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September 23, 2020 9:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 23, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What does 2 John 1-9-11 mean- How does this relate to unbelieving friends---2- Can someone understand the Trinity wrongly still be saved---3- What do you think is the cause of people seeing Mary and the supposed miracles---4- What does mysticism mean---5- Does the narrow way in Matthew 7-14 mean that we should not ever sin---6- How should we as Christians respond to all the racial tension- How we use the Bible to combat all this---7- How can I best battle anxiety and worry---8- Who is Jesus talking to in Matthew 7-22-24---9- Is it biblical if a believing spouse to remarry if they are abandoned by the unbeliever-

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A previously recorded net slideshow mats like why is the president found alive. More you have questions about Bible doctrine is a map why branches called responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick right they welcomed what I hope you'll have a great weekend. I people over last night barbecuing what it was windy your heart is a barbecuing like 80 miles an hour wind like that is just a barbecue to slide across the patio and I'm doing the thing and people of your lack laughing and mocking me inside the house lot of fun, but I survive and hotdogs and hamburgers taste pretty good, and what if you want all you do is give me a call 877-207-2276 and hopefully will get to hear from you and let's see.

So if you want to watch the show.

Not a big deal, but people do like to watch. We do have a chat room with people that come in and you can chat with like-minded actually not always like-minded people just talk to somebody about a rather obstreperous woman who was full of vitriol and condemnation and judgment, and hatred, and witnessing to work trying to witness you know for and ask people what color Kool-Aid.

They drink when they give me this political correct stuff and you know you know me, I just do not follow the crowd.

I don't do that, biblically or socially. I just never did you know is not my thing. I do agree with the Bible says in a study make up my own opinion about things I don't believe what the celebrities say, give a flying rip with a six and the news okay work from want to check out sources make church legitimate stuff like that so well.

That's why don't cover BLM I condemn NT 4.0 leftism is a plague and other cancel. Culture is monotonously stupid, just basic stuff and I like to say things like that. What you may call me talk so if you want to give me a call to open lines 877-207-2276 and you know what kind of folk primed fire. Let us see what happens here. Okay, let's get the phones with George from North Carolina. George welcome you are on here on call or enjoy your show Michael whole war wonder if you ever heard of. You got a little fee now or you got like Leonard Skinner pipe dear white dear girl were very interesting video really know.

I haven't heard of just another list of people are going to do. Don't penalize that isn't see looking to assist put them on the list would have thought a lot of people to study. No, I haven't heard of that I remembered about the good work. I think I'll even listen I think about it on six months and I haven't scared you yet another good thing okay announcing a picture of them. You writes the beard thing like that all you know what all check my little but okay they said I meant, I should point them out. You do a blast. If folks want to give a call 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Nelson from Victorville, California. Nelson is a hot down there they met only get about the hundreds about I heard was like a whole hundred 20 in LA yesterday or something like this weekend to the true oh well well enough with about 100 hundred hundred and 14 here Victorville leave Sunday is pretty hot.

I want you to know that I would like you like I get my quick from back in John 19 311 to pick it up. Anyone who goes too far and is not Bible teaching of Christ does not have God the one who buys in his teaching or the teaching he has both the father and the son.

If anyone comes to does not bring his this teaching did not receive them in your house would not give a greeting to the one who gives him greeting participate in his evil deeds. My question is about a force about that in my life and that folks were about a friend of mine that it leave the mold with and I encourage him from time to time in the things of God.

I have participated in radio radio show and on it talk to you and little talk about Dr. numb on the radio encourage model on the one to encourage, but life actually and but you know right then about the Trinity and and MMI and that line right there. We just place, let's talk about what it means in second John, just a little to culture so that when we read read it when I get there say so, how it was back then is gone. Coming also sees me could hit a man almost when you went from one place to another place towns, small towns had reputations and they were largely under the obligation to be hospitable to foreigners and to travelers because if that town were to gain a bad reputation then people would avoid the town and that wasn't good for commerce. It was good for fellowship with this reputation and so this is one of the aspects. Another one was that when someone would come into a town and go into home, there was had ends sometimes but one time he didn't because I don't want to be big enough and so they might have someone's home. That was kind of designated as you know, I'll take you winter so-and-so will take you when it's will to do that take them into the home.

In that context was to was to encourage them in their journey and warm them in their journey of whatever's. It was that they were doing. So if the heretics are coming through teaching false doctrine against God, then you don't welcome them into your home.

You don't give them quarters so that your helping them in their journey of heresy and false teaching. That's the basic idea of everyone participating so excuse me, but you get the thing is if you are participating with them. It is the safest raining outside and and his car tires flatten you say stay here.

You know will fix in the morning. That's different. But if he's using hey I need a place to stay while I get on the radio or go to churches and teach about moralism then you can't help them. That's the idea. Okay yeah I don't think I'm not encouraging the model and I'm developing a new argument against one person in the Godhead which will then refutes Motorola's because I haven't released it yet, but I needed perfected and it's can have to do with the nature of personhood and eternal being that is by himself.

How's that possible, and I think there's a there's a natural problem and to be working on that. So I could bring it up in a debate some time. At any rate, I would begin will it talk to that guy if he's allowed by backing called so that you want to call because he know you you another word you know that you will put them in place of the Scripture. And that's what grade doesn't so that's also how how would your people if you say that NASA introduced a great disco and have him call the real show I can defend him on the night nobody at the end of the audio without know if you want to share something with them and other gladly. Or did first things first. If he denies the Trinity does he understand what it is I always asked the oneness people to define what it is that he deny his a lot of times I don't understand. The second thing is the doctrine of the Trinity's arrived at any particular systematic way by looking at the Scriptures so the doctrine will be true or false based upon that systematic approach.

So, does he know that systematic approach.

If he does not that he can't to the Trinity is true or false. If he doesn't know what he can't condemn it, and then there's other issues because ultimately oneness Pentecostalism oneness theology denies the true incarnation and invalidates the atonement in us will talk about some time to write that question with that person who believe that hypo theology everything they think they yes when I see they can be say that it is technically edited by David the things you have not yelled well yesterday by Christ, but you can have someone who's ignorant of the true doctrine and be regenerate. But after a while when they learn the truth.

They'll leave because the regenerate so they could be got. Technically, it's possible, but normally speaking know someone who just holds to oneness theology continually and rejects the truth not we wouldn't call them about her sister in Christ all coca got it okay okay God bless what I government met okay alright let's get to Cheryl from North Carolina, Cheryl. You are near year ago I saw a movie called the follow all our young girl who I filled the thinking of Mary and I will talk about and people what compat off bottom up by healing without going to get your opinion. I'll comment on that five Catholic the Virgin Mary and yelling that Clay, if you heard about you. Yes I have heard bits and it's a demonic manifestation. It is no way is it legitimate know is a true and I can do is read you some quotes from the spirit that appeared at Fatima and even though there's miracles.

It doesn't mean it's true.

In Matthew 722 through 23 second cough. Seven 2223 Jesus says, many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord would not prophesy in your name cast out demons and perform many miracles of Jesus.

I'll save them for good with me. I never knew you workers of evil.

So is because miracles occur, doesn't mean it's true, and anybody who knows what God should know that. And so while this what Jesus said so.

This manifestation of Mary at Fatima.

I'll read you what it says we have break coming up here the minutes of a build out stall until after the break and I'll read the three of them because I want to comment on this is a 19 and three children said this office by recorded a hold on right now, God's messages vote, please state the mats like why call 77077. Here is Matt's leg show back on the line with Cheryl. What's Cheryl from North Carolina. Are you still there so 1917 and Fatima Portugal Fatima which is also pronounced Fatima is a daughter of Mohammed which I think is rather interesting. Nevertheless, so I sent to Marco Lucius Santos and Francisco Mark said that an apparition of Mary appeared to them brighter than the sun, and when I also think is interesting is to have on May 13 and June 13 and July 13. Now this doesn't mean a whole bunch to say this anyway. In biblical numerics. We have Hebrew and in Greek and Hebrew letters. There's only one set one set is both numbers and letters and the same thing with with Greek the same number of Beta Gamma Delta is 1234 when you were when you add up words word.

You also have much numbers so you add up the letters of the numbers in interesting relationships ago.

113 is called a number of sin and it turns out that we take the prick up your same ball and Isaiah 14 the out of all the Hebrew letters are perfectly divisible by 13 not applicable to credence and that I think is interesting. Friday the 13th my day, and most probably the reason is because that was scaly. That was Friday the 13th was the day that the angel of death came over Israel, which was the 14th of Nisan, but supported the Nissan begin at sundown, but for Egypt it didn't change until midnight so so 13th for them. When the angel of death came through and killed the firstborn of Egypt getting ready let loose sewing which is interesting and not a pretty credence in but I didn't like saying it because it's fun, but this happened May 13 June 13 the seventh and July 13 17 which is the movie 70s good so this is what's at the first apparition the settlement on the 13th. This is totally Mary talking.

Are you willing to offer yourselves to God to bear all the sufferings he wants to send US an act of reparation for the sins by which he is offended and for the conversion of sinners. When you read that a lot of people don't know what the big deal, but if it is if you if you understand the Bible, you'll see it's heresy because the only way our sins are taken care of is by the blood of Christ is the only way okay this what the apparition says. Are you willing to offer yourselves to God to bear all the sufferings he wants to send you as an act of reparation for the sins by which is offended when a minute that this heresy for this these children explicitly undergo punishments in sufferings the benefit have had the sense we take care of flat out demonic heresy. The Catholic Church is not smart enough to recognize this. It's not weirdly astute enough to recognize this heresy because it teaches heresy and for the fruits of the Roman Catholic Church is false and also this is an official recognized apparition of the Roman Catholic Church is absolutely official says this is really Mary say it's not. It's a demonic spirit imitating her. So this is June 13 is the apparition says I will take us into, and Francisco shortly and they did die okay I will take us into Francisco shortly but you will stay here for some time to come. Jesus wants to use you to make me known and loved. He wishes to establish the devotion to my immaculate heart throughout the world. And I promised salvation to whoever embraces it will to the apparition promising salvation if you devotion to the immaculate heart of Mary is obviously demonic. It is just an ounce office last July for a July 13 mandate apparition says sacrifice yourselves for sinners and say often to Jesus, especially every you make a second vice. Oh Jesus.

It is for the love of the for the conversion of sinners and in reparation for the sins committed against the immaculate heart of Mary women switch starts off at that they have to suffer to make their sins right then devotion to Mary bring salvation. And now you can sin against Mary and this is a bad stuff. So to elevation of Mary. There's more apparition to talk about from other once, but that's Fatima and there's a new movie I hate to watch.

I hate paying to watch heresy, but to watch it and stuff like that so thank you, we did not dig hole about what really young when I first found the movie and all that it with Ellen and Wolcott door molding meaning in our way to find the crown and get your opinion to comment about that because I knew about the Catholic and worship of Mary and I knew that wasn't right now, but I didn't know all the other information you gave me my Catholic Church is apostate. It's just it's not a true church and this is just one of many things.

One more thing. This is not an economic this is from fundamentals of Catholic dogma by guy name Ott OTT the South, page 213 of this book has what's called the new lopes.and the imprimatur which means that it's approved as official doctrine. Nothing in it contradicts Catholic theology and it's also worthy of being taught to the body of Catholics so it's officially acceptable and should be taught to other Catholics as of the new new lopes.imprimatur mean two things in this. What is says in this book Mary by her spiritual entering into the sacrifice of Yvonne of her divine son for men made atonement for the sins of man, that's can we say blasphemy, only because it gets worse. Mary, I can give you… But Mary delivers a soul from death.

She brings a gift of eternal salvation. She's preparing a home for you. She hears your prayers she crush the head of the serpent.

She's the queen over all things, the advocate media tricks. She's preserved from original sin, the members of the mother of Christ to the advocate helper. Let's see through Mary. The Holy Spirit brings the objects of God's love, Mary was taken into heaven. No man goes to Christ, but by Mary Mary, second only to Jesus. She sits at the right hand of trial which entrust ourselves to Mary's prayer. There's no better way to look when considering the church look to Mary Mary's worshiped her prayer to hurt his gospel just got okay after going a little fundamentals of Catholic okay all right it felt right back mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's leg back to the show here Scott from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Scott welcome you on here today I got a question about the Lord lifted noted the good news is good. Ministry no whatever I gave it a minute I got nowhere.

My restaurant there now and it may navigate the Senate yeah mysticism is a cultic methodology of trying to understand the world around us. It's outside of Christ outside of Christianity. It's using allow just mysticism okay and so some of the things of mysticism are found in the New Age movement. We have altered states of consciousness. You have crystal gazing have centeredness which is being taught in some churches, so it's it's a way of looking in of contemplation of absorption into the divine consciousness to try and come in contact with my consciousness or to be healed and working knowledge of stuff like that. That is all cultic. It's demonic. It's not Christian and so mysteries know you agree that that the mood no way to be a Christian without video I cried in the Christian life you may is a sacred active I get on the Internet?. Well it's it's really Christianity is not secret know it's just follow Jesus and is not a secret. Anybody can read about Jesus in the Gospels and be like him. Read what he says. Read what he did and that is what it means to be a Christian is to follow the Christ Trusted in him, so it's not Hartwell. It is hard to think that switching to be like him, but is not hard to find out it's not hard to to discover it is hard to do it Christianity's hardest thing ever done in my life Texas constant improvement in only it's not easy. It's wonderful to have another question, yet really fast lines loaded up that once we got okay out Matthew seven version 14 in the heyday of the right a look at regions King James when this is the gate is small. The way is now the lease life, and few who are defined that's true. Jesus said the most subtle one) in aggression in the narrow way that there may that we almost never plan airlines Jesus and non-Jesus is the way the truth and the life he's the only way John 14 six okay first to the 25X4 12 easy only way the only name by which anyone could be saved. The way is narrow through him what he's the door one door Jesus. That's it.

Okay, that we talk about negative few who find it here right away that they filter through all the way. What you and the cult called the white international by a guy named Victor Paul. We are well and it's a non-Christian cult. The white international by picked Victor Paul were with him but yet the church is called away early on. Okay well I think it is not God bless about okay but I dropped out just to get to a misdemeanor. Let's see Andrew from Florida Andrew welcome you are on the air. Hello, I I draw near that all day. Carl okay are you going to I'm doing all right, no problem.

So we got locked in the Army. Yes, I can hear you now that Mart Mart microphone move and write our work going on the world. What are the late the band black vivid right leg that that even people believe a document like that would be like either you either you bring about that I might burst out to you about my money in the Bible and I would like to explain and not just I would just say that the Bible prophesies towards the end times how bad things will be people be lovers of themselves, they will not love the truth still be violent.

They will do what is right in their own eyes as the wars and rumors of war and fighting us up like the Bible prophesies this is coming to pass. What we as Christians ought to do is pray and be prepared.

There's two things Christian should be doing. One is to be prepared for slowdown in the economy and things like that Christian should normal, even during good economy. They should have no supply of food and water. That's just common sense going to go overboard, but just have for 2 to 4 weeks ready food and stuff and that's just smart and they should be preparing by praying and reading the word and asking God to prepare them to be able to share the gospel during difficult times because it's during difficult times that people often bow the head and turn to God and we Christians need to be there during those times. In order to help others and every for our court. Back row if they are by I have. I have found that the day, my brother and family room of the and a belief in the light of the Denali bank.

I preferably have been on the all right I believe are about resetting them think about like that. I know God and taken to an audio like you to buy workfare combat is not well is take them. A white privilege of because there are issues of of people in it happens in any happens any place, any time with any group of people where a group of people in control has more power controlling others is not just white privileges black privilege there's brown privilege.

There's a controversy it is that you know if this idea that they wanted to focus on and it happens everywhere is you know is not just white people that seem to be doing better than other races that I'm mowing is determinate in the secular sense. At least here in America but in other countries is reversed.

I talked to people of another countries and the white people their minorities and in and get treated very well well okay you know the thing is what we do about this. What we do is we try to be examples and not focus on the negative because of the enemy wants our eyes are to be focusing on that which is good because the Bible tells us to go to Philippians chapter 4 starting verse six be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatever is true, rivers, Hon., whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute. If there's any excellence and if anything worthy of praise dwell on these things. That's what the command is if we dwell on the negative then what we are going to be doing is participating in the darkness.

If we dwell on that document and merely ignore injustices and things like that. But if we were to dwell on them then we have resentment.

Resentment brings anger. Anger leads to murder another singer but his resentful good at killing people in our hearts when we have resentment whether the resentment is due to something justified or not justified. A perceived wrong against yourself or somebody else and you hold onto that it leads and has an effect on you.

It leads to other things. It can lead to worse things. It leads to anger, and anger can lead to murder with her. Despite the physical hand or by the intention of the heart, and these are the things you gotta be very careful and finally to take a look at this. It says this love is patient, love is kind love is not jealous. Love does not brag is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth. So what were supposed be doing as Christians is to be loving so Blacks are to be loving to whites. Whites are to be loving to Blacks, Blacks and whites are reliving to the Asians.

The agent will be loving to the Blacks the legs and the Browns. The Browns of the this broadly loving each other, according to the love of and when that happens, things get better everywhere only be manifest graceful Domino break bread that we stay tuned folks right back after the mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's leg back to the show Andrew Carl that's right.

Are you still there for about so brick right there so that answer it okay okay right right brother will talk you later that okay all right night last car and her mom behind Carl behind Carl you mean physically or behind them. Yeah, yeah, we were wary of different font than guy that I had a let him you mine and that's how we got to be that hot without a question okay with that explained why the mess upon the name but what what your questions and much callers like but would you mind is on anxiety and worry how I battled and what would you recommend have you ever gone through it if they were consulates among the human being and me to say that those are the plenty times in a complaint against God not understood why things are the way they are wine wine and complain complain when way and having gone through a lot of it.

It's a lot easier now for me to trust him because I see what he's done a lot of time but he'll have to do to get us to a place where he wants us to be to let us go through the things that are difficult will become other side. We realize the whole time for people with thick skulls like myself.

It takes a little longer to pick up and learn what I would do if I were you, is trust God by choice, beyond your ability to understand and give him the glory in present difficulties prepare for the areas you need to prepare for the trust you be surprised what he'll do good experience that when you're young you had that experience when you're older like me to have that experience.

It is easier to look back and trust that we don't have it.

It's harder look forward to trust the nature of what we are but he's always there and never leave you or forsake you. Trust okay thank you so much it welcome so much.

All right, Andrew Douglas what he thought you later goblet. Have a great day you two all right, let's get to hear re-from Iowa. Harry welcome you are on the air. Thank them at last appreciate your work every month. If I may back a little bit. I dated day church leader in a couple years ago for report or an eye for you. You Matthew chapter 7 verses 22 to 24 against this guy and because the fact that these the big church leader in that particular denomination anyway. The question that keep coming to my mind is because we listen to Christian radio seem to get tooth that I know you can lose your salvation.

And then the next guy comes on the radio and you can keep your salvation and your error in where these church people that the Lord with talking to in Matthew seven verses 20 to 24. No. Once you talk into the air as he made this up. Not that it's it's not true, but this is prophetic because it's it's future.

Many will say to me on that day, the day of judgment. What these people are appealing to for their salvation is their works in their faith because he says Lord Lord we not prophesy in your name G Lord, Lord, means or believing in Jesus do we not prophesy in and proclaim the word in your name cast out demons in your name perform many miracles on the tail of the curve them.

I never knew you depart from me, you practice lawlessness so in the name of Christ. You can do some things and this mentor saved so that's what's going on their test of the those who are appealing on the day of judgment to salvation based on their faith and done with a family and all blue-ribbon or not. I wouldn't know. I would say Sunday school ribbons. I say what it says here there preaching teaching doing there appealing to salvation based on faith and their works and are condemned for okay well I'm every game that faith without works you out. I can explain on James. Is it good against two verse 14 and he says and says he has faith but it but I guess North can that faith save him and eggs on verse 18 recess on you show me your faith by your works I will show you my by my works so verse 18 in the context is on the horizontal as justification for people not before God. And so the cults, Roman Catholicism included fails to understand the proper context of that the prick up. He is talking about justification for people not before God.

In James that's what it's going on there.

The horizontal enrollments for one through seven is talking about justification before God that the vertical sweetness has faith that works is dead.

You think. Don't you know a foolish fellow faith and works is useless and disastrous as you show me your faith actually mind by my works is on the horizontal.

It's not before God is before people that is going on in James K and I met at 722 and 23 it's asked with justification, the vertical trying to say, look, faith and works. God and he's condemning them James faith and works before people are not condemned. It's completely different. Okay. All right. Good good good. Thanks so much it welcome God bless. All right, let's get to Markey from Tennessee.

Welcome here on here on this God welcome you on the air. I met my call times that I really appreciate your ministry and everything I do like harm and very helpful. My walk Lord today. I have a topic that I want to mention about the kind you get them going. Or maybe I overlooked something, but I'm heading to a conversation with a pastor tomorrow for a different church. We have two different views on the topic of divorce and remarriage. My view is that it divorce and remarriage is not not right. In most cases the topic the exact case that were talking about tomorrow the church they believe that the unbelieving spouse way that abandoned the believing out that the believing spouse would then have the right, the board and to re-marry somebody allow that first dog life. I don't think that's supported by the Bible and that is trying to get your take on it. Think let's read what what that is taken from out of man first Corinthian you might buy the whole thing. Verse 2715 is what it is I won't do is so just read a little bit of the context okay it says for the unbelieving husband is signified through his wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified to the believing husband for otherwise the children on her unclean, but now their holy yet if the unbelieving one leaves let them leave the brother or sister is not under bondage in such cases, the gods called us to peace. So if the unbeliever leaves then when God or not under bondage seems to say that the unbelieving that one goes radio free suffering now with bad Mike take on night reading and contact 12 and 13. The thing about out of the unbelieving spouse would be pleased that remain with them that they would remain in any job coming down that verse. The thing in question number 13 is the barn good morning, that they no longer would be in bondage to have to be the thing and got married but and I agree, you know, I have been many as though that would be okay by verse 39 think about. Basically the death do us part. You now have in the things cognac yes but you we jump around. Are there any qualifiers in between those versus a change of topic is or anything a change of mode what's going on say Australia to be careful. But what it does say in verse 15 is that the person is not under bondage. If the unbelieving one leaves still in a marriage.

We have a covenant is a marriage is a covenant that's what it is its promissory covenant before people before each other before God to the Trinitarian covenant aspect and remarriage for its validity.

A true marriage status and so when unbeliever leaves are breaking the covenant because what he says you know would have a covenant you'll do what I do marriages. I married somebody three months ago in all sake to remain till death do you partner to you to stay faithful to each other it and you provide for each other, etc. so you do and if one of them leaves will then they've abandoned and they broken that covenant.

Therefore, the marriage covenant is by default broken just as is similar to commit adultery in the covenant you're supposed to remain faithful sexually to one another only… And keep only to her. Keep only to him is what that means.

So they break the covenant, the marriage covenant is broken now. That means that the person has the freedom to divorce, not the obligation and grounds to divorce so that seems to be the case of what's happening here. Let them go if they want to go now does say. Also in this present circumstance is there's that would verse but it's so as per the situation talking about a persecution and still there is debate here about what this means.

It does seem to say if the unbelieving one leaves then let him go that accident. They want to go in and under bondage and found that's what it sounds very are you 500 and thing that would then give that believing out the okay they go and remarriage by you that my bike in your house. Yes, I attended RA. The only lack divert the earth and let them in the same chapter about the you know I would be there remain unmarried Lord says you want to stay timely tomorrow. We can talk.

What is more okay.

All right. Sorry Jan from Virginia evaluated a well apologize for that.

Please call back tomorrow. May the Lord bless you all. Hope y'all have a great

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