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September 4, 2020 7:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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September 4, 2020 7:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt further discusses the BLM movement, in lieu of the last call on the previous show.--2- I am not a Christian- what will happen to me when I die---3- What is Mark 9-1 talking about- Is it only the transfiguration---4- Where will Solomon be for eternity---5- What do you think the most powerful weapon is against the demonic forces---6- What exactly does it mean to not make an idol in the likeness of anything- Does that exclude images of the cross---7- Is the NIV an acceptable translation---8- How do you define Reformed Theology---9- Why do you believe in the post-tribulation rapture-

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A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research what is found alive at the car and got more you have questions of our Bible doctrine why France is called in responding to your questions and 072276. Yesterday was a lively show.

In some ways BLM stuff but what we focus on here are theological things, biblical things of your cubicle number 877-207-2276 just to give you heads up. Tomorrow will be on with the living waters tomorrow morning.

It's going to be all be on 1225 Eastern time and then later I believe at 445 or select at 430 whatever Eastern time again for a panel discussion to be some bigwigs on their I know why they have me under seriously humble is some good guys there and so one of your privileged bill to share some screen time with some of them and this house of the Lord blessed. So, if you will check it out.

Living and I don't know the sign of stuff that you can do and you go alright so let's see let's see let's see we have three online schools. If you're interested. All you do is go see and the right hand side of the page, you'll see the link schools school stuff check amounts will use milk at the lights on what is good stuff. If you were to use them. Sign up for them because there's a lot of great information and please allow up to 24 hours for the pentacle to the sign up it works 9.9% time just sometimes there's a glitch say that, but it should work readily. There's that and also go to and set up and that we are beginning Amazon then goes to the percentage to a charity of your choice. So Kent can't

I think that's it going to call for the lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to David from Durham, North Carolina. They welcome you on here that I was you about yesterday's closing event. There were you're doing with that black box matter color was one of your best moment you have a lot of really good ones, but I mean there are days when you get it hundred percent and that was great so hard and you got it right in stride and knew exactly how far you can then run before you had the letting go and then I just love the way you closed the whole box.

That way love the people, but we can't allow this agenda but I thought that was so beautiful I mean you taught me so much by watching you handle that. It was so beautiful called for today.

Every day at all the parties. Okay, okay right goblins was Dave from Durham North Carolina to McCall folks 877-207-2276 you know whenever I you I have encounter like that with hostile people who were removed demanding we just wish that I could better this way and am so glad you like it and I'm glad that it was that caught his attention, and others.

Let me talk about good nobody on right now and he's just really started. So, run with it a written article on black lives matter, and it's on the con website. I did the research so it's not hearing stuff from somebody else. I went and did the research let me tell you what it stands for now. You are still forgetting this you can understand something all lives matter and black lives white live. I browned all of that. It's all important that everybody matters to God because were made in his image. That's how I view it. I believe that black lives matter saying this, what it does is it helps generates racism. I don't I exit my opinion I don't settle found like it if he really wanted the fair really want to have a good mood but to say all lives matter. That's how it should be every get behind that. No problem in Outlook. Let me just say this what the black lives matter website is saying is, it is not good in a lot of areas and the news is promoting black lives matter and all the stuff but I don't know if it was going to website and reading the XA I have news I've seen a few people talk about this go on their site and what it says is they want to make space for transgender's they want to dismantle cyst gender privilege cyst gender means that you believe in and husband-wife male-female is the best genders. That's it.

To make space for transgender doing. Dismantle the cyst gender privilege, the work they say that if your husband and wife male and female that you're somehow extra privileged and want dismantle that what were to get this sister is an attack there again against man's centeredness. I don't know what man's centeredness means this is we build a space that affirms black women and is free from sexism missed misogyny and environments in which men are centered.

It is considered stable risk is what is that mean they'll tell you what it means when it's convenient to tell it what it means you'll be guilty of something, especially if you're a man, but if you're a white man that's what I'm worried about. They want to dismantle patriarchal practice. Know the biblical people understand something God set up a father-son Holy Spirit is a hierarchically within the Trinitarian communion father sent the son and the father the son send the Holy Spirit in the sun came to do the will of the father we have in the marriage covenant with them, man is the one who is the captain of the ship doesn't mean he's better. It just means that he's the one who has a spiritual place of authority.

That's all it is this the biblical thing now they want to dismantle patriarchal practice.

It says quote we make our spaces family-friendly and enable parents to fully participate with their children.

We dismantle the patriarchal practice that requires mothers to work double shifts so they can mother in private. Even as they participate in public justice work. Wait a minute were the guys working double shifts with men who work double shifts, triple shifts wise at this.

Only the women that are mentioned here is working double shifts worked hard their whole lives white and they lead their families and godly ways widely want to get rid of of this and then they missed the misrepresented issue requires mothers work double shifts will all be in the state that no woman should work a double shift we signal Mantua double ship it just doesn't.

This is not specific. The problem here is that we have phrases we don't know what this means and this was dangerous. Every get behind it and then they decide what it means when it's convenient that this would scarcely want to disrupt the nuclear family get some believe the stuff is credible as we disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure folks Western prescribed nuclear family structure is biblically based, because Christianity is what established Western-ism. It's a fact. Study your history, the Bible has incredible influence in Western society.

They want to disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure required by supporting each other as accident families and villages that collectively care for another special her children do not want other people to care for children reason no flat out no. This would also say we foster a clear affirming network when we together with do so. Also, with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking. It's a tight grip, male-female heterosexuality, with 90% of the population is heterosexual and only want to undo the nuclear family and they want to be the ones who were dominating society, telling people what they're supposed to have been doing being families. This is insane. It is insane and it says currently we are fighting to deadly viruses Cove in 19 and white supremacy. I did know that my being white is some sort of virus in old white supremacy have waiting white supremacy over when you look at the donations the donations it goes to liberal causes flat out liberal causes think so. They want to eradicate white supremacy of the criminal justice system is correctly saved the phone the police promote LGBT Q dismantle cyst gender privilege promote the destruction of the nuclear family and they support leftist Democrat candidates. I live in getting into everything with the BLM cofounder Patrice con coolers affirms the breed act while I did research on the breed act is eliminate federal programs and agencies used to finance and expand the list, the legal system make recommendations to dramatically reduce the Department of Defense budget abolishing mandatory minimum sentencing laws, ending life sentences abolishing the three strikes law developing a time bound plan to close all federal prisons in immigration detention centers but get rid of all federal prisons and immigration detention centers of this open the borders have anybody.

Everybody come in and with combine that with the leftists who want to give a free healthcare to all the illegals everywhere will you be inundated bankrupt our country. They want to repeal of federal laws that criminalize human movement and border entry.

The wheel criminalize decriminalize border entry.

In other words, make it legal for illegals just come in anybody and come in they want to do this with the founder of BLM is for people come in legally just come in legally corner country. This is what it is. Countries have laws they want to get rid of these laws removing police armed security metal detectors another surveillance agreement from schools. Wait a minute, is because of the leftist policies of these things are place in the first place.

They want to abolish the gang databases. Why would they want to do that. Why would they want to abolish databases about gangs what they want. Gangs roam freely to one have any tracking with her doing this is incredibly insane until ice and CP PP by CCB. PR fully dismantled ending state and local police entangled with immigration because they wanted to sit with the board open.

Tell you what happens, we know that the majority people come from Mexico with a commitment from South America and they almost all vote leftist socialist stuff they want these guys come in and give him everything and this is destructive or cover country closing all youth detention facilities deter developing curricula examine the political, economical and social impacts of colonialism, genocide against indigenous people in slavery go on and on and on just folks BLM is not a good organization know it's like saying chocolate cake is good and we should be for chocolate cake everybody we love chocolate cake and then you find out that with chocolate cake is full of his poison in the city of Europe.

We don't support that all you like chocolate cake #1 support with hidden in it. That's the problem. Folks, this is a serious that the battle is focused irrevocably matters like why call 770727 charismatic slave showed up to open lines of 20 McCall 207-2276 with good to great writing. Are you there I am Mary.

All right, I welcome it on their high. I would die down the car I was going to add about your Christian multiply 50 listening to you talk a little bit. I wanted to change. I'm going to be up bright and tell you that we disagree on. Probably everything politically. I am not a Christian.

I'm not religious. What you think it going to happen to me when I do not trust in Jesus Christ as your Savior. You will go to eternal donation and healthcare. You think I deserve that. Yes they could take Michael and well there you go straight up.

Yes, that's correct.

And hopefully he will listen.

So he said he was listening on the radio.

So let me expend more.

Hopefully he will hear this. Jesus Christ fulfilled prophecies in the Old Testament and the Old Testament and New Testament are extremely well preserved documents.

They are very ancient, very old, and what Jesus did not cross was incredible and that he rose from the dead is perhaps the best attested in ancient.event out there with. He said what Jesus said if you don't trust in him, you can be lost to go to hell, nobody is good. Everybody deserves hello everybody deserves damnation that you meet all of us. We all deserve it because even we've offended God by lying, cheating, stealing, unrighteously, anger, angry, whatever it is and Jesus Christ is God in flesh and what he did was he came to us he became one of us John 11 verse 14 may lower than the angels. Galatians 44 Mayo Clinic to make sure nine made on the log license for four.

He did what was necessary for the forgiveness of our sins. If anyone wants to say there is no God and therefore no sin, then you live in a world of unrighteousness were those who do evil, which could even say what evil is that they do evil and get away with it.

That would be your world. A world of unrighteousness and people always know in their hearts that there is a punishment due to the things that they have done they know that they ought to be punished for their own sins their own lying and stealing. They know these things are wrong and that's because it is true because I know what truth is. Without the truth of who Christ is and what he did on the cross that all who have rejected Jesus will fall under the judgment of God the father will be cast out of eternal damnation. This is something we don't want for everybody. Anybody. We hope and pray that all we hear these words would put your faith and trust in Christ asking in your heart is not biblical.

You trust Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins. If you know that you are a sinner, if you know you offended God, you know you just know you've done wrong. Even gotten away with sums here on the side of eternity. And no one knows it done and you know to do bad things in the future is because life is sometimes if you want to be forgiven of all of so that you don't face the judgment that's coming because of that you have to just trust in Christ received Jesus says in John 112 receive him. Trust in what Christ did on the cross.

Believe in your heart that he died and rose from the dead, trust in Jesus Christ God in flesh and cross rose from the dead. Don't trust in your sincerity in your goodness. Trust what Christ has the resurrection which Jesus did that his blood can cleanse you of all sins. The blood of God in flesh, that's how much he loves you and for all who reject him and reject that they will get with a desire that they reject the forgiveness of God's judgment that they reject the love of God, they will get his hatred is a reject the mercy of God's justice is can fall and they will get what they want because a rejecting only provision of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Fortunately for those like the guy who called.

If he does not trust in Christ judgment. Pray for him to pray for others.

Let's get to Jonathan from Billings Montana Jonathan Toomey will show you on hello I met while reject God's mercy will get adjusted by the powerful true while I just had a question. My question without Mark 91 third of them truly I say to you, there are some standing here will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God. After that, power is first just talking about the transfiguration that immediately follows. Or is there something else there that he, I think it leans towards usually transfiguration logically came later, which is recorded in Matthew 17 and Moses and Elijah appeared in Escalon.

The prophets, and since the Bible is about him. It seems to suggest that this is the glory that was being spoken of, because his appearance.

She changed so I do think that's what it is okay I thank you I appreciate it.

Love you show will thank you that you like it.

God bless you have a good day. Met the two men goblins. All right, let's get on the phones with Scott from Greensboro, North Carolina. Scott welcome you on the air map. Thanks, Becky MacColl sure issue, well wake him up recently in a study I was doing several people told me they believe that Solomon would be spending eternity in hail and so I wanted to get your take on anything on his been eternity in heaven or hail.

I don't know. I don't know because he fell into idolatry and he repented at the end but he became an idolatry and talk with them will be here but Jesus said in Matthew 629 did not even Solomon in all his glory.

Select one of these grass and stuff like that so speak I have a got a got a backhanded comment, and then in Matthew 1242. He says because she came in the South came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon, behold, something greater than Solomon is here.

So the way that he's mentioned is kind of in a backhanded way and so in this recorded several places in the Bible and looking so it doesn't seem to be a positive thing that Jesus is saying about so that I could make the case studies in hell but I don't I would know for sure now is from Nick this comment God asked Jesus to be asked Solomon what you want. And Solomon said wisdom and so he was given wisdom is given a great deal and yet he fell into idolatry. Not only contrast that I learned this from another preacher, teacher years ago there was Chuck Mr. who brought this point on, I think it was him would tell when David David here said hold on to share something with you, David and Solomon why God is called right back after man's leg. Why call 77077 charismatic slave still here. My good now say is the researcher to break foothills Mall look better when I say that in first Samuel 1314 God says David was a man after his own heart that's repeated and quoted neck 1322 and wait a minute David.

David was an adulterer in the murder and Solomon asked for wisdom. Yet Solomon is spoken of in a backhanded manner by Jesus our New Testament.

So why would David be called a man after God's own heart. Well I believe it's because of this, and Psalm 27 verse four David said one thing I've asked the Lord that I shall see that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord and to meditate his temple.

That's why I think that was said about him because this much of a sinner.

David was what he wanted was to be with the Lord and was God's own heart Solomon wanted wisdom and those are worlds apart and I think that's why Solomon fell and David is praised David a lot of that stuff so to wait just a little boy didn't God will Solomon and Arthur Chronicle 28. I've chosen and that they must sign and I will bother you if he would sign I get in I once saved always saved right. What does it say that he was saved because Amazon yet but doesn't say was saved. You can have his children who are wayward children of Israel left Israel left the true living God.

Many of them did so, you just demonstrate that the phrase chosen him to be a son to me means that he saved but we can't say that. And so if it's once saved always a which I do definitely affirm then the computer then you know he would nevertheless salvation but since Solomon didn't seek the things of God but wisdom itself might be. It wasn't that wise to asset to begin with, but they were the best thing is to ask for the presence of God is the greatest of Solomon's valid to make a case that he was, but if it's true or not I have a hard time believing God with you. Amanda wrote three books of the Bible that would destined to be in hail yeah good point. I could see that all right classic goblins back about okay all right let's get to this week person is Michael from North Carolina. Michael welcome you were here every yes I can as I can all manage is awesome. Love your show. I just got your contact as I went there I live in Texas. Basically my whole life start… Show all to get back to know you're super busy.

Everything I heard out of you wanted your your knowledge of the Bible and the word is staggering. Jive computers here and lots of tools so you go and bought it. I'm begging up on the dying young from humility and humor at work that all that. Not boasting, just bury myself. The reason I bring that up or contact the it kinda connects to my question as a Marine we tend to look at things in a overwhelming distraction of the enemy and in a biblical sense with your knowledge or walking in, I imagine you walking into this metaphorical closet of all of these weapons at your disposal prayer giving kindness. All these different things.

Biblical knowledge and and each of the damage. We know that what we do in the physical world has a spiritual ramification and you had one last bit to grab off that shell.

Now we know the full armor of God, and the sword of the Spirit's work, but if you had one hack that good level against the enemy.

You have this one will happen to grab what would you say is the most damaging violent wars against the demonic kingdom.

What would you grab the most instructive weapon that you can that I want to exploit the most powerful weapon possible to just pummel the enemy what would you choose will be a tossup between prayer and the power of God's word but probably go with prayer. Personally, I want God to fight want God to do. I want God to move in would be in his will, so that in prayer my heart my mind or change that I become what he wants me to be in that I believe is best done in the very presence of the Almighty in prayer is my opinion outstanding. Thank you so much okay and you are Marine right always a very thank you for your service. Thank you. On our lot and is because of guys like you that we have this great country who fight for our country risk their lives and gave their lives to establish what we have so thanks number five. Thank you for your time. Goblins all right and my dad. He was in World War II. In the Navy. He was in Korea in the Army and he was in Vietnam in the Air Force. All right, let's get to Harry from Kentucky Harry welcome you on the air. I don't hide today. Oh, I'm hanging in there little tired little irritable.

I Saturday now your bed all a little baling have a thousand things right now. I acted or five. In fact, I remember a couple weeks ago a lady called and and you told her no. I agree with that. I think the key play that there were five effective laws is liking it of anything having an RN are under the rank document you.

I sent an email I I noticed about, read it because I got it I got my general reply from Carmen periodically. I I don't know if you read it or somebody did or not, but so is your question question is what does that mean like anything anything that by that would be what anything that you be okay here's the thing, I shall not make for yourself an idol known idol is something was using religious worship for the purpose of adoration bowing down before these images even though the pagans knew those things were not their actual gods. They were used to represent their gods and they had certain importance to them and they would be guarded so the sooner that it is right by a Gregory on not right.

Basically they get that they're not really God's collision for a put this with the idols were in the context he says yes. So it's a religious worshipful context of images and things like that of any idleness and idol of God or like this is what is in heaven and earth or earth beneath or in the water under the earth.

You shall not worship them or serve them.

This is talking about right. So can you have an image of the cross in your home. Yes, you can go to music for worship don't use it to bow down in front of you know personally I will not. I don't like any images of Jesus in my home because they could not write on her black Caucasian server to okay right as I don't have that either. So any likeness of what's in heaven will we have a poster of Mars on a wall you know I love astronomy and I love space I love to stop so great when I detect Michael for Christmas my daughters got something I totally covet of this covet to get it right away. It was moon globe that would have imagined the bottom and he put on this device and it is magnetic and floats in the air and lights up like coveting that. So what is the moon K.

M. Yeah, I cut a lot of things like particular stuff like that and telescopes.

And that's okay so my friends laugh about it but are anything I really like this one have a choice in the context of worship and adoration and and write these things not to do that.

I can't. You would not advocate.

Lag with all our yard on fan with your left hand on your heart is okay man, all right they vote for field lines 07277 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave lines 877-207-2276 Pacific Colton from Salt Lake City. Colton welcome you on here like the bigger question for sure. So I was raised LDS whole life and later on in my teens church white Road. My own thing.

Now I come to read the Bible and actually look right.

I watch the budget by current videos.

I was like to be an atheist and it crazy so I just started coming back and I think of myself in an NIV Bible started reading it I can understand it very well but when I talked to my parents about it. Reading the NIV Eric kind of on the same oh King James only urgent idol that the only Bible there is yet alarms are false NIV will work. I went to Westminster theological seminary. Fifth most difficult graduate school in the country and many professors use the NIV. Dictate the word got very seriously.using an API used the the NASD, but when we did any NIV it really NIV okay be fine on letter their.

The other question I had with Dr. congratulations like I got her numerically afterwards that I want to compare everything over our daughter yeah I have my King James, I have my new king and looking through different bank and especially in Luke when Jesus turned the agreement out the fake and the King James version. I really can't grasp just me but in the year that I can get it and then I yes please a good translation. I have no problem with the ESV and I prefer people to get three Bibles in the SB, ESV, and the new King James the keep the King James, they don't even use with the real King James was 16, 1150 I didn't use it.audit Right answer malicious or sick. Don't worry about that look just read the don't use the Jehovah's Witness Bible.

That's really been corrupted but to your okay with you.

Translation right thing that attract the inspired version that's been corrected, so you're fine with the King James for the new King James over the King James because it's been updated. Discussed all that in the ESV is fine. NIV so I just compare if you questions you know you can call me up if you want or have you heard of the Mormonism research Ministry down there in them and Sandy, though I haven't is Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson were friends of mine and run that Sandy, Utah and RM.O are in your local to Dempsey, people even Nashville or Eric to go to lunch. They know Mormonism like you wouldn't believe it or not. X Mormons are just studying it for decades and they could talk about Bible translations as well.

If you have more stock and stuff I might have had Greek and just agree couldn't help you out but you be fine with the with those you NIV and ESV okay, one more question with what Jesus was crucified, or did he go for those three days late on yesterday but when it looks like happens he would make proclamation to the spirits prison first three and informed them why they were there and then at the end of the 3D. It looks like you can't say this for sure but it looks like he went fishing for and lead captive for a host of captives and leading them into heaven it looks like the people who died in faith before the crucifixion went to a holding place called Abrams and then after the blood of Christ been shed and since could then be cleansed by that shed blood sacrifice. Then he went and lit them up into heaven. Ephesians 4 talks about that. That's right lean towards wooden dying that hill.

It seems to be the case.

What was going to bring more court like Haiti. No aspect of it that are not used to set this risk.

As I reacted because of so so conditioned to some heretics out there, but I don't what he teaches in a particular area, but I will say this. Stay away from Kenneth Copeland Kenneth Hagan stay way from Joel O'Steen stay with Joyce Meyer. In fact, I would recommend you contact Mormonism research Ministry there and Sandy and ask for a good church. If you don't already have a good thing going to they know the area they been there for long time.

They can tell you and stuff thought yeah the only reasonably wondering about that as I was watching the guy who seemed a little off, actually a lot David Anderson on YouTube seem to be stay with Anderson. Yeah, that's what I noticed this and started to watch and it seemed to the yeah DDI to the offramp a long time ago right. Contact Chris shared look of and distal Matt slick said hey you know, billing stuff and save bill is not listening right now because of greatest honor Billy only lunch truck okay that is a regular guy but arriving helplessly okay alright let's get over to Wendell from Fort Worth, Texas, Wendell, you're on the hello hello how are you my brother. I bless you. I have a couple quick to act out about that time I was on I got all about five minutes before you went off the air and that would not questionnaire them on how to you and we thought on the theology. Aren't you a reform.

Yes that arena.

Yes. How do we combat it okay that it all looked reform. Theology teaches us that God is sovereign in all things and that people who are saved are saved because God elects them and predestines them to salvation that it's not up to the sinfully enslaved free will of unbelievers, but it's up to God and my great mercy which we don't know what criteria are met. Method uses, but that he is the one who chooses us for salvation.

Second Thessalonians 213 Ephesians 145 Joseph and Christ from the place of the world and predestined us all reformed theology affirms these things and we also affirm that we cannot lose our salvation because Christ paid for all of our sense, and he doesn't give-and-take and and and I noticed more stuff with those of the basics that we believe well I was one more. You may not believe and in reformed theology. We teach that Jesus bore the sin only of the elect not of every individual who ever lived because to pay for the sin to remove the sin is Colossians 214 says he canceled the sin debt at the cross so they can deliver everybody and if we have to go to heaven with you to be completely did besides first dosimetry 14 says that God says that the sins of Eli's house will not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering for ever says that so well that we hold whatever first for Samuel 314 12 oh with what you get. We would not do that on all mankind and Baker called the obligate obligate God. He drawls to himself who really that pale ice analytical heresy and iconic units.

Heresy he doesn't drop to him who will come to him because no one will come to. That's why the Bible says in John 644 Jesus says you cannot come to me with the father draws you. John 665 that you cannot come to me… Been granted to you from the father, God does not look to the future know who's going to choose him if he conditionally draws them or does whatever and then he chooses them based on that that will be a violation of James 2224, which is the issue of partiality. God shows no partiality. There is nothing good in us that God would want to save us with the reason he wants to save anybody because it would send him his goodness. So what is taught in most churches today is actually false doctrine regarding this and I say it I had to say because is true. Most churches teach the heresy and it's it's just not true.

Okay, so I'm not like you know that what I probably got I got I believe that that God had to draw okay that he grants. I believe we would flip it 129 as an grants. We believe in 2nd to 25 says he grants that that we have repentance and John 113 says were born again, not of our own will and acts 1348 says you as many as had been appointed to eternal life believed in first Peter 103 were caused to be born again" distinctive peopling of what it says Molly Molly. Learning to appreciate your view on the Scripture I can go back and review it myself.I got it and it demanded will be on the same page and I will. I know that I paid almost 1st that you write a letter to Jaco but I say again, Scripture wants a check against all was okay.

Go ahead sir now the like what I would like a bully and now you are post that you personally direction.

I hope I hope your I think you're right my learning I would like to know.

I'm sure you have it on the website. Maybe they may not get off your website while you yourself hold.

I really have pushed things a big deal but I think it is more more big deal because I don't want people to think that working to get out of here, and therefore don't work in the world and try convert the world to some concern I have, but if you call back on Monday.

I can go to some stuff and on why we can go through it and I like to tackle the first table save show pretrip record within the context and in my opinion that this falls away like two men in the field and I think you want us with his left. You've heard that right tube in the field when a signal is left is fracturing of the announcement that the wicked will now it's the wicked who were taken and I just challenge people to read Matthew 24 Luke 17 read the context is always at again. I know what you're saying is that they left lie to you.

Time call back on Monday. I how I did that you will likely not appreciate all right hey sorry sorry Michael the Lord bless you have a great

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