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July 2, 2020 11:30 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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July 2, 2020 11:30 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- A hostile atheist calls to challenge Matt on the -problem of evil----2- Who are the -gods- in Psalm 82---3- How do you study the Bible- How do you did deeper and discover new things in Scripture---4- Why would the Holy Spirit convict unbelievers of sin whom God did not intend to save-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Nats like show mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max Y forensic goals and responding to your questions and your children. So if you want to watch my nutrients on the right-hand side street information for you to check it out is not a big deal but watch and if you have questions with four lines 877-207-2276 those were newbies. This is a Christian show: show brief answer questions and talk a little contest of Eddie get too heavy for people because her brains hurt like so therefore the lines of calling 772072276 and just rub and remind you that we have that we have three online schools.

If you're interested in checking them out all your dues go to school on the theology apologetics and on critical thinking are designed to help you get grounded in the Christian faith. Faith is because what you believe is the foundation will lead to what you believe us on things built on the foundation so that relevant you will check them out give up to 24 hours for the through does 95% of time just ever know the glitch. Some snakes I definitely think we just give the to get Outlook if you want let's get on the phones with the mat from Los Angeles met welcome. You're on your my all will like why would it make the master. Are you an atheist, yet okay so you have a standard by which you can raise an objection to God what he should and should not allow you, you do have a standard what is that standard utilitarian and what with whatever works. Looks good so so how do you know that what works is what works, not even ask example of something see you start off aggressively so I'm in a just met you here in the choice of a man walking down a path of force and the two was left 10 feet away as a cliff into his right 10 feet away is a forested path is walking down a tiger jumped out of the forest jumped right out of leaps and he docs the Tigers over the cliff and he saved and he says hey I guess that's how you could say for jumping tiger just duck hundred feet later the same thing happened.

The second tiger and he docs a second time.

The target was over, he safely concludes from his experience and what works that all you have to do when a tiger jumpsuit uses duck to be fine now obviously there's a problem there, but it utilitarian the public utilitarianism is it doesn't leave the truth.

It only needs the temporality of convenience of what works. You don't know the things right or wrong, they look to it. Utilitarianism does not provide any moral experiment you can object anything you have anything better right. I you I rally you stated that under Fremont eight when lightning parasite cycle cycle to suck you see you don't have any right to complain except to say just your opinion like something that's I gotta say I help you out here. Adam and Eve in the garden and what they did was they should behave like atheists. They decided what was true and morally true for themselves and that's when things went really bad in the world. In the fall, sin entered in the world and he could parasite and get probably complaining and whining about receipt.

It wasn't until this article, like atheists that went bad so masculine why oh why I eat now, this is a punished process or punished will go more toward getting this crackerjack theology here. You had when sad. I might play by play, eating, said that sad or bad which which which were did you say that sad. It said it said that I had that kind of bad moral bad or bad for the health of the of the infant looking about tomorrow bed so it's morally wrong where did you get the standard that is morally wrong.

Kelly will wait I will and I would like you like but I'm happy to clean my regular mortal when you see get to define what bad this is morally wrong godly hole in the cycle not to say: this is morally God forgot to permitted some dressing unit and will would it be better that never better what and what success makes a promise you is morality. You don't think things through and you want to argue as though you've only got a thought through and you haven't so this is the problem that you guys have a good time with atheists. It's easy like shooting fish in a barrel. You don't have a standard which you can judge anything if you can I say to me, is it morally wrong for all this is a real-life example for my son to be born with holoprosencephaly and then die because of their birth defect okay is that one real-life.

I do carry the body my son to the grave literally literally right little coffee to list talk about the visit morally wrong for God to allow that. So dressing yet it like in anything that God anything that God allows is morally correct for him by definition if you can argue against the Christian God. You better understand the Christian God teaches you also have to understand and I understand that you have to understand a bit about morality to you see God every certain thing this and he has a a was called the creative will be like for example he also has was called prescriptive will. Don't lie and a permissive will, he allows people to lie, he allows sin to work its way in the world is not what he desires to happen in the sense is what he desired. It is, it is what he desires to occur because people act in a manner contrary to him and he lets them have a consequence of the direction and effect of sin in the world.

I have a follow-up question new would it be a God dog nature and acquire them with God's nature like God nature with God. Gordon written and recorded that and all of the other bad one thought that the I know you're not work without you making stuff up argue from a non-Christian perspective. You are offering me something is not a Christian, and then saying argue from that perspective. Now, I argue, the Christian respect that and let me Lane man I know you Matt. Matt pulled on suck if you can argue the Christian perspective, then argue from the Christian perspective, don't abandon the Christian perspective and make up some false scenario seek to answer that one cannot do that when I bring a hypothetical of a false God, you want to adopt a false God that you want to do new no I want you to analyze what I would. I would like if it were utilitarian to kill baby baby my answer would be yet it no other utilitarianism leads to is so his murder will will wait wait net earnings. Let Stalin my chance not know my thinking was my stepsons and my been stalling because he was very utilitarian use just adopting the philosophy that you, your spouse and I don't think that when it is that it is record utilitarian being black mortal.

I can link either by neglect that I'm talking utilitarian I could strike with one frontal lobe tied behind my back and look. So here's the here's the thing they'll want to raise a moral evil, but not you want to want to raise an objection to the Christian God. You have to have a valid objection.

You can't establish a valid objection because all you have no offense meant, all you have in your opinion, you are my logical disk with premise one here in all things are rational to hear you all think the desire for an eight are rational relative to the well-being with a subjectivity she said is it subjectivism subjectivism because at least yes it is. Let me explain its dependent upon what the person desires at subjective, no universal Babel that I well be so they have is subjective to subjective and that they have a desire no set Matt listen you're talking about subjectivism of the preferences. If there rational first part of it is a rational and they what will the second part that they will and self interested.

What is self interested me after narcissists know anything about that think they're good. It's good that Matt Matt Matt, what's good for themselves what was me to be good for themselves. Sleep well what what what what Matt stop stop stop with good produces well-being. So that's an arbitrary standard that you just pull out of your head say that's us that were to go by, you have any way to illustrate that that's true for you to say when I listen to me listen you say that which is good is what causes well-being. Would you say that that which is global because well-being is also good when a certain nailer is completely circular. How do you know what is good with gauze and opening how do you know which well-being is because that's what good is you have not seen a level fish in a barrel by lovey fun-loving. Find out a mental eight that is rational like how do you know what rational and irrational how you know what rational and self-evident. Something ITSELF is a form of subjectivism is based on my experience, my desire that many get one more United thing for me, folks will be right back after this barrel okay to be right back after mass Y call 770727 pairs.

Matt show with Rebecca Matt from LA okay hello back when United that. Inviting pain like example nobody would be willing to put their hand on the people who denied it.

Nine. You and then you found that here you're not that talking just talking about experience. That's all you're talking about is not a moral issue. So it morally apparent that the bad women look if if I know if I'm hammering a nail. I hit my thumb is that a moral thing now, or is it just I just missed the nail yet the moral thing that you have an argument.

How do know is bad. I did say was not how do you know that it's I know it okay and so is that it will not hold on hold on life is bad because it causes suffering.

So is what causes suffering also bad on that ring are bad not only the minute. What if I have to have my arm reset as I broke it is good is going bad. They reset it is hard and thinking mentally run. Also, you should change your day long, long time. So now it has to be long run. Okay so in the ask a question if I come over your house and it won't happen, but if I quit your house with a gun and I probably was at morally right or morally wrong. I'm probably morally wrong. Thanks to you making noise in the background. Second wise, it probably morally wrong but you know you like your acting I'll always morally also not your basic and your singers a universal moral principle that everyone must appear here to love it.

So for a principal, an abstraction, you understand that it's a thing occurs in the mind so you know your your singers universal principles you have that in an atheistic world you have Internet like the way I wanted and I know you pay that and have morality and logic that have thought, I can provide say that not say that I did say that you always heard me, but you must represent say so your dear actually when atheists are perspective which major materialist right you believe just the world right now supernatural being not mean that I and the material.

Are you materialist, so your materialism is self refuting becoming to realize some agnostic.

You know what you are, how you even know how to argue about these the position you hold, there might might not material like thoughts and principles are immaterial and principles are abstraction.

So how do you justify from your worldview that there universal principles which one ought to adhere to that. I think that there not liking what were you, what would have time to continue with this, but you are a candidate for having your clock vacuum part vacuum cleaned and vacuum Preston bags and headed back to you clock clean.

So you need to study the issue of the universals and transcendental CDs understand what you're talking about here and you to your utilitarian folks.

I love those kind of conversations I do because an atheist, sorry. An atheist who argues like that doesn't have a leg to stand on. It just takes time to expose it and what he was doing was presupposing universality the laws of logic by which you could then infer logical principles and requirements is also inferring a universal form morality which you cannot affirm from an atheist perspective so he doesn't realize that his foundation for argumentation was also self refuting. Get a presuppose Christian worldview, snort, argue against the Christian worldview.

And that's were getting to ultimately for me it should fish in a barrel is because not because I'm smart is because the eighth is worldview cannot defend itself in the school of intellectual examination. Let's get to Jonathan North Carolina Sean. Welcome on your sorry little little.

I had fun. I enjoy this conversation so we got this on conformity to that verse one God. But if I count on the myth of the God field judgment and then later in that chapter that I that you are evidently that I that you are God. All of you.

Nevertheless, like, then you shall die right of God judge dear John. In those verses.

What is it, what are the were the God you are hello what what is that the Elohim is a term used in many ways is the Hebrew word for God in their cognates of its and so for the Jan things like that. And L. So you can have false gods like we have the word God, but it also befalls God's or the God of Mormonism of the God of Jehovah's Witnesses. The God of Islam. When we say God your context describing false gods. So what is happening here.

It is a song against the unrighteous judges is an imprecatory Psalm.

This almost is writing and he is condemning those who don't do what you're supposed be doing in their judgments because this is verse two. How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked vindicate the weak and the fatherless do justice to the afflicted and destitute. Rescue the weak and needy, deliver them out of the hand of the wicked, and so this is an imprecatory Psalm and imprecation is a declaration of the wish or desire of harm upon some judgment upon some to implicate this was happening in her lots of imprecatory Psalm were basically the psalmist does God get a you say this. You do this you're like that and install many to you judges. You have the power of life and death.

You're like God's die like men that was going not talking about like… Like the benign hello all, and angels are like counsel going to the divine counsel that not referencing that not everything.

See the dirt around the created angels look good but you have to look to the divine counsel to be very very careful because it were divine, there can be understood as a counsel that God holds and he is divine and their members, and therefore to divine counsel because of his presence.

Someone else could say was a divine counsel because the Angels are also divine beings are definable God's case that logistically talk over which one is true or false, right back after these messages, please see Matt's like why call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show this Québec I was shocked North Carolina Sean alright so I don't here. Hang in there. So the divine counselor because God is there and make divine orders because the participants are also defined as this can usually get yeah yeah read a group. I'm reading a great book by a duck Michael Heitner about young and round you bring that if you're familiar with and is causing problems right because people are starting to okay let me to explain something here to read Scripture this with Bible cells. Okay, this is Isaiah 44, six thus says Yahweh, the king of Israel and his Redeemer, Yahweh of hosts on the first line.

The last and there is no God beside me in verse eight. Do not trouble. Do not be afraid. Have I not long since it amounted to you declared it and are you my witnesses is or any God besides me or any other rock. I know of none is a 45 five I the Lord rhymes Yahweh, and there is no other besides me there is no God, so we ask you to go outside God. While there, they I mean everything I read the biblical for their other God lowered you like the angel what it talking about. So the device will go so hard I guess. Are the Angels God's love their not. There is only one God, saying that there the electrical God our son, they're not there but there are not there not God that are okay that is so angelic me ask you God alone is divine right is a good that he had Jerilyn's got divinity means the godliness quality that thing.

Divinity is God has that right right you do Angels have divinity, are they also divine by nature like God no note there make their spiritual there created so they are not little gods are they in a divine sense well right now they're not there, not divine. No okay so this counselor God's thing is causing problems because people don't know how to understand what he's saying and I am from what I understand of what you saying he's causing problems because some is not clear and Mormons are using this to support their heresies and and the try to work with you right now by defining terms you have to understand there's only one God and all existence. All place and all times are on the lesser gods, unless you want to become a polytheist or Mormon or Gnostic in when I grew I grew 100 and Deuteronomy 30 you're great that you worship God that are not God. Now I don't make an Galatians really thinks that even the fallen Angel, the God of other countries and other like Babylon here, there, not God. But there there there demonic you that are worship God will hit with licensing iritis. Yes, right.

However, at that time when you did not know God, you were slaves to those gods, those which by nature are no gods to the New Testament is confronted by nature they are not gods the way right Old Testament speaks as a cause people, gods, and in them, mocking senses that Jesus even does that in John 10, when he quotes Psalm 32 Wisconsin 82, when he says is right… For you killing one can only miss it for good work. We don't want to stone you, but for blasphemy because you begin make a man make yourself out to be God. Verse 44, he says, is not written mostly says your law. I said you are God's. If he called them gods, to whom the word of God came in the Scripture cannot be broken. Do you say of him with the father sanctified to the world.

You are blessed because I sit in the sun of God. He's playing a game with an intellectual game with the Scripture devoted me to be God and not God's with a set of certain terms of God means it's at this very powerful what he said people really understand its depth, but no she said your law because he's they are the ones who are citing the certain aspects of the law to condemn Christ, but he says you know Casey's claim to be God. He said you can you claim to be God, and he was and they want to kill him for what has not been in your loss of your gods ointment will you kill me for this.

It says your God explain it. He wants to do some serious thinking is not saying that they really gods and they wouldn't be saying that they were really gods what they know, so that you know I think I on the Angels are not divine or not God's people are not gods right right but I think I think there like that element understanding of term.

You know like the worship at quote little G God, they're not of God but that the demons that are worship at idle are treated like like God that think that Brown II think like that I think you know III I've been been very fruitful.

Read book on having another understanding of the Old Testament virtual battle of note from the left lung and everything but but I get that.

I think people could be led astray by misunderstanding what you thing you talking about the electric God with it.

We see here here's the thing I have I have something in theology I've written called essentials enters primary essentials and secondary essentials as primary essentials and lesser essentials.

The primary essentials are those essentials of the faith that say the specific statement that you can't deny them.

Jesus is Johnny. 24. For example, unless you believe that I am will diner since there's a statement with it for the primary lesser unless her primary would be the dock of the Trinity.

Nothing in the Bible says you have to believe the Trinity, it still is central doctrine, but no statement is given to its high quality secondary essentials. We can just adapt. This is called lesser essential but is still unessential by nature isn't we say a lesser God that means are God by nature to have a true God, and lesser gods.

This is the problem is called equivocation. The word God is changing its meaning.

While were talking. There's one God.

That means the one single eternal being in their lesser gods ointment for the eternal being or the created by the eternal being the soda gods would settle the gods of the gods. They have a Billy like like Zeus to do things with talk about God and all the sudden, un-clarity.

Obscurity comes in on a few station and we have all kinds of problems and people don't what to do with this. This is why Michael Heiser is a problem because he is not clear as I've gotten many calls over the years about this kind of stuff from him because of what the reading with him. He's not clear is causing problems.

We shouldn't do it. Would you date you heretical I don't. I haven't read his stuff to Bill adaptability tell your any of it.

I remember how much of right of it.

So much of everything, but to the thing is if he's going to be saying that their lesser gods.

He better be clarifying. I do not mean that they are ontologically, by nature of divinity, of any sort, but only that they are called gods, which does not mean they are gods are simply false. God or demonic thanks then he's been clear within.

Why would he use that tag that they that you get very clear like that you very orthodox.

Everything that you need to elaborate on that were in the alt.rep. Note that Elohim add at demonic that are worship as God by the other nation of Israel who works at the truth God.

The only ontological divine will create or be a day that that that that that's okay. The word Elohim is the word God, but Yahweh is the name of God. So Moloch is a name of a god. Moloch is a name of an Elohim. See, that's what's going on this is that I can't be very clear, and he only says it wants and he goes on, then why we having so many problems with this. From what you say and you know what I call it sometime. It explained, that's fine. You know, but thing is just this. It's open so many times, yeah, yeah, let it helpful everything that I think it I think it'd you know we in our report theology have gone up. They can be spiritual realm and no, that's right. And while I think there's a I think it helped to bring that bike you back like now we live in a your goal world of you know Easton delete them and try to give insight that though on the Seth I figured out elaborate this network so that there is bad right good for you again for good enough. I appreciate your very helpful off of finish the book in public policy and with another all right there's a break right back. His messages please hang on to the mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave. You're welcome here on Io: it's going fine. Are you doing I'm doing fine I been at the end motor that all my life, and you know I kind of find it embarrassing that I will help you make Michael I heard you say say about like how you take the script is how you keep bacon bacon bacon and learning new things how I mean how you do that you know I know I well defined and how to fix. You have to be taught some things yet in the foundation and when the foundation is built he will know where to put other things that you learn what I would recommend you do is go to the Karam website and read to the doctrine section on the Trinity who Jesus is the Holy Spirit salvation just these basics. I'd also recommend seriously to either have a pen and a paper and you and a notebook and write notes in or you type the notes out and on the computer.

Whatever it is you type and you communicate menu you learn those things that are significant to you that you think are important, you write them down to be no eight pages you just write down Trinity is one God in three distinct simultaneous persons okay man versus use of support that you put this note there and then you learn something else.

And what happens is as you're doing this what God is doing is he's enlightening. You, in certain areas. He wants you to understand you. Keep a record of what it is that he's doing in your heart and your mind what happens after while studying start not getting board circle and finally not. I know that repeating. Now I can get a get and what that means is, your mind is understood the basic sufficiently that such that okay. I can now progress on the some newer things and what happens is when you get to that level, which is just really easy. These are going well.

I see this now I see how it relates to who Jesus is and what he did and how he rose from the dead. I see what salvation is icy white. This I see why that and that you start learning. They make more notes and near notes put maybe next to the Trinity. Maybe salvation for you to do that kind of thing you just do it over and over again and you start learning to start learning and you go to your old nuncio. That's right see that modified an old note now. As soon as that happens when you modify an old note that means your learning. There's the proof of yeah but what I been doing.

See is being likely thing reading passages on the far end over and over again on it is sort of like I'm I'm I'm noticing connection that you know I can't seem to put them together with you know like like like when when Jesus, and that with time when it will start when Jesus ago thought with the challenge and he goes on to say about about that that with the wedding banquet, then and how how people how they yeah gentry treated his slaves in how we then you know soon. I like was ill and I'm I'm reading. They think I am to put them together okay and on trying to learn something sooner like I'm I'm getting nowhere.

You know this stuff if you think and I look for the wedding feast go to Carmen look at the parable of the wedding feast, explain the cultural norms are behind and then once you see that you understand things give an example of something at you know how is it your heart rate, read or heard of the parable of the unjust steward where the yeah the bad guy is lying and stealing from the owner and yet he's praised by the owner read that one yeah well I read it before I but we understand the culture it makes perfect sense in the short version of that is the thing that meet the guy, the young unrighteous to Stuart he was representing the landowner and he was telling people you don't think go right here is hundred dollars-57 million write up of 4500.

Whatever it is and are praising the owner because they think the link the guys representing the owner and the culture vessel would've had yet to the praise and the owner. What's the bad guy doing he's counting on the goodness of the owner not to expose his deception because that would mean his reputation damaged and you go. Oh, that's why he was praised not for his deceit. But for his better term for being slick about how to make sure he's gonna be taken care of in the see it's really simple thing. And when you understand the culture he got now it makes sense and now I know what Jesus is talking about what that's why that was put there is things like that okay on ghost okay so do you have any advice about what I can look I learned about the cochairmen sure anything you go to Carmen and I've done a lot of work with handles okay and if you really want to get an okay book. Karma broke a lot of it down, but if you really want to learn some serious stuff serious stuff get a book called up Publix and peasant. It's a joint work with the title called and through peasant eyes Publix and peasant and through peasant eyes.

His two volumes and one by guy named Bailey one most valuable bouquet I've ever read because it opened up the culture and you know, for example, did you know that when a woman let her hair down in public she could be divorced. Did you know that the asked Samaritans were not actually know I didn't okay is the son Erickson's were half breeds right and when this good Samaritan help. The guy was unconscious and they could. You don't know who the unconscious naked guy is by his dialect or his clothing, and the Samaritan is hated.

He's risking his life to take care of them because if that unidentified man might be a Jew and dies while the Samaritans taking care of him.

Then the brothers of the it was a Jew could come and kill the Samaritan because they hated Samaritan so much so this is what this book helped me understand things like that. No way I love that book yet.

Okay, yeah, but make the main reason why a quiet cold that how like how do I do how do I study my pipe alike, but the basics in the little I know that kinda stepped okay. What I would do that again. I was I would do this I go to the book of Ephesians and just start reading Ephesians one verse your time very slowly and then go research go online

I think it Bible Bible commentaries just read one verse at a time in the book of Ephesians that shortness of the doctrine and good devotional material in there as well and to start learning had really get stuck on something call me up.

Maybe I can help you make. I can't write and study something that the school study yes you will you learn how you learn. Okay you will write okay. All right Fun with with update the Cola brother like you to go plus I there was Andrew from the UK.

This could help man Martin from Louisiana thinking with the lungs of anybody 48 minutes long time.

You still either yearly. Yes, I can think for waiting so long. Sorry about that. I'll know it's perfectly fine. Like the last all fell out all, what is short, complex is simply why would God knows that he chooses not say is simply why would the Holy Spirit operate to convict a sinner and in the counsel of God. He chose not say because we need all we need to first one of the reasons could be to keep them in check because it significant because their sins are less likely to go worse and worse and worse is a fixed issue of conviction of what's right and wrong.

The heart then they will be less and less likely to do what is bad so could be a means of preventing an increase of evil in the world. Another thing is that just because or not elect, doesn't mean that they ought not repent, for example, in God commands everyone everywhere to repent. Act 1730. If he grants repentance 2nd to 25.

He says that there were to be wholly be holy from holy first Peter 116. But evil can't be holy.

The point of trying to make is that people are obligated to do what's right because God is the standard not man's ability or inability so likewise, the Holy Spirit is in the world convicting them of righteousness and truth because it's what's right for God to do.

Let people know that there is right and wrong. So the Spartan purser is going on.

I just waited a long. I guess my problem will soon have in my mind is knowing that person to have the only one that only by the work Holy Spirit something like that to say like okay I know to let's say, grace, God is he commands me to do something that I I don't want to because I'm not wanting like you for an attention that yeah he commands what people are not able to do a non-31st right about one month… Say first commands that person purely yet I know that they won't do that. They will help. No alt right, we would say that God is the standard, and we will adopt humanism, where will they can't do it them in their ability so therefore God ought not say something like that. That's humanistic philosophy that's imposed upon God.

So wouldn't it understand God's standard, and we do what he wants to be done and that was always right was nature.

Submit your questions vertically through different cells is through different senses, which desire can be understood desire. You can like you can love people in different ways to give grace to people different ways to his gracious of the unbelievers, they can enjoy the sunshine in the rain. Matthew 542 to 48. Please gracious of the elect in different way. Chrism saving grace of the speak gracious of the saving so I get. Thank you for my course on the finance is almost out. You go take a timeout arrived godless to things.

However, I will have much time listening to the right guzzling Orion got like 30 seconds I think you I wanted to complement about your comparison of your work with Greg Bob does something that you thought out my back a little bit of time through God by what was going on. I'll call back another day. But anyway some good work you did not want to know you a compliment but will not thank you for should I do right and was that's right, Pennsylvania and time musics be going any second. Folks hope you enjoy the show and by God's grace, we should be back on the air tomorrow Wednesday.

Everybody pray for this country country is a lot of ways to revive my own heart. Already folks by God's grace back on her tomorrow

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