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July 16, 2020 8:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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July 16, 2020 8:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- A caller wanted to challenge Matt on his handling of a debate regarding full preterism. Said caller was a full preterist.--2- What's your take on the relationship between David and Absolam--3- Have you heard of the 1619 project---4- Did St. Augustine believe in baptismal regeneration- Does that mean he was not saved---5- Have all the gifts ceased---6- What is your definition of tongues---7- Is it ok, as a believer, to smoke cigars-

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A previously recorded mats like shout mats like why is the founder and president found online. You have questions about if you want to give me a call over to do with dialing 772072276. And guess what I did for entertainment this week. Know this is not a good thing for me to do, but it's also entertaining at the same time. What I like and also hate to do it the same time is to watch all public Sunday morning preachers and let's just say I the peeling of the TV a lot basically priests. I like it. I watched where someone was talking about getting way this water. They prayed over and you sit it a little bit and it'll help you. It's just it's enraging league that it's just oil and print so your seed and all the stuff about money and prosperity. I wonder if even know the real gospel.

This agreement nothing. I don't know any rate that's ready for your team. At that sci-fi the cultist. Flicka and oh yeah, I'm a mod II got issues.

Hey, if you're listening to the show for the first time my name is Matt slick is not a radio named my real name. Christian apologist and answer difficult questions with the Bible and all kinds of stuff related to religion's atheism revolution, all kind of stuff.

So if you want to call all you do is dial 877-207-2276 to fourth in line right now also have preschools please check them out preschools and on theology apologetics the defense of faith and also critical thinking and checking about going the website CRM.ORG on the right hand side you will see that also hate you my wife or my demand and is good to predict. And that's what that if you use Amazon and you order stuff you what you can do you go to if it would smile in front of it and you can sign up that Tulkarm received just a little bit. They do the things a small small 3% goes in for your purchase goes in for nonprofit organizations, and you could check out karma could help out is because no one, and it adds up. After a while, so I think it's about it before open lines give a call 877-207-2276 Institute Michael from Pittsburgh.

Michael Buckham, you're on their fate.

Matt, how are you all right thanks last week I got an email from our minding my own business at work and it said that like refute federalism. Click here all night so I clicked and I watched it and now you talk to a government for about maybe 15 minutes about it and I wanted to call and maybe shed more light on the subject, as I think you will. He was just the beginning of sorting out different Scriptures.

He wasn't quite dogmatic on a lot of things and honestly, he did know how to answer you on your objection. I think I could do a better job.

One thing that I would get your conversation with him, you kind of bullied him in the conversation you spent more time correcting them on word nuances been actually addressing text.

He was asking about. I was hoping that when I talk you today that we would have more of a direct conversation, we wouldn't get off topic and she thought that all depends on how your ability is to focus on the topic without circumventing issues are directly related to the thing I are you full the next. Yet I okay so then you believe I remember before we go on you remember there's different strains of Frederick Masi that it okay to ask you, do you believe that Jesus returns in the armies of Rome and 77 to 80. Yet okay then what you do with Roman acts 19 through 11 which says he'll return in the clouds from heaven and the sky gate. It yeah it in fact you would use back 111 against him to stay in the same manner as he so and that thing you had said that that was bodily president, and I wouldn't argue with that but also he left in a cloud back in when not getting clouded pretty when you know that I recently was going to come back and he was gonna ask God high priest to see the Son of Man on the cloud with power and glory and the course gives me any old excuse that always been inexcusably excused.

When did Jesus return in a cloud 7080. So there was a cloud. That's what it was a quiz at the cloud was the armies. I was a cloud.

The water vapor in the sky white cloud thing which will now I don't believe it.

With the literal clouds okay look at language will so it says after he had said these things, he was lifted up mother looking on, and a cloud received him out of their sight with the literal cloud okay and as they were gazing into this as they were gazing into the sky. That's a little sky, the actual sky with clouds in it right yet of the whole two men in white clothing stood behind them and they said men of Galilee while you still looking into the sky. This Jesus was taken from you into heaven, will come in just the same way as you watch him go to heaven so the heat they heaved ascended into heaven to get out of the way, look no clouds and I mean block is this whatever it is but a cloud was there received him in the sky. That's how you can return.

Is that what you agree to what and so the literal cloud will yeah I would have to be right will then you said the cloud was the was the armies or yeah it is that I mean, it's not one thing when being about women. So in the text here is the cloud that is talk about armies. It could be pointing toward that symbolism. No no no you don't know know know know know know know know the text says here that I don't know how long you listen to me, but I would do this for 40 years and I deal with cults and fallacies of interpretive abilities so we fear as on the 19 year live on the air for 19 by Ben Saper 19 years idyllic than the or for a long time. 19. It got really 15 okay let's good.

So, in acts 19 when it says he looked up into the clouds is not a figurative cloud is literal cloud in the literal sky which you already said and that's how Jesus could come back with it when you say comes back you say no it's not literal cloud yelling armies out vote that it slips. It's also Matthew is the Army a literal cloud distant is just this is the logic? Is an Army on the ground, a literal cloud in the sky or the Bible doesn't literal language when it ascribes God's judgment, you will continue on a new Holland can you hold on right asking outside of I want to do I'm going to put him on hold folks notice notice what's happening on try to do is focus him on something on an issue of logic here and he does not want to be in the corner logically wants to jump the other direction and take over not going to happen.

Folks, here's the logic is on asking this question is a cloud in the sky the same thing as an Army on the ground. The answer is no, for him to say that they're both in this context can't be true because if you're to say that they were both in this context that he had to say that the cloud was also an army in the sky, which doesn't make any sense, the context does not allow a figurative usage.

In this context, I notice folks. I keep saying in this context right here and notice what he does. And a lot of people in these aberrant groups with all do is they ignore the specifics that the specificity of the exact context and in the go someplace else.

Let's try one more time. Michael remember I said as long as you can stick logic of the issues with but will have a problem not doing it. Now I'm trying to give you an answer with Scripture interpreting Scripture not allowing me to do that. I sidle out my Michael. I asked a specific question is a cloud give you it but I got the answer and you're not allowing me Michael I like your goal and I got another call okay so notice e.g. won't let me ask the question again, notice folks, this is a technique that wouldn't I deal with this a lot they don't want to have me ask a very precise question and get a free precise answer.

Let's try one more time in this context.

Michael is a cloud in the sky the same thing as an Army on the ground. Psalm 18 God came in a cloud to destroy us all and yet he wasn't in the literal cloud is in this context is the cloud that you already admitted. Can you let me. I'm asking a specific question the cloud in the sky you already said is a literal cloud and literal sky is what you said it was earlier.

I'm asking not getting the little cloud, and it with the Roman army. But remember that I'm just saying that I limit my mic.

I like all if you say it's an Army. The list put your army on the ground thing is clear in the context of you said that's what it can mean after you said these things, he lifted up her mother looking on any and Army on the ground received him out of their sight. And as they were gazing intently into the sky where the Army was was holding onto men like clothes clothing stood behind beside them. They also submit a valid logic keeps looking into the sky where the Army is it is and how you want to do this, I'd like to have an honest conversation were a melodic answer and not be so restricted because you know that my answer. I'm going to compare Scripture with Scripture and evidently you can't do it that you said you know what a lot of people like that. I'm not the prize because you allow people to be able to talk to you Michael. I asked a specific question you not and I answered it already. You are is he misrepresented me on my own. I'm not. I'm applying logic you don't know the issue of logic you don't know them stage me a question I thought you the answer was both and then you repeat it back. My answer is literal only so you're not even listening to me, sermon on long as it is as though supplying acts 19 through 11 is that with the angel said yes because the type and shadow is the cloud of judgment that what is outsider. I little I want you to walk out. Where is your thing. Where does it say it's a clouds our judgment, and in the acts 19 this is my question this was talking that one out and I you let Mike something wrong that really and I for his that's it and is currently is hyperbole know you late Michael Michael Michael is at hyperbole with the Angels are saying in the prophecy of how Jesus is to return any judgment in the Scriptures, often by talking.

Is this like mass. This 20 hey hyperbole Michael work with Mike all I'm asking you about acts 192 11. Yes, it I've answer that question work time and am working to move along. So notice folks that he doesn't know how to answer the question directly. This is the procedures. This is the mindset of someone who is the brainwashed cyber that's what it is you won't answer the question, is the hyperbole in this text. Obviously, it's not man's like why call 770727 pairs nicely filled want to do that now do it about this with 877-207-2276 let's go to Robert from Georgia Robert welcome Ron there where breaking up breaking up Australia better yet little director okay talk to and I was studying Daniel okay and never like Absalom and David to me at about eight. I really love that they had their real problem very good but it was that there day. I think the God you breaking up. I keep since Huggins tenure again. Probably his dad okay.child if I can understand it with your say it's of the quested buddy sorry your walking or driving or anything, but some are either deceiving get your question out there and I wanted to hear you're going to relate out David it without special tell what aspect of it you want, but David loved Absalom he had six wives and six different sons and Amnon forced himself sexually upon his half-sister there and then Absalom hated him for that and lure them into an ambush and then turned against his father later and apparently he was really handsome and good-looking one to take the place of David and didn't work out so what? Why would you about thinking government that they would sorry you breaking up so much that is. I just can't follow you. You want to try calling her back and see if we can get a better connection or something.

I will thank you okay all right called, all right here we have frequent lines if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Courtney from Ohio. Welcome around here look. Have you heard in 19 try Jack well I II heard of it because the producer wrote it down in the box and I lifted up just so I have never correctly. The 16th 19 thing about slavery is looking at its so I'm not sure what they want to accomplish with it so I just don't know.

But I'm reminded that that this stuff it's unconcerned to think that thing that Christianity teaches is that people are sinful by nature and how we respond to that. We love our enemies and pray for those of persecutors we turn the other cheek and we want love and forgiveness to abound. If people today are resentful because their ancestors were enslaved and they want to hold that against people today than they are doing the opposite of what Christ requires what they're doing is been behaving like Muslims in Islamic theology and practice what you do you remember wrong suffered, your ancestors, then you hold it against the present people. They had nothing to allow my yeah that's that's list on the cultural and so they don't have true forgiveness because they don't have true regeneration. They don't understand that were changed internally but their ineffective this so this reminds me of of remembering wrongs and stirring up resentment and Santa you know Maya my ancestors came from Germany and my last name.

Slick consular German Schlichting and Schlichting cut short the slick so were lawyers apparently was going to cost what I do, but I do know that my mom's side of my mom and my dad ancestors, both from Germany and they came in and was well for slavery.

They had to work a great deal very very hard and very difficult conditions to survive and you know what I could do is dig up all of that past and then to the people of your family, oppressed my family is in actually Louisiana and oppressed them so I want a reparations. I want you to pay for what you did your ancestors did they look at me laugh. It cannot hear.

And if I were to focus on things that were done in the past.

How am I going to take hold of the present and move forward into the future in a way that's not going to harm relationships, harm people and what's happening and I know I'm rambling a little bit but this this hatred of of white supremacy stuff white privilege stuff is my opinion a manufactured thing has been racism.

Of course, have the whites suppressed the Blacks yes have whites oppressed whites yes have Blacks oppressed whites.

Yes, what would we do when we stop our weekly stop with ourselves this way we stop in our own hearts are caring, resentment that we read something here. This is a little bit preachy and redo here, read something, it says so is the fusions for 31 let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ has forgiven you. The people who remember wrongs are violating the true nature of love at first 2013 does not remember love wrong suffered me doesn't remember wrong suffered, will this is what you did this bitterness, wrath, anger will be helpful. Something occurs to us and I got plenty plenty of things in my life that I could bring up me. My dad was in the service.

My last name was slick. I was anorexic because he blew so much and if so what is rare among some to 12 different elementary schools, 12 went to I moved 26 times before I was 12 I was 12.

Although I would 66 pounds. This is no July. Now I'm 6 feet tall, 219, 66 pounds ice to get chased to the point of of torture and above all yeah I did stop having nightmares being murdered because 35 now this is true. Okay I could remember all you do. 772-0727 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave get back on the line with Courtney from Ohio. Are you still there are now, when we have a wrong suffered from a got this from Wilson. Remember, it was really good and true.

We have some of wrong that suffered that that happens to us, it can be a legitimate wrong or perceived. That means that we can feel ourselves insulted or slighted.

It could be a real offense in all seriousness, now they really did offend you not to something wrong if you or the other one is now it is really. Didn't you just think so you have these happen to be make mistakes or judgments.

So when we harbor a wrong that is suffered to us literature real or perceived. This leads to bitterness. When we have bitterness. This leads to resentment. Resentment leads to anger. Anger leads to murder. This from the booklet how to be free from guilt, bitterness, how to be free from bitterness really good and am as I've always remember this but it is true. If we have bitterness related to resentment when we have not resentment built at least anger, and anger leads to murder in our hearts we want judgment get this is what is talk about of Ephesians 431, at all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander, away from, along with all malice.

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as Christ was forgiving you were to forgive as Jesus forgave so I got to sick people in my life that hurt me. They have different ways.

What am I to do. I can remember bitterness.

I can remember the wrong I can let resentment control me. Let anger bear fruit of hatred and the desire for death and harm to others and this is not Christlike. If I'm doing that they will Christ hold onto the same to me. I don't want that kind of thing to go ahead and made me think of it when you're right. You're not connected at all that went about like like the name you want to take care of antique. I never actually like that you it's an escalation thing because in the Jewish culture. The ice as I can think of the first two mixed up as a long time that if you had in our argument. One man had an argument with another man they wanted to do is hold that a person's beard and the other one was to spit in your face and the final level of hostility was to's physically assaulted and slap and basically this at this point they will and will fight a physical fight. And so it was like this understood escalation levels and Jesus is saying it is maximum level of escalation turn the other cheek were not to to return evil for evil or harm for harm now with the balance this with the right of self-defense. 2236 and this is more complicated as we work through things.

But Jesus is teaching the principle of forgiveness because if we remember wrong suffered you to ourselves or to people that we didn't even know parents, and maybe even our grandparents or their parents, etc. they were doing is sowing the seeds of hatred and that isn't going to help anybody in their thing. Hatred does the lines those who it's stops them from being clearheaded, yet it destroys their emotional clarity and they become self-righteous. It is the this soil in which the movement in the work of Satan himself will abide and settled as seeds and the bear fruit in hatred and death towards others. So this is why we as Christians were to forgive and to not and here's another thing Jesus says that God will remember your sins no more will if God is all-knowing. How can he not remember your sins people to understand something God never forgets. But it's different than remembering to remember is to bring it up again to remember.

I choose to remember this is different then I forgot to forgot is passive to remember is active and I forgot my car keys were and I didn't sit there and go there forgot my car keys were to go. You know that my staff doesn't have that right Lester my age and you walk the living room and the kitchen go was I doing in here so so when God says he will remember them. He will bring them up again, this is what we are to do as Christians were not to remember the sins of others against us. And it's something I struggle with periodically when I have.

I remember what someone did to me or people close to me people not supposed in different ways and I choose to push it away not remember and look at the cross. Now dear Hackett equipped online, who has hurt you, yes. That's not a part of everything feeling some of you talk to and don't get things right.

Confess your sins one to another, you ask for sufferers you don't want them to go to your brother and and talk to him of doing something wrong. All this blends able talk with this issue of forgiveness.

What it really means that you can't forgive you pieces so hard to having a problem then you gotta go to the cross, but also sometimes gotta go to the person is offended you and talk to them. I remember hearing a talk once about a guy who said this. This is really blooming away that that he was very upset at someone who had done something to him and in a right to be angry and he really did.

And then what happened was after a while he realized that the anger he was harboring towards the other person then required that he go to the other person wronged him and asked him the other person for forgiveness of his own hatred in his own heart towards that person because he was so close to Christ. He didn't want this.

He was seeing the his own hatred in his own heart.

Forgiveness is a powerful thing and one other story I heard was about a man whose son was murdered by somebody and out.

He was caught with the jail and the father had to forgive is a Christian. He worked in his heart and he realized it was very difficult and he went to eat as much as he could in his own heart to forgive and he prayed he forgave me for gave it says on the go talk to this guy until my forgiven him and went to the prison to talk to him and that this and for gave and he found that he ended up going back on a regular basis to meet with they became friends man father led him to the Lord and when this man finally got a prison. He stayed with that father wow. Father God help get get back on his feet and brought him to Christ.

Great, that's great. Is there how much more is God forgiven us for what we've done against him.

Should we not also forgive those who've injured us know what we do is we have a double standard. God you forgive me of everything but I'm not forgive others of most anything in this is just not bowing her all about that guy with the million dollar dollar yes and forgiveness tract. So anyway okay.

It is okay yeah all right. God bless. All right, we have three open lines want to give me a call 877-207-2276 let's go to Thomas Charlotte County, Florida, welcomed on their thing. Thank you very much for all you do for a terror really appreciate you and calling answering questions personally thought is God. I have two questions long about baptismal regeneration near the one about the station's number continuation first question is always go back. That debate that you had with the church of Christ. Member about baptismal regeneration and how they're adding a work of salvation and how that could potentially are definitely soft to the salvation of Christ, but specifically I mention that because I just learned recently that St. Augustine believed in baptismal regeneration and then out yes sir and I was bleeding all around me. I was reading a Piper book about the great formers.

Luther all that anti-somatic. John Calvin was Calvinist by the land reform, but looking at his men and their flaws. Calvin believed in burning of the Unitarian and how do I look back at men of the path. Specifically, Augustine who believed in baptismal regeneration I can. I have some sort of hope for them in light of a clear understanding of what Scripture actually write that you live call 77077 pairs nicely. All right, no matter who they were that they taught that baptism was necessary for salvation that you obtain salvation by faith and baptism that cannot be considered true Christians that simple. If you reformed you already know that justification by faith alone to Christ alone through faith alone in Christ alone is not by faith, and something we do. If were justified by faith justified by faith we have faith, but they'll say that were justified by faith.

When we get baptized within that means you're not justified by faith. When you have faith. Otherwise, how could we just doesn't get it by faith. So they're saying is illogical and flat-out wrong. Don't care who it is clear who it is they teach this the wrong now Augustine changes positions on different things at different times and if you going to the current website you can look at the early church fathers on baptism and sly Clement of Rome and Polycarp is extremely early said by faith, and that was it. But irony is origins are tooling Ambrose implied the issue of baptism is necessary to the problem of the church fathers is they contradict each other and I'm sending my church father can beat up your church father so because nobody to go with long ago Scripture. The Scripture clearly teaches justified by faith without the works of the law and will either not sprinkled in water is how Jesus was baptized is in the Old Testament so you know this is this is so is tough stuff but don't look to me.

They have to be good because they were so smart they had to be sent no but on the other hand, we can say this that people throughout history can be saved in different levels of ignorance and an error regeneration doesn't guarantee perfect doctrine. What it does mean is that we will gradually move towards that better document the more we study Scripture so I've not heard what you said about Augustine being verified. If you show.documentation, but I'd love to put that in there that would include research, but if you're not doing a book by John Piper. If Piper got its that's what he said well then I would say sorry Augustine Blewitt that's it. The reference link so I am another. I have a question about patient versus continuation. I don't know word you on the spectrum, but I get a little personal air. I came from a Pentecostal background where they practiced all the spiritual gifts healing anointing and speaking in tongues.

Then recently I read the book a strange fire by Dr. John MacArthur and that's where he warned me of the complete opposite direction with that then nothing like that take place at all and I was really hard on that. But some things I've seen have made have made me not be as harsh on it and heard you say that you are from attenuation. Maybe you can explain clearly like I just want to be my apology aware of the man was preaching at an abortion clinic and uses preaching and come to find out this people who speak only Spanish heard them in their own language and I convinced them to not abort their child but they don't speak a lick English and the man Chris English so that things like for me. Obviously this is not something to complainant through scientific glad evidence for but is something that if the witness how to use it and I'm sure it will way when it comes to the spiritual gifts will is going Scripture first in the Bible says that enforcement is 17 were not select any charisma while you're waiting for the return of Christ to respond. The charismatic gifts.

Also in Romans 623 it says that the free gift of God's eternal life gift is charisma and enforcement teams 13, roughly 12 talks about perfect, superficial way with well with the perfect I don't believe it is the completion of the Bible because because when the perfect comes in will be known as we are fully known and this has to do with salvific as phraseology were only God only knows believers never unbelievers Ms. Omniscience with saving relationship.

Also, the phrase, but then face-to-face. Face-to-face means personal encounter, research, and so I may complete continuation list. I believe all the charismatic gifts of today.

All of them. However, I don't believe that this wacko carries media stuff you see with Pentecostal churches flipping around Georgia project and they speak that that's not the biblical usage of tongues and enforcement is 14 it's in the edification of the body of Christ with interpretation in the body. I don't do it that way it will suit. For that reason, he talked about the apology okay will this book called brooch Co., and without getting too far into it. Missionaries try speak different languages and suddenly they were able to communicate with the preaching the gospel. These kind of things happen. Not that we want to make truth by by Dr. but biblically I don't see any basis for cessation is that is my opinion based in Texas, on this and I went through and stuff and also I have a website that I don't promote very often on on the website on the radio here Calvinist okay and you go in there and you can look up experiential Calvinism in the charismatic gifts and this is a very serious topic for me because I was a senior pastor at a small church. I lost a pastorate over this very issue. They found that I affirmed the continuation of the charismatic gifts in the PCA Presbyterian Church in America. It's a big issue that I had to go through and hold the resentment took a while to get over it. But you also find that John Knox, Robert Fleming, George Wishart moved to the charismatic gifts. John Knox prophesied the future to came to pass, Robert Fleming is born 1630 call the Presbytery divines he had dreams about his wife's death. It happened you have George Wishart by plagues in and things just go there and read the documentation and I got the book.

That book at the library. Westminster theological seminary in Escondido, California where I got my master of divinity. That book was there on the shelf and is a big meeting they had about the charismatic gifts in the sky that I will sleep they almost asked me to speak because I knew was a continuation list and it didn't. I wish they had, but they didn't.

But nevertheless, I ask questions and I brought these things up these quotes that had them with me with the guy who was a sensationalist speaking and I said what you do with these quotes and he relates that we know about" were John Knox, Robert Fleming, George Wishart moved in the charismatic gifts he did is we haven't decided what would you do with it yet. Next question was just mind blowing to me that these incredibly godly knowledgeable men dismissed the evidence so quickly and wouldn't face things so you know, because a reform doesn't mean we get everything down right but what I can bring about their more subjective length of war talk about the outdated Pentecostal now when I'm not inherently evident that the one about the Pentecostal ecstatic art and Benny Hanh is really out there but if her about the healing crusade under a line drawn somewhere. He's a charlatan is fake. The lively Andrea you going or great.

One thing I like agreement which is not buying them mess. I just could not you draw the line with the Scriptures study the word of God study. First Corinthians 17 first Corinthians 13 think the issue there go through Romans 12 Romans frequent is 14 study the word of God more. You know what the word of God says the more you will know where the line has to be drawn. I was being interviewed for a pastorate someplace and I and they sent me out to Corpus Christi Texas to meet somebody to be interviewed and went to this church and they were all singing in tongues store performed everyday was great with the charismatic gifts and then afterwards I spoke. The pastor respectfully answered why he will speak sing with tongues as the Bible to speak with tongues all at once a civil that's the difference were not speaking in tongues singing in a civil the Scripture says the reason you don't do this all at once. It unbelievers come into thinking the crazy are you can tell me then that with the unbelievers come in here and here you doing this all singing that it's okay that you think are of her normal with you. It's a good point. So the Scriptures dividing the Scriptures what you gotta learn so I would save you study God's word and you learn more where the line belongs okay this or have to be definition of tongue that start on that like to have you back on that we hear and the Pentecostal work. Not really a language identically. I dose status next garbage go after this garbage.

The tongue spoken of the next two can be interpreted as a tongue other than Hebrew, by which the Gentiles were able to hear the gospel preached, was known language like Greek, they set a speaking in Hebrew, the spoken in Greek. They do that that's under tongues. That's one way of understanding. Another one is that you know I don't speak Russian. I speak a little Spanish don't speak Russian but part of the ventilator speaking Russian. That's another version of tongues. Another one is a tongues of angels that there even a little tomatoes for 20 is one says that if some way of communicating that Witzel tundra was a language that's known not just a bunch of syllables thrown out with the Bible does teach and in Romans eight talk about groanings too deep for words.

This is the movement of the Holy Spirit that's acceptable or groaning became an verbalize the struggle were going through something with tongues each time in Scripture, at least to somebody is understandable and was not improper tongue. Okay thank you very much and by my one quick one, before I got on it okay if I smoke cigars and for that I think Miley yes and no.

Depending on what it does to you and and the binding of it.

We have freedom to relax and to me the freedom to drink the first miracle that Jesus made but I did was make changing water into real alcohol will line the next and John to and problems at 23. Six. I think it is been about a couple coveted if strong drink of the man whose distress or impaired was perishing in wind of what is in distress.

Proverbs 21 seven. I can but was accorded so that's it we can do that if it's a form of relaxation and nothing more. Okay you don't cigarette you inhale in your lungs and that's that's harming my that's different smoke cigar. You don't okay okay thank you very much sir okay. Alright, alright, let's get on that we have time living room is done here, Nathan, California.

You know what they writes on collect 15 seconds. I want to talk about. Like I I want my voice is not found you call back tomorrow. Alright you got it wrong you got it. Also cover Jeff tomorrow and find a form that is great

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