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September 25, 2020 9:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 25, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Can you clarify 1 Peter 3-18- Was Christ in a spirit form when preaching to the spirits in prison---2- How can someone say they are a Christian and vote democrat---3- Does annihilationism deny the existence of hell---4- Where can I find the early Christian writings collected in one place---5- In Genesis, when Joseph ordered that money be put into his brothers' bags, what type of money was it---6- Where did the Ethiopian eunuch get a copy of the Old Testament scroll---7- Who does God hate---8- What's your opinion on BLM-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
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Matt Slick Live!
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded selection of mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research ministry found online at the time you have questions about Bible doctrine. There is a max why parentheses goals are responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick people give me a call. As usual it was dialing 772-072-2761 hear from you if five open line so nobody is waiting right now your question. All you do is call and if this is a new figure. What is this about. Well the Christian apologist to defend the Christian faith to radio write books large websites very large website question about the Bible, theology, atheism, Mormonism, Roman Catholicism was witnesses. Islam morality you don't all kinds of stuff we would talk with you fellows who talk about government and I'll give you a call 877-207-2276.

You can also watch online is not a big deal but to harm CAR you'll see the link for watching on the right-hand side is also some schools are leveraging what Facebook whatever it is people like to watch. That's a great seat and join the rest of the people chat text and things like that people can communicate alright so with realtor lines now 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield, California Nelson welcome buddy. You're on the air. They met with less well. I got one from Peter three 1318 and I believe what I think will 19 anon but for Christ also died for sins once for all, the just for doing just so that he might bring us to God, having put to death, and put to death in the flesh of my life in the spirit in which he once made proclamation to the first known person was disobedient so there but the death in the flesh and made alive in the spirit about correct wrong but it also reported the following verse were old to those who preach in prison. Meaning that Christ is in the correct display by looking at and one well that what my seat at his desk okay for] before that was called incarnation hypostatic union. There's two distinct natures in one person of Christ.

This hypostatic union cannot be dissolved by the death of the physical body of Christ, the nature of Christ humanity the truth of who Christ is what he's done is always there and always true. And so in the spirit form. Let's assume that his body he was still hypostatic union to purge to put two natures in one person, and so it just in that and so in the spirit you it was alive and he went made proclamation to the spirits known present in the prison so were not sure what that means but it looks like you doing was simply what I lean towards his. He was informing the bad spirits and stuff of why they're in trouble. I don't think it was not evangelizing, proclaiming The first debate on my position is not really clear and then I'm so.

And the other one is 30 starting in verse 23 and 24 together and can you rebuild sure to to take also resolve the finest spices were 500 shekels fragrant cinnamon 250 fragrant, you and Casey, 500 according shekels actuary and all the not getting what about the last one that that the Lord is think most of the last lateral correctness but I thought that it was a commercial on YouTube.

Well, I got my pension were the value of the past.

He was saying that the last one was we mistranslated that the actual word, both will you get the word candidate is that correct or early didn't know go now looking at the humerus… That's incorrect.

Academic objects concordance and everything and they talked about a flower water flowed as Susan know what all of the will of him talking about what I don't like about that and a gun. You know I do know the cannabis okay cinnamon kind of you. So it looks like it might be synthetically with that is, but it's it's phenomenon so maybe that's what he's talking about but it cinnamon is fragrant cinnamon 250 Acacia so no that's not it either. So now I don't what he said okay okay you get your okay. Also think about this… Say it once. This is say that the word is pronounced that way. In Hebrew to say will cannabis is Latin. It's a Latin form for designating a certain kind of plant does not mean that they were in tune with the Latin forms of plant designation back in Hebrew so just people read another sometimes is just like home on its websites and I'll just click the movie the recipe for those living a lie like adult and the motor lived many years that the lack yeah that's a sign that you live a long time yet that he went flexion for 995 will send you his special blend is that what it is now. Yeah, my thought of it is crud economical right yes a canonical Spano.he was get down deep into its published his advances. Third Chronicles, he really went for it. Okay must be at thank you very much, all right, Nelson, God bless already full to flip and I did want to give me a call.

All you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276 plus good to Bill from Charlotte, North Carolina Bill walking on air. Matt hello hello Matt: are you I'm doing all right mail a month ago I would get well simple question.

How could you say that you believe in Christ, about right and vote for a Democrat, I know I'll get the I would recommend recommend that people go on to Netflix and is Netflix or is it to get ready for your stupid stuff to do lately but you had a child born, the child won't talk yeah yeah Judy said trying to get rid of Netflix because of that, but there's a video called Hillary's America and I strongly recommend that everybody will check that out. Denise Desousa produced its downs to go see her yesterday history of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party was the party that supported slavery that supported the KKK and that fought against equal rights in the 60s. People don't know that all yeah and you well someone and working out great having anybody report the burn loot murder organization.

We know that there are market Roman factual pro-abortion and anti-family traditional mom and dad family me all that stuff in here that I live in Charlotte this is through the church from Victory Christian Center really good fashioning pastor Robin Gould and I saw video that you know the video where the dude doing a radio show are not young I'm 65, 30, 20, 30-year-old black guy with glasses that tidy get a dune studio explained that plan that do audio of the founder of BLM and in and in LA where she thought about calling on dead spears.

I think it's going name Keisha. She never met all that you heard that right, but I want to see said Mason with a video.

The video and the dude do the believer and he like you know you by God.

We support this group. This woman, spears the data that's what witchcraft you know when they do the rally they go say the name, say the name let kind of way chanting Chronicles the dead after pastor Gould passed with really large black church in my town. He said one get ready show video none none not been here should be offended by it, but maybe your friend out there is a good thing you need to be offended, and he played the video where the dude got down what that matter… Move is all about, and any eat and he came back to pastor than you know. How could you as a believer support that move in and you know what really Pro sports leagues NFL given 250 million to it today. Not even read the website and realize it is an anti-American organization along with you and lucky for me I don't watch sports. I lost interest six 4050 years ago. I just don't care about sports and you know, I know that the NFL's ratings are just plummeting it. We want sports in order to escape nor to have fun. Yes, get preach that with with the politically correct crap we don't want that. You know, it's just I'm so sick of it I give up sports when when players were trading here. Therefore, for money is no respect.

So I give it up buddy right with an automatic timeline map along that same line that you remember earlier when on, getting getting dog communist China, and Darrell Morey general manager the Houston Rockets that we stand with that. With Hong Kong now, but can be able to do a little tour over there and and and and and a quitter. J made a comment because you need to be reeducated again. They talk about being woken will happen when I woke about the communist aggression, how come they're not woke about the innocent people get murdered and one of the highest gun control cities in the country. Chicago will hear about those murders. Those laws don't matter. You guys got you guys late. Notably, the commands of the officers when there when they're being questioned here and end here and then you know maybe they get shot on nothing right but you know when we obey the officers command when you know what's this is all I'll tell you this is really happening. March 2018. I got a phone call 2019 2000 I think I get a phone call. This is the Police Department come downstairs, what, what, so I go downstairs and was going on and open the front door and there are cops everywhere with the guns pointed at me. This is for real.

Not making this up and what it happened. If someone had called up and said that a quote mining that's look at a shot and killed my wife." As the cops told me so they came there they had paramedics to head Sheriff. They had police they had an ambulance out fire department so it's called getting swatted slightly said come outside. I came outside I did exactly what they lack it had my phone in my hand. This is at night I drop my phone. They said if you want folks give me a call. We write back after these messages we have three open 877-207-2276 mass Y call 770727 show Bill. Are you still there yet Matt unfamiliar with. Michael finished my story because people are what so what I remember.

You know they had the guns pointed at me and said 9 o'clock at night and I could see the rifles and their pistols pointed at me behind the cars, the whole bit. I had no clue what was going on but I knew was mistaken identity thing of some sort, and so they said no sort on don't drop your phone my phone down to my son, my reading glasses off my normal glasses and put your hands up and I did and they said couldn't walk for work not here stop you'll turn around, stop lifted her shirt did what I could walk backwards 15 steps stop, move your left if I did exactly what they said and these were these were loaded weapons on me and I just did what they said they handcuffed me and then the big drug me not drug but they got theirs walking gently did a great job. They brought Bucky back in and they asked me where she wife and I said she's in the window it over there which was a good choice words consider that so that shot and because this will have her come out while she can't she just had open heart surgery and she's recovering from stuff so you know the one in the clean the house and the whole bit. And afterwards they handcuffed me the whole thing in the squad car, and other cannot do you know anybody want to do this to you, laugh six minutes. A lot of people and what witness to the cops and one of them stayed after I get talking longer. You know I stifled the conscious and look you guys had a great job.

I wasn't worried because I knew that this is a missed a mistake of some sort.

I just do exactly what you said Everett is good be fine and everything was fine. No big deal. That's what I do.

If you don't, what if is a car is walking towards it and I open up a door and reaching in the car. They don't know what I'm doing.

They don't know what I got in the car reaching for a gun in it.

Summary disobeys like that would get guns on you and he had two vehicles that one guy did. He got shot.

I don't blame the cops or shoot. I would be even though the guys going to do it.

Don't be LOL maybe they got a shot of back, they could pay. But either way it's a real baby. We obey the command they could. We don't beat us up or shoot to try just do what they say, come on. And that's it again and I've been through and I mean lots of tops.

Lots of and shared yet yet oh yeah I want. That's right, and they they thought I'd kill my wife means so they didn't know there was paramedics their weight or the Netherlands are waiting, ready seriously tell me something though. Whoever made the call effectively to ablated know where that came from my neck collar. This one, the we talked about it may, they got away with it, but the people who got threaten my family before and the FBI got involved that's stored you anyway. Well, you know, we know that we know the liberal narrative that what now what what used to be more grown up what good was good and what's bad with bad back of the op ex Isaiah 520 were those who call evil good and good evil that's exactly getting here and I would suggest that people start studying the Gestapo and the tactics that the used to brainwash people. In fact, with agenda 21, which is the sexualization of very very young children in first second third grade, trying to get them to be involved in pornography and other things. 227 states right now. Now I think they're talking about, you get about sex and then not more than just absolute no talking about it because of the kids around and in radio stuff, but involvement. How to select floors and sing listed mom and dad's morality and things like that it's it's a way of undermining and weakening the families in America. This is for the destruction of our country. Yet it is for the illegal and certain state illegal certain state if it might my wife and I have a boy you have same-sex attraction, but I know it's wrong.

I want to get some counseling to fight the feeling that illegal in California and many other state California where the governor decided the laws lessening the penalties of pedophilia. So we are on a lot of trouble getting the Christian church needs to to stand up. I mean it needs to stand up and it needs to get be marching in the streets. The Christians need to stop about the difference of pretrip poster rapture and stuff like that marching in the streets and don't believe this preacher breakfast offering to get out.

That's just a hopeful dream. We got a start fight for what's right and we had a fight according to law, and if we don't click then the unbelievers are to be the one to take over and they won't deal nicely with us. Just think of Nazi Germany when people say they won't happen in Nazi Germany if people got in control were demonically led and based when after God's people to do the same thing here there already starting to damage churches with the media is not covering it. Churches are being marking you know Mark, the market for life. Every year I get no media coverage right. But if you get 14 leftists protesting something is just front page news all over the place we get 50,000 pro-lifers marching the news just complicit with the in my opinion, the attempted downfall of America with her leftist agenda. I don't understand how any Christian who studied anything could vote leftists or vote for Biden to vote for Camilla Harris or ever ever voted for Obama. I don't understand like anybody with it. Yeah I agree anybody get it either side of the tannic GDM start off with yet I see the people go research the Democratic Party's history.

They have all you unanimously. They've been on the side of proslavery anti-in integration and though they were the KKK. They're the ones who fought against good things this Republicans on the Republican or Democrat.

It was Republicans who fought for the freedom of of the slaves and other things. It is documented, but the news media so stinking leftist that you just can't trade this my recommended buddy go to go to get your phones and get up get the app called conservative news Pro pay a buck 50.

Whatever it is to get the. The Pro version and not supported conservative news Pro you get all kinds of other information out there at the leftist media will tell you okay and if conservative Chronicle and I was in the I've got a forgot circuit. I wonder I want to support the stuff you know I mean you know I answer Bible questions and theological questions but also along with this is a necessity of Christians to stand up and fight against unrighteousness, because it's biblical as well in politics as part of the discussion on what the news is its apartment everything ethic times if the epic times and yank it out yet ethic times is quite good. Also just get the Christian Post in the conservative news Pro and you locate get informed people to Mattel you start praying. How can we as Christians be united to move against the leftist agenda because their goal is for the destruction of America the criminal.

Ultimately, the criminalization of Christianity and the perversion as the legislated norm of sexual perversions, and if you don't agree with them. You're the one who needs the registry educated. This is discussed is what God judges nations look silly when using the Bible Led by him a call back tomorrow.

Talk tomorrow okay for gay folks to write back. After these buses mats like why call 770727. Here is Matt's leg with sugar). I live in them. We better not before, but my body is very my question is about pursuing internal portable. Yes the question it is typical for the testator is no such thing as so as to reinterpret health and so little say is that hell is different and isolationists hold different views and so some will say hello is simply the grave of nonexistence and others will go so far as to say that his actual fire and torment, but after a period of time when youth so to speak, pager debt than your annihilated further those of the extremes okay and then they fall in between those as well. So it's not typicalthing is going to Edward fudge video which I've addressed them on your website but I don't think they would fight, so she is no such thing as the still valid annihilation. Right some degrees of yeah and if you see my articles 180 articles on isolationism. I found out that fudge I would say lied, but he definitely got things wrong. I disinfect checking on some of the stuff and caught a minute and he was obviously he was putting his annihilation list ideas into the Scriptures, but he made several mistakes. I checked the US of you with annihilation lists and it's it's a false view, it's a heretical view this amine are not Christians but there are some serious ramifications could do with the human nature that can affect the nature of the atoning work because of having to say that people cease to exist after death.

That would mean that the hypostatic union was annihilated in Christ death, which would then deny true nature of the incarnation, and some say that while he went in the soul sleep all them then how can that be hypostatic union is in jeopardy with soul sleep because there's no attribution and work of the soul. At this point within this I get more complicated things like the archive had a standing debate offer with the Chris date when the proponents of this to discuss the issue as it relates to his view that the soul cease to exist upon death and how it relates to the sufficiency of the atoning work because that view is is flat a heretical and is close to damnable heresy and depending on what his particular view in the new wants to varying debate was winding is gentle as I am about it, but annihilation is a bit is is very problematic, question an outlet. Thank God Leslie right was joy join Joel John for my your boy SQL let's get to cade is calling from a highly capable computer on the year. There is there I will first want to thank you for all you've done that. I know it a lot of effort and accolade out of the apologetic.

My friend called a pile of headache. This is it is so anyway, I want you want to think that my question was concerning early Christian writing and I don't know if you've done it if you do a basic Google search probably done the work.

What comes up early writing. Early Christian by Peter Kirby. Are you familiar and that no fill.

He has one of the best collections of the translation of early Christian writing and then that the reference early reference to Gmail that they get the hat that the County if the thing that the problem here. The problem here.

It he even felt it morning. I think I don't think you a believer anymore and basically his detailed work is what he says about the documents are the most critical or skeptical nature.

Even that date are given a late date so the problem is I want to show Christians all the evidence for Christ which is great but one of the first things they click on it right which has all the translations which are good and they have a late date, and I have really critical scholarship. There so I get my For you and for many other have more of a collection of those sources are we can go to. Or maybe you know that I you can go to Christian goat and learn about the early sources without all of you kind of propaganda it's taking, and I did know that was out there.

Now I do. Thanks for ruining my day. Worry about this now stuff. Yet he had been on my mind for a while now because I'm at your young looking at it and yet is that all kinds of stuff in their so yeah. Anyway, I'm not sure what to say right now but so I see what he's doing to clean the dates for intensity is 60 okay Gospel of Matthew 80 to 100 make any sense yeah so he's dating things late to the book of acts that would be interesting book of acts puts it 80 to hundred and 30. That's ridiculous. The book of acts contains you know the history of the early church and does not even mention the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., nor does it contain the death of Peter and Paul which occurred around 62 A.D. and so you'd think that yeah, look who's a historian would write and would include the super important things, particular since he recorded the death of of of Thomas Thomas.

I am tardy of sleep last night. Stephen sorry and accept 75 to 60, and so the fact that acts doesn't contain his outs is is strong evidence that it was written beforehand, so he's just holding cerebral idiocy and then we get to the gospel of Luke, which is written before was Luke and I will date between 50 and 70. Not yet. You know, past that point. It's just, you know, you know, I study it great to yeah is a liberal wacko doesn't just go to the little stuff. So that's always going on there. Unfortunately's got his information on people don't know how to deal with it. The next higher critical question is a flue connection yet he's done a lot of work but as a person who was a personal's ministry gospel papyrus Bodmer to intercede see a boy yet.

It would just take a major effort of some woman to come in and deal with these things it's it's a future so yeah yeah basically taking the electrical approach the scholars who reject a lot of it and then they date it late.

Even though part that the court date.

Very boring. Forgot about the passion narrative and the early Cree of course they date, but I would date most of it between 50 and 70. The pile of dishes In Reno. I think what you doing the drilling that bleeding greatest website to find the pack.

The translation, but not for the whole detailed the company cares and the date you, I would agree is been arranged.

Did I case if you hundred 20 A.D., let's yeah I find that when people bring this up to me about the late dates of all this information through the book of acts and the facts and that's why is it that didn't include this and is very very very very important question and out of the address of that in their so not looking at before that.

So it's this lends itself to very early stuff, not late like these guys are doing and the evidence is right there and I've really shut a lot of people up with this that that questioning about the book of acts in a circle record of what it does have one. It doesn't have to. So okay yeah like I challenge you that you address that are included more than 10,000 commentary on your website well II want to things he wanted to do was his church fathers information there. We need a good. The fact is I just need help. Literally I'm working 5060 hour weeks of just converting the site over from Drupal into WordPress get a full-time guy in in Utah got a full-time guy in Columbia full-time guy in Brazil and the other guy in Turkey I would have a guy in Malawi, South Africa area and know it is just a great deal of work. I have over 650 questions. I haven't even gotten to yet. 200 think is 200 preachers and teachers at will to get to post a right on the social justice stuff and the new apostolic nomination and telling you and hope we don't have the funds to build a higher other writers and researchers to do the work that needs to be done and is right now so that I don't think you are and I give Douglas they felt that Kathy's messages to maps like why call 770727.

Here is Matt's link to the callers info.

Waiting is will you guys know I just donated during the break I went and knew the hospital. I know Michael Carbone. I know Stu Epperson the people in charge of the state radio network. These are godly men, good people. They didn't ask you to do this. This is completely just me wanted to do this please go donate to that okay donate to the new hospital think it's something that is worth doing. I kept waiting for the right time. I was doing it I get it done. We need to share the blessings all right. Let's get to and from Charlotte North Carolina. Dan welcoming on the I thank you so much.

I am trying to understand and Janet the 42nd chapter of the birth it down. Number 24, eight, after the Joseph wept about his brother.

Then he gave orders to fill their bag with everyman money what what kind of money was used between Egypt and and where the brothers lived up and looking, but probably gold, silver, because it would have to have some form of commerce between the countries and they could use silver cups were often used for training salt was used as cinnamon spices.

So to be using different form building waves.

The word money doesn't necessarily mean any thing wouldn't let her know that I wouldn't know in that particular case it does or doesn't. But I would assume it was something going is because many coins to go back very very long time.

So think is that so they did have different ways of of you like a bushel of of weeks might be worth a certain value trait, but it became easier to do coinage because become standardized at that point, so they had some Sica they would be considered wealthy by her know as well.

He's kind of a did a subjective term, but I'm sure they were there were never prosperous. I would say okay don't think I don't know.

I read the Bible, right Mind and it makes me wonder like in that in going to the New Testament in acts chapter 31 chapter 8 verse 30 that Philip and that ought Ethiopian profits and he said do you understand what you're reading. So I was wondering where did he get a copy of the scrolls of the Old Testament, the Ethiopian unit where, but he did units are often used two guards and palaces so the implication is there. He could've had access to some real riches and some powerful people who might've had documents like that that's generally not unusual this time and I wouldn't be that unusual. And, incidentally, I believe the Bible on I'm sorry. When I read the Bible also like that comes up and I'm thinking it will.

I'm thinking pragmatically liken 20/20 term.

Wow, what, how did that guy get better how to think what kind of money like a eunuch. That's why units were useful in palaces usually enrich homes and things like that were special privileges in varying things were, they would guard didn't have to worry about the ladies forget my craft. Okay, incidentally, he is gone bad and you gone back and like spread the news down there and I don't know. You would think so, but don't know my Genesis on every in verse 35 it says that with money and the Saxons probably coinage just so you know going on is really the Bible okay. Violeta called with to get to arrive buddy okay. All right.

Is it the building California bill welcoming on the air met with Michael sir. I know the Bible for about 5 feet yes what I hate people. 38 certain critical candidate that support apportionment, so belong to say that people get offended by only one unit. I don't like something to submit is not true. Truth doesn't care about her feelings and so on. Psalm 55. This would assess the boastful shall not stand before your eyes. You hate all who do iniquity of promoting homosexuality pellets pedophilia on abortion. These are definite iniquities, and so God would have hatred towards them absolutely don't see why the problem is, some salt, some love and some 55, some 11 five says the Lord tests the righteous and the wicked and the one who loves violence his soul hates. So I just heard on the the blaze, which is nine names Linda think very much. I was listening this morning at doing an errand and interviewing the guy who said that in did get all the details so I got the last part of it. So those are some film crew that was that look like they were really legitimate head equipment had the whole bit.

And they were lying and they went into a crowded area were able to get to the police to hold that and then started accusing this one individual torque Glenn Beck was in a joint say he's a racist is this a cause that because it and eventually try to get him killed and so most, but when I heard the police came in and saved and so he was very traumatized by this and so these people love violence they were promoting violence.

They want violence in the Bible says the one who loves violence his soul hates so that the Bible says is repented for songs and regardless of the world God sublimed her blood location server.

Jesus is not who Christ is and God is righteous and he is a God of war at some time, got a piece of others.

But the Bible does say that he takes the wicked is his upon the wicked Hill ring snares, fire and brimstone and burning wind will be the portion of their cup and that's what it says in Psalm 11 set up the Lord supports provided got the support apportionment merit that eight and I'm telling everybody in the Facebook team is on 55 go back there in silence all my life I is Quinsigamond.

Love you guys can all resist the true and living God in your unrighteousness and if you love these things that God hates.

He was well but you need to turn and repent and come to the saving faith in Christ because if you don't the judgment of God will come down upon you strong on that final day. Just preach from the truth. They don't like it, not your problem but a lot on parenting. What good Job on the support God.hate the guy did it. God will cinnamon right say he loves the sinner but hates the sin know he hates the sinners well. This is a common miss Elmer's about to suck. In fact, Ephesians 215 says this by abolishing Christ by abolishing in his flesh the enmity which is the law of commandments contained in ordinances so they might make it to one new man and enmity.

The context here might be a God and his 10 people, but some Saint Michael the Jews and Gentiles with the whole thing is that enmity is a strong hatred and this exists in God is opposed to the proud, he resists the proud and arrogant.

His soul hates those who love violence. He hates all who do iniquity is what it says and says, Psalm 45, seven, you have loved righteousness and hated wickedness.

Therefore God, your God is anointed you because he is people have hated wickedness and God anoints them in a favorable way.

We Christians are supposed be going around to say well assess your thing and what is that it will not work to resist evil and we can pray that God deals with evil people appropriately as these wacko leftist morons are out there being violent and distracting and walking the cop to shoot them they need to be dealt with according to the law swiftly and yes like you want people to stop calling God. God only go to the Bible all the God of the Bible and using a strong American everybody punished right blonde hair like location server.

Jesus dressed in a woman's nightgown asking for permission to come in your heart. That's the false Christ taught a lot of American churches in American culture.

No, Christ is the one backing judgment and he will destroy the wicked and we want we don't want that to happen to. I want people to go to heaven to preach the gospel to arrive buddy move along a call arrive at God bless this get to Jennifer from Los Angeles sorry when the long time to Jennifer you on here. I doing well.

We've got going and I think I hardly know what people back lives matter to an article on a black lives matter is a Marxist anti-Christian organization and it's for the destruction of the nuclear family. The promotional homosexuality transgender is and things like that. And one of the founders believes was called the breeze act and the breeze act she promotes it.

The reject is especially communistic document and DLM is basically an antichrist movement now does that mean that we shouldn't see the black people matter of course I do. Why people matter. All people matter. That's how it should be taught that thought should be equality black lives matter is by definition racist is think about black lives matter and Teresa thinks we should be all lives matter brought one race that should be which taught uses only one race, the human race were different sizes, shapes, colors and genders just two genders and we should promote the truth of God's word not stand for this political correctness in the flapping in the wind direction have to be right.

It took her time some guy says okay I will I will you don't think that I am not angry lately. You and I are right I can Arctic parents, check out however breaking talent. Z is a lot of racism in the black community was abused and had been abused up until a few decadent decades ago. No shamefully and it was the Democratic Party that help promote a lot of that stuff was don't know you do your research you do this to be stopped. When you stop and not fight by burning and looting stop by the preaching of the gospel to changing hearts. That's how it's done, but they want depression, and it causes resentments cause more problems. Have you ever call back tomorrow right and everybody else. Eric and John and whoever else is calling right now to get in time all back tomorrow and then call the number earlier, the Lord bless you. You later

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