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July 2, 2020 7:30 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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July 2, 2020 7:30 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Can you clarify your definition of contradiction that you have on your website---2- What's your opinion on 1 Samuel 28- What was the spirit---3- Can you explain Genesis 10-25- How was the earth divided---4- Is the US part of the end times narrative---5- What's your position on UFOs---6- Can you explain Judges 19---7- When Satan entered Judas, and then Jesus spoke to him, was he addressing Judas or Satan---8- Can a pastor divorce people---9- What are the wounds referenced in Isaiah 53- Are they the flogging wounds---10- Can you explain Psalm 137-9-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
The Masculine Journey
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded net selection of mats like why Matt is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research what is written about you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a max Y parentheses responded to your questions at know everyday show.

Pray for God's mercy the callers to call in answer to be given to us what you know that was prematurely should pray for the show and do we do that because we want God to be glorified in his will accomplish what you desire.

So Lord bless this effort. Now we have four open lines of you want to give me a call to do is dial 877-207-2276 and your newbie to the show we answer questions here as we do difficult questions what the Bible doctrine of Mormonism. Joe was with us as Christian science unity behind Islam, Roman Catholicism UFOs so just all kind of stuff doing research for like 40 years huge website.

So if you want to call 877-207-2276. Also, this will let you know that we have a three online schools. If you're interested in learning some theology how to defend the faith and how to think better about all of it. So there are three schools one apologetics when on critical thinking and of course theology just go to CAR M.R, G, and on the homepage or any page of the right hand side you will see you laptop it says online school just click away and you be able to get in there and check amounts. We do use of the People lights on so giving you a heads up. And if you do sign up, please good up to 24 hours because sub usually The procedure works right away but there's a glitch in the system have billed to figure out every now and then someone say where's it didn't happen. We just give them access to the work and we are working on what we will be working on a new site to new schools format and everything will be highfalutin kind of stuff but that'll be something later this year or earlier next year. All right, let's just jump on on the phone to Daniel from Savannah, Georgia, Daniel welcome your near hey Matt how are you I'm doing all right. We got so I was reading your get out of a contradiction on your lips under Bible difficulties and sounding like objectivism by now you're trying to promote. So can you kind of quickly she meant by contradicting the credit founder from your illness and see people got you three people get out and that not to contradict points of view. So I know I've I've taught how little prediction you okay yeah get heartache. Your definition of a contradiction, so it doesn't sound like like the objective for like an objective point of going thing to make.

There are basic laws of logic lot identity law of non-contradiction law excluded middle floor properly. For instance, and such for love not conviction says a statement cannot be both true and false the same time the same sense. It also can be expanded to say that different statements cannot bid their country.

If one statement makes an understatement impossible. So if I were to say I'm the only person in my house right now there is no other person and downstairs. There is a person down stairs in my house. Then both statements, there is a person that answers my house and there are also no other persons in the house underneath that would be a contradiction because either one makes the other statement impossible for for the both be true. Okay with me. What I do when critics approach the Bible they will say like a contradiction also will define the contradiction as most people can't and so for example uses illustration, if there's a car accident and I usually say in a black and white car car white car and the police are interviewing witnesses and one person says I saw three people get out of the white car. Another person says I saw two people get out of the white car is not a contradiction is just difference in perspective. It's only what they saw. If one of them says ice. There were only two people in that white car, and other person says I saw three people get out, then it's a contradiction because the state only two major cannot be three or more so we are observing people say well it's a condition known as not sums as I saw two people got a card that was as I saw three letter contradiction.

Technically what it is is just one person didn't see the third person in the car. That's all this Aminah want three. If he says there were only two. That's when we have a problem because it makes right. Three. Impossible.

So that's what a contradiction is okay okay I you Christian I wanted about that. Okay, I caught a couple times before so okay good and yeah I like to talk about these kind of things with unbelievers because they like to cite the laws of logic and they like to say that certain things have contradictions in Scripture. Of course there aren't any and I asked them if they can justify reground the use of the law. The laws of logic and that's when the fun begins to our okay very good thinking that RMA goblins all right hey folks, what you call 877-207-2276 is good to Kyle from Savannah, Georgia Kyle, welcome you are on the user can now thank you for the manager. I really appreciate that a ministry have been been praying for you and and just the ministry that you have but I want to thank you Ivan wrestling end with me and over for Samuel 28 and just curious of the validity of the medium and was really what this really Samuel speaking to thought their was in the witch of Endor for symbol 28 is the issue there. And some people will say to familiar spirit, and that was imitating Sam doesn't appear to be the case because she is shocked and says hey you're Saul and the door a biotics you know and so and say this is why you bring me up here. What's the issue, don't you know them I can help you God sorta condemned you so doesn't look like it's a demonic anything people still wait a minute as an accounting of the witch of Endor not approving of it is just saying that the sometimes equipment happens is the main theory about this is that this woman was in contact with demonic forces and was familiar with these kinds of familiar spirits, demonic forces and when the real real McCoy came off she was shocked and so it seems be the case so it's not an endorsement of mediums God can use evil people in their sinful practices. He can use it for his glory.

This test Jesus was crucified by sinful people Jesus for his glory and sinful movements of salt to communicate with the meat through a medium to get the Samuel is under example and it backfired the later in an annual 12 it I believe it talks about David saying that he was killed by the ability back you know that that didn't Kill Dell films. Note will have been handed. Saul had been wounded and so he was. He said was servant you don't trust me through, and the servant wouldn't do it.

So he fell on his own sword and the servant fell on his sword as well so it's like saying you know you know I designed the house and arranged them the carpenters and the framers and electricians and they did all the physical work, but I can say I built that house.

So there's ways of speaking which not to be taken literally, because the Philistines did tell him in that sense in that war.

They will get him.

He's dying. He just finished himself off. Technically, the Philistines and Kellan with generically yeah they did and he just finished it off and let me know that this was going on because I was trying to give you attachment Deuteronomy.

The light path did not come out going down rabbit trail and now glad that it's mostly pretty simple lifetime. People think the doctrinal statement everything said his doctrinal statement, like a whole lot and hold in their fictional character invented by God will real people to there's fiction in the Scriptures as well and there is hyperbole exaggeration poetry through song.

There's narration there's parables, and are to be understood in different ways to look at historical narrative. This is what this is. We understand historical narrative as they would speak don't sound stimulus at war or so was at war with them and they will get him here is mortal won't so they tell him yes and no defense.

I can look at that. That's always going on, something would speak like that. I heard on a previous show outback where you are maybe alluding to where the Catholics made intercession or how you can speak to the dead Catholics. The Catholics really scratch the word of God to make it fit with what I've heard something that stuck you don't want asking you drive a car you live in my state, no okay good because you did live in my state element you're not on the road, when you are. If that's all you think because some serious it's like coming a break if they take one slight possible meaning that something then drive a truck load of Catholic doctrine through it for solutions.

I see we were right all time.

Anyway, okay big man will God bless you. All right, thanks for the prayers.

All right, that was Kyle from Savannah Georgia folks are going to McCall.

We have three open lines 77207227 boys from North Carolina among the Jewish and end time was question was, let's get we have for collecting McCall folks, okay, we have the African was 877-207-2276 Rod from Des Moines. I will Rod welcome you on the I don't know 1025 through April were born two sons. The name of the one was for in his day was divided talk about their could be that I have read it for long time started it, but it could be that they like Linda a long time & the probably speaking of tower that enable us and I would think's going on top my head okay I just know something are you? Just curious corn. I know that part of an oxymoron but the reason I ask is because sometimes critics of crochet will call up the quick question like you to select and I don't I don't get it. I don't know what I thought got a sham.

Both therefore open lines in the call 8777 mass Y call 770-7276 is Matt's leg back to show everyone what you McCall or open lines 87720722762 Lori from Nevada, Lori, welcome hi Mike America equation we need to be reduced as a world power will we could either way, it's like a false dichotomy to save or must we be reduced. That I believe that was can happen is the Bible says that every nation will be gathered against Israel. That includes America and was probably the reason for that is because we have the liberal wacko leftists who work just to know more and they're trying to destroy this country we have funeral Marxism and socialism. So America can't survive like this so it could be that America is going to implode or it could be that it's become so liberal and you get these haters of God in Israel in their power. They just reject Israel and then they join with the world and attack Israel.

At the end so that if were still around.

Have had a civil war may break up in the small nations who know the average age of a nation is right around 200 years before something major happens. Work speak overdue.

Your 20 McCall folks 877-207-2276 Lori Stiller I'm not hearing what you did hear you leave your phone on the show is very very clear on the Internet on Facebook really headphones on. So I can hear it but I like it can't hear you comment on the thread. Everybody here, here which basically were coming to America, the Missy first a little talk with a little bit you have McCall's link.

What's Facebook account you listing on because of the focus to trying to troubleshooting the clam faceplate on the watch map click live 26 2020. Yet the it could be the Mets slick Facebook page the car and Facebook page. We have Christianity for a night nurse.

That's right will submittal that's handling on down I hear you well with them.

That's interesting what the problem is and was going on but that's kind of information I need to do some troubleshooting and the good so so much for your page. I just love it will go to retort for me. Good. That's what it's that got our go to my only two that I draft yes and the lease was that with me. There's, there's less articles but they have to be very theologically vetted to say that exactly.

I referred a friend of mine to your page regarding joint badly. She did not your problem not mine because she likes Joyce Meyer I would ask her. Did you read the articles and what you think of Joseph Joyce Meyer saying that demons were on Jesus and that God could be called gods just ask what you think of that and when she rejects the the of the faxes okay you rejecting the facts, you're doing just what Eve did in Genesis 3. See you later lever was something about you. I guess I can do it in the probably not because the guy was critical of somebody. This is a problem in the Christian church, the people are so emotionally committed to people they think the people are great to know they don't trust God's word is what it comes down to select all their public interpretation. We got that covered the right who thinks a lot.

Lori appreciated.

Thank you God bless. All right, let's get on the air with Lee from North Carolina.

We welcome your not all I really know it, but I got a question for your real beginning of the introduction you uphold, not on the other you want your or should know that the overall sure UFOs and sightings of UFOs are centuries old. Exact with those were because it could be tested like the you they are real. The question is what Harv itself, but there really do happen.

The every nation in the country in the world skews me has had experiences with some various pilots and etc. one of the vital people. If you really want to check out one of the best documented encounters is go to the web looking for things 1980s England American-based UFO and officers enlisted men of people in rate with radar. I mean, it was full vision, full view, many people, something was happening and we know that these things are real. What a lot of people don't know is that I say this. This is an interesting discussion but math relates to reality math can describe actuality.

So if I were to tell you that for $100 I will put your drawing your name into a drawing of a hat were the odds are one in 70,000 quadrillion would you like to put $100 in their you just look at me walk away while this because you know that you're stuck in a happy neck and went right in quadrillion been 16 zeros so math relates to actuality. When you look at Matthew look at deoxyribonucleic acid DNA and folding things and enzymes and proteins in the legal frequencies information distribution and copying and RNA all the stuff starting the stuff you find out that life can't form a chance just not possible and the mathematics art so far beyond plausibility. As far as the odds go just so far that most of petition to see execrable 20 humongous sleep fast.

It is I could talk, but it illustrated some time, but because of that, I don't believe that all life can evolve develop spontaneously any place the entire universe just cannot. And so what are these things well. People don't know they teach theology and I learned my first inclination of theological teachings of them obfuscating of UFOs secular psychologist who is doing rest research this enforcer and collecting my documentation for the article very well where he was doing hypnotherapy on people regression stuff like this and found out that a lot of abductees were recounting the same thing to this commonality, and though also found that they were teaching theology and the theology.

The teaching was Jesus is not God. Reincarnation is true and were all divine. He was astounded by this and he's not a Christian you wanted to know why that was the case and he couldn't determine why also know Christian one will come back please hold it right back after these messages for 17707 max Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave arrived back at the show if you can live 20 McCall 877-207-2276.

We are still there.

If I am okay just want to add a little bit. There's a lot more I could say but I've literally listen to hundreds and hundreds of hours and stuff of beautiful tapes things like that that that that article that that secular psychologist wrote that started me studying and there's a lot of other things to talk about but deftly seem to be a connection to the cult with UFOs.

As I said only one Christian is ever been documented as being inducted and that woman had to give her permission and they've also found out that when anybody cries out to Jesus during abduction and it goes bad things with the documents so these are the kind of facts that you don't hear about but there's a question. How is it that they have physical manifestations of the stagecraft.

That's an interesting question that some time for some theories about that as well and I told you once a good you have anything on your web that got know that I'm thinking about including it in my third fire get to my third novel in the and the influence series and putting it in their introducing an eccentric Christian who studies everything and bring this and through him.

I talked to a Christian you will follow. Just as member of the group of other you apologists and told my complete theory and he said that's what they think to be suited growing my research. They look at your demonic okay so what appreciate that manifestations right. Thank you for your time appreciate your ministry will thank you.

Pray for us we certainly needed. Okay okay bye-bye okay all right 20 McCall folks we have for open lines. All you do is dial 87720722764 Valencia McCall is good to Rita from North Carolina real welcome here. I got what you got about chapter 1929 the last day behind at the cultural norm of hospitality and reputation of a village city. That time was critically important because of the reputation was damaged. The economic stability that entire village, city, town could be destroyed because people would want having to do with so this is a underlying issue in Judges 19 we have people coming into the area and the then there taking care of right and so the take forgot his name's daughter and the ravage her and leave her for dead. And apparently she died and so he then father cut her up into 12 different pieces to send out to the different tribes of Israel is a shame as because of what happened in their own land area. What kind of normal thing that was no no okay Ellie I never have everything like that. A lot of times are just some cultural norms are underlying things were just not aware of. Nothing makes it right or wrong is just just how it was and so what you will look back at those and we have is called ethnocentricity will judge another culture by our own symbol. That's barbaric, maybe certain things were. Maybe what was but depending what it is so cutting her up and sending of the 12 tribes a strong message about what happened and would cause mild upper work in the entire country of Israel. And so it is more to it. I'm sure but that's the basics of okay you welcome Michael S all right 20 McCall if open lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Jeff from North Carolina. Jeff welcome your on here quite the Bible were wrapping who go after them saying one Britney David and work immediately entered in that you think you what month do know what Mike what went thinking immediately entered and selling go there with her quickly or entered into the exact verse exactly sure where that is. And that's a question that has been asked before you went over that is exactly no, I don't remember. I'm sorry.

I would listing my travel, met here this drug. I found it to and sing entered into Judas was called the Strickland number 12 is one of the places were I would like to read the exact verse and I don't have everything memorized, that's for sure. So girl can find it at any rate, so is in assist a sister, is not an uncommon question. It's that way is who's he speaking to and so I think is just talking to to Judas. What you must do so about our trip could then use addressing both at that moment, look at it to see if they use singular or plural, but you know just the natural that of an interesting family with singular talking to one and so that would be the issue we work that entered into him and that that what you might do going to court. While he says, then Satan then answered him. This immediately puts me send in John are noting that in non-Luke, you know it's okay and immediately you think is a version of it looks as if immediately so so he yeah that's right, no, now no one of those reclining at the table knew, for what purpose it said this to him.

So Ron is writing that he is saying it to Judas, there's the answer while the other that made me think that no one knew talking on and none of them got that you are right though it did make me think will maybe an outbreak of the year except John's commentary says there is no one of those reclining at the table knew, for what purpose it said this to him for some were supposing because Janice had the money that box that you twist sing to him by the think so.

They were assuming that here's a question I say this because they were assuming that Jesus was talking to Judas doesn't mean he was talking to Judas, Kentucky missing were still some room for turgor, but I think you're not really really really that's because you're so smart and humble that's good.

Okay I you two goblins all right list on the phones with nine Nino Regina from Salt Lake City. Welcome you on here. I we got with some Mary is thought about this whole and you all right both you right back after these messages is the man's Y call 770727 charismatic slave show nine or Nino – with which Windows from select filter how to pronounce your name Nina okay alright so this pastor gave you what I found. It might not know we not worked out so I went back how I can get a bail out department decree paper where you get kind of naming that if people find all my heart I know I do you.

That's confusing if you're married adjust of the justice of the peace or in the church you're married, it's real is finding marriage. Marriage is a covenant between two more people before God and before community each other to the commissary commitment that marriage is next reported marriage distance refer weeks ago and this we went through this. What would happen has to happen so you know so that you him to sit here writing you I think divorce does make sense. I did you get married just as the peace now when you're married okay and you know I don't know what it is.

The situation was with her divorce and not talk about that, but nevertheless I would say that you better if I were you I would contact a lawyer of some sort and find out what needs be done because you don't want to come by you in the rear. Later on I think I've worked out, but where light actually talking and trying to help me on think her work out okay and profit I went. Drug problem and now I'm trying which made it a little hard and you know I meet my you what you do is go to the elders of the church. This is complicated and you talk on the CDs do you need to go to the elders because there's all kind of questions but with degrees abandonment. What kind of circumstances, was this. What's that and we just can't get into the radio and the time and I can't give legal advice on the qualified but I can say this that that you need to talk to the elders of your local church and spent some time with them and they need to help you work through these things and you do not know me a lot of variables I would like him to say go to the elders talk with the elders and you may have to get a lawyer and just an interview.

The lawyer may cost a little bit and severe circumstances when we do okay.

I like the part where you say this once and go to the elders of your church bell: you need to find a church need to talk yields the church and/or you talk to a lawyer. Okay, I know I don't want to well but I'm not like you said I need to talk to the elders of the church.

Finding a good church Tri-County Chapel try some that the church is good, some Presbyterian was a good most coverage apples are good eagerly cover chaplain sonic city. I've been there several times you good people there going ask where in Salt Lake City yes it's on the west side of the freeway. The 15 garden just cover chaplain sonic city okay chiropractic right that's right so you need to talk to the elders Lord to okay right goblins all right list on the phones with Steve from Utah Lexi divorcing finance that Steve welcoming on here all right early four years you're talking the other about resurrected body thrived and think about what stripes we are healed right through the blogging will talk about their next action figure 2 $0.24 wounds are healed. And that's a different it's kind of interesting topic with that means good is reference edifies a 53 so the suffering servant, and some people misuse that person think that is talking about can't be sick anymore.

Things like that is not but did you have a question or request resurrected body that had been cold and or risk and cyan spirit spirit side you will very garden start subscription.

But we wouldn't, we wouldn't say scores because scores means that his wounds have healed.

Now it's possible the glorified body that there can be a healing of the wound like that. I don't know I'm missing. I don't know if your scars are not because after his resurrection he had holes and so that as a regular slot showed up like almost all you do it.

Absolutely not ordinary.

You didn't do it actually says Jesus is put your hand here do this record of him actually doing it. This is a technicality but there there are blogging well work well with garlic steel bars scars mean that it healed.

He didn't have time for it to heal, he was crucified and died so okay, so he knew what ever he retained the thought of playing… You start Yahoo I say scores of his Bible doesn't say scores so I would have to do is I will. I say this, he had holes in his feet holes in his hand holes in the side.

His back was ripped open his bird peers plucked from his face.

This is him after the resurrection they had trouble recognizing him.

24 when he was not on the road to Emmaus with them that need all the other work start start logging wounds were not logging were not that I sure where I need to start sure. Why wouldn't my conclusion is that because he retained the holes in his wrist holes in the side that those are part of the crucifixion process and that the wounds of his back and being beaten and the beard plucked from his face as the Bible says that makes sense to say he retained all of that.

Okay for us to look it up far as I go. That's what I hold to Ike I will die not tell, but I hold to that, since in the glorified body. Those wounds were retained.

I'm going to continue to say that there still there, but I could be wrong because the Bible doesn't tell us that states if anything sealed up healed up.

This is an say so I don't know but in the glorified body, it is raised and it is sown in dishonor is raised in honor and glory, so that was the glorified body that Jesus had retained crucifixion wounds.

So my conclusion is still retaining those wounds that this is my opinion though. We are glorified body.

We would retain some from I don't have your symbolic group was well not it was not symbolic. He really did dine across really did physically rise and really did retain this crucifixion… I believe I but I don't wondered what I don't know to what extent we will retain whatever our body is such in the resurrection. The Bible doesn't tell us, and I can't tell you because of okay well I a little there. All right you're thinking. I do that a lot real will probably go back with some other weird. I like weird questions… I've got a lot a lovely yard work. I appreciate your your candor and think things not appreciated okay, got arrested, goblins.

All right, let's get to Dave from Iowa.

Dave welcome you on the mat.

I think your call earlier about the story with the body being strapped up to 12 people and it reminded me I just put it.

I put birth on Facebook every day, mean guy and then fly got control now guy thank you Dave why the Bible not getting cold out. I met Sid name of a Bible verse. Psalm 130 798 either – 50 and I've never hurt me not to ever come across.

If I looked at a couple different translations like okay you know any save every other almost anytime the written article on this once Islamist Bill speak about killing children. First of all, it is a state was done. Second, the context is that they were under incredible persecution and he's just so when theory is he just citing his anger and his condemnation and he says this is the psalmist and this was called imprecatory Psalm. A Psalm of condemnation and judgment against the evil people because he is in exile and probably witnessed incredible atrocities against his own pick people. Babies included and he was getting it back to them in song and that's what's going on. He doesn't say it never occurred. All right. Just saying.

This article on caramel. Why does a Psalm okay okay I got was a photo at a time in the Lord bless you and by his grace back on the air on Monday and I hope you will bless

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