believe in irresistible grace does not mean I got rigid and it changes our nature. Therefore, our nature truly free if he changes our nature and what we are is in essence still is there and will be safe change of our nature to be careful how we mean by that assume a new creature segment is 517 nature still human and so it was a change or nature, and it really is not in apropos things that really what should we say because that would be were not human anymore, but we are human will be want to say is I say more logistically, God regenerates us, which is another question. What does that mean what seems to be understood to mean the invariant dwelling of God in a different way than just his presence is everywhere his ubiquity of one hand dwells like John 1423 father in the summer, make their abode with you and in you as we talk with you dwelling of God.

This is that what I think is regeneration something happens to us when God is present in and along with us is not the Eastern Orthodox view feels this will become godlike because of low spots were still sent the same manner. Human nature is just that the restrictions on the human nature are removed.

Not completely, but we have a lot more freedom and with regenerative form which inspires a grace phase at the time of regeneration.

We cannot resist God will and he regenerates us and then because of regeneration. We are then enabled to be able to freely choose him.

And so we freely do believe faith precedes regeneration. I don't believe in temporal priority of leaving logical properties so Faith precedes Jesus as an illustration. This is how I always use if faith precedes regeneration temporally, let's say by five seconds. This just sees us as an illustration. If we have faith that logic that temporally precedes regeneration by five seconds would have a believer who is not regenerative for five seconds. Logical problem if we reverse and safe regeneration precedes faith by, say, five seconds we have a regenerative person who's not a believer for five seconds that has logical problems. So what I say is, is that that faith or to regeneration logically precedes faith, not temporally but logically, which means Richter simultaneous the illustration I give for this is whatever you click on a light switch.

Electricity enters the lightbulb and the electricity and the light occur in the lightbulb at the same time with electric please present the light is present or not temporally related in the sense that five seconds after the electricity is there. The light appears, but technically there's a super micron.

Second it takes to get the point. So what would say is that electricity is logically prior to the light. It must be there in order for the light to be there with her simultaneous it's not the case that light must be there in order for electricity to be there so we we would say that electricity is logically prior.

This is an issue of logic. It must be there in order for the other thing to occur, but they happen simultaneously. Regeneration must be there for faith to occur, but they happen simultaneously if my position and one last thing for the reliably like Calvinist are resistant against the term remote because it so Arminian a wide in the spring come to faith because they didn't, well it if everyone has the choice of salvation.

Some people just don't exercise their free will to do it without exercise of free will. Everyone exercises are free not go after Ramzi time everybody exercises their free will unbelievably relight the unbelievers freedom is restricted by sinful nature. The Bible says the unbeliever cannot receive the things of God for the food stamp perspectives 214 is a slave to sin.

Romans 614 through 20.

He doesn't see forgot doesn't do any good.

From 3 to 11. 12. His heart is full of wickedness. Jeremiah 17 nine so he disses his condition so therefore he's not gonna be able to do anything that is good to be contrary to his nature and his nature is restricted by the revelation of Scripture to say that he's going to choose wicked things and he does guess he regenerated to build a freely choose so Calvinists do believe in free will do call back tomorrow earlier take more time talking about how a ham online. I would like them online.

Okay, that had great questions of great issues of the talk, but it's hard to think that was it, how it is talk tomorrow

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