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September 30, 2020 2:03 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 30, 2020 2:03 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What does inspired by God in 2 Timothy 3-16 mean- How does that connect to 1 Corinthians 7-12- If it's Paul's opinion, is that from God---2- What is your opinion of yahwehism---3- The church I grew up in teaches Modalism and works salvation. Am I supposed to expose them---4- What is the overlap between the International Church of Christ and Church of Christ---5- Is it biblical to pray in Jesus name only- Is that the only way to have prayers answered---6- How is preterism best refuted---7- My friend is really into Bethel Church. What can I do---8- How do I refute the idea that hell is not literal---9- Is there something special about the right hand- Why will the mark of the beast be on that hand---10- Is Noah building the ark an example of a work of faith-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president found online and you have questions about why 72072276 and figure out how to do it. You watch party you have the show put out on Facebook and YouTube and solar recorded in both venues use of the Coldstream yard, which is great.

Stream and pay me for the advertisement like that, which is a great little program and so if you did you have that let me know what is trying to get the word on what is possible if you want to give me a call I'll do is dial 877-207-2276 and by way of reminder just let you know that we could always use your support if you are so inclined you want to get a chance, support us at say five or even $10 a month.

All you have to do is go to C a RM.RG, and on the right-hand side of any page you will see will donate thing and we ask because well you get the lights on for the missionaries so you pay for the Internet's radio stuff so just let me know all right and we have three online schools that you're interested and you want to alert some theology now just go to the current website but this these things are arranged in logical order. Bit by bit, adapted from the main information and with some other stuff. Not really a site if you're interested in checking those out to Carmen and look for the schools homepage is a great place to go look there we go. I think that's about it for open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 with John from New Jersey. John welcome you on here hello Matt, yeah, but now I think it would be very all Scripture fired by God 1002 Folklife what fired me by God.

God breathed and how it works out is that everything that is recorded in the Bible is accurate. Self records a murder accurately recorded records that someone lied that to record historical event that two etc. is part of God in that way it's good about everything okay okay okay so in first Corinthians 712 Paul is giving it that opinion from God question is absolutely and so some people will do is a symbol of causally giving his opinion that I'm not going to listen to it because this is opinion in the dominant, say okay so is your opinion equal to Paul the apostle's opinion and to better not say yes because he was called by Jesus performed miracles and was ordained by God to write Scripture what she's doing enforcement in seven so even his opinion as he is writing is under inspiration in the sense that he's writing this is what I believe is what I say and that is accurate and is true. He's the one saying what we do with it. Well overdue with it is we submit to what Paul teaches. We submit to his truth is, if we don't then well hey what else is just an opinion. And maybe Peter said something just an opinion. Hey… Go with it. Just opinions. Next thing you know submit to God in their own opinions are either okay.

I on the baptism thing. I thought some of that they were killing that guy believe the night need to be saved — since I'm not say that was a really good debate.

Good, I met someone who believed that though and when I brought it up on the cross he would email it is, you know, he said that was only one barricade. Also, he admits it that here's the problem. You know it's necessary that baptism occur. If, by definition, a something is necessary. There is an exception to an otherwise is not necessary. That's just how it works.

So he says is an exception that he refute his own position is necessary. The simple logic is like when I asked the opponents AK Robertson Richardson that I asked him in Colossians 214. You know when he agreed that the sin debt was canceled by Jesus at the cross that I asked him what you believe baptism or does baptism is that where the sentence cancel.

He said yes so will wait a minute. If it's canceled at the cross, it doesn't exist anymore. How can also be canceled again baptism which means it wasn't canceled.

He didn't what you do. This is simple logic. He did not do well responding to that because that just refuted this whole idea that you have to have baptized to be saved was a simple logic issue canceled at the cross is nothing left to be canceled later in baptism isn't the place where it's canceled and nothing the Scripture says so what the cross baptism, but it isn't the cross so people don't like logic. A lot of times, and they think are logical but they don't really adhere to it because they submit the word of God to their feelings or sensibilities and agendas and the real problem so very right. Thank you. Lovely little man.

I want to get out there and start spreading the got myself no fired stuff like that.

Think of our lowly think the good time for the golf course is right course of this gospel doesn't have validity based on will not wearing a mask or there's a virus. Running around or we have Democrats and Republicans in the office just as it's a time of salvation. So preach the gospel if I lived over there are no New York I be going down the fort, not Times Square, but John, there's a place down there for Anders across the street. There is a sign electronic sign with numbers like this distant #is increasing that rings a bell or not but there's a park across the street from their that's what I was doing opener for so I'm going doing that either yell out to Park New York like probably 30 well to please let us know if hearts right now you know what all log stuff like that yeah will call the department up and you ask them what you're able to do any good name and you talk to someone so that I would do okay to start radio about. I thank you God bless 20 all right hey we have for open lines. If you want to give me a call number is 877-207-2276. Let's get to Michael from New York Michael welcome here that it was a pleasure appreciate the question you ever looked into the origins of Yahweh now is on how this all began. As you know in scholarship. Not sure what Yahweh is. I guess it's the introduction of Yahweh worship or the worship of the God call Joe Meiners in the knowledge or your theism where many gods and just the concept of Yahweh came to being and that became a dominant one of many colleges. Yes, I guess I misspoke in that Yahweh.

I just use jolly as some of the origin for Yahweh context you patiently that there is a theory so not Yahweh had no consorting with Asherah.

What I'm saying is a lot of scholarship. Have you looked into it is your sort of conclusion. No Yahweh Christian you believe that Yahweh is a true living God did do you believe that Yahweh is the true and living God yes or some pure reason why one with us. Yahweh is him as though it means that it was just a concept that was just originated out of acculturative became dominant guy.

I tried to apply critical thinking and not just listen to your one of you will guide her out of it altogether. I'm sure if you look into it and I kept look at the Bible and failed at needing Moses and Dolly Jubilee that I use. The archaeological find that they they have with using inscriptions together with out with Asherah so they exist. I can just sweep them over the table so I don't know if you have any more insight other than what's in the file okay know how you try my altogether thing is is archaeological evidence for all kinds of things.

What is it mean how does the evidence fit into any paradigm. Undoubtedly, there were false gods that were known or believed in taught arithmetic training area in time when the Jews became the Jews when Abraham was there never false gods of Egypt, for God's and Samaria, all over the place were false gods and God called Adam Levine called a remnant of the early Chaldees and greater out of him a nation and reveals himself as the true living God. So you would expect historically and archaeologically to find archaeological remains mentions of other gods are real, but other gods and things like that and Yahweh developing archaeologically because there will be a time when he introduced himself as a true living God. So it is no big deal.

A liberal would simply say that just means that they thought it often is just one of the same with the other ones if it's one of the same ability how to explain that the prophecies of the Scriptures and the fulfillment in Jesus Christ. How to explain his death, burial and resurrection how to explain him claiming to be the IM which is what Yahweh means in the Hebrew X3 1415 I am that I am the you know it just there steel secular viewpoint doesn't mean that they're on the right track and understanding with the factually main so that's what I would you edit on Milford is something that I can glean the introduction of Yahweh.

Some people may have taken it and mixed it with other gods in thumbnail worship them alone, but you expect that you would expect that you expected and why, because God revealed himself that if you want do a little bit of research on ancient Chinese characters and ancient Chinese culture.

It turns out that they go back like 6000 years and they were monotheistic way that way. Just like the Bible is a photograph for the life you call 720-757-7077 charismatic/writer back to the show.

We have three open lines of one or get in line. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get on the line with Angela George welcome here. I'm nervous about that's all right you'll be fine. No big deal. You talk to someone on the phone so we got in your messenger. I think you have any charts that cannot. I grew up in that church in that particular video logic within the Trinity and that I think each motor live and work. Salvation and baptismal regeneration in vivo claim only. All of their hurt and thanked Eric that Eric that and I wanted to know about them or not there's a sense in which the answer is yes, another one which we could say we don't know because there are no God particularly wants you to do it.

But then again the other hand, is it biblical to do such a thing, and I saw the message that you had here so during the break I research versus first Timothy 120. Among these are Hymenaeus and Alexander whom I have handed over to Satan will be taught not to blaspheme a second Timothy 414 Alexander the coppersmith did me much harm. The Lord will repay him according to his deeds in Matthew 1817 is more germane we talk about when you go to correct someone if he refuses to listen the tilt of the church and if he refuses to listen even to the church B is a Gentile text other, so it's definitely biblical to expose heresies and all that's what I do for living from one thing is so tackled is these false teachings all over the place. So are you supposed to do that well I'll say about seven years ago when I clicked on that one out. But right here in my community and it started doing her long before I knew of the map and make 27 year intelligent, but at least that long will hear some the things I can suggest offer just to think about answer the something I do because I do web stuff a little bit. I can get a domain name that I have the domain name and website are GW's is Mormonism and so I have signs that that have those itself sometime in the temples open up the Mormon temples of the stand out there for hours and days in a row with the assigned is Mormonism that I want people to go to the site. Check it out. What you could have a similar kind of a thing were you just missing you do this is scary for me it's not what you have assigned you know is the butterball church whatever and you could have research information hold that that's that's an option number option is to create a pamphlet of information like a nap by 11 double-sided because it's just easier to do one page and you can just handed out to people as a going in the church.

You can do. There's several things you do pray you can catch up the data paper and will be careful this church and get out of the radio okay or you do not used to doing is to just do this was under a four letter to your. I could just walk up buildings church buildings in the dorsal scope driving along all the sudden going there.

I would just like in the morning, Lord walk up to Mormon warders. No cars is nobody around nothing. It's all locked up, I spotted born walk-in and had trash with me and I would put traction or hymnals, stuff like that and I go to the bookstore to do the same thing at random places, different things you can do and it depends what you want to do if you feel like do something you could start a Bible study with women.

You can try and talk to the pastor. You could have called me sitting things up a debate in online debate debate as others is that I did mention something about our debate and vermin was on the Trinity is alive or something like that. I could I. That is why it bothers me because my in-laws my mother and father died in that my and it bothers me that there's people at no I in my Me that many years cults oppressive legalistic side. Your parents died. We only hope I got the grace of the receipt anyway at that That understanding the character of God and and didn't.

I only held that the Trinity with Catholic. Turns out that that was why when I went to the Scriptures to try to understand. I can't thing the Trinity and McIver mentioned they would tell the court and stayed away from the Bible and fell deeper in the fan all kinds of problem that is not bad for six years. Goodness will is not good so it is good to God's grace and mercy just been extended to you is great hand. It's a wonderful thing. Glad to hear that great I had every day, always wanting to learn something desired.

The word, and it never had before, and I'm happy with… Back that people make me angry. Eating them and they call that because I do the whole clothing thing the hair thing you know I'm hair that work that they that lot of burden on that lot are valid in their fate that they get burnt down with all the work never going on than anything they don't observe it.

We don't deserve it will tell you what you can talk your husband Christian okay and you two can pray about this at the top on your part and ask the Lord what to do. He needs to be in there. Your husband is being involved with you spiritually because his teacher federal head of the house, so I put before him and see what he says and then if you feel led to go up front he's got to protect you and things like that on the black powder like the fact that not my role. I told him I would listen to me.

I'm a woman anyway.

I need somebody I'm in command that I'm saying I don't want any out there because I don't really should take you seriously. A woman of God and your gender doesn't have anything to do with being able to stand out there and be truthful. See if you can challenge the sky to debate me doing online debate on the doctrine of the Trinity, whether it's biblical or not going to get this guy on the radio name slick glad to debate him on this.

Okay I got it and I gladly make a comment on their just decide upon another name and then you have a crafted paragraph and you people, and you have them get into and then you go when you put this like this guy here will be glad to have an online debate with you, which you said you would do so.

Here's information all right and he comes to credit Matt is the thing debate.

I'll do it, and no I'll do my best to expose this is okay to go Angela, I guess Angelo is one of the line 7776 max Y call 770771. Are you I'm colored you colored all will guard though I was I was your ministry. Your friend Dr. anything – right you have It and I basically just diving a lot of more than what they believe in reality you cannot understand how much overlap between the Christ proffer an international thereof or something because I know you done a lot of work and debating churches of Christ church of Christ. I just didn't know how much of that will large the church of Christ at large teaches you how to baptize in water by immersion in order to be saved and that you can lose your salvation because if you gain it by what you do on your baptism.

You can lose it by what you do or don't do.

And so that they deny predestination and election. For example, deny those things because our salvation is dependent on God's election predestination upon man's choice and free will.

They also will generally go to is called Pelagianism and if there can be very good they might go to Yosemite Pelagianism. That means that babies are born without a sin nature, and to become simple by sending which is a false teaching and condemn taught history but basically restrict counsel present even Catholic, whatever is just, it's wrong. International Church of Christ Kip McKean found that 34 years ago I forgot in my information on Seo sees a little bit out of date, but they have fun requirements of sin lists. At least it used to, and the cyclist so with the ICO C gets into his heavy discipling where you have to confess everything to disciple or who then keeps a list of various things and controls what can and can't do. There's actually been reports of thought. You can go to the store less you call your deciphered asked permission that kind of thing. So to my control cults and they have told things that I've heard because of an attack so much and apologetically on apologetics, but they still are strong on campus is various ones, and they're pretty well trained at an average average of is there and that I can beat him. I can refute my know-how. Most people just don't so they promptly do they do well as far as getting convert you. Those are the big bad earth with light never ill.

I got and 1101 Bonnie about the good letter Bible study on their liking out eight or nine and a Bible study shepherding basically all the thinking of its occult needs to be stated when the regular church of Christ teaches that you are baptized by immersion in water and usually will even say by their particular church with their particular denomination. So it's just a guess becomes legalistic and oppressive. They don't have freedom in Christ you yet another thing about you when I was trying to figure out that with you honestly think you got directly make any really figure out what theology really was so great I got for that happening even a little bit. But this is not another one thing a lot of my friend Don know that to mean targeting your you are the end that a lot of people that know you should involve a campus ministry yes or okay you just so you know if you wanted you could arrange a phone online thing consume whatever I be glad to field questions coach people how to answer things and select it. If you think it would be beneficial to the online campus is one of the things I want to be able to do is start contacting ministries on campuses and just set it up so they can have meetings I can train them how to answer these questions are difficult on campuses but know it is offering. I mean, I ordered up on get the yeah I mean I would. I would love it.

I don't know how many people would like it will work out for and all people of the joint at the vastly questions and I teach them a little more than they realize they didn't know. So it helps it helps right cool. Thank you, right let's get to Kyla from Los Angeles Kyla here to play Wednesday, playing in the name of David biblical and Natalie. They taught me that way because I can't say that I come before you in the name of Jesus to even go before the throne to get my fire biblical well yes and no is with me because we like you legalistic there's no formula for prayer other than Matthew six and Luke 11 working on our father in heaven how good a name is not a prayer to be stated and recited as though they has some power in it. The ideas to pray to the father but you can also bring the Holy Spirit you can pray to Jesus and so what I do when I pray I say I do say Lord is not not because my ways better. I do say Lord is my Lord is a Lord and I don't visualize who God is, I don't visualize father-son Holy Spirit. I do say Lord I just speak to God and you not I will pray it. Also, you know, in Jesus name and unify don't say that it's okay because the phrase in Jesus name occurs in the Bible. A lot of places, but it means by the authority of Christ will be the fact that you're a Christian means you coming to Christ if you don't say in Jesus name I say you're praying for example for two hours and you really good prayers and then at the end you're going to say all this in Jesus name and you just nod off. But I before that. I guess all the prayers didn't matter that it could even say the phrase is that's not how it works in Scripture is not a legalistic magic phrase with power embedded in it. Be careful because that's what they're getting into is a form of sorcery to say with this phrase like you prayers will be answered, who says that where you get is just the phrase, it was beverages that so because you're a Christian you're already praying in Jesus name, but it is good to say just in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus nor Jesus am talking to you and using your name on coming before the throne, you know it just like that, that's all, is not a big deal thank you already know. God bless you to come by.

Okay, should we trust the guy next click on the radio. Ken from North Carolina can you run the air.

I regard you missed. Yes yes purism on the late brother like like chocolate writing fulfill their leader is looking for your okay purism is refuted full purism is refuted.

The 70 A.D. area which a lot of people Revelation, interpret, mean, 70 A.D. so the lovable thing together.

For now, but is refuted by what is said and asked 192 11 because it says there how Jesus will return you will return in the same way that he left that is set he left up in the clouds.

He's going to return in the clouds because the Angels, who are you looking in the sky.

This Jesus is been taken up from you from heaven, will come in just the same way as you watch and going to heaven.

That's the angelic prophecy were recorded. 70 A.D. he didn't return like that so they're wrong. It's just a simple okay what I give a lot of water going about going up our free or well I get the free Caldwell was looking through okay will hold this.

I differed the second Jesus thing never heard that you have got to go to action one verses 9 to 11. It refutes them with vinegar. Not okay, but you are blessed. They function right back after this message is one of the line 8772072276577077 cell cell welcoming on here to update your ministry had a recent topic was pastor and only a little out there pretty sure you're familiar with your ticket yesterday.

Anyway yeah yeah okay but I do and I'll look at it like oh we got no panties at all yummy great man of God, and you know what that so what would you like you got me little I like that I like Greg Laurie Charles Stanley David Jeremiah all that okay okay there's a very basic but anyway it was recommending me to watch some people and no red flags you know started shooting up because you know calling them modern-day prophet and I get him open search and ready and the more I got it. Yeah I started that they do while I was out at the mall and I do want to get your take on on figure that you can enlighten me on and will and I would say suggest that you see your Frente! shelf with teaching shall be the Bible that it's okay this constantly say were to say that the Bible because you can refute individual points but takes a lot of work, but in his resentment he may disable. I don't care what you say are the thing to do is just to show me this in Scripture show to me in Scripture. And if he doesn't do it say why do you keep doing this what he believing in something you don't check the word of God is because they quoted first doesn't mean that it's properly used in say are you checking with their sentence in context and if you're not doing it is believing, you know, you're telling the truth because there's all saving a lot of people who who are calling about the carpets and ripping things in context and don't know what you're doing and teaching. It in the car just put that see the sadness keep saying are you checking it out for you disbelieving blindly following put that in your head because that's what is good to think about going to have happen. Yeah, I try to explain little bit to Abbott and then at any part coming back like like talk about Scripture you know like follow-up you do not that's got the money for a prophet like you saying that it say that it's wrong to start. I go man up there for future genetic flow. The Bible clearly that they away from them are things which a lot of thoughts while you shall let him be accursed. Then M and M more. I started looking into a church like him because he invited me to go quite some time for you coming pretty smart umbrella liability to come up too much of that warnings you want to go watch him and and I go I want to check everybody out like start going to recommend a book I like in the low back on the bottom. You know what you know what what denomination I come from a Q when I get a little bit of what what is all about you family so yeah I like to get like that. I had heard of like Jeremiah.Morello well every single thing that he will say what you already like that which is generally check in Scripture people to get a new Saturday checking the door to God as the Bible tells us to do and he's not doing it. If you can, for that sir check in order got okay what okay all right goblet cell. We have much call was waitlisted to arrest Mr. Richmond Virginia Rasmussen welcoming on the year thinking that they should shut the barbershop that I work at every so often on the capacitor company and that we all ask the question and he told us that heaven and hell. The place of mine and that that was not true about a loving God would punish his creation, eternal. So I always tell them that you know I believe God has a laugh and that he will and has had the wicked man, I just want you to go ahead and preach on it brother. Thank you for everything you've done so much for me and God bless you why your family. Ernie all you guys man Charlie, I appreciate all you guys man I'm going to go in the name of each is going do you think about okay try to when someone comes in like that. If I were there I would say I'd ask other diagnostic questions of easily denying heaven and hell was clearly taught in Scripture. What else might you be denying so I would ask that you believe in the dock of the Trinity. And if he says yes I'd ask.

Can you please explain to me so I can understand it better. Maybe he might have some insight you won't, but the idea is to have him explain it, and I always ask if Jesus is God and plus he believes that his resurrection and what is to be safe use of the basics and you might find that he might have some weird stuff so I would do is is a preach and teach on that. But here's the thing that that he's not qualified to be a pastor because he cannot discern truth from error.

The Bible does teach the business of heaven does to citizens of health and of pastor and elder out of Titus chapter 1 in first Timothy three. They are supposed to build and refute error and teach sound doctrine and to deny hell and heaven is clearly a recognition or proclamation from him that he does not know what he is doing so he's not qualified to be a pastor.

You cannot teach sound doctrine refute error but I would also ask him those like you said earlier the doctor, the Trinity, the hype is to be the person of Christ, who he is, etc. and find out if there's other things that he's denying because obviously he's putting his emotions and spent part of the Scriptures because the basic argument of a loving God wouldn't. How do you know the loving God would do if you just say that God is love, but knows he's also holy and also just in your misrepresenting God in your committing an idolatrous act disable his love and he would do this really what standard you got that what you would say that God would would not because he's love and don't forget God is also holy God is also just got is also merciful.

He must deal with the sinners if he doesn't then God himself is unholy. So how do we deal with that when we say and so this guy is doing is he's just waiting his finger with the method of the year to see which with the doctor. The wind is blowing and is going with a simple sentimentality can easily review please repent me to believe the truth of what God says in the word. Let's get to Nelson from California Nelson welcome you on here – yes, I got a question that the two men prayed that no will and blind, like my okay without the general and old know I would hear that there I think they did and what I came up but other preacher was preaching about the mark of the beast and get a mention that I think it I'm correct that it marked you like at the right hand or the four head that and think that about that right and mean like like hello how that nothing exact words like something like authority generally does the right hand and right hand of God the next 75 to 60 stuff like that's a place of power Jesus after the resurrection told the disciples to cast their net on the right side of the boat on the day of judgment. The wicked left and the right so that those those things, but one of the theories that is offered of why it's on the right hand is because in Islam. You use your right hand for certain things. Your left hand for other things left hand is kind of consider to be unclean. That's what you use to clean yourself and the right hand is a place of authority and also the left hand is also sometimes what is is is cut off, so some wonder if the right hand has to do with the Islamic culture and putting a mark that they will accept. On the right hand so we don't know that this is conjecture clear reported that about the thinking, believe maybe I mean that we know you now it doesn't work it clear that you know is not just that this is a thinking process because you cannot buy or sell us. You have that mark to buy and sell major dealing with commerce with somebody else there has to be wafers for that somebody else to be able to determine if you're with the antichrist who they will think is a good guy, so it's a more what is that Mark we don't know the tattoo is a ship is, it's what a fluorescence beanie who notes it just we don't know what it is yet alright so that is what the boy herein. I grew up Catholic myself but God save me from that and you remember what the look about five years now and no maiden thing.

The court, I would never say that the Catholic faith that the doctor that I believe what the I believe a lot of know yet what this breach is that I never Free bed. Dylan would've found Seinfeld make it to the Catholic Church. You know well I guess it cannot set up the tent. If civic interest will teach that those who believe that there's the present Pope real Pope and official teaching of Trent was a personal salvation is Catholic Church theology is, it's heretical that wanted call in at about about the mark.

Okay you 2000, God blessed me all right, let's get to James from Arkansas James welcome you on your better known Eric yes I can correlate to the question I left another day about baptism, more about faith in word. Believe me, Makoto or Tom Mount Noah and the ark today and a lot of people who safely try to prove that salvation is by faith both word by the fact that now I had the build our yet he had to build an ark in order to not physically die just say there that justification God is by what we do.

The Bible says, Romans 328 we maintained and managed justified by faith apart from the works of the law.

Romans 453 clearly states to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness.

And there's all kind of verses like this of people who would go to Noah's Ark and use its which is a symbolic kind of a thing as well as actual history and then use it out of its symbolism and areas to make a doctrinal statement by ignoring the clear teaching of the book of Romans and Ephesians in Galatians, whether just whacked okay. We are out of time tomorrow to talk more about all right blasé folks, we are out of time with the Lord bless you greatly by God's grace back on there tomorrow

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