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July 16, 2020 2:00 pm

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July 16, 2020 2:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt answered an email, in which the objection that God is just as deceptive -2 Thessalonians 2-11- as Allah in Islam making someone look like Jesus who was crucified.--2- How is -nation- defined in Matthew 24-14---3- What is Juneteenth---4- Matt discusses the beliefs listed on the BLM website and the connection to Romans 1.--5- Matt comments on the law in California outlawing singing in churches.--6- A caller complimented Matt's articles on logic as it relates to witnessing to unbelievers.--7- Is the moral argument for God's existence useful-relevant- --8- If you repent of an evil life on your deathbed, how is that just- Aren't you just getting away with wrongdoing---9- How should we keep the Sabbath today- Why don't we keep the Saturday sabbath as Israel did- Is there a correct number of services to attend---10- Are the 7th Day Adventists right about the Sabbath day being changed by the Catholic church from Saturday to Sunday---11- Does Galatians 4-14 support the SDA idea of Jesus being Michael-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Connect with Skip Heitzig
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A previously recorded mats like show why is the founder and president found online. You have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why harm online schools about their window. We also have just let you guys know Carmen WishList which is right and somebody.

As well, and we just have some things are there to help the ministry to help us out if you're interested course, we always do need your prayers prayers. We really can't go.

We can have God's blessing we want is God's blessing effort through here. What we do for him what we do is answer questions and try and point people to Jesus Christ. That's the effort that's the idea of the gospel must be doing look to have any callers at an email and then someone asked a question get to that question. Why is that coming over here like the that's interesting okay later and so well, there is a question in in this long, there's a problem answer 14137 it says so that a law Wheatley implied it was a lot who made someone look like Jesus and therefore Allah was directly involved in deceiving people look like Jesus was then crucified but it would really not. Jesus was crucified with someone was made to look like Jesus and he was crucified. So the you and also serve 354 and it says there that's in the Koran through 354. It says that God is the greatest of deceivers translated in English because for obvious reasons. They change several people speak Arabic, you so for Christians on the truth. So the question then becomes, this is for kit okay for kit out there listening practice. Later on, the question becomes, what about God sending deluding influence on people so they can believe it's false is that a second Thessalonians 211 for this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false now the Muslims will raise the issue or wait a minute. If you complain about the God of Islam doing this wider does your guy get a pass for the same thing. First of all, it's not doing the same thing in the Quran.

What happens is a lot is the one, according to what Muslims have said and what the Spirit has said that is the commentaries that they have said that it was directly a law who is the one who made 157. That's right, it's a reform of 57. It was so read it to you over this success, they said that they said in both we killed Jesus Christ the son of Mary, the apostle of Allah. But they killed him not know crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them and those who differ therein are full of doubts and with no certain knowledge but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not married to Karana District sounds me like a guy trying to sound spiritual, the book of Mormon is the same thing.

It's a solid estimate from the stump spiritual this and have that ring of of the spirit of God and the truth of God. But nevertheless, so of Exodus 157 or four 157 alright so then what about the second Thessalonians 211 because is not with the same thing is happening.

No, it's not God said deluding influence so that they would believe it is false. The context here is so you guys know the man of lawlessness. The antichrist is arriving.

There's apostasy going on. People are lawless. They're all kind of problems going on there as it says in verse nine. It is one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan with all power and signs and false wonders, with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth swiftly saved. For this reason God will send upon them the influence of that they will believe what is lot of what his life is so literally what it is saying an activity of error and in the Greek the and there's something that God is doing where they are allowed to be deceived and different commentators have different theories about it with one of the common ones is that he's going to allow deceptive forces to go and and move may also be that he actually set an influence on somehow someway. He's actually just that the actively sending an influence which then allows them to become even more deceived than they already are, because they will then believe the lie believe what will believe it is false, and that's what the release of the Greek believe the lie.

Not sure what that lie is that time so in Sarah four, 157. A lot is directly causing the deception by his direct hand in syrup to second test is safe as long as 211.

Excuse me. That's not the case, God is not directly causing them to be deluded but is sending an influence upon them and they are the ones who are being diluted in concert with that influence a coming upon them to God is not forcing them to be deluded is not forcing them to be deceived. He's not performing an action of deception as was the case in syrup four 157 so there is a difference there that helps kit hope that makes sense. Therefore the lines of what you call folks 877-207-2276 was good to Matt from Charlotte, North Carolina met you are on the year.

All my question is in regard Matthew 2414 I'm driving right now but I believe it… All the kingdom will be preached about all the world to all the nation at the money and I heard on your familiar with the Joshua project, but it defines the termination. According to I think the Greek word, at no which break down into smaller like people, birds, and according to them I think about 42% of the people. Have yet to hear the gospel, except cry and I'm just wondering what your opinion matter how close we are to billing the bed great commission. Well, it's a 42% away from self-fulfilling you write the word in Greek is is S Noss and we look at what it means. Generally speaking it's a multitude a people, a race, or even belonging in living together slick.

It has a variety of meanings and will often do incident like this is go I have a little something to do with the fast that is to see how many times it occurs in the New Testament in every single instance in every single verse hundred 61 times it occurs for the Gentiles eagerly seek and his name will be they will be. The Gentiles will have hope for nation will rise against nation, so there's it referred to as Gentiles nations scanning through an nations nation Gentiles so stuff like that and 61. That's how it is so transmitted to the English so it has a scope of meeting but nevertheless I got you on my jacket sure what what what it means because if it means every tribe group. What about you, a group of say 300 people in the jungle and Amazon have been reached by anybody that they have to be included in that group. I don't know. I don't know what that scope means of it.

So if we want to technically say that is 42% not yet reached if that's what it means that we got a ways to go. Don't wait before the end will come. But if it means well the hell are they defining the that group of 42% how are they defining the living language groups.

I think that might be another way of looking at language groups is a tough one.

It is is a tough one.

I have a great answer for you, which I did so I've heard like them up after a local church in different you know pastors are teachers that you know that and I got near and you know, obviously, persecution in the world like that but when you put it in a percentage, and I know that you know, not exactly accurate document determining that actual percentage of the bill in the great art under the ground: an RN person.perspective, 42% pretty significant. Like we got a lot of work but do you not absolutely efficiency to start supporting missionaries and and ministries that reach out something that were called to do is Christian because Jesus gave us the great commission and I believe that when God specifically commands us to do something if were specifically doing what he commanded the Duke he's going to open the doors.

That's what he wanted to do his will, and so actually it's pretty simple so you know there's music to be easy. So generally, writers and ordinations in that context to mean is just my opinion Mike Adina's health is the major geographical groups that are defined by basic went language and culture and so like the Amazon it wouldn't fit.

Because if there are still to be tribes there probably are no that are still not reached out and touched, so to speak.

Civilization been contacted yet still they count. I don't think they do.

I think it's just maybe does but thinks I think is a broader groups that I think you think about all remember God bless thanks that held by writers Matthew Charlotte, North Carolina. We have three open lines.

If you want to give me a call 87720782768 Courtney you're on the air.

That is awesome is good guy.

We got but let me know what in the world live. I don't know what that like back in June will do is look it up right now but I did before and the it's Friday, June 19 and the oldest national nationalist limited commemoration of the ending of slavery that states this Juneteenth national have an elitist rendering of ending slavery by the blood of a lot of white people, black lives matter, which is a Marxist group accidentally skip 70 black lives matter.

People every join on the bandwagon when it's it's Marxist and anti-family. People were all going on all their people that they don't really appoint that they don't really know what they're what I believe is that the term called useful idiots and term that is used in spasms. It was thought that attribute to install and but they say what wasn't. It's a term used generically by different people useful idiots is a term used to designate those who do not understand the real issues and can be used by movements, undermine and destroy than they themselves become overly Rebecca right back Matt like why call 77077 charismatic slave right of Québec. Still, there okay so you said you read the black lives matter's website. I just went to the break and there's some stuff people don't know this is what it says what is what we believe we are guided by the fact that all black lives matter. The problem with that regardless of actual or perceived sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression, economic status, ability, disability, religious beliefs or disbelief's immigration status or location among all lives matter okay but the goes on. We are self reflexive and do not work required and and do the work and do the work required to dismantle system gender privilege gnosis gender is him means that a person identifies with the sex was born male to male genitalia feel to female identify that after so they want to dismantle that privilege and uplift black trans folks, especially black trans women who continue to disproportionately be impacted by trans antagonistic violence so leftist we disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family know Western nuclear yeah is based on the Bible.

Mom, dad, children. That's how it is in God's word. So they want to disrupt that week we disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and villages that collectively care for one another, especially our children.

Wait a minute. I don't want anybody else raise my children. I want to teach atheism. I want to teach Islam know Christianity.

I have my right as a parent with only one dismantle that they want to think about this, but this is is a community effort. The village effort of raising children who guides the village.

The political correct agenda and if you stand against the political correct agenda. You're the one who's a problem in your children be taken away from you. This is brainwashing.

This is what is actually foundational for and that collectively care for another, especially our children to the degree that mothers parents and children are comfortable comfortable mutual comfort is not what we should be seeking all the time, to some degree yeah you know so little to be comfortable all the time you need to work together dry cleaning Box and you don't foster a clear affirming network when we gather we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking that he went on to this whole thing of the family.

They want clear affirming stuff to become the norm. There 2 to 4% at the largest amount in that they want to govern the majority of people in the way they have it for them to be to think it's so why not this appropriate yes because it it will not get our naked old for what Mary gave them all over the people.


And when people don't know you're talking about us is this processing to become as Romans 122 professing to be wise, they became fools in exchange the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of profitable man and birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures, therefore, is there sin and therefore God gave them over to the in the lusts of their hearts to impurity so that your bodies would be dishonored among them $0.25 for this is the reason for the exchange the truth of God for a lie. This with BLM is doing a lot of groups are doing exchange the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the creator who blessed is blessed forever.

A mentor different ways to worship the creature we can worship the creature without bowing down and praying to it, but you can elevate creature above this truth of God and his revelation as a form of idolatry and bowing down and worshiping.

So, humanistic ideology, particularly in the idea of sexual reorientation and reconditioning. It is a humanistic man centered thing that they're doing and they're bowing down to that and they want others to bow down to it that's what happens.

This is likely to get into this thing of don't say husband and wife's a partner.

I don't agree with that because that what they want me to do is participate in the redefinition of terms to participate okay with verse 26 for this reason God gave them over to degrading passions for the women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural and in the same way. Also, the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire for one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in them to put in the persons the due penalty of their error. And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper. This is BLM's statement of their beliefs there given over to God to judgment. You know how a white guy I got that black guys are have black friends, not right now.

I don't care you don't like my kids like black like daughters, like black guys great Mary Black gets to be a Christian.

It does not appear that BLM is by nature racist black lives matter. It should be all lives matter if they really want to be so true all lives matter and focus and lead the way. In fairness, not in a form of verbal segregation to demand power and rights is not how you win friends and influence people.

But there listening to what schism the game over and being filled with unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil, full of envy, order, strife, deceit, Alastair gossip, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful, and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same but also give hearty approval to those who practice them. This is exactly what's going on in our culture with the left in Hollywood and the media. The radical left. The reckless media agenda.

There brainwashing in the schools, the whole bit getting hearty approval to those who practice evil things were these evil things homosexuality had a feeling you neck trauma and see wickedness murder, malice, being haters of God, blaspheming God's name by using it all the time in vain in their arrogance, they deny God.

Their violent there untrustworthy there, unloving in their hypocritical this was happening in our world and I'm standing against it where I can speak the truth will guy like I would let Israel right with Roman why everyone can over the phone.

They are no doubt people.

It's all just individuals, because nations are concepts your collection of individuals verse in Romans 118, the beginning of this for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men suppress the truth in unrighteousness and what is that that judgment the wrath being given over to believe these lies and this is what were saying our people are believing lies all over the place and the reason they're doing this we have factions and violence and hypocrisy and mockery and condemnation of the truth, and warring against the things of godliness. The reason we have this because they lost their way around only that fragment okay right back up his man's leg. Why call 7707 back the show were in the chat room during a break, so it reminded me of something my goodness in California which I call the People's Republic of California.

The government knew; Comrade Newsom they basically Nelson outlawed singing in churches sing because it helps red coated while you don't. This is your totalitarianism is folks anybody notice on this right now. Want to get this definition totalitarianism.

A system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state that totalitarianism.

So what is complete subservience to the state. If you don't wear a mask you'll be fined or jailed. You must stand 6 feet apart.

The government will tell you what to do and will require and it will dictate to you what you can and cannot do.

The Bill of Rights will have to be guided to the constitutional have to be gutted fruitful totalitarianism to come in, but they're doing it nonetheless and are using various means to enforce totalitarian principles upon us. You know this is scary now that the government, the state is telling the churches in California.

The People's Republic of California. Comrade Newsom can sing in church that it's scary and that's right it is scary, restless, restless, okay, you, so let's get to write Michelina Ryan welcome near. I appreciate your inviting me to call anytime. I want to move on your compliment.

I was reading on car about document you called out of logic, grump litter and the marble River and you said that you live logic was indeed a kind of common ground like Bob Bender was no common ground and on. I think that indicate you you put a lot of thought about what when you're working with Greg Bonham about and one of my mentor to complement the use of the brightest common ground and neutral ground almost interchangeably, and I think clearly we know two people coming through anything on neutral ground but we all coming to work on the ground because we all live in a fallen world. That's one of my favorite mom what my best critiques of bond you you kind of bomb like with… Not sure a lot of thought on your part and a lot of the burial compliment for doing will thank you appreciate me explain a little more about what I mean.

They she covered it is neutral, the unbelievers are not neutral about God there is against him or for him and the issue of lodgment. I speak with unbelievers all the time using logic. It is a common way for me to be able to reach them and then when they use logic that I show that they're not neutral about with their beliefs about it is, so I break with him and that a little bit but I think that Bonsall would've modified a little bit and said yeah that that's in that sense correct because as you I think you rightly said he's equating neutral is him which he spoke much about to the idea of common ground which I'm differentiating the more you use those terms that are times when I think that was a big part of what you value. We can talk about nobody across but obviously well in a fallen world without the common ground.

Yeah, and again I thought I would go to the nuance position, but I thought like a great deal of thought on your part.

Thanks. Appreciate also that if I may gladly talk about all absolute wondering if you ever thought of the debate between William Ln., Craig and Dom Shelley Kagan about whether or not God is necessary for moral and I use your phrase. I really enjoy getting plaintiff's clock and I live think that that kind of put the debate. Mama really different. Send me different bases.

If you could: if you could send me the URL to that to you to look on your drizzled on it just yet. If you could just email if you would just email me the URL to inflict. Check it out okay okay thank you later, Reiko Dr., Pennsylvania, was good to Ben from Georgia been welcoming on the year, a mapping family on welcome when government wanted to have you believe that the moral argument for the that God actually demonstrate the end of God is ethically depending I want to say yes to master you an atheist, but a chance yet. I am okay and so I do believe that moral argumentation has a lot of power to demonstrate the necessity of God's existence. Okay, okay I said you believe in morals. I I would defend your dispensing while absolutely I don't defend small absolute strategist of moral objective.

Okay only ask questions here maybe for me to discuss. Four. Would you agree that if you would agree that state was either true or false, is called the law of excluded middle and classical logic so you don't get to either act or not. Yes, a statement is true or it's not true I'm talking to you. True okay I'm eating a steak one talking to you natural okay so so if I were to give you a statement, could you tell me the statement is true or false reletting statement is this is always wrong for anyone. This means if universal always for anyone, it's always also morally wrong. Always morally wrong for anyone to torture babies a death merely for your personal pleasure. Would you say it's true or is not the case. It is true for everyone else. Always wrong for everyone to do that because my thinking. I can think of the situation where that wouldn't be wrong in a different person now is not about individuals is always wrong to everyone like the night that I disagree.

Okay so then you will be arguing that there are instances when it's the morally right thing to do to torture bated death merely for your personal pleasure, not from my moral object will you said that the statement is false with me to some moral absolute you're saying is actually not true tomorrow. State what you're saying is not actually true. Which also means it is actually true that you can then defend the position to the contrary, you can then come up with an instance where it is morally right to do that to babies merely for the personal pleasure you see I I can defend a position where my moral objective that would always be wrong.

Okay then I believe my left… Then you from your moral objective Savior. Something is always wrong but you can't have that from your moral perspective. As an atheist because you don't have any means to justify why it's always wrong for everyone on the way I would justify would be the common agreement alive a month I buy that doll value human life that tend to go away if it did tend to this mean they do and so therefore I statement is self-defeating. So you know you saved by what they would agree to this argument in the popular it's a logical fallacy, we are saying as well. The majority believe it. So that's why it's good. Let's not have a valid now that this actually I wouldn't break that.

That way I would debate the fact that human value human life were able to have it by the minute we agree on certain moral objective. But the thing is talk about time of the state. No I don't. He said was false so is false. You have to provide an instance with his okay and is morally the right thing to do for everyone to talk. I think at the defendant for everyone, but that's Allstate and I'm not defending always wrong for anyone. Everyone is always room for everyone to do this and it is a know this is as his words, it's the contrary to that which means there is a nest necessary situation.

If you have been necessary where it's always right for everyone to do that. Could you disagree with the statement is very glad you like us to say the state was very, very difficult for an atheist to get out of extremely difficult because you can't your stock is the weakness of atheism as a moral thing so I can say to you, you need to turn around a single match. How do you justify this always wrong.

I can do this a good thing because God who is the ubiquitous, omnipresent, eternal being who reflects the his own character to us in a moral sense and stated that this this is why trunk because he's a standard righteousness in this white apply to everybody I can answer the question. You can. Here's another one that's problematic for atheist worldview… Say you silica reasonable guy you'd like to say that some of the debris coming official to go quickly turned that we have a an atheist world and in our world today.

We have a lot of people who do bad things and get away with it. Never get punished any dining there get punished right in the Christian worldview. People get punished. On the day of judgment, and they this will be, they don't break think about this which worldview is better than the one where people get what they deserve to get away with get away with it right back after these messages manfully.

Why call 77077. Here's Matt's leg back to the show been to question their question on review it for in my worldview.

People will always face justice one way or another wanted to be with people in Christ he pays for that evil and so were saved from that in your worldview. People there with me will all the time.

That's it. Which worldview is better while moving forward. The conversation had an answer will click the say that Christianity, if you repent now if you live a life of evil are you know do wrong thing about people standard you get your deathbed in your hand that not also an escape punishment at the deathbed thought. I think it does with light. Well, Jesus is the one who pays for that sin and that he is the one who is offended because when you break the law you breaking the law of the state. In this case, in an Christianity break the law of God and the one who is offended is the one who forgives and pass the sentence. The sentence was passed upon himself in Jesus Christ. So justice is met in Christianity, the law is not ignored like the punishment of the law still occurs, it is transferred to Christ who is the offended one. So if you offend me, I gotta forgive you my my wife and so he's one event is consistent but in atheism getting people to live with the father find out they will never have to be held, Fort and law unrighteousness are not satisfied, it is very interesting because each of our point of view. The other is getting away with what we we have the issue of the law being satisfied.

You don't so that you know and I can expect that however from it. If in fact God doesn't think that infecting them about that and I don't want to commit okay and I guess you just need to show yourself in the foot if God does not let us which is only with but if you did.

You didn't just that you disable both get away with something is wrong and I'm in the Midwest that atheist position are getting. When something is wrong so absolutely, and I think that it absolutely end up great right, I might add that I did went on sorry I get back the original reason why called and extracted. You said that the moral argument demonstrate that that's idiotic that the God is not a duration of the only you can only justify universals transcendental and moral absolutes by presupposing the Christian triune God only waited to justify this cold ground.

You cannot justify universal morals and read what I did with you initially was to show you. There are moral absolutes, you agree that were without knowing it, because if you say I'm not real and I didn't you did because of the statement is either true or false to making a statement of of universal moral truth is either universally true, morally or cynically not true, morally based upon morals so you're actually conceding to a universal moral absolute is so from your perspective, how you have that from an atheistic perspective that a universal mind can justify itself, but rather me on your cell. Another moving on.

Click on call back again tomorrow and we can talk about why materialistic atheism is self refuting can be true. Okay, talk you later Roy was then he's a nice atheist amazing atheist or obstreperous twits. But God he's nice guy to talk to. Let's get to Alvin for Michigan going to Alvin walking on the 00 well, I thought that nearly as I can when he got a question about that. They have a think about your program from an audio thing to talk about the Sabbath is not repeated in the news about is not commanded to be kept in the New Testament not commanded to be okay. The house that we keep the thing about today you have to do they have a bump on down to rise a strain on our center send out so are you Seventh-day Adventist person.

What, no, no, I can reform okay. The reason we don't keep the Saturday Sabbath is because the Sabbath in the 10 Commandments. All of the 10 Commandments are reiterated in the New Testament as being true and valid except for the Sabbath, but that's not exactly true because it is true in the sense that Jesus says he is our rest at 11 2728 2810 2223.

He is the one who is our rest. He's our Sabbath so we have our rest in Christ and because he is our Sabbath.

We don't have to keep the law of the Sabbath to God resident, not because he was tired, but because it was a demonstration of the rest to come. The rest that we would have and the necessity keep in the law.

We don't have to keep it because Jesus kept the law perfectly. First Peter 222. And because we were in him.

Romans 518 first contents 1522 and Romans 66 Roman 68 that when he died, we died with them and therefore we died to the law. Romans seven for talks about that.

So, he will guide is free from the law, so we don't have the Sabbath keep have to keep any of the law were free from, but because were regenerate. We don't want to lie or steal or do those things and we want to honor God every day, not just on the Sabbath day plus G was more of a good thing going with her on the fabric they are unfunded to go latter part of the only want one third of the really learn that it hear the word of God go quite unfamiliar out the vendor is nonbiblical, my first pastorate assistant pastor I worked to churches serve the church should say where they had to services when the morning when the evening on Sunday and they also had a midweek study had three times and and that's fine. It's a lot of reform traditions have that day of's of Sunday to be a day of real learning where you prepare yourself but a lot of churches don't do that too is no requirement either way.

Okay, right are okay got Mexico will okay all right that's good to Tony from New York to what is going long time. 20 when he got what they meant. Thanks for your ministry and to think thanks for all your work well thank you a lot question is regard Devon Devon of the claimant meet the at the objection that the that that we change that Babbitt, although the Roman Catholic Church Babbitt Saturday Sunday are without versus two minutes on so if there thank you. The Roman Catholic Church didn't change anything. The early church started worshiping on Sunday right away now says Romans 14 5261 in regards one day with another another regards, every day alike.

Let each man be fully convinced in his own mind.

He who observes a day observed for the Lord, and you eased us with the Lord of the Sabbath. The court of the Senate investigation will to be on a Saturday and the observed the Lord for that observed the date for the Lord that are doing.

Paul says one man.

Regards, one they love another, another regards, every day alike.

Let each man be fully convinced in his own mind. He observes the day observed for the Lord. So what you saying is we don't have to worship on Saturday or Sunday. Other the estate have a real problem with this set of scriptures because they will aid you all kinda gymnastics it out from underneath it and not go to other verses about this in cluster 216 or 17, but on the first day the week and next 24 seven when we were gathered together to break bread, Paul began talking to them, intending to depart the next day any prolonged his message until mid night. The gathering on the first day of the week and first 1516, 122 concerning the collection for the saints as I directed the churches of Galatia. So do you. Also on the first day of every week let each of you put aside and save as he may prosper that no collections may make my come in and Revelation wonders at 1011 the Lord's day the Lord's day is Sunday.

That's a day he rose from the dead is what's called the Lord's day I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day. I heard behind me a cut in a cloud of voice like the sound of trumpets and write in the book, WC, etc. so we see the change occurred, then, and so it was discussed when the STA say this, they just… Home okay right this second one is on deletion 414 the name of Jesus is not Michael the Archangel, they are in great error and that but says and that which was a trial to my bodily condition you did not despise or load but you received me as an angel of God as he describes himself and say here's a problem. The STA will admit that the logical problem with this quickly controls at a time, they will admit that Jesus is both divine and human solidity to say is that the angel part became human but that's that's possible. It's impossible because if an angel is to become human, then the angel nature has to cease to exist. Jesus is not angel and human and divine, he's human and divine, that means the angelic part in their view, would have of cease existing, but if it ceases to exist or no continuity in personhood. So if either chair and I build you and I build it exactly it was certain specification that we take the chair would break it up and threw it into a fire.

It's no longer that chair take more would we build the exact same chair is exactly the same in every way. Is it the same chair is the first one.

No, it's a replication of the first one the content continuity. The first stopped, so this is a cold continuity problem so they don't realize that they don't think these things through very deeply that the angel can't stop being an angel and then become an angel again, this is what they're saying they have a continuity. It is logically possible so they couldn't think their way out of a wet paper bag on this okay so the STA just don't have it together. They don't have all or logical pause in the litter box to me just say okay think that is their book you recommend on in the Bible going to have to go to Carmen read the articles up on that okay. I arrive at a God bless. All right now we are about out of time Patrick wanted to talk on BLM you been waiting a half-hour and Jerry Rick Collier from Texas apologetics question: you guys go back tomorrow because were out of time question out the music going. So folks, I apologize for that. This is how it is with the Shelby the Lord bless you and Mike is grateful back on your tomorrow. I ask that you pray for this country. This country needs a lot of help is given up on God, and now we see the fruit bowl that is left in the vacuum. There is no God. Lord bless you by his grace that

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