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July 2, 2020 5:30 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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July 2, 2020 5:30 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Are their false teachers today, like those mentioned in Matthew 7-15- Do you think any of them are possessed---2- What's your opinion on emotional, concert-like worship in churches- --3- What would happen to a believer if they were to commit suicide---4- What is the gospel of the kingdom mentioned in Matthew 4---5- What exactly are demons- Is it the same thing as a familiar spirit- Does more demonic activity mean that the return of Christ is near---6- How would you define praise-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Nats like shelf mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine a lot happening in your country under a call and we talk about some of that or if you are interested only to do was recall about the theological biblical Christian kind of stuff below pantry questions to be doing it for long time.

So if you're interested in that we have five open lines of things nobody's waiting right now. So what you call 87720722762276 spell see ARM on your dial kind of work. The Christian apologetics and research ministry and the club is letting us know that working on a new website and that there is so much to do and I can prep stuff before even if you will help us so you don't just prefer that it's a lot of work. That's what it is what is done, you have a brand-new site is going look great function. Great have all kind of new bells and whistles ready and go to the schools videos.

It'll be great.

So what is trust in God to provide and undergo. We have three open lines which open lines 877-207-2276 and that we have three of three schools. If you are interested in learning your theology learning apologetics. You can check about the fact you don't ever know that I ask people who Artie taken the school signed up going through them to call up and tell us what you think about if you learn that they were helpful. You do that if you want, but Doug information for that is on the karma homepages go to see and the patient just sent it on my schools will check it out all right. This gone there with Benjamin from Charlotte, North Carolina Benjamin and Jan they are met when you are you today Mr. slick, you know, I can even know was my name. It just never said you know, Mr./Dick all your just it sounds. I still every now there still shocks me with the look they Mr. slick what oh yeah that's right, it's me. So this copy of guard. There is that it should perfectly okay I know I'm back in right right when he got back. Matthew 15 beware of all the prophets would come in sheep clothing emulator rabbinate will but without naming names, any client clothing that will operate any of our mega church is currently in the United States. Yes, because Copeland Hagan passed away because Copan is one of them. Joyce Meyer has some serious issues he teaches. Some bad stuff some heretical stuffings repent TD Jakes we have.

I'm not convinced he's affirming the dock of the Trinity. People like that there. There's others and you don't mess morning and be wary of Internet wolves might be puppies puppy wolves in sheep clothing and there's something definitely bad teachers out there. And I like that we approach the end time. They're going to get will my correct you, and I teach was called the press college he but on the other hand, everything about this because because of the Bible says that, just because you cited signs of the entitlement read what the Bible says are some of things a little really quickly only comment about I think it's important, and this is just a summation you go to Carmen look up learn the signs of the end times, false Christ, false prophets or persecution of the faithful will into it will happen a lot apostasy, lawlessness, earthquakes, famine, plagues increase in selfish lovers of self, money, pleasure, arrogant mocking of Christ increasing in knowledge rise of spiritism. The decay of marriage.

False teaching will be arrived at. The gospel will be preached that's good signs in heaven sent stuff not to think a lot about this because of the present situation and on the side trick question.

But you don't. We do as Christians have a great deal of power we have access to the storm of God.

We do not know what the plans of God are with the timeline is. But I know this if we Christians were to humble ourselves get on her knees and seek for personal repentance first and then repentance within our local body of Christ and repentance of the church of God as a whole as whole and ask God to raise up people that we could support in prayer and financially, who can then push forward the truths of Christianity within our anti-Christian community anti-Christian America.

We can do it, and it can happen, but the ice were to say that I'm aptly convinced that the way you get a question so sorry to took that over little bit to no no wonder today that got that Scripture talk about yeah there are facts.

I have a list of the section on Carmen called preachers and teachers which I just not gotten able to fill in very much but there are Stephen Frick, for example, he I don't trust and Billy Graham started saying some bad things at the end, but unite whatever Jesse Morel is a false teacher, Rick Warren has some really bad stuff that he has said and the reason the Ravi Zacharias just passed away.

Unfortunately, he did so much good for the Christian faith, he was affirming the validity of Catholicism and stuff like that to me is apparent we can, not as an example from Roman Catholicism and its damnable heresies in the fact that Christians do this inside with the enemy of the gospel is a sign of apostasy. But you know it when I say these kind of things people think I'm I know they do think I'm just way too judgmental will. The fact is, they just don't know enough about God's work. I do believe nothing about God's work.

That's all this is not my problem. Being judgmental is there proper big ignorant of God's word is hard as that is to hear it's the truth because the Bible says certain things and the more you know the word of God, the more you realize false teachers about and Jesus prophesied that it will occur. False prophets will arise that Joseph Smith and Mormonism Charles Russell and Jehovah's Witnesses may have LNG white and Seventh-day Adventist Falcons Copeland is just laughably ignorant and enters Marilyn Hickey and the energy some you know a Fred Price. It is due to their positive confession teachers who have taught heresies the fact that we have. For example, another false teacher is the guy who wrote the shack I ever heard of the book, but it about eight years ago or so it was extremely popular.

Everybody was reading it and it was just full of heresies and they made a movie out of it but you just hit the all the Christians are just eating it up and it was full of Antichrist theology, but people just don't know enough to know what the truth is anymore and I lay that responsibility defeat of the pastors and teachers were not equipping the Christians for the patterns noted were not Christian. Equipping the Christians for the work of ministry. Seem to be know you were to hammer time things.

Not prepping for hammock time will mega church here locally and out something that I experience it was really collective. Interesting. Not during the great workshop. It would. I got emotional cry and the whole thing with the youth conquered and looking back at that. I really thought really Kennywood That that your movement up something else and I would like to get your take on mega churches that have the Glock concert that everything is just all that you could pick up your credit. But now the 40 what you think I experience what he think that is about cellulite okay the ministry the Holy Spirit is to bear witness of Jesus Christ. John 1426 and 1526. The Holy Spirit comes upon you, he will bear witness of Christ. That's what his ministry is, but also and John 16, eight when he comes, he will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment concerning sin, because they don't believe in me because I was concerning righteous because I go to the father and you no longer see me concerning judgment because a rule this world has already been judged so the work of the Holy Spirit is not just get you emotional the world work of the Holy Spirit is to convict you of your sin and point you to Christ that is the basics so if you're there, you're crying. There can be a legitimate sense of adoration of God where you worship and you feel just worshipful and you can wait. I don't have a problem with that.

I just think that's fine in the Psalms talks about various forms of worship and to God, and a lot of are very emotional and that's fine if were going because he wanted a motion again this that's a form of idolatry. We should go to worship because when worship God and if he blesses us with conviction or with the glory of his presence and we weep in his presence. That's fine. Knowing it is was difficult and so I can't judge your experience anymore than you can judge mine and listen to Christian music before just listened and worshiped and end up describing because I'm thinking of my Lord.

I frequently cry whenever I speak of Christ's crucifixion, humiliation, what goes in a just touches me was that they had no it's not, but I'm going I want to go to church to get that emotion again.

That's a problem and selected can be careful and character.

Speaking speaking all doctrine still have that component. I got got the boots and environment have not been taught later and there are actually atheist pastors right now who will not disclose that there are atheists. They do believe in God anymore.

There's actually group of them submitted the research on them, they won't say who they are because a loser jobs their security so can can God be worshiped with an atheist pastor by the congregation and the ministry of music. Yes. Can a true sermon be preached, yes, if that atheist pastor did a baptism is a baptism valid. The answers yes that validity is nothing upon the man but one God and so gathers these variables and their and this is not easy to get through but unfortunately but were sitting in churches. The desire for experience and you know and I and you and soon I believe in all the charismatic gifts and my conversion experience was incredibly emotional.

It was phenomenally emotional, weeping and just crying beyond my ability to express ideas was so much I could even weep enough to be in the presence of God. But I even checked etiquette. Scripture, when we when we look to experience. As the goal then were committing sin. Genesis 36 it says when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, so she was looking at what she sees and perceives that was a delight to the eyes is appealing to what she wants and sees was desirable to make one wise, she took from its fruit and ate. So desires and wants things that what we design more regular mass like why call 77077 charismatic slave driver. Look back to the show with Québec, Charlotte, North Carolina been your back on here you go. Everyone you did mention regarding doctrine you think any of them any of them are that Bella talked about you know people like merely being by demographic I know when you said that Luna could come to mind is Kenneth Colton that I because I see him do some weird stuff but I don't know if he is just whacked, but I would say there possessed.

I think there's a demonic influence of a lot of them. I do okay but would typically like they're basically double guard theater telling important thing that they're basically acting on the bar and I'll let her know what you know. I don't know there's there's always a demonic influence against pastors. Now, to what extent of the successful so when you have someone teaching that Jesus became or he died in and went to hell and suffer in hell for three days that that's demonic teaching or that the Roman Catholic Church is just a branch of Christianity. That's also demonic teaching people to know that Catholicism is not telepathic of my goodness had no idea. But there is stuff like that you know and if you think of Kenneth Copeland blowing away a hurricane or not blindly covalent. That video on you know it's like a cabbie getting me just so lame. So I get video do not literally put that but demonic preaching.

There gotta be a demonic influence.the Greek, but you gotta be some sort of connection will there is a connection but the thing is when recalling a connection I mean is it that they read a book that was written by someone who was bad in a believing what was in there or is actually demonic influence over them because are not saved. I don't know you know so when we say that it opens it wide open to different meanings with. That means a connection so I got to know. But you know you people I see, will not, you're the one who is so is demonically possessed no okay fine you know Shelby from Scripture and in what I try and do the best of my ability is just to see what it was God's word say no like yesterday was teaching on election predestination because someone called a finance and I'm reading the Scriptures and this is what the Bible says in Ephesians 145 and in Romans nine 9023 just going through and so many Christians just don't want to believe it. I don't want to believe in God's Word really says with her. So many Christians want to just her feelings and her ears to Colton and stuff like that instead of getting the word of God. All it that doesn't stop just Christians. It goes into the pastorate. There a lot of pastors who were not qualified to be pastors.

There's a lot of apostasy in the Christian church. You wouldn't pastors and elders.

The acceptance of homosexuality the unit. In my opinion this is my opinion that when a pastor gets up and opens up with a five or 10 minute long story first sermon that to me as it is apostasy to me is just to me like I want to hear some stinking story open up the word of God. It's what's inspired as you got a quick illustration you know little bit that okay but we want the word of God to be the substance, not an illustration in this to me convinced it convinces me that people who do that don't believe in the power of the word of God and the inspiration of the word of God.

Open it up, preach it, let it do its job and use illustrations that supports and make clear some difficult errors in Scripture. Indeed, the word of God and plead with the people to believe the work don't go looking almost all yeah his whole letter you why went to his church want to check it out. I have video of the laser kind of rock concert kind of a thing that and I left feeling really good and it was a problem. I felt good, but there was no substance to what was being taught. None. It was milked allegedly all the goat I watched only thing for 50 minutes might eat.

I literally felt like I'll get it we get this I'll say this because you just brought it back.

My wife and I would live here in Idaho and not 17 or so years ago we drove up here and she flew. I drove and we checked out the area and we were in a hotel and were checking things out and she comes out of the bathroom and the hotel. Because I'm yelling at the TV and she goes, what was wrong. I said this guy on TV's plea to initiate she is okay she was back in the data. This is me ranting it all because what I do. It was Jolo state first met or heard of the guy yelling at the Chile. This guy like us. Okay, it's my husband going off the wall again and know some heresy. She's is so used with only got you don't know you better eat good looking guy you talk.

Inspirational speak to Doug about overcoming it like it gets her to the Lord.

Of course it can get you because people don't trust the word of God and they don't check the people who preach it against the word of God. This is why I give Scripture to what I say to people if you don't like it. Take that verse out of your Bible because that's what it says I'll quote it to people like title teach people something they don't know I'm quoting Scripture and also don't agree with that. Okay, this is no people gather teachers of the cell to tickle their ears. This is one of the things that is prophesied in the Bible it only tickle their ears completely thieving little, I want you know, for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine that wanted to have their ears tickled, it will cheerfully for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires and will turn away their ears from the truth, and will turn aside to myths. This would assess in second Timothy four verses three and four, you know, I've been told I'm a gunslinger with the Bible that one guy told me and that I just aim and you know some people say ready fire aim and sums a ready aim fire on the wood when I am but I know what the word of God says but I know the power of the word of God that I know what Christian do think the author rears in the pastors and teachers, and starts preaching to the power of God's word.

While they are on their knees learning how to preach and teach that power of that word will tell you the congregation gets excited as much as the pastor gets excited or gets nullified the main word and making up to vilify is nullified as the pastor just preaches okay let's turn to John three look at this word is also nice. Oh, by the way, I have an illustration. It'll take 17 minutes know you so I pointed out we need from Berkeley could with what going on right now.

I truly back from illiterate people. People are getting pummeled in the Miller Street elderly. They're getting knocked out demonic. We need to call the power impacted their agar cricket cricket MEGA churches and smokers across you and I would be best friends. If we were living there so I could tell your Mike I got your obviously good-looking and humbly indicate where the same page. That's right. Now this a good looking humble like me that's like always, I hope to document the project. Well, that's because there's an ugly filter on the computer and the it does wonders you pay extra for that look like been mothballed by pack a large dog right my wife's what is good luck everybody is already here think it will focus on a Monday 77207 mass Y call 77077 from Iowa up to the right man will writing in a way to go but what happened a believer they died that one might think about nothing in the Bible says suicide get you to hell and not condoning suicide but talk about an percent or 31 where Saul fell on his own sword along with the servant to fill his own sword and so we know that is talked about the Bible we know this kind of thing happens but it's it it's a very difficult topic to to to discuss now. I believe in the eternal security of the believer that Christ will lose non-John 637 to 40 all the fog is given me of them, I will lose non-says that's what he says. I believe Jesus does the will of father is and I believe that when this person commit suicide if there truly Christian thing to go to heaven but they will have a loss of reward it's it's a great sin. It's a form of self murder and you had to do with the issues of home. What about we do with someone who is so an incredible pain and is located to have medically assisted suicide we do there. Well, I take Medicaid them children conscious and they can take this course. But then would he do about prolonged torture and you have the information that you can get on the regiment and theater soldier friends in a big torture to get information or our code killed lots of people and you kill yourself to not be altered so you don't endanger anybody else.

Is that okay you will have seen so to sacrifice you for your and so you know it. It is not a black and white thing each of the possibilities has fragmented options within it did with chemical imbalance, depression, and what about accidental suicide with you something so stupid. Yet you cut yourself and oh so believer true believer. They went ahead and know that the reason that they could no longer wanted to be alive. I mean, I guess I'm confused about how can you tell if they were truly a believer when you say if they are truly a believer and they do this, then the question has to include the the fact in this in the scenario that's true believer within the state.

Is he a true believer conducts what you just said. A true believer so big you what you're asking ultimately is if some of commit suicide are they a true believer and that's the thing you're asking. And so we have. We don't know some people commit suicide were not Christians and some who are Christians.

The question then becomes the loser salvation well I just don't believe it loser salvation because of what Jesus said in John 637 to 40. I just know he says not to lose any and our salvation is not depend upon our goodness or faithfulness to law or intention of hearts over what we do or don't do nothing.

It's okay to send people who criticize his position say Lily can send murder and I know they think exclude or they fail to include in the issue. The whole thing called regeneration in the change in the survey new creature significance by 17 talks about that again. John three so this is not an easy topic and it when I talk about it because what they mean when you got a lot of reward. Yes, we will have rewards and loss of rewards in heaven for how we are as Christians here on earth.

People don't know that, but it is true and so if God gives you the ability for public speaking and you never use it for the glory of God is a problem with he gives you the ability to make lots of money in your millionaire you don't use any of it for the glory of God. Except maybe you've typed $10 a week at your church.

That is to be loss of your work ethic of certain amounts make a difference is just the intention is God has given us certain abilities and talents. We need to use them all for the glory of God, so that means that I can be careful when I say this I don't want people think you have to be doing my kind of work or casters kind of work missionaries no raising children for the glory of God is is great and it's part of the gifting that God is given to parents particular women moms were so awesome.

I was so to raise children for the glory of God is to do that very thing we have gifting's are using for God's glory.

So if there's a wide variety of things will be dizzy to have in our attitude in our hearts.

How can I serve God with what he's allowed me to have what can I do and that's it. The Bible you know storing up your reward in heaven look at topically be better than spending it started a lip about I get that. But what else could we possibly need up there just Bible to says rewards and loss rewards. I do know maybe maybe it means you can go to five galaxies would set a three. I don't know if this meets closer to God.

Then somebody else I don't know I just says rewards like you are okay with what he says and that's that's what he says and personally I don't understand how anybody who's a Christian can't to be seeking to live for the Lord Jesus Christ and everything he does or she does. I don't understand how people can do that. I know I'm a mechanic friend and name Tim is a great guy.

He he works for a company and locally here and he's honest in what he does is he doesn't overcharge anybody and he tells you the truth is he's doing that for the glory of God and trust in this is the kind of thing that we have to understand you know if the glory godly to be people of integrity, to be honest, to not steal to not mislead and these are the talents also that we have the ability to have intention emotions to speak all of these are gifts from God. How are we using everybody's gift from God and the one thing I want to add is it's not how great the tool. This is how great the hand is that uses the tool so like an illustration I have.

I have a three daughters.

My middle daughter can take a pencil and she can draw a person's face so well you think it was a photograph black-and-white photograph seriously. She is that good. I can take the exact same pencil and I could barely scribble out a stick figure and is no joke. I have no drawing ability. Okay, so the same tool is has different accomplishments in the hands of a master in the hands of the Masters Lord God himself and for any of us who is a simple black and white little pencil liquid he can draw without liquid God can do with it and we have to yield ourselves if we do that will happen is across the country.

If Christians have this attitude of yielding their hearts and your minds or bodies emotions prayer life to God. Take care where it is you want me to go to what you want me to do what I want to do it.

Just use me put upon my heart. If all Christians started praying this the spirit of God would speak to all the Christians because what does God want to make disciples of all nations to pick up your cross and follow after him to love God and love your neighbor these things which are revealed in Scripture that God wants these kind of things and others will be put upon our hearts across the country and we was heard moving as a whole, and we could take her eyes but can't do that if you have your eyes on.

I need a better car.

I need to better health and a better bank account is. I am a child of God, and I deserve the best kind of stuff is blinds us from hearing God and sing God bless. Alright let's go Ms. Stephanie from Indiana Stephanie, thanks for the long wait. Sorry about that. We got an order and not finding it. I don't know it at right now that yes I have written an article in the kingdom of God in the kingdom of Christ, and I believe that that's I did of the analysis on that can remember as I go. The kingdom of the get the gospel of the kingdom is Matthew 423 got my notes here and I correctly the visit to future or if there's a future arrival of the kingdom.

There's a gospel of the kingdom and seek God's kingdom. First, what is it gospel. The gospel is by definition the good, the good news Lynn galea breaks hold on both 07 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back Stephanie are you still there are rights with the gospel to kingdom of God. The kingdom of God. Basically just a good is the idea that the issue the teaching of what God is doing in Christ, his sovereignty, his greatness is forgiveness is love is rain his rule because kingdom deals with that and the good news is that the gospel is the gospel is the Greek word Lynn galea and means the good news so the good news of the kingdom of God is that what's coming and what is here in Christ and the benefit of what we have for him is coming from him and through him today and in the future.

The kingdom of God. Okay, now I let it out or went, they were understanding him when he speaking of the kingdom of God. God is the King because Jesus has three offices, prophet, priest and king. But the idea of God being in control. The sovereign Lord the Sovereign King one who's in control. The one who is our deliver. The Jews would've understood this generically and so Jesus speaking the gospel of the kingdom and the book of Matthew speaks of the Jews, so talk with the good news of the kingdom is doing is prepping the hearts of the mind of the hearers to be ready to some degree to understand and receive the true gospel of Christ, because the gospel of the kingdom is a kind of a preparatory thing for the gospel of Jesus which is which makes the kingdom of God possible back step a little bit understand that the gospel of the kingdom and any benefit we received like from God in any way shape or form better past present future before the cross after the cross before salvation after salvation is only possible because of what Jesus did on the cross when he died. So even though he had not yet died. At that point, the gospel, the kingdom of God is possible because of what Christ was good and it was just part and parcel. We call this in theology, the now and the not yet not yet happened but is spoken of as though it was now because it's so sure.

In God's economy in God's ordination and predestination and and work. This can occur. Okay, I am. I think marking okay will thank you very much Stephanie would really appreciate that the great deal of work that I go through its incredible amount and not wanting its privilege but especially for can't work out at that phrase God deserves a glory. Amen. All right, Stephanie all night. God bless. This could to Kim from North Carolina, Kim, welcome you on the air thoughtfully about the money. If anything, and that bad about that.

The more demonic. They are close to find that heat may be returned. True more demonic activity and more surprises spiritism. Please understand this defined term. Some people think we don't know for sure, but there seems be some supporting evidence for that demons are the released souls spiritually call it of the naphthalene during the flood as if there's a theory about this because of interesting support for another theory, but demons are just the type of fallen Angel and having the case sought, but the Bible doesn't say so we can't say for sure know a familiar spirit is a demonic force to bliss use demonic forces that really bad spiritual side of things.

All the demons fallen Angels all that it it safe demonic force that imitates a long-lost one so that you think that aunt Martha is really talking to you and solicit familiar spirit is Mitchell. Those were familiar to you. Okay so what we see in my with Debbie if I could. Yes, I guess it could be it could be with these possibility, a sign which means one of many.

So is it a possibility could be one of the signs of his coming.

Absolutely yes. So as we get the question you asked. We lasted necessitates affirmative answer so we don't know when Christ is going come back but the guy does talk about an increase in demonic activity and we see this, for example, in the rise of Mormonism and the rise of Jehovah's Witnesses.

The rise of Christian science. We see it in the increasing proliferation of Islam. The heresies of the Roman Catholic Church. We see it in side the Protestant arena with so many people teaching heresies and there's a lot more to say about that.

I want documentation before he starts naming names inside Protestantism, but I do that for a few months while getting the new site ready so it's it's deftly a sign of the end as the increase in lawlessness is is on its way. As my process assigned to the end and infected about my article on karma about that and seal suck in it and down there it's estimate to find them a read you bring it breathing the phone okay, let's see. Jesus says in Matthew 24. Yet, this is what's really interesting to read a few things here, which I think are worth going over Matthew 24 three through 12 tell us one with these things will happen and what will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age. And Jesus says in verse five. Many will come in my name saying I'm the Christ will mislead many there be wars and rumors of wars verse six and verse seven says nation will rise against nation, and along with famines and earthquakes.

Verse nine deliver you to tribulation and you'll be hated by all nations because of my name. This is that the believers many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another will fall away from what the truth it looks like many false prophets will arise will deceive many Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science, let's see verse 12 because lawlessness is increase in people's love will grow cold. So these are just some of the things that the Bible says, along with the sense of infertility for 1 to 3 with the Spirit explicitly says in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons by means of the hypocrisy of liars know that's what I see on TV today. The hypocrisy of liars on the left seared in their own conscience.

That's why CS the left with a branding iron men who for and then they go on but they basically do forbid marriage did Orthodox marriage. You don't just just the inmate.

Many forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from food with God is created to be gratefully shared in those by etc. second Timothy 3125.

To realize this in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant violators, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God that's in the Christian church a lot holding to a form of godliness is love preacher teachers, although they have denied its power avoid such ministries and then of course, second Timothy 343 and for the time will come when they will not endow or endure sound doctrine that wanted to have their ears tickled negligently for themselves teachers in accordance with one desires and look check this out. Second Peter three verses three and four.

Know this, that, first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their loss. The sink where is the promise of his coming for ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was the beginning of creation is called beautiful materialism. The people will mock the things of God mock Christ himself in a mockery of that is using Lord's name in vain. I see this all the time on TV with a great increase on the current all the time is increasing and even Christians are using Lord's name in vain because it hurt so much from TV CO geode to say things like that are not in reverential address to the Lord there just using his name in vain and then realize a foretaste participating in a mocking of his name so only one more June 17 and 19 through 19. But you, beloved, to remember the words that were spoken beforehand by the apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ, that they were saying to you and the last time the will be mockers following after their own ungodly lusts. These are the ones who cause divisions worldly minded devoid of the spirit and there's so much more. So the thing is I'm not trying to depress people talk about this, but this is what the Bible says if you don't like it or not my problem but on the other hand we have the power of God because we are children of God that we have the power to know I want a new car on the claimant not that kind of idiocy. Jesus said, you know, if you pray this mountain to be moved now.

That means we have access to the Lord God himself through the blood of Jesus Christ in the midst of the storm of ungodliness that is in our world. Every Christian should be resting in his security in the hope of the Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that the great master, our Lord and Savior can direct our paths can direct our steps are words and even our intentions so that we can be used of him in this great time this time of distress and few people know this often. In times of distress. People turn to God, and they cry out to God, all the more reason for the Christians to be praying in the equipped by God, so that they can be used by God to us. Give that gospel that more and more the time of evangelism at time of speaking the truth that we could okay bless you little more color. The good of the call.

Okay God bless buddy right around it.

God bless. Let's get to Greg from North Carolina grade welcoming on the year and I thought I was just wondering… My God make it quick though praise at almost 1 or what you are.

The band or the firm and not a now people take it as being that the NNN upgrade praise and worship is the Internet entertainment to be entertained like that to some like that when I would do is read Psalm 100 which we don't have time now say Psalm 100 and I preach that Psalm before it's a quick Psalm and this is what it says shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth. Serve the Lord with gladness. Come before him with joyful singing, know that the Lord himself is God. This is part of our prayer and worship and adoration that very thing we need to be focusing on that kind of praise enter his gates with thanksgiving. We think the Lord would praise the Lord would lift our hands up, we shout joyfully to the Lord. This is what it means to praise him. In Psalm 100 is just one of the many salted talks about this kind of thing real quick, John, and want to break the show call back tomorrow. My Greg North Carolina

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