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September 28, 2020 9:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 28, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How many were sent out in Luke 10- Was it 70 or 72---2- Was it possible that Cornelius was already converted before he met Peter---3- Have you been physically assaulted because of your ministry---4- How do you deal with the angel of the Lord in regard to speaking with JWs---5- Does Luke 2 referencing Mary's uncleanness from childbirth cause a problem for the Catholic doctrine of immaculate conception---6- It seems like the pastor of my church is including critical race theory and -white people bashing- in his sermons. What can I do---7- Why was God pleased when Jesus was baptized---8- Can Mary hear our prayers-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics.

Research what is found alive. More you have questions about Bible doctrine is a map likewise glances called to respond to your questions at 877 Matt slick McCall is usually 776 funny video stuff. The regal all right to say something. What was it for God's old you remember this they are know how things are out there. It was economy and everything going on just let you know that we do need support this effectiveness as well. Not dying here.

But do if you be so kind as to consider supporting us five to $50 a month submit like that to be helpful. All you do is go to the old information need to be right. There is really a big help for us to do that and we do have missionaries and lights on and do the radio and everything else. So for getting fed here in the radio.

Perhaps you might want to consider donating my help out anyway that was it a big deal and want to give McCall for open lines 877-207-2276 and died today for the pod casters is Alexi September 15, 2020. All right, let's just jump on the phones get to John from Canada. John welcome your on here.

I'd Matt are you doing right by God's grace we got by God's great great Lord that you mad.

I had a question of them co-questioning regarding the Luke chapter 10 17 72 would send out which one is it it what it what if the different theological meaning and get it felt awkward it be a problem of inerrancy.

If so, why not and maybe save it so we got on the potential national emir me look again and Greek you really fast because it could textual issue and 70 or 72. So let me do this and got some natural yeah on my websites because the Greek letters are also numbers and so right 70 I'm looking at what it would be would be the Hebrew that would be in Greek. Just the omicron and oh, all right. So I'm on with her to the data become hard to miss. So I don't know the answer. Risk is something you can just tell by the very similarity of how the word my structured so that something is different. 72. Don't know why they do look at you knowingly look in the Old Testament. I I found very little.

I googled it and I found buried in the lake in a book legally and it, my fitted might be Bible error. The company painted 022 because everything can keep you in the Old Testament, no one I that stupid actually do right now. Genesis and 70 17th, 77 full Genesis for 70 years, 77, there's a lot of 70s and their so thing to do would be to see what this is referencing the Old Testament set up yet because a work the elders of the church. I think they chose 70 elders and so I think that's probably the right. The route is in numbers 11, so it might be just a textual Scrabble error which case about or I don't like that out. The transporter will do is something I don't think the big deal logically really know know see him looking on with River guy got some stuff you did series on the King James and he might even have information on the 70 issuer. He studied stuff like that is listening to McCall if he has more information about the big deal, but this probably does Scrabble error. Just because it's just says something this retreat. 72. I don't know why we 72, and it looks like the good Metrodome with the numeric equivalent to being omicron beta site.

No, just enough to work it will look high-level if I wanted to do is on the right now to see textual variants. Let's see 7070 put 72 Luke 10 and to see what comes up to Center City to disciple us and it could get off and you know if the thing is often because number.

It helps symbolic significance, some to have the two is the ultra number slightly on purpose to represent something else are talking about in relation to say I so might be something like that. But I would like to know when the 72 came in.

It was a later magnetic edition with the issue was. But if you are, whatever you ought, Matt. Thank you again for the important tip that's going to be low comparable member to really clap if I bought it. My mother yes I think anybody who wants to leave the parable in understand particle more often think again.

It is very good book is very gal and I know you're not going to give it out and I'm not going out anybody either recommended is read through it slowly took me couple of months. I had a .3 mm only. I'm not one third wish you that you have to think they need the cultural and by the time and a lot of it in footnote is likely that tremendous book is great. It is amazing and it's an amazing book and it really you know how what we think you will get you know all that, whatever features it take give you a little bit more and more in-depth look really helpful. This is especially think again the name of the book is a poet and peasant and through peasant eyes.

It's a double think right when my favorite things I buy land and there was confined to the woman who went to Simon's the Pharisee's house with Jesus, and she pushed her way in right when you read through that and not the cultural yarns were all while it's trout. Once I get that Matt and I got great that many people waiting.

Thank you for your help as always got that date, they bless and goblet keep you mad thank you God bless you, Jonathan Canada, let's go in the phones with James Marcus on James welcome you on here, it's going to my question at the back and like the past couple days I want your three different debates regarding baptismal regeneration. We now know I don't how to do not want to reform belief you met on my question out like and are usually not that the tears of faith able go to Nata refute my question regarding it and had a question before I even started studying more into this.

I guess I didn't really think it through. But on my question regarding your light. The thing it possible. Cornelius was already converted before he met Peter Lisi possible we get into issues as possible that the Lord had communicated to him possible is possible. He's converted yeah because it says Cornelius the centurion the righteous and God-fearing man in verse 22 of X 10 well spoken of the entire nation of the Jews, so it appears he was a believer now to what extent because you could have a Jew who is a believer but not a convert and believe in the true living God, and in that under covenantal awareness about a centurion would apply to so is it possible yeah it's possible now, no argument about him appearing on the what really got me thinking about it like on a book on the market America, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, but now there's a verse in the Old Testament our God.

But the fear of him in their heart and new covenant with I are an outline of my line of thinking regarding it by now we all know that an account holder baptized following. I feel like they can be now proved that he is already say that but the height that I let you know they were all the baptismal regeneration problems to the one need to be baptized will they would say yeah yeah I get you did you Ganesh 1044 to 48 people or say before they get baptized. Obviously, the text would ought to ask the baptismal regeneration. This is his questions, but you will ask are we justified by faith they have to say yes because the Bible says having therefore been justified by faith.

Romans 51 and minimally asking the next question are the justified by faith when they have faith. That's a killer question and you know as a freebie for all of you baptismal regeneration is one debate me as it question I would ask you and how would you answer it and it's really question because are justified by faith we have faith otherwise not justified by faith. Hence, that the regeneration is not true it is that simple.

So you know the card of smart question in my studying of the light able thing a lot you know, go to guard her to know the law.John 316 or something for my thing is try to change the snow verify: nobody faith alone. Just go to Nautilus for five to the other and who does not work but believes in him justifies and godly, his faith is credited as righteousness.

There's no mention of baptism not faith alone in his justification before God. Baptism is a lot people don't know this is a covenant sign and a covenant is a packed agreement between two or more parties so the Edenic in Eden, the garden of Eden, a covenant sign was a treat.

The Abraham a covenant of circumcision.

The Davidic covenant was was prophetic and that the person of Christ in the communion supper which is the new covenant, which it met the covenant sign is because that baptism is related to circumcision and Colossians 212 through 12, 13, 11, 12, basically. And so it seems to be what Paul relates to have been buried with him in baptism.

That's how your circumcised heart. So what's going on will he's relating to two and we had to figure out exactly what is meant, but nevertheless, baptism is a fascinating topic and never talked about as will regeneration us.

I also like to bring up the fact that Jesus was sprinkled in his baptism because he was fulfilling Old Testament law per room. Matthew 315 and the only place it talks about the issues of what he did. It is baptism that is is spoken of in Numbers chapter 4 Leviticus chapter 8 nexus 29 in these chapters have the requirements work and then in an numbers 87 it says of the priest to be the priest was to be sprinkled with water. This part of the requirement. The reason I bring this up is because if that's how Jesus was baptized and yes I know people. As such, we don't get a lot of because your knees water, then the issue version becomes a problem derivatives redhead thing got K hey folks, but give a call if open lines 87720777 mass Y call 77077. Here is Matt's slave back to the show. 76 love to hear from you. Call to Eric from Charlotte, North Carolina you're on here and God bless your brother Matt, can you hear me okay yes I can do some fine all right right love you so much appreciate you going to ministry praying for you and let you know you get the mark of a question whether or not you literally in physically all freaking a while someone to lay their hands on debate.

I've been assaulted in this technical sense, physically with that contact, but no one's struck me so I just come close a few times I have one person, but you know I'm confident my martial arts so I don't think of the cross or not, but tell no, it's not that I've had threats I but I deeply my face. I've had people. One guy remember about a year or so ago was in my face literally 6 inches. I try to chest to chest me to tell me take something out of, and I could document one one-shot but now I just backed away back to wait this is it for the Mormon Church of all things, and I would ask the science it was Mormonism and is this guy's wife finally pulled him away and that much of the John the store that much of the credit of the Mormons there that are not bad people, but one of the cannot said look at this happens again just walk in to us will protect you and I so appreciate that. So what good God for what they got to be a Mormon or perfect with even a Christian, you know, I may well you know he's probably was a Mormon, but I do not understand this, even though I Mormonism is not Christian. I don't want that to represent Mormonism because there's jerks everywhere and I don't consider it to be a proper representation with Mormons and stands for so that I may have been That if I went like that in your pocket Mormon theology are you going to argue threatening me in the name of Jesus or in the name of thing that the writer or mob a little bit.

I will think they just get angry and you think once that the call the cops on me and two cops walking up and I was doing everything legally in these two cops and for the same church is a better effect was a Temple temple opening here in Idaho and these two cops walk up okay here we go. You don't get to deal with this docket with a big deal. They walk up to the they had done anyway just got talking and he said to you Matt slick and Sejanus yeah listen to radio show is great. So we just talked to not break it aloft is to do what you're doing anyway whilst I got the stories I had eggs thrown at me up and spit at you look at my face physical contact, which is technically assault and battery, but the most striking. I've had women get in front of me in if my face feeling when her husband are smiling quick for me to take us as to push the wifely to rip me apart or try to stuff like that but that unites us. I've had to back down. Lots of times and then when I'm carrying oh I really backed out. If I'm carrying I expect out and get involve anybody you know is going to happen. A man in this John the Baptist that this a joke vaulted not merely by with someone laying hands on wrong thing.

At that you and I had a guy once returned rip stuff on my hands and threaten you. I've been threatened with the rest of the morning cop and I could tell you stories about the Satanists are threatened to kill me. The FBI got involved with that one. I've been followed by wife and followed you know it's just stories since wilderness you asks of your question what my question and you know it permit about the angel of the Lord but but because but there was something you had accomplished the previous call of dealing with the Church of Christ and Orwell really baptismal regeneration more than right. I deal quiet with them and I have an arsenal of scriptural approaches for conversational approach of the question and ways in which dealt with them over the years can order to arm them, but that that call on the whole matter of baptismal regeneration. I may and if I run out of time. I'll call you back it conversational back in the baptismal regeneration, got coming or encouragement or him you know I pretty much think great dump like you'd be at simple question with with them. I think do they believe that God is ever changing how they had the ever tainted Methodist manner mean the way in which they anyone and generally they'll they'll go down this path, they vote yes he had not, they will wear Hallandale.

The law thing in all they do the law with. I quickly got that down by you lot you know the way but faith something for the fact that that you know the law never date anyone you know it's with plentiful golf take away a remit of God in faith people.

The same way over all.

I work on the David the DQ were going to be allied to the all of the prophet and Pete the Old Testament there might be an aunt and banning before our very Lord and Savior before God the father that unless someone born again can't can't enter the kingdom of heaven is not going to get it out. You have to be born again to get it right… They think will stay born again by the eternal sacrifice that you are the Lamb of God, so will I let the meat you have a question though. Well, I wanted to thank the Lord, but I can say that the later time at which a question because not be drilled with and I have different ways in which I feel with them but I have a question on how do you read all matter of angel of the Lord is there a rule of thumb whenever you look in the old and you'd be this term angel of the Lord is referring to an angel that God created or at times visit, referring to God himself buried to himself as the angel of the Lord & in light of the fact that like to say Jesus is Michael the Archangel and value of reference so the issue has any protect you deal with it just depends on context. I was look at the context same thing breaks.

Hold on top of what you may call all you do is dial 877207276] Matt slick. Why call 770727 pairs Matt slick back of the show everyone.

Let's get back on the air with Eric from Charlotte, North Carolina, Iran and the American you're about to respond on how you deal with, as I will yeah you have some favorite tactic or strategy you deal with that hold go to person when it comes to the angel of the Lord is so will do is just going to go to Exodus 6213 nothing in the states and the Lord said it's a created being, say okay this, go to Exodus 6, two and three, God spoke Fuller to Moses and said to him, I am Yahweh.

So I asked him who was that the cancellation into the Lord because it says God spoke on an angel. Thing and it said that he identifies himself as being Yahweh or Jehovah to Jehovah's Witness Internet and I just stick with him on that verse. Exodus 62 because of Atlas S this is an angel sits on angels.

God is God's will for the most of them. I am Yahweh with an angel say I am Yahweh course not didn't have to say that he was with God seemed at their and then verse three and I appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as God Almighty. My name Yahweh I did not make myself known to them so we did reveal his name to later. So that's how I'll ship this with them, and I specifically go there because how to Jehovah's Witness to teach that is when the angel was when it was appearing in the Old Testament pre-incarnate Michael which is have has some logical product that I can share with you if you want to know but so I'll do that to say that's who it was seeing. He said he appeared a ring, Isaac and Jacob, as God Almighty I just stick with the text give me all kinds of stuff we can't see God ago I got a great West with the singular John 118. No menacing God anytime only begotten son of the father. He explained him yet.

A study on that you know and I have this all worked out so that'll do all sit there with them and I trying to understand that God Almighty was seen in Jesus in John 646 was not father so therefore do not see God the father, who is God Almighty, but someone else's God Almighty Mr. Jehovah's Witness, who was, and that's the is really problematic for okay okay Mont writing down whatever they defeated or with respect and worst Christmas 12 verse 13 you have those on That guy back to that whole issue about the whole issue of baptism where just let them know the Bible build one more one faith, one baptism of Jesus on site and I also recommend go to Carmen and look at the section on baptism and got all kinds, articles and things written on their got what I'm about what up what I'm about to say on that. Well well 13 by one Spirit. Eric there to catch back to those done by man goes down by God and one done by God be the only one that one baptism, and golf man you see her so you sing a lot of stuff here and you they would have responses to each thing and then we just did dialogue to see how they respond and how to handle those but I do recommend discarded the baptism section. Karma written out responses and stuff to help people out. That's the good way to do it right, but thank you so much I appreciate your ministry thanks man appreciate that God left right left. Okay, let's get all of your phone number really affordable lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to one from Canada one welcome you on the air no matter how you did all right hanging in there. We have a.

That was my question but concerning Catholic doctrine. Let me were taught about Catholic doctrine go about immaculate conception could likely down the aisle you know I get my question of the relationship. Politico 1212 oh goes like this so well actually you know speak more precisely on the on child bearing. The woman will become unclean. Yes, after delivering child parent relationship to link to chapter 2 verse 20 when the day of purification arrived and I wanted to know how do you know how you think Catholic but reconciled it to you and what is your take on. She offered to the she offered the sacrifice is ritually required in order to comply with the law, not that she was sinful that they would pray that you are doing pure but she was not simple did say that because was a mental conception which means her conception was immaculate and the conception of Jesus within her gap is not the Mexican separateness for people who don't know, and so will still say is that because Mary was sinless. Therefore, she was could never become unclean even during childbirth and so she merely complied with the requirements of the law, not that she needed to do so it because a person because of any unclaimed cleanliness in her essay to not use argument-article looking at it. Unlike else she must have considered earth out here. I believe separating why she had to offer. They helped out her turtle dog. I went probably the only quotation from Luke Wright says should be unclean, but they'll say that she wasn't because she was unique. She's the mother of God, you can pray to her and she can answer your prayers as she appeared to people and there's no better way to to conclude about looking to Mary. She thrust into the serpent. She's our holy mother. She this you that a lot idolatrous ran out at the electricians and so the bill to save know she can't be unclean because she's so wonderfully pray to her and she's like a little goddess.

So though to say things like know she was never sent sinless, which was sinless, but she never became unclean.

Jesus was complying with the requirements of the law that all your eating a cop back to Leviticus 12 be about an offer. Yes, it is intimately related. I mean it. It's very hard to reconcile because I'm looking at the I died. I don't think there's any way out of offering no I don't think Jesus was an offer-year-old animal sacrifice for himself because he never spent I ever yeah and say is because it was God who was born through her that it could not be that she would be impure, just as Johnny donated what I and that she hadn't known to fulfill requirements of the law because actresses also do not.

The she was sent out that that she ever send was unclean in the process so they did. They just file that it deserves very bad argument very bad argument of you think about it is that I get my next question. I have a real quick question and not go out and I know that there's a lot of people behind that letter given the chapter question I get my mind my my my next questions about your dating with some job remembered some job Tom jump yes yeah I was again asked Gilbert I watched a lot of the debate and I just want to know it in your history with the very 80th year of the dated monopoly on the water. I was wondering if it comes out.

If you if you feel like come down is probably the most innovative person you've ever debated one of the most yet he he's like that and we had three encounters, I think was three and he thinks he did really well in the last one and so he stopped pursuing me. He didn't do that well at all. He did better than settlements, but he's not that good but he is invasive and this because he's given over to the depravity of his heart and his mind and not debate him again another side of debate coming up on baptism.

Pretty soon it based on limited atonement all manner so that that other Navan is an interesting topic which one you interesting topic of watching the Yarmouth watching debate and I appreciate from them of the individual, but I think you're letting is there a little bit of arrogant.

I'm a little ugly.

What really for me personally recursively added.

I felt like you what dealing with any issues with constantly dodging questions by asking my every statement, you're making a quick shot.

Personally, I think that the Donna yeah it's just a tad else ever the date is a tactic to waste time is why I want to have definitions of front and so defined is to find that an inlet is fine – for definition or two at Scott asked if I would debate amino Original Sin today will admit opponents of what is the point of the definition of Original Sin, because I would feel if look for the top of the debate has to be done so you tell Jeff is not readily there's a break. I tell you they think you two got blessed for folks right back after these messages give me a call 877-207-2276 mass like why call 77077. Here is Matt's way. Everybody all right. We have three open lines of you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 was good to that goal from New York a buddy. I don't know Matt you think you though and where you been man in black and that good will. That's because you're heretical. You need to listen all the time and whatever I tell you. So I tell it has to be all that you hold out that it felt like you nodded I'm going with a little bit of a conflict here with thinking again who had it figured the fastest insulted you siblings are thinking again. You know, it is because Rob unit taken note my white. I'm going to kind of. If you're with us that Mike had their eye even if I should call because it is so convoluted and it takes a long time really blame what he doing, but limited kind of short diet is best. Again, anything to me that my hat.

It showing a little bit too much favor in his sermon toward the political left with the left the ministry all the bring about racial reconciliation, but sometimes I feel like there's a lot of white bashing daughter like you like a lot of firemen yet thought of like kind of lecturing the white bull in the congregation is he a black eye night like okay and he considers himself conservative but a lot of firemen like the left is a little bit of virtual milling unit and this last term that he had let out that a whole bunch of things about from that which is not true.

I bet you little like Trump okay I get it as a big mouth like if you going to think that about him. Please be factual about it, though I do not get a lot more than leaving out and like I might if you think you okay now I think I just want to get your advice on what we do with the event you could what you do electric and construct the lingo talk to him anyway so what is because you know it is no accident, I'm talking to them or whatever you have the rights as a person. Listen to the sermons to bring up the issues, but the sermon to him and you know so if I were a pastor again and people get upset. I have an issue with what you said. I'm on the listen automatically in the listen meant to say well I can't be wrong and on the civil maybe I missed something, because it's that's always the possibility is that God uses people to bring things out you need and a good pastor needs one those features.

He needs to be of the listen and listen to the car. Additional member. So you need to do that enough you got an issue get together as in what he said and what sermon it was and that you think he's possibly virtual signaling you want to go with it without a witness and you want to go through with this. You want to be one-on-one with the guy just trust me on ask the witness all right and that was his. At the same issue is not because I don't trust him is just you need witnesses that was has to do with the witness and you very respectful very carefully so you're having some concern at this and and then just you just talk to your smart guy. But don't let your wife know I said that he reveres Micah was at Sheila's and my guys that felt like my wife called all kinds of stuff but any rate, usually irritating. It follows so someplace inside the sentence by say I just tell her how you use that I do so your.she saw before had a lot but that's what you do is go to go talk to and with love, you know, just back up what you're saying and get your thoughts a written out so that you can understand was going and see what he says because maybe he's doing that he's not aware of it and it could be certainly a possibility. And so when people calling for the radio they criticize me on the air which happens every now and then I listen to them of the list. The evening I listen because I want to know they can do something wrong. Maybe do something right and so I'm open to that, and he should be open to that as well is not open to it, then you have another problem is that the yes yes agree with you everything but yes we are ready to talk to you, you know. And then maybe you're just blowing smoke and you don't know what you could be just a complete doofus good for what I remember so possible that a quick peck on the credit for this, because I know you I know we were driving along and everything I mean no yeah get over that. What I want to say the idea might be that guy you know who you are that guy. That guy you have the issue you know what the issue is you will rely guy that I don't what I don't think that guy look like you know whatever it Sunday preaching you look at me and that you got my boy. You know I don't want to be that guy. Miss you do all you how you because you have to sit close to 300 ballista you go do things like and you slap your forehead and your eyes out and shake it. Just look at him like are you serious that kind of thing you know they just got. It's a lot of fun. I do that and pastors take me next time you will even deal to throw me out.

But the other.

That is not that that all got okay well I think of both myself and my wife and I wipe almost kind of: like a Job wife kinda rolling it like you know I wanted to leave Emily Bidart with Bentley know you can assign the yeah yeah yeah yeah he's on my phone number right. I believe I do. I know I contact an account, you can get envelope levels change so members okay to contact insert your your project nice a guy. You're okay. You know, you kind of appear right but I got like hey by the way you not I talk about my book that I do have a pressing way yeah mental age or physical age that the bit just it's debatable. So how old you have a day how old are you okay Mark what all do you handle it. I thought you were that a lot that you should be a lot more mature than you. You. This is not evidence the way you look pretty all right. I will doubly good work and yeah man Arriba Douglas Deb all right yeah he's a great guy.

We talked a little while back I write this get to Jason from Kansas. What will I can hear you. Are you there lot about another of you will God please whenever you love that God okay I'm starting her to question what was while God please whenever Jesus was baptized because Jesus was doing the will of the father is why he was sent to John 638 to fulfill the law made on the log list for you to do this as part of the eternal covenant of Hebrews 1320 okay are you there I'm not here you Romans 88 all about pleasing you by the laws of the other three will be pleased well is/those who are in the flesh cannot please God. Romans eight with Laredo was Jesus. I gradually cannot please the father by being in a place unit means to be in the flesh of that the term means. Yeah, not the father in the flesh means that your acting in a fleshly sinful did Jesus ever send you the did Jesus have another dog of the dog bit him to do it all of it will do you believe that Jesus is God in flesh obligee was the then down the got on not of the Spirit, but of the begotten son Caleb a crush That I ask another question do you believe Jesus was God in flesh.

That's the question I'm asking you what you need to happen whenever you were being baptized, then ask a question asking a question. I miss was Jesus guidance like you affirm that or denied whenever you bet budget, no born as a baby, do you believe you thought it was one of the got on the 20 remain Jason. Jason is not a Christian and I believe false doctrine and not repent, you need to understand that his career that was God that came flesh from when one of her sport whenever really be back to work again.

That's what came gain the knowledge that went yet as I know it's not anything that's what it says as you do not know you do not know he become divine at baptism as a heresy has been refuted countless times you teaching Harris so so baptism pleasing, though, listen to me talk about Jesus what you do is you ignore what I say you move out you don't listen to the hard hearts, and you are kicking against goats. You're not believing that the true Christ. One problem is you Jesus errors if you don't affirm who Christ is to be on your way to eternal damnation. That's the way it is.

That's the issue we need to focus on go to my website articles about who Jesus is the Scriptures. He did not become God and baptism need not become divine denial of the encounter. Melodically, though you don't listen to what works and sending anonymous, so that is on listening. I really told him how God pleased him how he please the father when he needs the Leamy from Greensboro welcoming on the eye. Are you there hello believing yes you are near the got about a minute what you got buddy yeah and that the damn Simone and damn Simone and the holiday and Sam on talking about how Mary in the law. They believe you admit that open late.

People and Mary cannot interest areas. My question it.

Can Mary outbreak at the phone and you explain all right. But hurry can think all right thank you Mike. I cannot hang up the phone and no Mary we don't know if Mary can kill your first level to say yes or no Roman Catholic Church makes up too much about Mary were out of time. Why doesn't someone call me tomorrow and asked me to explain this present time. Talk about Mary Alice's tell you they make a goddess idolatrous is the Lord bless you and by his grace both back on it tomorrow

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