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August 13, 2020 1:31 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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August 13, 2020 1:31 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What does the perseverance of the saints mean- What does it look like in real life---2- Is pornography equivalent to adultery in regards to divorce and remarriage---3- Are there ever grounds biblically for divorce---4- Matt discusses Jeremiah 3-8.--5- Who is Paul speaking of in 1 Corinthians 15-29- Are they the same people mentioned in 1 Corinthians 15-12---6- Matt discusses the issue of divorce and remarriage further.--7- What happened to those who died before the incarnation---8- Isn't infinite punishment in hell wrong-unfair-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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A previously recorded mats like show mats like why is the founder and president is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine 11 we have nobody waiting online right now if you want to give me a call. All you gotta do is delete 772072276 we can do it everywhere do talk about everyone talk about this all good. So fine and him what's I just remind you a couple of things we have got the schools online and real school theology school apologetics in a school critical thinking and I wrote these figures go and I put a lot of experience a lot of information in there. Now you can get basically all of that on the current website.

There's 4500 articles are 5006 – I think your success is so well why do they put these schools into logical order, and even Edison information and if you want to learn your theology if you want to learn what apologetics is you're interested in learning how to think a little better than go to is important that you know what it is you believe for a lot of reasons the Christian church is a little bit weak in its understanding of biblical theology and the reason that's important is because theology is like a skeleton and you put the meat. The bones beaten everything on that it take shape. So that's why it's important have good theology so you don't believe things like Republicans Copeland and Joyce Meyer, Joel O'Steen and other things that are bad news so well again. We have five open lines give a call 877-207-2276 and a few other schools. All you do is go to Carmichael said the right hand side of any page you will find the link with the schools and they do cost. We charge $33 each is not very much in your lifetime access to it. If you want to schools and can't afford them. All you have to do is email list so you want to. Schools can't afford them. We won't ask any questions which give you access. So if you want to do that one learn you can afford it, that's fine. No big deal. We have someone right now sitting in the chat room on on stuff thing. It's an excellent resource agree for myself again with typological close to McCall 877-207-2276 also is not a need to tell you about the stuff very often we have with missionaries all disconnect to fill a bit of background.

Here we have missionaries all over the world. We have one in Turkey one in Columbia one in South America and Brazil.

Brazil and call me if you have one each. We also have one in Malawi which is so southern Africa and what were looking for. If you're interested in. This is some we have a need for the online schools are presentation $1500 for software and stuff so that the people of South America can attend the schools online that our Spanish counterparts. Carlos got a beer us is doing and he's teaching them in Spanish and he knows his stuff is really good to work with us for years and also this is a really important need.

We have a need of the printer want to send or not send to Malawi, but our guy Malawi if he can get a printer and it cost about $700 down there, a printer with supplies and paper. Then he can print up the books that we have forgotten and he can give information and outlines to the pastors that he's teaching down in Malawi because they don't have the Internet really is not accessible to poor area with there's a lot of need down there printer is simple printer would help.

So much so you can check that out as well. There is also a need for glasses for our guy Malawi glasses for reading list so those are the things that if you're interested you can check out and also one more thing might as well let you know that we have on the current home.

We have actually as good a patriot on your support you personally.

If you'd like to do. That's going to Matt slick and you can find how to support their I do video for the one-day matter fact just a way to support us because some it will be all right.

We have four guidelines do want to give me a call 877-207-2276 give McCall Andrew from Florida. Welcome you on here Howard busy and by God's grace in here thing able to do the radio show will doing okay.

We got so that looks like it a lot. Mole person versus Saints just means that Christ has bought you and you cannot lose your salvation because God himself will work the perseverance in you, through you and upon you, and that's what it means. And so it manifests in our lives and our struggles against sin in our failures as well. In our hope is in Christ that we realize we don't have to do good things to keep ourselves right with the employee. Holy God, which is. And so it really like in my case, I can tell you what it manifests in his confidence. Confidence in my Lord and thankfulness that I'm securing him that my goodness is not what determines my salvation. How I maintain it and so because of that I'm free then to be able to live my life for Christ and in and mess up nothing. I want to mess up, but I'm not worried about my mess ups making God keep me on the kingdom of God. And so the fearful expectance and because of that I'm free to you. I do as much as a Canada certain type manifests, at least in my life right Mary Jo my marriage so I looked at it. I look at pornography and my wife wind up leaving me shortly after that and began to get into relationships with different men and she wind up with five different relationships and she wind up having a baby with somebody else so I was wondering if I was able to marry again because I was the first one I looked at pornography and she said that she which I agree. But my question if I can I ever remarry. I never slept with anybody for thickly it was just watching the and and she actually did. She within five different relationships over a five-year period want to have a child with somebody so I was wondering am I able to ever marry again when we first one I would suggest is to go to church and dismissing you to talk about now you are attending church right yet and because of the nature of this and plus I don't want to get too much detail because I know the children are sometimes listening like so here's the thing is to what degree is that porn a thing that justifies the accusation of adultery because in one sense it is another sense it's not Jesus said if you look on a woman to lust after you commit adultery with her in your heart, but that's different than actually going through with and I'm not saying therefore okay I'm not saying that but what we do when when you know you see an attractive woman and for whatever reason you lust after her for five seconds left to say to catch yourself, does that mean now you commit adultery well. In one sense, yes, in the sense of you decide requirement of security. Their heart in your hand. No you didn't. You didn't actually do anything you didn't actually go through with it and so I would say in a situation like that is not grounds for divorce. I would say that you're still able to remarry in this situation I just gave because you repented of it, etc. need to actually go through with anything with real things okay.

Of course, and and but when we get to the issue of how many times how long, how many issues what's this for how then it become so there is little more serious. This is why the elders need to be involved in your church because it just did some variables if you are scheduled for example say to people for struggling listeners. A man who struggling with this and let's say once every three months. He falls into and is married and he confesses it and it is a real struggle for him. For whatever reason I'm not saying it's okay my thing is justified to say this is what is the heat but happens to them and he hates it and he's at war with it and re-she falls every now and and he doesn't hide it from everybody talks is by feet even go to the elders of his church with Debbie grounds for divorce.

I think now is a sin and he struggling and I was his wife doesn't have the grounds for that and what about a man though who is hiding it and is going through it over and over and over and that's what he's thinking. That's what he's desiring and his relationship with his wife is being negatively affected in a great weight she's found out the elders and found out they thing you need to stop this and he just doesn't he doesn't care is that grounds for divorce now are approaching the area where it might be grounds for divorce because it's an unrepentant seeking of sin in the relationship of others, but the of the real relationship, but it's a single relationship so they would get into the issue if it might be justifiable because there's a gray area in between.

This is why the elders need to be involved so that makes sense.

We were actually going to church okay because I started going through course I started started the God in my life and I talked to Dr. Dave Durst that degree from what my pastor at University of Pittsburgh biblical study. He told me that you think that I can repair now based on knowing more detail by the saying is if it's in the issue, struggle, repentance are trying you feeling you die. We tend to see how you can remarry.

You need to be involved with the elders and their something I recommended with people I've never heard any body else. Recommend but I recommend that you keep a journal of what it is that you're doing in order to make things right with God make things right with the people offended you. Keep a record of the date you not called Matt slick on the radio and blah blah blah. I talked to my elders on so I called so-and-so about this. I'm working hard to make this wreck. The reason talk about this kind of thing is because what happens is you will then have a record that you can present to others about your struggle and your desire to work against it. It's a sign of repentance is a sign of sanctification, and this is a good thing. I recommend this for example 21 I started this years ago with a woman who wanted to hug and was committing adultery and she was willing to reconcile and he continued to commit adultery in this record that she was keeping was able to justify her efforts right so that you go to Frank which I hope you might want to give me a call 877-0776 call Matt slick. Why call 77077 charismatic sling back in line with want to give me a call 772072276 Québec on the phone with Andrew from Florida Andrew Stiller you are so not going to write the car with me were driving right now. Sure we have nobody waiting out their usual so yeah I'd love to talk about marriage with no problem.

I do not arrive by God's grace, God blessed me when he got here.

My wife and I believe that you don't believe that you should never remarry and that I what I mean by that the believer MOI right now.

I keep by one, but then I want to go for by what I be able to do that all because I don't like. You never get the guy a matter… Not big God will be speaking God's suit is real certificate of divorce and exact reference is your my 31 kn not even rate of five during a break in summoning hundred and 90 snow in my memory, but so divorce is not automatically as soon because God issued Israel. These certificate of divorce based on their spiritual adultery, false gods.

The Bible talks about two reasons that dissolve the marriage one is adultery and this is out of Matthew 19 nine and and Jesus as I say to you, whoever divorces his wife except for immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery and generally with understood here's issue of adultery.. The word there for morality is poor Nate, which means sexual immorality and adultery. So this is a grounds for divorce.

And let's say a couple is married. In this essay she commits adultery and he's trying to work on it and she divorces him.

He's the innocent party and he's free to remarry. She's not on the grounds for divorce is in first 2715 if the unbelieving spouse leaves let them leave a brother or sister is not bound in such a case of generally speaking with. This is in the context of persecution and this is what Paul said this, but he does say if they leave. Lem got and not under bondage in that place okay with it means is the other person is abandoned the marriage covenant abandon it and is deserted. The reason this is important is because when you do it like a wedding. I do weddings and I married a couple. I always go to the issue of the wedding ceremony with them in the vows that they make the reason that marriage is what it is is because you're making a promise before God before each other and before the community. The people to Trinity Trinitarian kind of a commitment. It's three-way in that it's between the couple and God between the members of the marriage party has been the wife and between husband and wife in the community, the witnesses, the people so because God does things by his speech he does things by the power of his word he binds himself by his promises, so too we bind ourselves in marriage to be faithful to our lives. For example, etc. etc. and so because I take marriage seriously and my wife does to this is why were still married. We would be divorce if it wasn't for us being Christians because we had some rough times and we did not want to be married to each other and love each other. This is all true and the fact is, why went to counseling and and the counselor said so what's love got to thing married and this is the short version said now you can love your wife as Christ loves you not depend upon how you feel, but upon your commitment and this is what Christ has done with you. He's committed himself to you so you are to behave in a manner consistent with the love of God to you, he doesn't love you because of a good you are a pretty you are on the family sounded you can make you feel like it, so start loving her biblically what we started doing to each other. And here we are still married and I'm glad this is a slight kind of bug issue was the nature of marriage. People taken seriously because they don't take the bond of their word before God before each other before people seriously.

So when someone abandons and commits adultery with her doing is breaking the covenant promise to be faithful to one another in sickness and in health.

This kind of a thing means I will, for example, I will never have relations with another woman as long as I live as long as I married my wife. You know about a remarry. That's one possibility, but I can never get to do this and I will never abandon her either just never going to happen because were both committed to each other so in the promise of my marriage. I promise to be faithful to her and to always be there with her. If I were to commit either one of those by abandoning her and/or committing adultery. Then she has the grounds for divorce, not the obligation of the grounds that she be the innocent party.

At that point JC, this is how it works with people so you can never get married we might execute that you die. Jesus says in Matthew 1919. I said you, whoever divorces his wife, except for immorality, tornado, sexual impurity, and marries another woman commits adultery. And in verse 2715. If an unbelieving one leaves let them leave the butter sister is not under bondage in such cases. But God is called the piece goes the two grounds. Okay. All right. Are you married okay work quick Carl you know I know I'm not okay with you some advice. Okay, if you're dating a woman and you're serious about her only reason you should or dating her is to consider her as a possible marriage partner which means that you which you need to honor her protector. This is for advice for everybody if you're in the car alone with her is not something to be advisable. You would not want to be in the apartment alone are home alone with her behind closed doors because what you would be doing at that point would be compromising her integrity and reputation.

And if you're going to marry any woman, then what has to happen is she has to be able to trust you that what you're going to do is guard her before marriage as well as after marriage is the kind of things I teach men how much even honor because it's trusting God is trusting you with a woman were to protect and honor and is not just the physical protection the spiritual interpretation one as well. This into some of the things that need to be taught opening rights what is right, are effective Riley. God bless you guys are that Lisa loose that is always a pleasure because usually it's not always a pleasure it will give a call if you put lines 877-207-2276 a hold on their rough right back after the messages. Those 87720722Y call 7707. Here is Matt's slave back the collar from Rob Salt Lake, verse during a break or my 3/8 what God says and I saw that for all the adulteries of faithless Israel, I had sent her away and given her a writ of divorce yet her treacherous sister Judah did not fear, but she went was a harlot also. So here's the thing. It's interesting God issued a writ of divorce against Israel consider Jeremiah 38, and yet there's gonna be a wedding feast later on the marriage ceremony the lamb is going to be very loose sense of remarriage is technological. It's representative is poetic, but the idea here is that of the intimacy of marriage is something God takes very seriously and yet God issued a writ of divorce. He also says in Isaiah 50 verse one thus says the Lord.

Where is the certificate of divorce which I have sent your mother away so the certificate of death is made of divorce. The writ of divorce that God is talking about is due to the spiritual adultery so he uses this analogy in that sense. But nevertheless, in the 99 and 715 we have what appears to be the two justifications for divorce for the right folks with three open lines were to give me a call 877-207-2276 look at the rotten Salt Lake City Rob here in your program. I love you program great. Thank you and out.

I wanted you actually have a digital question that I didn't tell here's greater but I still want to talk you about what I did tell your screen about you believe that the people that are mentioned in first Corinthians 1529.

Baptism for the dead are they the same people that the apostle Paul is talking about is verse 12 may come among you, you know ER you back. I did if you don't believe in the resurrection you talk on a defense of the resurrection. What you doing first 2015. The resurrection is the proof of the sufficiency of the 20 sacrifice in the notice when he does he goes down in verse 29 is continuing on in this discussion. Otherwise, what will those do who are baptized the debt, not us is not a Christian brightness. Those at the dead are not raised, why are they then baptized for them not, we he's never said to be us all he's doing is, Paul is doing is alluding to a pagan principle that unbelievers were doing and so that that's all this happened in the Mormons affect the results of your presale that you believe people there brought up at first in verse 12 don't believe in the resurrection I don't think it's the same people is as if he had an exact on idea I haven't read this in that context for a while to build up give that answer because sometimes there are ways of the verses will talk but a different thing to change the topic, but all right. So without knowing that atop my head.

I can tell you're not doing it. An analysis which time of year. Somebody does to 20 but the resurrection and by a man came death, etc. by you and him and so he did. I know we talk about this generically and I think that's what it is but verse 12 might be. Similarly, how do some among you say that there is no resurrection of the dead, and what would you buy, you will first Corinthians, the Corinthian church the Corinthian church article made a mistake of thinking the Corinthian church means if you're in the Christian church major saved doesn't mean that is just what I don't understand that the call the city of Corinth was pagan false gods everywhere. Paul the apostle was there started church people are coming into here from all over the place. There unbelievers mix with believers is when he's writing a letter.

He's writing a letter to the whole did not think this is right for you Christians to Corinthian church you're out there.

So why do they do this even some believe this, so there's a lot of that going on in that mixed bag of believers and nonbelievers. Okay, I thought about that comment, it ain't fair every year Amber and ideal and other new basically what you're doing on the air.

We talk to Catholic Mormon JW's and a Muslim and I just want a prayer request for the state.

There we can break the five of them will be able to have the fair.

I just want to tell the Christian believers in your audience you will be praying that question for you.

Where is what cities of the Hilton Salt Lake, Utah. Can't wait and okay and later we had a gap for me with the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork because there can have a festival on this the 19th of and so some of us are think about going down there from here out from Idaho downers of five or 6 Hour Dr. to Spanish Fork but to stay with a friend in Sandy and everything about going down there to do some witnessing and evangelism are not thought that I can guess there'll be a Spanish club is only you know from Salt Lake is now or south or so give or take place all thank you for telling me that I might die there or not. You might yet I going to die every year course last year. Last year back. I would hair every year I broke the record, they were not dug a big deal about working the line is always your voice sounds familiar really does Dragon is something something to put it with. So are you some guy like in the 40s, 50s a little too fussy looking guy because that would be you yeah think that and year okay down the line. I just wanted out. I pray for and found for you, I make about where it's one thing to think about so all right. Okay I fly back on. Thanks all right it's okay if open lines want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Give me a call and it was Maria from the we have nobody waiting and of what the question was if her husband divorces her. Can she remarry. Talk about this issue of remarriage is when you recall folks five up in life was a slow day 877-207-2276 let's talk about this issue of marriage. If you were married and your spouse abandon you and/or committed adultery and you were seeking reconciliation to work it out but your partner, your spouse abandon you committed adultery and did not want to be reconciled did not want to prepare that marriage, and went through with that divorce then you're the innocent party and you're free to remarry.

That's how it worked out. If you have been the one committing the sin and you divorce your spouse you can and cannot remarry dependent, because if you are an unbeliever, you did this assist one of the arguments that some people) unbeliever, you committed adultery. Let's say and then years later you divorced years later to become a Christian, then what happened because now all your former sins always have her taken care of and you've come to replace repentance then can you remarry.

Some say yes, and some say no because you weren't a Christian, what would happen. So if you were a Christian claim to be a Christian can walk with God and had committed adultery and your spouse to divorced you, then we can make the case that you cannot remarry because you were the one who was defending Parker in the marriage.

Knowing better in supposedly a Christian relationship under the banner of being a Christian.

Now these are just topics that have to be discussed because there are variables and I'm not saying that these are absolute. I'm just saying that there are differences of discussions among theologians about the issue of marriage and remarriage. Some go so far to say you can't remarry matter what situation is unless your spouse dies, then you can remarry. And some will save you committed either one of those sent abandonment or adultery.

You can never remarry under any circumstances. There's others who would go so far to say.

Well, as long as you repent you really nice about it you get remarried and now I would go that far within another's variable what you do if you know you committed adultery and either Christian or non-Christian. The details there and then you got remarried. Later and then you realize what you did in the remarriage was a sin because you should've done that then what you do will is general consensus is you stay married and you don't get divorced because it would just be making something even worse. You stay where you are and that would be. These are just the surface area they require a lot of open lines called 777 why call 77077. Here is Matt's way back difficult trust in English you want to give me a call the number is 877-207-2276. Let's get the J from Texas J welcome. You're on the year. I swing. I was wondering what all the people who were born I these those people who died before Christ died with the knowledge of what God had revealed up to that point. At that time, the guy with the expectation of the coming Messiah. And so they be justified or justified by faith, as Paul teaches in Romans 4136 that Abraham believed God discredit him as righteousness once for five so that's how the saved law only what kind of knowledge of who saved you God knows all people whom he has called in the salvation so you wrong somebody had given them like get them what life meeting a limited like finite. So why would it be wrong to punish someone in infinitely my mind forever. Forever my several limited like an forever. It's a lie. Several just saying it doesn't make it. Do you have any way of demonstrating that such an idea is the right one God will see her to sing as I can answer your thing even illustration but the thing is that if you say that is wrong or got a hold on one second hold on. If you say it's wrong for God to do that you have a have to have a standard by which you can judge and say well it is wrong forgot to do that.

Who do that. They don't have a leg to stand on.

Furthermore, if I were to slap my neighbor to slap physically across the face. You might take a swing at me. My take a step back is what was that for if I would do the exact same thing the president trump well to be arrested go to jail and mix a federal crime, but the exact same action gets a different result. Depending on who it's against. When you sin against the infinitely holy God then there's an infinite consequence, because of who it's against not the one who committed it and that's why it's an infinite punishment because defendant God and the only way to be forgiven is if God himself undoes that offense. That's why Jesus Christ got inflected. What did the guy on one long, 14 Billboard will never act like what only God and action is not correct is not correct is not correct in Matthew two 211 4323 and 29, 25 he is worshiped as worship only God in Matthew four: the second in acts 2028 it says it were born or that we bought with the blood of God and so that is: Colossians 29 it says that Jesus is God in flesh fully in the global full of civilian bodily form in Hebrews 1, six and eight says talk about worshiping God and he's called God so your incorrect was only six. Only John though on where, why don't you hear what I said excuse me.

You made a statement. I corrected it and what you did was you ignored and that's not the right thing to do.

You should say I didn't know those verses.

Okay thank you anyway Billy move on. But if all your to do is ignore the correction. Then you just have an agenda that's all you're doing your unbeliever right to hang up on don't get mad at you but got a Christian are you by my real life, but I told him we would like to. Every valid answer. I agree with 111 the Trinity. Okay, so why don't you leave the Trinity help of Mike and everything in notes you don't know that for one thing, you don't know that no Jew don't use me, let me respond to what you said okay, first of all you don't know what every Jew believed second when I was in seminary I was in class with our Old Testament Hebrew professor and hold Old Testament history professor. The same guy. He made the case, he told us that there are evidences of Jews believing the plurality of God because of what referenced in the Old Testament, and I give you all kinds of references for you to see the Trinity was invented in the Council of Nicaea. No offense meant just tells me you cannot study the issue you don't know what I really have not Trinity is you don't what's the Trinity with the Trinity is the belief that God would report very good.

Now what method is used in the Scriptures in the Bible to arrive at the doctor, the Trinity, you know. 28. 19 nope. John will rate this called your ear and correct is called the Commager hafnium and we don't use that anything else you don't know what the is arrived at to you by 1000 really then why do not get it right the entity and all okay are you ready ready, let's go to the Scriptures score.

The Scriptures do you believe is only one limit the negative Scriptures do you believe is only one God and all existence and all place and all time. Nobody okay. The Scriptures teach Isaiah 43 4445 is only one God.

Okay, was to quickly click click click looking to guide the Bible teaches only one God, right, and so in the Bible says that the father is called God.

Would you agree and is it doesn't it look as 12 right grace to and peace from God our father okay a holistic letter sick sick so the sun Jesus is called God.

He's called God. Colossians 29 for in him dwells all the fullness of deity in bodily form. The Holy Spirit is called God the next five verses three through four and the father said to be the creator Jesus is said to be the creator the Holy Spirit to be the creator. The father indwells the Holy Spirit indwells the sun, indwells us so that I can go on and the father says you and yours and me and mine is what is Jesus. And so the Holy Spirit so let me ask you if you look at the Scripture set is only one God and the father is called God the son called God the Holy Spirit called God, and they speak to each other what you call what unity will bring, but the father speaks to the sun. Are they the same person that they speak to each other.

Lobby then we have two persons of the Holy Spirit also speaks that we three spurred persons right is me. Excuse me predated excuse me, if the Bible said is only one God and the father is called God the son called God the Holy Spirit called on what you admitted is the case, and if the speak: if they speak to each other and that defines personhood in all three speak and that is not three persons. You agree that it may not answer the question, isn't that three persons then then you are agreeing then that the Bible teaches one God in three persons I could write like were going to label doesn't excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me, I just showed you step-by-step the doctor.

The Trinity established in Scripture.

Like the other thing I corrected you one you just ignore it and move on to something else now likely to believe in any God. I showed you from the Scripture said the fathers called God the son called God the Holy Spirit called God, and they speak to each other and you acknowledge that, though that may support several persons. That means there are three persons were all called God that the Trinity so you see all. He got from pointing out the question what was stopping him.

Nothing was stopping him. There's no force stopping God. Okay, what your next question. I answered a question so what your next question will also I think I got people for God. Okay, so I just hung up on the guy because he just accuse God of evil not to participate in that. And obviously this guy does not have all his theological pause in the litter box and it's very fortunate that he has an agenda. He does not want the truth. He wants what he thinks is the truth. I spent time with him showing him the word of God ignores the word of God, then you can just got a people were not to participate. Let's get to William from Winston-Salem William welcome your on the air in that area all in that the church and they voted at here on the banning gay marriage.

They pass through their and I felt like the church highly divided on that boat and I just wanted your I Remember that.

And then they were like Jan and I was shocked that it would be 50-50 on in our church as you have them fly me out and I'll do a Bible study on why homosexuality is a sin abomination. We can get with the people who don't know what the word of God says we preach the gospel to them to see things get saved so they can have the mind of Christ so they will understand what sin really is and to not take their fingers wet them, put them up in the doctrinal wind of secular society see which way it's going, and then judge truth by their feelings and what society says all aside from that, if your church voted to not allow homosexuals to be in the pulpit and not enough cruise with all that. That's good. Homosexuality is a sin and that's how it should always be considered that we hate them. It's just a sin and doesn't mean you're not welcome in church. It's a sin we should never participate in approve of homosexuality or homosexual marriage Right. I think I think my big bar was that it would utterly agree. I would mascot is is a United Methodist Church that you're going to United Methodist Church and is okay a lot out there.

They said that the boat would've had that that was in a worldwide because the people of the archiving. Okay, here's the thing, United Methodist Church is not really a good denomination to belong to the approve of women pastors and elders here in Boise Idaho. One woman and one pastor had a Muslim come in and preach from the pulpit on a Sunday morning, which is blasphemy so you church is never recommending a long call back tomorrow. Sorry about that time the Lord bless you and by his grace back on there tomorrow

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