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June 10, 2020 2:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 10, 2020 2:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How do I choose between Calvinism, Arminianism, Lutheranism, etc.---2- How do I live a life without sin---3- Jehovah's Witnesses believe Jesus is an archangel, but they call Him perfect- Can an angel be perfect---4- I struggle to consistently pray and spend time in the word. What should I do---5- Just Jesus' driving out the money changers justify riots---6- In 1 John 3-6 and 9, is the ESV or NASB a better translation---7- Does 1 John teach sinless perfection---8- What are your thoughts on the alleged -Q- source---9- Is 1 Timothy 2-12 just Paul voicing his own opinion---10- What is your devotional routine like---11- Is this the end times-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Nats like shelf wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine work. Good day the Lord bless you and if you want to give McCall all you to do was dial 877-207-2276 last-minute text of Fleming last-minute tech stuff I'm doing here all right got that taken care of so well all right if you're new to show you listening. It's a Christian apologetics shown what to do was answer questions on the Bible doctrine, apologetics, things like that so that sounds like a fun thing that give me a call or just listen to check it out so well there you go you if you're interested in watching you can start a big deal. I have a green screen behind me and so now it looks like people. Things that you do house just it's just a shot of the living room and the so that's it is it's not mine. No, I'm not rich so people I would in the ministry for women and money and I got one woman and she got my money. That's how that works so you know you already folks hate 772072276 and also just let you know that's on Apple and on Google podcast we have the best match like life. You cannot just type it in and you can listen away what they did actually do as they put together the best of the release.

I think someone thinks so if you want to hear for the best of that's in the opinion of someone who's the producer who thinks it's the best of now that you know I mean it could be not the best on five I think it was really good him. I don't know him and help you like.

So who knows you never know what the it is a lot of fun anyway so there you go. Give McCall you for the lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to cursor. There is Tony from Georgia Tony welcome here, I think would take Michael sure what you like, what it will call you a year or two ago trying to buy between Calvinism and Army though. But now I discovered Lutheranism in England at the end my hand up near.

I can't really decide between my foot that followed like a camp or me know or you if all the Scripture says I sent you with what God says and you check everything with the word of God and the that you follow whatever you think that the word of God teaches of the severe really.

It's that simple that your job intervals we doing so, you know that and I think that there are some significant issues that are worth looking at. For example, the issue can you lose your salvation and their strengths and weaknesses.

Both position and to me.

I find it very very important to hold the position that you cannot lose your salvation, and the more I say this you will say all that means if you can't sin all you want. Hate God's will be saved.

That's not what the position because along with that comes regeneration.

But Jesus said in John six or seven through 40 that all the father has given him he would lose none and raise him up last day of Jesus of the will of the fathers of Jesus lose none so I asked people can Jesus lose any can you can you go to hell if you been saved. That would mean Jesus lost an answer has to be now. So when you go to Anglican you go to Lutheran.

They say yes you can and I have a problem with that mean I just simply you to Colossians 214 for example, where it says that Jesus paid the certificate of death at the cross, so some groups will say well know the descendent. The certificate of debt is for forgiven when you leave. That's not the case. 214 says, the descendents can't look across & sale is canceled when a bullet when you get baptized will.

That's not the case either. So when you find things out like that you start realizing only a minute. Okay Lutheranism doesn't fit Anglicanism doesn't fit Catholicism doesn't fit and you start narrowing the field down because you compare them with the teach what Scripture and there are some specific areas of Scripture that that make or break the denominational differences so are debating a Lutheran, for example, on the issue of eternal security I be going the verses I know that they can't answer because he can't answer. I've had discussions with people about Jesus, says Johnson, 637 240, which is all the father give me will come to me and want to come to me and certainly will not cast out for this is the will of my father that although he's given me of them I lose none reason of the last day will that's the case then will the followers of Jesus lose none is what he says in John 829. We know that Jesus always does the will of the father. So Jesus can lose any to such simple people so I can lose yourself.

It says the father says that the sun will not lose any. It is not dependent upon our ability, but on Christ's sore securing Christ.

So for me this is very very clear and so I can't go to a group or follow any group that would teach that you keep your salvation by your sincerity or goodness your whatever this is up to you to Christ. These are faithful to see when you look at the word of God to critical issues critical critical areas to find out a lot of nominations this fall by the wayside and I would stay with far away from EL Lutheranism is definitely within orthodoxy, but can I when I went to Lutheran college and graduated from there and I went to Presbyterian seminary graduate if there and I'm not Lutheran I'm not knocking Lutheran to send her bad but I'm not Lutheran because I fight to still see line with the teach of the Scriptures not loyal to any denomination not loyal to any group, I just read the word. In fact, just in the past 24 hours subject now get to it one day. 24 hours, I've come across another issue in Scripture that may have an effect on how I view a certain concept and selected student study and if I were a denominational member, I might as a pastor I might not want to study that because maybe it might not come into an agreement with the denomination that you might cost me my likelihood people shying away from the seat. I don't have to I just read it. Study neck mumble something and take us witnessing to say that helps any.

But the icing just study the word the best of your building.

You read my Bible.

There you go.

Don't worry about it denomination. Okay, just don't you worry about in the Lord Jesus the best of your ability.

If you have questions about a text to go research if you're not sure about something Higgins answer call me I'll call somebody also talked to some people about to read commentaries. Do some research and you'll find that you'll be able to understand stuff and there you go meet some groups.

For example teach that appeals of the Touche of Christ.

This is on biblical that means the legal aspect of Christ's or petitionary work will Christ was our substitute because of Isaiah 4353 verses four through six. He took our stripes to do to us with the him. He's our substitution.

We know that the sacrifice was legal, had to be court of the law came to fulfill all righteousness and to fulfill what the Bible says Mark, Matthew 75 17 and Mark Matthew 315. As we know that that's the case, and we know that on that there are things in the Scriptures that Jesus teach. I just talked about my cold own train of thought on that, but the point is that you stay with the word of God. Stick to the word of God. Stick to what it says and don't known adopted denominations doctrines because it denomination holds to it. Just don't do that they can be costly and it cost me a great deal to do that. That's what I did into the coffee great. That's when this okay that you have not brought question or need to get back in line with you back in line get you the colors waiting okay just call my RMS I think Matt Ryan is 20 from Georgia let's get on the phone with Darrell from North Carolina, Darrell, welcome either Darrell hit the button yet okay there you can recommend what you are.

I have who quit one is how to whatever spirit that I don't thing again in the fickleness catalog grow spiritually that it echoes you're never going to grow spiritually so you don't send again and you can't know that you will never sin again until the day that you resurrected in Christ, your human being. Paul the apostle said in Romans 718 through 25, the things I want to do.

I don't do the things I don't want to do. I do he was dealing with the reality of his own sin, you will never get to the point in your human life here asked for your physical death. Here you never get to that point, we don't sin anymore.

In spite of what the arrogant morons say that you could live a sinless life. That's a load of crud which is not true. The fact is your center with the sin nature who saved by grace of trust on Christ that you saved by grace and what you do is when you mess up you go to him when you just confess it and you move forward if you want to grow such a way where you sin less and less so to speak. What you do is you read that word spend time in the presence of the Lord on her knees you ask him to work through you and you will find that some sins that used to be enslaved to will just completely disappear.

Others you find that you are less tempted by the they still rear their ugly heads, and then when you get rid of three, four, five, six, 12 sins, you find out there's another one you better deal with. He didn't even know about, and you can find it is good be your life with things like out. I'm not late anymore right. I don't like that.

But I'm with you I don't like it that I still send. I don't like it that I still fail like it that I do the things I shouldn't do and don't do the things I should but I also know a high level, I love the company who followed Christ follow up work.

A saint is the Greek arguing that means is to say holy when you are that already in Christ, you need to study Romans chapter 8 verses 29 and 30.

Those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of the son of those we predestined your so-called as he called also justify those he justified he also glorified. Glorification is the resurrection of the body that's talk about enforcement is 15 that is not yet happened but it says of the people who are saved there already glorified.

In other words, everything that you do is already been paid for at the cross. He canceled all of our sin debt. Colossians 213 or 14 says this all of you to rest in his work, not your ability not to sin but you do need to work not to sin but yet understand that God is save you knowing who you are. Knowing what you will do knowing your failures. I decided save you anyway so all your sins are already forgiven your journey now consists of becoming more like Christ, which are never to be able to do completely. Because he's perfect you're not. So what we do in the meantime, we fail as we asked Jesus to forgive us yet again we ask him to just cleanse us. This washes from time to go forward, and he gradually works that gracious work over the years and you'll find that there be sins that you will no longer have to struggle with in there, so to speak. Replaced or you have room to discover the whole front of the break mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back solar okay there you go. All right, so this is what you want to do is very good and is asked Jesus to help you through it, but you can have tough time because you're aware of your sin.

But the Lord loves you anyway never to leave you significant for sake of our like some sort that might have ruptured.

I don't which lies your filled with QuickTime if something was tight telling you that are that you can't know there's only one is perfectness, Lord God, Jesus Christ, and you will never be able to be like so me just tell you that the closer you get to Christ the more you see different kinds of sins that are in you and it's almost as though there's a table and that table has room for six things came and you can work on six problems and once you got that one sin taken care of the get rid of it. Then we have five note that a group that other one that was been hiding in shadow stick becomes visible.

I got that when work with as well, but generally this is not what you know you move away from lying and stealing to now you're struggling with a little bit too selfish. I didn't help my neighbor when I should have becomes issues like that if the deal with these kind of things and so you become more like Christ and then the issues become more of character of how much are you loving much or any patient you kind versus the other things you used to concerts where all that stuff anymore and different set of things you deal with different level. There's always progress, but okay.

That help it. Thank you very much. I will call back anytime okay. Darrell right look at stuff.

All right, let's get to Jason from Ohio Jason welcome here will I do question about Joe got a month like you talking about you and you kind of a sideline things. But my question is… Budget is beneath either free and trying to refer to that it can be a mediator but I engaged going towards Jesus as the silent question is Michael the Archangel, so they keep focusing on perfection and my question was a lie like that and don't be our angel perfect perfect non-first John in the first two teeth. I 21 I think it is it talks about the elect angels, and that but it probably means is those angels that were chosen by God not to sin in the great rebellion in the spiritual realm, so was a very perfect would be my perfect perfect like God is perfect no never going to happen.

Perfect isn't you you you draw perfect circle is perfect. This standard of what it is, by definition, it's all depends what you mean by perfect with just Jacob is talking about, says Jesus is perfect, just asking to define what he means okay okay perfect. Being a good route or would it be better just to change back to great high priest spending will defense their logical problems with that position at the health and so you just want to go in a direction you can work with that and you learn some directions are more profitable, so to speak, in a discussion then others. So one of things. For example, is worth discussing is is if you take a tree and point out it is a tree right yes is a tree a table. No, it's not a table you take that Trina cut it up and make a table out of the wood is the table a tree. No, it's not there different things when you have an angel is a different thing than a human being, so in an angel and Job's theology becomes a man. The angel ceases to exist, and now is a man, you can't have that. You can't have the essence of an angel become a man. It's like saying the essence of an angel becomes not the essence of an angel doesn't work because it would mean an order for the angel become a man.

It's slow the possible because when you have an angel become man is no longer an angel. When a tree become the tables no longer tree and you can't make the table back into a tree for you can't make Jesus back into an angel. As they say, because the nature ceases to this problem. There so it has discontinuity in its histological issue and JW don't want to do this kind of thinking because it's logical that a false logic that the use of the watchtower Bible and tract Society are brainwashed, but I recommend if I were you, I'd recommend you ask them asking to go with him to the Kingdom Hall go couple three times get some literature. You'll see what you're up against. You'll see that it's a brainwashing cult and will help you a lot and plus it helps you learn a little better phone ability to build speak about these issues that I would recommend it to insulin and it is all kind of waste witness is here something to try this. You go to him that I John 1513 greater love has no man than this, but he laid his life down for his friend and it gathered Jacob say okay so this is the greatest act of love right later life after front right okay and Jesus perform that right yes he did okay. Jesus is a creature to you right now. Did the creature do something greater than God because God in your view can't perform the greatest act of love you in your theology, a mere creature could do it out to God you please explain how that works is of the kind of question to get into thinking and there's all kind of things you can do all kinds of ways to go to the Jehovah's Witness section on Carmen written off a lot of articles on the Jehovah's Witnesses with approaches was to witness and things like that and there's a lot there you can do. I know some things I could tell you read the memorize stuff you memorize Scripture locations and I know see you working on that sideline, it will die with you later. Don't get back to later get back to it now. You're on the right track okay for you okay get get back to the salon understanding got that we focus on what it actually says writer. I'd recommend you go to Carmen look up the true Jesus or look a bit.

The plurality study. Look at the plurality study because okay in the Old Testament." All the verses but the Old Testament God is seen but the New Testament is never God the father, but in the Old Testament God Almighty will the Jehovah's Witnesses. God Almighty is the father and the mighty God is Jesus Exhibit 2 God's all God Almighty father who is the mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave line with Tony from Georgia Tony welcomed on the air.

My call again. Sure, though the past year I've been a little or no desire to prayer read Scripture I don't know what's wrong with me and think tank vacation as you. I know it's wrong with you. You are a sinner at your reseller and tell you that he struggles you have to go to go through talking to the club. A lot of times in a floodplain written work. Lots of times could have so much going on and been doing it for 40 years, I may is facing what you really are what you do is you try to be things like read one verse just one. Think about it I just think about it and I'll pray for one minute. That's all you gotta do is let God slowly work with your effort. Now here's the thing.

Sometimes the discipline the flesh sometimes you do what's right, they don't feel like so I understand the issue. Sometimes you do what's right, no, I don't feel like getting up at 6 o'clock in the morning. Work but I'll do it and I don't feel like working for eight hours, but I'll do it.

And people do that all the time you have the capability and say I don't like pranks.

I won't want. Why do we give so much warrant and weight to the secular and not to this sacred inner desires will because in this, the secular, it's fill our bellies keep lights on and then the sacred.

We know that God loves us anyway but we don't realize a lot of time step by the lack of prayer, lack of written word to miss out on things and I'll tell you we discipline yourself to pray this a little bit more about eight hours. Don't you know just pray in a regular basis.

Surprise that the spirit of God warm your heart. You can move forward. But here's something to think there's a book by George Miller had erected my tongue. George Miller is a anyway. He said something prayer to find it and am get the title because it's worth reading right and because this sexy and you and you know it has with prayer and want to save it is really good book and am less. Let's see answers to prayer by George Miller was right there and what this is is a great example of a man who prayed and what he did was different than what most people do and he would just pray and say Lord would you want we want to do and he would just wait upon the Lord. I just ask and weeks later. Sometimes there be an impression he would have an arson something sooner than later and he said that from you, Lord, increase it if it's not decrease it now is custom-made to pray about and what happened with this guy as he did this, starting an orphanage in 1800s in England and because he was stepping through desiring the will of God, so that when he prayed, it was because he was in the will of God, and not because he's outside hoping personal make the difference and things don't work, so therefore we don't feel like pranks as often is the case because were not in the will of God and so are personally seen to be answered. We lose interest of our time. Just because were not will gotta begin with so what he did and I learned a lot from the sky. What he did was wait for God to direct him and then pray accordingly.

So as an example, after the orphanages were built and all the stuff and skipping a lot of details. The great story and my favorite stories about how they had hundreds of orphans 1800s in this one building made of wood and the furnace was break. I could tell getting old brick during the winter and this is before vaccines and things like that often the word about pneumonia. They couldn't afford this newfangled thing called electricity, but with a could do was maybe get kerosene lamps in several hundred rooms to heat rooms wiped from the major furnace off, but if one furnace one plant got turned over the whole place burned down to. They were stuck, but because God had called him into this ministry God had called George to do with this in his book talks about this God had done this God put him there and George said was not my problem is God's problem got thicker so what George did was he knew that the only real option was during the winter to pray and ask God to change the direction of the wind to the cold north wind would stop in a warm south wind would blow during the time scheduled to have the furnace turned off the parent and he also asked that the men who worked on it would have a mind to work that could be done in a couple three days so the morning that they went to turn the furnace off was a warm south when and the men worked for 18 hours to finally get the furnace shut down and torn apart, and Mueller asked the supervisor if he would speak to the men and asked him to come back early to take care of it so the orphans would have eight sooner and every single one of the men said no not to. Instead, they state.and when he turned the furnace on the cold north wind started blowing see we are in the will of God the things that you need God's concern that so the trick is to find out what is God want you to do and you have to wait on you have to seek his face to pray to the Lord sent okay what you do with rich or poor, married or single, or healthier, or sickness make a difference with me as you desire. Teach me to hear your voice.

I walk in the direction that you have you opened for me. So the pray Lord I'm in your will. This is where we need to be okay. It felt right at recommended the book answers to prayer George Mueller will okay M you LL ER right thank you Matt God bless about all right, let's get on the phones with no predrilled North Carolina Noah welcome and I like that without soil Gordon Miller EM Baghdad only made found that brand what I never got a book late if there only okay but now I've got one speculated that there that not bearing up a lot of trouble and it that you gave Clinton at that little Matthew 2112 that in paying and basically they make a joke at LI, you know full there there child they could find the riot thing and you know these data in care of the house that night. Thanks apnea I get double that the BN nine identify what I would think that this is outgoing, you have to take care of it. Get rid of that you know you would let Robert demand, but the gun death. Basically, the perverting where they got a you probably not liking.

I found Margaret got owned everything made whatever he walked in the act are three compute scripture in Matthew 2112 through 17. The issue here is that the hypocritical leaders are putting a roadblock between the people and God there doing the opposite of what needs to be done and got Jesus went into his own house and cleaned and so judgment begins with the house of God, clean your own house first before you got to start writing this article and things out. Make sure that these are taken care of at home and so the writers and the looters what they are, are not the protesters have a right to protest.

I have a complaint, that's okay. The writers in the looters are filthy pigs who need to be arrested and put in jail for the crimes in their using the Varian excuses to do what is evil and it is bad out there, and that the look in my opinion the leftists. This is a manifestation of left is this what happens in a lot of the populace as I my God was able to write back of his messages.

Please why call 7707. Here is Matt's way back. The phones vote that books out of your engine checking about all you do is go to On the right-hand side you can see a list of your two books. Their room was called a theistic site novella teaches you how to witness to him. Atheists believe not conceptual abstraction. Things about how it doesn't work as a philosophy and it's really interesting effect and then we have a sci-fi novel. I will call time trap. If you check these out 20% if you get 20% of what you get what you we get ghost to support the ministry so there you are. It is go to condo toward the right-hand side of the page is the information. Let's get to Chuck North Carolina Chuck welcome Ronnie and I met your truck). Lord gave your great.

My Lord, my God, what about Mike Bartlett about the EFV version of John chapter 3 for an Denver nine and compare that with the NAS. They and I think it's kind of thing never again six no one who abides in him sins the one who sins has no one who sins has seen him or knows him and ESV says no one who abides in him keeps on sending no one who puts on sinning has either seen him or known him you liked ESV actually better there than NSP in that particular instance. Okay okay okay how about Burke knowing that Missy verse nine NSP no one who is born of God practices sin, because his seed abides in him and he cannot sin, because he is born of God to ESV says no one born of God makes a practice of sending I forgot seed abides in him he cannot keep on sinning because he is God that so that was what is this okay okay and also one letter made like the American got the very good and the score report Billy Graham at them over the country. He had ended blog.they come out with very good bill.

Thank you very much… But rather a God blessed God bless and thank you very much appreciated. You okay let's get the phones with Patrick North Carolina Patrick welcome Ronnie here I am at idle on doing all right.

By God's grace when he got what that's kind of funny because the caller just wanted you to read John 369. I wanted to the content of seven and eight.

No way will all right blessed looking at it 70 little children make sure no one deceives you the one who practices righteousness is righteous, just as he is righteous. What he practices sin is of the devil for the devil has sent from the beginning. The son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil. Okay, so we got what's up yet all righteousness, that would be kinda like practicing sinless perfection wanted. Well now as perfectionism is as just foolishness, but to assess your little children make sure no one deceives you the one he practices righteousness is righteous, and it is talk about living a good life right before God is not saying that I righteousness is our own but is the Christ, things like that. Obviously I kind of think when you talk to Catholic about them than that they don't then I think that's what they're doing is trying to practice right business Catholics to sin and admit they sent you on that boat like that last Friday on the after show you had that if you want to learn how to send 1015 minutes with me now where was that in birthday although I was a joke because he sinless perfection people. They said he never said and I jokingly say spends 50 moons with me at all clear that it is a joke was that I plan I think is important that you don't statement like that because I've heard is that you are not offended me in the center. There is a joke joke rheumatologist not know of verse eight that thing that I'm from the devil. Okay well is meant as a joke and people. I'm sure understand that what I've said before, people chuckled they understand what it is and that's all I know I would really like all the urgent thing on Friday is not to be taken seriously. All right.

Well, when they say they feel they have to follow the 10th amendment that's all there doing it is practicing righteousness, and you make it sound like they can't do that because they can't do it perfectly. You're taking things that I said out of their context and putting them together and so cannot think a lot allotments to parking all our future and are forgiven can't be true. Well all of our sins to Jesus 2000 years ago were future right in all not know I'm talking about tomorrow. Your tender altogether tomorrow.

Yes, I think with that attitude or with that way of thinking is why youth they want to spend the day with me. All right. Look, I explained to you that it was just humor. That's all it is in your failing to get out and get you using to get that and will disprove okay let's get to Austin from Charlotte, North Carolina, Austin, Lincoln you on the air.

I map out what your thought on the north, not like the common ethereal between Matthew and Luke about going here believe in acute start. Why don't you get to from the German clonal source. I don't know if it really did exist or not exist.

I doesn't really matter, but if it did, that is an earlier source Denmark which would just mean that the source of information was written down came even closer to the actual events in the time of Christ. Soquel state works nicely.

You have like day like a periodic benefit all. That pretty different, like……… About believe that other one. Think back to the legal outing that it crept out of the law to set right as I don't have any you go ahead… Can I say that we don't have any absolute evidence that there seems to be incidental or circumstantial evidence on the firm at some don't, and that's all we can do okay I and one more question at my BF you believe in the premarket passive start I don't bump you off possibility to that. But the fight William. I grabbed a good day. No earlier material that you know Bart got felt the company in a golf ball on. I don't know would be simple to be similar to queue at that point, but I might have asserted out all right. I thought that God bless this get to Rick from Ila Rick welcome here. I map about the chapter 2 verse 12 okay, but I've suffer not a woman 50 learn their authority over the spell, but I thought were not that it not really being for God, but am speaking out of the on personal property. People say that when people say that saying so is your personal preference equal to Paul the apostle, Jesus Christ, and what is written.

Nurse inspired in Scripture rated just ask him flat out if they say yes. Will you talk to someone who start a self deceived by American if they want us it was just his opinion, say will read the next verse four was Adam was first created and then eat soap. He is tying it into the created order.

So he's making a doctrinal statement out of it.

I got lots all right, let's get to Gen. for North Carolina Darrell Luckman on the air, but right in.

The last thing thing on the note what what is your devotional thing like I go through your day to follow with my routine is not normal because like I study like him on the radio. I study I have talking while like for example last night while I was listening to a debate.

I had a file in Excel file open that I converted into something on into HTML and going through and analyzing every instance of the usage of the word covenant in the Bible so my studying habits are quite different, and sometimes I get on my phone in bed at night and go through the Bible to start studying this for studying under like making comments and things like that. Other times I'll do write articles for the study. One concept or one versus related versus so I'm constantly in the word so I'm not a good example of how to have these devotions is that and I'm right devotions. I'm halfway through editing a devotional which you never release in a month so I'm just not your normal guy respect, but I would suggest people do is find a time during the day when they can read the word and to spend a little bit of time with God on a regular basis, and if they can, I think is a good idea to journal about things like this that you're learning and DEP don't just make it laborious just go look with the flow and don't need in order like if you read the book of the gnomelike first John, for example, some wonderful book just read until you're done reading that might be one verse might be 24 and I sure that the info you yeah it is to scan times because in fact used 17 says it shall be the last days got support for my Spirit on all mankind and the last days begin and Pentecost. So technically speaking, yes, were the last days. Now what you really mean is it at the end of the end times. If we see America fall because of the leftist agenda. The sacrifice of truth and constitutions trampled then please delete you believe Kristin will be absolutely yes. Without doubt, Christians are going to persecuted absolutely.

I teach a guy thing like I call depressed college. He and it's not fun that eschatology is that event times and depression depressed otology and I have an article on this for the sum of the signs of the end time elves go through really quickly what it says.

The Bible says that he presents a false Christ, false prophets more persecution of the faithful apostasy lawlessness level grew colder be earthquakes, famine, plagues, increase in selfishness, lovers of money, pleasure, arrogant, disobedient, ungrateful, unholy, haters of good, conceited, appearing God, but are not mocking of Jesus increase in knowledge rise of spiritism, a decay of marriage.

A lot of false teaching the gospel will be preached to the whole world to be signed to the heaven son the little regard for the situs of the men will appear.

This is what Christ said call back Monday

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