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August 4, 2020 9:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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August 4, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How can you reconcile Matthew 10-33 with Peter denying Jesus 3 times---2- What goes first, 1 Corinthians 5 or honoring your parents, if one of them professes Christ but engages in sins listed there---3- When God gives us grace, what exactly is he giving- A thing outside himself- Himself---4- How long after Adam and Eve were created was it before the fall happened---5- How can I best witness to Muslims online without offense---6- Under what circumstances is the pope declared infallible---7- Who is the queen of the south in Luke 11-31---8- Is there a contradiction between 2 Timothy -where marriage is said to be forbidden- and Matthew 24 -where Jesus says people will still be given in marriage----9- Have you ever encountered demonic activity while witnessing- Can Christians today cast out demons---10- How long does it take to really study theology-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded mats like show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine plug nickel.

All you gotta do 72072276 last four digits of LC ARM on your own website and objects to Christian apologetics research ministry 772072276. Some of you may have noticed today that the current website was down for just a little bit there was an attack on the server don't take care of this with partner parcel to ministry work that that's what happens in the way reminding you.

We have three schools online. The tradition checking them out the door to the right hand side of the page you will find the links to schools to come out and do please gives up to 24 hours for to go through normally works fine but every now and then for some reason some inside it just doesn't work, we have to go in and manually fix we don't know what why, but nevertheless we are working the new system will be ready by the end of the year just let you know that schools are online and if you want to watch me do the show. It's not a big deal to watch you score the same website in the right hand side you will see that says it is 717 2020 radio broadcast on YouTube.

Click and watch what I think is about a meal for open lines. Once you give me a call 877-207-2276 Justin from Georgia Justin welcome you on here I around here. I have a revocable director so I try to reconcile Matthew 1033 and the denial of Peter when Peter denied Christ button, 50 to 50 9 PM going to you. I am three times given no contradictions in the Bible and Jesus said that all black be forgiven. I know the spirit got going tonight and I am no and that plagued me in the past a lot. Guess I got beer and come up now class in college and her guy was lecturing, he would say and think like a electrode. Mary Magdalene and Jesus extract and I couldn't do anything at the time of actually struggling a lot with like Assurant authority down and it wasn't weekends didn't say anything at the time.

I really feel bad, but then I was reading through my Bible at couple weeks ago and I just never read and locate about Mary Magdalene and my family. My mind went back to that situation out man, unlike and you start thinking like that I did on Gordon. Of course, was just beer. So what am I like. I guess, but I was wondering Matthew 10 and I'm fine with a demand that you pray for you and your attorney any… Respecter of person that parcel you you do that again. You think that there might be atheists who had denied Christ.

Time after time after time to time become Christians get saved and go to heaven to the garage local yeah okay so the simple act of just saying something negative for Christ you denying Christ doesn't mean automatically that you're some celestial rule and now you're in trouble is not like that.

So we know that that he did appear to deny Jesus, we know that for sure.

And he denied him three times and you'll notice that in John 21 later Jesus said do you love me do you love me do you love me three times. You said yes yes yes so you just brought this often and called him and he was a disciple and he did great. Thanks so what the idea is if you deny him.

It's not.

I made a mistake. I didn't say something right.

I didn't jump in when I should've jumped in present denying him know it's not seat if someone were to be in class a college class and that I can write a storage box college class incidences burger tech Christ and stuff but to your class.

If someone says to you, the teacher says look if you do if you don't deny Christ. I'll flunk you out and Melissa say that that situation would cost you a great deal of pain and suffering you deny that a serious thing right there on that would be something that God would take seriously.

But the idea of what you say something when they just offered no evidence, just a theory that doesn't have any water any merit any weight to it. Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married which is foolishness it insane to think well okay well maybe you should've.

Okay, didn't so don't worry about your salvation is not dependent on whether or not you speak up for Jesus and in a situation like and like I was young believers in the face just don't have confidence that I'm not knocking on unlocking any believer to believer see I'm a little bit different because I have asked burgers and will do great deal and before was 12 and I learned to become self-sufficient and my parents taught me something. Don't follow the crowd so someone were to complain to me.

Submit your meal look okay. You know, or the social social media Gestapo gets up there and says Metzler should be boycotted okay whatever you he's a homophobe now because nice so you know sixes don't break my bones doesn't bother me in class. I would be very quick to raise my head yes about that and I did and the professors Ashley got wary of saying things because I was raised my hand. It was great so you know that that's me so that I can get good stories to them. At any rate, so you didn't do it. Okay well yeah but here's the thing you know it bothers you, doesn't right here you want him to say about that.

To say good I'm glad it bothers you. I'm glad you feel bad about.

I am really am. The reason is because welcome to the club where you don't speak up and say what you should've said the right time and you feel bad about it later. Welcome to the call by minute and the benefit of that is that while it shows us the grace of God that he loves us anyway. He saved us know and now you know now I let that happen again like I want to be more aware of God uses our failures as well as our successes in order to shape us and mold us understands got very loving very patient and he's not up there with the celestial spanking stick and you don't write you on the head could even speak up that he folded his arms Systems is looking down his nose at you.

It's not like that. He knows that people aren't always confident to speak up in situations and they might regret it later.

Well then take it to the Lord what I wish I had the strength that that point, but on the other hand, he didn't want you to say anything is always a possibility that God will keep you quiet because it does does have the New Testament. Paul was forbidden by the Holy Spirit to go to certain places speak why well there's there's about that. So I you to do with not worry about it but learn from you and trust in Christ. And here's a technique okay. This will help you out during class and solicit something like that.

Just raise your hand and you said you have the documentation for that. You said that I was I relaxing the documentation for that. Besides just hearsay you have anything to do and well it just you know your Bob Loblaw OKC don't have a documentation all right okay sorry just that this thing will he spoke up in class right just asking for documentation or asking for person to to justify what they said it's easy, I'm about time for questioners: we have nobody weight so go ahead okay so I got a situation like out wondering just like where you go work that I've talked about people who bear the name of brother of the sender, so sounds like my dad progressive faith in Christ and I know I was a loving and gentle court living with.

I'm like do I just not looking forward how I go requiring my father my mother with that specific perspective.

I like what goes first. I or you honor your father and mother wondering.

I think that this is not to associate with immoral people in the word immoral to respond telling us.

These are people who are fornicating adults ring things like that they are immoral people and idolatry will yeah I'm looking at first, which is 59 okay and I do not. It was immoral people more pronounced covetous when there's idolaters, etc. we talking about here in the context of our just people the world that matter. Just bad don't associate with that we talking about. Now here's a situation. What you do with your mom and dad and draw lines between honoring your mother and father and not putting up with their ungodliness. So you live on your own by any chance know I don't like him. I'm going to be like a year after I graduate.

Okay, okay. So while you're under their roof yet to abide by the rules don't violate Scripture in the process you honor them while you're there as much as you can, but you ask God to provide an opportunity for you to be able to speak to them. Very respectfully, very loving very patiently about the difficulties that you're having in certain areas of their behavior. So if your parents are drinking and getting drunk and lying on the ground for two days, you don't really bad example but you're doing that you can't support them and that comes up is mom dad love you but I can't support you will buy anything for you. Bring stuff to you to injure yourself, that where is your honoring them but you're also honoring God the same time so this is just an example. But guess what you do and then when you get out and you're on your own when they come into your home.

It's a little bit different now and you can set the rules to be no use the Lord's name in vain.

You can't drink alcohol or drugs or whatever might be okay in the house or you can do this you can do that or you're just not welcome here. What you and I still love you. I want to honor you understand my relationship with Christ is more important not to be disrespectful to you but that's it and it didn't have respect for you for that. They may not like it but I don't think I like I don't got to put five of my parents like a little history to something like okay the Scripture like my kind of thing yeah is a balance as a bouncer told on a monitor father.

But then Jesus is accused of division between father and son because what is taught there is you honor Christ more than you on your own parents that we have a different and you don't want to do it in a legalistic way you will do it in a very kind way loving way, is much as possible to form Christ is okay right to vote for three of the lines going to be calling 707 said that why call 770727 back to the show was good to draw from Des Moines, Iowa.

Joel welcome here regarding our meant reading the lighting and not on was it was the author read the last minute really good job laying everything out logical look on the difficulty I'm out of the like logic. A lot of Scripture back in the morning when talking about grace and how we want an acronym. The got right then to talk about how we you great luck putting something that God is going to get out there and and argument of the book is not great but more of God giving up all men bang and probably back that up with my thought of a couple regarding more like something that God giving love for you giving up a loving kind of lie not on the call comes from the heart of God thing like one thing that got giving them will I like Scripture a lot like you know about color I like documentation the night and I wondered what sure Mercy for a minute and set aside a little bit of mercy is mercy a saint. You can put in a cup, take a picture of way finding a rock is not pulling out of Kino so mercy and grace would be something that occurs only within sentient beings only within God and people in his church.

It's an abstraction. My love right until I talk to my cousin abstraction. This is something that occurs in the mind, and all you don't say heart also occurs in the okay so it's is it's an abstraction that exists with an individual person who hasn't attitudinal certain attitude towards another person.

That's what Gray says is not a substance as Catholicism teaches that can be infused into a person's soul.

Now you said what he said was gracious giving him God himself to a person. Well, this is where the confusion comes in to give himself what is that mean to for God to give himself with only what I can understand that really will be. Give himself in Christ, and Christ became the Word became flesh amongst on the cross from the dead, so that is an act of grace.

It's a manifestation of this abstract concept this thing that occurs in the heart, mind and soul toward someone else.

And so to say one one hand, that God gives of himself is correct and also not correct.

Depending on how it's understood. It's correct in the sense that God was self-sacrificing, but is not true in the sense that God would give of himself in a tangible way for us to be able to have him partake of him to be Catholic, so I will offer some like that I had to know more of what he means by these terms and you'll find that when terms are far more precisely defined, then the questions tend to either increase or just go away. So I think her name was like. I don't think object would I do think of them not right to get closer the following all the sudden I'm hearing very well. I think some glad all of my driveway. Okay I think of breaking everything in love is not a person but the expression of a person's heart on my right exact on and I think that's right. That's my little small little pink like never run like pop-up in a okay I know what you're trying to get out that this is God's going on being better hard for me to grasp, but open Renault provided a great God giving up the phone and I just like back that while there is a lot there is a sense in which you gave us itself. That's the person of Christ. So just because what he means. So having written thousands of articles and many books I just tell you that sometimes you write something is perfect and you come back to a few weeks later you say why they reported that way is not exactly correct and soaking us give the benefit of the doubt and say you worded better. That's okay, but some we all its goods worth a discussion with your group.

I think it's important for people to understand that grace is an abstraction that I don't mean that in a clinical logical and dialectical sense, but it's an abstraction in the sense that it's something occurs in the mind or the heart doesn't occur under a rock. It's one person to another person, and now we understand that great God is the author grace the unmerited favor. Then I can see okay what you mean by and we can expand or contract, but what do you drink communion or need her right thing to read about success. They say the is okay.

Thank you God bless. It's all set forth alive if you want to give me a call 87720722761 from you. Give me call it a day from Iowa. Dave welcome you are on the air element. Great show today I would like you said you shave, you said you lilac I can offer you to mow your yard that was really good at them. That was funny, but that you had a great euro and fear about you know the offspring of Adam and Eve and you don't know about something. I might be an opinion on how long was it after you created all with fruit happening.

I'm easy that that day was easy. Okay think I don't know yet it is twice as long as house so I'm telling you is the Bible is naturally sales say say to us you is how long and we just don't know. So what I have no smart-alecky answer want to give us a twice as long as half and which is the correct answer. The happiest funeral so well I don't know yet.

I am wondering they had given.

Do you know naming the animals and or any like maybe they had huge iron but yet we did not know. I wish I knew the effect they may think it was like he did it. Adam Masashi theologically set). Only he did it take a lot more than 24 hours. Okay folks. Therefore the lines once you recall, 720776777, why call 770777227's or bottom of the our half-hour left on this nice Friday to call 772072276 Dave, are you still there I am good so how long would it take for example just Adam to name the animals now is a couple variables here because what is the name of every kind or every species or only the ones that God brought to him or only the ones that were in the garden area. We don't know to list be quite a variety of things but others 1.6 million species, on your today. A lot of people don't know that 98% of all species that ever lived are now extinct really.

Yes, the lowest number is 5%. So I got my Excel spreadsheet out and I just a little fun calculation. If it was 1.6 million species.

This is you species and that would mean he'd have to name in one hour 66,667 or 1111 per minute or 19 species every second now that's just okay… Work.

So, how long was he there naming. We don't know. It took a while have to be intelligent to do it to us.

He looked at the animals were described in the call sounds or come up with. Who knows. He also that language to build understanding of four-footed long neck thing is that a giraffe or that horse might come up with a slotted giraffe both wanted, looking long neck thing and then short or long neck thing and just what else so right, we just don't know it, so it says you naming animals with a lot of questions. We don't have answers to. We was dumped at this, but it would have taken some time. I don't believe that if it was anything like we have the species that are now particularly back then. I don't believe he could've done it 24 hours.

But maybe it's just as animals that were in the garden that he just named in a representative of his authority to name animals. So I think that's probably a good option is that you know maybe 200 came to him in.

He named them that that's sufficient. How many docs may conduct hundred tickets right likely that my maybe elite, the date that merit sometime before the fall is not not that important thing right then and there station yesterday so someone called and they think that after they had a prayer partner with praying the angel and everything get a great answer for them not to do that and I'm just clarifying that you stay not to pray to Jesus or just only to pray to God the father or did I hear that wrong. Sometimes I pray the Lord Jesus and the father. I don't really mention the Holy Spirit what your take on that sleep well I hope I didn't misspeak for your head, going faster than your tongue. You say something is not right but Greg teaches you can pray to God the father pray to the sun. Pray the Holy Spirit. That's it right. Anybody else okay so I pray I 99% of time.

I praying I'm whispering the Lord Jesus.

I do that for reason because all the cults. They don't pray to Christ even pray to him to pray through him. And so I developed this habit umpteen years ago to always pray to the person of Christ. My hope is that maybe someone loss and occult might hear that and see something that they don't have one that Christ is perfect.

I got a flesh to everyone. Okay that's I think you mentioned the Lord, the Lord. I probably misunderstood you that you are only naming God the father. I didn't think that was right though badge on day I got I think deep for you.

I'm glad you brought it up and challenge me what you thought was maybe I sent it to get off from those but well I probably did hurt. Maybe not right is right to you two going to say something before you go, I want to thank you for telling I'm here and I'm here when you think you are calling up and asking clarifying and saying on the right. Good for you. So, good stuff right always listen you can address a guy in a radial name slick you know you can be really careful yeah I was very pointed a year I get know that your hair what normal with no growth a minute wasn't like back that morning but I'm getting awkward yet it is a limit, but it is great getting gray and meniscus quite gray is getting sober as my wife says I were distinguished so I would like back luck yet that's right. People say I don't look like my voice. That's what I did a lot of look your voice so I look so that's what I say or I meant gallbladder. I think you try to call when there's no colored on Friday. Right now, let me your rent so cement is packed and sometimes it's a little bit slow to get a question. Go forward.

If not, I'd like that out by about combating role of a day have I been biting a lot of people around the world. I mean, like Muslim and Hindu country that you only think you're on Facebook by getting people of Afghanistan felt like I guess I get an overall question how can we be socially like how can I be think that if Moslem online. I might be doing my devotion and I did the gospel but yet they've opted in like a phone if you have any, like over overarching. Maybe She is not in them. The gospel says you can send them. While the rock of a pimple. I don't like it. Okay, good.

So the truce needs to go out but it doesn't mean you have to have the truth in the shape of a hammer and so what I'll do is I'll say something to say. I'm not intending to offend anybody. But this is what Jesus said about himself. This is what Jesus said this is what the apostles of Christ said, and I just I'll just do that.

Let the word of God have its power okay because Isaiah 5511, Brian says God is God's word will not come back empty, without accomplishing what he desires and Romans 116 so is unlocking the gospel for the power of God to salvation for the Jew first. The Gentile also. And Jesus says in John 12 2032. It is John 1232. He said if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself so I say you speak the word speak the gospel speak of Christ because these are the things I think are most important in evangelism.

If you do that you can find that people can respond one way or another and you don't know how to fix, just let the truth do a write up. I can tell, your shoulders is not a problem for so great and fascinating that people from countries that are in the 1040 window and country that we were enemies with when I was growing up are saying yeah I will a Bible verse on my mind so I want to send something in America were an anti-Christian nation.

Now there are more people alive right now who are Christians ever before in all of history. All of history in Third World countries for coming to Christ in Iran have one the largest underground churches. Al Jazeera said that Muslims all over the Mediterranean area 116 at this said that they're having visions of Jesus visions and dreams of Jesus to become Christians.

People are having visions and dreams of Christ all over the place here in America.

We've turned as a nation turned our back on God and God's letting us have what that entails with other countries that have lived in oppression are turning to Christ in North Korea. There's a big underground church in Iran. I know there is in Saudi Arabia there is to it happening all over.

Yet in Africa it's happening. It happened it was really loud and profound in Russia just 1015 years ago how it is now I know that in China. It's also happening that there's a churches all over. There were even cities where basically everybody in the city's Christian and the government leaving them alone on this is not talked about on the news so yeah it's it's really something here in America.

If you're Christian you can become a target and this is right now you're starting to behead attack statues of the Virgin Mary, which I don't agree with Catholicism, but the symbolism that this represents the racking said the sacred people, it's becoming more and more common to do that and more accepted to fight back but in a godly way was okay. I think that is a photograph that governs messages 2088772072276 Matt Flynn why call 77077.

Here is Matt's questionnaire under what circumstances.

According to Catholic doctrine hope cleared and fallible like I don't know certain count sober in regard to faith and moral but it seems like every kind of hope make a statement regarding faith and morality Like wipe it away.

They got declared it has to be terminology that you speak ex cathedra, is Latin for from yeah right here that has to be done with the blessing of the magisterium, and this is a counsel the bishops. So, think again. I do the stuff and then when the Pope goes in and speaks authoritatively from the chair. That's what he supposed to be infallible and this was defined in the 1870s or some like that okay yeah you think like you and I think you all day. It is long and all your eight year dad get good good stuff or something or had good intentions gone bad, like bath and morally wrong if it held. They are going to happen exactly those articles and do not want to tell them that right is false also Catholic Church preaches a false gospel is not a true Christian church sober people fallibility doesn't have a reality. He's not infallible because if he were infallible, successful, stupid, that you know everything he said would be for the chair but why does he do all the time. Since infallible, has all this authority wisely do it because they have to.

Brian a and balance everything out and it just is just ability right exactly.

I remember listening to James White and Jenna ate in the cross-examination from the crowd a guy out to Janet, what is there a list of infallible statement that the Pope is made, and if not then how do you know when hope is made in error and if it all in the next, oh, then the last guy was wrong and I would like the most absurd thing I ever heard my crown I started laughing so ridiculous. It is think it was like. Thanks a lot. It is ridiculous that he perceives ridiculous. Is there any like a list of when you've actually quote both sitting in the chair. Okay, now is not just sitting physically and have it just makes a phrase used in that place that the seed of Peter there for just one okay okay thanks not a right to scan the phones with John from the morning I would John welcome you on the year we got what okay Mac hearing is I can't okay okay I know I'm your beck and call from the water daughter will be to stay gestation out there and I will go ahead. Yeah, the Truth Network, so Luke 1131 referred to the Queen of the.I think you talking about right in front of me now driving but if your generation always be defined in the only kind of get invited Jonah and then if an offender to go find the thump about the Queen of the South and I'm wondering what I have an idea that might be, but I don't know for sure. I wanted you to explain and elaborate, to be honest I don't know who this.

I don't know. I've read through that before.

What is that and what throws me is that a lot of reference to the Old Testament about this, and yet it states seems to be speaking in the future, so will rise up with men of this generation of the judgment and condemn them so I think what it is just a reference of the Old Testament, the Queen of the South and one of the references at first Kings 10 right something might be Queen of Sheba and I think would Jesus saying here is that even they will rise up with this generation to condemn people to stop. It's a future judgment were there even a condemn negative do it as well. People here at this time. At that time they'd taken down generation was his acquaintance. The South will rise up with the men of this generation at the judgment and condemn them so that exam are the wicked crowds the false teachers in the area and so because in the context is the sign of Jonah the resurrection and what he's doing is he's keeping condemnation upon people by saying this is. Is it just as Jonah became a sign of the Ninevites, so will the Son of Man be this generation understand Jonah went to the Ninevites because they were pagan and pronounced judgment course. The Ninevites repented, and the Queen of South will rise up as well and it seems to be the Queen of Sheba so you know I think what he's just doing this just to bring up Old Testament issues and alluding to the fact that the wicked people. The unrighteous judges of Israel at that time the hypocritical people are going to be judged even by those people back then it just a way of of Jesus speaking to the Jews because the Jews to be familiar with that kind of stuff, not the unbelievers, non-Jews is condemning the Jewish people who were following him, etc. okay already.

I know, I bet they sacred letter that is about all I know out of its hope that helps you well. Like like like anything when you get a good answer when you get a unclear it. Goodbye will you go back to the Bible.

If you can find out. I've not been altered from x-ray vernacular like that that's what you gotta do and study it. Signs of veteran so-called help. Let me know okay thank you God bless right all around it like sure I would jump into mowing this get to Levi from Utah Levi welcome you are on the air. I met is known. My question about McPhee and in Matthew 24.

No update that marriage should be outlawed and then back to 24 Big Apple that David know people will be given away like dark and last days of Noah that people would be given away in marriage thing didn't make it doesn't say that's in second Timothy's initials logic doesn't say that all marriages everywhere will be forbidden, but there will be the rise of those who will for good marriage. For example, if you go to BLM black lives matter's website you'll find out what they want to do is dismantle the standard family – you state this on the website. This will be a kind of a thing of the dismantling of marriage. What he's Jesus doing math 20 forces as it was in those days when they were married, giving marriage, etc. the flood came and took them all away.

It's the wicked who we once were taken been taken of the good life will know that so you talk about wicked times and is relating them ecologically and Paul is to simply setting us on a more specifically, I think it's in the second Timothy for not sure you do not endure sound doctrine to your ears tickled, turn away, etc. much of the software just but so that that's just an issue of of logic. One does not exclude the other. If one said no marriage anywhere then that would be an exclusive Tory thing in a contradiction, so it's not expository, so therefore both can be true the same time critical to understand out right. Okay God bless right.

Let's get the phones with Andrew from Florida Andrew welcome Michelle you're on their way all hang in there and in a reasonably good if I had a question about the mind activity while witness have you ever come across that are encountered payments by your witnessing know somewhere else, but I do believe that encountered someone who was possessed but was an evangelistic situation okay and that going to do we care is irreverent to Christians today Found the human yes pneumonic stuff is still going on and it still possible for us to do that today.

Sure are also with regard to studying biblical theology. How long you think they take like really did her grandchildren learned and invite a lot at first, but the person was a study and what is was how quickly they learn different people learn differently so I could teach someone and two months of once a week study which took me 10 years to learn because I have the ability now to understand it and put it together for people where I had to figure out as I went and learn different ways from different teachers. Now I see a cohesive whole.

And I could put together to deliver to people so they might take you two months might take me as it took me years, so some of the higher IQ can learn quicker might take even smaller time. But then again what level of understanding you want to know you want to be able to differentiate between the hypostatic union committee cut to if you want them and why it's important in an issue of of conditional list of soul sleep ideology as a relates the price of the pending atonement so I can teach you that, but is at the level you want to get out or the Trinity and why it's necessary for salvation and things like that or Jesus Christ did the same body died in two different levels of competence for radio competencies and a lot more from standard Bible study competency don't have to know was sold.

How would we know that it's time to cast out a demon if we were ever in a situation if you believe that someone is possessed and are manifesting certain demonic things as described in Scripture. Great strength throwing the fire foul this that maybe the stench that press the say that you don't cast them out unless the person is willing to receive Christ.

And because you don't do that in Matthew 1220 to about 33 and on 12 the unclean spirit goes out to the dry places and returns back to the house where it was and find it swept clean and empty it brings more in the second stage, that person is worse than the first. So the apparent teaching of Christ is that when you make sure that the person receives Christ as trusted in Christ of the house is not empty seem to be the location of that. So you cast demonic forces out only if their present and there and if the person is ready to receive Christ.

Okay, they would verbally communicate. I would like Christ. But I think I might have a demon when then that's when you maybe talk about things.

I have a great day to God bless Long Island, New York. Sorry about that for sale 28. Which of Endor, discussion call back Monday. "I hope you have a great weekend.

The Lord bless you back on the air

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