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September 22, 2020 12:17 am

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September 22, 2020 12:17 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the gospel and what it actually is.--2- If Jesus died only for the elect, how does that work when sharing the gospel- What do I say since I don't know if the person I am sharing with is one of the elect---3- Is shouting in church biblical---4- What are some resources to learn about the old earth view of creation---5- How do I read Scripture when what the author seems to be saying conflicts with the rest of Scripture---6- Can you explain Romans 9-11- Will God ever revoke the gift of salvation---7- Can you elaborate on James 1-2-4---8- Is faith, in regard to answering prayer, a spiritual gift-

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A previously recorded Netflix show why is it apologetic to research what is found alive for you have questions about why lines 87720722760 let's see. Well it's interesting how well Facebook is changing things. All right, no big deal. You know a lot of conservatives are being penalized on Facebook and the so far, you know, I have been affected at least very much the we are hoping as Christians praying for the furthering of the gospel, which is something that thinking about recently, the gospel message and getting it out there and preaching and teaching is what we need to do as Christians and just it's his power. The gospel message so we get to the callers when they come in lines, but to 877-207-2276 and do you know what the gospel is could you must the sacred you will provide the gospel's lesser say that someone had two minutes to live, and you had to give that person the gospel will just say you say well you repent and believe. If you baptize you go to church, read your Bible, hence we are too much. Better hurry up. What if you are a chaotic Church of Christ person teaches that baptism is a requirement for salvation, and the person was saying a car accident and that you're on the scene and the person is bleeding out, unfortunately, is what's happening. They look in your eyes. And I say what I do not want to go to heaven when we do, tell me how to cook be Christian.

If you're Church of Christ person you decide that you a lot, but sorry I'm going to baptize get baptize with useless tell you about the saving work of Jesus and received by faith because you can water and you can so you decide Alexia to go to the store by how would that be and that would mean then that people who teach that would not be justified by faith with yellow get a bit debate coming up on this issue. Five. This issue something else. So what is it I forgot how to disclose to our summary most babies got you call up on the radio channels we could debate and soak it was to estimate total depravity. That's what was once the baby in total depravity, which is a mistake on his part of the customs through biblical shelter the Scriptures so why look to be call 877207227650 lines.

He may call what often happens is during the beginning of the show you callers learn the show we have too many so I want to balance it out. So what is that gospel message will talk about what is the gospel message the gospel in Greek is called the Lynn galea's the word ruling galea. The good news. What is the good news all the good news is that you do not have to do anything to keep any good works.

You don't have to get baptized.

You don't have to get circumcised. You don't have to go to your church to confess your sins to a priest.

You don't have to take sacraments. You don't have to try and keep yourself right with God in any way shape or form in order to go to heaven. That's not good news that works. The good news is Jesus to Jesus bore our sins in his body and the cross. First Peter 224 by faith we can be made right with God by trusting what Christ did by asking the receiving Christ receiving Jesus Lord forgive me of my sins, center, and ask that you be merciful to me of live stolen or cheated. I've done things and this in ways that I know the part of diet face judgment will be clans, Lord Jesus, forgive trusting you trust your sacrifice and across your death, burial and resurrection. That's what it is that's the gospel and for those of you who might be driving wondering about that gospel know what could happen if you were to die tonight to heaven or hell. If you don't know and reach out to Christ, asked Jesus to forgive you of all of your sins, pray to him, seek him asked Jesus to do everything that you could not because he's got a flash. If you deny that resurrection will enter eternity without you be there your own defense attorney facing the infinitely holy God knows all the bowls all the rules and you will have a chance an ice cube in a fire. You need Jesus Christ and him crucified. All right, we have three open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get along with Bill from Maryland will welcome you on here and hearing you say can okay on caller and want say love yourself well. Thank you like to some guy met the question have to do with the movement in the gospel. Okay the question, link them together, I did my study on the online and I believe I want to make sure I get my wording right I delete you the only or the end of the elect on the cross with correct Michael to okay yeah I done my understudy and dad with a lot of debate.

I'd like your debate with Jackie Morel. I believe and not kinda learn a lot from that not what you do now. So my question is when I share the gospel with someone you know I and I kind of looked up your your articles where you know you bring them under the law of God and become about God and the righteous… A month and and then when you share the gospel with them and not caught myself doing that many other you know it wrong to say that Jesus or that person then on the cross because if they never actually do get they been.

He actually didn't dare their scripts so I do like to say Jesus died for sinners, so I said okay this if you die for sinners which is true. If you want to have forgiveness and trust in Christ problem right it's all correct.

It's all true and no big deal okay but not just one-on-one maker at my wording right now on the other. You are correct and we are doing is you're applying the truth. You know what people say Jesus loves you, Jesus loves the something that I've I've thought wrestled with talking about.

Also on here because people jump to 60 gospel of the world word world there I believe in a good case for dismissal nations because Matthew 1524. Jesus was sent only to Israel.

He was sent to the whole. So the word world asking all the nations, all the groups will I don't some 55 Psalm 11 five God hates all those who do iniquity.

Someone say God loves you.

I don't say that because I don't know if God does I can say he loved you the generic sense that he provides sunshine and rain, that's fine. I don't know if he loves you in a salvific way you people so I just do is to look. The Bible says that Jesus Boros Boorse incident in his body across good Bible set according he himself bore our sins as part of the cross are sick and in God loves you. He's a God of love, if you want to be forgiven of your sins. Just trust in Christ and that's it that's it.

So an Arminian sit with me.

It's with this and have no problem with that. So I handle it okay will very good at math. Okay will gobble hello, thank you very much okay to plus tax write that was built from Maryland and let's get to Connie from Virginia hey Connie, welcome your thank you for taking my call. I and in predominantly African-American church.

And I observed believers shouting doing the starting dance. I think that we fly off the tears knocked over at no and fell from people believe that shouting is a gift of the spirit, the Holy Spirit now and everybody started shouting and have been doing some research that found think it comes in Africa and it's more like African ring, which is more was not the Holy Spirit.

But how to get a question and I want to make sure that shouting intricate biblical changes .376 and now my head will be lifted up above my enemies around me and I will offer in his tent sacrifices with shouts of joy. I will sing yes I will sing praises to the Lord. If I go to go to Psalm 106. This correctly shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth. Serve the Lord with gladness so there's places where it's is right to shout as one of things I like about the black community is so that exuberance that showed us that I don't mean in a bad way. Shall we right now but I don't when seminary black friend and so that's good church a great and I remember my first impression was negative.

Well, right was good because it was so welcoming and loving and and it was great to talk that I mean when the pastor walked everybody stood up and started plotting. I didn't like to apply for this guy you know and then and I talked my friend about this is all know Maddie got all wrong or applied for the man is bring the word of God and what okay so I stood up and start it up again and so I love that and the somewhat churches to say it was a good excitedly raise her hand up to her elbow level manager Don Dr. shouting's good shot.

No shout for joy.

Psalm 4211 be glad in the Lord and rejoice you up you righteous ones and shout for joy, all you who are upright in heart. Thank you Mike. I really appreciate your welcome so much Lord bless you and care. Sure all right hey folks, if for open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Kurt from Des Moines, Iowa. Kurt welcome your on-air hello, thank you.

The first time that I've called and I love your show and think you're doing it by God's grace yeah so my question is what what resources would you recommend for all the earth still being a believer, but you I have a little bit of background that you answers in Genesis and younger resources within him wanting to balance that out and learn more about another you and wondered what recommend well what I do research stuff like that.

I just go on the web and eldest-old earth evidence Allen's and what you'll hear about our what is reason dating method so I can talk, talk with your starlike various things but gracious, have good response. They photo right back after these messages give a call for open lines 77 why call 77077 charismatic all right so you say you know just to go Google research and so is an old earth Christian-based Christian-based group that holds the over and then Christian base it holds to a young earth check of the evidence is there and then you might want to go to Kate house KHOUSE dots a work it's Chuck Mesler and she didn't find some of the stuff is taught on the issue of their some research out there on this relativism and how the earth is young in the universe can be old if it's stretching in and wrote to get some weird stuff in their some some time and then there's Dr. Jason Lyle understanding Genesis is a good book and starlight in time by Ken Ham others John C.

Lennox, seven days of the by the world. So these are books that I have in these think that you can go check out no research.

Maybe I can find my question there more curious about the fact that you don't Jewish scholars would would want you or would purport that there it on the agenda for no portraying in intellect. Are there resources for that as well yeah you so that you commenters so some of them will say stuff like that but we for yourself and see if it's just poetry poetry has rhyme and meter and things like that but I understand he would thousand but it is poetry dinner are Adam and Eve real well. If you look to the New Testament, they certainly taught that many were real and that they had fallen in the fall in the garden was legitimate and it seems to be that the implication there Genesis.

It's as literal. No, the issue might be, well, how do you have days without the sun. There's theories about that. Nothing in the various things but we need to study with you what they had to save both sides and seek the funny thing is, you know that the older I've gotten younger. I believe the earth this and hundreds things over time, and I don't believe there personally I don't believe much of yourself. Stop fighting just to buy to cover evidences so good and really good driver and I've been doubly valid. Want to get a balance you will maybe Connor argument that that's what I do, you if I were to do an article are on a business right as I read an article on how old is the earth.

I would do exactly what you talk about go to different websites different books such as heart reading and see. And then of course the Scriptures are the final authority go through and so the Scripture has to say about it and whatever it says. That's it. And you as is always the case. The Bible is always right so that's the primary all right, all right, thank you very much appreciated your welcome God bless. All right, let's get on the phones next long swing versus Chad from Colorado Springs. Chad welcome your on-air. I think everything Michael yes I can sure about my question that hermeneutic there are sorry to break up a little bit directly to what I hope that I apply when reading the Bible okay and one of them and the author day right and the other the way that with the right good. My question what I do, but will then you rejoice, you rejoice seriously because what you just discovered is something you don't understand. And now you study and you'll find – that's what I do when I find something it does make sense to go all good.

It used to be ice you say oh no, I got all right find something here study greatly little study that's that's yeah I enjoy and I went with the challenge.

Like work on it but specifically the conflict I've been trying to figure out how to correctly bow the resurrection narrative mainly. I'm trying to date on and I was and I noticed that equate the John chapter 21st I live okay and here's the conflict that I'm not so when I read Matthew 28 on and I like paper by Ingle.

Do not be afraid, for I know what you're I know you're either at work woman again in verse eight, and then in verse nine and we will not.

They have the die had reading the audit Matthew would not look like you during by those will clear to me that the light of birth one out that Mary Magdalene went but if I go by the pathology on a catcher. I can't deal with it because it's been a long time written and so I just can't tell you you versus that is what I would suggest is look at other families of the Gospels. Look at those areas remember doing that for this article looking at harmony issue enters debates about exactly what events happened and what exact order so we can all do it.

Thank you. Okay you INII did I were going to I look like at least 12 different but I carbon I think that all all 12 of that I could find John chapter 21st two private Mark required. Matthew five and I just don't like that that regard. This is, I got you, but you just you know I okay I can follow what you're saying without looking old versus sit down without having to do radio and mapping it all laughing aloud so I would do.

I can do to do research, you know, and you'll find a solution. In fact, when I did the Bible, difficulty section on condos only one thing I couldn't solve just one.

I forgot what it was but has thickness of the fig tree correctly and whatever I find out something later. They have answers just a matter of understanding and growing okay all right hey folks, we have open lines 72072Y call 77077 back to the show Gloria Romans chapter 9, but I wanted just to make sure that I am comprehending it correctly and so wanted to ask you, and Romans 911 when Paul wrote that God's election will stand that means if I'm understanding you correctly, that it is your revocable and immutable. Is that correct God's choice in the context of the twins were not yet born good or bad, God's purpose according to his choice would stand, not because of works because of him calls was sent will serve you when I hear what I loved so that's God's sovereign rejoice.

What I'm saying is if I'm understanding it is glorious. The believers in Christ is that it were born of God and you chose is for salvation. Imparting faith unto us. He's not ever going to revoke free gift because it immutable, correct, he cannot revoke that and Hebrews 10 five.

Consider never leaves you forsake us in Colossians 214 Jesus canceled the certificate of death ascended at the cross and they were concomitantly with the issue of the petitioner Christ righteousness which are justified by faith.

Romans 328 rooms for five Romans 51 and the faith that God grants to a slippage 129 so because of all of this is chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world to be holy and blameless for just one for and he predestines us. Ephesians 15 then God cannot lose any of this, which is why Jesus says it will the followers of Jesus was none. John 647 37 through 44. Yes, it all fits together nicely.

This is a man so glorious I can even find the words when people talk about Romans nine to get caught up in controversy and their emotions take over.

But as a child of God as a believer in Jesus. I look at this and I say hallelujah he is not to change his mind about you and I met even I cannot.

He's not immutable, immutable you, my friend Mike Dave Brock.

He's local here to Idaho because of him from theology just to hear he is like basking in in the rays of sunlight as he is. He will talk about it yesterday and I'll be teaching on this tomorrow night having a group study at my house. People want to know succumb on overall teach and he is so in love with the doctor to God's sovereignty and he says how can people don't see it.

How can they don't want to see it in the simple answer is because, well, wanted misled in churches, but the other one is the one thrown sovereignty of God's but I'm with you. It is such wonderful news to know that God loved me eternally in his thoughts for me are eternal and that you save me and cannot himself cannot leave me and I cannot be lost. It's so comforting. I have never heard one sermon in my entire life where anyone has ever said when God has chosen to elect that's for salvation. He will not change his mind. It is immutable.

It is there revocable. This is enough to shout for the rest of my life. I never learned anything else.

Matt, this is so glorious that you know, I recently came up recently started understanding this that I went 25 years ignorant at this time to earn my way to heaven to Preston saddened and hard and then realizing playing a minute when a minute if he gave me the free gift of salvation you're telling me he'll never really spoke it. This is glorious music like mad if I gave you a gift and I said I'm never taking it back, you're not gonna walk around insecure if I give you a Rolex watch and I said, it's yours forever Matt, thank you for your work. You're not insecure about me taking the watch back how much glorious is it that Christ gave us this gift I tell you that I can't even articulate it.

I'm just I thank you for affirming what I thought I understood that it is your revocable listener. This recent Scriptures. Okay, this is Romans 11 starting at verse 20 from the standpoint of the gospel.

They simply restart enemies for your sake, but from the standpoint of God's choice. Their beloved for the sake of the fathers for the gifts and the calling of God are your revocable for just as you once were disobedient to God. But now you have been shown mercy because of their disobedience so those who have been once disobedient that because of the mercy shown to you. Also shown mercy there you go. It's so Romans 1128 2930 31 for spring 29 says the gifts and the calling of God are your revocable cannot be taken back. And we know that's Romans 623 says the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is sound is eternal life in Christ Jesus, and the word gift in Romans 623 the free gift of God eternal life. The word gift. There is charisma and in Romans 1129 for the gifts Teresa for the gifts and the calling of God are your revocable salvation is a charismatic gift of understanding thinkers meant to give me speaking in tongues and with backflips charismatic just means empowered by the Holy Spirit. It's the Holy Spirit who saves who works the saving gift of power in us and it's your revocable because Christ came to redeem the once given to him by the father.

Check this out this is John 637. This would assess. This is all that the father gives me will come to me and I'd like to tie that in with acts 1348 which says from the Mrs., as many as had been appointed to eternal life believed. But Jesus has all the father gives me will come to me is not the father will give to me. Those who come to me, it says the father gives them they're going to come to the major argument given by the father chosen by the father from the foundation of the world.

Ephesians 14 and when it comes to me. I certainly will not cast out fries come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of him send me this is the will of him who sent me that all that he's given me.

I lose nothing but raise it up on the last day for this is the will of my father that everyone who beholds the son and believes in him like eternal life.

Last day that is eternal security for such a big deal for someone like me who are 25 years was in fear and torment and I had no joy in my Christian faith always trying to earn my salvation, always feeling that no matter how hard I tried, I always have an impure thought or do something that I felt was not perfect and I will always depressed and to learn about these truths for the first time in my life. I truly feel like a new man. Only one said that it's free. It's liberating. It's hard to know that God loves you in spite of what you are in your salvation is dependent your goodness that is so, for you know that he won't change his mind. I feel like if I died today I to come to that one truth alone Matt I'm forever grateful. He's never going to change his mind.

I there is no word I can't even think of any words to say how glorious he can't change his mind and I'm just awestruck. And thank you for the call. Thank you for the taking Michael what you're welcome to tell you you on the road to some more theology you learn about people listing her more BankAmerica right now.

God bless Breitbart let Hager all right love that call that was awesome.

Muskets and Nelson from California Nelson welcome you on the air lift mode allows question. Let's follow to add to that on farm 139 mode of my head, but David David the off anything.

The body had me on more than the band of the D and made the bottom yellow. My question is mom James chapter 1 verse two through four come under similar thing there but can you elaborate with right there.

How is it important for a believer like that in our life sure debris coming up to read the text and we get back go through. This is important for a lot of people. James two James one versus two, three and four. Consider it all joy, my brother and when you encounter various trials, doing the testing of your faith produces endurance, and endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing single you explain expand a little bit as I can hear amplified all right. You can when we encounter various trials, for one, is because of what God is allowed to come into our lives, and when I read this I think of one thing was the day my son and talk about when talk about how right back after is pleased to feel the life 877 mass Y call 77077 charismatic so it all joy when you encounter various trials testing your faith produces endurance. Endurance have its perfect result may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing that would happen with her son, let me say this, if your faith is in Jesus will endure. If your faith is in your circumstances, you want to do or, and this is where the testing of faith comes in because if you're situation is bad, but your faith in Christ. You'll make it and if it's not in him. But it's in your circumstances, your bank account your health. Jesus has blessed you and that's why you are following him because the good things got then will follow later difficulty, at the time that my wife and I lost her son Jacob.

He had a birth defect, and I was making almost no money and not money, is a big deal it is. It isn't depending on circumstances. But I was making below the poverty line and was assistant pastor a church and so we didn't have much, and we had a car which my parents had arranged for me to have. And this is the bathroom at a seminary in my early 30s and a wife and one baby and trying to feed that baby in diapers is a very, very, very difficult time and then we found Jacob had a birth defect. Holoprosencephaly and distress trisomy 13 and on and I remember getting word having to have someone drive me to wife. Was she in the car for the medical medical situation sorry and we are sitting there cheese to my right and the lady said she gave us the bad news soon he'll probably die shortened version of the lives he will be very viable say she offered abortion and I'm so proud of my wife. She instantly said, don't bring that up again now my wife's faith was in Christ circumstances, not our lack of money or having only one car and son passed away and so we endured through the trial. Most families when there's a loss of a child than a divorce. My wife and I faith grew closer and closer to God, stronger, and God as well as we grew closer because her faith was not in her circumstances. Her faith was in Christ, and we knew that he let us endure this for a reason. I think the odds of that birth defect or one of 58,000 and so when I heard that all the weird things to think I was comforted and discomforted because I thought God is allowing this. I don't know why.

And he's allowed it to happen to us. He has his reasons. My wife and I rejoice that we were shipped baby to say that we prayed for his healing and kicking all the details, but God provided people. He provided things a woman who had helped someone else go through the exact same birth defect, which was one of 50,000, and knew somebody with the exact same thing and prepared us for. We didn't even have money have enough money for tombstone and he did die in our arms. Recommend wife gave birth and that woman was there and during this and I used to work at a hospital is to carry body to the morgue. I want Kate.

The son of the body my son to the morgue. This hospital would let me.

But God provided that to happen to be a nurse in a letter to their we felt a friend to this and then we had some other things that happened with the music people preaching the gospel and then a man appeared who had used in street clothes waited for the funeral to be over, and he handed me a check for thousand dollars, just enough to pay for the headstone. The funeral costs God provided what we need and faith just flourished because it wasn't in her circumstances he was in our Lord, our Savior Christ Jesus, and throat sue so many things. It's always been Christ and that's how can we survive. That's what it means with joy, my brothers, when you encounter various trials, because your faith is being perfected and it can only be perfect and sometimes we are looking into the eyes of Christ who was there anguishing with you suffering with you but no. Sometimes this is he had to go through things he had to go through his trials with you to produce endorsements so we went wife and I we just have so much easier time trusting God through everything me to prepare.

We just trust saying his trust and sore faith is not perfect but it's being perfected is flip is one success and confidence. Everything that God that the Lord who began a good work and you will perfected. The question is this is what this me, at least in my experience that helps you and again met or or your ministry, and may God continue blessing you and your life while thinking to start thinking for elaborating on the specter of God's grace welcome goblins deal with that for long time like that, but that's how it is sometimes with with life was a lot of pain and I know that a lot of you listening have suffered a great deal and are suffering in going through suffering and suffering for the result of something and me just tell you where your eyes on Jesus thing on your circumstances, your money, your friendships, or the on Jesus if you're not in Christ will repent and just put them on Christ the second. What I trust you beyond my ability to understand and know, I believe, just trust and move forward.

That way you be surprised that through the storm, God is there does happen. I know alright, let's get to Tony from New York Tony welcome your on the here layered story Estonia thing in the Lord. Yes yes my new learned life of faith in his life and like really. I look up to the men who dependent upon God and all and and to prayer.

And Mueller said that end of his life. He read his Bible from end to end almost 200 time. He is known of the man of prayer during the course of his life he had pain from 50,000 answers to prayer. He fed and clothed, housed over 10,000 orphan distributing millions attract the Bible and he did all this without asking any person for money and that he took his application for that intensive provide his every need and also think about that how God provided for you and not that thousand dollars platoon. None. And so my question is, and first Corinthians 12 talk about the spiritual gift did Mueller have the gift of faith is like God's providential favor upon the means of grace to prayer obviously got it granted him face. That's what it says in verse nine and incidentally George Miller's and my heroes and I've read a lot of his works and the answers to prayer folks get this book answers prayer for George Miller. It just is tremendous. Yeah, he had to have great faith. And if you've read his material.

Some of you have no the stories of these God were just trusted God and miraculously things just came to fruition. Did you hear anyone about the one about the heater. The furnace that was canoeing later, the heat of the furnace.

The heater furnace on the heel area and now I'm all all of Attila because of money. I want to hear this one is a good one, but attorney had hundreds of full of orphans in a building in the furnace was was bad and was with go out pretty soon. It was during the winter and so the thought of different ways to supply heat for the orphans. Electricity was too expensive, but the type is easily 1800 and they thought kerosene lamps but one kid knocking one kerosene lamp in a wooden building to be dead so they couldn't do that and long story short, the only option that Mueller could think of was to pray and ask God to change the cold north wind blowing and make it a warm south wind to blow during the time they shut the furnace down and that he would pray that the member would be Portland work hard, who fixed it and this is only option left and so the day that the king went to shut the furnace down the coast and wanted to shut down the side of break, the more difficult to control it all the day that they came into shut it down was a warm south wind and they worked in the furnace and then he asked the supervisor of the men would want to come back in the morning and and and continue to work to the kids that have heat. This was possible, and every single man said no they would not. Instead, after 18 hours of work every single man stayed on and worked until the job was finished. They turned the furnace on and in the cold wind started blowing again from North stuff like this is more stories like that from him that you will commit God bless so well folks will have about the show.

Just me and with this and I want to warm your hearts if you're Christian in our lives are difficult circumstances are difficult to tell you you need to look to Christ. Do not look at your circumstances, but faith and trust in them. I'm not saying ignore what your circumstances are yet to work hard in them. But that's not we are hoping this your hope should be in Jesus Christ. Your hope should be in what Jesus has done and what Jesus can do and what Jesus will do in your circumstances. And a lot of times he allows these things to happen to us so that we plead and we bend the knee and open our hearts to him and trust him. And then we can see provides. Often times the last minute and waste that trust. Trust in Jesus. Amen.

Advise grace of echo there tomorrow folks

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