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June 10, 2020 10:59 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 10, 2020 10:59 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Could Christ atone for the sins of the world and yet most of the world still die in their sins---2- How would you explain limited atonement to a child---3- What is the problem with Bethel music---4- When a believer dies, do they go to heaven or paradise---5- Does expiation occur, or only propitiation---6- Former Catholic calls in to thank Matt for his work--7- My wife says she is done with God and wants to leave me. What should I do---8- Do we have to turn from our sins to be saved-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Wrestling why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a matter why. And for those were were newbies.

It's not original name of my real name Matt slick learn to run as a kid, my dad was in the service and him so well. We moved 26 times before was 12 years old with control different elementary schools brother born in Hawaii another one in Texas, Melbourne, Wyoming within Southern California. All overly good to know I was doing a lot of running and the apparently have extra large part because it's excellent meaning in any way going to be called to do was dial 877-207-2276 the last four digits spell see ARM on your phone car that's short for carbon toward Christian apologetics research industry and hopefully hopefully will enjoy stuff and someone asked me likely the piano got the green screen behind me know. I don't play the piano and the home.

I have no musical ability whatsoever. My children when my daughters was very talented musically can sing very well had me sing once and then she basically said that I cannot sing and didn't mean I wasn't capable. She meant it in the sense of we don't want you to. You cannot and that that gives you an idea of how bad I am. So what there you go.

Going to McCauley 772072276. Let's get one from Texas one welcome on here okay like to be on the arrogant, and I think I called back down to Laredo when if you have a conference again and asked me to speak of the letter go down there but the snap and flow. I love hearing it live and I really appreciate everything that yet about the outfit. So unique. But my question thought about that. I will reading your articles on limited atonement and I with the bright read that book Arminian both believe in, but limited moment right right Calvinist limit limit the scope or menus limit the power you okay I like to play that maybe the site that I would like to be my question it, and I probably know you're out there, but I want to give you think about it quite the phone for the things of the world, but the majority of the world will die if I went on things and so if he means it is you mean atonement is that the same reading of the phone. Just let me know if it means biblically with atonement is as a sacrifice that is proficient Tori in first John 22 says he is the propitiation on for synthesis of the whole world and the work propitiate from her last months in the Greek actually means the sacrifice that removes wrath of this mega potential.

It actually removes it. That's what it means.

This is why a lot of translations will water down the translation estate expiate center propitiate.

I would like the legal declaration. Yet when the high priests would go into propitiate the sins of Israel, they were actually removed.

The course was done to the logically representative of Christ to shed blood on the kind of stuff that's ultimate reason why so if he's a propitiation for our sins on the part of the sins of the whole world and that means the sacrifice after removes wrath.

Then there's some issues at kebab and plus in Colossians 214.

He canceled the certificate of that at the cross as something that has of the sin debt then we hit it with logical questions arise necessity from and I agree with what you're saying. I'm just trying to keep it a different way of a children's factor. So I tried to explain thing but again in the very difficult thing limited.

The only children but didn't indicate that the Civil War when thinking that they met the patient proclamation where he declared the leg three. Not all of them chose to live in freedom by not directly something is limited atonement look at it this way sin is that okay when in the Mike again. Sin is a legal debt and so Jesus said our father in heaven how would be the name in Matthew 612, he should forgive us our sins, but in our freezer tasks you me and Luke 11 for to forgive us our sin. Jesus equates sin with legal debt. This is what Jesus does and so he said the cross John for John 1930 to tell a sty which in English is it is finished were to tell us dies and found handwritten different handwriting on legal documents from that time signifying a legal death is been paid and is canceled and the class of 214 says he canceled the certificate of debt, having nailed to the cross. The sin debt is canceled at the cross, not when you believe that's what this freak you right but that's what it said soap was given a more accurate analogy, let's say you and I are at a restaurant and in Laredo there were additional radio still and we go to Mexican restaurant. Chris and I want. Because of manners night so they are and so I go there and them and I'm paying for that and so we are here. You and I hear about two other tables. Coincidentally, the guys forgot your wallet to say the family didn't have the money to pay for a reason. So that means there and have a debt that's to them and I just am a nice guy tries to hit Dori but I walk over to pay your meal for both tables bang bang okay. Now the question is, is the debt that that's a meal that that legal debt that they have is now paid for.

If I pay for is canceled. If I could get the paper it does exist anymore to legal debt or transferable. If it's canceled, it cannot be held to that person's account anymore. The logically if he canceled the sin debt, could he cancel it for at the cross or the elect would make sense that way and we get it that he died for all, well then I can show that it's very interesting to study the Scriptures, I asked a trick question of people in a similar trick you and I tell him trickier ready the trick question. Okay, smiling.

That hurt anybody you noticed okay Elsie, have you died in the same well know, and some say yes because I understand that you have entitled physically but you have died with Christ, and we can see that how we love God with Christ till I to live in sin. And that's Romans 612-4122 actually anger. Colossians 3 talks with us having died, and we can make a principal to discover principle of Scripture that the only time it says anybody's died in relationship to Jesus as a believer right was in Christ. That's it. Record this one verse, we find this very interesting assists in current second chronic asking second Corinthians 5 and dismembered in the diverse reference for similar talk about prescriptive segment is 514 which says the love of Christ controls us. Having concluded this, that one died for all, therefore all died if he died for all, and the all means every individual who ever lived.

This has been all died while we know the phraseology that that means is being done with Christ major saved looking at how Jesus or how God uses the terms we find out there's a difference in how God used him compared to how we do it.

Here's a versus what I don't use very often that I should be in relationship of this is set for symbol 314 God speaking.

Therefore, I've sworn to the house of Eli that this iniquity of Eli's house shall not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering forever so I actually not ever been all over everything in the article.

Well, what if we look at I try to look at think I'm an eternal perspective on the point of view that I know that God is sovereign and so if we think that it will use the example, the whole world was born dark underground and it right. You need a path liftgate the underground into the light from the darkness of the room and knew not everybody choose that path because people out anyway but ultimately held the dog right then that the person what what if the boat can't be because this sin debt is canceled at the cross, Cusa canceled for the elect only the girls going to heaven.

People say was only canceled when you believe no, it's not because it's Catholic. The cross right out when you believe in that. This is something it sounds so counterintuitive, but I've had people had discussed this with for 20 minutes at a time, literally 20 minutes asking the same question on the same verse when is your sin debt canceled.

When you believe this will be diverse again, having nailed to the cross winds it canceled.

20 minutes later they finally soaking at the cross out the reason and I bring this up is why do people stick to their their assumption so much when the Scriptures clearly contradicted because they have an agenda and they think they got it figured out, and when to come up with the Scripture that contradicts it puts him in jeopardy thinking that I don't understand everything. Well, I thought I did and so this is a problem so you know that community.

We got to stick with the Scriptures. This would assess if you look at the atonement for the legal aspect makes perfect sense.

How it has to work, what you will limit just say looking forward to restaurants in your daddy season that the example that he is in the next table and I can pay it yeah okay that's this pay for its taken care of. Who did Jesus come for he says that he came to read John 1027 through half with Blount stored in the chapter their lost sheep of Israel/Midwest Matthew 1524 but in John 10 he says he leases like them for the sheep that he says the Pharisees, you are not my sheep. I think I saw right okay buddy thank you so thanks. I certainly okay ocelot CMX by all rights, let's get to David from Texas, David welcomed on the air they breathe air.

Dave David from Texas on account three John Holt Québec political either.

Dave 12.

Let's get to Michael my and now let's get to Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck will welcome you are talking to a guy about that band for music and elevation worship alright because I like this song and I go I know every word lyric what is what their problem. I didn't know what what the problem problematic with them was wrong with Bethel but I was elevation that I have researched some I can say anything but. But Bethel is problematic because of the source. Now this is something people said that's a genetic fallacy and well maybe yes, maybe no.

But the issue is that Bethel church Bethel. The Bethel peep people. The NAR movement is teaching some heresies in a pretty serious and so if we use their worship and so that's really beautiful ideas that then what we do well and we say hey it's Misty feel good. It's pretty slick with even other teaching heresies is very good holder. We got a photograph I got messages that I call 77077. Here's Matt's way back to the show this get back on the phone. Chuck and like we find out their own chart will just type in Google or whatever to start researching were to come from and research. That's what I do is I'm not sure about something on this Google and then I find her websites fine with the staff state that with pastors and elders at a warning flag if they do so would books libraries are promoting things like that piece of the quick and easy ways you go to the statement of faith and see what they say. See if it's clear thing I look for the statement of faith is clarity and what to put in it was wills but they deny some time to find a statement of faith is just a milquetoast loser warning flags and were really excited and so you are they seeking to minister to the body of Christ and equipped with the Christians for the work of ministry or the seeking to be so inclusive that unbelievers feel so comfortable to come in and don't really hear the the of the gospel message because the Bible is not. The Bible does not say that the church is for the unbelievers and go to church stuff and are certainly welcome but it's for the book the pastor and the church body is there for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry. This is a different view than a lot of churches have you go there you get fed and and think back home to do whatever. That's not was supposed to going it's the equipping for the war of ministry.

All of us and that has different going out right or article also may not be a mechanic and doing it for the Lord and tithing to support all the whole thing which was to be doing is the promotion of the kingdom of God. That's why he's DOS low among the other thing but but to me churches are just babysitting time right now basically telling people about of course we shut I always look for a new fraternity I can to witness can all go to my store I listen, I meant not to eavesdrop. If I hear somebody talk about a law regarding thing comes up you pay attention and I look for opportunities to be rude and insert myself in a conversation with that I was paying attention and you don't have a shirt that I work. This is truth and I want to get more sure that I want to open about T-shirts thing right.

Put this at these out little sayings like asking about the Lord Jesus, we know it whenever and in fact I was in the store a couple of weeks ago and met a woman I thought was a Mennonite but she wasn't.

She was from another group and very nice and they were orthodox. I give her my card and her husband called me and so, long story short, were supposed to.

About a week or so I posted drive out to half-hour away from here me with a bunch of people in this subgroup about another group and have just have conversations about things and lose all the almost downward at five, but you may go to people's groups and I watch the surroundings and see who's there but you know basis is the word, but the other really nice and so I'm not worried, but I'm guessing there's an opportunity, even when I got fishing and walking around in the pound I go to and getting up stranded by Bass you know if there's some around there. You don't say hey how's it going, and if the conversation to be in casualness and I'll do it and trying point to the warden and in a very not too obvious way that my motive this will be doing in the church and outside the church know what people don't do this more so with right now is a Gynecol that there were no and how it is called voice you hear. You know where I live and he's not going to go out. I expect it sometime the next few weeks.

Whatever I go to lead BSU Boise State University and just put the table and I was follow his lead because he's done it several times there myself. And then we'll just have a talk with people and that go night, a Mennonite, but she wasn't a Mennonite. She's dressed like to have Mennonites appear and daughters and others well there Christian nationalist essay that they dress with long dresses, no makeup hairs often in bonds or little this old 1800 style covering her head but not as big and I think it's very feminine. I think it's really good, and so you know I got a lot arraignment complex okay so let's get the phones with Nelson Nelson welcome a man got Greg about the get within second Corinthians 5 figure over the body of the Lord is and what you believe that I write the court with the word that the thief on the cross. They had tell you that you will be with me in. So when the beleaguered by political heaven or long paradise you know exactly what it is what we can conclude imply from Scripture. I'll tell you what I hold to what I lean to condign the sale, but it looks like paradise which was another name for Abraham's bosom which Jesus spoke of in Luke 1619 to 31. It looks like it was the place that believers went before the crucifixion of Christ and they went to paradise and they were waiting. The reason we say that is because in Ephesians 4, eight through 12 it talks about Jesus ascending into heaven, and leading captive a host of captives was so some people think I can lean this way that because the blood of Christ had not yet been shed those who died in faith went to paradise and then when the blood of Christ had been shed when Christ died during the interim.

The three days he went and proclaimed to the spirits in prison out of first Peter 38 surface of the blood went, and that this informed them did in preaching the gospel so they could then be transferred to another level of heaven, but to inform them Caruso to proclaim and so in Ephesians, however, looks like he let the captive those people who died in the faith, and ascended into heaven and then later came back so there's no need for paradise anymore and can't promote the case, can't prove that that that's the right position, but from what I say to Scripture that I hold okay no job by both died will be directed eternal life. I will be resurrected.

Judgment so I old maid correct me if I'm wrong. In Revelation got it done it with Nelson California lines 877 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave back in the show on the dirt about earlier and I agree with my question. Is there the possibility of expiation, but it would be after you accept the Lord and then been perched on 191 US forgiveness of sin without the like go to nursing part of the West, therefore, that would be expected not propitiation but expiation is that the correct and what I'm thinking so we'll have a defined terms to expiate means to basically make amends for two to take care of the guilt issue propitiation more deals with the legal aspect of it by the sacrifice that actually removes a set the seven in such expiate is just it's similar but just a little bit less emphasis on the legality and stuff. So if we could find our terms then I like idea for John 19 we confess our sins he is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness will here's a question that goes along with this, as we think these things through Jesus cancel descendent of the cross, forces 214 and were justifiably believe we do have the belief were justified. That's 328 Romans 5145, etc. then then the question to ask is arch. We then ask forgiveness of our sins. Now, as a Christian because if they're already forgiven in our is Christ cancel descendent were justified. The issue of complete forgiveness is already occurred past present future sense.

The question then is, in light of Fortune 19 ought. We then ask for forgiveness of sins that we should not say we should not just asking the question right now because I like to ask questions about text and think of it outside the box. I can see what else I can learn so this is an interesting question so what is the you know what you're saying.

If we confess our sins, as he sang as a sick Christian that I send, and I have to confess, in order to be forgiven over already forgiven Susie so when he says if we confess our sins I think is talking generically, all people for confess our sins and cause you to forgive us.

This is a general wisdom statement is true as well is doctrinally very clean and clear confess our sins, and so the short answer to question is currently little background out first for me to go back no question exam will be correct, then humility toward the Lordship of Christ that you think wrong which might consider it anything proper for the first John the 19 being respectful and knowledge is about Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Above all, there is a perspective that we have a theology called the now and the not yet.

And now the not yet is an interesting juxtaposition right now I'm glorified because Romans Romans eight 2030 says that those whom he predestined he also called etc. then they keep glorified escort.

That's clarification of the body will not glorified you, but I'm glorified this the now is not is not really looking so now I'm sad to be glorified, but in another sense is not yet occurred. So this is just one of the Pacific Place. The Scripture teaches this kind of a thing to now. The not yet. I think it's it's a valuable way of looking at some issues in our own lives. So I know right now technically I'm forgiven of all of my sins. Every single yet I know that I'm gonna send and I also know that I confess my sins. And so my confession of my sin is not a denial that they've already been propitiated and forgiven taking care of it's a noun. The not yet attention, saying, Lord, I did this wrong, forgive me cleanse will be no we have already been forgiven.

In this I believe is what John 2023 is talking about this is that you proclaim thing is with the jump check picture always for some learning in my head.

If you forgive the sins of any of sins have been forgiven them is what is going on there that that we've already had our sins forgiven. When would you this index canceled the cross were justified when we believe so, the forgiveness of the sentence for the elect Evelyn claim excess if you look at the elect occurs across so that's why believe that John 2023 Jesus says to send you forgive, they have already been forgiven. It's a noun.

The not yet saying that you're proclaiming what's already been accomplished. As I think it falls in line. There was of Fortune 19 that's helping you great on talking but I respect other questions that follow. Say goodbye and thank you so much.

God bless Ron about all right and let's get on the on the seal from New York. Welcome you here are my know my fair like a most awesome patio look at jewels to get us lap you know that you drive me crazy find that it out of me.

I would find you in an effort that was bad. I wanted to thank you for breaking the spell that I will down there and setting me free. Well, God is the one set you free. But I hear what you're saying you know the truth of God's word is difficult to hear from a lot of people, myself included, and this is what it said softly planetary know when you've been all along on their on their Catholic religion because it's so hard I mean I'm telling you drive me crazy but I Let me show it was about Catholicism is really crazy right what you know it harder because that I'm I'm airing my family and my friends and everybody now.

Well, you know, not regret go will you know. I hope that it works out you skinny patients and and stuff with you Choosing to listen to me and so you brought on yourself but they're not choosing to so you gotta be careful and impatient and one of things I like to say is, is to ask their Catholic brethren brothers and sisters.

Not that there are sisters in Christ, but family members ask if they can pray to Jesus and be forgiven of all their sins is just that simple. And they do that and just bring it up on a regular basis.

Let it work into their hearts and minds and then by God's grace. Maybe they'll appeal to Christ and not some ritual and some sacrament in the brainwashing of the Catholic Church. Yet well that's what I'm trying to be there every Experian lessening you yeah you know it's that I forgot quite a bit actually the years that I've had people say that they wanted to meet me and punch me out because of what I'm saying and people say that they think is extremely irritated very annoyed, but they kept listening and the reason the Listing of the because I would scold the Scriptures to gloss what it says and he didn't know what to do with it and then lots and out Harold Re: that's right. Try as so that's what Nancy wanted. Thank my brother Matt and Barry Fanning clergy any Padre lessening out there. When we come to confession and you panic and 10 Hail Marys and five our father. When she has time to read the Bible that my great Matt, you document such are no glare break I got you not given out.

Mary send out our father not think that would help a lot. Okay thank you very much for your time and I thank you for your work will please God, thank you for saying that the guy gets the glory.

So it's his word as payment.

Payment payment right amount of gloomy ideals like old man and I look all right as beyond the seal from New York with fruit to open lines of multiple give me a call 877-207-2276 and got just only few seconds for the break. We got a call her next from David from Texas on deal with divorce biblically and the godly way to look at the back of this let you guys know that we have three online schools is about how you harm the right hand side of a online back mats like why call 770727. Here is Matt's way back everyone last segment of the show before get of the caller to remind all that you have a best of Matt slick podcast if you're interested in checking it out.

Go to Apple podcasting Google podcasting trim out there to type in the best of Matt slick, which means are probably back to three minutes long and that you can also find a monopod being podcast overcast podcast Castro podcast player and probably some other places as well so you do if you are interested is go check out this that's the best of Matt slick update – Ms. talk about this and I get the best of Matt slick. I don't know if the Rizzi so you know there yes I had to tell you right. Let's get on the phones to try to get with David from Texas, David, welcome your on the year.

This account I think you need. I noted that a lot of conversation about limited today. Yeah I did think it, but I got a burst down list at right now on that order.

I got my question is that sure Belfast is waiting so so it Roman or 25 that delivered up our track and raise your our justification and, you know, this verse really really hit Beaumont on that topic because it when I when understood it, you know, we were justified at the cross thing.

You raise because Greek is the right because of our been through and for you.

Can you yeah felt no at the cross, justified send the cross were justified when we believe okay so you know that the imputation of the righteousness of Christ who completed the law perfectly for John to me. First Peter 222 and we have a righteousness, not our own. Flipping 39 which occurs fairly believe we have that imputation upon the lead justification rooms 51. Yet the wizard we had a national week we got it, but we got colors waiting so to give up was about divorce or something. Yeah right now and it is been really rough. I'm trying to gather right issue Christian. They well yeah she made a profession of faith.

I go to church yet we were going to do she go to church now know. Ask her if she'd be willing to meet online. You, me and her via Skype and we can talk about the marriage is what love is no. If she's interested yeah I know I'll try that right now it well is this issues of law kind of questions I can ask with I don't know what the answers might be some careful on Aeschylus, questions of the year, but the question how will you question. You know she pretty much made the statement that you not done with God and not done with God. Okay, okay, so she's going home/associate treaters nonbelievers. She says anything like that these traitorous nonbeliever with malice and condemnation mockery. What you pray for her and you asked the Lord to soften her heart was more important than your marriage is for salvation, but if she can get truly saved and has a forgiveness of God upon her, then maybe Shirley was reconciling the marriage when generally people send done with God, particularly when it is involved with the issue of divorce or abandoning God because they want to divorce up at their putting their feelings and their sin before God and turning your back on God. This is a sign of an regeneration doesn't mean she's unregenerate but it's one of the signs we have to to look at and say what may be that she's not saved to get a pray for salvation and if she is saved, that she be free from the bondage of rebellion and such a very serious thing. The judgment of God be upon her the judgment of God will be a hardened heart where she will get to her what she desires and then judgment is upon her. Matt Bill going urgent. Actually, not of everything else tell you what your responsibility is here.

Okay, really fast. Okay and not to make light of it. Now we have Congress coming.

This is important stuff.

But you befall their elders what you're supposed to do with this.

She's leaving you you're still married, you're still faithful to her. If she's not, you still are faithful.

If she divorces you, then you're free. You need to be working with the elders and doing everything within reasonable power that you have to be able to reconcile the marriage with your wife if she wants nothing to do with it and it's on her and I would strongly very strongly suggest that you keep a record book of the things that you're doing in a godly way legally as well in order to make things right with her. If you send against her, and you confess it to her. Then you write down the day and what you said. If you write down these things and talk the elders on this time to recommend this. I'm doing this on doing that. This is very very important people never talk about having a journal about this but the reason is because you will need it for later on if she divorces you in the question of your remarriage potentially is there nothing I want to get remarried. Right now I get to work on this time to sink in the future that you have to these things recorded and ready so that if elders say will look even better.

This other woman would have five years ago with this with your first wife.

Here's the information. I tried here and here and here and here.

The elder said this in this. This is all my record and you'll save you a lot of Hawaiian word lucky, big trouble, so nothing I want you to get divorced course but that's just right. Recommend you do and also will tell you what you are doing as well.

You should be doing okay.

I heart you are trying to think yes he soften through it, but she has her own freedom and she can rebel so you need to be praying for her salvation. Praying for the binding of the evil one in her and might be the case that she's involved with somebody else because women tend to nurse statistics and some things when they give up on her husband. Without getting into details.

There's varying reasons and directions the stuff but look see if she's willing to have a conversation I will bash on her. It's just the issue of diagnosis and tongue with the word of God says and there's there's a lot of truth okay Reina I think you are looking at problems all right. Let's get over here to Mike for Nevada. Mike welcoming on the year. There, Mike, Mike from Yahoo is I can we have a guess I can hear you it's I do. I work with first network is not there unit radio station there listening in the van okay no I know about faith on the network and he was talking about, you know you like on your you know the whole old whole lot… You will be forgiven and accepting him know that I know that you know that you have your… I feel a lot because that is a common thing that ever heard the whole concept of great God will jump in okay what is that you were listening to, but Parker okay Joe MacArthur is pretty good.

Theologically, that's for sure.

So we turn from our sins. Yes, we ought to turn from our sins. We have to be careful though that we don't say that turning from her since it gets us forgiven. That's the issue. I know that Joe MacArthur would never teach that. So the whole context I think we been worth hearing the jet yes were told to repent in the Scriptures. Act 1730 were told to her from her since. But it's hard not to repentance or turning from sin that saves us by the grace of God, of course not. Why, I don't know how you would say that but I don't know the word Michael Brown already talking about our before I Michael Brown I don't know the context it was since everything, and since you turn the whole context either you might've clarified butter knows what he's worth listening to John McArthur well all the there's a pray or you call it like Don MacArthur, Calvin.

I can't think of it, no dispensation list. No doubt anyway.okay, sure, no problem. Okay, this evening on the fast Lavinia from Utah, leaving you welcome around here hi how are you doing well by God's grace we have now.

I write that I had been and I were married… That we got a 90 nominee know, that he wanted on on what Dr. for the fight affecting three and I think it John 2023 yes John 2023 is really interesting usually call back tomorrow will go through and explain what is going right.

Lavinia from Utah and sorry time off mobile call back tomorrow and bless you all my disgraceful

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