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July 17, 2020 9:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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July 17, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What do you think about the book Christianity in Crisis---2- Will you ever debate Joel Osteen---3- Why don't the word of faith teachers go to hospitals and help sick people---4- How do you deal with the atheistic arguments against presuppositionalism---5- Is Phillippians 2-6-7 a good verse to use with JW's---6- If predestination is true, then is it still reasonable to pray for the salvation of a specific person---7- Are you familiar with the claim that there was an earlier book before Genesis was written---8- Why is there no narrative of Jesus' life from Mary's point of view---9- How do you refute the idea that the mark of the beast will be on those who worship on Sunday-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded mats like show mass like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine terms of maps like why forensic maps look like what you recall, we are for open lines 877-207-2276 got your apologetics answers here.

Hopefully you talk about all kinds of stuff Bible related secular related hopefully to check time alright so let's see four lines 87720722764 open lines know what lot probably happens is people start calling the last half of the show all the driving. I don't know, but you can't call little bit earlier and spread it out will have to hang up on people tend to show don't want to do that but that's what it is. Sometimes hey if you are interested in checking out the school slowly to do was go to car the right hand'll notice the succulent school she can do that all you do is check amount. Not a big deal and there there. We charge for them. But if you can afford it. Just asking for free will give it to you using kick lights on and helping the missionaries do stuff like that were not to make money or not.

We don't do this, stop this idiocy so your for your seed faith right here. I hate that this is garbage.

So I believe the medical like your supporters to do that to discover the current website.

See ARM toward you right hand side you will see that we don't need to support us this, we ask if you want to go to if you don't that's okay that's all right and that's where that goes. Again for open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get on the phone with Nate from California Nate welcome you on the all you will allow for last five Michael again I will blow my mind. You have no promise of all Christ my campground. There are so many people there that are that I am again a good book. What you think about that book that Hank and he started CRI and do volunteer work with the guy who Perry did mostly research for that book.

Sundays know him and him okay in scope and is a flaming heretic, Benny Henn is a flaming heretic and are more sensible came out years ago just heretics should never be supported. Joel O'Steen should not be supported either used is not a good teacher all false teacher Joyce Meyer teaches heresy logical to terracing out there and I don't people like me don't get invited to speak very often in very many places because I might say things like that that might upset people who don't have their finger up in the wind sick which way do you talk to the wind blows that they follow back. So I think there's a lot of good in the book the documentation of the version of the book that I have is from years and years ago in the appendix is super valuable super got a lot of good stuff so I am glad that I have on the old book also like it a lot. I really like it a lot and I come to that Hank would Soucy would talk to the docks that might I see you I know you know apologetics and I I am correct, are your pastor, the next pastor after the seminary gradually ordained its much lower your great throughout all you answer the question why can't Joel get people to ask questions because it lasted too difficult. If I could interview him for 10 minutes. I would ask questions that would make him look bad. Not for the purpose of making them look bad. For the purpose of simply showing that he's not a good pastor a lot about yes what he does have know why, why all money you will look money.

You have a humongous house and claim that there are no he doesn't the full gospel is preached and teach the gospel message. It doesn't print out some people. I want out just like you asked him why I what he knows or not but he did say Mormons at one point we go to heaven. There were Christians and churches online and you know he does he is he is absolutely not qualified to be pastor. When I got a lot about one of your mind. You know how late Benny and hot masses like I feel like hospital character because it would make money that way is a charlatan is a complete charlatan flat out charlatan right now. Not only you are so correct I'm not. I know I don't apologize because Sue last question now is not about the Bible executing the dog I wasn't born here I came here.

Sheila's bet that my family and so conservative berries and why should the year and the judges you people who have left pastor made me lie like that I what is the reincarnation on the layout. They have worked with people who are way taxes will question yeah my question is why are like that to be humane, but the Bible teaches about prison's imprisonment in that sense very much but the idea is to pay restitution for what it is you've done and this was the model is but 99 years prison ministry been all kinds of different prisons, different levels of security and have seen a lot of me inside and never lived there, etc. that's I can't really talk too much about it but with a society where God is not in the heart. Then people who put in prison and this is unfortunate reality and as our country degrades because it is not God in his heart because Christians are more in more concerned with getting money and health, then preach the gospel to the lost. Then would have continued crisis is to be more problems look pretty spillover, likely like they are just winter this okay well I think that really happened. Now I will help me to be a know nothing about the idea is that the rehabilitator to some extent, but but I the reason why they got my mind I'll go out below my cousin Mary. When castles plan to go over you will not love client took overview of the plot against them will and baby. My dad wanted everything then only really really suffered, and you saw documentary on you have a question give the question online when you okay I won't. I have your ministry is great. Keep it up, and I pray that that everything goes well and know that whatever the government you and the family and keep it up man, can you do a great job. Thank you. And that's only by God's grace I pray for the show and ask God to give me wisdom and answers to things like that. The goal is to cut the bottom line 5. I apologize about my beloved Rick Outlook yet about this run of the race look good and focus know I have not have the guts we are colors which want to move along okay all right well okay thank you. You're correct correct okay good letter okay. All right.

Let's go find list Jenna coyote from Texas jerk. I welcome your near user God's grace we got a question so I basically came out of evidential. I ended up spring recommended me listening to Bahnson debate with Stein's claim to live life was a complete shock, because also use student evidential classical approach and never really understood the precept of nationalism wasn't so I began studying and I got Bonton's books on positional is the up there no Dr. Jason Lyle book. All of this apologize. So my question to you Matt on this. I've never seen from the debates I watched you would not bill on TV and other yeah right I never seen a reputation precept visual but I see always misrepresentation and vagueness characterized positions of my questions would be this.

If you have somebody who understands the approach right and they say well you know what you appeal to your God. All appealed to the spaghetti monster spaghetti monster is the foundation will Extent this that's very easy to go ahead why I'm glad I made it to understood the snake I like slip it on me. They will walk right getting monthly cannot provide good condition.

Curcumin felt really natural proposal is called the flying spaghetti monster. So after the break had to deal with. Very easy to write a post right back after these messages we don't have an open line for the number is 877072276 Van Slyke why call 770-7276 is Matt slick. All right it went. Welcome back to the show with Québec on there with Jerrica you're from Texas are still there. Right now it's easy to defeat their different ways to do it so that if this will bring up the flying spaghetti monster. For some reason, they tend not to do that with me. I wonder why Saul to them telling me that spaghetti can fly the flying spaghetti monster.

So tell me spaghetti and can fly a kite when here about this is really interesting how this and we don't talk a little bit also. So you tell me that the spaghetti monster to have teeth and her chase you so is this what you get a postulate as a replacement for the infinitely holy, omniscient and omnipotent God.

This witness we got this we are offered go very far from that either I am in and out in the meanwhile) at the table yet you know logic, your God provide the necessary conditions for logit uniformity of nature. Absolute ethical values all that they appealed something unknown well and will basically likely it's unknown how they know it's there will be to listen.

We don't know the limit hold us if you don't know what's their fear feeling to it. You only take you seriously argue with you when you say that you can appeal to something you don't know about. As a way to refute something that we do know about you gotta do better.

Please come up with something else. It is like shooting fish in a barrel. I'm serious. You take what they say and you analyze what they say now what they will do generally is good with the flying spaghetti monster thing and also well I just cannot say that there is a being out there that is conscious that is omniscient, omnipotent, eternal, but is not your God in all site leaders can make this up right okay so illustrates what you're saying is that that our God is omniscient, omnipotent and eternal you're saying is that the Christian God. But somehow the mission omnipotent eternal being young and you're an atheist right thing and atheist is positing a God to argue against me about God as a working rate is house and how you been atheist in an positing idea of a God target community's perspective.

I think your right hand put in your face, but if we write have an interface to let your left and slap her silicide head until that leaves because if you're not doing well. Why have fun with atheist because it's so easy I wanted to hear what you had about that because I actually got somebody who you know, we are engaging and apologetic and acknowledges turn it off for grandma the same time and every time I eat like all your presupposition list and select the killing thing you know, if you build your God for the foundation of logic like combined budget. Good okay when okay just so you guys know my browser went wiki on dcom wrecks on the closing open it up Québec and so when they posit a God of any kind of a mistake please tell me what characteristics test. I think I am not able to see you back in different lesser middle tech problem here knew what I want talk to you what you have to do is ask them to tell you what the characteristics are of that God list amount is omniscient or not omniscient and omnipotent or not omnipotent. Please tell me what the characteristics are of this is got okay you do that and because what will happen is you realize that what they're doing is actually describing the Christian God and what it was funny because what they have to do is abandon the trying abandoned the Christian God and that but in order to argue against the Christian God thing to say well sold to the slickness a something well you see what it is is that we have a God that is not Christian God toward the characteristics as he everywhere all the place all the time. Is that what is and will say that while That's tasked with Christian God in order to account for the stuff that you say you need to account for the Mr. preconditions for intelligibility moral absolutes, you have to develop a God that's the same as the Christian one. You see the problem that will make and it just by looking at it until that basically any objection to the Christian faith first presupposed Christianity you didn't realize that that is the case, but it is the case because they can't argue from their own perspective. They cannot argue from the perspective that does not with what you can't justify arguing from a perspective that is not the Christian God and I've argued this before. It had many discussions with some knowledgeable people about this and we tell you that if you do not presuppose the the Christian God the trying Christian God ultimately nothing makes sense. It's just that simple. Okay okay okay so Matt met.

I don't want to be the caller. I would love to have, but I hate it. One day, thought about writing a book on presuppose a little know know because other far better books out and when I could produce eat my way of writing is different than when I write as I just get to the point.

I do not like reading articles where you have to read for five days before you get an answer the question what I do is I just read. I just go straight to the point. Straight to the truth what the word of God says that's what I want to do and so if I write a book on presupposition was they would not be very long. It just wouldn't be very long and nothing we would be interested in it. However, I can tell you this that I have read a book called atheistic and atheistic. Some vacuum thing went wrong. Atheistic is a Novellus a small novel to read a couple hours and is about it and explain why my brain is spot on an island that forms in the Pacific in a superrich cub billionaire atheist guy buys the island and builds a utopian society, and things are going wrong and they they get a look what's called a contrarian and a contrary and is part of what the big the rich guy's computer field developed a program that would find holes in the security area and so he was able to make better product is what became the richest guy in the world order so they get the same thing involved in a atheist philosopher who swears to do the same thing to be a contrarian and fine problems and their solutions to the problems arising on the island and all he does is use logic and dismantle stuff so there's a little bit presupposition was an American well plot twists things like that is called atheistic is okay right but they got was a service interruption airflow to problem care of the Lord bless you right back after mass, like why call 770727 is Matt slick all right back to the show with Dr. E.

Carlin from Arizona. All right here I reputation of the creditor today while at work by the brilliant bank that I be without partial pressure of Northpark butter. But God, I got my credit anymore. But you know what was interesting you know what credit rhythm and you have in common know that they have they have the same type of failed hermeneutic and logical ballot that if I act I've automatically proven why don't you know that when it will go well. I I think that you are the man.

Therefore, I prove that he thought about it logic without anything happened with credit.

They think like improvement from Scripture are about 870, 12, and therefore no Scripture there about the end of the world turn right thing medical problem that the well that mean that one of the many problems like short Renaissance exclusion. I think you yeah and yeah and I also wanted to run by you. I think that with some trepidation because I know if there's anything new thought truth, not new, but I haven't linear or the Jehovah's Witnesses out there. One of the ones that kinda leave them with their job know like like that but you do beyond and I've never heard this from anywhere else that I may not think that nobody else I haven't heard I've heard and it comes from and I want to know if you if you could or not you could that argumentation, but I use it a lot back to bite by going up. Don't let okay and that is flipping chapter 2 and in verse six and and 37 and I guided reading read it through because you know how to read the Bible. Three. Let the board follow and I say to them, I think you're being built in the form of God did not count equality with God a thing to be grappled and dealt by taking the form of the Microsoft) half form experiment me that many kinda look like and don't don't generally see that form of government need only 1/3 night that will want to terminate truly experiment the form of God, God, I've never asked that they just don't bet on that one guy was never heard that one or not.

I have and I never heard from anybody out the strainers of the servants was that me know say he looked like a servant nuisance is formed by looked like servant and update know he was truly experiment fervently truly not there yet form of God, truly God. Okay, I like that anyway I like when it is a less quick and slick Allstate does the term son of God mean he's not God in the same correct does there was a term son of man that one really good one. I like dear dear one with the priest forever and upgrade have to be a man abandoning man… The Archangel Michael again.

There's a saying it's also the initial continuity because if I take a chair and break up a wooden chair and break it apart and I turn into a rocking horse just isn't a still a chair.

No it's not. It's nature is no longer that of a chair. So if an angel becomes a man is no longer an angel correct that it's lost its existence as an angel. So then you have the cessation of the angel and then the creation of man and into the theology it's reversed.

Jesus stopped existing and become an angel So there is no Jesus, there is no mediator. This will he's an angel only has two natures, angel and unmanned the same time if they would ever say yes the like. And he begot them at the same time you have any debate with the creditor. I had impromptu debates. I like yesterday with a guy couldn't get in. The logic you stumped up but you know with others. I do know that somebody kept a lot of stuff ago I got it or not. No formal debates of printers to being asked when I was 11 skills and that's Ramana camp out and and a six and was a backwards and forwards in a plug with a guy yesterday. You know he had to abandon it and then was called illegitimate totality transfer cloud in another place in Salem just transfer over the meeting and overhear you do that this is that's right right now will they come up with promote it with somebody you know why I brought that up in a way where I'm going to come back lately, lap and yell.

He came back and have you coming back out the cloud and I like it in my car and I leave I call Mike Don coming back the way I left.

I mean, I am coming back in a car back at the car relaxing your relaxing just as you have seen no. Dr. Carlin get into the car and drive west from there you will see him come back just the same way you sign left to go back in the Western car. It's simple know the word last car overhear means such as so okay that's like taking it in the wet bank owe that to come back and Betty because they like Betty Bakhtin maybe medically acute that way. On occasion thought anyway but I thank you for all your work. I've been a longtime look in her collar and I think maybe I'll call more often to still talk with me about them I YouTube all right there was Dr. GE conifer, Arizona.

Let's get on the phone with Joel from New York you're welcome. You're on the air. I tell you one. I'm goodbye God's grace we got so got a got predicted God to God for no salvation. It totally a work of God. It is on reasonable and not, why not for me to pray for the salvation of like Lord I I am praying for that I want but I want to put can you please save all God's work and will yes because we don't understand how God chooses electrical how it all works, we still know we know that God says does that we don't know the methodology we don't know what he's done. We don't know how it works no monist try to answer the question of the race. MIP's radical ideas about God. But there's a thank you. I believe in predestination election because the Bible teaches predestination election doesn't teach us.

I believe it but I also pray clock God for not elect. Please select the what I'm saying is I don't know how it works just above my pay grade. So I pray for the salvation of people all the time and I'm not to say that God looks in the future to know what my prayers will be because of Christ that he considers him no, no, no, I think way beyond that. I just don't know how it works and I just pray for the salvation of people. Here's the thing.

It which God is, the more we preach, the more people seem to be elected for salvation is a power to the word of God and we have that freedom to be able to preach and teach the power that word. And we know that the idea of knowing that election predestination is really helpful because we preach to somebody you know is not just up to their sinfully enslaved free will, but you're asking God for his grace and mercy, just as he opened the heart of Lydia for them to understand the words of Paul the second the gospel message that said acts 1614, where God grants.

We believe that is 129 and he grants repentance negatively to 25 is what the Bible says so. I pray that God would do that.

My wife and I readily pray not our nightly prayers to pray that God grant people believe repentance granting that salvation and I basically take that and I pray all the people that my heart out like got it. And I'm saying literally like got. I don't know how work which they back right but but but that's so hot how effective prayer create my first night here what they will grow obedient to the word but the truth. That person is going to be paid whether I pray that Nazi paper that right.

Maybe we don't know what God has ordained and how is ordained so I just say that that point is that is just behind the sick baby okay thank you fragile goblet they fellowship to open was going to be call 877007276 max Y call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg back show dream welcome. You're on the right hand and remember to get what I wanted to know you are familiar with playing by all people.

Or, but the CIA presenting you know I get the classified information regarding and I will I get referring to the written account prior to Genesis before the Genesis as we know it in a writing or there supposedly some earlier and earlier writing on the stress of an account. Yeah, I would like it yeah and they were going earlier writing never got I guess it was just like Job's written Job was penned before the book of Genesis was by Moses is the oldest Hebrew right okay so so so here's what this is Matt. What is is I get there an account prior to that, maybe 4500. No nap today 45 billion years ago account that we have is like much later and actually if you go to like it there. I thought a claim on Facebook right. Let me check this out. So I go to CIA's website and I guess there's likely document about it and actually show like Genesis 1213 that was written prior to the Genesis 1213 that we were aware of, and so on. So I guess hello Monty, how to address it. Well, I've never heard before CIA I somehow I don't think that is is CIA okay and it's gonna be a fake site right is checked in construction so will be a goal of government thing and see. II wouldn't put any credence in that whatsoever. Just say things in the tech stuff but know that while the CIA have information about biblical matters from before the time of Genesis write it it doesn't make any sense to deal with foreign policy. Other nations outside of our own busy with that so I got you up.

I meant to say that you see a dog go you know, so why would it be there in on a man that make sense but I was looking at. I get to know how to how to how we address that you know. I guess with some information I discreetly thought that you know I got this so can tell you anything okay okay okay yeah you know I got to go so that you know people will believe where they want to believe that you not thought of the documents on Facebook you know God is like, and I didn't take after distilling the grant stop. I still wanted to go in look into it. You know, we have the same thing on that is true. So you okay right okay yeah I read what I rhymes, phones with James. My with James welcome you are on the air. I guess I can when he got wonderful so I took my thought process is a good one for you married why I would figure that are to be an account computed by Mary didn't know she is the mother going to bed, but there is not where in the Bible that I know what you think about that. I'm not trying to send question account married you mean submit the yeah like a book of Mary in the Bible what she is most probably she couldn't read or write, probably because she's married to Joseph. Joseph was a carpenter and I don't know if he could and could not ripen. See the minute that she couldn't generally speaking, women didn't back so is me know that someone could have written down some of the things that she said. But unlike the idolatrous Roman Catholic Church, the Christian church knew better than to focus on the creature with the focus on Jesus and so very Like when I was thinking about it go along with that disciple of Jesus James was back you brother. While the Catholics can say no but yeah I believe the same Mary was a good Jewish woman and she had other children because to have children was a blessing from the Lord, and in Matthew one 2560 Three virgin until she gave birth to a son and called his name Jesus.

Now with the capital do was suitable the word until can mean different things and they go to other places in the Scripture misses the word until over here means continuing so it can mean that here and in its it all and assist them changing the meaning of the Texas writer. If I were to say to somebody I know My wife a virgin until our wedding night. We would know exactly what that meant and is no different. Here virgin until she gave birth to a son. He called his name Jesus. Somehow the Catholics come across this idea that if Mary lost her virginity that somehow she's not pure really. Since God is one inventive sexual relations within marriage is pure so there's no problem to this idea of the perpetual virginity issue is nonbiblical and unnecessary, and has led to idolatrous practices within the Roman Catholic Church as a safe trip to Mary. Things are just so ridiculous to seek to wisdom know no better way to conclude my looking to marry. My fortitude is just ridiculous stuff ultimately promote hello will it idolatrous. Well to Mike… I'm thinking, early age and you like Billy okay guide mom joke. The family did not die but you can't tell anybody, well, I was like why wouldn't I wouldn't say that I wouldn't say that Jesus must've said this until you can do this. I wouldn't put words in Jesus mouth, just not what I would do that later called so I'm calling you.

So what we do know is that Mary and Joseph lost Jesus would drink caravan and a lot of people don't understand is just to defend them to lose ship. Jesus was not negligence on the part of all because extended families would travel in caravans and it would be to Campbell's AB 3040 50 camels and he would travel from one place where they were traveling. Even my thoughts and sometimes the wagon drawn by an animal could be knocked the mule and so the you know their son Jesus could have easily gone over to when the relatives stayed with them for hours or a couple of days. It was not unheard of until they realize what you make out with you feel that kind of assignment looking for. So was it was just the culture and look to presented in the foxhounds.

He knew he was early, very early yeah well I'm on figure that got the first recorded miracle the water and the wine water. Thank you. I know you can do that to us already knew all yeah it's typical in the in the Gospels that the women knew who Jesus was, before the amended is pretty typical so it is an interesting study to find out.

She knew beforehand, and when the men were hiding the women was a Hayes resident and they had information that the men often didn't have any provided information and aware little bits of incident along the men and so the men got a hold of it. Get out of their way is changed but the limit absolutely.

I really appreciate all you do Matt talk with you and God bless God bless, but all right good I was James Milo Liska on the phone with Chris from North Carolina, Chris, welcome you are on the predominate like that they have a deeper look the part about out obviously don't leave, but my question is where do they get wagon a couple off, so I can't let to say that when we do not, I would ask what I would ask them. Can you show me that in the Bible should be in the Bible where it says the mark of the beast is that because this is the Maccabees in the right hand of the four head. So why do you say that keeping the day holy that Jesus himself rose from the dead on and that they worshiped there and that the early church for 1562.

For example, started worshiping and serving God on that day and the did Kate.

You only thing you really company credence in the did okay was written by the by the apostles of the apostles or the disciples of the apostles were not exactly sure was written like 60 or 70 or 80 A.D. with apostles money them are still alive in the did okay. Talks about something from a number so ask prove it from Scripture so and I can't get one thing that will all our Sunday worship whenever you try so early works about oil but now they were actually work worshiping on the worship room the night I got home, so they were worshiping to the night, which means the next day was Sunday, the worshiping of it.

That's what I will bet that was about 650 were worshiping on Sunday. Okay will also do is go to actually get to know the did Arcadia check 14th one.

Lord stated Sunday. After that, you simply go to break bread. Give thanks. Having additional confess your sins second except the Lord's day is Sunday the did okay very earliest thing. Nothing makes it true. But this is a very very very very early at the station and it was wrong and why is it not corrected in the New Testament know you got worship on sat on the Sabbath.

If anything, in Romans 14 2012 we find is that pulses that each women works for one day. That one everyday ally considers him different everyday like let each man he fully commits his own mind.

So I asked him take is the Sabbath part of every day.

Romans 14 51 person regards one day above another, another regards, every day alike. Bascom is does everyday include Saturday and Sunday as they say no is not everything. Is it of course it does. Each person must be fully commits his own mind. Why is Paul saying that one man regards one day above another, another regards, everything equally commits in your own mind. This would mean that is supportive of works of worship for Tuesday worship, so that when five dollars.

My well but they well yelled. The law will never you know of all still out there. You know it, and then I questioned. Well, many types of law where that line to let he was a 13 952 60 application is navigation began to say with a knife already voted when the time the Lord bless you greatly and

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