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September 25, 2020 9:00 am

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September 25, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What are the works referred to in Ephesians 2-8-9- In speaking with someone from the International Church of Christ, they said that this was referring only to the works outlined in the law.--2- Can you explain Matthew 27-52---3- Is Elijah going to literally come again, such as being one of the two witnesses in Revelation---4- How do you distinguish between spiritual oppression and spiritual leading---5- In Colossians 2-12, what' the connection between faith and baptism- Is it baptism of the Holy Spirit---6- What is the Buddhist idea-concept of the self- -needing help for a college course---7- What is your view on hallucinogens---8- Is there a timeline for the end times-

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A previously recorded Netflix show why is why you have questions about Bible doctrine is a Matt Slick Live parentheses calls and respond to your questions and even though his 9/11 towers were destroyed and the Muslim world rejoiced because of the thousands of people killed in the slope if you want to call you want to talk about Islam. Feel free to question any other topic that's fine matter on Islam teaches.

If you are interested and go seek to watch a show all you do is dial 877-207-2276.

You can just go to Facebook and also watch on watch on YouTube now. I do Facebook and on we ran out of friends are people who want to go finding whatever and I don't do very much of it because it is over the years I've had a few people to Christians, you know, I could tell look at their bios little bit and I'll do that over the years so I asked out and so someone suggested I do it's called domestic fan page and I did so, tell me that it was better to do it that way. And so what is going on. If you are interested in checking it out all you do is go to Facebook fan page you get the information you need. Not a big deal but there is also we have thoughtlessly three online schools. If you're interested school of theology.

One of apologetics and one on critical thinking and other self-paced they are very easy to use and I might add a lot of great information and even if I do say so myself, having been one of them took me about two years to three schools.a lot of information in there and it systematically arranged so that you can go through, lesson by lesson and learn what it is that theology teaches.

You can check that out if you want to do harm dots or see RM.OR and on the right-hand side you'll see the link to the school.

Not a big deal but usually, people get the lights off so if that sounds good to you and you I do that please check all rights I see we have four lines of you want to give me a call 87720722761 just about wanting to get to Nicholas from Florida Nicholas welcome you on your hey dog with you.

I really appreciate it. Thank you, so I had a question, so I have interacted with the international Church of Christ in your report has been invaluable go. I was talking with someone trying to minister to them in the coal day.

I went to eat and fewer currently justified by faith, not of works. Their response was works in that passage are only referring to the works of the tour of the old covenant style law have never heard that before. I had honestly no idea how to respond to that. I want to get your thoughts. See okay so then was a contact… That means the works of the Old Testament law.

Are you saying baptisms work in the New Testament, they can refer to that if the Old Testament law hello are you saying that baptisms work.

The New Testament is that I just asked the question just see second if they say it's just the works of the Old Testament law then I would ask them to demonstrate that that's the case, they can make the assertion, but all you do so well okay show coming from how that is the case, show me from the text that that's was talking and need also cross-referencing with Romans 45 which says this about to the one who does not work but believes in him justifies in godliness, faith is credited as righteousness. She could cross representing apologies and woodwork. There and the you know he doesn't.

Ephesians 28 and nine and so could you please explain.

Is he talking not just the works of the investment law that it is in Romans 45 is the one who does not work but believes such faith alone to sing is only the Old Testament laws anything that didn't have much can you show me that in Scripture show me that in the Bible worked its restriction to the Catholics to the same thing I room 328. We maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law and the site will that's just the Old Testament and the state's things like the ceremonial law, the oldest dubs. Pick something out of the law as it refers to. In other words, to make in the Scripture say with a want to say to fit their theological error.

So the way to Tonga and I got a question for you to relinquish it. That identical couple questions for this set them up on this okay so ask, are we justified by faith is asking that question and getting to see various things but diagnose it from 28 Romans 45 Romans 51 glacier 262 21 teach that we are justified by faith is what you want to do is get them to say that yes because the Bible says in Romans 51.

Having therefore been justified by faith. Just read that to them as they are we justified by faith. If they argue with that. You get Scripture with a generator to do a Seagate yesterday justified by faith. When you get baptized. That's gonna be the response is it okay that I have a question or justified by faith.

When you have faith or not before justified by faith justified by faith we have faith or it's not the case or justified by faith we have faith see the problem for okay all right Dinky don't want your help I really appreciate you taking my call and no problem. I called Becky to let me know how it goes with them or have them call me up. I would love and LOVE love as in the door is in share ratio which is in really wanted to happen.

They would call me up and argue about baptism over the over the air fund alive. I will actually be calling back have a feeling I would be interacting with people a lot more well good to happen is you have to bone up on covenant theology.

Baptism works imputation justification and some other things and give you one other pointer need to look at Colossians 214. Colossians 214 divert critical versus verse 13 says having forgiveness all the transgressions.

Verse 14 having canceled the certificate of debt consisting of decrees, which is also to if he took it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross so you can discuss this with them. What is a certificate of debt that was canceled at the cross. And since it says in the previous verse, having forgiven us all our transgressions, having canceled certificate of debt wealth cancel descendent and ask him is your sin that canceled when you get baptized and ask an admissible course that is taken to Colossians 214, which is was canceled across his canceled, the cross has a Catholic or baptism that killer question, for they will do okay. Justified by faith we believe, but this index cancel at the cross make sense yet not not make a lot of though I arrived again. I really appreciate I've been darting out all you know that I really appreciate all that the reason for the appointment go from a lot of stuff therefore you are right.

All right. Thank you so much Douglas right okay I was Nicholas from Florida. We have four open lines felt so when you give me a call 877-207-2276 this good to Joe from Australia and Joe welcome your on here: are you the I'm doing all right it's a millionaire and the lady called from Australia so we got your book. To put it out there going off right before Fido. Gopal appointment. The fourth, recouping the strength placed on his right so you learn about is on the crime so that a fixed Matthew chapter 27 versus 52 no. I agree with you. It's good poetry in the volatile McLaughlin email will believe in electronic file audibly when the reps about noncritical beds all the ages you promote. All you teach from the Bible by the equipment is ready to just not explained nephew through the seven versus 50. Problem is that since since. Incidentally, I convince you to age model to Paul and Jesus taught.

Just so you know, I also believe the rapture okay because the Bible does teach me to talk with you puts on this a tombs were open and many bodies of the saints who had been fall asleep a race that you talk about your anyone know what that in the conflicts overheard it was referring to the people who died in Christ and belief one way or another, and that fall asleep and they were raised they were not raising glorified bodies through this raised as resuscitated as was Lazarus, John 11 living and dining all are. Kurt your regular doctor glorified body revoked the bulk of Jesus is the firstfruits tingle cluster 115. For that, and you go to Romans as significant as 1535 and 45 talks about the resurrected body and Jesus is the first one risen from the dead.this point in the glorified body that is at this point when he was crucified the body's things opened up so he had been resurrected, so good. Just the ones who were resuscitated left to say and they end up dying again later. That would've been interesting conversation with those people would use.

Yes, it is also about the rapture you know of first Thessalonians 416, two Fibers to disable the clock to get a meeting with the clouds and that's where rapture is so is politely and post trip rapture pretrip self.

You alum Parker, Dir. It is a logical trip. I believe one and repeat it 321P, my more you know you for the work it will get cold at first the equipment for one student calmed within order because there's like the goodness of this age and the H become the perfect sent but not really quickly ministry in the old particular strip will mend all bless call anytime buddy okay the operation of public treatment. They know what I missed, but all right.

Hey, let's get to Mike from Washington state.

Mike welcome you on the I mad I had a question about Matthew 1710 and 11 regarding Elijah the prophet I go to a dispensational church that holds to Elijah the prophet will come again. There's a break: sure about that is her timing that we stay to have 7207 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave, welcome back to the show call. We have three open lines on this lovely Friday 877-207-2276 Mike from Washington state back on the air. Hey gang, so my question was regarding Matthew 1710 and 11, when Jesus tells the disciples that Elijah truly shall first come and restore all things that King James and the NASB is that Elijah is coming and what will restore all things. I believe that this has opened up the door for people like Herbert W. Armstrong and Armstrong cult or William Branham from Brenneman is him to cells.

Coming of Elijah. I go to a dispensational church that holds to that Elijah may come with the two witnesses and of course I I've seen that in the MacArthur Bible commentary under Matthew 17 I I was also filled in John the Baptist. I just wanted to know your view will debate about its something that the two witnesses will be returned to die.

Moses and Enoch is Moses and Elijah is so resistant dust on there's discussion and debates on who those are when it says here Elijah is coming and will restore all things. But I city that Elijah already came. They did not recognize him what he's talking about John the Baptist on why we talk about John the Baptist.

Well Elijah had a camel's hair, mental and John the Baptist's father Zechariah was a temple worker and he may have had access was just pure conjecture. But it's fun may have access to certain things that were in the temple, and that one of the theories is that of the met the camel's hair mantel that John the Baptist wore might've been the same one that Elijah had which would designate from the Kroger which redesignated him as being a prophet, and so you went to see him. Why would they got to see him will to be if it was the case that he was wearing Elijah's camel hair mantel, then it would have been very interesting for people going to see what this guy doing and saying so anyway this is conjecture will know for sure, but so it seems to be that that's is what Jesus is talking about between all of these things. I don't know really what the right answers. I know that Elijah here is typified by John the Baptist who was proclaimed and prepared the way of Jesus look Moses and Elijah appeared in 17 the Transfiguration.

So who is it can appear in the last days, Moses and either Elijah or Enoch. And that's about it until you have a study that Superdome on that.

Okay so when you see the phrase Elijah truly shall first come or Elijah is coming and will restore do you believe that Jesus is saying a future event or do you think that Jesus is simply reiterating the truth of what the scribes and Pharisees told the disciples because when it says to restore her last things in the future tense. What is it mean is it says sealants of cutback referenced in Malachi 45 behold send you lies the prophet before the coming the great and terrible day of the Lord well in the great I don't immediately place that in the future because numerous days of the Lord throughout the Old Testament that MA don't always point to the future, like the bid. There is coming a future day of the Lord, but I'm wondering if Malachi 4 is speaking of simply the time 2000 years ago and if I was a place Malachi 4 and timeline. I just simply wondering if that future.future tense about Matthew 17 is simply just a like if I was to say that the Saxons in the Normans precede the English on United Kingdom territories, like a prophetic presently get at the certain tense of speaking.

I saw one set I got a list wore red stuff on it before and there's just debates on what it is.

The reason this debate is because we don't know for sure because the Scripture is not your I believe is not clear for a reason. A lot of times the proceeds of Scripture are very clear, and sometimes are not, and I think it has to do with if it was exactly clear would cause problems prophetically because the people know exactly some things then they might thwart what it would prophesy so sometimes prophecies need to be kind of vague even though sometimes are not so says Elijah is coming and will restore all things, because he said that he's going to give us all things, yet it is in the present tense. You talk about John the Baptist which is which we wouldn't accept it future. It seems to make sense that you write are different phase of the Lord a different context, but there is the day of the Lord which come like a thief and that's an eschatological final day and that is something that you direct message here specifically and so were not really sure what's going on and then what Jesus does is what is article Elijah is an economist and restore all things. But he already came knocking to see the right of people going okay this is no accident by the campfire through this without energy be different views on it and that's what we have and that's why. To be honest I don't know exactly what it means. I just don't know. Okay well literary I see that Mark chapter 9 that futuristic contract by saying Elijah, verily, first it done. You have that truly shall first come that the King James says I just let discomfort say that right so I'm going to do is hold to the fact that John the Baptist was Elijah, and I just don't see a future coming of Elijah needed and you can correct me if I am slamming the door to hard on this. That's where Linda and I have for now so that coleader.

According Old Testament prophecy about Elijah. Elijah's coming as is it is a statement of historical future where he saying he's referencing. I like that is called an illusion not of a quote but to elude a LL elude to something where he's referencing, alluding to the idea of his.

His return is coming back, and how these can answer please coming. This means coming right now and with but what gets me is and will restore all things. That's what throws me because that's that's Christological.

Jesus can restore it. So that's what throws you a going on here irrevocably was my from Washington state with three of the lines vote because 776 Matt Flynn why call 770727 charismatic slave Joe Karam from North Carolina ministry called sure you know what time without I get caught like a spiritual growth spurt.

You know you're going closer to God. He started the forgot about didn't realize were there and there were times I wasn't sure if I was being led by the spirit of thinking big by the spirit about being oppressed and there was a line of thinking that got me through it and I like to run it past you. The it is found or or was it just got really faulty thinking that I think what I was was the thing was taken advantage of a time where my conscience and so there were things that I would think of that all the company to do but feeling pressed like you needed to write man couldn't ask questions about it was but it was no not gotten a question got it all right now and that didn't seem to fit with enough force of life was ready. He will not break it into light as gentle as they are, it felt more like maliciousness and and I guess you're thinking of Satan accusing us what felt like and the thought that came to me was the image of God leading the sheep and then almost that same time the thought came in about how he with cattle are driven by sheep are led and cursed personal… Driving up Canaanite driving different groups out there that infinite good thing when I was go computer this time.

The thing that thought was God. God leave the sheep and his gentleness there but it will like I'm pressed end and can't question not not question this type of question understand the colectomy that was possibly of the devil and I was like a lock on that the bomb outline in that war magnet helping somebody here's the thing.

My times it's difficult to determine which is spiritual oppression which is virtually we have to understand that God will discipline us at the right time and we can mistake it for a demonic force and that's not to say that God, in demonic forces are in interchangeable and on discernible is just that sometimes we can't tell if God is disciplining us or the demonic forces are after us notice differences. But when the pilgrims came over here Dave Mexico from Europe.

They met all kinds of problems, storms, and their blown 200 miles off course landed in an area that will work with you being in you when they were in England were ships of England will leaving your one of the ships spring, only to return. Is it demonic oppression or is it God's testing. You know, it's hard to tell sometimes because circumstances are interpretable as what we have to do is always check the Scriptures and if the motivation is to honor God and then there's resistance then we have to make sure that we are honoring God within the will of God that takes prayer, sometimes fast and then we move forward and if it doesn't violate Scripture, and we recently see counter stuff hit us they would appear to be as a demonic influence and even then we can always be sure somehow you can get. So it's a little bit difficult to build answer question because it's just a little tough.

If you would you say that even when God what we can archway that there's still something that there is a wagon 20 and that is one when times were not part of the depression. It felt like there was no way out doing in a way that I still had questions about him destined run up against not the end of the if you like it okay have no other way to get out a certain way.

Well, what is a certain way is by pull the trigger killing someone else from robbing somebody will then you know that wasn't from God.

So without having specifics is difficult not asking to give specifics to your speaking in generalities and that's okay but the answers have to be in generalities. And even if they were specific countable people before it's hard to understand sometimes exactly what's happening. This is what we had to move by faith. The just shall live by faith.

You have two forces is with due if it and here's know as I said earlier, you've got a check it was Scripture. Always check it was Scripture, and do your best and here's an issue of faith. If you're not sure move towards God through it, asking God to guide you and see what happens yet and that's what I felt like out trying to do it. I get the Bromley question. The daughter was when I felt like I was living kind of speak clarification from God.

It felt like that would be to help develop like there not a little boy with Bonita. The thought of anything that you can't do that and it seemed to me like something trying to keep me from well that was formatting on braille yet.

I was so can't comment so is the generic advice is all I can give you apply to specific situations, but we're not sure pray and ask for God's direction. Check everything was Scripture and move forward by faith and you'll make it through. That's just a general rule, all right. I am unit asked sometime back for T-shirt ideas. When you go out to the credit and I have an idea it if I interpret if I interpret your humor correctly on you said you you have a form of autism asked burgers that I was thinking that you could have a teacher that the autism webinars for the gospel back is what your superpower what like that is good to submit unaware when you carry my base of the nervous with her ultimate through with me in that predicament goblets. All right, it's like the teacher that is pretty good and yes folks for the newbies who are listening.

I do have asked burgers is an autism spectrum disorder and built a few years ago. I know five or 10 ago and whatever. And a lot of people have issues.

All right, let's get to Patrick from Charlotte, North Carolina Patrick, welcome any man all you know I'm I'm doing all right, yawning.

The little bits which I sometimes do this hour, but we got man what's up.

My question is on Colossians 212 and you leave that sure having a dead within the baptism in which were also raised with him through faith in working ago to raise the debt okay so what's the connection between faith and baptism of the Holy Spirit didn't say baptism of the Holy Spirit says plow that because not just rely on. I don't think it's water bath well I'll baptism was is representative of the baptism of Christ when he was baptized were baptized. When he died. We were.we died. He was crucified or crucified in the skull federal headship that he represented his people once given to him by God the father. John 637 through 40.

And so skull federal headship representation of the male represents descendents of those who are in him. We are in Christ first 2015 22, so it's as were buried with him in baptism. That's interesting because it is water baptism then be buried with him when you get baptized or were we buried with him when he was baptized. That's what I would hold to because of the document federal headship particular Romans chapter 6 it says, for example, it says knowingness in her old self was crucified with him. Well, there you go, and us as we died with Christ.

Romans 68 so well. It seems a point to Christ's event had been buried with him in baptism with him in baptism I think is referring to is active baptism.

I believe that he reviewed his people. That way, and this is your raised up with him. It has his identification federal headship and covenant faithfulness, which most Christians today don't are not familiar with. Don't know about. Okay well one.

Colossians 214 are that really at our baptism, no doubt, is the Greek word Corolla graph on hand writing. It's a complex Domino which means it appears only once in the entire body text. Social that's only place of one word appears in the entire New Testament and it has to do with. It wouldn't means is a handwritten IOU legal indebtedness of Jesus equated sin with legal debt in our father who art in heaven with her name.

Forgive us our sin in Luke 11 for forgive us our debts in Matthew 612, so it says here was that officers in the hold on him. Got a breakup number one talk more about this both right back after the mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave back in one last segment of the show.

Yes, I am so well. Colossians 211 describes say without hand but done by Christ, one that be the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It does not say baptism of the Holy Spirit. There you couldn't read it. It would mean that in some other areas stock would have been buried with him in baptism, the implication there is of the application of the water is with us as we see Paul using the same phraseology and end of Roman 64 therefore have been buried with him through baptism into death.

Now I can expand on this, but don't really need to give these nuances rabbit trails right now so just read read of what it says in this context seems to imply water baptism.

There seems to but it might not will you read Colossians 211 in your subject circuit is made without hands, and the move of the body, the circumcision of the flesh of Christ.

Yes, and some say that that's not it never was and is a city water baptism is a covenant sign the replace of New Testament or Old Testament circumcision is okay.

Look what you call before and we just go around in circles.

I give you an answer you this argue use. I would position you want to get to someone will do his will.

Just ask.

It doesn't get anywhere. Courtney from Chicago Courtney welcome you on the air I'm doing right by God's grace young man are your world current break the universe and again world introduction one of our have an issue note like graph or not graph the emotion of the bill and all over your life out of our contract, but non-you know about this idea of self is no there is no immutable constant unchangeable thing called the self so this is the problem with it that 18 is a paradox problem. They teach that the self itself is not a perpetual absolute thing, but it loses its identity and then is reincarnated with vendors was called the moral necessity of the moral problem you have moral things that affects your rebirth in reincarnation will if the self is not absolute if the self is not something that continues on in her and is self existent or absence of existence with any of a consistent absolute thing what it is and how can any moral right or wrong be applied to it.

If it changes. If someone does something wrong in this life, and then they die. How can that moral right or wrong carry with them to affect the next incarnation. According to Buddhism since the self is not absolute but it varies and can get absorbed into the department to nothingness. The weird thing about his is more or less what not will get it's an atheistic religion and so the problem here. Many levels of problems with this issue. The soul sheet. For example in materialism.

I use this argument with atheists. If there is no continuing soul no continuing mind if the mind is a product of the physical world. The physical brain. If your physical brain changes, then you're no longer who you were 20 years ago, your bodies change your physical brain is changed you the same person. So how could you be held responsible for things you do when you're 20, at the age of 50. Because under materialistic or physical stick ideology with the physical brain is reconstituted through food molecules being implanted in the brain and body brain changes. Therefore, the essence of what you are changing.

This is a problem materialism. It's similar to this issue here because I think it is say that there is no supernatural divine being in the transcendent nature of the soul than what is the soul and they say the soul has no real self will then how can you have moral responsibility and culpability from one like another three cents and also get the soul of the mind that we are the thing that says I am you know that that part of what we are is based in the physical is not supernatural will then in the same materialistic problem that applies to slightly marry you will like Reggie Carol Hill Laura Coaldale person or you know you also lead Uribe wanted a better life. Okay let me live all the problems that this is bleed out.

You know what it teaches kids in the eyes of the soul ceases to exist, but denies it has eternal, immutable essence so it challenges the moral attachment issue and you have the issue of the nature of culpability was in there and was called property dualism problem and giving us through it to jump on warm air fair view of the non-girl and by the way out part of our quiet reading material was an article for the article website very much and thank God. But you will like is an allusion case how you have an allusion that then reincarnate's how you have that doesn't make sense okay or remnant goblets, but okay.

Alright, let's get to call from Idaho right here in Idaho. Carl welcome here again. I writes would you like Mario what is your view on the are okay under proper medical supervision, but not to be taken for entertainment reasons.

Okay, how about more electoral. That's not medical necessity. See, there are certain hallucinogens that have been used medically as I can say all religions are bad or all are good, so ungrammatical for medical reasons. For the for helping someone under the proper circumstances but to for intellectual this or that. Basically you're doing is just for fun and to learn something new you're opening yourself up to demonic oppression, possibly we are not to misuse what God has given us to alter our minds, simply to be entertained okay right okay I and incidentally the Greek word for sorcery is pharmacopeia – think about okay I went out about that. I got back a long time cabinet.

By the way, I've been taught that and are Medicare. You know the whole drug no. I'm still a bit confused on you know where you draw the line because God give God gave it the plant is not done by Sharon Lee for intellectual experience that if you see your Calvinists you you and you do this the same time need to repent nutritionally delighting for entertainment can be beneficial in years ago on okay now not entertainment okay I wanted I wanted by the highest and we just too much to put any ideas of people's heads were list now yet so drugs are not to be taken for just for fun or for expansion of consciousness and all that New Age kind of all cultic stuff may underwrite supervision. Medically, they can be administered and it's not that common.

Okay right but I okay I let them talk you later.

All right this coming year with Jan from Virginia Jan welcome you on the timeline term was released from the sale.

He is actually the antichrist trying to trick up and I will begin a crisis segment difference same person I so but there's different views of the millennial view we would basically say that he's been let loose 100 or so years ago issue is a vague number of because the nations are gathered and things like that in the premillennial video he wouldn't be released until the thousand year period is completed all right closely towards it.

How long after that that would make any sense because the antichrist is released before the thousand year reign in the premillennial IQ in the millennial view they would be concomitants or sputum about the same time, saving the release first in the antichrist later on and will be indwelt by Satan and things like that) not really out scriptural timeline from before he cry no parent already super hyper dispensational is to wants to add in a subcategory called the dispensation of between is, which is between Satan's release that I flip the soul so I got what they are, why conversation back and die with more war and I and all that kind of thing really, when really don't know to be 15 years, 20 years hundred year reign in the moment got you right which says that the satellite neuritis is a figure to bring because of that figurative number because it's in the middle of Revelation 20 beginning the chapter, which is so full of figurative usage and write good.

Satan was bound.

According to Jesus in Matthew 12 2232 so if that's the case right right and if it's as as Jesus says that the wicked were taken out of his kingdom, and the liquor taken before the good are 13 then that lends itself in support of all millennialism but the others interviews tooling and some some verses itself kinda make more sense in the premillennial vehicle so little grind on some of the stuff I wound that will be right on trying to find their way right now called in which one question and I heard John talking about that you have a very quick question, Matt. We just read it is music this week. All right, Zapata, Barack Obama, actually they flow sorry about that 9/11 must pray for America really I goblets every

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