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July 3, 2020 11:29 am

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July 3, 2020 11:29 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Discussion with a caller on the genuine gospel versus -Jesus is cool, but we're all okay- nominalism.--2- What's your take on conservative political commentators who don't talk about the gospel---3- What fruit is Jesus talking about in the parables of the vineyard or the fig tree---4- What are good resources to better understand the meaning of the original Greek words in the Bible---5- If I've asked Jesus into my life more than once, is that a sin- Am I really saved---6- Do Jehovah's Witnesses believe in the true Jesus-

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A previously recorded Nats like show wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine.

Why show me Matt slick the Rigo portal Turkish director. If you want to be called as usual a leader to do leaps up in 72072276 look to hear from you and looks like okay what's going on my computer just froze again. Why is it doing that well I'm not sure what is going on, but it just it's freezing up the Rigo market is working now but he will work it out. Give me a call 877-207-2276 and if you're new to the show where Christian apologetics ministry and we get are difficult questions and you will stuff sometimes debate with an atheist call of yesterday and mail it to say, I thought it was interesting and fun when they try to argue about areas of theology and ethics and things that they really don't have anything to say that happens. Alright, so don't have any wet buddy waiting right now we have five open lines 87720776 and you three, online schools, if anybody's interested in checking them out. All you gotta do is go to is go to the card that works CAR M.O RG, and on the right-hand side of the page you will see a link for the schools. Check amounts we charge 333 per org a discount if you do all three were using to keep our freedom to keep the lights on things like that so well.

We assassinated Georgia, please do sign up form and if you can't afford.

I just sent email us he can forward you like about given to you for that's out works with using acute lights on though we do want people to learn so that's were asking for. Do that and if you do that just get 24 hours up to 24 hours to sign up to work through usually works 99% 95% of time, but something that should just let you know alright and that we do still nearby your support.

If you are so kind, and he will support us if you'd be interested. All you do is go to Carmen right-hand side of any page on Condor CAR right-hand side is information on donating and yes five, 10, $50 monthly. That does is it enables us to be able to set budgets and things like that support to help support missionaries so that were hoping for. And if you want help us out.

That way you can see real simple.

Okay how about this list just gets to the phone with Russ from Asheboro, North Carolina Russ, welcome around here. Hey man how you doing I'm doing fine but I'm hanging in there. We got well. I wanted this lady had our mirror. I think it was last week said that he was raised in a Christian home women and he was wondering if he was disqualified from being one of the LA and I get Carolyn to say I really like your analogy about the key people in the water. You know you know I wasn't raised in a Christian all in my right moral and that we were good law-abiding citizens that I heard the gospel and you know I had to respond to it because godless shall not me, you know, prior to that, my view, I'm okay, you're right Jesus in these co-Jesus was a nonviolent revolutionary. Yet when everything's going to come out loss will that wasn't free and I did, Linda Sullivan commented on that. Maybe you could sort of elaborate more on that in the future with your weird question is okay to question what would be, well, it would be in. I didn't need find that guys his philosophy on not being raised in a Christian home, I would not say I thank you with the disqualified from being one leg this because people don't understand lifetime theology and unfortunately mine within the Christian church. There's just a lot of ignorance about the theological aspects of what God is revealed through his word is not a surprise that we need to have the degrees in theology don't understand the Bible. Now the pastors and elders should be teaching theology from the pulpit of the Trinity is Jesus has two natures in justification by faith alone and I need to do that. And so when people inside the church learn the stuff they are usually comforted by good, difficult theology, those outside the church race sometime just and moral homes. They don't have a complete worldview is based on Christianity so they have problems in this kind of problems manifested with a guy called about what can he be one of the ones chosen by God for salvation.

A second Thessalonians 213 and figures 145 says happens yeah you just would soon help to mountain showed him that people who are worried about their salvation is generally a good sign that your saved people who are not worried about it. Generally speaking, there are not regenerate so Connell was as good conversation. Medical yellow email out one thing that you know once I have always wanted to hours my salvation.

There was a point in my live for God had shattered me at. It was in the case and I'm okay your day in and that was not the case. I'm not okay you're not okay in Jesus love more than just some you know who nonviolent revolutionary.

It is now, as I was born.

Yet, only if if you're okay and just look at your cam okay then why did you come to die for our sins simple. Thank you. Thank you. And that's what I appreciate about your program in a file is in every day when I get a chance and I love your thing music I was done eating it, it least it was available.

Good music.

I let it I did that in just the status developed and say here's the intro what he thanked me. That sounds really good. I have the announcer guy and the present. So it went well is good and a good job there. I do I'll yeah I don't like government lot eight I parallel smoking on a gift RFA okay hey you have again for a few live 19 couple right from Ashley North Carolina folks you want to give McCall with four lines 877-207-2276. Let's gets unaligned with Vince from California events welcome. I'm going is going to dinner. We got one to get your ability to I get home. Comparative right wing political commentators. I see it like for example I can only I have a night.

I enjoyed watching them and ended with a happy face but sometimes I get kind of I don't think it's good that it cannot unsettle because without it, racial stuff going on in the media that you think like they only you and that left-wing mumbo-jumbo that they state that you know a lot of times they don't bring God into that equation, you can get it committee. People should be doing that beating them all the time depends on the context. So there's times for no time to live the kind of diet and to do different things. So leave after them in their wisdom and I lie like Kennesaw once I think she is just right and Ben Shapiro.

I like him as well is a coupler people out there that I feel stupid now that I think a very good and with her so good at his is just shooting holes in the left position and you'll note that this I've not seen any debates were that the left challenges them to debates but that the insured happens.

I just haven't seen any. But don't the discussions that have had impromptu or that I have seen them having promptitude with leftists that let the system just don't do well so we have facts and reason on your side of the left has to go to a propaganda and to do together so that's what they just learned from Nazi Germany.

Basically an understatement with the propaganda machine. If you can get control of the media, you can sway the population and the media's obviously leftist.

The great majority of it is very leftist and I know what person person. My wife knows it personally that they have been dishonest a lot of things. So when when the right comes along and not everything right is this great coffee people at Ben Shapiro and sons come on the scene in the thing offer some very good commentaries. It's good to see you don't see the leftist TV and see these kinds of encounters promoted if it was reverse where the right Dr. Rivers handed to them. All that will be promoted and the news media is supposed to be neutral. It is supposed to be an organization that deals with presenting truth, whether or not the the researcher writer or speaker likes it or not, because the issue of truth is so important and it used to be in a country that truth was something that was worth defending, but when you don't have universals you don't have God you don't have the transcendental truth behind the things truth is a commodity that is sacrifice the guillotine of political correctness and what happens is exactly what we see on TV. The understand and why talk about this kind of stuff. I mean I have for 40 years been dealing with the issue of truth and error in the theological context and I'm very familiar with deceptive techniques used by false religious systems and speakers and I recognize a lot of them in the news media a lot and this is not on the called to be a political commentator called to be a theological commentator so but if I were to suddenly by God's gifting be anointed to study that and get into that ring. I would take with me. A lot of what I've learned about techniques and what were doing debates with them I would call amount on the errors that they do know that the genetic fallacy. The fallacy division fallacy of composition, improper reference and inference, and I would point these things out and say that they are demonstrating their bigotry based on their internalized concepts of right and wrong which they have no foundation to establish. I believe the lies.

Commentators could add several arrows to their quiver. If they were to learn these kind of principles in argumentation and be able to destroy them all the more so I think the left is a danger to this country that left media is a danger to this country and I think my opinion a lot of the schools.

The leftist universities propagates Marxist socialist ideologies. These are harmful to our country be dealt with but haters of the relatively F and I think you folks reread that gap is not to do if the open lines 877207276 the man's leg.

Why call 770727 charismatic sling Robert welcome back to the show have three open lines of 20 McCall 877-207-2276 Oscar to Scott from North Carolina, Scott and what it who made it back to the character of God and man right directly at them.

Parable of the big tree which didn't outlive their unity could get it down right yet. You will note yet not there be right and that is not only encouraging them right question is what will it way that went out through domain names look at that red rose in that spirit parable contextually.

The parable is important to know what kind of foods necessary because the tree represented Israel and the idea of the figtree of being cut down was if it did not produce fruit. It was done away with and there was that I forget the exact numbers I read up on it but fig trees have a certain length of time before they start bearing fruit and sometimes they don't bear fruit by I think is the fourth year, seventh or something like that. I don't know how I want it was 30 or whatever they would do is improve at give it another year or two depending and and if it didn't produce fruit to cut it down a plan to something else. And so the figtree represents Israel what Jesus is talking about.

There is Israel is not produce the proper fruit.

It's good to be cut down and it was in 70 A.D. with the Rome sacking Jerusalem and dispersing the people of Israel so they were bear fruit of the Messiah of the one who was Jesus Christ educated God and the exploited. And it was great is not very good footage of them thought and direct that in an elegant main and many think they have a good found that 100 of them.

You know what is talking about here that the Pharisees and Sadducees method three that we talk about Matthew 310 but see somebody the Pharisees and Sadducees connector baptism is you brood of vipers want you to come. Therefore there fruit in keeping with repentance. I do not suppose that the severest you cannot suppose you see yourself. We have Abraham as her father for sale you that the stones got civil rights of children. The axis already lived through the trees. Therefore every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down the throat of the fire is which John the Baptist said so.

He was snow. It was really rough on them because they were hypocrites, but have not been elected like sorry what fruit like the right size for the been the fruit was according to the word of God for them in the old covenant, and so in that old covenant, condition, they were there fruit of love and peace, not the unrighteous not be precritical and stuff like that but they were putting burdens on others that they themselves were anyone there trying to be perfect in so many different ways and so requiring holiness in an outward way without an inward way and so they were judged, and rightfully so get on the fruit that your talk yet one more quick question should look out and about the man-to-man down and I have grouped you think.

Cut M go to the Wittenberg group right yet research but it is very Israel right, representative of Israel.

Okay so that's that's it right you talk about Galatians 5 get to her name.

I know about that the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, and it's all one fruit. Incidentally, the Greek it's a car Posner carpet away hypothesis masculine singular so the fruit is fairly short. Landlord else about that even a commandment. I like you get them off my figure is not my thinking is that God that command the sterile brightly in the New Testament look good. The important thing today. My commandment, that right in the old test in the New Testament. Different contexts talk about keeping different kinds of commandments.

So what were called to keep as Christians is commandment that Christ gave us to love our neighbor, for example, to be sacrificial to pick up the cross and follow Jesus to love God. These are the commands of Christ is given us in the New Testament that were to follow, but they don't keep us a don't they don't get saved. That's what response we doing discreetly really not scheduled to spend longer to be saved will keep New Testament law to be saved or justified by faith, not by what we do okay. What about the Holy Spirit rolling out the Holy Spirit lies zillions of work Holy Spirit applies the redemptive work of Christ and convicts the world of sin and righteousness in John 16 talks about okay okay all right but because of Carling gone okay. I let down. All right God bless call back again get all right, let's get on the phone with James in the morning I would James welcome you on the old man.

I received an education that wasn't grandly big for math and science but we didn't focus on English I really struggle at putting together an understanding of the word of God, not what I did what I heard from Marcy all about the translation and definition and whatnot in the one he was talking about what that no one can come to Christ unless they were compelled now. Other translations that change that the doctor language what I'm working with.

My question is when I had my pot first and a linear interlinear for Greek New Testament and I'm wanting to get up better picture on how I can get good definition of the strong that I have an older one, but the definitions are so they I was wondering what you thought about the dictionaries and what can a direction I can go will get to dilute the hello you W – need an IDA lexicon entitled go through and it'll give you good words like for example, your coding was John 665. Jesus has no income to me. Let's been granted him from the father left the NASB says the ESV says. Granted the King James says given in the RSV yields do one more granted, will the Greek word that's what you do with that interlinear reversion is looking at records.

Ditto me and then you can break and you could look in the lexicon that after his victim, Vince Van Slyke why call 77077 charismatic sling show with Québec on here with James still there.

There I bought. I can fight Greek like the kind of problem. I believe it was the anchor and it alphabetical based on the Greek. I really struggled with that and the recommendations I had from other people at getting the big B Dag volume 3, at the expense of my readers and what you imagine could you spell that out again. They the other lexicon you'd mentioned one of one is Lou Nita hello you W Nita and IDA-and I have the DGN.

I also need to have the stressor to Joe to lattes. He sent Greek scholar but you can go online and they have like or whatever it is blue. Blue letter Bible I think is there really are Bible you that before now. So what kind of questions I got at the good it more and more just getting the right resources figure out what recommendation it is surprising that there is very few people that have any comment on one of the good resource beyond just the Bible in a few need help putting the word that I might go to an English dictionary, but is that giving me what the original intent was network going on the Greek anything, then you might want to pick up the Greek and learning learn how to read the Greek enters we think has a 21 letter 22. I forgot which letters and the P that you use the top he's sound of the pie set about spy symbol is the P and has a couple weird things in it. The E looks like an egg's and e and the p in greek is a really really the r sound and see how these things like this. it does take longer to learn the the pronounce and then you can go in and you can start pronouncing stuff like i'm looking at a greek sovereign now altman a non-made a digital and some i'm reading is the critical pronounce it and then inciting the reverse interlinear it'll have fun with halima.

the basic form of what it is what my calling infinitive like to eat to walk to to swim but ditto me the the is an infinitive form equal equivalent, and you can have these things where you look up equivalent words with the with the greek says get commentaries on them as well. then there's also tools where it goes into greek analysis structure to get a lot more advances that that's how far you want to get into it so that i have problems i don't understand something not have for 1/2 years greek, but course i graduated 91 so on.

rusty look at it and i guess if he was going on. i could see was going on the gentoo. that's over this and i have a few tools that i get pretty confusing.

go through and i have thought. one commentary by doug lutheran name lenski lenski passed away years ago, but he swore lutheran perspective so i can filter some things he says.

but he has a habit of going in the greek and explaining the greek the genitive absolute right here. this case means… that's why the said here is very informative. lenski is not a not a single volume either and i use a lot of this is dick gotti. this of his scholarly work. this is real stuff up there and so i can get my toe in the scholarly waters a little bit to catch them around in it too much.

i know enough to be able to understand was going on.

the basics still so much a point where i want to know that i know the feeling good about it at that. i think that's what it like i'm at the point where i want to know so i had and i plan on getting greek greek grammar and you have many things in there about political detentions see in english we can have detentions except for a few words like actor actors actress actresses that the word act actor declines that the noun changes form greek they all change form 24 differently earlier that i have it at all.

coding each word to tell you on a different like how that works at night, at the point of getting introduced to in finding out anymore get the party and on the learning card you get a basic greek greek grammar needs go through. it will teach. we need to know. you need to know in dealing with passive voice is active voice would genitive is with knowledge of this and is only like 15 terms that you really have to know and then it'll make start the oic would say like you know it's not that big a deal for six of the customers.

okay, i think mary arrived.

god bless. okay.

all right.

this is jump over to steve from high point, north carolina steve left a thank you women pastors are great. you think it would take on my women pastors and elders are on biblical and they should not be in the pulpit. they should not be elders because the bible forbids it clearly states that the law women are not to be in teaching authority over men and the elders are to be on their musical like us. in the greek men and one woman is not the place of the woman to be in the pulpit, preaching and teaching and showing authority for men. okay okay and quickly and are 100. i would say that normatively speaking yeah because they're going against the revealed word of god, but it wouldn't be damnable. it wouldn't mean that there were in rebellion against god knowingly, hopefully not likely, but in their ignorance.

yeah, because of the bible says that to the it says the for example, paul says in first timothy 212 13. i did not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over man but remained silent for adam was first created portside that and that greek word doesn't mean absence was means keeping a quiet and so he was on a schism giving instruction how to behave in the household of god. at the next chapter over in first peter 315 will that's what he's giving and he's telling people this is how it's supposed to be and women are not obeying with what god says will then it's a simple thing that an command on a church in there at the moment preaching what that mound h in my department on what and 80 days or the house not far at family i would never attend a church with pastor and elder.

i frequently regularly tell people if you attended church lumen pattern elder leave. is this not biblical and and i've written a lot on this and debated it many times and i know the topic quite well let go into various greek verse movers versus talk about priscilla talk about how nice it's a fire or talk about phoebe talk about various things people like to raise these issues up, but the fact is i do my own research on this 80% of the denominations and churches adopt women pastors within two generations start adopting pro-homosexual issues. now there's a theological significance or let me explain something adam and eve were in the garden. they send, she send first. she ate the fruit. then she gave it to adam and then he's hated, he said. romans 512 says that sin entered the world through adam not to her because he was was called the federal head. he was representative.

he was the one in charge of an authority. these would name the animals. he named his wife so when they send and he hid themselves the pre-incarnate christ came and said to the man where are you didn't say to them, say to her said to the man where are you you dress the man because the man is when responsible. this is why paul paul says fort did not allow me to teach written authority from man for adam was first created, he ties it into the created order flat out, that's it. so these liberals who take their fingers let them put them up in the doctrinal wing to see which way the liberal wind is blowing.

then go that way they're not qualified to be in the pulpit and not the men who support women pastors and elders are disqualified from being elders themselves disqualified knowingly from the many teaching authority position because are not rightly dividing the word of god and the the ella the first timothy three and two types of one verse 5 to 7 says that the elder dispose of them to teach sound doctrine refute error. i've offered people touch to debate publicly on this and i have any offers gravity but accepting list mr. bank and but we don't get it.

i talk to women pastors today which i could discuss this with no i'm not interested why not. the bible says to give an answer to everyone who would ask you first peter 315 i'm asking. i'm not interested in having a discussion with you. they don't want to defend your faith. you don't want to obey the word of god there in rebellion against the word of god so why would anybody who believes the word of god want to go to church when is a woman pattern elder simple i tell i say mentor to stand up for righteousness.

if your wives don't like it.

too bad, but ill throw frisbees at you they don't frozen pizzas for dinner.

who cares stand on the word of god done he wanted, that right hand of leslie. those who read that got messages to open lines 877-0776 mass y call 770727. here is matt's leg. there we go through about that.

so i lift on the phones with let's see next logs with ms. travis from virginia travis welcome and on doing all right, all right, because i want to do my very bad for you that you understand all i get burnt coming. try not to be a i got all that is the question i have and it's something that i'm looking for anyway are that i have a hard habit and it related to salvation and at the hebrew they are familiar about it or or through thick success. yet and articulate where i'm looking at here it is talking about how they themselves are nailing him to the cross again and holding them about the public, though a little back story real quick.

i grew up not in a christian home and i've had some help here and there grew throughout the walk right one group of friends. in particular, help me out. at one point and i was living very well doing drug making thing. the weather during the time it bought.

they were beating the well you know with right then and there.

i'm going there years ago were i asked christ to come into my life, but not a lot of the change really. i was still living in that way broke while, but luckily short, i'm yet my question is if i've asked christ to come into my life more than one time thinking that i haven't done it correctly or whatever am i my doing something wrong is that the enemy is delaying it more like nailing the cross and on the first of all this is correct a few things that they told you to ask this in your life and they weren't being biblical. there's nothing the scripture says, ask them in your heart or ask him in your life. it's not there right okay so let's talk about the truth when it really gets. the truth is you are a sinner before, and infinitely holy god just like me and i only would you be forgiven of our sense is to receive christ as john 112 as many as received him to them the right to become children of god. so you what you do is you receive by faith you trust what christ did on the cross is trustee safe. you know i don't have the perfect faith. i believe this i believe he is gotten flashed on the cross rose from the dead, and i just best of my ability. lord i did i receive that i trust and that what you've done. that's what it is and when you do that god is not going to give you a stone if you ask for bread. matthew seven talks about this. he stuck faq out if you really want to be saved from your sins, it's because the holy spirit working on you convicting you. john 16 talks about this yet. so you're worried about having committed the simple talk, but he was six. what is really talks about is not applying it to you about. i understand that you trust in christ.

it comes out of this. you either trust in jesus, or you do not trust in jesus. it is the case that you're a young man or or is not the case. if you have the case that you own a car or is not the case. if you own a car is just way. this is either this or it's that if you the case or stop the case that to the case you trusted in christ was not the case and trusted in christ will be asking to be trusted in christ. yet you have trusted christ to forgive your sins right yet. okay when you're christian that the problem here is that he was six is not as clear as it needs to be gotten my opinion. for those of us who haven't really studied quietly say who the book of hebrews written to. there's a hint who's the book of hebrews written to go all right for in the case of those had once been enlightened and tasted the heavenly gift, and they partake of the holy spirit does it say that there saved this essay that they were in christ. to say that they receive and trusted in christ know. could it be said that judas was enlightened. could it be said that but that judas tasted the heavenly gift that is made partaker of the holy spirit could be said that that was the case you he tasted the good word of god. the powers of the age to come, and if fallen away is impossible to renew them again to repentance is the key. if it's about believers who could lose your salvation if all the way, i can never get it back again if they go to this verse because it made it to them. it would have to be to impossible to renew them again to repentance means once you believe he fall light. sorry you could be saved right to teach you come back you can lose you come back. you gotta love you lizzie come back for violating their own interpretation of what they think this means. furthermore, this is why theology is so important in colossians 214, 13, 14, it says that jesus, having forgiven us all the transgressions. verse 14 says, having canceled the certificate of debt consisting of decrees which was halted to what he took it out of the way, having nailed to the cross. the certificate of debt. just so you know jesus equates sin with legal debt. in matthew six 1211 for he equates them to put together okay now says, having forgiven us all our transgressions, having canceled the certificate of debt at the cross.

so are all your sins forgiven you in there forgiven when the cross at cross right now you are a screwup. your screwup know the christians, a screwup, because we do those things we should be doing. we struggle we fail, we have warnings with weed. we were not sure we thought You say because of this, or because of that, how can i this outlay that welcome to the screwup world right as well. but this does this he was 6426 does not apply to us. that is a christians living two tasted the heavenly gift, not assuming you swallow consumed. it was part of you to be partakers was having major saved word to say or say cc it can apply to the jews who knew who christ was, had seen a lot of what paul the apostle done, peter had done.

john had done they knew who christ was and they rejected him.

they had a temporary fulfillment in understanding a temporary position. yes, i believe this this is the bible says equity is 1070 says there's a true repentance and a false repentance. this was going on. true repentance and false repentance.

okay. so with this. what is talking about is the hebrews who were close to what it looked like god was doing what jesus was doing, but were never true believers on the surface it looks like it they felt like they weren't believing in the real truth. they walked away from christ. as jesus said to some of his disciples are even leaving to something that left him already. they had partaken of many things were enlightened and tasted the heavenly gift, and he walked away.

there's nothing left for so okay the roman and and you know and i have gone back after after that one.

the been a while ago and at i have had a lot of thing change. may they think change, no, no longer in that cleveland state got roman and i and nothing on the clearing about war. i have done that like for some reason i feel like like the thing that like tell me you haven't done it correctly and i got, of course, you have come over to my house to spend it.

you know it's been a couple out of meal. find out who that guy in the red he hasn't done it either perfectly right right, who lives it perfectly. nobody is not okay is on the stuck on the rebuttal's and all i want no no no, perfection is the way reckless to be just can't do it. welcome to the club. welcome to the clay sound like somebody whose regenerate struggling not sure and you don't seize the failures in his own life. welcome to the club okay but you can understand something. first john 513 says these things are written so you may know you have eternal life. and if christ canceled your send it at the cross he canceled every sin you cannot be lost. you cannot, because jesus said in john 637 to 40 particular diversity nine is low, the father that everyone he's given me that i will lose none. in response to the last day you cannot be lost, trusted and honest. don't look at yourself to look at your feelings. don't look at what you fail because you will always be discouraged. you're always so look on the deathless analogy a little bit you know if you and i can build out the garage and build up a chair look pretty bad when were done, but we've got is pretty cruddy tool to cook some tools out there right and you network with cruddy tools we build this thing kind of cut it resembles a chair. the neighbor comes over.

he's a carpenter.

he takes the same tools. he builds a great year because it's the skill of the builder.

yeah, the master nothing tool your tool in the tool let the lord god the masterwork and you yield your heart to end on a daily basis say lord i want to serve you this day i'm going to fail to teach me how not to fail, at least in one little area each day to get better and better by your grace. i depend on you. i look to you yield to you. it's all about what you can doing me i'm not look to my feelings because her deceptive look at my failures because they don't glorify just look to you and trust you beyond expressing try trust you lord. beyond my ability to understand trust that all right and free world quickly got hello my beautiful wife sure lol i think you you will write all right. god bless. i got what okay right let's get on the phone quickly with the lien.

he could only have a couple minutes if that's over one minute we got there bleeding a lot yet quite quite the eight that all happy new that it not know, to counterfeit jesus, the jehovah's witnesses deny the true god did neither true christ deny the true gospel so they deny that jesus christ, the second person of the trinity became flesh. they deny that he has two natures, the divine nature and human nature.

so it's a complete non-christian cult. okay, they do not serve to limit got the cult all right thought that a false christ there.

jesus taught his guests false christ. their jesus is michael the archangel, who became a man. that's a false christ. okay while i think it all right goblet right okay what time and darla's morning that gary saw the ronald from low-income north carolina so they folks be on the air tomorrow by god's grace and hopefully you then have a great

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