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September 29, 2020 9:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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September 29, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Are we born with sin immediately or once we commit our first sin, is that when we inherit Adam's sinful nature---2- Is there a court in heaven---3- Can a person live without sin for any length of time---4- Why do so many apologists hold to an old earth view-

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A previously recorded Nats like show why is the president of apologetics.

Research was found alive on the more you have questions about Bible doctrine called the respondent Matt slick. Once you give McCauley a five open 1-877-207-2276.

I don't want to hear from you so foggy.

McCall arrived today, Tuesday, September 17, 2020 for the broadcasters. The show gets podcast about find a new suite, iTunes and podcast something sermon audio orders from places you can go download the audit was though a call yesterday from from someone here at the office and talk about some stuff and he has my book atheistic or is it a book apologetics and atheism. It was the latter that he comment about an exit was interesting. He said it was real easy to read real common stuff real is very helpful and I was tickled to hear that because I wrote it in such a style where I literally sat here for my computer with my speech recognition program on and just dictated the book out as a conversational kind of very casual approach to how to do things so wasn't really segmented into super logical groups and things like that. It was more of a casual kind of a of a go and people enjoy this unit was an experiment in and I am grateful for that. So I want to do is also do a series called apologetics and apologetics and Mormonism. Angela's witnesses and Islamic Roman Catholicism and Christian theology in apologetics and apologetics probably like that and give Billy get those out there to short books like 60 7080 pages so because I right click and select Discovery joint and a lot of people went on the Methodist well with the Trinity where backing or anything thousand years ago and let's talk about the word T let me. I just get right to it. So, if elected, study my like the website CAR M.O RG and Helen says hello car means car minions I think is what sits another turbine that are phrased difficult folks 877-207-2276 soak harm the Christian apologetics research ministry. For those of you don't know yet a Corvette award CAR M.O RG over 100 million visitors. I don't know.

I can add him up again and I Iver down the school to records and takes a couple three hours to do it and I figure with latest number is a lot mean, which is huge in every country in the world that we have multiple languages. Missionaries all over and you know it's a growing effort. If you want to be part of it and I'll if you want to support us to help us out. We ask 510 $50 a month is all you need. So we need to get enough people doing that. The problem, just go to CAR M.O RG the right hand side of the page you will see the word donate and hustling under new speaking of the right hand side of the page. I got to do with want to check out the schools for three online schools as well theology when apologetics and I want critical thinking. So all you have to do is a go check those out that you do that and the let's see, let's save you the questions in the chat room another time to ask one color coming in as a shortcoming and we always know it at the beginning to show it slow and then it just picks up we always almost always run other callers at the end take time to get more stations if it's possible to get even more callers will to more quickly like doing that, but nevertheless ago to give me a call forth in lines 877-207-2276 and wanted to jump on the line and let's get to Danny from California Danny welcome your on here that are you doing all right doing all right when you gonna yeah hey I got a question for you, so I was listening to a discussion a lot of noise or doing something you don't let a crinkling sound melena refrain from that okay is better that yes you just go ahead and start yet Christian interns are inherited in cash don't stand so I will wreck your brain Trinity without my rice document in question, Adam sin and did we inherit like I we born with a little do we have to have our first then babying store hours are as kids get old is not the first time you spend the first time, or is it inherited from what it was inherited only to be inherited can mean different sense of community, sin, biologically know with the sinful and fallen nature were born that way. That's Ephesians 23 and just I was going on her man so sorry you okay so Adam represented us on the court in the garden when he fell. We felt that's why it says in Romans 518 through one transgression there resulted condemnation to all men, and first, it is 1522, it says in Adam all die in the in Adams a trend of what we call federal headship that he representable all the people that were in him and so we fell in him know exactly what does that mean I think it would, it means is that in his representation. All the people that were in him are now counted as fallen, and this is his sin imputed to us.

That's it. That's what I'm just done. I know I'm not comfortable saying is not comfortable saying no is a little bit difficult because we have the second Adam Loesch into the last that imprisonment is 1556, I think it is. This is the last Adam. Will he represented us on the cross and so those who are in him live and what does it mean in him and he just be more complicated answer possibilities with that phrase means and light of federal headship. So it's a difficult thing to answer specifically but Original Sin is Adam's first sin and we fell in him. And so when we are born we have sinful natures and excess weight is going to teach a baby how to be selfish and a whiny and all that kind of stuff. The unnatural to the baby.

I don't become sinners by setting born with a sinful fallen nature is where this okay God it got it thank you Matt, appreciate the help arrived.

Okay God bless. Okay, that was Danny from California if you want to give me a call.

All you do is dilate 772072276 we have four lines give me McGivney. Sheesh. Let's get to Kathleen from Atlanta Georgia. Kathleen welcome you in on any grant, not like many of us in the Bible.

And when I'm down and taking on a direction of their leader line that indicated a court having that day when I get forth operating at heavenly court and that in him right as we enter the court. There is it that we know there is going and that and then I cannot find anything in the Bible that the four heading into the court that had been like that and looking and the new NAR made. I make my understanding of Bible rack in that area. You are correct okay net color can so you are correct, there is no courts of heaven, saying, what you have to do is yet to ask her show me that in Scripture show me than Scripture and she can show it to the Scripture. Then you have to ask publicly she's teaching a publicly single why would you teach this if it's not in the Bible were you getting your authority, so you and also find out what church goes to do something now. I do like. I follow were John John Garfield done a little bit of online research about meeting this morning and I did my felt they were going into the court having an give me either. I get that, I cannot do that and I wanted in lab. I need to pray about it and that this is not where I leading and I ran down I think Jeremiah 8 where God is now even now even migrating birds know when to return. When you are on the wrong trail and on the wrong path, and she'd be right on going and inspect company were going to happen. Yeah, she's been rebuked to make sure the right you are, she's, she's wrong. You are right flat out.

I wish I could get in that meeting and be very gentle and say if you have a doctrinal issues.

Please ask me will go to the Scriptures with to get a good foundation because the fact is, if she's can be control this thing. It can go haywire and ask this court to have in stock is a little crappy it is and I don't know this John Garfield is looking at a website that has some stuff about him and so did you just want a list of 200 people got research and analyze your you're in the right track. You are on the right track when I when I researched court, one that a lot of their on it line and the court having grant guy the legal right to feel for okay I got there because that makes me so mad exactly. That's the kind of flaming man centered foul teaching is creeping into too many cores of Christianity. This woman is dangerous and I would do if I were you, I get the strategic I start praying about this heavily and I would find out all the addresses, email addresses of all the participants do that very surreptitiously find out who they are, first, to get the address so that you can contact them and then when it's ready. You probably get kicked out, you called on the carpet and say she speaking heresy anti-Christian material stuff not found in the Bible you to say it and say you need to be ugly to repent what you know what church you go to cutoff the elders of her church for thirds at a halfway decent church and called on the carpet and and do your best to stop it when she kicks you out you email all the people the documentation is a look, this is what she's doing is false what they were going to court right guy like we get a break every state they fulfill for open lines 877072276 give a call deadline. Matt like why call 77077 charismatic slave.

772072276 there will not break or Lilo primer with what we were talking about how to let members. Now I think it on that night.

Give. And the final edition I don't know. I do not want to break that my only wanted to clear what got back about pain and Bev that I thought maybe I'd made it being rated and pending.

I thought I would write down this picture and get a little nation.

But bad and how the court having an account of heaven are not typically found in that that that you know I think I'm not confident in all their grain that they're having public on the flight… It people and drain that is the time I would get email and clicking leader giftgiving Bible Scripture and giving where they can look that up for them down and they let you can certainly do that. So your lot nicer than I am, what I would do is just me you filter through you know what you know about the group and how that group works but it's on the kind of person that this is a really bad stuff, so nothing to do if I were in the situation as I would get all the emails Mitch read all the stuff ready I would participate in the groups a few times. Get quotes I find the information that I need and then I would write an email to everybody saying this is actually it's a heresy I just say straight out. It's a heresy she's using heresy and start a different group were you say come over this group and will get real biblical theology instead of feel-good is him and stuff out of the book of second Marana cults. Okay, I know in are on right yeah I think maybe I'm missing something. Affirmation someone else is that I've taken my calling thing will appreciate you calling and tickled to hear that you are concerned are you willing to do something about it. Take my recommendation with a grain of salt.

See you filter to that the ladies but something needs to be done what God often does a series of an individual in a group to be a spokesman of truth because what this is. The stuff is I did a little research during a break on that person and I want to repeat where the information is but I did I found person and stuff and associated information with this is a NAR positive confession of the Facebook page talks about here are seven decrees for you to pause decree out loud and reflect on it.

This is our name and claimant blab gravity idiocy that you have power you to get permission to go to do certain things and that Satan has dominion here on earth, and that were under Satan's dominion, and so we have to work against him, and then go to God and give God the dominion in our lives in its absolute foolishness. It's kindergarten fulfilled diaper theology diaper ready in its fraud. It is to load okay darling court is with the court and my father see anyway to see this cousin like my heresy muscle to start tweaking, you know, I would like your child. I'm sure they'll I don't know whether they'll not on. I know that and I thank you and Ali lot like that like what you're trying to do with your meeting with your hours you and you will never let a lot in that like whatever I say is not stop them for an hour finding time, nobody asked me to leave. I God will or if biblical outlook like myself and not well. People have to do with they think is right.

I'm a fighter, so me I would be in there doing what I could to speak the truth. I would prep up. I get the information who they are. Get quotes and you know I get a website. I would even write this because if I would do in the group with the names of the people I even write an article with that person's name with the quotes all documented as to this was first teaching all man.

It really shakes them up and make some very upset when the light to shine on darkness.

The cockroaches scatter, but this is this is what I would do I go after it was even too hot or not know. I think I did what you could do within reason is to get the information get some documentation and be prepared to leave.

Be prepared to be kicked out because when you do what you going to do you pull the trigger to get rid of you. At least you will have spoken the truth and if you were to just leave would you then in a month. Wonder whether or not you should have stayed for little bit longer to try and get the truth out there to at least get them on deceived. I think that's the proper thing for a Christian to do is to try and work against darkness and that you're the one in the group God called you to that I would just ask him to open the doors and to put upon your heart what to do and not sitting my words of the gristle I appreciated the first day that I and dad have my goodness this thing. Contrary to what is being fed and I'm usually very quiet and then no, nothing will you and not know about birth and from day 195.

I'm thinking that the leader and and willing to think about it that we will have different views of how we worship and pray that he said no it's not. She's in heresy are break if OSHA five open lines with the call bottom of the hour here 877207276 cubicle mats like why call 77077. Here is Matt's way. 707-2276 so Mario, Audrey or Charlie. He puts up a link for this stuff at this talk about and I went did some research during a break from the titles of from the information that where it is but I do want people get involved with heresy is his or you can be a senior or about where is your open door to kingdom my missed or why mysticism is good for business. How to be known in heaven. You are you all and then you have a heart plan that's for $997 and a Sears and doers thing for $997. It's scaling up to a wealth mentality $97. Why would you thousand 12. No so much heresy, so little time. People are so deceived you, this is a kind of stuff where they give God permission. There's a song ready a few times. You gotta give you permission to eat that hate those lyrics real pretty song and I'm like it's heresy I give you permission when arrogant fully thing to say.I give you permission to probable your lucky guy doesn't zap you into oblivion for such arrogance. If you if you believe that man the infinite God of the universe has to have your permission.

This is a codicil that the teach the courts of heaven. You gotta be known. This would you do the things okay call myself down here.

Heresy does to me. All right 87720722764 open lines she recalled.

Let's get to roll in from North Carolina little on here how you know the players he found doing okay.

I have bookwork about something that John I job when we start that the booth on the fact it would be about the way not beer at deer but something that Christ himself told think and being in the in the first chapter. He stated that if we say we are not the truth saying that they do. We have not the only ally in the word is not in bed in verse nine he if we confess thing you all and just to forgive us about pain in the in the last part really speaks to me and say it and to cleanse us from all liked John say is that when I read that I'm thinking hypothetically if I take a knife and yard and I'm about the KM and not clean it thoroughly and then up or the purifying agent in an unit with airtight seal. I can fit that jar on the shelf for hundred years been ill get on and Marty will only answer that it'll remind clean and pure math that means they in chapter 3, John the in chapter 3 bars. He stated whosoever I'm reading that King James Burke. Is whosoever a bad thing in and not and whosoever paying him political service have not been made known.

Then he goes on then birthday seven and made it that: about a tree that you can be brought and didn't but empires not sure quite yet in question. If Jeff what, I'm yeah I'm but I need to reverse nine. He stated whosoever is born of God. Do not commit me always the remaining p.m. and he cannot fan because the owner got a bridge didn't mow the translation permit that you won't continued that my question is is there that what Jesus told John, is that a man and the on this are three of the because I don't understand why John would hate it and being Jesus told him that they did and then there is no way possible that something what is your question. My question is like a baby that a man can leave a Holy Ghost field. Is it possible they can leave you on this earth for you. Okay okay okay so the question has different aspects to it can person live without sin with answers yes and no particular without sin.

For five seconds, or you talk about the whole entire life for us and are being is a possible will is possible if they live five more seconds is not possible to live 50 more years.

So the question really is is a difficult one to answer because not for clear this is a typical question people ask. Can you live without sin yes and no. Maybe if I'm unconscious in a coma without sinning. Who knows you and I would be so sure. So little I know people who say that they don't sin they don't send any more of that to me is just incredible. Seven that the sin of arrogance. I don't sin anymore for the law of God perfectly. Everything I do look at how great I am. I don't sin anymore. I would sit for five years I've met people like that and I think are just fools just stupid and so when the verses like this familiar with the issue and is would assess everyone who practices sin.

Verse four also practices lawlessness and sin is lawlessness.

You know that he appeared in order to take away sin, and in him there is no set no one who abides in him sins the one who said in him or no say have seen him or knows him. Here's a thing, trying to cloud the issue with this is not an easy thing to just go through very quickly and the reason is because there's conquer our concept here that people don't know about one of them is called federal headship and then but it is as the mail represent the descendents of the phrase in the hymn is a designation of that federal headship in first 15, 22, it says in Adam all die in Christ all may live in Christ is a trauma federal headship in Adam is a term of federal federal headship and in him is a term of federal headship of the reason I bring this up is because when you go to verses like John six Roman 66 Roman 68.

We were crucified with Christ. We died with Christ how to read it. When we die with Christ will have space 2000 years ago because we were in him well. Furthermore, the one who is in him is free from the law. Romans 74 says if you've died your free for the law and with there is no law there is no sin related rotation of said Romans 513 so this is not easy to get through it just is not trying to confuse things not to make it more difficult to what it is is just that people don't do very much homework when I get to these verses because Jesus appeared to take away sin. We know that this is in him there is no sin and we know that in him in Jesus.

There is no set no one who abides in him. That means those who walk with them if your abiding walk with you not sending Mercer.and no one who sins has seen him or knows him I wasn't mean sentence better.

Something about the Greek good is a written Greek. A lot of people don't know it English. We have passed, present, future tense past is an action that occurred in the past, completed in the past. It's like the pluperfect enrollment to present to know is is tamping down the future what will happen, but that's not exactly how it is in the Greek because when it talks about the present tense in the Greek it's talking a little bit more about the present and has a participial value. What that means is the word walking is a participle eating thinking doing the ING. It's a process of doing in the present tense and that's what the Greek carries in the present tense a little bit so the idea is no one who sins who is in the process of sending and abiding in sin.

This is why some the translations they abide, or practices because of the nature of the Greek there is is going on so that the metric I just had nothing to confuse you, just that this is not that easy to get through because there's a lot of stuff attached to it, and it's a tough one and it was his first night he brought it up. No one who is born of God practices sin, and that's correct and it's the Greek political which means to do so. It's in the present active means he is the one doing it your born-again you not practicing sin. You're not doing the sin, but it's not a participle, which is in ING is present tense which is east what is born-again God does not sin is like saying that does not not doing but the words do to do something and it is is he cannot send help to break apart like me because it's an interesting theological concept cannot help it. A whole bunch of light here folks. Please take you right back after the mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave back to the show: are you still there. All right now to bring out something it says here for children. No one is born of God practices sin, because this abides in him and he cannot sin how is it possible so you cannot sin when we look at Paul the apostle who was just as inspired as Jesus just as inspired as John the Holy Spirit speaks and that's inspiration and he said Romans 718 through 25 says I think I don't want to do. I do think I should do. I don't and he says who will deliver deliver me from this body of death struggling with his fleshly desires which John getting at is he contradicting will know the women can harmonize it is to understand that if we have died to the law in Christ, then the law has no jurisdiction over us, and it cannot be said that rescinding in that God sees us already having been glorified at Romans nine Romans 830. Even though it's not yet happened. This might be an instance of what's called theology than now and the not yet. The now and the not yet. It's for example, John.

Romans 830 this week called predestinate to be predestined to glorified glorified is the past tense. But it's a future thing is so secure in Christ that that's how were seen by God as someone who's already glorified the now and the not yet. It might be that this is similar and he cannot sin the now and the not yet in Christ because were reprinted by Christ. There is no sin in us and upon us because her father doesn't see it that he knows about but it's a judicial issue. Sin is breaking the law of God. First John 34 and since Jesus died to the law. Roman 71 through four and we died with him. John 66, then it could be said that we don't sin because when there is no law there is no sin. John 513.

This could be part of the answer to this, like you said this is not an easy thing to get through. There's a lot attached here to help your buds where you are you saying that not yet about revival soap here on think I'm looking at different translation are you saying that if I think that I can leave free thingy, then I'm clueless to even think that that would make me think that John and I know I said okay when he's her in Christ, God the followers and see us as having sin because we died with Christ.

Romans 66 and the one who is died is freed from the law.

Romans 74.

Romans 513 says sin is not imputed when there is no law.

If we are in Christ and we died with Christ, and he who is died is free from the law, there can be no sin imputed to us. It might be that this is the idea that John is getting at when he says we cannot because we know that we can send because he just says if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves. So what is he doing here. I'm trying to tell people this is not is easy as they like to say there are people who will use this verse and big firm was called sinless perfectionism that they don't sin anymore. The words there keep in the law of God perfectly.

Their loving God with all their heart, all your soul all their mind all their strength in living their neighbor perfectly completely. Just as God himself does because he's a standard and of course those who would say that or arrogant fools. So this is not an easy thing to say mean to to get through. It seems to be that it's just you're not sitting you're not abiding and that and that those who are in Christ, abiding truth and not consider the can't do that when when abiding in Christ is as simple as that. The basic answer okay okay thank you you're welcome to say to the people who stated they don't sin any more of the six spent five minutes with me. Not sure that now. I mean that you know tongue-in-cheek. I'm joking around but the problem is you people are arrogant week.

I talk to people I don't sin anymore really that's right you keep the law perfectly perfectly illiterate neighbor perfectly. Just as God wants you said Jesus did on the same level as Christ because he's a standard rate. I haven't yet.

What you do is like that when you walk on water to saiga puddle out there little ceiling enough ticketless to Andrew from Ohio Andrew welcome you on here you so much Matt. Yeah, my question would be about all the why all of the eight version of old earth and how do they are not already explained that 2011 okay limit I believe the young earth okay but let me help you here are so just parallax the problem the problem of light speed that's universal sin to be extremely old and so with that, there was a look at these things as a how do you deal with things like how to deal with these issues I think is answers. Of those, but the look at him for six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth.

Exodus 2011, six days with the general argument for the young earth hers is that the Hebrew word for date which is your home whenever it appears, with the cardinal number. Cardinal numbers first, second, third, seventh, 28th note that TH said ST at the end so whenever it appears but I cardinal number. It means 24.4 hours. But that's not the case. I was told this.

Once I raise up an objection. I said well I hear that but in the seventh day it there was no end to that day in the seven things that they rest in the creation.

So how is that possible for that rule to be there when that is the case, and so they have their reasons for saying that, and though I don't agree with them. I'll be there.

His millions ability years old and by that, but it doesn't mean that the heretical in the sense that it doesn't matter. Not Christians.

The have ways of looking at things. Plus there's some to call the framework hypothesis and so some of them look of the framework hypothesis, which is day one and day for our similar day to day five are similar and a three and a 6% versus 123 on the left side and 456 on the right side of: because they wanted to be light and day for is the plants involved with the light source is the parallels so to call the framework hypothesis on the same except that either Ms. Tony this is some of the stuff that'll go into and say well it seems to be talking about the no go to summer think they're not trying to what I've seen her for the rest of Scriptures out and to make it so it doesn't say they're asking some very deep questions and a lot of times people are holding to the old earth view, it does not mean or not. Save doesn't mean you don't believe anatomy is a nice Adam and Eve existed. That's a serious serious problem of this I was a just, it's a major problem. I would say it obliquely on earth but so did leave a note and no avenue that's a serious problem because the officer… So that's why would they power they blame.

Romans 512 through 13. Romans five sin and run through one man well yet the people I know who hold to old earth firm that Adam and Eve lived with will generally say is energy that there's a whole other theory to is that the universe could be billions of years old but the earth is only 6000 years old.

Because of the stretching of the universe is and is and here's some stuff the scientists of apparently unanimously stated that the universe is increasing in size not edit decreasing rate but that is accelerating in his expansion and they don't know why because it's like the addition of energy into the fabric of space while it seems to me I'm a physicist that the very nature of matter in existence in space causes a will be perceived as a stretching or something to do with the fabric of existence, but is altered is affected by so that it was good the University to get to the point of expansion that when lights were to travel towards us that basically from the other end of the universe, so to speak, will basically never see because the universe is stretching and expanding such a rate that eventually it'll expand to a potent rate such that the light will never be able to get to us will. That means then that the earth when the series is of the earth, is the center where all this is happening and that is everything moved out away from the center of where the earth is that when perceiving things being old and it may very well be because of the third relativity gets copied in this dummies.

Okay, they have they have reasons messing agree with those reasons, but they look at some stuff and so that's why I'm a little more generous with them.

I enough to want to believe that the earth is billions of years old. I think it's a problem, but I'm concerned about is the glue that many of lived. They do that sin entered the world through Adam.

They believe that, then great.

They believe Jesus is God bless all of that and there inside the camp of Christianity, but the age of the earth is never just never said to be a doctrine that makes him an Orthodox or not Orthodox within Christianity, except what I like being buried letters from younger creation, but the gravitational time dilation that one had nail right on the head.

I don't think we have to worry about the speed of light that were only measuring light and are stored in our galaxy but I can't get that back.

I'm with you I yeah yeah because the induction you have a problem call the problem of induction. The speed of light from the moon to the earth is this speech so therefore it's good to be that way everyone the universe is not the case.

We don't know that it's a it's a guess educated guess, but it's a guess to let her know what's happening, what speed of light is and is issues of the going different directions at different rates. There's some evidence for that as well. So it's a no you say, but I don't let about gap yeah and Jennifer that God would play that he created the perfect seven day workweek, and in 1929 the Soviet bad that the Soviet they had their own a few calendar and it completely messed up all the factories and the machines and stuff of really about and am not off really French Revolution. When I 80th took over.

They credit their own atheist secular calendar and a completely didn't latch. I think more than 10 years without an adjunct losing last year. This year was to talk at lunch I got ran that look like a calendar as a joke, 666 days sick sick sick customers wondering how long is in our city six minutes and six seconds no iron but the fact that everything will that we base our life on the seven day work week seven day, five days working while you rest on like that. I don't yeah I'm with you, but if there's a bar.

It was the goblin okay they folks hope you enjoyed that show you tomorrow is Friday so say some questions for tomorrow. You have called me to the Lord bless you I will feel great evening. I

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