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August 4, 2020 12:25 am

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August 4, 2020 12:25 am

1- Are we in the tribulation now---2- Can you explain Genesis 18- How did Abraham speak with the Lord if no one can see God---3- Since the moon reflects the sun, how does Genesis 1-18 say there are two lights---4- Is it ok when praying, to switch between persons of the Trinity- What about praying to angels---5- Where did Cain's wife come from---6- How do you know when you're ready to witness to someone-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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A previously recorded mats like shelf mats like why is the president found online.

You have questions about Bible doctrine. Alright so you know, I wondered how people just driving or so to get homeless and podcast will be a good day and hope the show is as good as everyday to Charlie, who helps run the chat portion of the room around here and I pray for Michelle for blessing people as well. So we feel blessed if you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276.

Therefore, open lines, you can ask a question you want when we just jump on those lines was good to Harry from Kentucky very welcome. You are on the year. Thank you Matt and Michael sure okay okay you are and regulates it right now.

No I don't think so. Why the reason I say that it the solar eclipse got off across the United States for about 17 August right yeah when I saw how today camped out and watched the great.

It was awesome okay there's another one coming 24 seven year gap. Okay. And I have year gap is are you know what I'm saying will elect for the regulation.

The tribulation would be the mark of the halfway point would be the antichrist reveals himself in the rebuilt Temple of Jerusalem and is not rebuilt so well doesn't it be the temple is the White House because that's what would rebuilt after the sun would you say that this antichrist is now the anti-bike that you have to look at that seven year gap. There, so this eclipse is sand so this letter eclipse using the solar eclipse of 77 is a part is a seven years to the day your is it seven years of the day, seven years by month to know year gap that the day is like that day is it today can't do that.

They are noticeably crushed German venting in a day or hour.

No. I asked is it seven years to the day that the eclipses happen part. You know, not like okay that alright and so the White House is the relapse tell you what our plan. My wife seeking to do life depend on you but well off. So why do you see the White House is the being a little off but powerful on this earth. The earth is younger you know that right notes and oblique steroids non-oval generally because of the thousand mile road, no, no, no, not the writer well you this cold little book oblique spheroid. That's right is not okay okay yeah I don't know that that that is what it is you look at you for effect.

No look like a novel family. If your cursor looking outside with them. The international okay flattered that that's false and unknowable is false but we are nobly spheroid the so I'm curious so you say then that the White House is the rebuilt good, but it says it will be located but it says this can be rebuilt in Jerusalem while what to do and I went through all of it on the day and got unbelievably well hear them isolate some masculine channel so who's the antichrist but am now revising AOC who I don't know who would be over today. I have no idea.

I don't know what happened at this point, but the world I've never been like that that go. I know everything. It I don't know how we measure that the right yeah II think that you probably need to do some more serious study in the word of God. That's what I would suggest the because I know that the woman is Victor correct was carried away on the way of a great eagle what represent the United States, the woman okay.

It was carried out on a and the migration of the people that came from the European area over there over here history and a real nice website about that guy is gone there and delete that and in my and is quite about me you will import you followed that people not be physical location.

People are the ones that are going to do whatever happened will write the tell you what you have. A call was waiting with his wife John is interesting but I think you move along and invite close to call in. I would suggest that you study the Scriptures because I don't think you have a very good grasp of them. Okay.

Alright. I miss you anything else you want to sacredly waive the biggest to me this is interesting, but the you know you know the false prophet would be the beast while I try what got on their all turkey pens like that vice president pencil. He's the beast now be when the baby seven and on and that rate that referring to the baby as this country databases is good and instead in God brought you to give already that I write you on the program today. They are in their back on God, you were not born into a Christian nation yeah exactly at I owe a great what's going on now you know okay yeah you I know what you stand it hard to believe that this could be happening now know this is saving what I looked at it follows that cannot be physical location.

People are the one that are going to do everything you want to thank the understand that aspect of looking at it.

Well let's see that I think you have a good rest of this looks delicious to say okay can okay so you I understand your outlook that I understand.

But the thing is, the seven year.

Though chronic funny that that would go up it is time will first one cut through eight on one that you love. On the other wouldn't go but I do appreciate your your call I was those different interesting okay yes no okay lot Harry okay I okay was Harry from Kentucky and if you want to give me call you to do was dialing 772-072-2764 open lines with you because the school of line with this is you are on the air switch. Her name hello yes hello my name is it to you. Yes I okay all right okay I have a question about Genesis 18, all right, angels are no other God and in and drink with them and how sure is so recording is versus are going to John 118.

No menacing got any time.

Also going Texas 33 20 cannot see my face for no mixing me and live 3311 but in Genesis 71 and 19 one.

The Lord appeared to Abraham as Yahweh's what's going on all the answers found in the revelation of the New Testament which says that the Jesus says in John 646.

At no menacing the father at any time that we are talking about nothing. The father and Paul says in first Timothy 616. He says that the father he dwells in unapproachable light. No man has seen can see Using which is at your Utah that verse right there proves Mormonism is false and one verse. The father dwells unapproachable like no man has seen nor can see Joseph Smith never saw father for sufficiently that's basically it. That's the short version. I go through other verses in John 118, analyzing contexts and 33 1130 20 John basically axis LXII through three axis XXIV, 9 to 11 number 12 Synthroid user versus I've known for decades about letter, not God's will will pre-incarnate Christ whenever the Lord appeared a little cry thousand eight are you are you more of you go.

Years ago, could use the phrase pre-mortal sin pre-mortal existence. So slow that would be cry only not been going all time.

Abraham's telling me is that yes whenever we see God in the Old Testament and the physical Jesus break coming up you want to hold on folks call 2072765770776 and if you find a chance on me online with exceptional and talking about justification by faith. If you saw that you want to call in the comments might be interested dear Ms. get back on the line here with your name from a Utah you still there shortly. Thank okay I like that name to so that I answer your question well one of God will talking to me and who are the God is not does not have flesh and bones. Jesus is soon 2439 use screws not have silence as you see I have. He says God is spirit.

John 424 so when you talk about made an image of God.

Genesis 126. It's in what we call the communicable attributes is a big theological term means that that God can love we could love. He can hate we can hate he can reason we can reason were made in his and where were you aware it's not a physical and Mormons would teach that God 6 feet tall and I'm 6 feet tall incisive people and talk about the stalls. God so it's just the embolism of members of course you can set a Trinitarian communion right.

That's what it is Trinitarian communion with us Connecticut on language. Genesis 11 seven look as good as it though. Father no. Yes, the one God who is a Trinity, not three gods) write about right now so God bless you. God bless you to my talk initially all right. I want to give me a call. We have four lines 877-207-2276 left in line with Chris Raleigh, North Carolina Chris you're on here. I do all right hanging out with you. I got chapter 1 verse 14 reading from the NIV, but God said, let there be light about the sky to separate the day from the night service time from our sacred times and days and years belike about the guy wildcard and it was so in number 16 and God made two great light, the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night he made the stars also. So my question is it in this particular verse. The authors talking about two great light but even caught getting in school that the son of the light and the moon is reflecting the sun thought. I just wanted to know your thoughts on the two great lights here in this passage, would you say that the light I wanted. I guess when I when I measure the moonlight with a thermometer actually get a different reading of its light versus shadow at night that I find quite interesting. The moon actually gives off a cold or like I get. Yes, reflective August, but it's his perspective that this Genesis was written from the perspective of looking from their outward to be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day and God made two great lights one to govern the day lesser to govern the night and submit the stars from my walk into a room and there were two light I would say there's like in this room I would say there was to lights because one reflected off of a window or one reflected off of the other wooden more like the author describing to separate things and I know that the Hebrew language there is any clues as to why it's written that way since just moon is the lesser light that's all, is just speaking for the perspective of both observation from the from the earth. But it seemed like describing a unique thing though, meaning moon produces its own light of the sun produces a warm, radiant light, we would both agree that, but it also appears that the moon produces a cold light if you will measurably different than in the sunlight asking are you slanderous or tender.

I follow biblical cosmology okay so I'm asking a question. You flappers are women that mean you know what it means like the earth is stationary. I mean II do believe the earth to be stationary.

I don't believe it to be moving and I believe all throughout Scripture. It does say that there is stationary at axon pillars that it shall not, I do believe in Joshua where it says that okay pillars on the moon stayed still pillars with pillars on correct colors is a great question question was it about as awesome as Scripture also stated no man can measure the no man can measure the earth nor the heavens. We really don't your something your flat earth adherent so you don't pillars are but I think it is the earth around or is it a square dissident grounders and square well I would say if you look at Scripture. I believe it said that God inscribed that I asked quickly feel what I'm doing is asking questions and I don't get direct answers and so that's always a frustration for me.

You believe that residents are you believe there is a disk or do believe it's a square feet boat actually more like a footstool when when it Scripture says that the everyday guy lately lately with. If it's a square, it cannot be around disk is impossible can be both. You can have a round disc with corners so I wish I had a square thing either I get not be back. Then I would say if you had a look that you had a square foot for pillars right you have a square foot. When you set a circle tray… I trail not footstool you have a circular got you for pillars I got and in the four pillars you believe gravity exists, but a chance.

While I believe that objects the longer down based on buoyancy and for example: no no no I in sourcing you're not here to teach all the questions okay on the break. Yes, thank you right back after these messages that Y call 770727 charismatic okay my question is I ran that are interacting, dying by landlord in gaining an amount parking things only and their argument one other argument that a new translation taken from the Greek Septuagint as I say it is been corrupted and that the King James is only taken from them as erratic and I don't believe that the Greek Septuagint is as old as society is, and I just wanted your take on that read the new American Standard Bible.

I was raised. King James only and let him just want to clarify the will of the leader did not salute as the writers quoted this since the King James only people major problem when they are faced with so you can go on to Carmen. We have a King James only version I didn't write it. Whatever staff members did Wayne great guy and he's in Salt Lake City and he put a lot of time into it. He knows the topic well maybe it is listening to Theophilus as he could call up and then talk about the issue, the Septuagint and the metric text like that. If he doesn't call in so the King James only people talk about this is their opinion and you could see what I welcome your opinion to have any historical fact that can back this up and state that this is the case find that there's differences of opinion on which train of manuscript evidence is the best one so I prefer the NASB and I prefer it so translation I think the King James is great to discuss problems that have been older manuscripts found since the King James translated older and better manuscript and slicking James could be corrected back to the Septuagint is also different versions, the Septuagint, so not ask them which version is it that you are complaining against and if the Septuagint is really bad my work. The apostles going right right back out. Thank about 250 year or cried this correct translation of the Hebrew Bible into the Greek of the time all rifle come back on your sorry about that. We had an very unusual computer problem or I don't know Internet problem we have been having Internet problems here in my area of the lease at our house up recently so I do remove the entire system, and I apologize for that. Let's get back on the phones.

Let's see with the Chris Raleigh, North Carolina Chris, are you still there.

Yeah, no problem. I totally understand you get a fast computer.

I'm able to remove everything frequently but I do not know was going on, but having Internet problems for a couple weeks now weaving new modem Sonos going on there you go so well where were we. I was asking you questions and like a question. So do the galaxies rotate around the earth. The earth is the center point. Well what what is interesting is that both the sun and the moon right away as all of the stars and wandering stars but with what is interesting about galaxies or stars that you look it revelation will quickly see that I always get annoying people just don't answer a question, do the galaxies rotate around the earth to the yes or no okay yeah so then are they far away or they on a canopy I would say there inside the firmament. Okay, so the sun and the moon are inside the firmament to correct correct and correct okay so we can see the sun and the moon the same time during the day on the flat earth right right during certain times. Yes, you why can't we see the sun tonight if the earth is flat and its opulence is a sphere, giving off light wise, we can see it if it's just a flatter through the care the same reading. You are standing on a train track. You could train that was 20 miles away from the early limit his decision is a limit. None of that is next question, you see the moon and the in the flat earth, the moon and the sun are roughly the same size and are equidistant above the earth in a rotate around each other and course is a problem. Why don't fall to the earth with letter issue and so you can see both the sun and moon during the day. Why can't you see both the sun and moon during the night.

Nuclear is too large to be closer to the North Pole to see about during late on when we initiate but we see if it's too large why we see the sun and the moon. At the same time for today. It always. I know we can always what we do. So why do we see the sun and the moon this day after the same size up there in the firmament and stuff perception you can only see so far the long minute.

Carolina is making sense. Okay, because if you have a roundtable and you put two balls of = 2 softballs looking a couple feet above it and the roundtable is the earth aborted there can see both of the day because he both his son but then all of a sudden at night you can only see one wife. The both up there just rotating around each other. What again that that's making an assumption that the fund would like the whole entire earth, son, we see is the sun's atmosphere or is it a flat disk also I don't I don't know that's an interesting one that I wrestled with is the moon flat disk was it round sir, it could be. We've never seen the other side of it.

The problem you ever see one side of the only see the light right right so so my question yeah maybe to get back to Scripture on the struggle where in Revelation, it says all of the stars will fall from the sky and the heavens will be shaken like a fig tree. The stars are burning galaxies and son problem health you have the same problem that that's not licensed you can sleep figurative with literal you fail to understand that the abuses of things is what is figurative and you take his literal sense and brought new meaning it wasn't intended. This is a mistake and so there I would suggest you go to the current website and look up the flat earth article I got there and Jemima looked up you don't the issue of of Polaris and the northern stop*the southern*crooks why the different you can look into the issue. The ferments have been written a lot on this. There's also the parallax affecting the parallax effect is started. Well, that would mean that the solar system is a lot bigger than just a little dome I would just suggest you go check this out okay and because Bibles also says that in Joshua had Joshua one and Joshua chapter 10 verses 12 through what they're going when it's a girl. Joshua 10 on the day the Lord gave the Amorites over to Israel. Joshua said, Lord, in the present.

The visual sign standstill over Gideon and you moon over the valley of agile, constant bill in the living stock donation than he did on and proofing flattery clearly. I think it clearly both the sun and are moving around the earth.

I mean, I guess the problem I have when doing early versus late you're taking your picking and choosing what you want to take literally figurative in order to support your presupposition that the earth is flat on pillars and that's the sun.

The motion to have answers to.

On that the issue of crocs and Polaris and keep your the Bible understand. I'm glad you want to do that but we do about the was talking with people at the ends of the earth and the Bible talks about the people who live at the ends of the earth.

Okay, so you don't deeply people are at the ends of the earth, and we do have bases in Antarctica. Okay well that both right by His message is to open lines 8777 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave Charlotte North Carolina drew you're on your all right. Interestingly today for sorting about, though I know I ran to find a time.

We called at quite a bit and he went crazy thing. Why the changes in the prayer between between my father like daddy to Holy Spirit.

I bless you always. To thank you Jesus.

So go between one part of the Trinity and the other right which is like okay I can understand that to a certain degree that they help pray pray to the father, our father who art in heaven, but that that like the first thing that I might like to know why you moving so much between perspective. The point of view. The second thing that really agitated, but I get a little bit. It will pay directly through like the holy angel will say thank you. All the angels are. We bless you all the angels will you watch over my friend.

On the way and all that we protect and servicing any just tell him say sorry is not the Bible that has or Mary or the saints or your aunt Martha in heaven it'll print anybody but God that my background my background back about and that that's exactly what I thought about what I hear and doing it I think it might look at the equivalent of praying to train a Hail Mary crane with a nickel at the reindeer patron saint right and by calling three. Like writing this is idolatry. He's is in sin and that you must repent, so just don't know if you refrain together. Don't be praying to angels for free with. I would not participate on anybody praying to anyone other than God because it's idolatrous not participate or encourage them, but… What in the issue of we bless you hello spirits, I I don't see that in Scripture we bless God. So let us now praise his name and he blesses us with the so okay that okay, I, okay list on the phone with David from Greensboro, North Carolina. David, you're on the Aman are you doing buddy well on day-to-day counsel and Internet of buddy. You hopefully you and Eric. This template of mailing that your mower now day in oh my goodness is been a blistering hot day will see what you done for my house and do it because I I going brother and ILB. There is a little bit.

You just needed out noted. I'll be there you go get iced tea and the arguments I have and I want you.

I did get all you got it. I hate you know a you know you got the right of All that I have been known to mythical thing in my my question needed in. I'm pretty sure you got had this question numerous times. I was in charge and that the pastor was talking about you, Adam and Eve had, you know, Cain and Abel and Cain killed Abel and Cain with fan in the land of nod and humanities like there cannot and he didn't know Carter and what I've always known United Cain and Abel, and I'm sure they've had more children there but working here. The wind come from that's always been on my mind. Okay so adamantly lived hundreds of years and obviously since they were created. God's image and was no really just the first was a sin that they had really good genetics and was to say that most probably, they were able to produce love children and so they produced a lot of children and the children would then marry each other, and cousins and things like that.

Member genetics reform very very good and I didn't have genetic drift like we do now and so they just did that and over it with a very long puke of 300 years and if you go out and have other settlements of people because you can have everybody be one area and live on the land because a lot of resources for large area spread out so people would spread out they would do that. It doesn't say how long it was, they were there either.

How long it was before. For example, this is and him. The man had relations with his wife even conceived and gave birth to Cain. Okay, so how long was it after the fall don't know hundred dollars for one year and what they are always about you know how I saw that process but not their will, call Amanda know that I got a lot more than well you know that's what that of the general answer is, it wasn't till later that God said no more disown interbreeding stuff the good genetics and problems and things like that first and have children they would just marry each other to do and they could talk to have a lot of children less true as truth and answer my question, you know what you want. Here's my thing when I get commodity and break it down all better for me it really starts making theme. You know I link within this helpmeet also because when you get here to walk to to mow my lawn. You can break it down for me to do better when I'm doing thick notes. I know my brother and have a good sales map buddy I appreciate how great a cow can tell you not now that I found you on the radio. I'll start even when I when I have frequent questions.

Start giving you call back and that like if they got out. I usually have a lot of very good questions when I'm on it more. I get to thinking, you know, I might as I do about their no one but I will push more. My thousand square feet of grass and you know and I did a bad back.

So I was wanting to go along with it is what it is that I just pranced pushing as much as I can do to get it done and then come in the swing like you know like the notion of what it cannot like I'm a hug. She runs what are you what are you are you in North Carolina. Are you out of state, I will be I'm taking a trip here about two weeks and I will began.

I'm going to Colorado, Wyoming, to make it a little bit there. I think it is Idaho, six hours six or seven hours across on the southern part of its big state so well if I can if I can get my wife as I look let's just mosey on over to the with back at Alamo Matt yard is a little brother get it out to you and you have a blessed day my friend and let out to you later YouTube goblins and outlets. Okay, that was to from Greensboro, North Carolina. All right get the Christopher Wake Forest, North Carolina. Welcome your aim at all sure my question is that early my walk right but here recently Aflac out making a been making big strides. Leaving turnover my heart and it did with the flow out of me. But I want to make sure before or by start with anything that may correct this. To do so and there was any advice you would have witnessed the people in what a kind that make sure your rate you ready when the circumstances are there and work with since a look, I've been doing preaching, teaching, apologetics and evangelism for 40 years… So you and I were witnessing together.

You might have a tendency to want to let me do everything that I call this experience. I would actually be thinking this guy need to talk not be too much in my head and sometimes I go too far. Given after the test need to be. Sometimes it's simplicity of that new relationship with Christ.

That's the best I have to say is trust God and go. He will give you the words that you need the right time to worry about know was good be look ultimately perfectly ready for. Just ask God is always that doubt. But you know that something in me that it or not like that he's working on. That's not a fleshly desire to godly desire. Ask God to train you to use you and you'll find that when you witness when you're done.

We should've said something better or different and when that happens. Welcome okay this wellness demand, but we, the more sure real fast like Christians today there felt that with the end that there might land down work to come not have justified it that and that while working in the enemy ride the so strongly okay were filled that walking God and that there were not even ended up working you just said was the was the month of closeness to Christ in your heart as you see the world around you with those who are comfortable in their weakness as Christians I'm with you on this. If you're a Christian, you should be supporting missionaries supporting people praying for people with the singular pecan or living your life in such a way that the kingdom of God is to be expanded. Whether it's big and honest mechanic and honest doctor and honest lawyer to a mom raising children are doing whatever and I believe that the church is my opinion the church is weak. It's anemic because it doesn't understand the great commission, the pastors and elders across the board. That is one of them. A lot of really good, but a lot of are not.

The preaching health and wealth, prosperity, idiocy, and the preacher Galician rapture worry about it will all gonna get outta here, so don't worry about know the article to worry about it occupied until he comes to work as hard as we can to get that gospel message out our pastor again. That's what I would be preaching and teaching at the end. At the heart look around why there will land down should be filled with beer in the world of late. They did like the habit because it takes arising Christ but nothing else but her lazy, diver minion theology feeds me feed Jeremy I'm not going to go out there and sacrifice and take risks for the gospel. Why would they encouragingly got lucky all night, but Gordon and I really appreciate it a different light. Praise God uses you.

We only got about a minute left the show; with you with them. The me just tell you that's when I was younger in my 60s now. I don't witness as much ice to go out to the beach ice to go out to swap meets exodus of and I'm I didn't even have answers until I would open my mouth take a breath, then speak and then the answers would come to trust God go all right, folks, sorry Chris from Des Moines, Iowa tomorrow or bless you and by his grace back on your morning

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