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June 16, 2020 4:16 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 16, 2020 4:16 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Can a person be saved and hold to an Oneness Pentecostal perspective---2- Matt goes on to demonstrate some of the theological issues with Oneness theology---3- Do Christians really go to heaven when we die---4- Where do Armageddon and the rapture fit into the timeline of Revelation---5- Man calls claiming to have revelatory dreams and out of body experiences.--6- Doesn't John 1 say that the reason Jesus had to be baptized was just for John to identify Him as the Son of God---7- Does Ephesians 6-1-3 promise a long life on Earth for everyone who obeys their parents, or just for the Israelites---8- Does the discussion of eschatology and prophecy hurt our effort to build civilization here and now---9- I'm struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. What should I do-

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The previously recorded mats like show why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive for you have questions about Bible doctrine met slick five open lines of the one called to do is dilute 772072276 was forwarded to spell CRM.OR hopefully you want to call and we can talk and if you want to watch the show. All you gotta do is go to combat org/radio CPU the option on the right-hand side. Well the list to list the watch on Facebook. Also watch on YouTube links, but you can also just-Skype and Facebook. I think karma organ you watch it. It was life right so let's see okay so anyway you can call me if I would, lines 877-207-2276 and today I was on the Trinity trail which is a part of ABM sat TV another's regular TV which you go to DirecTV your cable TV.

Whatever might be over the airwaves, how it used to be you watch ABC, CBS and things like that a lot people don't know that there are other networks and satellites out there for other TV venues and satellite TV. They have these boxes you can get you watch the from all of the world and so ABM sat TV does that.

And so were broadcast or they are broadcast over North America, South America, Europe and parts of Africa, the Middle East about Asia yet how much an Asiatic little bit so there are growing and another to studios many times had debates with Muslims and things like that to host some stuff you were suit and tie me on the Cameron whole thing. I did that today exhibited from the safety and comfort of my own home was put on camera. Have a nice green screen behind me and we did that so was on that for an hour and 1/2. We talked about Mohammed and Jesus comparing them and the topic was just blabbing here for minute.

The topic was my husband.

The prophet PROFIT because Mohammed was most definitely into gaining wealth and power and we compared against Jesus and it was really interesting as to the on the air with two other guys host and guest and I these guys are our well Arab looking they speak Arabic and they love Jesus and it's just that the light to see and to hear them talk about Jesus and the truth of who Christ is compared to mama the false prophet so well anyway so it was fun and enjoyed living on their great group people out there and you can see the kind of stuff on the Trinity technical Trinity I think the Trinity trail culture interested are of African lines. What you me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get on the phone with Nelson Nelson from Bakersfield and also welcome you on here rather bless my question. I bet before. Not like blended but basically an occult for debating back then. He believes that you don't know what kind of person of the sea with that belief well say technically yes normatively speaking, no. Because I believe that people can be technically regenerated in varying levels of ignorance, but they will eventually will come out of it and come to the truth so can someone be saved in an occult guy can happen. People can get saved. Catholicism will eventually come out of it. For example, normatively speaking, no reason is because what they do is they they deny the doctrine of the Trinity and I can show you why that's a serious problem for them.if you're interested, but also the ad works of salvation require baptism not in the Trinitarian formula, but in Jesus name. And then of course you have to be good, nor to keep her self replica. So if you know it's a non-Christian cult mode.

Once the hospitalist but do not give you pointers if you're interested in, and how to witness to them and show some problems with her position, its appeal. Please let your baby at work that you must keep the commandment go to be saved will think about this. People will say that baptism is not a work that you do what's interesting is that basically all the groups that teach yet to baptized to be saved also teach that you can lose your salvation, and that you keep that you got to do certain things so they don't realize is that they are looking at baptism as a work because what's happening is they are adding something to the finished work of Christ and send us what to do well in the ceremony of baptism is a requirement. So therefore there keep your getting your salvation by what they do.

The maintainability do any kind go together is the problem of course because it's an occult but let me share with you why this is such a serious problem inside of them because in the dock of the Trinity. We have hold apologetically bring up pretty soon. Nature the Trinity versus family I'm trite right now.

This is a philosophical argument and been wondering why the Trinity is necessary.

Why is God necessarily a Trinitarian being what can you just be one person and there's a lot of different ways of looking at it but this simplified way of looking at it is God loves and he's personal and he thinks if he's not and he's personal. How can any personal without another person so to speak. Being there, by which he can exemplify an experienced what it means to have the relationship, which is what we do as persons. That's normally speaking plus God is love. The nature of love is to give and love his other focus well since God is love. Who is he to love well it makes sense that the necessity of the Trinity is that there's at least three persons because one is to love and want us to send love and one is to be loved, so to speak, just illustration and the thing that that it was sending that love has to be personal because otherwise we have is the nature of the Godhead.

If it was just to persons, father to son and love was skinny love was just a concept of abstraction, then it would mean that to be an impersonal fundamental issue with God's nature. That's not God's nature is personal, but by nature so anyway we work through these thing we see that the simplest form is a Trinitarian essence and it makes sense but nevertheless I did that make sense to you but not work on it more as a articulating practice speaking about.

But nevertheless, Jesus is God in flesh now in oneness Pentecostal there's a problem in Luke 2242 Jesus says pray to the father said not my will but your will be done that he doesn't want to go to the cross but his is nebulous, not my will but your will be done now we have is limited theology here. I'll get into debt by syllogism and model syllogism but the issue is that who was Jesus praying to Jesus was praying to the father. They would have to say that is praying to himself, but he says in Matthew six. Our father who art in heaven will than if he's praying to the father who is in heaven. In the garden and house he the father is he praying to himself.

This is a problem because they do say well it comes down to the issue of the flesh is praying to the spirit that's what they're going to say Mrs. Wright had them saved me numerous times so if they can essay the flesh is praying to the spirit that what they're doing is espousing a heresy called Nestorianism and Nestorianism is in the one person of one body of Christ are two distinct persons that one person but to persons a person of the flesh. A person of this of the divine nature to persons led doesn't work and are some reasons for that. But nevertheless, so when they say he's praying that is not my will but your will be done. He's praying to the father who is in heaven. So this proves that their idea of oneness doesn't work. Plus, if you can essay the divinity is outside of him and not inside of him to pray to the father in heaven who is the divine nature outside of himself, and they don't have a true incarnation so that the natural incarnation they don't have actual atonement well makes and said there's different ways of looking at it and this is the one I think is the Achilles' heel because that the truth Jesus praying to legacy. Pray to himself, do you really get down and dirty with it than he does humus pray to the divine nature.

That's Nestorianism is not one person that it denies to hypostatic union denied was called to communicate you in your bottom and it then means there's no true incarnation, and therefore there is no true atoning work so this is a serious problem.

There's philosophical problems and are serious difficult problems like that that make sense okay oh what a) what the good work go by God's grace meant to live by God's grace trust name and grace right will photograph five large gaping empty lines. If you want to give McCauley to do is dial 877-207-2276 and could hear from you so I was was saying about the oneness Pentecostal at United apostolic oneness Pentecostal. There are cults, give you that information. One way for callers: okay 772072276 when you have a false God, you have a false Christ, we have a false Christ you have a false gospel is really simple. If a false God, you have a false Christ of the false Christ you have a false gospel. So in Mormonism. For example, the false God is a Trinitarian thing does not its three separate gods so therefore the false god to them. Jesus's brother, the devil, and you and I be gotten through relation between God's got his wife in the preexistence to keep their planet so because of that they were false gospel are saved by grace through faith.

After all you can do 75 2523 we enjoy as witnesses, they deny the Trinity and Jesus is Michael the Archangel, and so the watchtower Bible and tract Society, teach, and I think it's 1972 April 1 watchtower.

They teach that you can only be saved you have to keep commandments. So now they'll have a true gospel because true gospel is that were saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone so we can see whenever you have a false god of the false Christ of a false Christ have a false gospel, and it is really basic theology. This is why the doctrine of the Trinity is so important. Some people think of the Trinity just means one God three persons or cadets at this move on to something important people to understand. It is credibly important that we understand the doctrine of the Trinity, how it relates to the person and work of Christ in his two natures eternal fellowship is Nola. I love right after line give a call I call 7707. It will come back to show the phones with COB Paul from California. Paul welcome here. I met Michael Sherman do a large study of men and a lot of listening to our YouTube various preachers hard, but I finally get Revelation figured out, but the order of his seals and trumpets and then the old, but the Esparza rapture. Then there where Armageddon is in there. I don't know where to go to actually find an ultimate I might but more a more urgent question I have is Christians don't necessarily go to heaven when we die a new Jerusalem comes down to heaven and on Israel for no Christians go be with the Lord will be dicing preteens. Five a to be absent from the body's be home with the Lord second 2012 122 Paul said a man I know man later in the body around the body I do not know, but such a man was caught up in the third heaven and so we talk of the presence of God. Okay, so we continue on some false teachers out there who teach that when we die did not exist anymore and were resurrected, which is making sense or that we going to a state of soul sleep and have not non-awareness and to work resurrected and is making sense either for their false teachings. Okay, we have continued existence after we die software the Christmas party with the Lord and the unbelievers go to a bad place. Okay, I get anywhere to go to find out the field are sequential things and the trumpets are sequential… And on. There's a thousand year reign and is Armageddon veterans Armageddon before the thousand year reign help you. There's different views just throw some stuff out at you you some advice on okay. Got an absence of the first of all, there's the pre-millennial and millennial view of the premillennial view says that there will be a future literal 1000 year reign of Jesus on earth. The millennial view says where in that reign of Christ. Now there will be no 1000 future years and people will say well Revelation 20.

For example, says there's going be a thousand year reign and I'll take it save them not doesn't not in the literal sense and I'll show you something here.

It's click run a bunch of stuff like it says I saw an angel from heaven, holding the key of the abyss is not a literal key and a great chain in his hand. It was not a literal chain delay told the Dragon not a literal Dragon serpent of old, that would be literal was a devil and Satan that would be literal and down to 4000 years.

Is it literal or figurative. We have asked the question why people disable to so they assume it's literal well. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills of the thousand and 1002 one days a thousand years a thousand years, but today the word thousand is used figuratively a lot. Furthermore, during the thousand year reign Satan's will to be found right the future thousand year reign right you heard that right will in Matthew 12 2232 Jesus says Satan was already bound. Matthew 12 2232 glass with the Holy Spirit in order to cast out demons, you first have to bind the strong man Jesus, please hurt but go okay wow I did know that can really do about that. Well also go and look at Matthew 13 and redo the parables there what he's talking about and he says there that he will take out of his kingdom.

The stumbling blocks.

The liniment has that fit into the millennial stuff because if it's premillennial, does that mean then that in the future thousand year reign of Christ will take out of his kingdom. The stumbling blocks in their maybe doesn't mean a big lump that I have reason I ask is because the general view along with this is preacher ablation rapture that were to be taken up before the thousand year reign will find preacher rapture the Bible sorry for those who believe it. You don't find it, it has to be inferred by verses that don't really infer it.

And so you see there's problems of both sides right at an in all of this is the all-male position is is ancient.

The pre-melt position is also ancient Achilles will know which ones right. Here's the thing that I got for this is what I think you should do. I think you should go and do a study and do a study to get a pencil and paper you some phrases to look up okay this age and the age to come. That's a phrase this age look at this age, and look up age to come, and the reason I'm telling to do that is because that's the division of end times that Jesus uses and Paul uses but I don't know of any church that ever teach this, but right right there in Scripture it's in their and you'll find out various things about this age given in marriage, power and superiority of God in this age, this present evil age and you look at if you know Greek you can do a bit better, but if you don't that's okay you gave to come. Blasphemy will not be forgiven and receive eternal life in the in Dacia, etc. so a lot that's decision can develop the idea that there's two ages because that's what the Bible says, then look at what happens at the end of this age, reads to do a search for end of this age or end of the age and write down the verses and what happens at the end of the age. Also do the same thing for the phrase the last day. In the end of this age last day and the day of the Lord. The phrase the day of the Lord and the last trumpet okay so and age. Last day the Lord last trumpet and after the tribulation.

Look up the phrase after the tribulation. I've done all this works. Let me just summarize it.

It won't make any sense to get up and read it is too much to gather it all at once at the end of this age, the wicked are gathered and judged also. That's when we elect are gathered, which is when the rapture occurs, which is that Jesus return on the last day the wicked are judged but that is also the day the resurrection which occurs at the last trumpet which is also when the rapture occurs, the resurrection occurs at the day of the Lord, which is also Jesus return as well as the rapture, which happens after tribulation, the day of the Lord which is Jesus return to rapture and the resurrection will come as a thief in the night, which is also when the new heavens and new earth are made, so I suggest you do. I've done many times with this as I have these verses and I taught Bible studies rested and blessed him.

I did this I don't church we had a blackboard to blackboards next to each other and in the middle was a little bitty metal liner to blackboards. Connecticut was perfect on the left. To put this age and the right I put age to come to blackboards we read to the Scriptures and I had the people I was teaching I said you tell me what event occurs and where it goes. At the end of the age. At the beginning of an age and this needs to come you tell me and weep. Every time I've done this, it always is. At the same go to the Scriptures you read them and you find out the basically thing happens at the end of this age. If that's the case where is the literal 1000 year reign wears you find that things like this really shake people up Jesus for years, no one shall, why call 7707 I got up that you and Knightdale. Well I had that dream and I woke up next morning and I old my mother waiting on my brother related that her and about with drink drink beaded man, my brother called like that word that is now one never believe that you were stopped drinking and driving at a moonlight stop dining like the light.

Now the that I would take down all the beer wandered what God meant by you will die if it would create their knowledge even walk that clear during the audit. In but it was better real when it with me half of my life and I was wondering what you're talking physically or better anyway I'll talk with Randall sounds me like you can kill you if you winter that never was, well, God commit date yet and I had a similar thing where God communicated to me that you stop something and if I didn't kill me and to say stopped but you know, God has his way of communicating to us. So, sing it was real.

Not whenever this really make a difference. But if you think it was okay and there you Mr. God is being merciful to you and giving you something you reflect on for years to come. And no, in the process aggressively can communicate I will get that out there currently here and rarely ever think that's because you're smart that happens a lot of people have dreams I've had's dream a few odd things and people had things to come.

Gas have never… But I am partly related to go. Hopefully your brother was shaken by becomes a Christian if you wasn't born again and eight good okay okay sounds good all right okay God bless Reagan's went Randall from West Virginia.

Let's get to Patrick from Charlotte North Carolina. Patrick welcome you on here hey Matt how you doing I'm doing okay and in it we got John 131 to 34. Could you do a verse by verse.

Content that in NIV Bible me using my screen why you want to do registers.

What are you looking for in the text I want to get your content of it because I think it describes the reason John the Baptist water baptized the reason she okay what question do you have the about the text, what you want birth if you could read it and then go over the content so I can get your you want will you know what it says is not recognize him, but that he might benefit benefits of this really became a benefiting water is a testimony of the Christ. So John testified thing I've seen the spirit descending upon him as a dove out of heaven, and remained on them.

I do not recognize did not recognize him, but you sent me to baptize in water said to me, you, upon whom you see the spirit descending remaining upon him. This is the one who baptizes in the Holy Spirit. I myself have seen it have witnessed that this is the son of God is I think pretty obvious John the Baptist of he did know Jesus was at first saw the Holy Spirit come down upon and the recognize we really was a sissified that that's who Jesus really is the son of God. God had defeated in order to identify Jesus as the son of God. I wouldn't say that it was a logical necessity.

What the text says is that he saw it and and concluded that I'm sure God could you start another metal that wasn't made about five told me okay yell God had given him instructions to look for a dove when you when you're searching for the son of the that is a look for a dove access to whom you see the spirit. No, the spirit in a bodily form like adult say that just says in the spirit descending. This is as a dove's estate was a dove body go to Luke got me 22 will hold the it says right there in John. John 132 this for descending as a dove out of heaven as a dove. Does it just ascends. It flapped its wings. It is thundering is whatever that's all I just descending down. That's all it doesn't say was at the little dog different okay although what your question, no we say was a driveway but I believe that that was the sign that God gave John the Baptist so you know, the son of God. What witness was to assess okay so my point is that I believe the baptism of Jesus. When John the Baptist was in for Jesus. But it was for John to fulfill his testimony know it was just that Jesus said he did to be baptized to fulfill all righteousness. Matthew 315 so was look right Old Testament law he had to be baptized. Okay well that's Old Testament would mean if P had to go through a baptism in the highlight ring you will add to ballet going on (morning Patrick, the Old Testament, yes, but the. The New Testament hadn't been written in the new covenant was not in effect, so they were all under Old Testament log requirements. Jesus had to be baptized according Old Testament law, which would have to be sprinkling. That's how it's used. So he was certain the court of the law okay but it not John the Baptist. Didn't Jesus stated John or John say to you that you must baptize me but yet you come to me and Jesus.

And no, I have to fill all righteousness because it John had the belt Patrick going in circles and what you're trying to get at, but hold on Patrick John that the only reason it was good. Sorry about. That's let's get to see if the bill from Fort Worth, Texas. Welcome here. Thank you for taking my call. Matt in relationship to Ephesians chapter 6 verses 1 to 300 I believe I understand children obey many father and mother, but that verse number three, throw me a little bit because it failed to honor you and him reading from the standard you honor your father and mother, things will go well for you okay and you will have a long life on earth now. I believe Polly I know Paul is quoting the Old Testament annoyed quoting the commanded annoyed going out of Deuteronomy, but that part of the Scripture alone. Life on earth does that apply to us today. All what that specific lease mentioned body is a life as they was going to the promised delay is just as as for work right after mass Y call 77077 Matt/Robert welcome back Rochelle bill from Fort Worth. Are you still there when when Wendell okay and Wendell so yes it's for us today because it says in Ephesians).

Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right on your father and your mother, which is the first commandment with a promise, so that it may be well with you, that you may live long on the earth. Now people have to understand that this is a general principle doesn't mean that every child who honors her parents will live long time on earth could be a disease could be in a car accident. They can happen that the principal is being spoken about here is that if you list your mom and dad. You can learn you have wisdom. And so if you listen mom and dad what drugs unite about writing and alluding for some stupid reason about doing these bad things and say things like get an education or work hard at this or beyond is put money away you do those kind of things and things work out better.

It is just as basic non-smokers believe or not, moms and dads become smart they been around they know things, as Mark Twain said, youth is wasted on the young little that you appreciate tried to really understand what I am teaching and I don't effect allocating deftly love tried to get more clarity is lost upon the Israelites and they going to lay obey your parents, Ottoman father and your mother got a lot of you will have a long life you live a long life course if you look at it a ghetto. They get the Vega character in the habit of giving you the general goal is more than than that a flat out stated you do what you all day. Mom and dad American classmate already and if you honor your mom and dad does it just this text guaranteed to live to be 80 that we say. If you want to mom and now you will not die before 20 or 30 or 40 will what days the years. The right year. It's a print this is a principle of of following mom dad's advice.

They know the I wish my daughters would listen to everything I say because I tell my know everything and better than they are about everything equitably. Whatever they allow I'm slick it's right okay that one of you make it are NASB JA actually causing us to sign I found is repeatedly better than than most other translations, though not always. Sometimes other translations. I better in a few verses here and there but NASB across borders.

Great if the NASD the ESV and to define between us to what we can get you to bless.

Let's get on the phones with Timothy from Virginia Timothy welcome here. I met you think your all the earlier and I mostly gone because all in the more mythic not okay I'm in and out a question you feel that that's not good quality and property, general with your that got in the elements in it.

It can you risk driving up like the people on the eighth of them and you all of the Muslim faith. I got off the in your pocket anything to divert people come back to work out. Of note, that was a need to do because making a profit. That got final about the Lord got my main question is you know you feel it. There is written promoting the overall and you know what what what you think. No one but we have all driven by religious people and in Israel and elsewhere. You know where to bring out the back of both of the above return by the court that make this point because I know I unit that we could do a lot of that off the bed have really limited.

Well talk about your humanism sometime and politely dismantle it, but that's another topic are calling about that I guess is a risk to most everything and certain eschatological views within Christianity. I think there are deleterious which means having hidden harmful effects.

So for example the idea preach ablation rapture because when I say this because a lot of people listening believe it. It has the potential of being harmful if the person who affirms it has the attitude of I don't need to make the world better, to get outta here that's that's on biblical and its approach and proper use of that's difficult is it, or that position at the hold that my position is that we go through everything and that we need to be out there protesting voting for this invite and not with violence but with peace of protesting requiring integrity of people of our leaders etc. etc. and so you asked the question should religion be it basically should religion be involved in politics, not Muslim religion, no, not Catholic religion that Mormon religions know the Christian religion. Yes, absolutely. In fact, I assume you're in America. Here well remember Virginia will to read the Constitution to give her have you. My point is just go through it quickly you'll see a lot of Christian stuff in it. Plus the early because states the colonies in order to hold an officer to be Christian in good standing and the reason was because you answer to God if I became some political leader. I know that I have to answer to God, so I'm not could be looking for bettering myself and my own relativistic ideology like that and if this is the only overly simplified but Christianity provides the necessary preconditions for proper morality intelligibility and quitting society that is useful. In fact, the principles of refining a government of representative let like a representative that's in the Bible, private property that's in the Bible capitalistic ideas is in the Bible but not with mayhem but with the idea that is if you make good with what God's given you your responsible before God for your resources that you develop that you utilize the biblical principles was, not secularist.

Don't use gas so I like to admit that there are no to market the Bible work. There's only of monarchies but I really think there's a guy you and I respect that and that people that you, but I do very regularly with the output.

The politicians that you see that deftly. You know, especially regard of the that are very, very much pro-data related to nothing to do with all of the project you knocked out the enabling you prophetic element rightly. I wanted – I do appreciate your your discussion and I you know I like hearing my finger, and the depth and breath of the Bible talk about the thank you, tell you something.

The Bible is fantastically unique and has Old Testament prophecies, and some of them are incredibly detailed in New Testament once and once have not yet been fulfilled and a lot of Christians been very concerned and more concerned about what's happening. The mark of the beast thing, but also there are some prophecies which imply that China will come out of the down Euphrates River with 200 million man army to go into Israel.

This is one of things still yet to be done with the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, which is yet to occur.

So keep your eyes open because I can and being polite here I can show you why your your humanism is self refuting something self refuting a True The correct but excellent discussion or type I mean every friendly wait a minute, antagonistic way.

I'm for truth, for truth deeply discord a little sorry devoted discord at all. Given I know I don't know that it okay Check it out like pagans.

There a lot of Christians there and we can have a conversation sometime there is look for my name and let people know me. There to know if you're one of the conversation is not call up the shell will talk about humanism little bit of you right okay hey thank you, appreciate right let's get to Roger Philippe Roger. We lost legacy got rapture. Let's get to Jay from Brooklyn, New York, J.

Michelle, you're on their snowmen. What somebody is basically like a week or so like a good with like severe depression and anxiety in life without thought like they'll unite every morning heart get out and ask you okay you have a plan for suicide. All I you know the feeling.

Like all like I was. I was never born pipe that there why would God need a green light. Like you thought. But I you don't like, but you you know Christian like my aunt and you know my mom I spoke with a couple friends like him because because 15 thing that always like a spiritual matter and you gotta have more Yupik praying.

But then the other side like oh well you know if you have a problem better goal in all professional hold back on the view of life will help you with your Google if even listening for a while, you know, I'm very biblical that I tell you that it could be that you have a problem with the chemicals in your brain and ice to have friend. She passed away was a clinical psych nurse who taught me a lot of stuff work with me for 17 years before the Lord took her home and sometimes her brains are just not right with chemical depletion to stress through genetic issue. So I would suggest strongly that you go to a doctor tell not depression us enough to give you pills that work with you in order to help the deficiency is nothing wrong with that at all.

Nothing at all wrong with it. Okay, they can really help you, because it could be that and/or a combination of not having enough sleep and it could be a combination of having bad food because you could have an allergy to a food if you have an adverse effect on you, so you have to ask exercises are just think the basic things and if you go to church should talk to the elders about it so they can take every spiritual issues, but you have to tackle this for multiple ant avenues. If the Christian tells you don't go to a doctor is just a spiritual issue.

Don't listen to him. Okay, Luke, the apostle was a doctor. Paul even said take wine for your stomach proper chocolate taking wine as a form of medicine. There's nothing wrong with going to a doctor, nothing at all okay and I got to the two brothers who were on Mets select enter and it helps them a great deal.

There's a lot of chemicals in the world.

Chemicals that strengthen our bodies by toxins or antibodies, so you might want to consider vegetarianism you might want to consider juicing, you might want to consider doing 100 push-ups per day getting your body going to hold efforts time one more call back tomorrow okay but the holistic way I felt sorry about that parish was talking 21 call back tomorrow.


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