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June 19, 2020 2:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 19, 2020 2:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- In Exodus, God tells the people to use porpoise skins in building the tabernacle. Where would they get those out in the desert---2- Why is there so much detail given on the Tabernacle---3- Were some of the spiritual gifts meant only for the Apostolic age---4- Is belief in the Bible as the word of God an essential doctrine---5- Is the law written on everyone's heart---6- Are irresistible grace the same thing as God's effectual call---7- Can you rebuke the devil---8- What do you think of the -throne of David- passages- Do they imply a literal millennium---9- What is your best argument for a post-trib rapture-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick's Top 6
Matt Slick

A previously recorded mats like shout mats like why is it apologetic found online. You have questions about Bible doctrine. Why today and if you are interested in dialogue with host of topics of your dues recall numbers 877-207-2276 and we can talk about it would seem to talk about the religion of the Scriptures we talk about logic. Talk about philosophy OF evolution you have questions and you have issues. Wonder what your church warn about Pers issues and things going on. I just recall Arabia five open lines of numbers 87720722761 right now.

We also have three online schools. If you are interested in learning your theology is what to tell you that you know the Christians. Even though the faith seemed to be the learner faith and not too many people just don't know what the faith really is and it breaks my heart grieve my heart that the Christians don't take the word of God seriously with the two men love to converse surgically but just a lot of of Christians who just so they Christians know that's all you gotta do really think that that's good's not thinking about putting something together but what Christianity really is and what Christ requires of us to be his true disciples the carriers of that cross was to be doing is carrying the cross of Christ. Too many people just not doing so well, although it's a so you know if you want to be challenged in your faith.

I just ask you to continue to listen. I challenge people in your faith challenge conceptions of the rapture. I believe the rapture on the millennium. I believe the millennium justification on repentance, challenging people, hopefully to get them to see biblical things and not to go to churches that the primary message is is an illustration so I think the that you to church and the pastor opens up the big five or 10 minute illustration about something a story as if the word of God is sufficient in itself. I don't understand. I think is no a famine in the land of the true teaching and preaching of the word of God in power and unction and assurance of success without apology and in this culture. In this world canceled culture.

Don't say anything against the status quo.

Culture. This is where we Christians should shine speaking the truth and are too many Christians are taking a backseat to everything worried, not realizing that Jesus was taken care of.

Even as he opposed many of the fallacies in the culture and political system.

Social system that he did what was right and would follow in his footsteps all the more we need this in this tumultuous world. Let's get on the phones with John from North Carolina, John, welcome mat. I was my wife and and have I have seen very well so we listen to a program on laptop morning and exited about the children of Israel. God was giving instruction to Moses. I believe about mechanical very very detailed and I was stopped by one thing I heard and had to go on something gives you what did they get those from purposes. In notion, Mediterranean, Mediterranean God wooded tell them to use something when provider they could find.

Right now he is beginning to understand that Islamic commerce through the Mediterranean Sea and people would die Purposes they would harvest them that them in unity after the Mediterranean and you got a net out there and it caught sometimes so and's purpose and make total.

Oh yeah okay well that's all I had today. I appreciate you show a negative question for you is your reading through all of that stuff.

Did you know that it's the tabernacle that has all those detailed instructions and have an outside cabinet that lasted that's when I said something about the temple of the drive was very detailed to last night's appointment? The point is that there is more written on the tabernacle, then any other topic in the entire Bible more pages are given to that that tabernacle than any other topic. Here's a question. Why why you have any idea what went on heaven and throughout. You really can't put it mobile because they had to move around right yes was mobile, but why was it to Morse. Here's the answer came when I whenever you're not sure about something in Scripture put Jesus and see if it makes sense right now. Jesus, God said in Exodus 25 verse eight he said build the tabernacle among my people so that I may dwell among them. The tabernacle is a type of Christ of the indwelling of God among the people in John 11 and from 14 of the beginning was the word word was with God and the Word was God. Verse 14 God became flesh and tabernacle among us all to have at that moment, people, in uniform and so for example I don't have it all memorized but in the for example, the door tabernacle faces of the Easter rising of the sun. One door there's a labor for washing and purification table of bread which ultimately points to the communion suffer. You guys the holy of holies and picture a cube and this is where the holy place in the holy of holies is that is divided by the veil and the priest would go around that well yes around the veil into the holy of holies with the ark of the covenant. Now the, the tabernacle was built with gold surrounded by wood the gold surrounded by more difficult that the 10th.

Why would you be going spend by wood.

Why wouldn't he would try to buy gold when you think any idea in our well you know maybe as some people say that has been extracted for our Lord. Therefore, they have to have ornate chairs on the TV and lots of jewelry. So I would say no. I would say that the gold this winter gold represents divinity would represent humanity. So the gold is inside of the wood humanity inside. Divinity is another form of the incarnation representation. The tabernacle is about Jesus and the 12 tribes around the, the tabernacle, 12 tribes camped in four groups of three. In each of the four groups had a banner or a flag, a lion in Oxon Eagle and Mansell four groups, each of the one was a line was Knox mom was in the global demand to get the four living creatures of Ezekiel, Revelation, line, ox Eagle and man in the four Gospels also known as the lion, the ox, the eagle and the man known as code for that and was really interesting is that when you if you to the few thousand feet up in the air looking tabernacle to the north east to west in the South that have men encamped in it gives the numbers in there and if you were to take than the men and move them out a way to move about and stack them so to speak, for the tabernacle out from each Northeast, South, and West in your several thousand feet up here. You look down you see across that I would know so well. It is a representation of Jesus, which is why it's there so much about okay, that makes okay right yes thank you, thank you for taking my call and I was a little Lego may have mono glasses on the okay folks, if you want to give me a call for open lines 8 772-072-2769.

Question to Steve McCauley. All right, let's get to Caesar from Raleigh, North Carolina, Caesar, welcome area all right by God's grace we got talk about it. Several study Bible in the but it was saying.

I get any that you what thought of which you well one of them that are the gift of healing and thought of work that debate where only active heaven there. People believe in Christ and they are no longer active.

I don't think that I could be wrong. I think that the very act that how would you know if you're right or wrong. What would you feel to how I know if I'm vital what would you eat appeal to what the Bible right okay so what people are doing or saying is that these click on the sign gifts that the sign gifts are no longer needed. For that reason that you said asked them to demonstrate that that is what the reasons are given for inscription asked him to show that in Scripture and the can't.

It's an opinion. What really they do however is good first contents 13 and what it says in first contents 13 is the best they've got. This is the closest that God says when the perfect comes partial will be done away when I was a child I used to speak like a child think like a child, reason, like a child when I became a man I did away with childish things break after the break to read. This explains show you Scripture all right already felt like what you give McCauley 770777577077] welcome back to the show.

I hope you all want to give me a call for open lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get back on the phone with Caesar, from whom we lost wealth as we have five open lines of many of the number out again that would explain why the charismatic gifts are still for today. What are still for today. According to the Scriptures and if you take you don't believe okay is here my argument and will see what you think is what you say and call up and disagree we can talk alright so let me give you the argument. The only place that anybody can go to in order to even hint at the idea that the gifts are going to cease is found in first Corinthians 12 versus 10, 11, 12, 13. Read the when the perfect comes, the question is what is the perfect when the perfect comes to partial will be done away when I was a child like to speak as a child think like a child, reason, like a child when I became a man I did away with childish things.

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part but then I will know fully just as I have been fully known, but now faith, hope, love abide, these three but the greatest of these is love. So the Scriptures with a focus on reverse 911 12 we know in part, we prophesy in part, and then it would actually distribute 10 and 12 is what to focus on 10 versus 10 to 12 of the key verses. But when the perfect comes, the partial will be done away for now we see in the mirror dimly, but then face to face with words. Then, refers back to the perfect comes, the question is was a perfect what is that some people say it's the Bible. I don't believe that the reason I don't believe that is because of what it says in verse 12 for now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. The phrase face-to-face occurs 13 times in the Bible, and each time it occurs it talks about its interpersonal relationship since, for example, the first time it occurs is in Genesis 32, 30 so Jacob named the place up in IL-4.

He said I have seen God face to face it.

My life is been preserved. It occurs in, for example. Jeremiah and he says he will surely be given into the hand of the king of Babylon, and he will speak with him face-to-face and see him eye to eye, or even if restrictive third team is going for X 2516 it says I answered them that it is not the custom of the Romans to hand over any man before the accused meets his accusers face-to-face SASE. The word the phrase face-to-face meets personal encounter at specials going on so it says then we'll see face-to-face know I seen a mere dim dimly, but then face to face with a perfect comes to limning us to question since the term face-to-face deals with personal encounter. Let's look at this perfect comes, that means the completion of the Bible to the Bible's complete then will see face-to-face is personal encounter with this quite work.

Let's use the other option that is given for with the perfect perfect is the return of Christ for the return of Christ, then I'll see face-to-face.

That makes sense right in the virtual dishonesty.

Now I know in part, but then this is critical.

I will know fully just as I have been fully known. That phrase there have been fully known as very interesting because you find in the Bible that no that God does not know unbelievers in Matthew seven 2223 God says I never knew you. Get away from me and Galatians 489. When you did not know God you serve by nature, those which are not gods but now that you've come to know God rather are known by him conservatively got when you do this search for to but it needs to be known of God, you find that it only occurs to believers. God never says to the believer. I know you sleeves that at that as a place where Jesus is the Pharisees.

I know you your father the devil, and so he qualifies it.

What he means by that. Aside from that one instance which is qualified whenever guy just says to you, I know you major safety says I don't know you are not saved.

This is relationship and judgment in the hold that which occurs at salvation and occurs in on this committee and judgment kind of a thing going in here. God says I never knew you. Get away from me. If the perfect is the completion of the Bible then is true that the completion of the Bible.

Now we know God as we fully been known by him, but at the return of Christ that would make sense to say that we will be fully known. In that sense God knows us and we will relationship with him and were going to spend eternity with them and finally one more verse that really makes a lot of sense for first Corinthians 17 this is what it says so that you are not lacking in any gift.

The word gift in the Greek is charisma, charismatic gifts from that. So you're not lacking any charisma awaiting eagerly the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ, the apocalypses, the return of Christ you're not lacking in any charismatic gift, waiting for the return of Jesus Christ. So Paul wrote that in first Corinthians 1 verse seven and for scripting 1310 the perfect comes, the completion of the great tell us, and perfect completion.

The total completion of what's to happen. This is not the issue of the world that the failure of mankind.

The the issues of all things are going to happen until Christ comes back then. We'll see him face-to-face and will knows we fully have been known. This makes sense. The other way just doesn't mix.

And so that's why hold to the continuation of all the charismatic gifts is not to say that a lot of these churches where jumping up and down and wiggling on the floor and swing from chandeliers speaking in tongues all at once necessary that those actions are biblical people often will misuse the charismatic gifts do those things which are not proper and out of order from not promoting that I am promoting biblically the charismatic gifts have not ceased. That's my positions based on Scripture. And that's why hold that any rate, that's my position.

Hope is yours to it is not well is make sure your positions consistent with Scripture. All right list on the phones. Let's get to Stephanie from Indiana Stephanie welcome your Stephanie are you there may be if I hit the button this time that that always helps. If I get the but I didn't do it that my bed Stephanie I it's a start. After all these years.

Okay, I can hear you. Sorry about that.

Okay, I'm gonna know where the word believing that the pilot work.Dr. are essential in what sense is used not to be difficult, but there's different levels of the committee to be essential.

There's some explained there are essentials is a bit tougher for actually come back okay] folks to open lines 87707 mass Y call 77077 back. Still, there I write this to be a little bit verbose here. There's different kind of of what we call it essentials what something is essential for with chemical necessities.

Things are essential for chemical reactions mathematical necessities essentials within certain formulas logical essentials and things like that with Christianity.

There are essential to define the Christian faith in a doctrinal sense, but then there also essentials that define moral issues and then there's gray areas in between them and are essentials that are the result of something in essentials that are the cause of something giving a lot more information. What you need.

But the issue here is where the basic essentials of the Christian faith, and then does the issue of believing in the Bible is word of God fit within an essential doctrine.

That's what you're asking right all right essential quality on coming on homeboy I was going almost 1/2 you scuttle lingering waiting for me to death was doing all right so essentials we have essentials that are proclaimed in Scripture. For example, if the Christ be not raised the dead. Our faith is in vain for crickets 1514 and $0.17. This I call this a primary essential because the primary essential something that stated that within the statement that declares its essential nature. So unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sin that essential doctrine.

Jesus Christ is God in flesh Janet 24, while his resurrection was already quoted in interstitial the gospel of Galatians 189 there's one God. Monotheism of Xmas 21, two, three, and of the gospel. Find African districting with foresight. Like much of which 29 and that we have these kind of essential in justification by faith alone in Christ alone can't that you issue that's been declared in Scripture that of Galatians 5 right so that we get to what's called I call secondary essentials and secondary essential. For example be the virgin birth is still essential but is not stated as being essential is no warning associate associated with it, but you really can't defend the idea that Jesus is God in flesh, without the virgin birth, but nothing the Scripture says you have to believe the virgin birth in order to be a true Christian. We do have statements unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins is different levels of essential here I call primary, secondary, essentials of primary essentials are stated as being essential unless you believe that I am you'll diner since Johnny 24 secondary essential be something like the virgin birth is essential but is not stated as being so. So I call it a second secondary essential still essential but is not stated as being essential with the other ones are so if we have someone who believes that God Jesus is God in flesh and Fontan purposes are saved as far as we can tell that we know that that's up from the right track if they were to then say what I don't believe in the virgin birth that we have to ask questions maybe are just confused doesn't necessarily mean you're not saved. So then we have the idea of the secondary essential being essential with a verify that they understand what it really means, if then. At that point we were to deny the virgin birth yet to start questioning the true salvation and teach them if they were to continue to reject it at some point I think someone might want to say logical thing. You really saved and you don't see a loving way. All right, having said all of this was because of the issue of the Bible being the word of God. What is it mean for the Bible to be the work of the Bible says in 2nd to 3, 16, 17, that the Bible is inspired for new stocks in the Greek God breathed, Jesus spoke of the word of God without justification.

It was true. He just assumed this truth and spoke of its truth, as do the apostles so they would speak the truth of God's word and this is what true Christians do they believe the word of God is true. So if someone were to come along and say what the Bible is not inspired and has full many errors then we have an inconsistency with the profession of faith versus the profession of of inerrancy word of God with you. Be careful at this point because he wanted to judge them as not being saved want to say look how can you hold to the deity of Christ, doctrine of the Trinity justification by faith and also say that the Bible is not trustworthy is not the word of God. Those are incompatible and then at this point you to work with the person to bring them into harmony. So having said all that, can try to be careful. If someone were to see the Bible is not the word of God but also believe Jesus is God. There's all those are inconsistencies I would then seek to train them and work with them in order to get that person those people to believe in the truth about the inspired word of God, so I wouldn't say that someone automatically does not say that they denied the inspiration sufficiency of the work as it was what I would think maybe they're just ignorant duped don't have all information, but if they were to continue to say it's not the word of God and I would doubt that the site because the Holy Spirit bears witness of the truth John 16 talks about it. So if you bears witness to the truth, while thin skipper witness of the truth. Inspiration. Please see the issues you see how it can work as hard as it isn't it at an athletic believer and I entered an ass barrel like mono time a all right not yet well there is one guy got fairly yeah yeah great I do and I meet people like that is. I quickly focus on the essentials and then I asked, diagnostic questions and then I try and work with them to bring them into better understanding of the truth by using the word of God and if they continue to rebel against the truth. Then at that point and there is no exact time frame with it just depends subject at that point I will say I don't believe that your true convert and the reason I say that is because I don't see the consistency that you regeneration brings with it in the truth of these matters okay you help okay. God bless. All right there was Stephanie from Indiana. Let's get on the phones with Andrew from Ohio and you're welcome. You're on your journal from memory got. I had a question about the law being written in our heart wall. Jeremiah 31.30 that.

So I guess the question would be if the lawbreaking everyone's heart, let's go to Romans chapter 1 general and no one is talking with the house of Israel and the house of Jacob Estes at the house of Israel is that Jacob has a vision house of Judah okay was talking about and it's reiterated and spoke about in Hebrews 7, eight, I believe it is on the new covenant with the new covenant seems to be this reflection of of the house of Israel and the house of Judah.

So will he go to what we do is good.

Romans in one roughly 30 verse 18 and that which says that which is in verse 19, that which is known about God is evident within them. For God made it evidence of them and we read. We read about the long to get into that. The first instance of the word. Laws Romans 212 and in the book of Romans. It is for all have sinned without the law. Without the law to sonata the level just by the law appears in the lobby justify the doers of the law is says in verse 14, the Gentiles are not have a lot of it instinctively the things of the law, these, not having the law wore themselves showing that the work of the law is written in their hearts. Verse 54 so we see the New Testament that the law is written on the hearts of people. Apparently it means every single person ever lived and the reasons for that because for me the image of God. There's a natural issue that the law that's a generic answer so I think you have more to the question like they are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the love of God because of our heart and the unbelievers hardware. They suppress the truth of God in their unrighteousness.

So when you go to Romans 118 is to assess for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness. So the reason we have Ephesians 418 big darkened in their understanding is because they are suppressing the truth in their unrighteousness. Okay, yeah, about that the law they were in our heart was that commercial just a photographic His messages law matters Y.

Call 770727. Here is Matt's way, all right look back and shoulder back with Andrew from Ohio and welcome you back on your I you about the law written in our heart. I'm trying to understand covenant all over my head, but what the law being written in the apostles heart occur on the day of Pentecost or what verse and for information see the longer than the heart is nothing a guy would doesn't seem his own Scripture is to say that God they just put their you don't have it now to put their at birth or winter 20 year whatever. So it looks like it has something to do with the very nature of our essence written on the very heart-to-heart is that place of what it is we are and so we know we are that essence written on our hearts. So it looks like is part and parcel, but we are being made image of God in case of the unrighteous. They suppress the truth of God. I want to make a comment. Everybody a lot of believers think that they don't suppress the truth of God in their unrighteousness, but it does not say in verse 18 at the unbelievers. This is us against all unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness and that death occurs in the Christian church as well, but nevertheless back to the law at issue.

Okay, Laura.I think you'll wipe out any heart and spirit will remove the spell that says do you regeneration. That's not an issue of the law. It's of the new heart new. To be born again. This kind of a thing going of God's deal with the order of salvation. You don't salute us there's different views on that. So what I hold to is the simultaneous regeneration and belief. I don't hold to one preceding the other because if you do the temporal sense we have a problem.

This is the basic issue or source because order sluice gates into the decrees of God is God decree someone and and before the fall. Considering the fall and then elects people for salvation in that manner, or does he elect salvation before considering the fall at the beginning the super in flaps Arianism soup (is (his and other things. But the order so this is called the order of salvation. Decrees of God and in saving so but to get very basic.

Does regeneration receive faith.

Efficacy regeneration is that kind of getting at this point, I go to Reformed Church and I know might lacerate some of you a lot though I know you want anybody who really believes, by what I will call.

I'm not 100% event but 90% of which are questions I have. The question we have a lot of call yeah outline a quick question them can carry just about gray and calling a special calling method name of anything right. The years of civil grace occurs at the moment of regeneration effective call of God is something where he brings us into that faith effectively. Will call us but irresistible grace is actually the issue that deals with what occurs at regeneration.

It does not mean that someone can't cannot resist gray sweater life. Of course think they can. It means at that moment he regeneration the gracious movement of God upon you and regenerative work cannot be resisted.

That's what years of the wrist refers to subjective factual calling of God is his work upon someone where he calls them and he does do that.

We been called we been predestined and etc. Ephesians 145 Romans eight 2930 the calling of God is what God does in Jesus says you cannot come to me less than granted to the father.

John 665 as many as a bit appointed to eternal life believed exiting 48 this is a Scripture.

A lot of people don't like this that's what it says and so I can not as people don't like the idea of reformed theology which is based on Scripture else. I do not believe the God predestined will then take the first on your Bible to talk about it. I had to sit with the Scripture says that's what assess the extent of the word of God can do no other. Okay so are you regenerated or are we. Justification occurs upon beliefs on issues belief regeneration legal quickly through it using lightbulb as an illustration. If we were to turn a light switch on and it's five seconds later the light came on, then the electricity would be temporally prior to the light by five seconds so if we look at the issue of regeneration. If someone's a believer for five seconds before the regenerate for the regenerate in the temporal sense that we have a problem. We have a believer who is not regenerate for five seconds. If we reverse it in saving out some of Regina's regenerated for five seconds before they become a believer and using five seconds assistant example any amount of time between the two sets are regenerate and then five seconds later become a believer then you have of the regenerate person's unbeliever for five seconds and that's problematic. The subject lightbulb when we turn on the light switch. As soon as electricity is present. Light is also present there. Simultaneous with electricity is the cause of the light.

The light is not the cause of the electricity because electricity is the cause of the light, we would say that the electricity is logically prior not temporally prior but it must be in place in order for the other thing to occur as a lease electricity is logically prior. So therefore we would say regeneration is logically prior to the simultaneous because when you are regenerated you believe this, what the Bible says or caused to be born again.

First Peter one, three, and are born again, not of your own will. John 113 is it takes practice takes vital to understand the Scriptures with her actually saying and SF them for me. I have what I call the cognitive map of all this, the alt theology I see how it's all interconnected. I see in my mind a sickness nexus to hear echoes like that cross-reference of this verse.

It all makes perfect harmonious sense to me.

So we took years for me to get to understand all the issues debated him teach them and then I go home I see it all work together.

Then I tell people how it all works together. The same trust me reference like junk FL and Armenia that's okay. Got a call or so to contact all right. I'll call back tomorrow okay sounds good Mike, all right is good to Jeremiah from North Carolina germ. I welcome hi Billy, here you go ahead you turned up all the way. I can barely hear you. I returned up all the way to disable question really fast and I'll repeat it okay can't. What you will issue the rebuke the devil you don't want to pray to him if he's present in some way that is right there, rebuke it with me, but you want to pray to the devil them. I'm talking to you right now I don't want you to come in my home you that Frank W okay to be careful what I what I do is this.

I reviewed the devil by saying, Lord Jesus, would you please rebuke the evil one. Would you please of this I always address my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I want to address the evil one.

The only time I would directly address the evil one.

If he was right in front of me in some way. And even then when Michael was with the devil and that personal encounter. Even then, Michael said, the Lord rebuke you always. We go to Christ. Okay, you're welcome, goblins all right you welcome.

That is good on the phone with Kevin from New York Kevin welcome on their they came out of the is nobody is going.

I got a question that anybody thought you hear what you think about 132 to 33 about the literal throne of David that the thinking literal right to be raining throughout the years on earth on that around or about the real estate is be great and you will be called the son of the most high God will give him the throne of the father David will reign over the house of Jacob forever, his kingdom will have no end. That doesn't supports millennial reign of the literal 1000 year thing would work for that. If I were debating somatic order that it's especially the 1000 year reign to fill reign of the house of Jacob forever. Incidentally, in his kingdom will have no and I was a mean to say the house of Jacob E right question asking her next yet letting the five rapture view. Can you give me your best argument also. And then your better argument again. Yet the well I don't have a whole bunch of time, but I don't see any good arguments for preacher.

This is my opinion and I think that the arguments for pretrip are, by inference, and not by direct statement is a says that the Bible in Matthew 24 Luke 17.

It was the days of Noah social of being the date of the man they were eating, drinking and giving in marriage to the day that Noah entered the ark, the flood came and took them all away in Matthew and Luke. The flood came and destroyed them all.

So the ones were given in marriage, etc. etc. were taken are the wicked and asked Jesus whether taken and he says with a body as the vultures gather get a flu 17 so we know that the wicked will be taken when you go to Matthew 13 something very interesting occurs there. 1330 of the week.

The chair she said allow both to go together till the end of the age. That's with the critical phrases the end of the age and will save the reverse. First, gather the tears and gather the wheat into the barn. So if we can understand this at the end of the age of her sons got a Noah pretrip or might say that there's a us to come is a price. Want to get published by people in the seven your true religion.

But in the seven years later, but that means that when you know exactly when Jesus ago to come back to the day and no one can know that right. That to me distributes, but that he might civilly get rapture pretrip and then those leftovers which talk about with we the tears but is not what is saying and end 13 type of the kingdom and the world, and the harvest and is just one thing the kingdom of heaven may be compared to man so good state to this seed in this field and the enemy came and sowed tears and that's all this going on at the end of the eight which is the consummation of the age.

The first was taken by the wicked enter taken out of the kingdom which means the kingdom of God is here now so the best way to understand this is the postreligious rapture. I do not see how the pretrip or major rivers can get through this around us. That's my end. So you would have paid the doubting Uranus right now and symbolic. Yes, the reason I believe that is is because Jesus said in Matthew 12 2232. Speaking of glass with the Holy Spirit.

He said the evil one was already bound.

He said that and this is always ignored whenever I hear this discussion come up about the millennial reign of Satan being bound with Jesus that is already bound as we said, go check out Matthew 12 2232 and the other thing is that when you look at the word thousand it's used just to spite cell thousand almost all the time. It's a figure of context and zone relation 20 is a definitive contact so therefore the question is literal.

That's what happened was, say sorry day from Jersey starting John North Carolina tomorrow. Earlier, Lord bless you by his grace

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