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June 30, 2020 5:09 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 30, 2020 5:09 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the new website and the need for help with formatting articles.--2- Matt talks about the need for Christians to handle disagreements by going to the Scriptures, rather than simply reacting on emotion.--3- What do JW's believe about end times---4- Can you explain Matthew 24 and how that relates to when Christians die---5- What view of end times do dispensationalists hold---6- What is your view on contemplative prayer---7- How do the Old Testament statements regarding the destruction of enemies reconcile with Jesus' teaching of forgiveness in the New Testament---8- What's your opinion of Genesis 6-4- Is it related to Jude 6-7-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick's Top 6
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick's Top 6
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Netflix shelf mats like why is the founder and president of the apologetics found online at the time you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why is the Mets look like you have a good time listening and talk about the little bit of something my mind.

But hey, look at what you may call all you do is delete 772072276 was ported to spell CAR M on your dial on your phone. Right now we have three online schools is one of you plug for them to push them as the covert thing to know so summer is funding often goes down big deal just for people know that we have something to offer you if you're interested you schools check amount to the three online schools in car and they took months of a little over a year year and half fish total to run all three of them is a lot of work in them a lot of knowledge, a lot of fun. Scripture you can check them out by going to CAR M.RG and just in the right hand side of any page you will see the link for schools and if you want to check them out have demos and stuff like that and I will use them to help keep the lights on. We do we keep lights on with them and pay some bills and things like that but let me just tell you also that if you want to schools and can't afford all you gotta do is email us and say I want to schools but can't afford it.

We don't ask any questions. We just give you access to all correct. So what were not in it to make money wearing it to equip the body of Christ. But we do use the school to help stay online stuff like that and also we could use your donations to stay online via your generous support.

So all you do is go to and know when I can say don't give it all these troubles and stuff. We just let people know what the issues are and we hope that you'd want to support us because we could use it.

Stuff like that. Like asking for definitely doing this is what is known and some good news.

We are going to be releasing a new site. All let's say probably and therefore to six weeks working on it heavily and yelled pants as a couple to couple gifts about that. We have some I'm going just to say this because I we have 7000 articles we have to format and each one takes about six minutes to do 7000 that because removing it from one type of system to the system and we have to do some work. So what I'm doing is letting people know that if you are interested in and helping out. You can email me at and the you can get to him to help out, but I'll tell you, you will be thoroughly vetted, you'll be divided very very thoroughly.

Some technical stuff and deliver theology. And if you don't fit this criteria built like a help it would be getting in and having access to the site and so on. We would have to have your pastor's phone number which church you go to and that has to be a vetting process. The whole thing so that we can get it to get going is a 7000 of the doing and there's just so much and the Bible says in the Old Testament point leaders in subdivisions and things like that to get work done. So yes or both of the voice thing to something on the thing that gets me thinking to do that. I often forget that one button actually went in and fix the sound they can pick the wrong one. So the people who are listening online will know about that rifle to five of the lines which you may call 877-207-2276 only hear from you. We can talk about all kind of stuff that we cannot live about an I was talking to somebody yesterday about some the things I say in the radio and I know I know that a lot of people do not like when I say the radio.

A lot of people have their views and take umbrage with some stuff that I teach and that's okay. You know something this is my recommendation if I say something that you don't like you always are obligated if you want to verify anything go to the word of God go to the word of God and see what the word of God says see if I'm quoting the Scripture properly.

See if I'm talking about that concept. Whatever it is, properly, see if what I'm saying is, in fact, the truth. Too many Christians don't verify they just listen and then they just react and no I didn't get any emails about this. I'm just not thinking about what you many Christians do that. They just react to something you don't like for example I'm post-rapture.

I don't believe the preacher if you do that's okay. No big deal to me but I don't believe in it and I will show reasons why it's not true. I smell this troop on my radio show.

I believe the conduct of a dying that Helena McKenna mock anybody if they don't agree with me and stuff like that you know and that's okay.

I hope I'm wrong. Actually the thing is, sometimes people just get offended because someone has said something that they don't like biblically. Do not listen. They will get angry they put the wall up. Hope you're not like that. I hope you like a person who's listening here versus as well agree to check it out on Scripture's medical see with the word of God says that's what I want you I San Diego I taught a lot of Bible studies down there on Bible study was teaching when my favorite events in the whole Bible study was to a metric.

One was a woman who worked with the Star Trek work with Scotty and Sue and I was just thrilled by that we could talk and stuff like that was great. So I was teaching and this one guy cannot one week and he sheepishly approached, said Matt, you are teaching something last week and he would to a certain verse in the you know you look at the verse and he says and I agree with you, and he said it like he was afraid that a chuckling and I said really I sent. That's awesome is that what verse and what do you think you found what it is and he got upset. Why would I gifts that title characters. Maybe I'm wrong maybe you're right. Tell BTP what we think, and so he went and he he open the Bible to something I taught last week and talk like a tentacle versus the previous week and he said you know you taught this in this one verse.

That's correct, but I agree with this this angle you put I forgot what it was. This Anglican put on. He said I still think is right. I think that this is what needs to be going in and he explained everything for two minutes and is very cautious, very polite, and I looked at him and I said you know what I think you're right. He was blown away because what I said yeah I think you're right. I think I missed that mean little some point there that some point I think you you got it right. You think that's good. I'm really pleased. Thanks for pointing that out. He was blown away.

He couldn't believe because I corrected you. What's wrong with know everything I can get everything right. It's up to you guys to check out what I saying is exactly what you did exactly what I want to praise God and thank you and so the Bible study started, I brought it up this kindness and hope in excellent see what we need so you know it that's way it is and you should do the same thing for us in on the radio says something you don't agree with.

You need to go check the Scripture don't just say I don't like it would turn the channel when when you go home, go check things out against the word of God.

There's a reason for you need to become a student of the word not just rely what others might tell you because Y tell you might not be accurate. I believe the people are trying to deceive you, but nobody has all the answers so that the recommend you check things out and I do have.

Incidentally, a unusual view for end times. Not a very common one held on the only one I know who holds the particular position I hold and I've talked about it several times over the radio and I've had some people say that if they see it. They agree, but I think more people start doing so in college. When asked about that.

If you're interested.

If not, that's fine to give you for the lines folks give me call 877-207-2276 my gimmick. Ultimately, mother talking arrived from California or Brea think it is bribery California welcome sure I have an I got on my right.

Hopefully what talk about energy jobs are pre-millennial.

They believe that there's a future thousand year to come and this will be a new heavens and new earth made no I've heard variations within this I'm pretty sure it is with the position that they hold but they do hold that this would be a new heavens and a new earth made, but they deftly do not believe were the millennial kingdom right now so I understand and remember they are premillennial and a lot of groups are premillennial or cults. Not that it makes it wrong stuff a lot more to get a look at Revelation 20.

Go ahead. How you go talking about Matthew 24. Good up there. We can write no less the week everything you got excellent and and you later take the whole thing late in the now and something happened will send Bible says is that when we die we go to the Lord a second Corinthians 58 says to be absent from the body is to be home with the Lord talking to believers.

If your nonbeliever then you go to a bad place and there's a bit of debate about exactly when the nature of hell takes over the flaming agony thing of eternal judgment. Some say it's present now and some say that it's it will become a reality later on. And people were wicked and I now die in the gold that place and then there cast into hell and outer darkness, but some say hell this is present and will be cast out into outer darkness later on their varying views on it, but the food do not receive Christ. And I think a lot of very bad place quickly. I believe that when sure. Actually, I believe that when people die they go to bed place there in torment, and I suspect that that is the hell that is being spoken of in Scripture and then at the end of the consummation of everything that God has done and will do.

He will then cast, hell into outer darkness. And then the idea is present me to cast it into outer darkness was if hell is a place, then it could be cast into something else and so the idea is that if you think about that means to be cast another darkness help because Dr. death in different views. There would be no way God the idea folks are going to call you. Lines 877577077 back specialist about debris from California. Just curious. Where are you in California with what does partner market where very rare where that's all okay no goal then you're welcome.

Well, there are three views on mill pre-mill on mill post no premillennialism would say that there is a future 1000 year reign of Jesus all millennialism a means that the gator all millennialism says there's no future 1000 year reign, but were in the millennium now post millennialism says with preaching the gospel. The kingdom of God will be ushered in because the world be converted to Christ. Now my favorite to like his post millennialism in my least favorite one to like is the one I hope to like it's not rain it doesn't post millennialism is a look at it this way. Postmodernism is a form of all millennialism with with everything getting better. The all millennialism I hold to I call pessimistic all millennialism thinker just get worse and I Scripture that I can show it. Unfortunately, believe the things I get so bad.

I believe that when God said to Adam in Genesis 217 that was just speaking to Adam and speaking all of mankind daily the fruit you will die and Jesus says those days. In the end times. In those days we not cut short, no flesh would be left, and so I think that that means is that that we will bring ourselves to the place of destruction and death witnesses death.

Romans 623 Adam and Eve ate death came into the world that the separation from God.

The physical manifestation that death is our physical bodies dying.

The decay in the world and the way the world's going it's getting worse and worse and Jesus said they speak not cut short. No flesh would be left, and so I just assumed that means is that that he is to come back again because I suspect this could happen is people get so bad nuclear war will happen are about to happen and Jesus ago to come back and stop it all and afraid gigantic Galactic I told you so that so that's what I not very uplifting. So that's what I hope to either read every area. Yes.


Ponder female sensationalism cessation is any maintenance on salvation and dispensationalism and dispensationalism are usually premillennial is not to be dismissed become displeasing or short not to make this piece are on the most pre-mill that's okay. They claim on some say it is to say it isn't, but it basically came on the scene a couple 300 years ago about 200 years ago actually and really can hundred 50 years ago became more known, but covenantal is really is is the old biblical way because that system works governmentally so that dispensationalism is God works in different eras at different times with different ways dispensations see that, but okay. I hope I'm wrong about that too, because my view is not popular and my view does not make you feel really good about everything so you think you feel good about you to succeed, then back tomorrow and I get hurt. One year where advertisers or the Dave teach that this be new heavens and new earth made paradise earth is where the Jehovah's Witnesses will go 144,000. Jehovah's Witnesses will go to heaven. We also stay here on earth to teach everything I not well some premillennialists believe that they drink it worse and some believe it will be better but mostly just get worse and that Jesus to come back before the tribulation rapture people and seven year tribulation will occur at the end of the AAA should go back again records more people and then the thousand year reign will work out the babes little hundred years old.

Look at it says and then Satan found in a thousand years, and let loose at the end of the thousand years were signaled fallen people will gather together and rebel against Jesus and then he'll destroy the and then a new heavens and new earth remains and then eternity begins that sense, premillennialism, basic and then okay happy that when the bound yes you down the thousand year reign things pretty well. And Jesus of the ruling from Jerusalem, which compared it really very millennialist that he's ruling literally. He says his kingdom is not of this world and we are in his kingdom and sickness be bound, and in Matthew 1222 232 Jesus talks about Cigna already being bound and we look at the word thousand issues 1/3 of contexts not is not literal or figurative that's out. So bring relief.

We have callers wait so you want to go back get back a lot a lot of good questions, but: okay, go back again all right you to all right. Let's go the phones with Ryan from Pennsylvania right welcome your on the air up front about this burgeoning remark about Walmart of all time.

Leftward was the practice of the presence of God, and I was wondering what the what sort of critical remarks you have about practice the presence of God. I didn't remember talking about that I have that book. It's packed away any look at it for years so my online sex and I did say anything last week. Okay there was also two other book that was kind of like a one is called celebration of the contemplative prayer is dangerous and occult, and should be avoided in Christianity occult mind altering techniques and procedures as counsel, cultic.

So where were coming you read this book. Mom, I got to two of them and went on that you mentioned the contemplative prayer do research on contemplative prayer comes out of content of Easter next to another for your phone that explains a lot. Okay right back after these messages the three open lines 707226 max Y call 77077 line if you want to give me a call 72276 Muscat Anthony from Massachusetts. Anthony welcome.I think rabbinate my deal with the God the father and God on in terms of teaching and practice where in the all like the father, commanding genocide, and in the New Testament on it commanding the forgiveness of enemies how to do things right, without have you ever been both angry in a day, both angry and loving times of day yeah but that doesn't determine hi there is an adjuster and explain so you have been a different times different in your attitude and your actions right is no contradiction is no.

There it, I would like and all the sick feeling as I hold on hold on Nesta you have something different.

I'm not addressing what you asked will move the goalposts in Minsk discussion here. Something is US. What the father would be what he was the son would be what he was as a victory, not because you yourself admit even the same day you can be loving and not loving are full of anger and same day as me nectar the Carnatic teach.

I'm not. I'm not about emotion I'm talking about action. We behave based on what we believe and what's in us something to say… Emotion then you're saying that God is a robot. He doesn't have an emotional nature of the Christian God, so that doesn't make sense for you. That way, what what what you mean in one eight command genocide in another eight command the letting of enemy. So which one was genocide really is wrong is wrong with it. I mean it. Contrary to loving your enemy well, which I did ask that I said what is wrong with genocide, God, you say God I mean it in the land left will not murder yet that's not murder to the same thing is killing.

If you defend your life and kill something process and hope it never happens. That's not murder correct it what it the murder of women and children is that is that correct what I just said is that correct yet is a difference in murder and killing good ideas that so one of the hounds for what their letter. What are the grounds for killing the Bible. What would God's grounds before killing you know that's what I'm getting at, but they none were going in the Old Testament talk with the father. What would be the grounds for killing in the Old Testament would be the breaking of the law of your your proving my point that the x-rays between you're not listening and not listening proving anything to you except that you're not able to hold a coherent, logical conversation I been through this many times with unbelievers over the years like you I've been to this many many times. I know what I'm doing. Just below the patient answer you but I want to show you, you don't have a ground of what you can complain if you're not a Christian. Obviously you had any justification to say one thing is right or one thing is wrong.

If you want to say that internally the Bible is inconsistent unity begging the question by assuming the validity of the laws of logic that you want to do what you can justify clear perspective that's another argument.

So if you wanted discuss this. We can't believe answer my questions in the process ignoring them and shifting the discussion's house and work at me again. So if God is going to kill whole group of people you know why he did that in the Old Testament you have yeah I mean the Canaanites where they were apparently at an extremely rebellious people at work.

Both God and did terrible grand thing and according to God, it would be enough to so is a problem well when you get any love your energy is it a problem for God to wipe them out. Yet when the it is so good on Exelon.

It's a problem for God in the Old Testament. The Old Testament God in the Old Testament to wipe out a group of people who were completely evil.

Wrong forgot to do that is your sign will I mapping can answer the question will yet yet is at our far as I can tell in regard you. Jesus is the express image of the invisible God, and if you can you answer a question that Old Testament trust me I know what I'm doing here masking you questions is it morally wrong for God to wipe out a nation of evil people. That's just the question I'm asking is okay and why is it morally wrong for God it morally wrong for anybody like that.

I asked God why is it morally wrong for God.

That's were talking about. Why is it wrong for him because God it good and he made humanity and it image and likeness and love. All human beings doesn't something like that. You don't know what you think you love documenting know he does not, some 55 Psalm 11 five.

He says he hates all who do iniquity Jacob.

I love these.

I hated Romans 99 through 12 talks about some of your units. Just curious know I'm not innate that I'm a Mac they have been born and raised in the church.

I'm very familiar. I need to cut our yell on my friend that I find I can answer what are you I don't.

I'm not a label or a block late though only believe you and I'm not stuck on the label you and so we could do as you're saying that you have a stand on moral standard by which you can judge that's is ridiculous. You have no standard of what you can do that. I just want to show people know that's not your use. This no no I'm I'm saving might actually like I'm basing the standard on the belt and number on the mouth. Okay, is Jesus asking is that if people talk about Jesus now is he God in flesh. It only leaves God in flesh to claim to be. Do you believe he's got in flesh. Maybe I'm not a jerk but that's what he claims okay so he claimed that in think I'm glad you you would not acknowledge that what did Jesus come here to do. He came here to die for our sins. The Old Testament in the Old Testament God, not just God the father, but God was very, very difficult on people because he was keeping the messianic line, fewer because the enemy of the gospel wanted to destroy the Messiah to destroy Israel that he could do what he wanted to get the messianic line destroyed and therefore the Messiah would not come here. This is why God was so tough in the Old Testament.

Once Jesus was born, then the completion of the requirements of history where there and in place so that the Messiah could then come and then he taught that you love your enemies, that he taught. We are to love our enemies. That's what he said to do your to do this in your to do that because as the law talks about in the Old Testament and the apodictic law. For example, 94923234. To say this, you were to say that but I say to you, he's actually giving the inspiration of Scripture's a run for its money and said that he is reinterpreting it. He's claimed to be God. In this issue of of defined not defined with the finding what it truly means. In the issue. He has the right to do that because he got in flesh and just so you know when Jesus comes back, he's going to be just like God was in the Old Testament he's going to rain judgment down on the unbelievers cast into outer darkness is in the hell far worse than anything I did in the Old Testament, so there's a perfect gift in it either and I did the exact opposite of what you want to do what you love our enemy asked all of his enemy into hell import them forever. Yeah, that's right, and what he's going to do yet. He's going to do that it cut out the opposite man no no no no no you to understand something. He tells us that were to love our enemies right. We also yells at Luke 2236. He says bias sort.

He also says that why would Jesus say bias sort of peace and just love your enemies, as if it means to do nothing.

Just love them and just love them.

That's it. He says bias toward for the issue of self-defense. That means even when a remedy under the wind all due respect that the misinterpretation of notes not he's quoting from the alt.yeah yeah photo is the Old Testament you yell it he's going with verses. According I don't know the exact birth but my dad and it had to do with the idea of how it is that you know you going to get arrested like commanding Tybalt to get Lord knows that it's like a look at their getting them to create some kind of militia are you not about my Anthony flat out wrong about it, that's not conducted on outing. Anything yes you are welcome to live in Anthony. I show my horse Anthony Anthony so she said bias toward what he said I'll read it to him and don't you ever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag never has no sword is to sell his coat and by one Jesus said this to what you're doing is you're misrepresenting a note to Cookeville. What would be right back folks after his mass Y call 77077 charismatic show. Are you still there now. The context of Luke 2236, he can see what it actually says okay and I said but now, whoever has a money belt is taken along, likewise also bag whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one for I tell you that this which is written must be fulfilled in me, and he was numbered with the transgressors numbered with the transgressors is a quote from Isaiah 5312. I believe that this for that which refer to me has its fulfillment. They said look we have two swords and he said that is enough. So the numbering with the transgressors is has been crucified with hadn't happened yet and he says it must be fulfilled say that buying a sword was out of Isaiah 53 necklace talking about. So you need to read contexts. When you say negative things in context. No, I didn't. Now we are problem is that all you doing is you're taking one aspect of Jesus and then you're saying on the define who he is. By this statement, the totality of who he is. He did say bias toward and this is for self-defense.

With most the commentators just agreed to its aversive right of self-defense. Yes, that's what most commentators okay to say that that's what it was right that it they get in the garden and theater you would tell them to put away.

I think what you think you said you know the Bible. You say you know the Bible. Why do you think Jesus is my own eyes as I THINK about all things that I think Anthony why do you think Jesus told Peter to put the sword in the context what you think, what's the answer that you live by the authority outside five because Jesus had to go get crucified.

Jesus came for was to be crucified to die for the sins of others. He cannot Peter listen list okay which I hold okay I'm on hold because the conversation here. That's the reason that Jesus told Peter to put away the sword he doesn't want him to use violence does one do that on that context right there when we talk about Luke 2236 most the commentators I've ever checked with that I researched and said this is assumed to be an understanding of self-defense.

We have the right of self-defense.

Nobody denies that we have the right to defend ourselves in addressing the radio not the obligation, we have the right couldn't have to defend ourselves.

We can if you want. If someone's going to assault me to defend myself for the faith. I may or may not defend myself. The assault my wife. I'm going to defend her extra short and so the idea that most commentators think about Luke 2236 is the issue that it is talking about is that we got in the world were to be persecuted. We have the right of self-defense and is it says turning her cheek and love your neighbor and love your enemy were to love our enemies, we are to love to love them doesn't mean that we can't defend themselves from them and loving them doesn't mean really walked over by them letting them doesn't mean that it's okay to have violence done to us. So with this guy is doing. This is not understandable context.

Love is the whole bit. Think you got a hobbyhorse trying said something Scott I get back on the air.

So this is a thing you're just not ring the context of stuff can help you know are not okay. You're not going to do this for living folks every context because I need to be able to understand what it is talking about ready context on the air and showed him that that quote that he was referring to as you said was fulfillment.

Luke 2236 was not from Isaiah 5312 which deal with the issue is crucifixion that was going on, which have happened yet. So he does know he's doing that was good to Pro from Rockville, Virginia rock rock pearl welcoming on here.

There will be given a you're very learned. I admired you a lot and I need God the Almighty God the son God the Holy Spirit that they can do anything they want to do that. It three and one anytime anyplace to indicate extent that's correct. The Almighty and what you didn't know that. Genesis 64 talk about.

I would like to get your your takes on whether it was Genesis 641 God led line of staff who came and married godless land came all whether it was like you, six, seven, those angels who Not definite first estate, but they were fallen angels that they came into one of the wicked land of Canaan and that Babb was produced in helium. I think I'm saying that correct guy holds you that it's not the Seth line that Seth theory didn't come into existence until the 1500s. Think aloud of Sarah. Sure, the, the idea of the Seth site theory did not come into existence until about the 1500s.

The early church and the Jews always taught that the naphthalene were the results of the angels fallen angels who had relations with women took human form relations with women to produce the halfbreed the flume offspring and yeah going to Jude 7 is a good first for that.

Just as Sodom and Gomorrah in cities around them since they, in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh, are exhibited as an example in undergoing present tense folks, the punishment of eternal fire violations so sleepers can tell that you do believe that that it was they thought it wicked angels who claim now is my hope to get it out came into the wicked land of Canaan. No net awaken when it is just the wicked women are not probably work have never thought of it that way but there with the Nestlé with the offspring tween the fallen angels and people that's also there's a reference to that or hint of that in Daniel 243 that really dental to fail related to auditory leases. There it says this is towards the end of the. The description of the feet of the debtor's vision with the feet of of the clans and iron mixed atomically, though, combined with one another in the seed of men they will combine with one another in the seed of men and that they duplication is not not human and then looks at 17 method 24 was the days of Noah social be the so some people think that that's why no one was called out by God because of the family were overtaking and God wipe them out. Part of the supportive evidence for that is Genesis 69 these are the records of the generations of Noah. Noah was a righteous man, blameless in all his generations. Noah walked with God so pure and blameless for pure. You can also say perfect pure line and all his generations so the implication there are some people think.

Some commentators think is what the writer is pointing out is that there was no corruption of the human line the pure line and got a knowing outerwear to God just wiped out that everything that because it was just nothing but evil.

The naphthalene and Stella E. Only one Yes and is probably a lot of good people there as normally as well because every list was doing wickedly and so eight people when in the ark and number of new beginnings.

That's a lot of really interesting discussion and one door and got close the door. God open that door.

Jesus is the door. The only way so the ark present salvation in him. So if we were to look at it as the enemy of the gospel is trying to destroy the line of the gospel and destroy that the messianic line so that Jesus would never be born, then it makes sense that the flame existed because this is one of the efforts of the enemy to do that and it certainly hit us with early church taught without exception for what I understand with no exceptions of the Jew one more question. When the Lord said John can Kevin no man can kill me. Would you say that the Lord Jesus Christ and all day so what's his grade you say that the Lord Jesus Christ committed. I don't know another word.

This is just something that I'm thinking about a question some Have allowed so my that he committed to his no suicide of the death of your own hands. He did not die at his own hand but he allowed himself to be killed by another son is not W definition suicide without when he said no man can kill me since I was says that since it it in John 1017 and 18. Somebody was asking you invited he says.

I lay down my life so that I take it up again but he's just talking to just generically click on Lena my life. He knows where he's going you know is walking into it. We could get in what we called causation. This proximate cause and efficient cause proximate cause is Jesus saying what he said not arranging things and he was killed but the efficient cause of his death actual killing of him was done by the Roman soldiers, so he did not know that no man could care as they would know no insane American coming say that there we have different ways of answering the question. Could anybody got out the spear and steered him what his body died yeah but on the other hand God with the father and angels around him, protecting him from that it was and is our life, so that sense it could never have happened for different senses which we can understand what's possible. So you know he had a physical body was human, if just one time warning to us but he says he does nothing of his own initiative and went back down, not winning team to do. He did not sell. I know created a bond for Apple but he did not kill himself. That's an improper way to say it. He was needed not kill himself. Okay, he was killed. He did not perform the action of killing himself. So to say that he did that is incorrect. What to say that he killed himself is incorrect incorrect well do you understand not love this. Not much that he tried get the real ones do. With little to father was and he died for us will lay out how you understand that I know not, that it died for us and well anyway thank you sir for taking Me I'm just wondering if that not to go into the deep it can get too deep for me about that one out loud and I would say not that you can't accept a brother in Christ. I have asked my God to heal everything in me but I didn't like that prayer. I pray that two different words but yeah and you put that all you absolutely ask. I would have nothing in me, except him. In other words, to start would you not say that everything in me that's not a VM is in the sense that you yourself are in you

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