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August 10, 2020 9:00 am

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August 10, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Biblically, when was the church formed---2- How is the BLM movement Marxist---3- Should-can Christians be part of a militia, to defend the constitution---4- Why isn't anything being done about the massacre of Christians in Nigeria---5- Have you heard of universal objective justification---6- What sends a person to hell-


A previously recorded Nats like show maps like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrines versus a max what why glances goals and responded to your questions at 877207276 is Matt slick welcome. Call five line 720722761.

I'll tell you been up early on the go constantly on the go so well were those that you get busier and busier. When I was younger I wasn't nearly as is busy thinking what would happen if I were to retire, how would that work out if I would actually retire or retire to could retire because I'm too busy, too much to do, retire, so I we do this for years to come, Lord, will you be doing talk and do it anymore in the target. Nevertheless, take a look when you call 877-207-2276 and if your newbie to the show we talk about all kinds of stuff anywhere from politics to theology. You oppose the Colts that we did everything I love studying everything so what I do Petri on and and it's where you can sign up and you can support different to do here on on car and it really does help me a lot to be able to pay the bills and things like that. If you guys are interested, check out Petri distant/Matt slick this morning. I do Petri on think it will be released in a couple hours ended on just catching up on what's happening with car but also with BLM black lives matter, I would doing a lot of research on back lives matter recently written article and the I can man, I cannot recommend BLM I don't show any Christian could. It is socialist pro-homosexual pro-lesbianism, Marxist stuff that supports the breeds act home man the breeze act is just Marxist communist stuff and suck and it works against the nuclear family. There's just no way that I could ever support it. I do support the idea though of all races being equal to support the idea of getting rid of racism, no problem, but I just can't let my approval to move. But, like that which is so full of underlying ungodly antichrist issues just not acceptable. And that's that's been writing about that and I think it would turn my attention a little bit towards NT 4.0 and I don't have much time.

I literally working 1012 hour days six days a week and so I'm putting a slip incident T for research it to my opinion what it is is a domestic terrorist organization and so it's bad and will seek as they work with the NT 4.0 BLM people can mix in the crowd. Lesson one supports the other, but live there. They certainly merely the So my wife sent me a really good meme today and get on the camera showed on the online iPhone on the video.

It really is is a good thought, a good meme and I loved it because what it says is gathering to revivals. This picture gathering to revivals not permitted nice church picture gathering to revivals not permitted.

Gathering to burn Bibles permitted and it's a great name on the vessels of ever seen. Because in Portland that they are gathered in your burning Bibles.

That's okay and you look at wear masks so you can't be in church and you can be within 6 feet of each other. She can't sing in church, you can't meet in church in California. The People's Republic of California and am but they can in Portland for example is okay to meet in large groups and without masks. As long as your your writing that's okay and burn Bibles. That's okay and what's wrong with this picture. So many things wiser politicians just their zombies are part of muscle politicians or zombies. If you see him on TV the way to check a zombie is is to see how they walk to the stumble and and see if they can get confused by when looking at you and talking reason I say that is because zombies don't have the frontal lobe of functioning and obviously a lot of the leftists don't have five from low functioning of either side of the theory that you might be zombies. I live different. A new kind as I do not so leftists wonder about these things because how could they simply possibly say no to shut churches down because you might get close to each other and will punish the people were godly, who keep the law and what will do is let the people who are writing breaking laws hurting people damaging stealing. Let them do it. What is wrong. Obviously the frontal lobes are functioning. So hence their zombies man so much heresy, so little time for you, make all three open lines 877-207-2276 Goron from the one of the clans of the Klingons. I think Florida would go, but he was a man.

Thank you for taking my call brother Matt jerk. Quick question biblically when what church the first church defined church template back and assembling women about one: what if there's an assembly. The church was in the Old Testament because it assembles a believer's sin was a believers that if you see the called out ones with that is is the elect. The people regenerate when when did Zach begin the calling began before the foundation of the world.

The manifestation of that calling would've arrived at during the Old Testament time as well.

If you if you mean church as in a New Testament organization with pastors and elders then that probably would be going right around Pentecost time, but afterwards okay while we thought about lightest Matthew Henry, a that the church is a NOW that makes for you to check out the new part in church or sandlot birth, in the sense that the word church with lessee see it occurs in every context means different things, but in the sense of the church being defined as having pastors and elders and things like that, then roughly at Pentecost live afterwards. Probably a week or two or three months of 2345. Under no you know so just a fancy different to how you define the terms on always define terms I tell people that define your terms and then you can dance into questions so let's see I did a table church. I did an analysis on every every occurrence of the word church in the New Testament and it occurs hundred 15 times now I have this to work at 12345 different categories, and so when I get the percentages. The percentages can add up greater than 100% because you can have different categories that the same word can appear in court to be an ecclesiastical body. It can also mean the body of Christ. For example, I say to you that you are Peter upon this rock will build my church does that mean ecclesiastical body or does it mean the body pressure believers so body right could be it could be we could we could, we can say this only what it means. So what I did was I so look at going both just try to be fair so that's why my percentages can be above 100 so the body of Christ 41 times or 36% gathering of people. Three possible occurrences or 3% local churches ecclesiastical body. The local church.

72 occurrences or maybe 63%. The people of God as a whole 12 occurrences, 11%, and ecclesiastical body. 23 currents maybe 20% messing my analysis is absolute perfect, but at least I got in there, done that and on said here's how it seems to be so go check it out that that's what as a 233% okay that would help Margaret turn. That's good that you will here's the rule. Here's this three-part rule of three people.

First, define your terms second use those terms and sentences. Third, use logic and scripture to to validate or invalidate the statements simple define use and then examine Scripture and logic is a logic to because you need to have logic when doing these things, but you Scripture okay three-part ranking that there okay Minneapolis but I ride hey hey folks that was going on with Klingon heads.

I think with whatever and if you want to give me a call.

All you do is dial 87720722764 open lines. Now we get to the next caller talk about BLM before we do that. I know that there's a lot of people who are automatically approving of BLM. If you are a Christian you have the responsibility go to their website and check out what they believe and then ask can you support them.

That's what you're obligated to do need to do your own home or just trust some guy the name on the radio.

Next, click okay for open lines 877072276. Ryan from Pennsylvania you are on the air are not regular hybrid character invited her to call back okay I read your article about BLM and the computer. I will.

She has Marxist organizational ties or Marxist ties used is that now the thing is that you brought that up because when did my research, the BLM organization itself is not Marxist, and people are telling you the right is Marxist and it's a know it's not officially know it's not what the founder is Marxist. One of the founders of three founders and she definitely is and they have this essay that by connection when I go to the breeze act which she supports to then that's a Marxist leaning document so you don't like something else lit the safe Marxist is not so try to be fair in the art. In the article and save and submit.

Maybe I'll go modified because of and modifying it each day sick.

It officially is not a Marxist organization but has the founders cooling towards Marxism Metro conclusion were together probably got our lawyer work from your article good, very good organ or government era Gerhard Kohler who started era Gerhard Goldberg credible credit not really don't think the purity and peer market documents so that right and this has the potential of expanding the articles of BLM and enters the video this morning really something to be released. Couple hours on my patron account.

I talked about he should call the genetic fallacy in the genetic fallacy is something I didn't put in the article, but I'm talking about.

On the air and in the video I did because you don't want to say well the the guy who was a bank robber murderer.

He taught me trigonometry so therefore trigonometry is false. Genetic fallacy can sit as the Olympus falls because it's founders really think the break they folks therefore provided you want to give a call 7776 max Y call 770776 here's Matt's leg back in the 72072276 writer back on the year regular garlic powder work done. Remove medical them unilaterally fast during a break actually updated the article. The first paragraph, a great deal about Bob Gregory on your part art. Writer correct our Democratic Republic the day of battle, and the crescent bitter volunteer mark on him like a call.

The greatest threat because you have attacked every part of our government.

Every part of our account for you Bob. I literally remember encouragement of following him like Mullen from Fidelity father believed the larvae have been in constant violation of the account of the oath of office has continually. None of the nations that are in conflict effectively commit a crime invited barred and plugged into our nation on Live Meeting mascaras on the you have documentation, please Documentation all at his brother that she may have gone on live TV wanted to take him away without the proper limits of the Second Amendment well on the context of those things but you know if you have documentation for that. I'm always open for documentation. When I was at a BLM rally appeared boy see someone said something similar to trapeze. This is an accident documentation. They walked away.

Okay, I thought that email is maker going on okay not to the light is reelected and I very very I bought I was quite likely out for Robert and I was the bomb. Anything and anyone with a pulse before Outlook okay but I didn't know Brian, I think Biden is been around for a long time, then either medical better than… Okay while I look. I will provide the party is not upholding a man who has ever reelected our Democratic Republic will be over.

You will get away with his client. The new publican party.

I was curious to see documentation of this kind of stuff. So bye-bye will you load….About his property and Becca on you never know anything about. But I love you daddy O December the documentation I need to see the video. Great that they think straightforward but I like if it's a video just as in one sentence it goes next venue, I can't accept that accuracy always the context of everything. So if you got that great Senate okay right okay what. Thanks a lot. Okay well it was I cannot but think about this you will get on and and if you don't like Trump okay you say it if you don't like Biden say it and see what he did not cut others offer doing that what he did was he wasn't vociferously. I know this guy well to know he's public documentation. So I want to see this kind of stuff iterates slightly let's get to Mammoth this was going on here was get a letter from North Carolina, Larry welcome you on the air all question at the groom where I would. But let military restaurant.

Going the military and serve honorably to expand his got all enemies foreign and domestic than what you think any issues with them all morning Melissa.the do the thing that.doll and board you in a dividing line. There, but that personally know I like I like to refer back to Nehemiah where nearby building the wall and they have a AWOL building through a weapon at the other defending their call. I don't know that delete for a molecular mass but our country been torn down to the point where it needs rebuilding and in order to get it done.

We may have to think of our that's historically speaking, you never get the country back little by little it's always through unfortunately so always violence confuse decay. Historically, little by little by little the liberals get in and I was mentioning yesterday people need to study the rise and fall of the Roman Empire because the parallels with America are just incredible. And one of the things that happen rise homosexuality became normative pedophilia did then. Also these people in power start passing laws that they themselves were exempt from morality was lax and done so, you know, these are some of the things that went on and then the Roman Empire fell and then they basically as things are getting worse as her blaming the Christians to get a have some of the blanks of the term limit. Christians are killing Christians worry about the same thing happening here. I do know is going to happen, but you know the idea of fighting. I understand that during the Revolutionary war.

There were ministers who would preach a sermon on Sunday morning and wanted done, they would take off their caller and go pick up their muskets and go out and resist the enemy is at right is wrong. I don't know but better in the reanimated right well yell at. That's all this insert that is your opinion messing is writer's right but I do know that the preamble of the Constitution does say we have an obligation to throw off an oppressive government I believe is a preamble assessed and so when we do, because in November. We got some issues I talk about this a lot of my friends November. If Trump gets it elected people gonna hate it. If Biden gets in a hated and willing to do. There are people with guns on both sides related to shooting each other and the reason this is the case is because everyone's doing what's right in their own eyes didn't have your eyes on God. They had her eyes on something else in the left, the far left doesn't have a moral compass it's agenda it's leftism. The Christian church on the on the right has been doing its job.

It's been two narcissistic thumbsucking and that you give me give me comfort company company as it would not, but after doing that I do in our culture and our country for decades and so now are reaping the whirlwind.

Because of so what are you doing the time comes you I don't know what's I think Christians need to prepare as the ant prepares the food in the summer for the winter. We need to prepare for some some lean times it may, possibly, because if violence doesn't sue all over the place. Then supply chains will be lessened and with that, according and with that the problems so the writings on the wall and we got. Be careful so you hold a brief lecture loaded Reagan era to break the vote to write back. After these messages, answer Bible questions.

This is what happened before talk about other minds and hearts so the day it would give a call for help in lines 877 mass Y call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg back to the show going to call three open lines 877-207-2276 Mark Newman number Larry still there. I am your man think about me or whatever. To briefly comment on the previous scholarly word. Currently, again Republican Party and drop getting all included.

Note great Democrat. Do not know that they are pro-choice and will you know you got up early abortion I really basically just use their words. The pro-abortion. You handed them the party also arrived at a public yeah the Democratic party also was the party defending the KKK and slavery 1900 Yet another now and then, though the people who will build destroy statues of a people from 1800s, and yet they felt like crap just hi slick are you thinking hello where your consistency. Yeah I know right, Matt.

Thank you, thank you for all right okay God bless what the right to yet is a lot of people like like him out there a lot of people thought you for open lines going to McCall. Yes, we have to talk with the Bible.

Here 877-207-2276 Mark from North Carolina, Mark welcome your on here. I'll be going it's going. We got what. All right, I just wanted to show my concern for the country to country or nation of Nigeria. There, there seem to be like it is that there is a basically a genocide of their child needs to send I've been in all prayer and supplication he could take care of it.

Morning he needs to go there. There slaughtering Christians over there. He needs to anything was right. Once you write him well so long that they get the mail. You know I I you know you hear that that that path is I don't think Trump listens to my radio show might be out there thing I area. Let's let the chalk talk to them but get him to stop following Apollo was follow anything but to you.

You know what call up Hannity Collette Fox news and say this was going on to make a mention of it because I don't think about that so I know that I Jerry you know that you have that pastors keep kidney. I'm sorry that had served in Don Wilton you know you hear him brag like John listen here to involve me in a year brag that everything so I called his a little. I get prayer lives in directly enough that you know I'm not can you get in touch with him. I need you I that's it like out that he knows you say the volume, you could probably call you get a message to them. This needs to be taken care of now.

This is like a Hitler type really wait you have any okay. I was due this yummy documentation for this.

I've not heard of it. Now the news is that I started on the world news, yet they do not heard on the email documentation because it is important nothing dismissive. I want to know that this is the case, but I get it now vacated like 12,000 or something or maybe was 24,000.

It was ridiculous. The amount that the number and I just thought a lot about them as Natalie cried III don't want to say that it's just the it's the entity what what we need is documentation and so when people call up that's fine is like this is happening, then we need in those Christians need to be praying about at the very least, and do what you get your needs and not just pray we need to see what he can do. But it has to be established that it is happening and so I like to see the documentation because of it is happening. I will mention it on the radio focus would need to happen and you not been heard on the Truth Network. I think the article Truth Network the Newsday yellow belt clip in okay how did I hear that it concerned me to answer all of us some insight right. Hitler bought. I don't know. I'm looking at nines are you a genocide right now on the web and is that Christian is night is genocide happening in Nigeria's world turns a blind eye. There is so that our sense of concern could I'm scared, clear, and rambling just like you know what fear and trembling with that from our own salvation. It been through that I write exactly I didn't want to mention the name but when you that's exactly right near the value that I get that one mention I need. I did know that, but I don't want looking at stuff were talking and yet looks like there's something going on over there is news talking about this and this is not good.

Got eight Monica get over there Amanda year like you should Hannity maybe this pray pray that you have to have I pray they eat our block. Pray that you get spiders in the air are not that I could quickly take a flight pray last night take care of this before the sun see that, but we can't and I don't mean how the president I dissent what can we do about this.

If whatever's able to be done. Let's see if we could do something is a possible just send fighter jets over without Nigeria's permission to start attacking people you can't do that so it has to be done properly through proper channels that you might have a well okay it might be the Trump's already working on something like this. I don't know. But the thing is get different. Get a pray and look for you. You look for avenues to be able to communicate this to the right people to start you know this is a meager radio show that I get I have here is not that many.

It's the wrong lesson 20 stations. I think that for me and I've got hundreds but not and so Libby might know any more money anymore funding many more support. We can do it. We don't have the funding coming into etiquette to help you. I will let research eloquently of support you.

Thank you, really enjoy the show but I just thought I'd mention that so that more people out there would hear it. But like you say Chuck try to get Hannity maybe yeah and also I have know that in Nigeria were the largest churches.

There is just an abusive charismatic claimant prosperity gospel churches using the people as it is a lesson that's another thing going on. I appreciate that. That's not church yeah man thanks so much. I really appreciate Matt got God blessed by have a great doublet right all right forth in lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Tom California Tom welcome your near mad little bit but then being a movement among other things, but primarily over the doctrine of it… Natalie knew about that and what you thought you know I don't know, universal, objective justification, yet you break your minutes want to do is I'm going to look at okay okay I can bone up on a really quickly and I'll check it out. So which which denomination of Lutheranism is doing this actually married body and they all keep universal justification and the proof that is that they primarily Roman by 18 and 19 and I stand.

I tell you everything yeah and fact escorting a bad translation is one article I'm looking at yeah suggesting that everybody is objectively justified and correct that you believe it, though, and they all ended how to go to Hansen with that date so that the problem at the church so they everyone everywhere. Letting whoever will live have been objectively justified. The habit right. Righteousness would claim the little girl when you begin the bill with Helen. Okay, so now I understand what it is and understand why they're doing that they're going out of the siding, which I know that verse very well in this context I taught on it many times, hundreds of times and also it'll parallel with respect is 1522 in Adam all die in Christ all made alive. The problem is with the basil to college and the problem is more this okay for folks to make all four of the mind is a 7772 max Y call 770-7276 charismatic sling have about 12 left Jordi McCauley a fork in lines 877-207-2276, were still there.

I okay so I went and looked out at it. During the break and it's a little is in college. Incidentally and I had the privilege of sitting under a very good teacher, Rod, Rosenblatt know him pretty well and centered a great deal of theology there and went to seminary and I've had to wrestle with theological issues well before college and seminary and obviously after so Romans 518 incidentally, is a verse that I've gone through and taught specifically on this one verse many times over the years and understand its relationship with the word all justification and the doctor, the federal headship and so they went through and looked at the Lutheran objective justification issue and how they related to subjective justification in the position weakens the true nature of the atonement. Okay, first of all, it weakens it because Jesus Christ cancel descendent at the cross first class at 214. You cannot be held responsible for syndicates canceled at the cross. If he canceled it when people say Jesus paid for your sins.

I asked the question if you pay for your sense of sin that exists anymore. It was paid for the can't exist anymore. There is no sentence is pay for it's done. If you have a debt to private debt to you and I pay my debt to you not monetarily speaking the debt doesn't exist anymore. You cannot hold me accountable for and what what the hell is that ungodly or the God sent them to hell asked the judge, the action of sending so if I send my daughter to the store. Could you please go to the store and get some bananas who sent her I did when people say who sends people to hell. It's God who does that people don't seminary the question what the person go any sin.but if you think that with the cross. The legal aperture that attacked in her. If the debt has been paid legal aperture that has to attach later is faith which God grants slippage 129 so that then got impeded righteousness of Christ given to us living 39 justification is by faith from 328 Romans 45 Romans 510. This is a topic I have gone through so many times were different ways.

The Lutheran church fails in its understanding of this because it fails to do its homework on Romans 518. The issue federal headship as relates of the word all so if you go to, for example, in John 637 Jesus says something is very important that is very often overlooked. He says all that the father gives me will come to me it's a very significant verse because it does not say all that come to me. The father will give to me. It is not say all that the father looks in the future to seal trust in Jesus, the father will give those to me. It does not say anything like that. It says all the father gives me they will come to me there's a group called the all given by the father the son that's what's going on. Romans 518 is very testing verse and the correct translation is in the NASB, and the other Bibles make they don't do it right and I'll explain what got nobody waiting on explain why if you're interested why this is so significant but alright so there's 22 sentences in Romans 518, going by conjunction so as conjunction. The funny thing about it was 518 is it does not have a verb in the sentence know that we do that in Greek. We often do it in an English but here we have is to sentences a and B sentence a and sentence B, but his joy got by conjunction so therefore to compound sentence so we have sentence a is through one transgression condemnation to all men. That's the literal Greek into English through one transgression condemnation to all men or administers the conjunction is so also through one act of righteousness, justification of life to all men so soon again through one act of righteousness, justification of life to all men, both the sentences speak of two men, both the whole the one verse six of two men. Adam and Jesus through one transgression, sin, and it condemnation to all men to one transgression. That's Adam's sin, so also through one act of righteousness.

That's Jesus sacrifice justification of life to all men.

So what we see in sentence a and sentence B is a parallel the action of one man one man, not men. One particular individual had a specific result.

This is why the NSV has its heads and say it puts the word result because sentence visas.

In like manner or so. Also, as it is incentive say if you put a verb and sentence a yenta for the same verb in that sentence be because sentence B is taking his lead off of sentence eight so it says I through one transgression condemnation to all men. What's the verb, it has to go in there because we have to we have to look at theological insight.

We know that the sacrament that the sin of Adam resulted in condemnation to everybody. It doesn't bring it no know you're born in sin nearby nature telegraph. Ephesians 23 were dead in trespasses and sins. Ephesians 21 button but you know nature were slaves to sin.

Romans 642 20 in the natural men cannot receive the things of God for the felicity and perspective to 14th so we know that the result of Adam's sin was we fell in him we we fell in him. That's what it is okay. Sin entered the world through one man, so the right theological verb to put in there is result.

But if you put result there's been put result on it sentence be so that it would be there resulted justification of life to all men through one act of righteousness. The resulted justification of life to all men.

But what happens is whether doing is people are looking at verse 18, and are looking at. The second part is a will that means justification to salvation to all men. We can't have that. So then what they do. This would Lutheran to make the mistake a lot of people do good looking ascendance be letting sentence be governed sentence, a so instead of letting a governed be be governed say that's why the ESV says one trespass led to condemnation. They softened it because then you can say it will lead to justification of life. And so the King James will say that it just it just butchers it King James us by the offense of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation, even so by the one righteous deep of the free gift came the free gift is not there. Judgment came is not there. The King James even goes worse right and was published their own Bible Bible altered their objective that you want to because of faulty, faulty theological understanding of federal headship federal headship as a teaching that the male represented the sentence and so Adam repented all people. But Jesus only represented his people, the ones given to him by the father.

There is no other way to make sense of all of this. Here's the thing you know I've done this so many times for decades, back and forth. I've had people give me objections in all kind of different flavors and directions, and the only way just my opinion the only way I can make sense of all the things that are related to it is to say that God the father elected and gave certain ones to the sun for the redemptive work is Romans John 637 through 40. And that, as the transgression of Adam resulted in condemnation to all men that that all means everybody so through the one act of righteousness resulted justification of life to all men, that all can only be a limited group.

The word all doesn't mean you universal in every sense and every contact I've done a study in the word all it doesn't mean Internet and this not only that, let me show you this. This is sync with his 514 human read to you, but there's a concept in here. We know from the Scriptures that the Bible teaches that only the believers have died to sin. Only believers have died with Christ. This Romans 66 Roman 68 we've died with Christ crucified with Christ, respectively.

Only the believer would never say in the Scriptures never says anyplace that unbelievers died with Jesus died to sin and God himself now is not true. So will read this verse for the love of Christ controls us have concluded this.

That one died for all, therefore all died. Who's the all who died.

It cannot be that the all who died is every person in who's ever lived is not all have died to sin. Not all have died with Christ, it's only the believer. Only the elected believer only.

That's why because he died for all, therefore all died he Paul the apostle is saying that all is the group given to him by the father is the only way to make sense of it, and then once you once you adopt this that everything falls into place, but you don't then you're stuck with Lutheranism in the whacked ID of objective justification. While it is whacked and I have a bachelors degree from a level not set, but does have a bachelors degree from Lutheran college and I took all theology course to get my hands on and sat under a rod was black, great teacher. Seriously, talk a great but I do not agree with Lutheranism in this area at all so jolly is it going thought of primarily the Wisconsin sitting people recently doubled, while when I went to the LC MS College Lutheran Church Missouri Synod or Wisconsin sitting people there who said it wasn't safe because it wasn't in the Wisconsin Senate really remember correctly you click maximize my trust and faith in Christ is not enough. No, I look at that. A lot of stories I could tell I don't tell stories I could tell about stuff like God but I know that I think many people are being led away not, it doesn't make any sense. There you does not make any sense at all. It just doesn't make sense it's because they think they fail to do the homework on the word all and how God uses the term in relationship to the people that he redeems this the concert I teach a Bible studies.

What does the word mean in this context, look at how God used it.

See, there's a pattern word no and no skill in Greek to know Cano W. God only knows. Believers never says he knows an unbeliever is simple phrase woman when he says those whom he foreknew he also predestined to realize the four known ones are the same as a predestined group if the objects which now I see what God is doing and this is why get antsy about preachers and teachers who don't do their due diligence in this study the word of God and indigo preach, so I know you father already have all call me tomorrow for coffee tomorrow. You folks are like that.

We are working like 14 minutes and I hope you enjoy the show and maybe you did me anyway look back on your tomorrow by God's grace and will talk you

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