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August 12, 2020 11:47 am

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August 12, 2020 11:47 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- If a husband is emotionally abusive, is that grounds for divorce---2- Why did God seem to make exceptions with lying, in cases such as Rahab and the Hebrew midwives---3- I am being asked to falsify a report at my job. What should I do---4- Would a Christian be involved with the occult---5- How do you know if you're called to teach or preach---6- What is the impact of the media today on truth-

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A previously recorded mats like shelf mats like why is the founder and president is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why work time, Rex stack saying that because I need to build communicate with our guy about that stuff and tribunal browsers just now. Literally just know it won't log in and go on much work to do so will he'll text me or something on my phone. Things do happen irregularly known in reaction we pray for no technical problems actually really good technical problem so well to do is get out of work on some things while I'm talking and you get all this figured out. In the meantime, be right back trying things so Charlie hope you like it, Rex is let you know so him to get out back and try some stuff here is Wendy McCall it's a big step up. Anyway, the number is 877-207-2276 and I can't get it they won't go my hold go son was going on. I cannot get back into the system.

Okay good can't login so Kees if the you are there. I'm not able to get in baby Charlie can so is not able to see the see the system can't login to reboot my computer is on thing you think of doing right now the moment she would get this going. I guess I am still on the air though trying stuff like radio on the we just have a problem.

So this is not good and I'm trying okay, let's see. Well tell you what, so they would please reboot my computer if you can put a show on or something else.

Continue to write off 20 dear friend for eight at least 50 years.

She had been married 30 years how the fact that the file that he not thickly be very nice verbally and I'll thank you and, thank that not my mad and I have talked with her about biblical divorce. I just wondered I want your opinion that now have a heart and not complicate things that had surgery that he got out of the banking at work quarantined half fishing can only I that he got out of the Fayette and get a couple of the nurse that I think that faith yeah I don't think he did this, but just even before the year the guys had surgery and it was blocked and legally blind driver in think that she is doing every thing that my kidneys are final. My whale. She found that she just makes things worse and flashy just like shows like today you keep in dying and I like that she just got a question I will, I beg your pardon things like that in a towel question will see sling abandoning him looks a little bit here issue Christian not church where my arm I'm sorry that I'm not sure that's a good church church not a lot. Okay well you know she has a church that she can go to the elders are concerned that all lot that I would probably why will this matter the you would not believe the issue is the church goes to the elders and yielding to be involved with something like this emotional abuse is a different thing physical abuse with their use less and depending on the degree of what is different levels of action taken. The counseling is necessary and because of the pandemic heartache architect. All of this now extinct great deal. So what you need to do is be faithful to her marriage. During this time possible and to support support him in the way.

It's okay but supportive wife while he is recovering from his illness but she needs to have a serious discussion with benches to sit down. You have someone over the house to house the mask on whatever and she talks to her husband about this and she's right things out what he said stated and if he is going to continue this does this every time you just as with every leave form him to distance herself from suggesting she starts with another man I know because what do you cares this, which is a lot of time so counseling understand that it's okay but laptops just one person will one person who will be done. Want to talk to them about this life don't want to counseling willing to look you will step up and start acting like person is a Christian who picks up his cross basis and falls Jesus you love your wife. This is tough, very difficult to tell people it works both ways. So the blessing that it's okay for her to just sit there and take abuse. No, there are certain things that she needs to put in place in certain boundaries in place and she needs to do that to find someone to help her emotionally through this kind of thing that a male female find someone who can help and culture. A good God, good advice. She worked on over.

Time and informs him that this isn't acceptable. This work like that, but you need to take steps direction if you gets worse and worse. Once he's viable on his own might want to seek the ideal of being separated from because a lot of times that the thing will ship somebody up to shake him up enough for them to force sometimes one person will disabuse you constantly another one. Alright buddy, I figured it out and install the program today because it was intrusive and it was attached to something else that broke the code stuff that made it not work so the result. Good thing I know about computers to build effective quickly.

Sorry about that.

Let's get to the Kerry from Boise, Idaho.

Welcome your on the year.

Thanks for taking my call. Sure I heard you thinking about universal online yesterday you heard that. Okay yes, but yes yeah universal outline and don't metal or busybody don't drop the my question is about when God shows this in the word that he make the exception.

For example, Rahab. Some people in the midline didn't kill the first didn't kill the baby boys that are being born and making cool a bit more detailed.

I live in an apartment. I can't help but overhear my neighbors conversation by overhear a child being abused, the pattern I have to report it has to protect the child because I know your comments on thing will the idea of universals is different going to too much but has to do with the foundations of thought.

The foundations of truth and so generally speaking, it has to do with has to do with focus on this.

Go get in focus on it because I do one thing to get back in the system. Very good evidence. Good. Now I should be in and there is no no no.

So what you can if you want but universal. There's things like this. One of the ways of talking about them is a table or chair over my house in your house and we can both recognize the concept of the table is what this is is an abstraction table has a physical manifestation of chair has a physical manifestation and so we recognize the idea of chair nests and table mess and we would call these transcendental words, the concept is not dependent upon space and time, they transcend space and time. You can we can dig up an old building know from 300 years ago to be a chair in a chamber chair so the idea of these universal truths is universal things in the Platonism promote from Plato other things. But here's the point out is an idea of concepts that there are things that exist that we recognize one of the things I'll sometimes talk about the issue of evidence to breaking up your evidence is an abstraction.

Something occurs in the mind is there's footprints outside of the window. Is it evidence. I love my wife was evidence that someone was broken.

The end of the house at that window evidence. The physical manifestation of something becomes evidence were not evidence depending upon a paradigm or an assumption that someone makes and does that physical phenomena fit that assumption.

And that's how we would know that something is an abstraction that manifested in the physical world is a break will get back talk a little more about this idea of truth and morality of truth that we write back folks why call 7707 back rights was trying to say is that we recognize concepts that are manifested in the real world, a chair car these things are things we recognize we assign labels to them and we assign labels in different countries because we see the same things of you and I would've go to Spain with you. There's a car driving on it because that these things which recall transcendental. These things are universals the have an existence in the same way that our thoughts have an existence since there universal then it really requires a universal mind and I'm not connecting all the dots get too deep into this when we move sideways though and say what what about such things as 2+2 is four. We know that the statement is true and we recognize we also recognize with number two is just like we would recognize what Apple photograph number two in a chalkboard that is not the number two is a representation of the concept of twoness. So if I were to a race that representation.

The very nature of two nests is not eradicated is not removed just a particular instance of what we would call to this, the idea of truth is interesting because truth is a statement so for example, in talking to you is true or can't see it/look on online withholding in my right hand. My cell phone which is true. So some people say that truth is that a statement that corresponds to reality. As a Christian we would say it truth is that which corresponds to the mind of God, since God knows all truths than any truth that we apprehend is in a very real sense, apprehending the very thought of God, recognizing in the truth that he has so recognized to is a concept +2 is a concept recognize the quality of the concept and for dessert, the ideas of concepts that we come in contact with alright so now we have moral truths. You shall not lie. Well, this is an abstraction line is something occurs in the mind of the heart because if I were to say something to you that I knew was not true. That's a lie if I said to you something that was not true, but I thought it was true.

I'm not lying, just an error. The line for examples in abstraction is an intention of the heart. We can't take a picture of it. We can't photograph it. We can't put it in a jar under a bag is an abstraction and so line like truths or abstractions when we recognize that there are truths that will come in contact with what recognizing is that there are things greater than ourselves. For example, the issue of truth itself. Thou shalt not murder that we are to love one another. These are truths that were aware of when someone complains that God is wrong with her saying is that they have to have their say without recognizing it is that they have a standard of truth that is so universal that even God has to answer to, but it makes no sense. So the unbelievers cannot justify their true statements of the things I think are right and wrong were the Christians can because truth resides in the mind of God is revealed in the mind of God we apprehend it because were exhibits Genesis 126 in a society where there is no such thing as universal truths in their minds and the concepts their understanding and what they will do is replace them with abstractions such as truth is what you want to be because if there is no absolute truth, then truth will be relative when truth is relative that we could have contradictory truths can't have that logically people say no, that's right, or note, that is wrong which is correct. No one knows because original standard of absolute truth.

This means, then, that we can't know for sure what is right or what is wrong abortion. For example, can't be right or wrong in a world where truth is relativistic, it can only help be opinion, that's it. Homosexuality the same thing governmental structures, property ownership, the rights of defense.

These are abstractions that can only make sense if absolutes exist on the universals of absolutes exist, but when people deny God.

They deny the foundation upon which universal truths can be grounded and because of that, then the truth of God's word doesn't stand the truth of the sin that they commit against the absolute being doesn't stand and everything becomes right in their own eyes everyday becomes relative and then what that manifests in is exactly what were seeing in the world today in America people are warring with each other, accusing each other writing because original right and wrong, just do what they want. And so, without truth.

We don't have absolutes, I should say without absolute truth but what we can have absolutes without God's without God, you really can't have truth of relativism. So a secular society cannot justify the true nature of truth cannot justify universals and with it, then the people will become humanistic in their thought and then they will decide what is true and then it just becomes might makes right. The majority wins if you can brainwash people into thinking that abortion. For example, is morally good then in that scenario, it is because it's nothing more than a relativistic vote where the majority make something true or not but that has its problems as well.

We who adhere to the nature of God's existence, the foundation of truth and therefore signal portions wrong because God has set thou shall not murder as we can stand on truth and so then what happens is we could say that there's come becomes a battle between truth and lie with between that which is God and that which is not God. That which is sacred versus that which is secular and so this is where the nature of truth and universals becomes important without God we have the universal universe.

We have no absolutes without absolute we have the truths without truth we have anarchy and that's with little things about accent so my question really about.

Then universals universal is universals deal with the issues of absolutes, because universal truths are absolute truths is new.

This is new for lot only have to hear it several times and then they don't like. I get it you're talking about. And so we are not trained in America to think critically and sort what's happening as people are trained to think in a secular manner and not a biblical one, and I would love the ability to conference on this haps logical food slowly people show them this is all so you to write an article that helps okay whatever you want to call line 677-075-7707 back show to call 87720722762 anonymous welcome on here. I asked my percolation out where where I fabricate an infection or play against that product can vary. So what they're asking you to do is to lie play fabricate something which could have ramifications and stuff but primarily it's an issue against God. What I would do if I were you is if you can in that state's record audio about the issue and we can do it here in Idaho just one person could send recording a conversation I would take it to work recorder and I would have a conversation with somebody about this once but alive. I don't want to lie about this product can falsify anything unpaid by the company to do what is right not to lie as a person then says what I want you to falsify what is this you have proof and that person can get fired does not want you to go after someone's jugular. For this, but it might be that the person might income you and say well tell you what if you don't do this with. If you do have that recorded two and you could have a lawsuit in your hand is not we want to not aiming for. But the thing is that that there are ways to get around think I had a job once when her boss said look, when so-and-so calls, not here, and I said I can't do that I consider not available but once you're not here. If you're here to lie. Don't do it flat out looked at me and said this is not available because it is not available lie and effusively fired a soaking fire. See letter walk right out but that's what you have to face your Christian in the world is can cost you and I know I'm not just saying this in the comfortable home.

I'm saying this after being a man of integrity. Cost me a great deal, and I mean a great deal for decades of affect after the fact. I'm not kidding.

So it's up to you to decide what to do, but I believe in protecting ourselves.

That's why believe in taking recorder and and stuff and I was on the daily show about New York. I took a recorder because, long story why got out there what was happening, but we found that the daylight we have proof of so long story but to just cover your rear. Don't go lying thank you. Okay this just so you know, so my will say let's okay med will cost you your job won't but I know when I would not shade the truth in the slightest way cost me great simple little thing. I stood by my principles cost so much for saying it. That's the sinner you have to have your answer before God cover your rear get a recorder going have conversations, document stuff people log about who says what log can be entered in as evidence later so I believe in playing fair and playing strong as Christians don't just lay down and be abused. Don't just lay down and and suffer because of righteousness.

Think of fight for your rights okay thank you. Let me know how goes it if you want call back from right will you talk you later in the fold with Kim from North Carolina, Kim, welcome thinking you into witchcraft. You, you, you can guide you. You claim to be really really hope we understand something connection is good little bit here. You're saying there's a Christian who's conquering up demons back you can get to where no return will have no way to pray for someone first. Why would any Christian convert the demon that's all cultism. Sorcery which is for you that condemned in Scripture. I would call such a person a Christian, I would not like that's what they believe Lazarus and is deceived person is flat out deceived and not a true believer. That's what I would say you can get to you can't know you can pray you know when their dad is in your purse that that's it. It's done but you can pray as long as you're still alive. Pray but I'll tell you in this kind of a situation.

If you start praying against demonic forces you to be prayed up because it's a spiritual battle talk that person so you can be doing that kind of stuff because of the Christian to say I just flat out safe. I talked to somebody sitting on the Krishna Condor demons to the incident to go do things people take what let me ask you a few questions that they said no it's okay we can do this in the repent of it right now. I'm not protecting you know the judgment of God be upon you know it is just bad news. Okay, I would be just like taking a mock B what you think that no no no is not taken the markets a completely different thing for head or hand wherever that can be looked. There are lots of people who have been involved in witchcraft to have later become Christians, we take the mark of the beast.

There's no hope for your different things so that this needs to be this person needs to be rebuked Craig person would be disciplined by God. If the person somehow is a crucial check out but the very least reprint against all of it, that person's deliverance.

Thank you so much and will call back again all right. God bless okay if I feel for open lines. If you want to give me a call. Talk to you. Number is 877-207-2276 was good to Bill from California built locally or on here all right hanging in there. We got what you were God made well yeah it's a what we generally do is talk about the inward call in the outward called the inner called the external call.

So if someone says that they feel the urge to preach and teach the word and it's really strong and that person then we would want to see is a manifestation of it in the body of Christ with the body Christ recognizes, yes, your call to do that, difficulty, internal and external call. So for me as an example, I feel the need to preach and teach the truth of God's word.

It's on it's still on me. It still within me.

I was headed for decades, others have recognized that in seven want you to preach or teach here.

We want your teacher. Studies of the body of Christ is recognizing that and so that would be a manifestation of the external call so we have to generally speaking, how do you know some was called to preach or teach will have to have the internal and external call normatively speaking.

Okay, that makes sense.

But, like global coal will uses near tickler is all he is and so you could have someone in the cultlike Mormonism say that so-and-so it needs significant and give testimony internal and external call, but in the whole context we would know that it was false. Just as Joel O'Steen is not qualified to be a true pastor because he does not know the difference between truth and error and some areas. So he's disqualified so that would be a false call and a false recognition by the body Christ is recognized in Holland break for fourth in line with what you all have like 87707 mass like why call 77077 Bill all right noted that help you better been called yet, like doctoral call no sign Mohammed was called Mrs. he Mohammed was called by God and the committee will follow him numbers don't make any have any bearing on truth with no course of truth is governed by God's word and one of the qualifications of an elder in the pasture is by definition an elder.

Qualifications to be able to refute error teach sound doctrine. Joel O'Steen from what I've seen, can't determine most the time with truth from error is and I've heard them say more mature Christians and he got that wrong. He has his wife is a pastor, elder, preacher, teacher, and that's wrong deftly get Scripture and he teaches a namby-pamby fluff gospel doesn't preach the issue of sin and elder will preach the truth of God's word and will preach the whole counsel of God's work, but he does this is my opinion what he does is he tickles the ear.

He makes people feel good about about what themselves so this is a horrible thing that he's doing in second Timothy four itself. Some for the time will negatively for three for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but wanted to have their ears tickled and will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance with desires and will turn away their ears from the truth, and will turn aside to myths. This is these verses apply to Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Hagan passed away two Joel O'Steen and others. These are strong words and on site but I would be glad to have conversations with any of them and I fly out to meet them and sit in a room and have a conversation about the truth of God's work and not only me, but others would do the same thing so you can't be doing these things, you can't be teaching for example is Joyce Meyer says the gods okay to be called God's work. She's old is revelation knowledge from God or as O'Steen says, more mature Christians this Kenneth Copeland says God keep mother planet out there and is him said Benny Hinn says that God that Adam used to fly and will want to couple things. These fees are false teachers and the fact the church cannot recognize that there false teachers is one of the signs of the apostasy is a sickness in second Thessalonians 2 about the arrival of the antichrist, the day of the Lord no one in any way to see if you will not, must apostasy comes first. This is what the Bible talks about and so the church is moving into apostasy because it's follow these false teachers, and others like them and so this is so the church will be purified if things continue the way they garner society and culture, then purification will come to the church through persecution because that's Joel, your job will all agree with everything that they put their work they do in their pretrip rapture is able to pretrip rapture. I don't agree with that but I have no problem with you know, preach and teach suffer few particulars, but now I recommend cover chapel. They stick to the word you don't have the pastors and elders. It will preach the name and claimant idiocy as a teaching Christ crucified, trusting in Christ and they talk about sin and they talk about the test but this is a repentance and belief and trust in Christ you will find that with senior ticklers so that you don't have a character that I voice think about resurrecting some of the video were audios for the intros where Rev. ER tickler here tickler the articular and his feelings, tabernacle, and so you know will put in ourselves, but this is the problem. Here's a thing this always concerns me because this concerns me a lot for what I say on the radio because I take my words very seriously and what I'm saying is very difficult for a lot of people to hear my tapirs on hyper, judgmental, and that if you don't believe exactly is how I believe and everything in your heretic is not the case. We have people who work with us on this ministry. I don't even know their position on a lot of things that are call nonessentials. That's okay, but the fact is, there needs to be voices on the radio and on TV who will name names and call out the false teachers as Jesus says, but in the last days, many false Christ's and false prophets will arise and deceive many. We have this and the apostasy prophesied in second Thessalonians 2 verse three means that Christian churches, apostasy, size, the Roman Catholic Church is already apostate.

Now Protestantism is moving that way as well. At least here in America. Through this all a lot worse now, but what he deeded to the docks right so that's a right.

God bless our ride was good to Rachel from North Carolina, Rachel, welcome you are on the I'm fine today by God's grace well. God bless you all my might appreciate that because I said very wise prayer and fearful one as well. That's exactly correct. So we got it. I want to listen a lot seals could continue to hold their now and is the statement she calls back hangs up and make the calls back we can talk hello but keys are really great producer wrote out the media, hang up. She call back if she wants, and sums up this not is not hanging up on my and get back into common racks going on but LOL address the issue. How does the media affect things today. It does very brief, profoundly because people do not have the tools to be able to research and learn with the truth is too busy making ends meet and working and dealing with family matters and so just like Nazi Germany and the propaganda machine that they had.

They were in control of the media and because they were control the media. They were able to back on either Rachel here are sleep because they were control the media. They were able to control the narrative of what was said and what shades of so-called truth were presented to people and then because of that yes okay yes I hear you. You hear me yes I hear you. Do you hear me okay so talk about the bigger question was because he typed it out, how does the media affect the nature truth will Christians live what you think of the blessed by the length of time that but I want to know what you think about the impact of the media and what's happening and going on out your opinion, what you think about what I think because the media is secularized and ungodly that it serves a different master and so truth is not something you're interested in truth, is a commodity to be sold and ratings to be had to get more money. That's it. And when that's the case, the truth is sacrifice at the altar of secularism and media is on the war against conservativism against Christianity, and it's having an effect of deleterious effect in our society and my personal opinion I think that the news media largely not everybody but the largely the leftist news media is complicit with the attempted destruction of our country because the news media is not interested in truth it's interested in agenda and we have the the lies that are being presented by the media that I know for a fact that they lie great deal about things I don't care about truth it's an agenda and this is a problem and so the Christian don't know the truth is, because you don't have the issue of truth anymore.

It's kind of just like paddling a cracked cement canoe of this stream is not working very well so I think were in trouble, you know, if I were reporter, I would be going after truth because truth honors God would want to know the truth. This and that's important, but they don't want Christians in their giving truth because the truth does not suit the agenda anymore than in Nazi Germany. The propaganda machine did not want truth. They wanted agenda for political gain and power gain. That was it. I believe it's the novel 1984, which everybody should read and in there is a brilliant statement. Whoever controls the present controls the past controls the past controls the future. What that means is if you control the media now you can control what is to be said and how history is to be viewed.

You can control what a politician said you can shade things the way you want. Five years ago. He said this or didn't say this just as Biden obviously no disrespect meant to him is getting older, but he has obviously signs of aphasia and get the media hides the truth of this.

So not only do they not present that they present lies that also do not present the truth and so this is because of an agenda and when the agenda of leftism is promoted just as it was in Nazi Germany then people become oppressed and those who stand for truth will become oppressed as well. Who stands for truth. If the Christian so I predict that if this continues, the Christians will become more more persecuted and the media will not cover it very much because it will draw sympathy to the Christians and they don't want theirs of important verse of the Bible speaks of Ephesians 612. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. Because powers and principalities of darkness. We have to realize this is a battle for the ship truth and Jesus said he was the truth. So though to deny the truth but also the way does the Lord bless you and by his grace back on there tomorrow. Have a great

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