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July 2, 2020 1:27 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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July 2, 2020 1:27 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Before taking calls, Matt opens the show by talking about moral relativism and Christian persecution. Questions then include---1- Are the BLM rioters Marxists- Is there a deeper agenda going on---2- How do I know if I am of the elect---3- Discussion on the need for the gospel, prayer, and healthy churches to turn back our country--4- If someone is trying to follow the holy spirit to the best of their ability but is Mormon rather than Christian, where do they stand---5- Discussion with a Mormon caller about doctrine and the gospel

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The previously recorded nets like show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive for you have questions of our Bible doctrines max Y rises and calls and respond to your questions back to the show. Spammers: time and the Lord bless you in the show today so hopefully all you do is give McCall we have five open lines 877-207-2276 and got all kinds of talk about if you call that is if you want to watch the show.

You can so easily do what you do is go to carbureted/Radio One and you can listen on the stations but also the homepage we have the links just washed a big deal to sit here and but we do have chat rooms or people get in the chat and ask questions during the show and Charlie before the Mononoke for 40 some odd years he he governs the room he put in links and good interaction there. So if that sounds interesting of sounds like something you want to participate in all you do is go to the website. See and just look for the Mrs. Messick live radio and will have the show the face or the Facebook and stuff you watch too all right and again five open lines 877-207-2276 and I just let you know we have three of the lighthouse, three schools school of theology school apologetics is called critical thinking folks. I have a passion my heart to equip the body of Christ. I've always loved to study doctrine and doctrine to tell you I learned my doctor on the streets did not affect Charlie.

The guys in the room and he and I we started a sloppy ministry together back in 1980 and we didn't have much we just put up a table with some rocks to hold down some tracks single little table 3 x 3 pedal folding table that kind of thing and we didn't care we just wanted to see what would happen. We have so many things happen out there to swap meets and another guy joined us name Dave no day for 40 years and three was still do things together and I'll tell you we learned so much out there at the swap meet ministry we just did a great deal, and I learned while doing I learned what theology was like doing that by simply opening a book and saying Outlook will the Trinity in the hypostatic union actually caught up in your mind when I had a question I couldn't answer. I went back and studied and next week we got the sloppy ministry people show up and come back and I would answer questions we would often have one to our discussions. We often talk six hours at a time in a hot environment with all hot and then it yielded a beach evangelism I have to dress like a punker little bits and he would on the beach interesting stories about that Southern California would go down Arabic on the pier would witness a school door to door and the prison ministry for nine years and so we of one roommate and I Dave and I we we have to put a an ad in the paper learn the truth about Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science community call. We put that out in and I would get calls today and anything got home from work, we would at answer questions so this is how I learned this is what I did and what I had to do was find answers to real problems and real issues and having done this now for 40 years because I don't just sit around and read the books and say hey this was a big book says nope. What I do is I consciously debating with people and that I am always looking for opportunities talk to unbelievers in his various venues on the web to do that so I almost every week. Talk to one or two people 345 people sometimes from one hour to hour three hours on various theological topics, secular topics, various topics and I have to go to the word of God to find answers and that's the thing.

Having done that for so long that I do and I wrote those schools that way. So it's not just highfalutin stuff with big words. It's this is what you need to know these are the things you need to know these are the things that so to speak, work in the real world.

These are things that become issues when you're talking to someone. So if you are interested in checking those out all you gotta do is go to the website.

See the right hand side you will see a link there to the schools as a laptop there in the middle the page you click on the stuff on and go check them out and we do charge for them but not a whole bunch and we use also fees to keep the lights on and pay the bills. But if you need those schools and you can't afford them.

All you gotta do is email us insight I can afford it but I want to get the most give you the username, password and you can login and didn't have that we do not get it for the money were in it for the equipping of the body of Christ that we have to pay the bills. Speaking of which, if you are no so inclined. Would you please prayerfully consider supporting us financially. The summer months are difficult and that were putting up a summer appeal for funds because we definitely need them not going to some no big thing about how this isn't working that is working out. I remember him. I forget who that guy was who said that 600 foot Jesus appeared to him and I said that if you gets Selena to get this money, things like that. Robert Robert Oral Roberts that's right than a rumor that it was you know to joke cancel not say anything like that to saying hey we need to stay on the air and if you like what you hear near everyone keeps on you and please consider supporting this week definitely do that would love them and tell you the network the case. Lyons is give me a very good deal and the reason is because though they can get more money for the same timeslot they said talk to the owner. He says Maddie was look you teach three of the Bible and that's we want we want the word of God defended and you don't pull punches you say it like it is. So there you go. That's what the network wants. It's a good thing. So if you want to support his please do all right. Five open lines 877-207-2276 and also is awake and support in a different way. Call Petrie on and I don't mention it very often but neither Petrie on PTR and look at my name Matt slick and I support that way for the waste specifically and I do videos there and 15 2030 minute videos on a topic that once a week is one of the ways you can support. And speaking of that, and things like that off Petrie is that something you know to talk but this is a college commander for the lines 87720722767.

Very, very concerned about was having her country and I can talk about for quite a while but do just give a synopsis because the Christians in the churches are not doing what you're supposed to be doing the great commission because the pastors and the elders are not doing would need to be doing as a whole by equipping the body of Christ for the work of ministry, and for the carrying out of the great commission because the Christian church at large has failed release in America.

The vacuum that's left by. It is been filled with liberalism, leftist ideology and relativism becomes issues of truth, when we have relativistic truth. We have relativistic morals.

We have relativistic morals that everybody will do what they think is right they will persecute those who, with whom they disagree, because they are the ones who will think that they alone have that moral certitude. They are the ones who will persecute what happens is they start with Lexus. Use this as an example, statues tear down the statues which which represent people and then they actually act out based upon what they disapprove. Think of Nazi Germany with the Jews. I'm starting to conclude that we Christians in America are becoming like the Jews in Nazi Germany in the early stages, the Nazis needed a scapegoat and so they use the Jews as a means to blame and focus hatred. This hasn't happened on Christians that much yet but it's starting to news media ridicules Christians the movies, radio songs very frequently ridiculed Christianity make Christians look bad Muslims look good.

Criminals are heroes evil people are the ones who appeal to save the day and so that which is good is bad and that what is bad is good. This is bad and it's going to continue. If it continues I can tell you they won't stop with toppling the statue or protesting the streets come after the Christians since this is a spiritual issue, the enemy of the gospel will be motivating people who don't serve the true God. I don't believe the truth. They reject Christ so they're going to get what's coming to them the day of judgment, but in the meantime they're going to get the judgment of God giving them over to depravity their hearts and their minds. Read Romans 118 through 31. The judgment of God is upon people that judgment is a judgment upon the heart to believe lies and then what they do.

They give hearty approval to those who practice the same things that they do when people believe something they behave according to what they believe they start to believe that violence is a solution because that's what their's they're doing and that's what's working for them in the society has the media does not use a balanced approach to covering issues but is highly one sided. Then the issue of truth is sacrificed and agendas are what taught you do not find anything on the media that sympathizes with the Christian being persecuted. If anything the Christian who is being persecuted as a bigot and deserves persecution.

This attitude and this belief will lead to further persecution and I'm not a prophet but this is the kind of thing that leads to the persecution of Christians when we have the cancel culture were a man or a woman can go to Facebook or twitter and say it's my opinion that homosexuality is a sin according with the Bible says in verse 20 and 69 decides that the cancel. Culture is done. You can't have a job as a mechanic you can have a job as of whatever you lose your job because you dared to speak against homosexuality.

The left is the most intolerant of bigoted positions I've ever encountered. They are self deceived suicidal in their moral ability to think, they just slice their own throats.

They don't know what they're doing and then they blame others when things go bad because are so self deceived his room for the enemy to work even more wicked depraved reprobate hearts and I'm telling you they can come after us. So what we do is what we do pray you ask God to use you and to send you where he wants you to be you ask him to put upon your heart what to pray for this country and ask your pastor to start preaching about things like this and ask God to speak to the body of Christ as a whole so that we can raise of single minded will start with yourself for the time to break the Lord bless you Rebecca is called Matt slick. Why call 77077 charismatic/welcome back to the show lines. What you give a call 877-207-2276 look at the Ron from Raleigh, North Carolina. Ronald welcome there. Michael sure I were coming out of the door.

Now I know that is not about sure I believe the market deed.

The black-white matter is they are an elite group yeah really are now trying to build more and they all got together now not typically the billboard delete and there there. Like George Soros might be no verification of that that's conspiracy theories that the eye daughter now might be, but I want to know why the news media is not looking into things like this. Not looking into why is it pallets of bricks are being shifted ahead of time to places like doing anything.

Getting to the bottom of this and then exposing on the negative.

Failure by having to do what I want to see that I want to see where they offer it to say, but the stuff who organizes this wire busloads of people coming and who's behind the news media says nothing that I'm aware of me that has but I listen to. There is no I don't hear it all really really only made you maybe you really want to be scared of the vacant formatted I will like that hungry means we want safety, and therefore will give up our rights and there's there's as if I know about this kind of stuff from cults is dizzy. I see so much of what various cults have done have varying ways of getting are you one of them is the love bombing to get you in and fear to keep you going.

This is one of the things they do with the twisting of truth.

If they give both sides of something fairly people leave and then that's a problem for cults is the same thing with the left is in the far right Meiners is that everywhere but it is the left were having to deal with now with their leftist media and the leftism in the schools in America say it Marxism and socialism are being taught in schools and with being promoted our medias leftism all over the place. This is not how would our country to survive because with her try to do is undermine the very foundations our country was built upon.

And like any foundation you destroyed, whatever is built upon it will come crumbling down and so the foundations of our country are being attacked. That means that this country will come tumbling down. They want to rebuild it in a socialistic utopia will all you gotta do foxes go look in Venezuela go on the web at Lookup Venezuela socialism. No history and see the timeline it just to timeline Venezuela, socialism, you'll see what happens.

It is there and they're in trouble there and why is it the news media doesn't talk about with socialism good to have Venezuela they don't they paint it is a great thing. I could look our countries and desperate trouble in the sins of the ones with. Gotta get off their lazy rear in the past? How is it you talk generally to get out here for the preacher rapture. In the meantime, what you need is is that you have a big healthy bank accounts and God wants you wealthy and healthy and and prosperous denies prosperity.

People come and say yes feed me feed me, give me a bottle to feed incentive.

Could you imagine saying you are there two venues to big buildings where I could speak at one and a path of confessions could speak at another right next door right next door and Matt slick's preaching on what Christ is calling the church to do pick up the cross and follow after him. That's the same and another one is what Christ wants you to be healthy, wealthy and successful prosperous where I go to my they want money they want comfort and it's because are narcissistic and are not Christ centered their selfish is that of love said her love his other centered, God love the world he gave.

If you love Christ you love God you love your neighbor you can want to know what God wants to you to do to expand his kingdom for his glory, but instead were getting is this this nimble week diaper ringing in theology.

This being taught from far too many pulpits, pulpits, that's making people weak and anemic thinking that are growing spiritually. If you're successful, it's a lowlife man is light them out that it was not what he cannot revoke time we can do it when Christians need to do with christening who believe in the truth of God's word.

What we gotta do is start with ourselves if start with what I talk about to begin the show starts a look what you want with me start with yourself.

God, I repent on this reveal my sins to be. How do you want me to change what you want me to do. How can you use me to further your kingdom. This is what God wants of us and ask, how can it be that in my local body of Christ my church how can I be that in society teach me and be patient as God raises up people for the for the work that were asking him to do. God wants us to pray and seek him. He wants us to be in his will and his will is that we pick up their cross daily and follow after him and group carrot.

The great commission to love him and love our neighbor's is wordlessly known for his Christians narcissistic divan in my stocking our phones. Many people, you know, you think, know that we are here God.Raleigh letter him while Isaiah 43 seven pray for God's glory that that you know God is talking here and this is why were here were not here for our pleasure would tell you I have such a credible work load.

I have to do is not pleasurable, but this is for the glory of God.

I asked God use me anyway you can with my limits and my failures in spite of what I am, please let thank you use me glory to your name bottle.

You care more about your own Emperor don't eat yellow repair utility bandwidth became the great Arctic is that paint be greater love for them that God attract that's right.

And people are. The rapport that only know what I want to church every Sunday was all about their neurologic black voting or talk about the Bob about what you see on the previously open about boutiques right out of the bottle, not to only designs I do see on Sunday mornings I watch I want to yell the TV because are teaching stuff that's solution anyway part.

This is when I was like church to start a church with her preaching like this is her preaching and teaching and equipping Christians in all but would you got a Bible verse by verse. Insert About Robert Barber mostly yeah that's what I do Scripture I think I covered flavorful. Sometimes you get your topical.

Sometimes it is. It is the Trinity that the show that you the Bible but not the word of God. Verse by verse. Let God speak and then submit yourself to what it says and if you don't like it, I provide a bronco Bueno magic marker Bible verse remover from your Bible, you got friends. Only my ex-wife. We all are out spiritual warfare spiritual we feel about the Bible to do it without a flight full body armor of God in all you gotta do and you'll be fine and you have a question you just told you God. You break the hold. Just hold on folks like that. Like you calling 7777 Matt slick. Why call 770779 Olympic global lower healing work. Take a look at you know that when I could you get I thought had a question, but because McCall is waiting for gambling there before but which is good I thought, but what would get a question real you? Talk to your prayer. It was developed 30 minutes at no cost, but make God's assessing a square be a circle.

Others always consequences, but to no wheels want talk to God like him looking that I thought will talk you later, right photo, three open lines give me a call 877-207-2276 Andrew from Florida. Welcome. You're on here in the right-hand Internet. We got a go today I purchased your online schools. Some happy about that.

Good but grow up in a Christian home and I recently came across about a year or two ago. Doctrine of election so I sometimes doubt you have doubts about what whether I'm on the electric and was wondering if you could help me with that. Sure so you and I are out in the boats and we are a couple miles from shore and we see two men dressed in clothes Street close and lo and behold there are no and you know what to do in the waters the boat around or anything that this weird so with the life preserver out animate and or yelling rabbit grabbing one guy one guy is is struggling for it and the other guy just floating facedown in the water were yelling and yelling, both you one guy struggling to get that thing and you the guys faced on the water know which one of them is alive go start a good good good people.

Don't worry about things like Tuesday that people who are dead and their sins. Don't worry about it through the election because they believe in the election. They know that God word is taught as it does say in Ephesians 1, four and five that he chose us in him before the foundation of the world. What use doing is your believing the word of God. Unbelievers don't believe the word of God. God does elect those who are elected who become Christians and folks, if you like election that's not my problem, folks you deal with with the word of God says he chose us in him before the foundation of the world. Ephesians 14 that's election is exactly what is Ephesians 140 don't like it that's your problem.

So one don't get how my electric.

I know Fortune 513 says these things are written so you may know you have eternal life. Eternal life is to the same effects elect God chooses he grants the belief lipids, 129 grandson repentance. Second, to be 225 he caused him to be born again. First Peter 13, the born again, not of their own well.

John 113 they have that by faith. They are justified from 328 rooms for five rooms, 51 and so you are if you believe the second you believe Jesus Christ is God in flesh of dying. The cross rose from the dead three days later the same body died in to glorified body that you're saved by grace through faith alone in Christ alone, not by anything you do weekly do that. If you're saying that if you're saved is because your elect.

That's great, thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

I'm really excited about. They get into the online classes.

I got a few friends are going to go with me and together. Good absolutely do it. My rabbit question again that my call back again. No, you never allowed to call back on a public radio show to ask questions of course are the cultic. While you have a great night and I thankfully did not take my question is a good calculator. Good stuff, like a left right.

I was in Florida. Let's get on the phones with this waiting is Jesse from Tennessee Jesse from Tennessee that was interesting.

He's gone. We have two open lines 877-207-2276 Chuck from North Carolina what's up Chuck you may remember me from Dr. before I lay awake at all the way to get our country back only way by people getting faith and get out thinking the right thing will not dictate our country, you know, we felt the floor with the fact of burying on Troy, the head program like I don't think they have any, and it you know I'm 57 I they don't. They invited you and I think we grew up.

They really think and terrible, but the only way that the gospel Army… You can't do it with buyer know when it never make think maybe the Lord know they got our country is falling apart.Jan area absolutely. We have got to say I mean yeah yeah and I hope the Lord wrote that you are coming your way right you your my wife came from the provider under tomorrow light and you are a canary and let the wind yet. You really gotta have about a God knowing God they know very few Christians over that will.

Jesus said the rough flight and you said when he returns, will he find face verse that is yeah right was fun. I thought there Troy got back right. I like that make you I would like to know that you're doing a great job. Not so night because the young people about you and they love you and thank the hear how they thank you when you document you got a great man might eat it up is going to have to do what we can do it. The Lord, but that's what I knew exactly look good but God can make a difference. We don't know if it's all going off.

I have every confidence that we Christians can make a huge difference in this world. All we gotta do is get on her knees and start praying and start praying hard yeah and go to church and as the war ended and asked for revival in this country, should you be doing this United if we were united in the spirit of God in the spirit of God will be speaking to the body of Christ, and are more concerned about denominational preference. We got in the things that make us comfortable if you don't think I know what Christianity is. I've lived in so many different ways and have varying forms as accountants got to pick up the cross and follow after Christ. It is not easy. It is what we have to do as Christians to support right here right macro. The only hope of the world that I don't mean that I make think that. But Christians are only hope. Working with the board court that tried redneck. I hope it will work better in the know God believing revival. You know good perfect and always what happened but you know you're right it's right yet the treatment is gonna appreciate a man that brother you two got less that verse. Incidentally, folks, is so Luke 18 H. I tell you that this Jesus speaking I tell you that he will bring about justice for them quickly misconduct I will return. However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth. It's a question that asked well I hope so you thirdly but people who believe and trust in the word of God. Let's get to Ryan from Utah Ryan welcome mat. I talked years ago and I greatly appreciate the good good conversation and thought that you promote on your show. Thank you so much which church you go to.

Just curious. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Mormon okay yeah there's music you will have really right that Is to open lines 877207 mass Y call 77077 tobacco show let's get back on the right, from Utah Ryan welcome room, so to get the first bit of it, but you're talking about document being elect and what you think about you and I have fundamental yet, but I like where you live again.

Our waste, here is trying with the best of my knowledge the best of my own studies and try to follow the spirit where were outstanding being elect Jesus in Matthew 1514 and the blind lead the blind people fall into the and so you're following the blind teacher Mormonism. So this election goes if you leave Mormonism to become a true Christian is because God in his sovereignty, his great mercy and his kindness and his grace decided to save you out of this false teaching. And then that would have been a manifestation of the election for the foundation of the world is pray and hope that that is the case with you. Think about related that it Christianity look like different thought the doctor and whatnot. You kind of got aligned with the more heretical doctrine whether someone does or doesn't fall. If that they can be elected not to the elect. Anybody can be elect in the mind of God. Because God is one who chooses not to them. Election is follow Hitler to Cornell know this is a difficult doctrine for Christians to accept much much less Mormons deals with this is another's, but I will say this on. I mean this with carefully. I want to say this, by the way you consulted, but I will like where so no cult ever affirms the election of God. The reason is because they believe that salvation is based on their ability and wisdom in some part in cooperation with God. Therefore, election cannot be true biblical election is the teaching that from the foundation of the world, God chose who would be saved and it was not based on anything that he would see an anybody or what they would choose later on. That's what it is what the Bible teaches.

He chose us in him before the foundation of the world that would be holy and blameless, destined us and we know from a fusion basement. That doctrine comes from the fact that God knew who we were before we were born and how he knew roughly what we would do the beginning of the end know and that we show partiality that would mean that God is looking into the future, so to speak.

Learning what would happen in the future by just discerning it and then basing his choices on what you learn anything I can one as of you.your moment… But in the Christian God, no, no increases in an elegant learning and you know Mormonism well know that intelligent that we believe are the base material of spirit yet which are sparsely right aggression. So what election there is God sovereign choice and what you need to do. I would suggest is read Romans chapter 9 because that's where it really expounded Romans 99 through 23 and I want to say this to everybody listening. You should all study Romans 992 23.

It should upset you if you would insert I'm serious.

If you would believe you will is a reason. If you read in such a way that it doesn't make any sense to you or me that Eagle had the big deal Autocare and you're not really read the text because Paul raises objections to his own teaching, which will say to me then why do you still find fault if I'm teaching this is why this and that's if you understand and you and you are able to read such a way that you say why this your understanding of Paul's teaching and so election is not dependent upon man.

He says the motors all have merchant whom I have mercy, will have compassion on my compassionate does not depend upon the many wills of the men runs but thought God was mercy. This is overly rely would rip better that the Savior and then you can read the word and be good and emboli cried habitat. That being elect or what happened to people who are not electro-they did law like never had an opportunity to hear the gospel you are mixing concepts not knowing election is God's choice, but we don't know how God chooses what criteria he chooses. We just don't know and he doesn't tell us so were not to get we should not enter that but your goodness has no bearing whatsoever on whether or not God chooses you for salvation not not migrated under torture you invited.

There are there is a play between the ultimate grace of God, but the only way that truly saved but there is evident in an effort to put forth because of the God that they have been worth taking teaching from Catholicism the same thing.

Roman Catholics teach you not you and I can pay for my thing and I can't think what I had to give money teach that easy to second the day will now they do with it with competence for different reasons, but so what you teach you what you said is the same thing Teach is that your faith along with what you do to some degree has an overall effect to cooperate with the work with a good outfit all was. I'm sorry David, no. Of course not faith a motivational and an action word. A mental state alone. Now it true faith is believing thing but you think is only as good as you put it in if you're Mormon you don't have true faith in the true God because you don't have true God. You God is an untidy audit at the know was a goddess wife and have sex relations with her and I hope that I can be an error in a joint heir with Christ, and a loving father who loves you and me what you all that you had and enjoy that's what. And that and that CPC just talking Mormonism is not the Bible divest the best, is not east best is not eternal God hooked is not the best, the best is God himself.

Because your God is so low on the totem pole.

Your expectations are low, your desires, I agree, David, Mormonism teaches no get into this what we will might as well for those who don't know when reason teaches that people Mormons can have the potential becoming gods of the keep celestial law and so they had no Mormons have to have it because you have to go to the Mormon Temple ceremony of the what you can go to the third level of of celestial heaven which is the call the church of the firstborn, you have to have the tokens like alt.folder never taught to become God's never told that survival itself that we are God and embryo now that we are heirs of God and Christ Bible never says regards and have it open and we in the antecedent or giant errors.

If you heard everything sound when you were talking with another context is to be a joint heir is to be won by adoption. Romans chapter 8 Mormons that do and I mean this lovingly because you know if I speak I guess you know me well enough to know I was in front of you not to be mad at you did the challenge. You do know one thing I love about you if you you're very good at keeping a cool head much better than me, that will praise God you were coming quite a bit but you know it's just that I just, I mean this lovingly you you're serving as you know, my heart breaks for you. I'm not mad at you I'm not angry at you if we were having dinner I buy your dinner. Plus I forgot my wallet. That's an inside joke for more than that, it will Mormon guy of the actual magnetic storm he's in and get myself all tight and not here. That's right, I don't hate you okay I don't hate anymore and am I hurting Mormon you know you never Mormon, and more.

No Mormon ever beat me up and I got this is nothing like that is just that God is not an exalted man from the planet was a goddess wife mean that that's that's he's mainly that's what that means in O'Neill's life over the planet and so your God is just not the true God of the Bible in Psalm 90, verse two, from everlasting to everlasting you are God. Nine Mormonism you know he's progressing in knowledge and understanding. So your faith and care much faith you have your faith is wrong because it is is in something wrong, you know, if you put your faith in me as your Savior that the us stupid choice and it would not do you any good.

The day of judgment. Faith is only as good as we put in human deceit. I can prove to Joseph Smith light. I can prove it with one verse in the Bible you okay first Timothy 616. First Timothy 616 of the context is speaking of the father of the father for 16 who alone possesses immortality and dwells in unapproachable light to no man has seen nor can see. To him be honor and let me up God at that God then he cracked that way… Forgive me I'm driving going up my memory.

What you think. I picked up even that of God himself.

Noticing that Ingrid does not say that I'm a liquid of the Senate. It says this in John six Jesus says no menacing the father at any time except the one he came from God, translated the NIV version or another form of now no I can go to the Greek okay just read the Greek I don't. I agree, but I can I can look at it know and I can tell you what it's saying in English well yeah but did agree that unless I gave you the ability I gotcha I got your but he says nothing anyone has seen the father except the one who is from God. He has seen the father. He has to talk about himself. What about even if God and know that he did when standing on the right hand of God. It is so Deborah being done in time, which is onrushing stats act 75 to say that he didn't say he saw God said he saw had a vision and saw the glory of God and say, so I got a father and Jesus thing, the right literally know I'd thousand thousand times Mormons and set on the right-hand means on the right side not literally on God's right hand. He doesn't have a hand so he saw the glory of the body know that a body know it is not that because you got it resurrected know it would have been a body handling and be selective about everything you have in John 420 John to the 24th. This culminated because now they search out his this Jesus and his resurrection is not God the father is the Trinity.

Yes, I do not three gods as Mormonism set the hole in the center.

But Jesus says a question, but does not have expert in the flesh and bone. As you see I have the 24, 39, he says, got the father and with his spirit in John 424 two got a father does not have a body flesh and bones. And besides Paul says no man's ever seen the father.

The time because unapproachable light to no man has seen nor can see they were never seen God the father, the Old Testament, there will not talk about modern day when we need to have or can be said here we need to have a unity of faith that God would write me and right we call a profit not help but be more unified and have little love because I think that I think the lawn until John arrived. Talk you later, Ron from Raleigh called back BLM bless you as my

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