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July 3, 2020 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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July 3, 2020 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- A caller challenges Matt's opposition to Alcoholics Annonymous.--2- Is Proverb's 30-4 a reference to Jesus- Why do Jews deny that---3- Could you explain John 20-23---4- Does God elect individuals or only nations or groups-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research ministry found online at time.

The more you have questions about Bible doctrine serves a max Y.

A lot of people contact me email me on the road. It was well saying how appreciative we are of the show. I'm grateful for that group of your people Lord is called who are interested in truth. As you know, that's what I speak to the best of my ability. According to the word of God's house and it may not get it all right trying because I will not honor God. But it's always a pleasure to hear from people who who have a like mind and that they want to know the truth is not afraid to speak of the truth and what we need that, particularly in the world today. There's a lot of problems a lot of issues. Truth is something we need to start getting nevertheless if you want some biblical truths, scriptures and discussions to call you five open lines 877-207-2276 looked different nursery and also if you want to watch the show. Not a big deal at this desk and watch on camera, what I look like and see if I fits what you think I should look like. I one person tell me when they met me. He said the now. I did not think you look like you do to be bolded short and the hold it so but again we have open lines 87720722760's we have three online schools. If you want to check amount to the school of apologetics, theology, critical thinking, you go to the website right hand side you'll find a link to it. Check amount is there for your education me just tell you I spent 40 years debating teaching answering questions teaching Bible studies seminary of being a minister preaching teaching in a put a lot of this into the schools lot of it.

So I learned my theology on the streets so to speak, in the what works. I know the basics are so if you're interested, check it out good and the right hand side of the page you see the stuff in the schools.

All right, what we get on the lines with the steam from Utah State. Welcome your on the air by God's grace. Okay you about Alcoholics Anonymous.

What really yeah well I agree with trying to remember that I would now call Pro all 25 and program through the program and really healthy 12 g call a higher power and everything else God loaded word here about a year or so and I started trying to figure out what I start crying. What do you have a question, no, yes, what was what really way by God. It did help God, you need to ask a question, because you can just know you talking about it and start the no help.

Help me to okay because just because AA has helped people doesn't mean it's godly doesn't mean Christians should be involved with. No Christian church should have alcoholic anonymous VPs and stores.

The reason is because the people who founded it, were all cultists and to teach a higher power, which is a false god to God after your imagination could even you know about this. You can even worse, you are not the doorknob, so that has no business inside of the Christian church right and just because you did what figured my whole I'm praying okay but you see you saying you figured it was Christ but what it's teaching is any God that you can imagine some higher power that is idolatrous in its anti-Christian. We can't do that with you know what, if you list me very much, and arrayed it with like I was at your chart okay what if I went to a church know when you had to get up. I said look, as long as you believe in some higher power you're okay but I'm not really I didn't really file.

I would not find okay and I got a lot of what I got you this thing is sometimes God uses sinful things even to bring about redemption, he can certainly do that is not limited by the sins of Alcoholics Anonymous, but you can say people but it's something. The Christian should avoid okay okay I agree with y'all that I would rate you thought right the first thing I did when I started to figure out right right right right but try to figure out. I got right and I became.

I left the church formally by now, as you know how it you know the business false. Is that correct. All I okay I do believe do you believe that God is a Trinity of one God in three distinct simultaneous Perseus motorcycles get okay and and Jesus is God in flesh with two natures, a divine nature and human nature absolutely is not her brother God. Okay and you affirm also that Jesus died across Rosemond that the same body. He died in their and finally do ferment our salvation, our forgiveness of sins is by faith alone in Christ alone, without any works that we do good for you, but praise God gone down. I believe I found the right thing to me like the alcohol on a cattle that got me there can can this mean it's okay I have a good friend Chad print more and he was in AA for many many years and he was an alcoholic but I talked to him now is not an alcoholic.

He says no is not it when he calls it sin. I could have him on the show sometime and he could begin to do a section of the minutes were he talks about it might be having a people, talk about people did. He's done before he knows a lot about it and what he does is uses the Heidelberg catechism Delta get Heidelberg that's right, the Heidelberg catechism to to help people come to faith in the true living Jesus and understand that alcoholism is a sin your people call the disease is not a disease it's a sin and it just needs to be dealt with as a sin and repented of and people struggle and stuff like that but he said he's told me that he could have drinks if you wanted anyways that's not a big bite and he knows he would not a relapse into alcoholism. The reason he does it. I don't know that I okay with the reason he told me he does not is because he wants to be able to say how long he's never touched a drink so they can have somebody talk about with the a people, but I don't go to now I have a very dark project or that I really like and it may not copy all the everything else that I look will tell you what you can go to karma the website and look at the AA section. We have three or four articles not very much needed generates more but he talks about the origins of his family, Bill Wilson, Bob Smith, Ryan Dunn, Bill Wilson explained this and quote the Ouija board became a begin moving in earnest. What followed was the fairly usual experience. It was a strange melange of Aristotle St. Francis diverse Angels with odd names, deceased friend, southern purgatory others nicely, thank you your you were maligning mischievous ones of all descriptions telling vice is quite beyond my ken.

Even as former alcoholics.

Then you and I and that it was he says the losses he imagined himself all kinds of things as he underwrites dictation of a Catholic priest whose name I forgot the 1600. It was in Barcelona, Spain.

So if it's all cultic. The beginning ethical principles woven into it and what the enemy the gospel wants to do is use and that sounds good and that weave truth into it just enough truth that you believe will swell the whole life but Mormonism does only believe in the Bible insofar as is quickly translated. We believe in Jesus arrive in God, but they have really different definitions what those are and is just enough truth, you know, that looks like it they don't know the truth real truth are deceived by outside the lottery. I biked out right now read the Bible like the book of will then call up about that when you talk about things, but alcoholic anonymous is just as dangerous and I'm glad you're saying you got saved, in spite of Alcoholics Anonymous, not because of okay okay what cattle but that Holy Spirit and me with got me looking so I do believe it working right.yet, let's not promote the benefits of a rock that helps this. If you do that. That's how God saved you in spite of Alcoholics Anonymous. All cultic origins and cultic practices and false theology. Okay is okay. Things like that that I wasn't sure okay here it is okay. I appreciate your help.

Thanks, Lana, okay to write. It was Steve from Utah with three open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 is good to Lindsay from California Lindsay welcome around here. What's up on the check. Okay I'm getting married on our check women of our product you hold out.

Sorry okay please hold on to write back his messages really live, give a call 877276 max Y call 77077 charismatic slave right when looking back, the show we have three open lines. If you want to give me a call 87720776 was back online with Lindsay from California so we got nine. Right wing non-English right now I'm not really talking about it.

I like I cannot see that I'm questioning and clicking and making our… Very clear on Christ in the attachment right now will so that's his son's name so it's so it's rectors okay so it's what's his name or son's name… All thing Jewish burial because they have to default deny who Christ is and they do that because a 53 they reinterpret the achievers out of it.

In Zechariah 1210 of the look on me whom they have pierced what they do is they they will only use a very weak variance in the Hebrew as their main text because are very biased against Jesus being the Messiah. So that's why I'm looking at the Hebrew and I'm quite rusty at Hebrew.

You know there's there is then this is the word son and his name right there is Sam there it's it's I look at that in an interlinear says name, reputation, feigned glory. What is his glory and his sons glory, but the word son is right there so it's there right so I would just say they're not being consistent specific very who says I how you do it well well you see I taught all these people is different. Lindsay mod think about you guys recently to call you just catch up hello and thank you. We saw some pictures in the show me some stuff into other subacute good kids into Gmail and he's a great guy, your husband's recall, Jean anybody great guy loves the Lord. I was a churchgoing area allowing arguing our battle that I can because I by not more know it recognize just how it is with the Jews is like that but you know if you want me to get into it with us.

Bible study really miss you ladies up, that's fine. Anytime select look good and then you see your friend to be going well so if you're right you have a thing about you guys, we get a got a call this week and stuff all right till Jim and he's there with you guys okay I tell him I said hi and God bless and guys are great hail to. They are awesome folks there awesome folks love all right if photo for open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 was good to Stephen from Iowa Stephen welcome you on here and that little right by God's grace. What a government wondering if I could get from you on John 20 very 23. I don't I've been thinking like I was waiting nail it down like that question make me it's okay, you can likely the part that no I'm not Catholic, Protestant okay so the capsule uses verse a lot and says what they'll say it says as he forgive the sins of any, their sins are forgiven and that's a problem to say that what it does say is that if you forgive their sins are sins have been forgiven them. It's the perfect tense and I get need to get a little grammar lesson here so that we can make sense.

So, present tense is I eat past tense is I ate perfect tense is I have eaten per pluperfect is I had eaten lose focus on the perfect and the pluperfect both of them are past tenses, but the perfect tense. I have eaten is different than I had eaten. I had eaten is an action that in the past and completed in the past I had eaten I'm not eating right now.

Okay so what occurs in the past, completed in the past the perfect tense is little bit different.

It's in the past continuing in the present. I have eaten.

There's no ending to when it occurs, though from Linda context and find out if something occurs not at whatever but that's the perfect tenses. So what is saying here is that if you forgive them their sins, their sins have been forgiven because it's the perfect passive known give you limited passive and active in middle voice so I hit the ball is active voice on performing the action so the voices active are performing the action. I hit you are you are hit by the ball is passive action you're being hit by it. You receiving the action or fiber to say I am hit by the ball. That's passive action not doing anything about active I'm receiving the action middle voice is I perform the action of myself. I hit myself with the ball performing the action and receiving the action so active voice is I perform the action. Middle voice is I perform and receive the action and passive voices. I'm receiving the action, completely receiving a passive and it so we have here is a perfect passive we have the passive voice receiving the action perfect tense. It's something occurring in the past that's occurring in the present as well. If you forgive that's the present tense Ashley subjunctive Sierra subjunctive and has a due aorist is a kind of past tense past tense. It's been passed and if you forgive if you've done this forgiving their sins have been forgiven them. What were looking at here is there not the ones doing the actual forgiving because God alone. Forgive the sins what's happening here is that if you make a pronouncement that their sins are forgiven of their sins have already been forgiven. That's what is really saying that's what's going on there that make sense you hold on to a vote.

If you want to hold off our 77207276 max Y call 770727 charismatic sling shorter when we have three open lines of what you may call 877-207-2276 call. Let's talk back along with Steve from Iowa right shoulder there.

Alright so I got a little more to say on that but I could add some stuff that answered sufficiently that have little morning out.

I live in the heart all along. Play it again, middle, and if not, I can call back again okay let me see what he saying there was going on is that not that anybody has the authority to forgive sins nothing about authorities talked about their and nor is it in the Catholic sense that the priests have this authority passed on to them. We have to ask the question if they forgive sins is Jesus then obligated to forgive them. That's the question that really will open this text up because it says if you forgive the sins of of any their sins are forgiven.

Notice have been forgiven because that's what the text actually says in the Greek so the people will say that that's like C if you forgive the priests if the priest forgive their sins are forgiven with that is saying then that implication is that if the priest forgives them the Lord Jesus Christ now is obligated to do with the priest proclaims, and that would be heretical so that line of reasoning just cannot work.

What's what's going on here is as they say that sins are forgiven.

That was happening is that they already are. Because all the people are doing is pronouncing the forgiveness so if I were to talk to somebody lead him to the Lord and he received Christ as their Savior to say look, your sins are forgiven on the pronouncing of forgiveness and my authority in saying that now they are because of saying it but in the processing your sins are forgiven that they have been forgiven by Christ of the problem here is, it says if you forgive the sins of any, it can't be that the disciples themselves are doing the forgiving because only God forgives and it cannot alright be that if you forgive me for direction doing the forgiving thing Christ is obligated to forgive Judy a Stick Way, Jewish way of speaking. If you do this the sins have already been forgiven because nothing about this. If you forgive means that you're the one doing the forgiving and why would it say the perfect tense the sins have been forgiven. The reason I say already is because that's what the meaning carries in the perfect tense is been done in the past is continuing in the present will. If you forgive is is that the issue here.

How can that be the case if you're talking about them performing it right there. Plus the aorist text tense in the Greek is past tense. It's kind of a weird tense not to work lives are not sure exactly tense in English and English past tense. If the aorist or if you forgive the sins. If you have done this.

The sins have been forgiven so, but is not house translated into the English by any Bible is really kind of an odd construction so it looks like is going on is Jesus just saying look you make this statement here forgiven the sins of people that you're saying you do this your forgiving, but you're not actually one doing it.

Your pronouncing the forgiveness that's going on because it's already has happened and that's consistent with Colossians 214, which says that Jesus canceled the certificate of death at the cross that they've already been done. There simply pronouncing which already occurred that the sin that's really been taken care of. And this is if you retain the sins of any, their sins have been retained as part of the part of the issue is going on as well have accent yeah I think the nation after the break. With all along with you. Talk little bit more about that can have the very thing without if you retain the sins. So, in the Greek here to retain is actually in the present tense and so it means if you're doing the retaining the sins have been retained and again what we see here is that it's in the perfect passive again so it's interesting how Jesus is working on this rocket talk to a Greek scholar to nuances because I understand the Greek to build and follow their same, but it's saying here.

If you retain this present tense in the first part of the sentence. If you forgive that's the aorist tense, aorist active you doing this past action that their sins the perfect tense have been forgiven if you retain that's present tense the sins of any, they have been retained as perfect tense this is. It's not easy to get through without talking about the tenses in the Greek it is not easy because the Greek is more powerful than the English and it has a variation with an heiress in the present and then the perfect with the perfect incense and sentence be. So we have to say here is basically this Jesus is saying is if you forgiven you retain their already forgiven, already retained. This is already been done because God in his elective work is already paid for the people to take care of his pronouncing was Artie been done.

That's all that's happened that help that it erred when it up.

I learned a lot from here so I like doing it will good and sorry to get complicated sometimes but sometimes necessary. This is a particularly difficult verse for anybody because of the Roman Catholic were to say they're the one through the forgiving and wise and say there already forgiven and is obligate Christ to forgive occurred with the process. So you see there's problems are. This is why have to go to the grave in the sky first okay thank you God bless. Alright we have for open lines and okay for open lines 87720722761 to give McCall I will not be on the air live Friday or Monday. Got a long weekend ahead of me. That's good news break and did a lot of work to do during that price or not. So much so I want to give McCall right now. Okay 877-207-2276 so let's see how this next caller is Doyle North Carolina on the year. Hope you're doing right now I am like a one time would leave me able to touch you only got heaven and no what would what do you smell like why would you. I don't mean you beautiful people smell beautiful okay you have a serious question that. Me, okay, I can answer the answer would be all right. Can you mean about the variance. Me. Looking forward to okay calling able to appreciate that. Yeah, that's the kind question trolls with ask carefree clock just to see how far will let that go. I was ready in the end the producer is ready to pull the plug on that. It often happens like Nothing Else, It's Not a What the Situation Was.

So He Felt He Wanted to McCall We Have Four Open Lines Give McCall 877207227 Sicknesses Jumped Right on and Get on the Air Here with Robin from North Carolina, Robin Which You Question A Lot about This. You Are Your Life with Something While Back Robin Dealing with the Effort and That Me, My Friend and I Been Released from Prison and We Listen to You.

Why Did We and We Had the Radio.

Yet God, and It Will Hold It up in the Air Put Me Here. I Got Have a a Great Follow Me Say Really Fast. Lucy Really Fast That I Can Have a Heart for Prisoners under Been Imprisoned except I Did Nine Years of Prison Ministry in Levels One, Two, Three, Four Levels, and Hate. If You Guys Are Listening. Heart Goes out to You. Keep Listening and Praise God for Say Hi Thank Thank You and You like It That Help a Whole Lot at the Book That That We Have Very Very and Intellectual at but Hard to Fathom for God's Elect. We Got One That Nobody Talked about What Paul Thought about It the Whole, the Whole Gentile.

It Was Preordained. The Holes in Town Are Coming into the Boat, Not yet in the Bid That We Have Great Faith Though. I Know If I Do It That They Got the Drop on the Air Was Cool of You to Break the Hold on the Right That This Message Is Most Pleased to Us like Why Call 770727 Charismatic Slave Show Back on It with Robin from North Carolina. Are You Still There. There Alright so You Want to Know If Individuals Are Elected Orifices by Groups Okay. Both God Chose a Group of People to Do Certain Things You Chose the Nation of Israel to Do Certain Things, Absolutely. He Also Chooses Individuals to Do Certain Things and Brings Them to a Place of Doing What He Wants Now in Greek, There Is Basic Similar Words to Choosing Election and Things like That. So for Example the Word for Elect Is Cough and We Go We Have To Collect Us.

We Have Actually Gay. We Have a Click of My and so the Elect Is the Chosen Ones, so for the Sake of the Elect That He Has Chosen. So It's like for Example Is That of Mark 1320 for the Elect That He's Chosen for the Collect Toss That He Has a Click of My and Has To Do with This Route to EKLES Do with the Issue of Choosing an Electing so Does God Choose Individuals Absolutely Yes He Does Go to Ask the CX. I Believe It's like 915 Right and Note Paul the Apostle Was on His Way to Kill Christians and Got Knocked off His Horse Will Know about That Right and Even Verse It's Right There and in Verse 15, the Lord Said to Him, for He Because the Guy Was Thinking I Want to Truck Paul the Apostle Is Been Called by God by Christ to Be Saved and Go Preach to the Gentiles Go to Ananias and He Says Not Want to Do That. Ananias Is Now Unites a Problem Because This Guys Not to Kill People.

And Then Jesus Says Go for He Is a Chosen Instrument of Mine to Bear My Name Were Chosen Is Is the Word Dealing with Election Elect Been Called Exactly What Is the Case with What Christ Said Here.

So Paul Was an Individual Who Was Chosen. That's What It Is Worth This Is Chosen Is from the Greek Explicate.

So God Chooses This for Salvation. Second Thessalonians 213 and We Go to Ephesians 1 Okay Ephesians 14 It Says There My Computer Is Acting up Lines of All Of A Sudden My Bible Program Is Wigging out on Me and What It Says There Is a Chosen Inexperienced and 15's Chosen Vessel and in Ephesians 15 Us As He Chose Us in Him before the Foundation of the World That Would Be Holy Is Holy and Blameless. He Chose Us in This Really Important Understand He Chose Us in Him, Not Just Take a Sidestep Here in Him Is a Phrase Used of Federal Headship, Federal Headship Is the Teaching That the Male Represents the Descendents Not the Female Adam and Eve Were in the Garden. Adam Sinned Second Eaves and First but Adam Sinned after Her but Sin Entered the World through Adam Romans 512 Tells Us This. So When It Says in Adam. That's a Phrase Designating Federal Headship and You Can Go to Romans Chapter 6 Verses One through Eight and You Can Look at How It Says We Died with Christ, Were Crucified with Christ. If This Is Federal, Headship You Represented Us so When We Look at Ephesians 1/4 As He Chose Us a Click of My Okay and I Get These Words a Click of My Collect Us Click Gay, but the Word for Church Is Actually See We Have the Same Basic Route.

The Chosen Ones, so Ephesians 14 Says, Just As He Chose Us in Him in Him Is a Designation of Federal Headship of Christ. We Were in Christ so If I Do Take You to Romans One Romans Six Go to Verse Six.

Knowing This Our Old Self Was Crucified with Him Will Win with Our Old Self Crucified with Christ. When We Were Baptized. When We Repented We Believed or When Christ Was Crucified. Knowing This, That Her Old Self Was Crucified with Him in Order That Her Body of Sin Might Be Done Away with Verse Eight. For Now, If We Have Died with Christ, We Believe That We Shall Also Live with Him Will How Do We Died with Christ, We Died with Christ When He Died on the Cross Because He Represented Us on the Cross. That's Why Says Ephesians 14 Just As He Chose Us in Him. That Means the Intra-Trinitarian Communion of the Father Son and the Holy Spirit from Eternity past the Father Chose Us for Salvation in Christ There Is No Salvation outside of Jesus Christ. There Can Be No Salvation without the Blood of Christ Being Shed so It Says Is Talk but He Got the Father Chose Us the Elect in Jesus That All Works Together for the Foundation of the World before the Foundation of the World before the Universe Was Created, and Was Called Eternal Covenant Spoken of in Hebrews 1320 Where the Father Elected. The Sun Redeemed and the Holy Spirit Applies Redemptive Work, so He Chose Us in Him. He Chose the People He Elected the People in Jesus. Those in Christ and in Christ Means You Represented Them before the Foundation of the World That We Would Be Holy and Blameless before Him in Love. He Predestined Us to Adoption As Sons through Jesus Christ to the Want to Predestined the Ones Were Chosen to Be Blameless Now Is Teach a Little More. Jesus Says I Know You Major Safety Said I Don't Know You Mean You're Not Safe. So Jesus Only Knows Believers He Only Knows Believers Now Go to Romans Eight 2028 Oakmont Computer Programs We Can Says Vessels of Memory. It Says Those Whom He Foreknew He Also Predestined to Be Conformed to the Image of His Son Seek the Same Language and Those Whom He Predestined That Mary Got It and Those He Predestined He It's Weird Which We Can Turn This Thing off for Those Whom He Foreknew He Also Predestined to Become the It Conformed to the Image of His Son so That He Be the Fourth Firstborn among Many Brethren and Those He Predestined He Also Called and Those Whom He Called He Also Justified and Those Whom He Justified He Also Glorified. Okay Glorification As a Future Thing of the Resurrection of the Body but Is Spoken of in the past Tense. It's Because We According to Ephesians 1, Four and Five Are in Christ and Keep for Our Sin in His Body and the Cross. First Peter 224 and He Canceled the Sin Debt at the Cross. Colossians 214. He Did That for the Ones Given to Him by the Father John 637 through 40. Jesus Is All the Father Gives Me Will Come to Me and When It Comes to Me.

Certainly Will Not Cast out. So Jesus Is Given.

The Group Called the All or the Elect for the Foundation of the World.

The Reason I Brought up the Issue about Knowing God Only Knows Believers He Doesn't Know Unbelievers That He Knows Everything, but When He Says I Know You Maj. Saved 20 Says I Don't Know You Mean You're Not Say It with Me. I Never Knew You. John Matthew 723 so the Word for No Cano W Is Good, No Skill, the Work for Four Know Is Croghan Osco.

Those with Romans 829 Says, for Those Whom He Foreknew He Also Predestined the Four Known Ones Are Also the Predestined Once the Four Known Ones Are Also the Predestined Once They're Not Guided Not Looking to the Future to Forno to See Who Would Pick Him and Then He Predestined Them. That's Favoritism Say That God Would Would Show Favoritism to Someone by Something That They Would Do in the Future and Some Conditioner Good Quality and That's It Announced in James Chapter 2 Verses Two through Four. We Go Back to Ephesians 1 for He Chose Us in Him before the Foundation of the World.

Verse Five He Predestined Us so the Election and Predestination Are's Are Together There and Are Together in Romans 829 and 30 so We Are in Christ, Given by the Father to the Sun for Me. Eternity and Individuals Are the Ones Were Given, Not Groups, but Individuals As Paul the Apostle Was Completely Chosen by God to Be a Vessel for Christ's Work. He Was on His Way to Kill Christians and Then God Had Chosen Him and Saved Turned Them into Something That He Wouldn't Have Been without God's Grace to This Would Election Is and I Get in Romans 992 23 and Romans 992 23 You Got Understand What It Says There Were the Promise at This Time of Come, I Will Come, and Sarah Shall Have a Son. Not Only This, but There Was Rebecca. Also When She Conceived Twins by One Man Her Father, Isaac, for Though the Twins Were Not yet Born and Had Not Done Anything Good or Bad. It Was Not Anything Negative so That God's Purpose According to His Choice. His Choice Act like a Wood Stand, Not Because of Works but Because of Him Who Calls. It Was Said That the Said Her.

The Older Will Serve the Younger. Just As It Is Written, Jacob I Love, but Esau I Hated.

What Shall We Say Then There Is No Injustice with God Is. There May Never Be. Why Would You Rate the Objection in Verse 14 of Romans Nine There Is No Injustice with God Is Because He's Loving One Hitting Another Not Based on Anything That They Did Not Fare Well, If That's What You Say Is Not Fair No Injustice with God You Understand What the Text Is Saying If You Understand the Text Is Saying Then You Gotta Believe It Could Have a Pulse Teaching. That's Why He Says What You Say It's Not Fair.

Then He Goes on for He Says to Moses All Have Mercy on Whom the Individual and the Greek. I Have Mercy All Have Compassion on Whom I Have Compassion. So the Thought Depend upon the Man Who Wills with a Man Who Runs the Pond God Was Mercy. Why Because There Elected for the Foundation of the World.

For the Scripture Says the Federal for This Very Purpose I Raised You up to Demonstrate My Power in You and That My Name Might Be Proclaimed throughout the Whole Earth. We Has Mercy on Whom He Desires and He Hardens Whom He Desires the Home As It Is in the Singular, and the Greek Say to Me Then Why Does He Still Find Fault for Whose Us As Well. You Only Ask That Question of Complaint. If Your Understanding That You Talk about Individuals Is Not Groups of People Than the Individuals Make Free Will Choices and Then It's up to Them. That's Not What the Texas Teaching Goes on. On the Contrary, Who Were You Will Managers Back to God If This Thing Singular Multiple Not Sit at the Mulder Why Did You Make Me like This Will It or Does Not the Potter Have a Right over the Clay to Make for the Same Vessel One Vessel the Same Lump One Vessel for Honorable Use Another for Common Use of What If God, Although Willing to Demonstrate His Wrath and the Maker's Power Noted with Much Patience Vessels of Wrath Appear for Destruction and He Did so to Make Known the Riches of His Glory upon Thistles Vessels of Mercy, Which He Prepared Beforehand for Glory. Let Me Summarize Really Quickly. God Chooses Individuals As Well As Groups of People to Deny That God Chooses Individuals Is to Go against Scripture Chooses People for Salvation, and the Only Reason It Can Be Say This Because God Granted That They Have Faith in Christ. They Granted That They Come to Christ.

John 665 Jesus Said You Cannot Come to Me This Been Granted You from the Father and Clippings 129 Says It Been Granted That You Believe You're Born Again, Not of Your Own Will. John 113 This Is the for the Glory of God. I Hope Every Man Listening in a Prison Right Now Stretching the Radios Open to Hear This. I Hope That Your Blessed by the Message of the Truth of God's Word As a Preacher Prison Which Will Let Them Go Back Again on Tuesday. Okay Robin That's All There, Folks.

God Bless Have a Great Weekend Everybody. The Lord Bless You Back on the Air Live on Tuesday Right

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