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September 29, 2020 9:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 29, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the proposed upcoming conference for CARM's 25th anniversary.--2- What is the difference between dispensationalism and covenant theology- What denominations are dispensational---3- My pastor says that -women as preachers- is not a major issue. What should I do about that- Should I stay there---4- Matt discusses the importance of obeying what the Bible says in all areas, including the ones that are inconvenient for us.--5- How would you combat the Black Hebrew Israelite view that during the 1000 year reign, the true Israelites will be enslaving other groups- They use Isaiah 61-5-7.--6- Are there other Catholics aside from Rome- If so, what's the difference---7- If someone marries and then divorces and re-marries, is there covenant with their first spouse still valid-binding---8- What does it mean to confess that Jesus is Lord---9- What work have you done regarding Islam-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
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Matt Slick Live!
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A previously recorded that's like show wrestling. Why is the amount of apologetics.

Research was found alive. The more you have questions about Bible doctrine maps. What is called the respondent and on those who have and use a different channel. Hopefully a sound.

You don't well. It's weird to work on a solution later in with you. You recall Aldo to do is dial 877-207-2276 right is nobody waiting so will get a question for you. One of things even think about doing some holding online conference. Now next year next year next month on 21 October. The Carmen ministry so Christian apologetics research ministry will be 25 years old I started the website 25 years ago and the we had over hundred million visitors and so what I'm asking is, would you be interested in. You can email me at

Would you be interested maybe attending such a conference and have online have different speakers. A lot of people in place are doing that and we would have to charge a little bit because it costs to put it on even on on the on air with some with this country guard but to zoom because the level we do it, it does cost you got a really up the technology to do that. So maybe paid off 20, $25 per person 34 in a couple things like that. If you know it to be online. I think about having an expert on Mormonism. An expert on Islam and expert on Roman Catholicism.

King James only also set it up so that the missionaries can intervene be interviewed a little bit and introduce themselves what to do in a different part of the world. And so we got some ideas and I'm interested to know if you're interested in something like that.

So if you are, you think it sounds good. Please just email me at to say yeah that sounds good. You know, it sounds interesting and I'll give more information about it later because of something really think about and I think it's necessary thing so well there you go. Okay.

All right for open lines 877-207-2276. So why don't we get to look to see Andre my mouse up there you go, dispensationalism, and watching Keith as he types again and covenant theology talk to Keith about his typing skills hey Andre, buddy. You are on the year that MobileMe buddy that work got a brand-new thought about it. No way that you live okay so let's talk about covenant theology first covenant theology is the I got you, that God works covenantal. He solicits talk to covenant this a confident is a packed one agreement between two or more parties, so I'm married to an exit covenant. I bought a house, I signed a contract as a covenant so forms of confidence and if you look the 10 Commandments you will see that they follow the pattern of the skull. The ancient suzerain vassal treaty pattern of the third millennium BC, and that means is that God says this is who I am. This is what I've done and hear the stipulations of the covenant, etc. so each party would have a copy of the covenant. So that's why your two tablets, one for each party and intent.

All right, so covenant is based upon someone's word and this reflects a very nature the word of God because God speaks the Word became flesh, both long as what God says is true, it cannot lie, etc. the word for covenant in Latin is testament and that we have old covenant on covenant Old Testament and New Testament, God works, covenantal way now. A dispensation is to say that God works slightly differently or radically differently in different times so there might be the dispensation of works of you keep her salvation by being good.

That will be in the garden before the fall they would take from that.

On an axiom look like because I did research on this while back and I have feathers different divisions that people use about dispensationalism sometimes will say is there seven dispensationalism site. Some say three and no others, but so are the one looking at here are my notes in a sense that the age of innocence. Adam and Eve dispensation of innocence and the dispensation of conscience from first of the flood and the dispensation of civil government. The dispensation of promise than law than grace millennial kingdom and are different ones as classical dispensationalism modify dispensationalism. Progressive dispensationalism, and it just goes on.

So basically a covenant with God works covenantal. He because he binds himself by his word and he says this, how can it be with you, etc. I dispensation says that God works with people differently and are dispensation sometimes there's truth in both of them, but I I'm heavily covered analyst heavily and on because Bible speaks of God's working covenantal all the time as well like that and about Margaret look like get back to what what those things that about that's good. Now you know actually theology a long time and I believe the company theology injures more questions and dispensationalism's problems and will need to be started. Now there be specialists who disagree with me and will call up we can talk but not not that word appearing in the Bible meet is true or false, you don't find the word dispensation in the Bible, but you do find covenant covenants and things like that all over and so that lie what type of people with the word or maybe related, but at the lean more toward anything else will spread throughout Christian churches.

Generally, the Calvinist or the reformed camp is covenantal and the Armenia camp is a mixture of covenantal and dispensational. And then when you get into more of the semi-Palladian free will oriented groups that they become usually very dispensational and then there's a form dispensationalism where they say the charismatic gifts of ceased and then there's some that say they are still around and then mostly covenant lists will say the spiritual gifts of stopped and I'm a covered analyst who says that continued so you see, there's a bit of a variety in their topic at Matt bank. God bless my okay that's, that's Andre from Georgia get on the phones with Bill from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Bill drawn here are driving down the well and I'll know what you have it out and go out with her you know about. They don't allow you know that you all Scripture okay just just violating Scripture set on the development bank light thinking. All we have all Oakville nine really relevant about a lot of know what.

So I guess you should really focus on what Paul the apostle said in Tennessee and how he was giving instructions for how the church is to behave so obviously focusing on that because you got more important things to do then do what Paul said needs to be done in the Christian church. That's what your pastors to write right yeah so your pastor needs to repent and he needs to come to truth in this issue of Christian theology.

Glad to talk to him on the phone very carefully. Respectfully, but the Bible clearly says will is not to teach or exercise authority over member being silent for Adam was first created.

So pulpit on a Sunday morning is the place of authority and teaching. It is by definition that to say what would it have a woman coming in preach and teach but she's not a pastor that makes it okay while Paul says he does not allow a woman to do this and that's in first Timothy 212 and 13.

The next chapter.

First Timothy 315. He says he's giving instruction on health were to behave in the household of God is what he's saying and is not a cultural thing because in first Timothy 212 13.

He ties into the created order. Because Adam was first created. I would love love as in marriage, love, love to be able teach a seminar on this to Christian men and Christian women with elders sitting in the in the congregation and teaching them in going through this biblically and show what the responsibility of man is in the church and in the world and the women's place with the responsibilities are as well and interrelate them. I would love to do that biblically, but it won't happen because people don't want me to teach the biblical position of men and women in marriage and in the church in the community and in the world because there's what their finger putting up with this end of the wind. The secular wind and sing which we have blows and I want to make sure they don't offend the people in the congregation because you know what, listen to what they say we don't offend. And so the weakening of the gospel. The truth of God's word occurs and it flows downhill from there. Yeah, I'd love to go to a seminar in but it won't. You know all these things focus more on this so we should we keep what about the lying of a person is committing adultery lead singer church you bring it up to pastor and he says we should focus not on that you should focus more on people's souls, what is not an issue focusing more on its own wrong attitude because what's the most thing you should focus on you me that the think Loctite with a arson Scriptures love God and love your neighbor with you.

Let God. Does that mean to love is truth and love his word with all your mind. It sank okay so why is the pastor then pooh-poohing this teaching that's required I discussing this. I just gonna say this you know manners was responsible in the church.

Women have their responsibility also. But their lunch minute with responsible. Think of the men as a captain of the ship.

The pastor was female and the elders, mostly males.

That's what it says and give a lot of evidence for that and written on this when Adam and Eve sinned, she send first she gave the fruit to Adam and then he partook of it, but sin entered the world through Adam.

Romans 512, not through her because he was the head with representative and with the pre-incarnate Christ came to them after they were hiding.

He said to the man where are you start that's important to hold on.

Want lines 07 Van Slyke why call 77077 charismatic slave to a blind date. 772-0276 Bill, are you still there I feel like you.

This is what you do you gather information for the importance scriptural importance of the position and got permission, can help you put together you can read up on women administration reported Carmen look up should within the past information, find the Scriptures and go through, make up your own. Your little whatever it is you gotta take a Scriptures and hold that and then you go to the pastor who said this to him first to say here's what the Bible says and you are allowing something that seems to be on biblical and having a woman or a successor. According to church and then asking can you please is first Peter 315 says give a reason that lies within you.

You have this position inside of Christianity. Please give me biblical reason, biblical reason from asking now. If he says no I won't do it, or if he says well I really don't care what the answer is or becomes Later and says it doesn't matter. I'm so good do not want to do then you go to the elders at the elders won't comply you take it to the church and then go 500 church on the kind of guy who will, in this case case I would go to the passions.

It is what it says what you think and be said well I'm not to do anything okay to score the elders first allergy to bring this to the pastor if the elders don't want to do it. You've done what was necessary me on the kind a guy that will apparent protect information and go to the church a pass out to people and animals and had a hearing to discuss with your feet off is going. I've done this before with churches where gone to the churches and pass out literature in front of which went to church here in Boise to call the police on me, as a matter fact local church with an issue this 20 yeah, and during the snow turn of the very great cold I was. After passing out literature to call the cops on me and would even come out and make sure I was okay. We know in the cold passing is not because I went to the elders and went to them first. It was an elder contacting first and they said they would meet with me to discuss this issue and then went back on their word and it's okay to grow interest and this of you threatening us is like all my goodness this is the attitude that the Christians had toward someone who wanted them to get a biblical defense for the position with doing and then they write things are your threatening us right said no I'm not missing one for the body Christ, which is what the Bible says do I pass out literature the call the police on a cop said no big dealers to do and that was it good. Good for you.

Let me know what happens okay all right thoughts before getting these caller. That's when I say this is that the church needs to be strong in the reason it needs to be strong is because it's living in a secular world, and secularism is a pressure that is constant upon the church and it is the man that God has ordained to be the pastors in the elders and the deacons within the church and all you can argue with me all you want but that's what the Scriptures teach now my just my interpretation. It's what the Scripture teaches and I think that a debate anybody on it will just arrange dice debate okay here's the thing.

Here's the thing. If we don't obey God in these little inconveniences then why should he trust us with greater truths. If were going to in the body. Christ said well it's okay for women to get the pastors and elders is okay when the Bible says they're not to be a place of teaching authority. It says it because Adam was first created. The created order issues, not cultural, and if people were to compromise and that we trust them to not compromise and other areas. It's the men who need to stand strong.

The men who need to stand strong in the word of God and say I'm sorry but that's is wrong that we men are supposed to do. That's what I do when the radio is what I've done for the churches.

I called elders out well. I could never doings. Yes I have. I called elders out on issues and messing on the great example of this thing we as men, Christian men need to study the word of God stand up for the truth and kneel before our Lord and not for society don't kneel before the political correctness don't look kneel before your wife just want you to get along and be nice.

Don't make waves.

Who cares about that. As you can face God what is God say she God has given a reason and make a defense for the faith and means in the church and outside the church as well stand up for the truth.

Do it lovingly do patiently do it respectfully but stand up for the truth of it. If you want me cannot teach on this, I be glad to put my seminar on the theology of marriage, the theology, the pastorate and we can combine them because they're necessary and you begin both with the doctrine of the Trinity will either not food needs 1/2 we have three open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Derek from Los Angeles you are on the year and take my call be really quick.

I wanted to tackle a central doctrinal position that you gritted your life. Take all the time if I may, I would like to concisely articulate their position. Feel give you the facts and see what you okay okay so central to most eager like cats out there is the eschatological view that during the millennial reign. Those who are actually Israelite are going to be subjugating strangers of the world almost in a lady like manner and a proven fact that they often go through it.

I did you want and if we could go to Isaiah 61 verses five through seven beauty. The one of the central pool expert. They go to and I know I myself am on post mill so I'm a very different view of the eschaton than they do. But my question to you Mr. slick is how would you interpret what is going on in Isaiah 61 verses five through seven article already occurred is going to happen later and what is this going to look like, well, it says in Isaiah 61 is for the Lord is upon me is anointed me. That was so that was messianic referred to Christ to clean the favorable years of the Lord to grant those morning Zion garment of ashes. Then when they rebuild the ancient ruins it will raise up the former devastations they will repair the ruined cities desolation's of many generations. Strangers will stand pasture your flocks and foreigners will be reformers in your vine dresser shall be called the priest of the Lord. He spoke of his ministers of our God. You'll eat the wealth of Nations. Okay so if I were talking will be a shy person.

I see clearly the context did I say a solo hey folks, we have two of my colleagues 77072276 mass like why call 77077 charismatic slave okay so I little bit of search during a break. Just reading up on little bit.

BHI has a habit of taking any verse that could be interpreted in any way, to suit their theological needs. The first several verses first three are messianic and Christ refers to them, but then it says in verse four, then they will rebuild the ancient ruins.

I would ask you BHI person who is that they who will rebuild what ancient ruins if they want to say that they are the true Jews because are from Africa. Does the ruins or do the ruins reside there and if so they can rebuild what's in Africa. Is it in Egypt or where I mean I would.

I would just ask specific questions they will raise up the former devastations and repair the ruined cities. What ruined cities for the repair.

Chicago, Detroit, where they can replace paired Jerusalem. What is it that they can entail you to be saying is your strength in the in the millennial thing to do this now in your post mill. I'm on mill between us about you, but I could easily destroy the starting offense better, but I can easily destroy or put it kinking the idea of a literal thousand year reign and give us another opportunity there to undermine their presuppositions, you know, I'm just looking is a strange list will stand pasture your flocks of these guys having flocks will obviously know what's going on. It seems to be that what's got going on here is that Gentiles are to be the one who could be in their land and do what date the Jews are supposed to be doing in the foreigners will be reformers and vine dressers, but you will be called the priests of the Lord is talk about the Jews and we spoke of his ministers of our God. Okay, if the BHI people are to be the ministers are the also priests are the farmers with citizens can rebuild. I would just turn asking the specifics. What happens is whenever you do this kind of thing they start stepping their toes to start running aground on things because think I can add up in the more information I give the more you find that they have problems and this is not about the racist BHI Black Hebrew Israelites movement, which I consider to be very racist so what are the contacts in, and it seems to be a prophetic thing about the Gentiles doing with the Jews will to be doing later on and the BHI people say that there's a true Jews. So then the true Jews, wise of the Gentiles the stranger to be doing this so it just doesn't make sense with everything on that. It was a thank you. I recommend God bless our okay let's get to John from New Jersey. John welcome you on the air quick role and that body and mind Catholic and he said or not about Roman Catholic so what's the difference.

I don't know which I knew thought my head but I don't not studied that issue. So what is the Michael XC Byzantine theology XC center. Finding it summarizes stuff.

Now I have studied it, just haven't talked to tell you the truth I haven't and you heard of it though, so you there's all kinds of sub sources and subgroups and things like that within different account-ish kind of of movements and there's a Eastern Orthodox none of which they say is the true church in the Roman Catholic Church is no. There are the true church in 1054 over the filioque way era issue they separated, and then their subdivisions within Catholicism and subdivisions within Eastern Orthodox so there's Greek orthodoxy. For example, the Byzantine Catholic theology so it's like okay so when I do articles on them. I desiderata studied them for days and days target with teaching, but I've not had to study the Byzantine one, so my apologies asked him to come on here and explain what it is with the particulars are thing to be fun. Okay, no problem. And then I can say, okay buddy Sgt. have a good answer for you okay okay sorry about that. Let's get to Demetrius from Virginia. Demetri is welcome you on here a great day.

Have a go but this moment is going to question him talking to a friend of Mark who is considering leaving the light okay question. She had been married for so that you got a cover with that individual holds a permit so I feel like her covenant with her ex band that correct with the available that is been broken marriage covenant is yet marriage covenant. The covenant had there different kinds of covenants.

So I'm married example, the covenant is broken when either my wife and I die either one OS X there were no longer married to covenant and at that point it's conditional covenant.

There's also conditional covenants aspect in now Matthew 740 or 70 were Jesus says you can't divorce except for the morale of sexual morality was adultery and Matthew is referring to some 14 talks about without unbelieving spouse goes to let him go. You're not under obligation.

At that point so that seems to be that the two exceptions to make divorce is abandonment of the significance of my notes are synchronous.

715 and Matthew 19 nine the issue of immorality pointing out sexual immorality. So if one person were the partners in a marriage commits adultery or abandons the other than the other person is free to divorce not necessarily obligated to, so God divorced Israel, he issued a written of divorce for Israel and think a judge or my 17 three right and nope I'm wrong and right leg 13 to Biloxi this only miss eight 300 remember these verses of my head. Some of the animal mixed up so I can find it. So anyway the thing is that God did issue a writ of divorce to Israel for their spiritual adultery and so actually share my 31 that he could he do that so so probably a great import right very guy big abandonment graphite became very liquid. Yeah, they repented they came back but this is the Anacortes typological. But here's the thing. When Amanda woman have get divorced, even if it's on biblical they really have divorced, it really is a divorce and they are that they can be guilty.

I think about this.

If a man divorce his wife, except for the reason immorality and immerse another any keys committing adultery over divorces his wife, except for immorality, and murders another woman commits adultery. Matthew 19 nine so he sank divorce so that means if you divorce your wife for another reason. And you marry somebody else then your committing adultery is not saying he doesn't recognize the divorce. He calls it a divorce.


So it's it it's not so easy to social weight through lots so this man who's married to this woman is married to stay with her that we need to do and he's the man up and doesn't love his wife. That's just too bad.

Open the Bible and read what biblical love this biblical love that decision and the commitment to do what is right even though you don't feel like it in the best interest sacrificial interest of somebody else and that's what had right Robert, I'm starting.

There are no in the Bible also speaks good English army revived in demographers with low carb comedy show that there was an old adultery would not inherit that is that bayonet you could lose your salvation because the school was your salvation okay. You can lose your salvation is not a topic but when you talk about American. For example, for Sprint and 69 and that's often the verse that people go to about these kind of things it says do not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Do not be deceived. The fornicators neck that's the other words Portnoy sewed sexually immoral okay I the fornicators and adulterers of idolaters, effeminate homosexuals.

These covetous drunkards, or about the neck and hear the kingdom of God. So what is talking about is these are those who practice those things. So this man is married to this woman is not committing adultery but the previous marriage was an un-biblical divorce. Well then, he still married now and he that's it just just the blood of Christ.

Clans move forward for you are right now before you wanted to do a divorce with his wife and try get back with another just is not. The Bible says you break coming up with the lines give a call 77207 mass Y call 77077 so there. But alright so quit so what about being alive is in a relationship from one note about the present good Christmas where okay so included adultery. And be clear with whether the inherited that out all if you continue to practice okay are the ability if you continue to practice is adultery that is assigned is not safe to begin with.

First John 219 thing from us because they never were of us if they had been of us, that would have remained as first John 219 and in first John 24 okay the same chapter. If you say you know him and don't keep his commandments. The truth is not in you and you are a liar. So this man is saying. He's a Christian and yet he lives as though he's not a Christian that is James 242 26 says you show me your faith show you my faith. Verse 18 while he's not showing your faith you showing you his lack of regeneration showing you his his desire to sin over the truth of God's word and what I would do with that point is pointed out to him and you sound just like the right guy to do it in a loving way point out to him that the judgment of God is upon him, and that if he does not repent of this got if he is a true Christian truly regenerate. God may very well kill him at a first contents of five talks about that were leader was having relations with his father's wife and deliver them over to Satan for the destruction of his flesh, and if he's not a true believer in the judgment of God will come upon him for hardness of his heart.

Romans chapter 1 verses 18 and following and either way, he'll be judged continues repent of a sailor, as are doing this right before God. You call him man to man. I think men need to have men talk to them Starman the face one finger at her and tell the truth and that's how it works. We need that that man talk and what would you like for some reason that you're committed to activist tell okay so just to be truthful with them call the repentance and if he doesn't repent his okay then, I'll be praying for you that gotta be gentle upon you and your new value about what I could grab you didn't know that you know that a call at 5 PM ersatz granite you get married you just like Christ in his relationship with the church and should be read made are you likely like that you think are that of birth. The deputy deputy part. Hard to believe will identify the attract and allow to know that I didn't know that for you that you know of the year. An utterly depressed mood of the morning. If you do not know anything to make this right. And if you still married to this to his wife scale marriages wife and he sing another woman, then he's breaking the covenant responsibility and I'll tell you something, my wife and I we have a problem serving we just do been married 34 years-ish for allow doctrine never going to go see anybody else.

It's just never going to happen.

Never ever because I'm committed to her just as much as I'm committed to my Lord but I like it or not this is the fact that this is the attitude we have to have his men and women you have is women because it's the Lord Jesus whom we serve are we serving flesh or Christ. I will do perfectly serve Christ but that's the that's the whole point was we doing serving him to elect either okay. I appreciate you to bless. That's my kind of guy meant that I like that there. Good for him.

Good for him. Praise God. Let's get to Oliver from Maine Oliver welcome you on the matter is: we got right question for you on my dad about the you call to get your opinion. Every doctor you know you can cut about the Lord our God risk that you will so my question is, from what it sounds like too good to be saved. Part of what you have to do it you have to confess it about yet or not is not the magic, and dictation idols and like Tom.

This section harshly get too far. Does it say that that's what you have to do to be saved. This is an issue of logic to say in order to be saved. You must do this.

It is the say that it says if you confess will be saved. I think you believe to be saved with it is said if you confess and believe and read your Bible to be saved will all those that's true. But when the Bible is what got you say you see the point. Yeah okay so what is true about my work out the contradiction to eight are not supported by grace you think saved through faith that the firm kind like the foundation like that is truly what you say bye-bye faith in Christ. It's the instrumental means faces is the means by which the righteousness of Christ is imputed to a slip is 39 Romans 51 Romans 328 so this is what happens is that where it says in Ephesians 218 oh by grace through faith. You have been saved by God's grace is on narratives are unmerited anything at all. It's is God's kindness and his kindness of his own hearts and merited on her part. He just gives to us in the instrument of the blessing is faith. Faith in Christ because faith is only as good as who you put it is what Paul still cutting here. Romans 10 9010 is just getting a generic statement if you confess your mouth and believe in your heart legally do that. Basically order salute us if you're generated, we can talk about that some other time. But what if some of Mueller with her mutiny can't speak for He saved what if they're in the hospital and they literally have tube down her throat for breathing and I got minutes to live, and it can confess no the cancer so this isn't you don't like you said the magic formula kind of a thing.

It's not that you have to do it in that literal sense. He's talking about this issue up the confession and the and the belief in Christ you can. If you do this you confess you believe in you trust like you to be saved. It's a generic canvas to get okay operculum. My grandfather is in the Lord just got diagnosed with with him cancer and softest on going right out country going to try to think of something like a straightforward like the first that he got there. When we compute them or anything on how you are safe you know what I should like they like you know your state through faith in Jesus Christ. You believe that Jesus is Lord many sort of your life you will be saved is that it would not be fined if they like that is ever used that parenthetical our God can use different things and I can see something really doctrinally accurate to him it wouldn't work and you could say something is not doctrinally pure, but it would work God anoints the heart so the general gist is you know you ask him I would. I would do is ask if you don't we all gonna die where you can ago. Just get that conversation going.

You know well I hope I'll beat you know I've been a good person to been this and that no know it is an atheist in us a different topic, but generally people even gotten sick because of their insincerity.

The date they been pretty good compared to others.

Say well that's not the standard.

Your neighbor is not the standard of righteousness God is. How have you been compared, and then that's when it is a more personal and if he says not what talk about it.

Say okay all right will be back until tomorrow or the next week and talk about it again, you little by little we have to get to the point of he's gonna realize he's a sinner and he's offended God, just as you have and you have the same you need is Jesus Christ whose God in flesh time the cross rose from the dead, and that resurrection proves that what he said was true. I said you got attracted him to say that you trust in Jesus to receive him this John 113 or sooner. John 112 and you notice confess that he is your Lord and Savior. Romans 10 nine intent and community saved by grace. Ephesians 280 with the say the references are quote the exact verses, but the same thing didn't get that okay thank you all right know what happens okay are I got bless all right, let's get to ride from California Rod welcome here.

We have a friend in Tony Goulet told his yet he is a good guy, said hi, have films in high sometime I will tell you that I know I've got that I had. I had called in on a show you were doing your help me guys defend the against them Muslim eight and I get called in.

My question because I have a little bit of training with Johnson and fantail and I that if you had ever done an apologetic with Muslim based on the precondition that intelligibility and you said that that you hadn't, but it was an interesting topic to begin. I walked a couple of your videos so I think I watched one where you did that, the precondition is that of intelligibility with ACS debate and so I was just wondering if you had done anymore with that or you had thought about that Duncan single in regards to the God of Islam, but that I am interested lately in a topic about Islam that I want to get into and study more and worse. At that time.

See and it's the teaching of the unknow ability of Allah. He silk different. Well, there are certain logical problems with that. And so that I would be thinking at this and going through that. There's also an issue. I'm thinking about recently about this is hard to describe the good haven't learned how to articulate it yet, but the idea of Allah being a single person who existed forever. Any theological perspective it's non-Trinitarian. How do you have eternal being of one person have any aspect of fellowship or love or morality because you can't have those attributes.

If you're just one person, and so yet today I was thinking about that about that exact thing you know somebody because they have a tendency to go, I will. That's just that's just ridiculous and that God would love himself and bring up the idea that God hates offended that God hated himself and in the Trinity and at logical fallacy that the correct camping and they say just because you have one or not. They're not equal those emotions are not equal is something that happens when the law of God or the character of God is sinned against. That's what got God would never send against himself even as it says God hates sin is no. He said there is no room for there's no place for hate and the got it because there would be no this is yes, but then we have to get it was called counterfactual's extractions and concepts and emergent properties and where I time these or other things it relates like to talk the sophisticated physicians for conversation they got to go, but all right Chandra, Virginia call back on Monday neighbor to God bless you

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