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July 16, 2020 10:35 am

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July 16, 2020 10:35 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What does it mean to take the Lord's supper unworthily- And what does it mean that those who have done so have -fallen asleep----2- Which is more authoritative the LXX or the Masoretic text---3- Are there currently Nephilim---4- What is antinomianism---5- How do you deal with the Catholic use of Matthew 16-18-19---6- Can you explain Ezekiel 37-15- Does it have to do with the book of Mormon---7- Since Mary was a sinner, how was Jesus born without sin---8- How can Solomon, who had 300 wives, write in Proverbs about fidelity to one wife---9- How do you deal with the Muslim objection to Acts 22-3-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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A previously recorded Nats like show wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a matter why back to a Bible study group showed up to question the group on the Saturday, July 4 I enjoyed that you will enjoy every question shouldn't teaching about the word of God like that and if you want to give me call you to do a leak. 772072276 last four digits spell CRM and that is so CRM.this like feverishly the new site and it's so much work in the conversion from the old old to the new 6000 articles about Luke Wayne. He works with land he's out there Salt Lake City great guy he really is and he's helping out work so between us we hope to get out in 3 to 4 months and was if we have some volunteers help helping a baby sooner, but once we get this new site relief to be really nice. You look at and let's see let's see so well this if your newbie is a Christian apologetic show apologetics of the branch of Christian theology dealing with the defense and establishment of the Christian faith is what I do for 40 years. Radio for 15 website for 25 so there you go and what you give a call for open line 772072276 let's go to Renée from Asheboro, North Carolina relay welcome your on board are not worthily how many anti-are angry only me that you die quietly on either it means that you are our God because that overeating are overindulgent and I know and worthily can mean I can imagine anybody being worthy to take it other than cutting the blood of Christ, would you give me your opinion on that plane sure they fall asleep. What that means is euphemistic once, for they died. And that's what that means search so they have many have fallen asleep.

Many have died already, because they are eating them in on what the list look at the cultural context.

Women took need. So what would happen as they would have a big meal know we have communion we have a little way for a little cup we pass Iraq is not a the picture the table which is about 6 inches to foot off the ground, pillows on the ground and you put your left elbow on the pillow with your feet away from the table as if it were dirty and you would do that we or you would set up sometimes or lien. Take a piece of bread you'd rip it from the big lump of bread and you put it into a soft into cup or big a bowl of food and then it would pass wine around because wine was very diluted but it was one of the ways of preserving a liquid because alcohol in the state of fresh solicitor context when community suffers when you see that the Lord will be the subject of art by da Vinci girl sitting at a table it's at anachronistic things, but nevertheless, so one of the theories is in this cultural context is that what they were doing is coming in for the FISA just being gluttonous, and they would because the fellowship that would have was one of food as well as communication and and stuff are more intimate, so when we go to someone's house for dinner. Oh, you will shake someone's hands or for friends. Go check out today are you doing you're still ugly can only walk in you have a good time and will sit around the table and we just eat is a different kind of style in that place to have a meal together was a cultural thing and to each of the same bread in the same food into the same body was a means of saying I'm in agreement with you, which is why says in second John talks about the let them come and feed them the false Christ because it's a type of support and approval of who they are and what they do.

We go to Luke seven and the woman who is Simon Jimmy who asked Jesus to fellowship in corporate eat is that right there is controversial because he's like saying I'm against what you say, Jesus, Jesus, your guess what I'm saying Lisko fellowship together. Take bread and so this kind of thing was really kind of a an intimate thing and it was problematic.

So okay that kind of a setting put that in the context. Many come in and they do start eating and they eat and unworthy manner with generally what we understand to be is the understanding that is not just a meal but as a representative representation of the body and blood of Christ, the crucifixion and people coming in and this feast was forcibly done for the purpose having whatever they wanted and it's costing them and so people were dying. Some Christians are generally would die would appear or some who claim to be Christian because they would come in an even unworthy manner, in the sense that it appears to be that they were not being respectful of reference about the commune suffered. If you are having and working to flippant in their attitude and participation of eating too much because they were not saying the bread and the wine were necessarily the body.

Blood even though they understood it was told that they would just lock so it is a set of judgment for this is a big slaver sent me the general case. Okay Angel else not thought about entire congregation will depend that's a good question on the congregation, the federal headship. But if the pastor is leading the entire confirmation straight. Happens all lock, particularly the Word of Faith movement similar areas, there be judgment upon the Roman Catholics what they do is they say to eat unworthy manner is to not acknowledge that it is literally the body and literally the blood of Christ of you for taking the they will use that way that violates Scripture and goodness another time. So I would say that they're the ones were eating in an unworthy manner and the judgment upon them is a lot of them to Heidi for various thicknesses.

Butler judgment is they believe the lie and so they are judged that way. So that helps not. I parked her out for communion with 20 or start your heart and he explained that Aladdin is not about body language. There you know I'm not a parent on a lather young children who are young, a when explained thoroughly. It would be it would be on the individual that at that basically they do it right as hang so when I give communion which it is very often when a pastor anymore but I will guard the table I will save it to communion.

This is not for unbelievers. It is only for those who trust in Christ, if you eat it and you just want to take it you've not trusted in Christ. Your eating and drinking judgment to yourself. Don't do it all. It's only for those whom I trusted in Christ and believe in what he did that sacrifice and so that's called guarding the table and then we go on from there different levels of guarding the table.

I went to a Lutheran college and they wouldn't let non-Lutherans to communion.

Some had a little discussion with niceties and other Christian and the changing that is for Christian dry so you try different churches I have followed it on that. If you're not in our denomination. You can't take it a common grant in the common line on no meaning way back with Natalie. Well, the way you like. I didn't know I do with controversy until I started there is controversy.yeah that's true in rigid controversies because people are involved and in my opinion it is pretty simple yes read and you understand is not literally the body and blood violates Old Testament Scriptures Jesus would have told the disciples a drink blood would accept 11 says not to have some tooth for tooth is not to do that you talk about spiritual at the correct word is that they have and so the highway for when they lifted up in the air. The priest with his authority does this and says what he says it's it's automatically changed into the literal body and blood of Christ will then you can worship it because this little body, blood Christ, and they have looked Lisko the monstrance they take away for to put it into a case and it's got all those cold ornamentation around it. They lifted up and they follow what they just taken it.

The Heart is full of paganism in so many ways. Brian might help. I really think that you sharing your up on it and I'm sure I appreciated that.

That is what what I had come to affect everything that the onboarding because the technically manner the worry more than he could do anything right.

Without glad exactly correct exactly okay thank you from. I can and thank you for your program and got blank as you think you let was renamed for Metro North Carolina folks. We have four lines if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 may become other chemical 877-207-2276 Jared from North Carolina. Welcome here and have it going. Don't enter you here about the authority of the Puritan versus Masoretic that bit out of my offer taxes have not studied the issue with one of things I want to do is to go through and do a study of all of the Septuagint versus Masoretic quotes, variations, reliabilities and stuff through that and I just don't know know if Luke Wayne is listening if he knows about the call and get you on you can talk about that.

He did some research on King James only different different text that is not censured in that area very much but you talk with historical alignment and talk a little bit because people don't know the Septuagint is it so the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament done around 222 BC by about 70 men and Celeste would call the Septuagint except for 770 so I Jesus quoted its final that Paul quoted a lot of people referenced and yet there are variations with Masoretic text and so which is more authoritative and widely quoted it very good question. Why would they quote the measure of in the Septuagint have the Masoretic that I do know that some areas are slightly different things already welcome folks. We have five open one call 700776 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave back. Show everyone.

We have three open lines call 720722762 Crystal from Utah Crystal you are on here I'm calling well good I'm glad you got a lot wanting to call that I had something that my cousin call man I'm curious how it would affect our in our time that were in now on and wanted to add that I think I can write one Scripture about meeting Jennifer but I don't know outfit that but no long story short is are there actual like fallen angels who are part eminent part fallen angel running around was a very good question question so using series was going on. So your fallen angels.

We know that for fact and one of the series with the filling of Genesis 6 is that the fallen angels. Some of them had relations with women and produce offspring: naphthalene. This is the position of the Christian church held and it is with the Jews help you still hold where Sam is really the Bible and the Christian church, varied from it. In the 1500s, introduced the Seth theory that Seth talk about. I don't buy the reason I don't buy it is because in Genesis 69 it says no one was perfect. All his generations talk.

Most ancestry seem to be the case of the reading program going on whether you want to wipe out the messianic line and ugly go-ahead to Daniel 243, when it talks about the statute. The measure' feet of clay which is posting the last days kind of thing. It says they will combine with one another in the seed of men. And so they don't know we don't want that means but it they can't be people so Jesus is as was the days of Noah social be that they succumb this man.

So if what were understandable and the flame was then that it would be today to okay so I do my wondering how that would affect her. Well, now that makes this a mini mini which theoretically so I do know that we careful horse say this stuff because there are often children in cars listening… Say no. There is no but if you let it list which that there are groups were devoted to worshiping and serving the enemy of the gospel gradual realm and in so doing, there are the feminine gender people who are reserved for certain acts and things and for the purpose of altering and thissounds wack but it is it is and have been involved with some stuff over the years and we know about things like very generic for obvious reasons and is still going on today will is Jesus is with the days of Noah social be the days of commencing. So, if what it was was happening was in the flame or have offspring will then have to carry over to the present time if that's what Jesus because Jesus it will be there so you got it make sense. It's a tough one to answer. Okay I want to live anywhere else in the Bible. Besides, my nightstand, so that was yeah medically 437 through 41 talks about the days of no sleep you the man accept… Luke 1723 in verse 26 I believe it is to talk about doubts about that incident in Daniel 243 they will combine with each other in the seas of men that seems to be a hint towards that does seem to be some support of and that's how it thinks is the case, I don't know of an office.

The case, but biblically we could make the case was really can happen. We don't know for sure. So we do know that is of an angelic realm and I Ephesians 6 talks about this so we need to be aware that her demonic forces officer absolutely are there alive and speak well I write my crap a lot and wondering about my countrymen Mike and so it's is the touchy subject and are you okay yeah she said something about my did something to make you a burden. I would like my right and mention that I did not.

I looked at were correlating okay that's your call.

Yeah you rejects but the people can inadvertently send careful horses to the children when you're listening. There are these influences out there, and as long as we have Jesus will be okay. We need to be careful, careful because doors can be okay and others can lovingly pray for you the same morning, for example, is praying for you. He's a good person. She's a good person is kind and gentle and are praying to the God of Mormonism's is not the God of the Bible will find it dresser communicating with demonic spirits.

Ultimately, Ansell inadvertently taken activate things okay now okay thank you and I have other colors.

I appreciate it. He will call back anytime. Thanks for listening.

Appreciate it. I don't hundreds welcome all right okay let's Crystal from Utah and that you want to call three open lines 877-207-2276 to get to Cindy from Ohio.

Cindy, you are on the hello Matt I have a question I'm trying to recall Herman have to feel that the idea with a lot of modern surgical that it's okay to and because Jesus had paid first, then and there. There's a term for it and I can't can't recall it scummy heresy and loose line is you think you might be antinomianism might be unsettled. That's what I'm trying to think that the and so they need to be gently and firmly some of the behind the Monahans and DC push them over the back of the person throwing water balloons at him and say stop stop so well and there Scripture about that something really recent Scripture that if you Monica Jara: no.

Okay mommy solicitous is Romans 520 in them to go through chapter 6, verse two, the law came in so that the transgression would increase, but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more so that, as sin reigned in death, even so grace would ring through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. What shall we say then are we to continue in sin so that grace may increase may it never be. How shall we who have died to sin still live in. So go on, but the idea called antinomianism. It's okay to send you going to keep the laws rebutted this kind of stuff is blaming my love your five open lines when you call very 7776 Matt Flynn why call 770727 Charismatic Way back to the Joe three open lines 877207227, 600 from Ohio.

Andrew welcome on their yeah I want to talk about Matthew chapter in versus breaking through 19 and about one to talk to Catholic about that about Peter being the first open the rock church talk about is what he says is a city that your Peter and the Greek word there is Petross and I can do the Greek omicron signaled on the student English OS and the same thing and that's a masculine singular, and upon this rock is Petross that's feminine singular. So it's saying are you also said to you that you are Peter this and incidentally the Petross is another is a name but is also means a small mascot was a small rock masculine gender, masculine gender okay with a lot of gender Greek just like saying you are Peter you are the small masculine gender rock, and upon this feminine huge rock will build my church because the word Petra means a large mass of rock.

So the analogy I use is Lexington acting company in the theater I say to you that you are the actor, but upon the actress will build my church was like that in the Greek you are Peter masculine, but upon this rock feminine will build my church and so the Catholics what they do to get out of this is the they go to the Aramaic civil Jesus spoke Aramaic not Greek here so it careful if a lot names are just like had I think it is use the Aramaic formulas had a rock forgot which angle say it's neutering the in Aramaic so therefore there you go with her doing is her admitting that the Greek doesn't support what they want, so they go to what we don't have the say this is what the answer would be.

It's ridiculous her admitting it now want to show you something here.

In the meantime now want to do is is read at a first contents 10 and the word rock when it comes up is the same word for rock, and upon this rock I will build my church, which is Petross, which is feminine.

All right, so I say rock that is happening at the same word. This is for convinced 10 charting verse one for I do not want you to be unaware, brother, and that our fathers were all under the cloud, and all passed through the sea, and all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea, and all ate the same spiritual food and all drink the same spiritual drink, for they were drinking from a spiritual rock which followed them in the rock was Christ. That's with sign and it is a singular feminine.

That's what's going on in the Greek there and so we see here that the feminine form of that rock is in reference to Christ, so it doesn't mean a crisis feminine. It has to do with the truth in the. The whole issue of the mass of this of this. This fact of who Christ is his massive truth in English we don't have feminine and masculine and neuter very often have boy boys we have girl girls actor or actress, actors, actresses, and Spanish. For example, you know, La Mesa. The table law is a feminine definite article Mesa is there and so you know, like Tortuga, the turtle, and we have masculine words as well, and model knows his brother L models we have. They have words that have gender in them automatically. You don't have that in English. Is this what confusion is there in the Greek it is quite clear that help log I make it I want I want to like more like when you go to first Corinthians 3 verse 11 for no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

You yeah are you a photo collage just about what to say so yeah but the foundation of Jesus and he will to church on on Peter. He's the head telling us.

I get the foundation of Jesus, but but he that he gave the authority to the kingdom and everything to Peter figure. Not to get ready for this. So this issue with Peter Nawrocki go to Carmen take a look at this issue of this verse. See, I have at our so I can go to the Old Testament as well go like a Deuteronomy 32 for the rocket work is perfect for all his later draft they got up and without careful because when you do that kind of thing. You can't just go willy-nilly all over the place and say this rock know.

For example, Isaiah 46 Isaiah 44. Six. I think this would says some 4444 eight yes or is it any of the rock. I don't… Talk about himself, but that's Hebrew and it's not the same as the Greeks you want to stick with the Greek and this is why said look at this Greek and the issue of Christ because I I go straight to the place where it says this rock to rock the truth of who Christ is and we find that the word rock is used of Jesus specifically and so that really supports that.

That's a discussion okay right though about your debunking the pope and all that I would.

I really never heard you. How do you do to go to Matthew 23 nine your father on earth you have one father in heaven. Call no man on earth father and Dennis a sense that they want it: it's blasphemous to the papacy is man-made. It's not biblical. The rear is the preeminence of Peter, the order of the's disciples vary throughout the Gospels are written on this right but their articles on this and if they have the authorities they want to say they think the keys are the kingdom of given fuel well okay will the keys given to the apostles later on to read. I think it's in Matthew 19 forgot where so the. The issue here is if they're going to say that they have the authority in the papacy has the authority of Christ that I want to hold their feet to the fire and go to Matthew 10 because in Matthew also Matthew for the sake of his five verses in my head so much he says is as the father sent me. I send you these John 539 selected around the area, but in Matthew 10 Jesus says this this is what's important, he summoned his 12 disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out to heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness. In verse 1010. Anyway, in verses you hearing over Satan, heal the sick, raise a dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely received, freely give. Do not acquire gold, silver or copper for your money belts. We back your journey, etc. the Catholic Church violates this lately is violated because they don't do things for free. This hospital system is costly and have pendency have true indulgence. Association money is ridiculous and they don't have the authority Christ is the net after healing sick, raising the dead cleansing lepers cussing out demons. These are the things of the apostles were given the authority to do if they have the authority, then why did they not do the same thing of the generally of the bill say is an article on the still say that the throne the country does have the authority but I this article written called us Roman Catholic Church of the authority of Christ and L in their eyesight when they say they do will in Matthew five and Luke five $0.24-$0.25 Mrs. tube was so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins I said you get up, pick up your stretcher and go home with Roman Catholic Church says it's priest has authority to forgive sins but see them demonstrate the same authority because Jesus summoned the 12 and told them to do these things says, heal the sick, raise a dead cleansing lepers Oakmont they are they doing it. Jesus raise a data command.

Peter did so also is also healed on command and Paul healed on command and so if they have the same authority as apostles, why can they do this and I don't generically look at what happens in the quick and the Catholic Church.

Well, even if it does happen in the Catholic Church are still a problem because Matthew seven 2322 and 23 Jesus has something is really important here is he says, many will say to me that they Lord, Lord, do not prophesy in your name that's Catholics and in your name cast out demons as a Catholic severely perform many miracles.

I wouldn't talk about.

Here's the judgment you will save that they did look at what we did and we believe in you and your name we prophesied cast out demons or for miracles of Jesus as of never let you get away from me, you practice lawlessness, so they're doing is Roman Catholic Church appeals to work some stuff like that and what they do as proof of who they are and Jesus condemns them for so there are regular folks wanted a call to open my seven mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's way back to the show to what we have two open lines 877776 skip to Jerry from Arkansas I might not 37 15th. I like your take on that the Mormon church there that have to do with the book of Mormon so you were looking to be setting and set up and take yourself one stick right on it for judo notice for Israel, etc. in the Mormons take that a context of what it is it's it's talking about the nations and say them. The says this, verse 21.

Say to them, thus says the Lord God, behold, I take the sons of Israel from among the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from every side and bring them into their own land and I will make them one day nation in the land on the mount of Israel in one king will be the king of all it's about condition of Judah and Israel being united with the context clearly states going to do is read it for the Mormons at what I thought yeah it's this what it is okay they just newsletter helps with the user just didn't care with a context is they don't care about truth, with all due like like leftists think about truth what they want is just make the words mean what they want to make me so in order to serve a purpose, and this this is a mass option and it happens in politics. It happens in cults and even Protestant churches dots so like on the mayor and claimant black granite wackos like Kenneth Copeland and Benny United stuff like that and not what I thought when I read it here like that. They're talking about putting their tribe of Israel together and then bringing them back into the land. You see, it's not hard to just read the context and will you find out what it really is talking about Rye by yeah wanted to verify my after you got it okay. Thank you, Peter will write a nice, let's get on the phones with Ginny from California J. Welcome.

I reread my question is, Mary was the center College. She is going without this theory is that the sin nature falls through the mail comes in the mail. So Adam and Eve in the garden and they both send and she said first but sin and went to Adam. Romans 512 says so that's the theory is that the male represents the sentence.the female stalking the federal headship.

So, since there was no mail biological involvement. The theory goes that was no headship issue of upset. I fed him out register it does.

I mean, it sounds like you're saying that women don't have. Oh no no no no no no federal headship can explain federal headship is the teaching of the male represents the sentence in the ad all die in Christ all shall be July 1 1515 22, Romans 518 says through one transgression that resulted condemnation to all men, so for one transgression of Adam's sin and Hebrew 77 through 10, said Levi was a distant descendent of Abraham, Levi paid tithes to Melchizedek. While in the loins. The seed of his father Abraham. So when Adam sinned, he said. After Eve sinned. Okay, right to the beginner she sin first, but sin did not enter the world through her but to Adam because he was one of representative authority. Romans 512 sin and of the world through one man from the Scriptures.

What we conclude is that it looks like the sin nature is passed down to the father is representative. So ex-wife doesn't mean I can I say, I quote.

Thank you. Okay but help that out like that.

Okay good will. God bless you write the phones with Catherine from Greensboro, North Carolina Catherine you're on here all I can about, and not eating anything at all in Scripture it's talking about immorality and Solomon is talking about how important it is to let your wife need without having a black thing going on here you hard time wrapping my head around and ash in a long discussion with chemical clad past Sunday God with 300 law is occupying their altered version of the waiting line that take a year to prepare themselves to go into him and he got beyond that you write about. I think you Y being a fountain of blasting for you and fell me wrap my thing around holidays that this guy was chosen from all the people possible to write about this particular subject like this you don't like and do you I like him, I think, but I'd think it thinks you only topic well maybe this is good I can say this tongue-in-cheek may be the reason he said one wife is a right way to go because he had so many in the city could be in speaking that way we can understand something here when listed. Compare David was Solomon when David was asked by God in all got basically Davis. It is one thing I desire from the Lord that may dwell in the house of the Lord forever. When God asked Solomon what you want to even ask for that. Yes, for wisdom, so he was given wisdom but even Solomon sort going into idolatry and some other things. It wasn't intimacy with Christ and God himself. That was the thing was wisdom, and so there were problems there because of it. Jesus even says Matthew 629 and yet I say to you, not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these and so is backhanded comment about Solomon.

So I think part of the reason that God allows this song was indeed wise, and he collected Proverbs you didn't write every one of them.

As in, he offered them and invented them. A lot of them are already known, and he gathered a lot of information to write the stuff down so that he could been about the one wife name is one of the ones that he did could been after remorse, aggressive water. Wife is working right and he wrote that there but it could also be that later on she was getting into things that were really bad could be that he compiled and others compiled that he compiled issue. The Proverbs that were there as well. We can look at this. That way, and understand that God would let him have what he desired was his wisdom but wasn't intimacy with God and yet he fell into these varying forms of false things that these wives undoubtedly lead them into so it's not as real simple easy easy answer. I think a lot of wisdom there. If we look at the whole context in this likely job Jesus in John 649 as he back chemically most successful of swipe it. Solomon but won't doesn't doesn't mean that there's nothing we can have a genetic fallacy is like saying a a drug dealer taught me how to do algebra, so therefore algebra is false. Genetic fallacy is because Solomon was blowing it doesn't mean he doesn't have wisdom in other areas of focus will be true answer is recognizably much okay I hope it helps. Thank you Catherine goblins all right listen phones with Michael from Long Island, New York. Michael welcome your on the air you doing today all right because nice. We so I was pose great objection from a close friend in regards ask 22 three. You listed maybe or five objections to all actually historically silly under Galileo under every good money on that delete Reagan issue.

Galileo, if you want the student demo really would've spoken Hebrew Hebrew is a list of demo students gloat about it doesn't really reflect turmoil talking on if you have any insight okay if Emilio was the teacher of Paul and Paul last the pharisaical organization and went into Christianity you think Emilio's gonna want to claim Paul as a student course wife and out say no is not one of mine.

And so it would mean a record of that make perfect centers and he didn't behave much, Emilio. I'd say exactly correctly did not.

In a lot of ways because he followed the true Jesus, the true meaning of what Christ wanted and who God appointed Gamaliel got it wrong, of course, Paul isn't going to fall effort such as the Muslim. Thank you for bringing it up and supporting Christianity with the question. One thing allegedly Galileo is seen in the Scriptures as it is neutral to the Christian faith where all was that address in your address that particular feeling well to be. That is because it we don't know the complete situation in how things written down and who had the authority to do things which strive to do things on its undoubtedly could read and write so we could say then that there were people who would strike the information from records because of what Paul had done to be a a real slap in the face against national Israel in the political sense because they were in cahoots with Rome and Paul's now speaking against not only Israel but a lot of what was going on in Rome and in a roundabout way so I can see why they would just wipe it, others would say no. We want to send their the records. I am sure Gamaliel did have all authority in all the pharisaical standings and the Sanhedrin stuff serving them all authority so people can remove stuff that's unchallengeable to the club question was family always neutral toward Christians. And he wouldn't have been seen as a murderer or gatherer Christians brush them and we have all all sin.

The opposite of turmoil that I would say where it said that Gamaliel was neutral. I think because he's quoted in the New Testament is seemingly neutral or well I don't know what it is to see the see the references and ask for 27 word says for truly the city together against your holy servant Jesus would be notable anointed, both Herod and Pontius Pilate and they were not neutral so you know they were Roman leaders love the Gentiles. The peoples of Israel to do whatever your hand in your purpose predestined to occur to Erica. So here's is the secret to talking to Muslims read the contacts and ask them to verify with Eric making an accusation. If you do please show me in Scripture. Okay. Love plus Travis from you is the Holy Spirit question call back tomorrow. What if I vote for Lord bless you and find his tomorrow and Wednesday

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